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Hum Tum...its only u and me...Ch -15e pg:46&Index updated-PG-1 (Page 15)

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You are giving the excellent flashbacks ,as of now.

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Pls update the next chappy soon.
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Plzz update dear... Waiting...
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Eagerly waiting waiting for the FLASHBACK.
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When will you update the next chappy??
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Chapter -8

Sammy came running after maya andlifted kalpana in his arms and start to kiss her head ,tears rollingfrom his eyes...saying

S:Where were you lost chashmu,I wasso worried Kalpu...Cry

Everyone is stunned to see both thecouples and confirmed in mind that Sammy - Kalpana andMaya-Raghav are actually in relationships. But while Maya and Sammywere busy hugging, Raghav and Kalpana were looking at each other andthey have a eye lockWink.Pakhi is very happy to see raghav back.Dead

All had breakfast together and theneveryone was ready to go,Prem and his friends plan to do real raggingto all freshers were just washed away...they were really unhappybut decided to hatch up another plan to have more fun with freshers.Angry

Kalpana did not have more clothesand her dress was torn,so she had to wear Raghav's jacket allthrough out.she looked for him wherein, he was sitting quietly inhis car with Maya

M:Rags.. I will drive,you must betiered so you rest

R:We need to also take Sammy andkalpna too, as his bike is in the repair shop.

M:Ok,I will drive and you andkalpana sit in the back so that you can sleep,coz if you sleepsitting in the front seat,I will get sleepy too.do not want any risknow.

Raghav is very happy,he quickly getsout of the car and starts to look for Kalpana...he bumps intosomeone and turns quickly only to find a kalpana fallen on the groundholding her leg in pain.

R:Oh no...oh no...what didI do,I am sorry,is it hurting a lot (holding kalpana's leg)

Kalpana is in pain,Sammy camerunning to her and helped her getting up,Raghav ushered her to hiscar and let her sit ,he was massaging her foot but it had aswelling,he said sorry 120 times.

K:It's ok,not your fault...iam fine...it's just a swelling.

M:Once we reach we will go to mom'snursing home and get it cheked rags no worry.

Pakhi/Sonia were also there,theywere planning how to go in the same car as Raghav.

S:So Maya,can I come with you

P:Ya can I come,I can take care ofKalpana,while you drive.was

M:Sorry dears,we have to take Sammyalso with us,so Pakhi you come...kalpana will have your company.

So it's decided that Maya willdrive and Sammy will be in the passenger seat.Kalpana ,pakhi andRaghav at the back seat.Pakhi is very happy as she is sitting next toRaghav.Raghav and kalpana were dead tiered so both were sleepingpeacefully .Embarrassed

Prem and his friends followed Maya'scar ...after sometime, they reached the repair shopwhere Sammy had given the bike ,Maya got down with Sammy and

M:You need money for the repair.

S:Ya ,...but I will return itto you

M:It's ok...we arefriends afterall.

S:Ok thanks

Sammy got his bike and he alsofollowed maya's car so that all of them are together.Mayareturned back and was about to start ,she asks.

M:Pakhi come to the front seatna...else I will doze off...lets chat.Big smile

Pakhi unwillinglyDead ,softly moved fromthe middle and came to the front seat.she pretended to corrent hermake up with her mirror,but was focusing on raghav to see his face.

Akash took,Sonia with him and wastrying his level best to convince Sonia for a date over next weekendbut Sonia is planning something in her mind with raghav.Dead

Aftersome time,Kalpi woke up andsaid.

K:Ahh..it's paining alot...maya please help me any medicines you have.

Raghav got up hearing her voice andsaid...

R:You put your leg on the seat ,sothat the swelling subsides and have this pain killer,...(offeringher a medicine from the pouch of the car seat.)

Now kalpana is sitting close toraghav and has folded her legs up and placed on the car seat...againin no time...she slept...this time she did sleep a soundsleep...she rested her head on rag's shoulder and wassleeping..so was rags.Embarrassed

Maya was observing from the mirrorand thought in mind...they look good together...but whatabout the class difference between them...umm..it wont work...thenshe glanced at Pakhi...thinks in her mind...she issweet,but really dumb..Rags is very intelligent...no it wontwork...sonia no...no...hey wait Maya...what am Ithinking...rags is my friend only...not my brother that Ishould be worried about his girlfriends and future wife...butsomething really good about this Kalpana...she is nice and sweetgirl.Tongue

They reach Maya's mom'snursing home and so is Sammy.Maya opened her window and Sammy tellsher

S:Maya ...you guys carry on Iwill take care of Kalpana...no issues.

M:What's this...i needto meet my mom too,so I will also come.

Raghav woke up and saw kalpanasleeping peacefully,oblivious of Pakhi and Maya and Sammy he lookedat her and pushed her hair strands from her face softly ,kept himselfbusy looking at her.

M:Rags,wake up...oh you arealready,come lets take kalpana for check up...

R:Ya sure...but she issleeping.Embarrassed

S:I will wake her up.

Sammy came forward and open the doorand gently ticked her feet,twice...she got up quickly andsaid...K:I am still sleepy...why did you wake me upSammy...that too tickling my feet...I do not like it...

S:Oye Kumbhkarna,wake up lets go forcheck up.

Then Kalpana came back to her sensesonly to realize, how close she is sitting with Raghav and she quicklysits straight. Pakhi is now sure that Sammy is kalpi'sboyfriend...she want to be with rags so she says

P:I will also come...

M:You can go with prem,he is justoutside...go home take rest.

P:it's ok,I will meet Kamalama also today after dropping kalpana.Dead

All proceeds inside and after ashort check up, doctor says,it's just a mild sprain due totwist of leg and with pain killer and rest for 2 days she will bebetter. Maya's mother is not in the nursing home as was out ona meeting. So Maya drives back home with Rags .Sammy takes Kalpi backhome.Pakhi gets dropped near Kalpana's house too to meet Kamalama.

Drive back home was quite, Maya getsdropped and rags drives back home while coming he again goes nearkalpana's house and parks the car a little ahead and walkstowards her house. He sees her sitting by the window and lookingvacantly on the sky. He comes back and drives back home. He reachesdead tiered...straight heads to the washroom..Takes a shower andremembers about Kalpana...he come out ..changes andsleeps...sleep is far away from his eyes...thinks...sheis injured might not come to college for some days...oh how Imiss her...but why am I missing her so much, I just know her forfew days...i do not know how she is...hey wait...Ican know her slowly...but on god...she is so pretty...sosweetie...(.he kisses his pillow)...oh I wish her with meall the time...wait...she is close to Sammy...is heher boyfriend...no...god...please please...onlyI should be her boyfriend...how I wish I could kiss her anytime.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

There it's same condition ofKalpana,she is thinking on on about Raghav holding his jacket in herhand.Embarrassed

Everyone at Kalpana and sammy's family are at Kalapan's house and were busy discussing aboutSammy and kalpana's trip,but kalpana is sitting quietly in onecorner...missing raghav,everyone thought she is tired andadvised her to go and sleep in the stairway room,she denies and sitsthere only.Sammy is busy clicking pictures of everyone in differentposes.Priya & seema helps Kamala for dinner for all.

Next day is Sunday..Raghav got uplate at around 10 am and Kaka informed that someone called premcalled for him.

Raghav calls prem only to findPakkhi picking up the phone

R:Hi...pakhi..prem called me..

P:Ya...he would have...buthow are you...slept well..

R:Ya I am fine...

Prems comes...

P:Bhaiya,Raghav is on line

Prem:Ok give me the phone and tellpeter to send some lime soda for me...go..Pakhi goes

Prem:hi rags...we are partyingtonight...join us with Maya.

R:I will come...Maya I am notsure

P:Why ...her parents do notallow?

R:No ...i think she told meshe has some guests at home ...I will just call her and confirmback.

Prem wants maya to come for theparty...he kicks his legs on the floor.

Raghav calls up Maya for theparty.but maya says...you know rags my parent do not allow everyday and mom strictly told me to be at home as she is expecting someimportant guest.

R:Can't you make someplee...come na ...it' will be fun.

M:No dear not possible...yougo.

Raghav disconnects the call,mayathinks...I cannot go today...but I miss Prem...he isso good looking...wow...a date with me...humm...insome months I guess,smiles to herself.

Raghav calls back Prem

R:Prem...Maya cannot come...sowhere to come for the party...

Prem says lets meet at The magic inthe disc ,then...

R:Then lets come back to my houseand we can watch some movies...

P:Which movie? Sorry not thoseromantic movies...any adult movies you have

R:Ya a lot of them...my caretaker is also going to village for 2 days...so no one at home,we will have fun,any such a there is off for tomorrow in the collegefor some teacher's training programme

P:Ya...those crazy teaches...letthem be on training for some more days...lets get our selvestrained better for our girlfriends...Embarrassed

Both laugh ...so will meet.Rags gets ready...Kaka goes to his village to bring back hisfamily and bids bye to him.Rags is feeling lonely /bored at home..hepicks one of the adult movies Embarrassedand watches ...he sees the love makingscenes and stats to imagine him and kalpana ..suddenly the phone rigsfor 2 times and cuts off,he comes back to reality,he switches off thetv...oh chee...how bad I am ...thinking about Kalpanalike this...she is so cute...how can I even think likethat...he curses his mind and have his lunch alone...goesdriving to the affluent market and shops for some outfits forhimself. He just looks the ladies section ...there are beautifulskirts with tshirts, he picks some 5 of them and packs them...imaginingkalpana in them ...pays ...Came back again lost in histhoughts about her...oh when will I give these dresses toher...when is her birthday...but but Sammy is herboyfriend...how can I get close to her.

At kalpana's house bothkaml,vitthal, ,Mr and Mrs Das and few other neighbors are gettingready for a trip to baishnodevi.Priya went to her college for hercollege monsoon fest,she will get late,so she planned to stay at thecollage hostel with one of her friend. Only Sammy, Kalpana and Seemaare left at sammy's house ...Sammy is having fever,kalpanahas swelled up leg and seema was not keen to go as it's toodifficult to climb up.Mrs das was worried for Sammy...just thenPrakash called up from jaipur and said not to worry, he will be backfrom Jaipur mid of the night around 2-3 o clock after attending hisfriends sister's marriage. So all left by 8pm in a bus,shouting jai mata di, jai mata di...

Here Raghav is busy partying withprem and company.Prem talked a lot with raghav in order to extract ifrags is Maya's boyfriend or just a friend.

P:So Rags...boarding schoolsare so cool...no stupid parents to bark at you every time

R:Stupid parent/...i alwaysrespected elders and boarding schools are cool but also it'svery disciplined...i enjoyed every bi t of it...I madegood friends and also met some of the good teachers ...so it wasgood fun.

P:But it was co-ed right...soample chance of having girlfriends...how many you had.

R:I did not have...they werenot that interesting...boring types...only busy dressingup...types...i am still single

P:and ready to mingle...whatabout maya,we thought she is your GF.

R:No ...no she is just achildhood friend and our parents know each other.

The whole evening they smoked, haddrinks then party till 1pm and then decide to come back to rags houseto watch movies. While coming they got bear bottles and zoomed backto rags house.

It again started to rainheavily...everyone had drinks and then dozed off. Raghav isnot drunk, he had little drinks...as he planned to go nearkalapna's house to have a glance at her if possible...sohe deliberately avoided heavy drinks.

He hears his phone ringing...hethought may be it's mom else who could call so late.He picksthe phone.


K:raghav this is Kalpana,Sammy ishaving very high fever and he just fainted...me and seema arescared...please come...i am sorry,I know it's nightbut i (she was sobbing)Cry

R:donot worry ...What,Sammyfainted...i am just coming ...wait for 10 mins I will bethere.Smile

He grabs his car keys and goes tosammy's house,as soon as he reaches he sees a crying worriedkalpana and seema.

R:I am here...lets go.

K:Ya lets go...

R:No you are hurt...walkslowly...

Seema: Ragsda,please hold Sammy dashand,he is too heavy,I cannot lift him.

Rgahav drags Sammy as he is heavyand all went to near by hospital, doctors admit Sammy and says

D:We have give medicine for fever,hewill fine in few hours,only one of you stay back here...restguys go home

R:I am staying back...

S:No let me stay back..you and kalpidi go back home,any such way kalpi di is hurt,she needs rest...alsoI cannot drive so you guys go..Thank you raghav da .

Raghav reluctantly agrees and drivesback to sammy's house while driving both are silent but feltreally peaceful in each other's company...,once reachinghouse, she says

K: Bye...thanks a lot.

She goes inside and waves her handand closes the door. Raghav drives back...he just sees thepassenger seat only realize kalpana's purse on the seat, hegoes back to give it back to her...he reaches near sammy'shouse and presses the calling bell only to find power is not there,heknocks the door,she asks for who is it.

R:It's me

She open the door,he gives the purseto her

R:You left it in my car.


R:It's fine(smiles)...canI have some water

K:Ya sure..i will get..

R:No you are hurt,just tell me,Iwill get it.Smile

K:This side and directs him to thekitchen.

He drinks water and is about to comeonly to find a shricking kalapana...

R:Wht's it(panicking)...Confused

K:It's a frog...I justhate them...please drive him away...i am scared of darkwhen I am alone,I cannot go that side...my specs is broken Icannot see properly.

R:Ok ok...do not panick,it'sjust a frog.

He goes,quickly grabs the frog inhis hand and trows him out of the window...

R:No it's fine...

K:No your hands are dirtly...goclean themSmile

R:Oh ya...

He cleans his hand and comeback,Kalana is now sitting on the sofa ...she seems scared

R:can I sit here...you gosleep...I am not scared of dark.Embarrassed

Kalpana smiles and sleeps on thesofa itself,due to pain killers she is getting sleepy.Raghav is wideawake...the room is lilted only with one candle,he observes hercute face glowing in the candle light.he is engrossed in his thoughtsabout her...he sees her waking up stretching her armsand smiling says..

K:You are still up

R:Ya I am...you are sopretty...i just wanted to look at you

Kalpana shyly smiles and comes nearhim,he pulls her wrist and let her sit on his lap and says

R:you are so beautiful,you look sogood when your hair is wet

K:I love you rags...

And she hugs him,he captures herlips into a fierce kiss,she responds to him with equal passion,hestarts to open her tshirt botton and so is she...he touches hertenderly and she gets more aroused and bites his ear...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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its so beautiful update rag missing kalpi n kalpi also they kiss n confess 
update soon

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Embarrassed awesome update Embarrassed

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