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Hum Tum...its only u and me...Ch -15e pg:46&Index updated-PG-1 (Page 14)

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Chapter 7:

Saying this he hugged her close andkisses her lips passionately.

K:I really do not know why, but I amgetting a lot of flash backs raghav, maybe it's because Sammyand Maya are around...do not know why...but I am reallylost in past since last 2 days.

R: Why are you worried, it'sgood, do not you think you are falling in love with me once morewhile reliving those memories...hummm and I am observing youare getting more adorable and allowing me to be romantic...what'sthis...is it that you missed me as I was away for a week or theold memories.

K:I do not know, I love you more andyes somehow I missed you a lot last week.

R: So as you missed me a lot...andI need to compensate ...lets make love baby (kissing her neck)

K:hey you always go to onetopic...no No not now,we need to go down stairs and need toorganize breakfast for all.

Saying so she closed the shower tapand comes out and wraps the bath robe, raghav comes behind andkissing her again

R:OK ,go now...

He also wraps the towel and bothcome out of the bathroom. She puts on a pink saree and goes down,keeping clothes for Raghav on bed.

Raghav put s on his tshirt and it'slight green in color, he knows kalpana loves this color and he thenthinks about the first party they attended together on the first weekof college.

Flash back starts:

After finishing college on Friday,raghav comes back home and to get ready,as he has to go to the venuefirst and he was very excited.

R:Ramu Kaka...I am going for aparty and will come tomorrow morning only,if Mum calls please informher...and would you need money for the house hold thing.

Ramu: No betaji...but if you donot mind,you are going too often to parties,Gauri Mam wil not likeit.

R:Kaka,no worries,I will be fine

Ramu: ok...one more thingbeta...do not smoke and drink...you are so handsome andgood looking, do not spoile your health by smoking and drinking

R:Ok Kaka, I will try to...butmost of my friends smoke, drink and party...it's common intodays's world kaka...I know you take care of me and youlike me a lot,but I want to enjoy my life in my terms...so nomore lecturing.Ya ...if maya calls up,tell her that I haveleft,I will reach her house to pick her up.

Ramu: maya?...ohh dr mathur'sdaughter

R:Ya...so bye...I amleaving.

Saying this he zoomed in his car.Ramu looked towards him with a sad look, what to do with today'sgeneration, he is so good otherwise, but he should leave smoking anddrinking and on top of that every now and then one new girl calls him...he is going to be spoiled...oh god...please showright direction to my Raghav baba.

Raghav reaches Maya'splace,she came running with her bag all excited for the party. Theydrove to the party, the theme of the party is starry night, so raghavis wearing a black leather jacket with a leather trousers and maya isalso wearing similar clothes. By now everyone in college thinks thatMaya is his girlfriend and Raghav knows that but ignores as he doesnot care what others think and lives his life on his own terms. Thejourney was smooth, they drove as per map given by Akash.Near to thefarm house ,one car zoomed ahead of them,Raghav and Maya also startsto competition with them...and the car stopped in front ofraghav, so he had to stop the car...abruptly.

R:What's up guys, anythingbothering you...why are you blocking our road.

Then a tall, handsome guys gets downfrom the open car and comes towards them. He give s look at Maya andthen says

Guy: so romancing on thehighway...humm...you look new to delhi.

R:Ya we are ...but why are youbothered.

Guy: Are you part of PQR College.for the fresher's party

R:Ya...but why are you asking

He laughs loudly and says

Guy:Hi juniors I am prem your seniorand akash told me that you ...Raghav ...right... aretaking a lead in organizing the theme part of it,so thought I willguide you to the farm house...Humm I like your driving ...andthis pretty girl is Maya right...

M:Ya...hi...prem,...niceto meet you.

P:By the way my sis Pakhi is yourbatch mate too, so we are going to have a lot of fun tonight...areyou ready for the party, after this party you will come to know whatPQR college is all about, just follow us...

saying this, he gets into the carwith his friends and zoomed away

Raghav and Maya found it strange andalso a little apprehensive that what could happen in the party withstrange guys like prem in the party.But they were still excited forthe party.They reach the venue...there is no trace of prem andhis friends in the venue.Raghav ,Maya with the care taker of the farmhouse,saw all the decorations ,they checked the bar ,they saw themusical instruments arranged near dance floor.The food was gettingready in the back kitchen.The barbeque is arranged too.The garden haddecorated trees with stars and behind the resort there is a gatewhich led to the path to reach a near by spring.Rgahav was about togo out to have a look,the care taker Mr Sharma stopped him

Mr Sharma:No Beta,do not go thatside,there is jungle with snakes and wolfs too thatside.We have anight guard on this gate with loaded guns to take care of anyuntoward incidence.

R:Ok...I will not go(but heseems curious to venture into the jungle)

M:What's it Raghav...youwant to party or you want to became party eatable for wildanimals?humm...come lets go inside.

They saw Pakhi,Sonia,Akash comingwith Akash s girlfriend Nisha.Most people have reached aswell...but no trace of Prem ,kalpana and sammy

R:All the arrangements are doneAkash,let me call Sammy...if they have started as he and kalpanawere coming on bike and it might rain,let me check.

He dials Sammy's number,hissister picked up the phone and said,he is left 2 hour back, Raghavgets worried ,2 hours and they have not reached,he does not havekalpana's phone also.he tells Maya.

R:Maya,let me just go and check onSammy and Kalpana

Maya notices so much concern forKalpana and Sammy in his eyes...she is confused.

Kalpana and Sammy are on their wayon his bike, and both are supper excited, just before 2 kilometersfom the venue the bike stoppd and did not start with much effortsfrom them,so they see a repair centre,kept the bike,the mechanic saidit will take 4-5 hours to repair ...so they waited on theroad,then they left the bike and kept on walking thinking that theywill get a lift.Sammy sees a telephone booth,he tells

S:chashmu...lets callpakhi,she will be on her way and she will pick us up

K:No...I do not want to callher,she would have left and I do not want to speak to Neetu aunty.

Lets try for lift...it'snow raining like cats and dogs,both went under the tree.They saw acar zooming towards them in high speed...It's preminside.

P:Oh ..ho...chickens...gettingstuck on the road...so Kalpi...now tell ypur mom again towork with us,then my mom will give her old car to her for using andyou do not need to get stuck on a highway with your cheap boyfriend.

S: (Grinding his teeth)just stop itprem,do not bother us...we never asked help from you ...sojust go in your big car...we do not need you..

Prem comes near Kalpi and tells her

P:want a lift (Kalpana gives blanklook at him,he laughed loudly and said)Any such way I do not givelift to care takers daughter like you...go ...walk to theparty with your cheap boyfriend.

S:Who are you calling cheap..me...(heholds his collar and was about to punch him on his face)

They heard a car stopping nearthem,All look towards the road...it was raghav in the car.

R:What happened Prem,you are stillhere...I came to look for Sammy and kalpana...lets go.

Both kalpana and Sammy quietly wentto raghav's car and get inside that.Prem left with hisfriends.Raghav starts driving

R:What happened Sammy,any problem...

S: (Never wanted to bother raghavwith prem issue)no nothing,my bike stopped on the road,we then waitedon the road to get a lift and we met prem...that's it.

Raghav sees both completelydrenched, he tells Kalpana

R: Kalpana,just open that pouch onthe seat, it has a towel, just wipe yourself.

He puts on the heating of thecar,they reach in 10-15 mins to the venue,Raghav guides them insidethe farmhouse rooms and tells

R:There are the washrooms,go changeand come to the party,I am just outside.

Kalpana really liked Raghav'scaring gesture,she goes inside washroom and changes to a black frockwith white stars and comes out.Raghav sees her,her hair is wet,hegoes to get the hair drier and hands over to kalpana

K:Thanks...i need it.

Raghav just smiles,Sammy comes outwearing a black jeans and a white t shirt, sees kalpana drying herhair,he grabs the drier from her hand and uses it.

K:Sammy...my hair is longer...Ineed that more than you.

Raghav is laughing,then he sawKalpana sneezing,he goes to the other room and gets the hair drierand hands it over to her

K:See...Sammy,I got onemore...thanks raghav...

They all giggle and come to theparty.Most girls were upstairs still getting ready for theparty...Pakhi gets ready and comes down to the party area.shesaw Kalpana and Sammy with Raghav,she comes near raghav and says

P:Hi,looking handsome...

R:Hi Pakhi,you are looking awesome.

P:Hi ,Kalpi...you are lookingso nice.I am glad you came to the party.

S:Ya...all because of Raghav

Pakhi is lost looking at raghav andraghav is busy looking at Kalpana, Kalpana, notices raghav looking ather intently, she feels shy and goes from there to bar counter tohave water.

Soon everyone arrives and in theparty everyone introduces each other, Sonia literally sticks toRaghav in the party. The first game is organized by prem's andhis friends, where in all the fresher's are standing in acircle with alternatively girls and guys and the music isplaying,every one has to dance on a news paper as the music shiftsthe partner also shifts and if you do not reach to the paper you getdisqualified from the game and in every 1 minute the paper getsfolded to half. first Kalpana was dancing with Sammy, Maya withRaghav, Pakhi with akash and Sonia with another guy arvind...soare the rest...they dance in tune with music, then ...somepeople were out of the game,then raghav with Sonia,pakhi and arvindgets out,Kalpana with akash and sammy with Maya,then in the nextround it's raghav with kalpana and akash with Sonia...thepaper is folded and now the pair has to lift the partner to be insidethe paper area.Akash lifts Sonia and Raghav lifts kalpana and theydance ...sonia is tall,akash looses his balance and both fall...but raghav carries kalpana and both are lost in music andare having a eyelock.everyone hoots and claps for them.

Pakhi is not happy,Sammy asks her...

S:Wow chashmu won...finally.

P:Ya...but why she had todance so close with a guy.

S:Pakhi...what's this...weare all friends.

M:So Sammy ...you are notjealous of raghav,he is dancing with your girlfriend

S: (Laughs)chashmu and me ...never...

Prem:So Maya...enjoying theparty...wanna dance with our group

M:Why not...lets go

Prem and other seniors dance to themusic and Maya goes with them...she somehow likes Prem'scompany...she knows prem is rich and good looking...a goodboyfriend material to boast upon...

Then prem announces that there willbe a live band by seniors ...and few came played good music ,thecrowd was busy with drinks; some are smoking in the corners. Raghavwas smoking with few other guys; Sonia comes near him and smokes withhim also.

S:I Like this brand

R:So is me.

Pakhi comes near them...andpicks up the cigarette from his hand and throws and smiles.

P:I do not like you smoking

R:Pakhi what is this...

P:Yes ...it's notgood,lets go and dance.

She pulls him to dance floor andboth are dancing. Kalpana is standing in one corner with Sammy...sheis enjoying the party...then maya comes back to raghav and says

M:Hey Rags...I told Prem thatyou play good music in guitar so...lets go.


Pakhi thinks raghav has a steadygirlfriend ,maya,then this Sonia...but I have to win him...heis so attractive...I will win him.

Raghav goes to the stage and playsguitar and sings too"I just called to say ...I loveyou"all though the song,he was looking at Kalpana and so isshe,both are lost .He stops and everyone cheers for him.He comes nearSammy and Sammy asks kalpana

S:Chashmu food...lets go ..i amhungry...it's already 1pm...

K: (Without breaking her eye lock)ya...I am coming.

By then most of the crowd weredrunk, some went to sleep inside, some were upstairs on the terracein groups. Some students were sleepy,so they went inside the farmhouse to sleep,there are around 20 rooms in the farm house. Pakhi andakash were having dinner together with akash's friends.Raghav,Kalpana ,maya and Sammy decided to go for a walk around the farmhouse and have dinner,so carrying plates they went to the back gate,they ate dinner and kept the plate on the backyard washroom.

R:I am told there is a springnearby, should we go have a look at that.

M:Ya...but mr Sharma said thereare snakes and wolves,

R:Nothing will happen,lets carrytorches and sticks and lets go..it will be fun.

K:Wow it's a lovely nightnow,the rain is stopped and it's full moon night

S:Ya...lets go...I amexcited.

They saw the guard sleeping sittingon his chair, they went outside to venture into the jungle and have alook at the spring...there is a stairway whichtakes the pth towards the jungle and they could hear the spring soundcoming...they walked for around 30 mins and were tiered, Raghavwas carrying water in his bag and offered all. Maya was very tired

M:Lets rest here for a while,(theyall sat).

Then they heard foot steps comingnear them as if some people are coming running towards them...allgot up and saw a bunch of bisons racing towards them, they all run indifferent directions and raghav, Kalpana slipped near the edge of thehill and rolled inside the jungle ...sammy and mayaholding hands ran towards the farm house ...they reached farmhouse only to find Prem and his friends near the gate.Maya tells theincidence to prem and mentions that ...Rags and Kalpana aremissing,Prem calls Mr. Sharma and with the guards they went to lookfor Raghav and Kalpana.Pakhi is really worried now.Sonia is drunk sowas sleeping inside.

In the jungle,Rgahav and Kalpanarolled down and they have few bruises,...but they are fine,...theyare laughing.

R:Oh my goodness ...what wasthat

K:...hummm...we are lostin the jungle ...how do we go back now.

Then from a near by tree raghav'sbag fall on his head...he laughs more and says

R:Oh my goodness...i got mybag also...

K:so now what do we do

R:Lets try finding the road...

they walk for some time and then itagain starts to rain,they go near a big tree and sat under thesame...both are dead tiered and sat under the tree,he puts thejacket on her as she was feeling cold and shivering...kalpanais almost blinded,there are water on her specs,it's dark nighttoo...she cant see anything,she says

K:I Cant see anything..

R:It's ok...close youreyes,I can see...

Soon both slept. Early in theMorning the sound of spring wakes them up.Raghav gets up first onlyto see Kalpana resting her head on his shoulder and sleepingpeacefully.He sees her,there is mud on her face which is now driedup,her dress in torn and shows her cleavage...but she islooking cute in her sleep.He felt some strange attraction towardsher...he felt like kissing her beautiful face...butshrugs his mind...control raghav what will she think...takingadvantage of the scenario...no never...I think I like her...she then wakes up and stretches her arms and opens hereyes only to find raghav in front of her smiling...

R:Hi...sleeping beauty...gotup...

She laughs looking at him,there islot of mud on his face..

R:Why are you laughing?

She pulls his hand and goes near thespring and they see their reflections and they both have lot of mudon their face and body.they both bust out in laughter...

R:So we need to clean ourselves...

K:ok...ya ...ihave a plan you look thatside and clean yourself and I look thisside...once done we will then go have a look around for theroad.

They go near the fall of the watersping and look to the otherside and bath...she realizesthat her dress is torn and she tries to cover it with her hands andsays...I am done... are you done...he says not yet...thenkalpana sees a big snake approaching them, she throws a stone andturns around and runs to raghav...there is a snake she screams...she hugs him as she is scared...he picks her up in hisarms...raghav is shirtless and he gets really conscious...hefelt her entire form touching him ... she is hugginghim tight with her eyes closed... ...he felt her soft,moist skin against his ...is delighted...he wants tohold her like this for ever...she is shivering as she isscared ...her racing heartbeat now mingled with his racingheartbeat. He felt like kissing her...he wraps his hands aroundher and hugs her tight ...she breaks the hug andlooked into his face intently and then turns shyly looking at theotherside. He felt her shyness...softly says

R:are you ok...the snake isgone apparently.

K:Ya I am fine,lets go

They come out of the water, both aresilent and he puts on his shirt and gives his jacket to her and sayssoftly.

R:You need it more...your dressis torn

They start to walk...upstream ...climbing rocks,Raghav helps her,they reach on top ofthe spring and saw a temple at a distance, they walk towards thattemple and then they see the farm house...they are happy...theyran to farm house happily...once they reached,they sawall anxious faces ...

Maya came and hugged raghav...oh...Ithought I lost you raghav...I am so happy to see you...

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awesome update rag n kalpi sharing their sweet moment n the fb was cute rag was already attracted by kalpin they spent the night together in jungle 
update soon

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Awesome update dear.
finally,u are back with a good bang,Fantastic back-back updates.I just like and love the flow.
Kalpi is reviving their old memories and unknowingly her feelings towards her hubby are increasing
and seeing that he is also feeling elated.at that moment.
The jerk,Prem ka jaddu Maya pe chal ne laga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Raghav fell in love with Kalpi at first sight.Even God wants them to be united by the love forever.But the two dumb's are too much poking their noses in Rag's life.
He was so caring  for Kalpana and even thought to kiss her ,OMG!!!!!!!!!!
Will this incident make them to realise their feelings and give a name to their relationship too??
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Fantastic update. Clap Star Embarrassed
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awesome update...
jungle me mangal... Wink LOL
pakhi is so chipku... Angry
kalpi hugs shirtless raghav... Embarrassed
lovely...update soon
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Lovely update dear.. Ragna sharing their beautiful moments... Was lovely.. Dear update nxt chappy soon... Waiting
eishe10 IF-Dazzler

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nice flashbackSmile
SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Dear plzz update ur other stories also... Waiting

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