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Hum Tum...its only u and me...Ch -15e pg:46&Index updated-PG-1 (Page 19)

deepu90 Goldie

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Its lovely dr rags caught by maya poor soul can't control himself Big smile

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Chapter -11:

The botany practical gets over,ragshas not done a single line in his note book,after the session,Kalpigoes to use washroom and rags follows her softly,when she goes towashroom,he stops and turns back to see Maya standing with a sternface.

M:Wht's it Rags...followingher to the washroom...what's happening to you...comewith me,lets grab a coffiee...

R:Sadly SAYS) Ya sure lets go...havea coffee...it's break time.

Both go to canteen ,they choose acorner seat and maya says

M:What's it Raghav,you seem tobe too much into kalpana...

R:Ya ...I wanted to share withyou...(he holds her hand)...suggest me how do I know whatshe thinks of me...

M:I think she is sammy'sgirlfriend

R:But I am attracted toher...something really nice about her...i think I love her

M:Aye Majnoo...do not get in tothis love and all now...but anysuch way I will find what'sit between Sammy and her

Rags holds her hand tightly andkisses the fist and says thanks maya...you are such a sweetheart.Kalpana sees them,she came behind Rags in order to have a wordwith him about the practical as she observed his note book wasempty.But she stops at a distance when she saw him kissing maya'shand and thinks...oh..she is his girlfriend...how could Inot notice this,she turns back with teary eyes back to classroom.shefeels lonely,wants to speak to Priya or Sammy badly...why am Iso hurt that he is going around with maya,what's it...do Ireally love him...or is it just that I am infatuated...whateverit is I am not feeling good to know that he has a girlfriend...

After sometime Maya and rags comeback to classroom,rags is happy that Maya will help him,there is asmile appearing on his face and he looks intently at Kalpana,who issitting with a sad face and is controlling hard her tears.The entireday goes like that when ever Rgas comes near she goes to theotherside and finally at the end of the day,Rags comes to her

R:Kalpana...lets go,I will dropyou...

Maya comes from behind...ya...canI come with you guys...Kalpi just nods her head but does notspeak anything with rags,she is definitely not in a good mood.

All three starts for Kalpi'shouse,Maya is sitting in the front with Raghav.

M:Rags should we stop for icecreamon our way back...I am hungry

R: Smiles ...yes fatty...wewill stop at Brinkles.

K: I am not keen...you guyscarry one

M:Come on kalpana...lets go

R:It's ok if she does notwant...are you fine...is your leg hurting

Kalpi just cried...it'snot that it was hurting her...she is hurt of the fact that Mayais Rags girlfriend...Raghav gets concerned...

R:Maya lets take her to the nurshinghome,it's hurting her so much.

K(CRYING) no I am fine,I want to gohome.

M(finds it very unusual, why she iscrying,...i need to know) Ok we will go home...rags yourhouse is just nearby, so you go, I will drop her and get you yourcar...Mom dad are not there ,so I will come to your house forsometimes,I need some think from your flower garden.

Rags gets down from car and halfheartdly goes to his house.Maya drives to Kalpi's house.Soonthey reach her house,she helps kalpi to get down and helps her to thehouse,Prakash is at home,opens the door...

M:Hi...i am Maya Kalpana'sfriend and you

Prakash: I am Prakash ...Kalpi'selder brother

M:Hi Prakash...nice to meetyou

K:Dada,just get some water for Maya

Prakash:I will make tea for all ofus...just settle in.

Maya looks around,the house,it'sso small,she thinks,... Prakash is so goodlooking,thinking all these she goes inside the kitchen

M:Praaksh I will help you makingtea.

Prakash: How much sugar..

M:Well I do not like tea,can I havecoffee..

Praaksh:Why not...

Maya thinks the kitchen is sosmall,how people live in this small house but the house is so cleanand nice paintings all over...whatever it is Rags sasural...nono...it cannot be...he is just attracted to Kalpana...butI do not think he will be able to adjust with this kind of inlaws...iam seeing some troubles ahead with rags ...huummm...concentrateMaya,you need to know what Kalpana thinks about Sammy and rags...Shemakes coffee and all three settle in the drawing room and Sammy comesto their house.

S:Hi chashmu,hi Maya...how comeyou are here..

M:No she was not too well so I cameto drop her...how are you feling.

S:Much better...now chashmushow me your notes

K:but Rags took it from me as he hadnot completed his work...

M:Take my notes Sammy...


M:So Prakash what do you do...

P:I am working with Parker andParkerson's audit firm and I am a CA.

M:Wow...thats cool ...bythe way Gauri aunty was speaking to my mom,she wanted to meet a goodCA when she is in india...would you be keen

P:Ya I know Gauri Mam...she isa gem of a person...I will meet her when she comes to delhi.

M:I am writing her number just callher up today and share your company profiles with her.she is shiftingher business to india in these days.

P:great news..thanks Maya...

M: It's ok Prakash...soKalpana/Sammy can we plan for Rags birthday next week,Gauri auntywill come on the birthday only and Rags alone will find it difficultto organize,I will call Prem ,Pakhi and Akash to help us too.

Hearing Prems name Sammy says

S:Look Maya...I am not toowell,so is Kalpana...I do not thinkw e will be able to make itto his birthday

Prakash:What's it Sammy...Ragshelped you so much and you and saying this...

S:No Dada it's not like that Ijust thought I am not too well and if I do not go chashmu wont gotoo...what say kalpu

K:Ya...i am not keen...shegoes to washroom hearing rags name

Maya finds it very unusual...what'sall these,she says

M:Sammy why do not you come with meto Rags house and you complete the work with him and get kalpanasnotes back home later in the evening.

S:Wow this is a good idea...

Prakash:I will call Maya mamtonight...thanks Maya...by the way you are the only friendof kalpu who called me Prakash...yesterday Rags called meSir,everyone calls me dada...makes me feel really old...

M:Hmm...you are sohandsome...how can I call you dada...just joking...byefor now...we will meet again...sammy lets go...Ithink kalpana is tiered and needs rest.

S:Chashmu Bye...I will see youtomorrow.

He goes with Maya,in Rags house heis looking at the drawing of Kalpana's note book and lost inher thoughts and have not even written a line...as if she issitting next to him.

Sammy,Maya reaches rags place andSammy completes his work...seeing him rags also completes hiswork.

Then they starts to talk...Mayadiscusses her plans about Rags birthday,Sammy asks

S:So Prem is planning which part...donot give me that...I will be the photographer for the event.

R:You guys are so sweet...Inever thought you will do so much for me

M:What are you saying rags...youare my best friend...i need to care for you...speciallywhen aunty is not there...and your are surrounded by pakhi...soniaetc etc...

S:Haha...pakhi...sonia...Ido not know Sonia,but pakhi is a sween dumb girl...but if sheloves something,she can give her entire life for that...she isvery obsessive.

M:And Sonia...the sexy siren...isafter our dear rags...right baby

R:What are we discussing...nobitching...haha...pakhi and Sonia...ya pakhi issweet...but Sonia...I just want to avoid her...shdwe fix Sonia with you Sammy

S:Not me...let akash onlyhandle her.

M:Ya akash...so what aboutkalpana ...Sammy...does she fits you

S:Chashmu...no way...Itold na...she is just a friend...wait wait...why youboth are after me...

M:Because...i need to know ifmy handsome Sammy is going around with Kalpana or any other girl persay...

S:What's all these...openlyflirting with me...

M:Ya...why cannot i...iam not raghav...who is stuck with one girl...

S:Aand that's you...

M:No way...

R;Hey ...hey you guys aretalking about me ...right...can I say something...

M:Yes my lover boy...

S:Lover boy???

R:Nothig Sammy,she always teasesme...after all we are friends...

S:By the way who is the mysteriousgirl. ...

R:Leave it Sammy...she is justjoking...

S: ok I thought you and Maya...

R:No way...this chudail...ijust hate her

M:You hate me...ok now whowill organize your party

R:Kalpana...(oh my got...Ijust blurted out her name)

S:Kalpana...ya ...I willtell her,she is good at designs,so may help you with cake design andflower arrangements...

M:Ok ok...so lets plan each andeverything...I am missing kalpana...lets meet tomorrow andfinalize everything...and my darling Sammy ...the photographer...pls get ready to click my picks too...as I amgonna look hot that day...

R:HOT...Ok so we will notneeed match box to light up cake that day...

Everyone laughs and they start to goback home,rags drops maya and then Sammy to his place and goeshome...today he sleeps peacefully...he realized that kalpiis not sammy's girlfriend, it's just that they are goodfriends...like him and maya...

On the other hand kalpi is in a foulmood. Sammy get back to her house and both go to terrace and startsto talk, he describes his encounter with rags and maya and pestersher to go to rags party ,she hears everything but does not share themorning incidence but agrees to attend his party.sammy leaves.

She thinks may be may be not maya ishis girlfriend ...thay might be real friends like Sammy andI,but still why did he kiss her hand...i do not like it...butwhy am I getting so possessive about him...have I fallen forhim...no kalpi..this is dangerous as I have an ambition toachieve...i cannot be like this...weak,lovesick...stupid...let me concentrate on studies andcontinues with her studies till late night.

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abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Waw rags is a great student itni interest sai lesson kalpana padrahihai Embarrassed Winkpagal premi LOL awesome update dear Big smile

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Cute_Kate IF-Dazzler

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Lovely Update... 
Maya is hot hence Rags wont need matchsticks.. :P
I really loved seeing ambitious Kalpi's possessive and jealous side.. 
And... I am.waiting for raghav's bday party... update soon...

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ovee Goldie

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Lovely both the updates .

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lolor IF-Dazzler

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Both updates r lovely

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riaka IF-Dazzler

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Amazing update dear. Raghav is following Kalpi to the washroom LOL.
Kalpi feel heart broken when she saws Raghav kissed Maya's hand.
Love the Jealous kalpi Big smile.
Please update next chapter soon 

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Wonderful update. Looking forward to read more.

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