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Hum Tum...its only u and me...Ch -15e pg:46&Index updated-PG-1 (Page 2)

sampa79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Nice prologue 

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...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 6:12pm | IP Logged
Awesome prologue and CS
IM waiting to read more

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SJ001 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Nice,continue soon

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PMOHANTI1774 Groupbie

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Chapter -1

It's a Friday,01st August 2014

Kalpana , senior Human resources manager ,HVMC Bank  and heading india operations for the bank,40 years,smart,good looking ,intelligent person... is busy doing a report for presentation on "cost effective methods of hiring talents ".She is having her internal meeting with her team of 10 people to gather more pointers and they are brain storming on the topic.Sita (One of the brightest team member) stands up in the middle of the discussion and excused herself from the meeting. The meeting continued for another 1 hour and finally the presentation is done...Now Kalpana is looking for Sita to make the ppt and beauty the same, so that she can send to the Management team for approvals. She comes out the conference room and sees sita in tears ...

K: Sita...what happened to you...i was looking for you for the project...but guess you are not in the right frame of mind. Come lets have a coffee in my cabin

Sita follows Kalpana to her big cabin.

K:Now tell me what happened...

S:Sobbing ...Mam...I just broke up with my boyfriend due to a mis understanding and he did not give me a chance to speak my part ...it's all finished...we were made for each other but...it's all over...i am hurt...

K:Look Sita ...this is office we are all here for professional work and we should not mix personal matters here...but we are all humans and we get affected by these...but  we need to deal with our personal problems ourselves. I am sure you are strong, smart and intelligent and you can help yourself and I cannot help you here in office...but let's meet over a coffee at my Place and discuss on this...may be I can be of some help to you...now wipe your tears...go concentrate on the Presentation and Mr Mehta will help you with pointers that I suggested...Things could become better...never loose hope...

Sita feels a little better,she admires Kalapana...so as other...goes to her desk and gets ready for the project presentation making.

It's a half day for Kalpana as she has some parent interaction at her son's school...who is now in his 10th standards and she has taken a half day to attend the same.

She quickly picks her purse and proceeds to the parking and gets to into her car ans suddenly she gets a call, It's from her husband

K:Hai ...i am just starting ...are you on your way ...

H:Ya baby ...i am already on my way from airport...i did not go home...coming straight from airport to Adi's school...did not you see my message.

K: Sorry I got busy with meeting, did not check my phone...see you in adi's school.

H:haan...haan...donot cut the call,I called you tell that...school is on the way,I will pick you from STC Mall corner and will send all the drivers back...I will drive...and after all we are meeting after a week,when will I get my quota of kisses?humm...

K :Blushing ...humm...what is this...Ramu Kaka...please stop at STC Mall...

Ramu:OK  Bitiya...Damadji is coming to pick you?

K:Blushing and smiling and nods yes.

Ramu:Bitiya...saab loves you so much...may god bless you both...

K:I told you always Ramu Kaka not call him Saab..

R:Ok Ok...Damadji...is that ok Bitiya

Soon they reach the STC mall and Kalpana is about to get down from the car...when she saw the door opened by her handsome husband. Husband is none other than Raghav,Mr Raghav singania,MD of singhania group of companies ,tall, fair, handsome, clad in the most exquisite suit... She comes out of the car and he hugs her...Kalpana pushes him and says

K:Raghav ...what are you doing...it's road

R:So what...canot I love my wife...humm...how are you...did you miss me...

Ramu Dada and Bhavesh (Raghav's driver and Ramu s son) are laughing. Bhavesh wishpers in Ramu's ears

B:Baba...Saab loves madam a lot...

Ramu: Yes,Bitiya and saab love each other so much...

R:haan...Ramu Kaka,Bhavesh...you guys go,I will drive myself now .

They leave ...Raghav is driving his car,kalpana is sitting in the front sheet...he is humming...Hum tere bin aab rahen nahin sakte ...tere bina kya vajud mera...Then he grabbed her hand

R:I missed you...But no issue...I will make up for this entire week tonight...hmm let me think...Adi has his exams coming so he will be busy studying and we will be busy...what say you

K:Hmmm... you always go to one topic.

R: Why not this topic...after all I have a hot wife, who is so sexy ,so pretty,so cutie ok...now  tell me how is Adi...how was her science talent test ...

K:He said he did good and expecting to be the topper lets see...Yes wanted to tell you something...hum

R:What's it...missing me ...that's what?

K : Laughing...Na re baba...about Adi...

R:What happened ...did he get his girlfriend home for a night out

K: Ohh...no you are just so impossible.

R:ok ...I am serious tell me

K: I think he loves Anamika...that Ana...fair, thin girl, blue eyes whom he 1st fed birthday cake in the last birthday...2 days back she came to our house, when I came home, I saw his door closed and just then I saw them coming out of his room, both were glancing at each other and blushing...as if kissed each other...her lipstick was smudged...

R:My goodness...the CID ...you observed so  many things...but you could have just asked him...without thinking so much into it.

K:I felt shy...will you ask him

Raghav stops the car and leans forward towards her lips and gives a kiss and says

R:My sweetie...let me make it clear...Adi is a teenager and he will have girlfriends...so why are you worried.

Then he starts the car again.

K: No I am not...i just pray...Ana to be good...good for him...and they continue and do not have heartbreaks.

R:You will agree with me sweetheart,...true love never fails...see us...happily married...by the way are you happy with me (kissing her hand)

Kalpana says

K: Humm...you get started everywhere...ya I know true love never fails...and I love you.

R: Adi is just a kid ...let him explore the world...I will be happy if he brings 10 girlfriends home...

K: Why...why you will be happy with his 10 girlfriends?

R: He will have only 1 and rest I can enjoy

K: Chee...every time ...just stop it Raghav, you are now 40

R: So what...all the females in the office tells me I look 10 years younger and nobody believes that I have a 15 years son...they all drool over me...so I still have lot of scope outside...got it my baby...

K: Stop teasing me...

R: Ok I will stop it now...but will you let me tease you tonight...hey should we go for a trip to goa

K: You are impossible,our sons exams are round the corner and i am talking about our son's affairs and you are planning romancing with me?what is this.

R:This is Adi's school...forgotten...pointing towards Adi's school gate.

K: Oh my god...you are ...

R:Whhat...i am...i am your husband...forgotten...hello...

Saying this he stops the car,They get down from the car and proceeds from parking to Principal's cabin,

R:I feel like kissing you here.

K:Just stop it Raghav...lets go.

R:Ok (pouting)

They walk to Principal's cabin..while walking he holds her by her waist , whispering and humming

R: i love you Kalpana ...I love you ...i love you... i love you... i love you... i love you...

K: Stop it Raghav, why are you chanting I love you...I know you love me...it's just too much ...let s go meet the principal, as she called us here.

R:  (give s serious look)Did Adi...kiss Ana in school and her parents complained like what happened with me when I was in class 1,I was told by one of my senior to kiss the prettiest girl in the class...and when I did so,the girl cried and her parents complained to principal and principal slapped me as a punishment.

K:Raghav ...just stop it...principal has called us to share Adi's results with us...i told you yesterday night ,you forgot.

R:Night?... I only remembered you not giving me a kiss on the phone and disconnecting the call...

Kalpana pushed him through her elbow...

K:You Crazy fellow...

R:crazy about you...Ok oK... I remember all ...i was just teasing you...now smile, we are near principal's room...else principal mam will think we to be grumpy parents...

Kalpi smiles...The peon informs them to just wait for 5 mins and then they can meet principal .They sit on the waiting area and saw Adi and Ana coming towards the principal's room.

Adi comes running to Raghav and hugs him.he hugs him and puts a kiss on his forehead.

A:Dad ...good to see you,I missed you yesterday...wanted to speak to you...

R:Yes Adi...betu...my sweetu...tell me

A:Papa...do not treat me like a kid infront of my friends... ...i will speak to you in the evening...hummm...Dad this is Ana

R:Hi Ana...how are you...good to see you...last we met was on Adi's birthday right.

A:Mom knows Ana...they met day before yesterday

Ana: Hello Uncle ...hello aunty.(American accent)

K: Hi Ana... you new in the school ...i have not met your parents before...in any parent teacher's meeting

Ana: YES Aunty...I just joined this year april ...I was in USA with my mom and just moved here this year ,I stay in the school hostel.

K: oh...that's why?

Ana: Actually Aunty...My Mom is a scientist...she is doing research on immunology and will be in india for 3-4 years. she is just reached here last night and is coming to meet Principal mam today.

K:Wow...that's great.

Just then they see a lady clad in jeans and t shirt, wearing specs rushing towards the cabin...Raghav instantly said

R:Maya ...!!!

Kalpana turned to see ...she is amazed to see her, Maya came rushing towards the principal room, after 20 years also, she is looking the same. She came near raghav ...Dumbfounded to see Kalpana and Raghav after so many years . Before she could speak, the peon called them all inside principal's cabin.

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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
Great start. Please continue.

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darkloveriam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 9:51pm | IP Logged
and best part is ragna are married
update nxt part soon

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Appuu_AshLover Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
Awesome Smile nice start loved this happily married ragna..continue soon

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PMOHANTI1774 Groupbie

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Chapter -2

They all settle in her cabin.

Principal: Mrs and Mr Singhania ...i am really glad for your son Aditya, hes selected to participate in the science exhibition by global science exhibition forum in London ,he will represent India .and Ms Maya...same for your Daugther Anamika. Both will go for 3 days along with our science department head Ms Tina,next week for the same.So I personally called you here to give you this good news and also to complete the formalities in the school for the arrangements.

R:Wow Mam...that's a great news...Congrats Adi and Ana.

K:Thank you Mam for grooming Adi for this,you and your teachers guidance made him to achieve this.

He shakes hand with Ana and Hugs Adi.She hugs Adi too.Maya hugs Ana.

R:I am proud of you my son

K:Me too...adi

M:so Ana ...excited...

Ana:yes mom,more to so,you are back in India...Now we will be together.

M:Yes Baby...i will just finalise on the house and then we can move in there.I have taken a 10 days break from my project to do house haunting.

Ana:Wow Mom...great news...I Missed you.

All came outside. Ana and Adi move back to their respective classes, while Maya,Kalpana and Raghav went to school office to do the formalities. Once the formalities are done.Maya says

M:Good to see you both together after sooo many years...how are you guys.

R:I am still upset with you...do not talk to me.

K:Yes ...you snapped all ties with us and now asking how are we?

M:I know you guys are upset with me...but after so many years,we still want to fight or we want to meet up again to rekindle our friendship.

R:Meet up to fight a lot and rekindle...

All laugh...

K:Where are staying with Uncle -Aunty?

M:No they also moved to USA 10 years back,I am now in hotel and in next 10 days need to find house and move in so that Ana can stay with me and I have a project for 3 years.


K:Come stay with us.

M:It's ok...Kalpana,I am fine

R:But we are not fine...we need to fight with you so come and stay with us only.

M:Ok ...give me your address,I will go settle the hotel thing and then come to your house.

R:Why...can not we drop you to hotel and settle bills and bring you to our house...come on Maya do not be formal...I just hate it...ya ...if you think that you will become a Kabab main haddi between me and Kalpana then I guess you are right

K:Kabab Main haddi...hey hello which Kabab

M:You guys have not changed a bit...same

K:We have not changed...but you changed...you lost contact with all of us.

R:Ok we will speak about this when we reach home.

M:Ana and Adi...?

R:What ...you want to get them married too...


R: Jokeing,both went back to classes, then adi will come home in the school bus

M:and Ana will go to her hostel.

K:Lets speak to hostel authority and take Ana too to our place...what say Raghav

R:Ya...lets do that too

K:OK ...I am calling Bhavesh,he will bring the other car and till then we all finish the hostel formalities and by then the school closing will happen and all of us will go together.

The hostel formalities are done and School gets finished too,so Bhavesh load all things of Ana in the other car and Raghav drives the car with Kalpana in the front sheet ,maya,ana and adi at the back sheet. Raghav notices Adi and Ana glancing at each other with love filled eyes and thinks kalpana is right Adi likes Ana.They reach the hotel and Maya goes to settle the bills and comes back in 10 mins...all proceed to Singhania Mansion.Just then Kalpana receives a message from sita,it states

"Mam ,I am going to meet with my Boyfriend tonight, he is agreed to meet me,so I feel I can explain him my aprt and clear the misunderstanding, wish me good luck".Kalpana smiles seeing the message and replies"Hv faith,every thing will be fine,good luck"

R:Whose message...new boy friend?

K: Blushing ...Kya Raghav?in front of kids?

R:So what...there is nothing wrong to have boyfriends...tell me Maya...what's wrong

M: Laughing ...you have not changed a bit ...Crazy you .Kalapana how did you live with this bugger..so many year

K:Do not ask


K:Raghav...concentrate on driving!


Soon they reach Singhania Mansion,a big bunglow, there is a beautiful garden around with lovely water fountains.Once they got down...two big Labrador came running to Raghav and he caressed them

R: Marsh and Apple ...how are you kiddies (hugged the dogs) Missed me cutties.

Veena the house keeper came forward with 2 servants to get the stuff from cars.All came inside the bunglow and settle on the sofas,Veena got tea and snacks for everyone. But Maya said

M:I need to get fresh,so after that lets have a drink together...

K: Adi...show Ana her room...the room next to yours is arranged by veena Aunty for Ana.Maya come I will show you your room.

Kalpana proceeds to show Maya her room and Raghav goes to the bedroom.

M: Kalpana...thanks dear...i am really glad we met...we need to speak...I thought of speaking to you in many occasions but just could not

K: Hmmm...we will talk...you settle first...

Kalpana goes to her bedroom, once she reaches the bedroom, Raghav pulls her into a hug and kisses her lips, after a passionate kiss breaks the kiss and says

R: Jokes apart...I missed you baby...the work schedule was hectic and risky...I got tired and missed you a lot.

Kalpana hugs him and says

K:I also missed you...i somehow got worried for you...do not know why?

R: This is called telepathy...will speak about the same later, where is my tracks and t shirt? Give me I need to take a shower...

She turns to get clothes for him from cupboard,

 R:wait a second...Lets take bath together...

he back hugs and whispers...

K: (shy) no

R: whispers...why not sweetie

K:we need to get ready quickly and we have guests at home.

R:So what...lets quickly take a shower and I will not take much of your time...i promise to offer you pleasure of 3 hr of love making in just half an hour...hope this is a good bargain dear.

Kalpi is blushing hard hearing his words

R:Still shy...cuttie we are married for last 16 years and would have made love some thousands times...still you are shy...and that what I love...every time we make love I find a new exciting experience...all because of you...you have made my life so wonderful...I cannot express and as a gift in return...

He stops talking and kisses her lips and reaches the pins of her saree ,... Kalpana breaks the hug and runs from there

K:You are impossible...i am going downstairs for dinner and arrangements for tomorrow...

Raghav pouted in false anger and nods his head and proceeds to washroom. Kalpana gets busy down stairs with Veena for dinner and arrangements for tomorrow as tomorrow is their marriage anniversary.Raghav takes a shower and comes out to see,2 missed call on his cell.He calls back the number.

R:Hi...I got a missed call from this number...who is it.

Caller:Guess...who am i...mere dost...i called Kalpana's number too...she did not pick my phone...

R:Who is it...you seem familiar...break the suspense dear...who are you

Caller:Not so early...guess who I am

R: (thinks for a minute )-Hey Sammy...how are you...where were you...vanished into thin air and ...idiot where did you get my number .

S: Laughs...idiot...Raghav Singhania is a big name in the market so it's not difficult to pull out you number...I want  to meet you and kalpana...and wish you happy anniversary in advance.

R:What is this wish and all,where are you,I will leave everything and come and pick you.

S:No ...i know your address...got it from your office...I am reaching in next 2 hr from airport...

R:2 Hrs from air port...delhi airport is just 30 mins from my place?

S: Actually I will go to hotel and drop my luggage and then come to your place.

R: Hotel...you told all these to me...that's fine...that to over the phone...if Kalpana will come to know of this...she will break your bones...where are you I am coming now.

S: No Raghav I have taken the Taxi from airport already on the road

R:Just tell the taxi to drop you directly at my place.

S:Ok...see you...

R:Let it be a surprise for kalpana...do not pick her phone if she calls back

S: Laughs...ya...let me meet her and then...

Raghav is very happy and thinks...today is a great day...we are meeting all old good friends...looks like a friends reunion day...wow...life is blissful.

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