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Hum Tum...its only u and me...Ch -15e pg:46&Index updated-PG-1 (Page 25)

abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 July 2015 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Waw Goa trip and rags kalps ko propose karnaiwala hai Tongue o Mr.romeo kalpi samajkar pillow ko attack kiya LOL waiting for a romantic update.ragna cute convo and dance and wonderful song Smile lovely update dear Star

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riaka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 July 2015 at 9:43am | IP Logged
Lovely update. Gaury have soft corner for kalpi and that's awesome. Raghav sing for kalpi and want to propose herBig smile. This pakhi ansand Sonia AngryAngry. Awesome chapter. PlPlease update soon 

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SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 July 2015 at 10:46am | IP Logged
ur back.. Wow.. Thnx di for such a superb chappy.. M also waiting for goa to come.. Fingers crossed wish kalpi except raghav's perposal.. Waiting for nxt chappy..

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vermameenakshi Senior Member

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Posted: 16 July 2015 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
awesome update
me too waiting for proposal of raghav to kalpi.. lets see..SmileClap

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PMOHANTI1774 Groupbie

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Chapter 13-d:

Next day morning at 6 am ,maya gotup and opened her book and was reading her botany.Sammy got up at6-30am and saw maya engrossed in her book,he comes and sits near herand asks,what's the topic,she explains she is studying onconifer trees.They discuss on the topic...Kalpi getsup stretches...tries to find out her specs and not ableto...she calls out for Sammy but she blurts out raghav'sname

K:Rags ...please give me myspecs...cannot find it

Hearing her voice Rags gets up fromhis bed and sits in one quick movement and panic kingly says...

R:WOA...WHAT Happened kalpana...anything serious...

Kalpi then comes to her senses andrealizes she is calling rags in her half sleepy state.

Maya and Sammy looks at each otherand bust s out in laughter seeing both their reactions.

M:Kalpana do not panic...takeyour specs and stop bothering my Rags for your specs...youwould have broken his precious dream...

R:No ...I was not...I meanI was dreaming...but I's fine.

M:What were you dreaming about...me?

R:You ...why you...i wasjust like that dreaming(what to say you maya,what I was dreaming...iwas dreaming about me kissing Kalpi and she broke my dream for herstupid specs...when I propose her I will ask her to getrid of this stupid specs...)

S:Now Rags ,where are you lost...wehave called for breakfast...wont you have...

K:No ...no I have gotbreakfast for all ,sandwiches, fries and chutney

R:Wow I will quickly freshen up andcome...i want have kalpi's breakfast

Maya thought in her mind (I knowrags you love her...I hope she also have the same thought in hermind...I cannot see you breaking your heart)

Rags ran back after freshening upand hit the door,his hand was bleeding...All panicked as bynow all were awake...Maya took out the first aid and appliedmedicines...Kalpi was almost in tears seeing blood in his hand

K:Who told you to run so fast...lookwhat you did to your hand(tears flowed from her eyes)

Rags was lost in her,after applyingmedicines,he said

R:I am fine kalpana,I am hungry wontyou share your breakfast with me.


Pakhi came junping...wow kamalamaa's breakfast.

P:You know raghav ...i am veryfond of kamala ma s breakfasts...

Sonia: Are we sure we are going tohave this breakfast

Akash: Maya is pizza not availablein train?

M:No ...we had ordered for puriand sabzi...so if you want to have that...I will havehomecooked food from Kalpi...

Sonia:Puri...thy are sooily...it will hamper my curves...

Sammy:as if with pizza,the curveswould have enhanced...

Sonia grumbled at Sammy and akashwas drooling over kalpana,but oblivious to all Rags was staring atkalpana, while she feeds him with breakfast.Post breakfasts every oneenjoyed in antakshari and had lunch from train.by the afternoon theyall reached goa.Ramu came with cars to pick up all with 2 drivers.ButRags insisted he will drive,kalpi was at the back seat and rags wasglancing at her through his mirror and She too looked at him with adazed expression. Soon they reached the mansion, which is near thebeach of south goa.

All were very happy and excited forthe trip. The mansion is quite big,with atleast 8 rooms in bothfloors. There's hugh garden, swimming pool, tennis court andback yards has a gazebo surrounded by little fountains. There is afishing pond surrounded by coconut trees.Rags carefully spoke abouteach part of the property to everyone. Then they all settle in thedrawing room, where they had tea,coffe and snacks. The mansion hadmore rooms in the 1st floor and only 2 bed rooms in theground floor. It was finally decided that everyone will stay upstairsand Rags will stay in the ground foor in his room.

Soon everyone retired to theirrooms, kalpi reached her room but found that the bathroom taps doesnot function,so she came down and checked with ramu if there are anyspare washrooms where she can freshen up in the mansion, to whichRamu opened the room which is next to Rags room and mentioned toKalpi that this room is actually belongs to Singhania Saab and Gaurimam, but she can use this and in the mean time,he will get theplumber to repair the bathroom. Kalpi gets into the washroom andafter freshening up comes out wiping her wet hair.the moment shesteps out she bumps into rags,(actually these two rooms areinterconnected ,considering rags was a little kid when he used tocome to the mansion with his parents)both fall on the rug,Kalpi ontop of raghav and have a eye lock.Her wet hair on his face ,she smeltnice,he inhaled her and with dazed eyes looked into her eyes...theyremained like that for how many minutes, they did not realize,bothcame to senses when the phone of the room started ringing, Kalpi wasconscious and shy, she slowly tried to move away from him, but herhand slipped again due to wet floor and again she bumped into hisbare chest. Rags was thoroughly enjoying this and was nowsmiling...Finally Kalpi got up and stood up, looked at theother side and walked slowly /shyly, Rags got up said softly.

R:I am sorry,I did not know that youwill be here in this room.

K: It's ok,I am going to thedining hall meet you over there.

She turns to leave without lookingat him,Rags came in front of her and holds her hands in his and says

R:I said I am sorry,will you bestill angry

K: (Still looking down)I am notangry...please go get dressed Rags...

R:OK Kalpi,I will meet you overdinner.

Dinner was quite as everyone weretired and next day morning they are to go to an island through anearby river for camping. Kalpi's room tap was leaking andplumber did not come as it was evening,so Ramu adjusted Kalpi'sstuff in the ground floor room next to rags and was cleaning Kalpi'sroom,as the water was leaking to the bedroom too.Sammy went up tohelp ramu and with some here and there thing they managed theleakage, but ramu said,ithe taps might leak again,so it'sbetter kalpi stays down stairs.

Kalpi came to her room, rags camebehind her and says

R:If you like you can bolt this doorfrom yourside, goodnight

Without looking at her he goesinside his room and locks the door. So many thoughts were crampinginto Kalpi's mind, she was on and on thinking about rags andher interactions since beginning, it's been few months that shecame to know of him, but she was not sure of his feelings towardsher,though she felt he is attracted to her and she came to aconclusion that she is also attracted to him.But then she thoughtabout their class difference ,then she pondered upon her looks...iam not good looking,I wear a specs,everyone calls me chashmu,why willa handsome guy like him fall for me...she concluded that it'sjust friendship nothing else.

On the otherside Rags was sure thathe will propose her in this trip and no one can stop him,even shecannot stop him.

Thinking about Rags,Kalpi came tothe gazebo and was sitting alone, looking at the night sky,she feltlike losing him and her heart constricted with pain that she will notbe with him for her rest of her life.By now she was sure that sheloved him but thought he is beyond her reach and hence decided toavoid him in this trip. She came back to her room with a heavy heartand cried ,did not realize when she slept,she did not bolt the doorfrom her side, morning Rags opened the bolt from his side only torealize the door is open,he quietly looked at Kalpi,she was sleepingwith her specs in her eyes,he walked slowly and carefully removed thespecs.with his touch,she woke up n sat,said softly looking to theotherside

K:Why are you here Rags in my room

R:No Just wanted to say goodmorning.

K:Ok,now please go,I need to getready.

She did not look at him,but rags wasstunned at her behavior, thought what happens to this girl sometimesshe behaves so weird with me,ok if this is so let it be ,I will alsonot go after her every time...he came to his room and bangedhis door from his side angrily.

Kalpi was sobbing, why did I hurthim,why do I have to be so rude to him...i am again so confusedwith myself.

After a while all gathered outsidefor the trip of the day outside the mansion. Both Rags and Kalpanawere quite ,very quite,by crying Kalpi's face was swollen.Rgaswas thinking it's just too much now,he will make her jealousand will flirt with Pakhi and then Kalpi will realize his love forher.They reached near the river and the motor boat took them to theisland,they put up the tents near the sea beach and headed towardsthe water fall.Ramu with one more cook organized for lunch foreveryone.

The road to the water fall was quitesteep and slippery and when they reached everyone except Kalpi jumpedinto the water, Sammy and maya called Kalpi,but she said,she is notkeen and held Sammy's camera and took pictures of everyone.Ragslooked at kalpi and she turned her face and rags held pakhi'shand and dragged her into the water and both were laughing.Rags camenear pakhi and pulled her into the centre of water fall, bothdrenched, rags put the stray stands of her hair behind her ear andsaid

R:Pakhi you are looking so goodtoday

P: Shyly said: Is it

R:Yes I really like your smile.

Kalpi was gritting her teeth seeingrags so close to pakhi but acted normal and clicked pics of Rags andPakhi.Maya was observing all these quietly,now ever Sammy has startedto observe Rags and Kalpana .Sammy also realized there is so muchdifference in the behavior of Rags and Kalpana,but he was unable tounderstand anything.Sonia was wearing a skimpy swim suit and clang toRags and asked kalpi to take their snap,kalpi with a false smile didso.Akash came near Kalpi and asked her to come inside the water,sherefused and when he pestered a bit,she came to the water holding hishand.Rags was observing this and was really upset. Ok kalpi...gowith that Akash and not with me...ok very well...he thoughtso.

After that everyone came to the seabeach and bathed in sea, played with beach freesbies ,but kalpai saton the sand and made sand castles.Maya asked

M:Hey Kalpana,come and join us ...whyare you alsone sitting her

K:I am fine,just not in the mood.

Rags heard everything and said

R:Maya ,leave her na...she isnot keen,lets go and play

The whole day was full of fun andexcitement for all except for Rags and Kalpana.by the night near thecamp fire everyone was dancing and having fun,Kalpi was quite and wasavoiding Rags,Rags sang all sad songs and played guitar...itwas around 1 in the night all decided to head back and decided tocontinue the party in a near by pub on the beach .Everyone heads tothe pub,In the pub there is loud music and everyone decided togrooved to the tune of the music.Kalpi was upset so she had headacheand she came outside of the pub and starts to work towards themansion. Rags was observing her and when he saw her leaving ,he alsocame out of the pub and said

R:Hey Kalpi,where are you going.It'sraining now,wait.

Kalpi without even looking at him,continued to walk ,Rags ran to her and held her hand and askedangrily

R:What's you problem kalpi,whyare you behaving like this with me,haan...

Kalpi looked otherside and tearsfalls from her eyes.

R:Why are you crying...Icannot see you hurt,tell me what's bothering you

K:It's nothing, let me go andjerked his hand and was about to leave.

He pulled her hand and with a jerkshe hit his chest, he wrapped his hand around her waist and withoutany warning he bent his head and kissed her lips. His kiss waspassionate, serious and at the same time hungry, to his astonishmentshe kissed him back and felt so comforting in his arms. It wasraining heavily, but both were oblivious of the surrounding and werelost in each other. Once breathless they broke the kiss, looked intoeach other and then she hugged him tightly and mumbled I love youraghav. He pulled her a little away from him and looked into her eyesand said

R:I could not hear ,what you justsaid (smiling softly)

K:I love you Raghav (laughed)

Rags hugged her close and whisperedI love you in her mouth while kissing her again. He was so happy, helifted her up and twirled her again and said

R: Lets go the mansion, you aredrenched

Kalpi nodded and they ran to themansion, once they reached the mansion, they went from the back doorand entered the mansion into Rags room with his duplicate keys.Onceinside his room,he hugged her again and kissed her on her necksoftly.

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lolor IF-Dazzler

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Superb update
Finally ragna confessed...Wink

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deepu_kutty Goldie

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Superb update. Finally kalpi proposed her love nd rags is did so

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nikkiarora093 Senior Member

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wowww... finally ragna confessed. what a beautiful update...plzz update soon...

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