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Hum Tum...its only u and me...Ch -15e pg:46&Index updated-PG-1 (Page 20)

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Posted: 23 April 2015 at 6:13pm | IP Logged
superb update dear... Poor kalpi thinks Maya is Rags girlfriend... Dear plz update nxt chappy soon.. Waiting..

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Morning rays fall on Kalpi'sface,she got up...she remembered Raghav kissing Maya'shand and thought...he is beyond my reach,we are poles apart,wecannot be together,just forget him kalpi and concentrate on yourstudies,Dada was telling that he will sponsor the MBA coaching feesso explore coaching centre for MBA entrance examination this weekonly and then focus,this things will not matter...but I stillfeel for him,he is...I do not know...so good.

Priya called kalpi to get ready andgo as it's getting late,She said kamala and vitthal will comeby afternoon so the key has to be given to Prakash dada,who isalready in office as had some urgent work,who will come taking halfday and organize the rest.

Kalpi jolted from her trance andsaid,she will drop the key at Dada's office while going forcollege. She went to get ready and Sammy came ...both startedfor the bus stop and took the bus to college, the whole road Kalpiwas silent and Sammy was talking nonstop about Maya and Raghav.Kalpigot annoyed but decided to change the topic.

K: Sammy,dada said he will sponsormy MBA entrance coaching centre fees,so which institute we shouldenroll for,did you check.

S:I did not,but dada only said,thereis a very good institute near our college only and have lateafternoon classes so we can join that after college and come back,butthe fees is quite big...i am not sure whether Dad will agree ornot.

K: You spoke to him..or justassuming.

S:No I did not,I will do that todayafter they come back ...then decide.

They reach near Prakash office,gotdown from the bus and walked to his office.In Prakash office,his bosswas happy to meet Kalpana and Sammy as heard a lot about both bringhkids from Prakash.

Boss:So you are Kalpana andSammy...Prakash talks a lot about you...so what are yourplans...

S:Sir we want to go for MBA ,aftergraduation

Boss:Oh...MBA,My brother runs aMBA institute near XYZ college,it's quite good,I can put a wordwith him and you can meet them...oh why do not I call himnow...you can meet him today itself.

Boss called up his brother,who isowner of the most prestigious MBA coaching institute .

Boss:Spoke to Sukant,he is myyounger brother ,by month end there are some examination, in which ifyou score well, some part of your fees will be reduced to an extentof even half...so meet him today and take my reference.

K: tHank you sir,we are greatful toyou...

Boss: Anytime, Prakash is brighteststaff in our india operations and we just bagged a project withSinghania group of companies yesterday through him...so I amproud of Prakash and I am myself from a very poor family but somegood folks helped me and I completed my studies and today I am in aposition where in I can help many.

S:Ok sir,we take your leave,we needto reach college.

Sammy and Kalpi bids bye to Prakashand happily proceeded for college.The walked to college and the wholeday there were no practical but all theory classes. Raghav wassitting at the last line and was constantly looking at Kalpana whowas sitting in the 2nd row.She did not even look at himonce.He was disappointed but thought I will make sure I drop her backhome today.After two sessions there was a 10 minutes break and Sammy-kalpana were discussing about the coaching centre,Pakhioverhears them and says...

P:You guys planning for MBAcoaching, I will also go for the same.

Both gave her look that wherever wego,why she needs to come behind us.but they laughed did not say.Raghav was observing them and came to know and thought in his mindand was smiling(oh...Kalpana wants to go for MBA coaching...lete also join there,afterall I will get some more time to spend withher being around.I will enroll today and book my seat todayitself...humm ...where ever you will go kalpana ...Iwill follow you...my dear)

Maya jerks him, M:what's itRaghav,why are you smiling..

R:Nothing...I decided to go forMBA Coaching from this week.

M:Wow...MBA...But I amkeen for doing research in biochemistry after my studies...butwhy suddenly MBA

R: Whispered...She is planningfor MBA na...so I also have to...

M:Ooo...so loverboy(whispering)...so following his darling everywhere

Both were giggling and from a littledistance Kalpana was observing the same,she did not like Rags beingclose to Maya and whispering in each other's ears...butshe shrugged her mind...Kalpi again...concentrate on yourstudies not on him...she goes back to class.

After all the classes Rags went tothe MBA coaching centre near the college where Sammy and kalpana wereplanning to study. Sammy and Kalpana went to college library toborrow books. Maya was chatting with pakhi ,Akash and Sonia onbirthday plan for Rags and invited them all to gather at Rags houseat 5:30pm to discuss further..

P:Can I call Prem Bhai,he is toogood to organize parties

M:Oh Prem...wow call him...soit's me,pakhi,Sonia,prem,akash ,Sammy and Kalpana...butguys remember...Gauri aunty and some of her friends from USA andmy parents will be also there so it has to be classy as well asIndian as possible as gauri aunty likes traditional things...andalso Gauri aunty told she does not like food from five star oranything like that she and her guests will likes authentic Indianhome cooked food but has to be displayed nicely,and for rags friendswe will have to organize all trendy food too,so 2-3 sections of foodhas to be organised

P:Oh wow...can I requestKamala Ma to prepare food from her caf,they are quite goodand authentic and for trendy food,we will organize from one of thefive stars...

Sonia:Food from Caf????willthey be hygienic...

M:It must be ...I have been toKalpana's house ...it's so spic and span ...Iguess her moms caf will be similar.

P:Oh come on Sonia...i ambrought up from the food from their caf for many years andshe how healthy I am...

A:Oh healthy and hot ...

P:Thanks akash

Sonia: Hot...and pakhi?

P:Why not me...do you thinkyou are the hottest

M:Girls...let's not wastetime fighting...we need to organize beauticians too for thatday...

P: Ya...beautician...whatare you wearing Maya...

M:Hv not thought about it...

P:Lets all wear something in pink...all the girls...what say you...

A:What about us...

M:Oh...lets go to Rags houseand decide everything...but where is he...hum...notan issue,Ramu will be at home,so we will go to his house and wait forhim...by the way where is Kalpana nd Sammy...

S:Why are you worried aboutthem...what they can contribute to such a lavish party,tell themto be be at caf and organize food...

M:Lets see,who does what...iguess they must be in library...

Just then Sammy came and told Mayathat

S:Me and kalpana will reach ragshouse by 7pm,we have to finish some work now.

P:ya you guys want to go to MBAcoaching centre...

A:Did you check the fees Sammy?

SFELT OFFENDED) No we aregoing to check on that too...you have any problem

A:OH Whatever...lets go ...

S:Bye Maya...(In mind...Pakhiis dumb but nice,Maya is smart and still nice,she does not compareher living standard with us...sweet girl)

Sammy went back to Library and heand kalpana went to the coaching institute, when they reach therethey met raghav on stairs...

R:Hi Sammy, hi Kalpana...howcome here?

S:Ya we have come to enquire aboutcourses...you are also keen for MBA

Kalpana did not say a single thingto raghav and did not even look at him...told Sammy

K:Lets go Sammy, we are gettinglate.

Raghav is sad(she did not even sayhi to me...what's wrong with me...why she is upsetwith me...need to find out,I will wait for them outside and anysuch way we need to meet at our house for birthday party ofmine...which Is more of a social gathering for Mom ...butnever the less I will get a chance to have some fun with my friendstoo...when will mom realize that I have grown up and I need tohave my party only with my friends...every birthday she makes asocial event...humm...mom will be always mom...shewill not change)

Kalpana ,Sammy met the owner of thecentre and got to know that if they qualify in the written testscheduled after 2 weeks ,their fee will be only 10% of the totalfee,which is affordable to them...both were happy and got fewreference books for preparation of test from the owner itself. Bothhappily cqme down stairs only to find rags smoking in his car andwaiting fro them.

S:You did not go...

R:I thought we are meeting at myplace and you guys are helping me with the party so let me at leastgive you a lift in return for all your favours...

S:That's good,why are yousmoking in the car...Chashmu is allergic to smoke and how willshe go in this car...

K:Sammy lets go in auto...weneed to go home too after the meeting...

R:Oh...just wait kalpana...Idid not know...i will just put on the ac...and will justgo wash my face and come...just wait.

Kalpi was just looking at Rags anddid not say a single word...

Rags went to nearby shop got abottle of water washed his face and mouth and wiped his face camerunning in supersonic speed.

S:The car is still stinky...letstake an auto...you come in your car Rags...

R:No no...wait I will also comein the auto...I will send ramu kaka to take the car.

S:ok...lets go.

They took an auto,Sammy got into theauto first and then called Kalpana...

S:Come chashmu...,

Kalpana gave him an angry look butgot into the auto,then raghav sat.raghav was happy to sit next toher.She opened her book and starts to read in the auto also.

S:Kalpi...it's jerkingyour eyes will get spoiled more...do not read in auto...kamalaaunty told you not to na...so just stop it...


But still she did not utter a word.

R:So you guys are taking admissionin that coaching centre.

S:Ya lets see if we qualify in thetest te fees will be 10% so then we will else we cannot.

R:Why ...I can help you

K:We do not need it,we are sure,wewill get through the test (she told irritated way)

Rags thought what's wrong withher since yesterday she is in a foul mood and not speaking to me atall.

They reach his place andMaya,pakhi,Sonia,Akash and prem were already there at his place.Ramuwas serving them cold drinks and chips.

M:So you guys are back...letsstart the planning part.

R:Thank you guys for helping me/momfor the party,we are thank ful.

S:Oye Rags...we are all friendsna...you help us so much so we can also help you

Prem:Oh you will help rags...how

M:Prem ...Sammy will thephotographer for the event and will click nice pictures of us...

P:Oh ...photography...andwhat about you kalpana...(in a low voice ...you will helpclean up the things after party)

Kalpi gave him an angry look...ragscould not hear anything but saw her angry face, he came near her andasked

R:Will you come to my party kalpana

K:Ya ...i will(not looking athim, looking at Sammy.who was assuring with his eyes...)

His heart was thumping and he wasleaping with happiness.

Everyone discussed and finally it'sdecided that pakhi will organize the Indian food from Kamala'scaf and also organize to get the food to rags house. Premwill organize party games. Sammy will be the photographer. Sonia willorganize the flower arrangements. Akash will organize the DJ/Musicand lighting.Maya will organize the continental, trendy food,cake,drinks and bartenders.Kalpana was left out...so rags said

R:Kalpana will organize with me theoverall arrangement of guests in hotel and their transport.

K:I have no knowledge of this...

R:Please ...kalpana,help me...asI tend to forget things...so just remind me of things...wontyou do this much for me...

K:Ya..i will do...sammy letsgo...it's late (she was not in a good mood...)

S:Ok ok...guys bye ...

M:I need to also go.

Both left and ,maya went in her carback to her house...she thought...I need to compelte mystudies ...it's late...party is ok...butstudies are more important too.Kamala and Vitthal,Mr-Mrs das are backfrom Vaishno devi and were busy chit chatting in the park.They alsocome to know that Raghav is son of Gauri and Harivansh singhania andwere happy that they will get the chance to serve food to gaur imamand her guests .

After Maya left,Prem also left.

Sammy and Kalpi reached home,studiestogether from the books for the test for getting into the institute.Prakash helped them with Quantitative aptitudes also.

In Rags house Pakhi,Sonia,Akashsepnt some more time and left after having dinner together...pakhiwas excited once reaching home, she called Kamala and informed aboutthe party arrangements, both discussed till long hours ...kamalawas happy that pakhi is getting responsible.

The next 4 days were uneventful forKalpana, she used to go to college with Sammy ,study in the eveningand tried her best not to think of Rags...but Rags was waitingimpatiently for the party day, as Kalpana will be with him from themorning itself on pretext of organizing guests and transport.

It was July 21st ,Ragsbirthday...morning 10am ...Ramu was not there and had goneto bus stand to get his wife and son who were coming from village.Pakhi-Kamala was really busy organizing...hence she had calledSammy to help her with few things too, so he went to caf ofkamala. Kalpana as spoken with Rags earlier reached his home at 10am...she found the door open,she went inside and called forhim.

K: Raghav...I am here...whereare you..

She saw him sleeping on the sofawearing a shorts only and hugging a pillow,she looked to other side...

Thinking...what is it...cannothe put on a t shirt...sleeping like this in drawing room...crazyfellow...She was about to go...when she felt her hand waspulled by someone, she looked back...saw rags holding her handand smiling

R:Good morning, won't you wishme ...(there was longing and expectation in his voice)

K:(looked down and said)...wearsomething rags...

Then only he realizes he is in hisshorts only...he ran from there embarrassed...saying...donot go...I am coming in a minute...he quickly went to hisroom,put on a t shirt and came back running in half a minute.

K:Ok show me the guest list and showme the car arrangements and flight schedules...

R:I will do that...but wont youwish me...

K:Ok Happy birthday raghav...allthe best(in formal way)

Rags was confused...what'sit why she is behaving like this...

R:You know you are the 1stperson to wish me in person

K:What..what happened to Maya...

R:She called me at night...

Suddenly the phone ring up and I waspakhi and Sammy on the other side...

S:We called in the morning...butramu kaka said you were sleeping so we did not disturb you...sowhat are you doing birthday boy...

R:Thanks...see you all in theevening...I am organizing the transports...

P;Ok bye..see you in the afternoon...

Then one by one evry one calledup.Rags was busy talking to everyone,but kalpi made the list calledthe travel agent to confirm on the car arrangements throught theother phone near kitchen...after sometimes rags came...toher.

R:Will you have tea...

K:No ...it's ok...

R:I will make it...havena...please.

K:No I will make it...youjust check the list I have made.

He was sitting on the dining chairwith note pad and pen but lost looking at her.she went o kitchen andmade tea...he looked at her ...she is lost in herthoughts...she suddenly remembered rags kissing maya and gotreally annoyed and in her thoughts just held thevessel...it wasreally hot..it fell from her hand

K:Oh...ouch...(CRYING INPAIN)

He ran to the kitchen and saw herholding her hand and wincing in pain...he held her hand and tookher to the tap and washed her hand...and was blowing air ...ragswas lost again in her...

R:Is it hurting you too much...

She was crying...it was notpaining her too much...but she got so frustrated with herselfhat she cannot forget rags and maya together...she felt likecrying and tears flow from her eyes...Rags thought it'shurting her too much so he was very concerned...some hot teafall on her feet also, rags could not bear it anymore, he just heldher in bridal style and took her inside his room, put her on his bedand got the medicine box...she was wearing a frock and herbeautiful legs were showing...he applied medicine on her feetand on her hands and wiped her tears...she looked into hiseyes...she saw a lot of love for her...she then picturesrags kissing maya's hand and again a tear fall from her eyes...

R: (Really concerned now) baby whathappened to you...is this hurting you too much...

Saying so he kissed her hand,Kalpana shivered with his kiss, she looked at him with confusedeyes...and pulled her hand and said.

K:it's not good Rags...youare Maya's boyfriend...

R:What did you say...maya andme...no ...no it's not like that ...we arejust good friends...i ...I mean...it's not likethat...are you ok...

She got up from his bed and wasabout to go...when rags pulled her hand...and said

R:Where are you going...youdid not like me kissing your hand...


R: (he came in front of her) lookinto my eyes and then say...

Kalpana looked down, removed hishand from her hand and ran from there ...

R:Kalpana ...just stop...stopit baby...I am sorry...do not go like this please...

He ran after her...she stoppednear the main door and starts crying...He came near her andsaid.

R:Sorry...I saidsorry...do not leave from here like this...please...Iwill just get ready,all arrangements are done by now...I willdrop you home...please...just wait...i amcoming...please do not go.

K:looking down) ok...

and went to sit on the sofa.she waslost in her thoughts ...and questioning herself...why did Isay I did not like him kissing my hand...i liked it...sowhy did I say I did not...what's happening to me...whyI am behaving so weird...he like me...I can see that inhis eyes...why am I stopping myself...she is busy in herthoughts...when Ramu came and wishes her

Ramu: Beta will you have tea...Gaurimam will reach in 2 hours time,where is Raghav baba...

K:Kaka he is getting ready...

Raghav came running...

R:I am ready kalpana...letsgo...

Ramu:Baba,Gauri Mam will come insome time...where are you going...

R:I will be back by then...comekalpana lets go

Ramu thinks in his mind,this girl isso pretty,so nice, raghav baba behaves differently with her, maybe helikes her...this raghav baba is good, but has gone reallywayward...i will need to speak to Gaur imam about his companyand also about his girl...hummm...I have too...

On the way both Rags and Kalpanawere silent, both were trying to analyze the event of the day,theyreached kalpana's house.

R:i will wait for you in theevening...and sorry

K: It's ok ...

And went inside her house, she didnot even look back ...he went back with a heavyheart...thinking in his mind...why she is likethis...she confuses me...On the other hand Kalpi isthoughtful, he and maya...he said no...he kissed myhand...does he like me or is he only attracted to me...iwas rude with him...it was his birthday...Ishould not have...we can be friends after all...I overreacted...why did I over reacted...

Pakhi,Kamala and Sammy were busywith the food arrangement and came back home after dispatching allthe food with Pakhi's driver ...

P:Kamala ma...i want to reallylook pretty tonight...so I am going to the parlor...kalpicome lets go..

K: No you carry on...I have tostudy a bit and I do not have time now...

Saying so she went inside.Sammy saidteasingly

S:Pakhi...kalpu is pretty shedoes not need beauticians...you go...do all dressingpainting and come back looking like a ghost...

P:So mean...I look like ghost

Kamala: Nahi re...Sammy isteasing you, go look beautiful today...it's a party afterall,Sammy . stop teasing her ...

S:Ok aunty...as you say...nowI am going home to cath us some sleep and then I will come around 6to pick kalpana.

P:No yaar,I will come all of us willgo together...did you buy his gift...

S:Yes I have made a big photo andframed it and kalpi will gift him one of her paintings...

P:Can I see her paininting

Kamala:Why not it's here,Ionly packed it last night.

Kamala open the packet anddisplayed,it's a beautiful portrait of Raghav itself,smiling inthe portrait...

P:Wow...she is sotalented...rags going to love this...

S:Wat are you gifting...

P:an expensive watch...

S:Wow Pakhi good...so letsmeet at 5pm today.

Kalpi in her room is thoughtful anddecides not to be rude with Rags and plans to dress up for theevening...she pull s out a black frock which Prakash had giftedher with his 1st salary,it's a really fashionableone,pulls out the make up box of Priya and starts to get ready...shetakes over an hour to look pretty for him...she wasconfused of herself ,but decided to be happy...

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SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Lovely update dear... Rags kkissed kalpi's hand aawww... Dear plz update nxt chappy soon.. I want kalpi to gift rags something spcl.. Means ya she is giftng him painting.. But i want her to gift him a spcl kiss...
riaka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 April 2015 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Awesome update dear. Raghav is getting crazy for kalpi. He loves her a lot. She has same feelings for him. A very emotional update. Waiting for the party. Please update soon 

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abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Hi dear nice update.ye confusion kab khatham hogs.ye kalpi bi na jealousy in its peak LOL LOL kuch karo thaki hamari angel thodi normal hogaye Wink

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ReezaZul Goldie

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awesome update...Clap

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Wow back to back 3 super update hope t misunderstanding will clear soon. Poor kalpi hurting herself for unnecessarily.

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Beautiful update... sooo much of sadness... but I am sure.. MU will be cleared and RaGna will be together. . For they are right now..

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