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Hum Tum...its only u and me...Ch -15e pg:46&Index updated-PG-1 (Page 13)

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lovely update dear
update soon

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They reach the bedroom and she saysshyly Yes..yes..yes.They made love again forgetting all about poranpolis and the messy kitchen.After that Kalpana still hugging Raghavsays

K:Raghav ...lets go down andclean the kitchen else what will Veena di think

R:Ummm ...No just be with me...

K:It's apparently earlymorning now,get up na...go for gymming...wake up.

R:Ok...ok baby(kissing her forehead)

Both wake up,she goes to the kitchenand he goes to gym.She keep the thinks in order in kitchen and againlost in her thoughts.

Flash back starts:

It's in the month of July1991, college admissions are in full swing, Kalpana,Sammy,pakhi areall excited for admission in college, Priya is in her 2 nd year on architectural engineering ,her college is nearby so she walksto college everyday. She comes back from college,a little tiered..

P:Kalpu...please give me aglass of water

K: getting di...how wascollege.

P:Good...how was your day atshoes showroom...in one weeks time I think you need to joincollege,so have you told them.

K:Ya di...they are happy withmy work and the owner Mr Saha told me if I need help in any point oftime,I can count on him.He gave me the pay check with 500 rs extra.

P:Kalpu that's great...it'sgood pocket money for you and it's Friday,I have an offtomorrow ,lets go get yourself clothes for college...you willneed them...call Sammy also.

Just them Sammy comes

S:Chasmu...chasmu...whereare you...I got a good news

K:What's it Sammy...ialso have good news...tada!...got money...going forshopping

S:Wow...I also got money fromthe restaurant where I was working during vacation...i came tocall you,so that we can go shopping...

P:OK kalpu...then you go withSammy,I will complete my project work...I will tell Aai,baba...youguys go...and buy good clothes...I know sammy'schoice is good.

S:Chal kalpu...I have gotpapa's bike today ...lets go.

Sammy and Kalpi goes forshopping,both very happy as got money from their summer jobs.

S:Kalpu...let's go to abig shop today,we will just see,if something good in sale.

K:Ya...lets go and have alook,if that is beyond budget...we will come back...letsgo.

They go to south extensionmarket,all the good shops are there...Sammy parked the bike inthe parking and they were just crossing the road...they saw acar speeding towards them...Sammy,runs to save kalpu and bothfell on the road side,kalpana is hurt and her knee is bleeding ...thecar banged to the foot path and the guy who was driving came runningtowards them,he is a tall,fair and very good looking guy...Kalpanais lost looking at him, forgetting her wounds...there isanother girl with him too,she also came running towards them.

Guy:I am so sorry...i do notknow how it happened ...I could not apply brakes...i amsorry...sorry...it's bleeding,lets go tohospital...Maya...would you know any hospital nearby

S:No need...by the way no needto show so much concern...why were you driving so fast

Guy:I sais I am sorry...I donot know how this happened

Kalpu is still lost in him,he gentlypicks her up and takes her to his car,she could see,so much concernin his eyes

S:Where are you taking her,I willtake her home.

Guy:Maya,get me the fistaid boxplease...

M:Take is ...let me helpyou...

K:I am fine,the stone just hit myleg,so got hurt...i am fine.i can walk...Sammy lets goshopping.

Guy:I am so sorry

K:It's ok...I amfine...ok?

They went to shop...got jeansand t shirts and came back home happily, but Kalpu was lost,she wasagain and again thinking about the handsome guy.

Next 2 days went off fine and it'sSunday night, Kalpu was making her file and preparing for 1 st day at college.

P:Kalpu...no need to worry,Ragging is banned in good colleges so be happy and make friends incollege. Wear that red top and light blue jeans and come I will trimyour hair and straighten them

Kalpana has long hair till herspines and Priya made some fringes and combed it again and made itstraight...

P: Why are you lost,since last 2days.

K: Nothing...i was justthinking about college...future ...nothing specific...bythe way why are you taking so much interest in looks and styleetc...hmumm

P:You know that...I like him...helikes me...

K:I know Sujit ,he is a great guybut di they are very rich, not our type...

P:But he does not consider thatbetween us...we are good friends and both are keen for a goodcareer...so I am confident about him...

K:Ya I am sure...he is good...butI am scared of these rich people.

Prakash comes...hugs both andsays

Pra:What's up dears...busywith girl talk...priya come I need to speak to you on something,Kalpu...just get me a cup of tea.

Kalpu goes to kitchen and asksKamla,Dada wants tea.

Pra:Priya...what's allthese...I saw you with Sujit...i told you many times...theyare rich not our types...friendship is fine...but do notthink beyond that...it's not good for you

P:I like his dada...i have notthought beyond as of now...but I know he is different than whatyou have thought of..

Vitthal comes from office and says...

V: where is everyone...i havegot chocolates for all...I have got my bonus cheque today...letscelebrate.

All come and hug vitthal...eveningwas good, Kamala made paneer and purees and everyone had a gooddinner. Priya organized bed for everyone and everyone slept, she goesto the terrace and puts on the light and starts to study...sheis lost in her book, she realizes someone is coming up, saw Kalpicoming upstairs..

Somewhere in the other part of thecity, there is a guy and a girl busy with a conversation. It'sbig bungalow, belongs to Dr Mathurs,they have the city'slargest maternity and fertility clinic.Maya is daughter of Mathursand has completed all her studies from boarding school indehradune.Mathurs are good friend of Gauri singhania as she is adoctor but now takes care of her husbands business in USA.Raghav isher son and has studied with Maya in the same school.Post completionof 12 th both are back in Delhi to pursue collage.Raghav isgoing to stay in singhania mansion and Gauri is com to settle him inthe house after that,she will go back to USA and Raghav will stayalone in India with the care taker Rammu Kaka and his wife.

G:Thank you...Meena...I amsure I can count on you when I need ...leaving Raghav here inindia and I will wind up my medicine company in USA and may be I willbe back in next 3-4 years,then will settle the disputes here inIndia.

Dr Meena: Never mind gauri,after allthat's what friends are for.Lets have dinner,Mayur is still notback.

...Maya...come lets havedinner..call Rags too.

Maya and Raghav are busy in Maya'sroom,both are excited about college tomorrow and Maya is showing allher dress and asking him to help with the best dress for tomorrow.

After 10 mins when Maya did notcome...Dr meena rushes to her room only to find a bored Raghavand a super excited Maya.

M:mom...please help me decidena...Rags is of no use,he is lost somewhere...not evenconcentrating on me.

Dr Meena:Raghav beta...just godownstairs have dinner,I am just coming in 5 mins

R:Ok Aunty...thanks...sheis chewed up my head...

M:Han..i have chewed up your head?Iam not going to spare you...

Maya runs after raghav and he runsbehind Dr Meena

R:Save me from this chudail...lookat her nails...painted in red looks like that of vampire'snails.

M:Me Chudail,vampire...i willshow you what I am...she goes and grabs raghav and her specsfall on floor...My good ness..where's my specs...

Dr Meena:I have told you not to wearthat specs...where are your contacts?


R:So blind...chudail...blindvampire...wow...



All laugh...Dr MayurMathur come back.

Dr Mayur: What's thisGauri...again the kids are fighting

Dr Meena: Rags was calling MayaChudail so both are fighting...

All laugh and come to have dinner.While having dinner Raghav is lost.

G:What happened beta...noteating...something bothering you

R:No mom ..Nothing.

All go to respective rooms to sleep.Sleep was far from Raghav's eyes, he thinks, she was so pretty,long legs and her lips are so inviting, I can still feel her skin onmy hand.wow...but where do I see her again...oh god...oncelet me meet with her please...i will tell her how beautiful sheis. He gets her guitar and starts to play "last Christmas Igave you heart" and is lost in her memory.

In Kalpana's house terrace

P:Kalpu...what happened you arestill up...not sleepy

K:No ..i was not getting sleep socame with my sketch book to do some sketches.

P:Ok...do not disturb me...iam studying for tomorrow's test...

Kalpana is thinking again and againabout the guy she met in the market...the way he picked her upand the concern in his eyes...she starts to make the sketch..Shemade his sketch...Priya comes to her..

P: Whose sketch is this...theyguy whose car was about to hit you.

K: How do you know?

P: Humm...I am your elder sis,I know every bit whats going on in your little brain.

Both laugh.

P:Lets go and sleep now, tomorrowyou need to go to college...how will you go..

K:Sammy said,he will drop uncle ashe has some work and come back ,we will go together in his bike.

Both went down stairs and sleptpeacefully.

Morning Kamala wakes up everyone andgets their breakfast ready,Priya is already gone early as she hasexams,Prakash is having a off day at his audit firm for somerenovation work,Kalpi got ready,she is wearing a red t shirt and alight blue jeans and made a pony tail for her long hair.

Sammy arrives at their house

S:lets go ...ready Chashmu

K:Ya...just coming

Kamla:Sammy...have break fast

S:No aunty...i had,we arelate...Kalpi lets go ...quickly.

Both reach the college. Parked thebike and both were entering college, Raghav and Maya came togetherand were just behind them.Pakhi reached collage and came running toKalpana...

P:Hi...Kalpi...i am sohappy we will be together ...Sammy...just leave her side aswe are now in college and if you always be with her,everyone willthink you are her boyfriend

S:What is this silly thingPakhi...lets go we are getting late.

Pakhi lightly just push Sammy,but hestumbed and was about to fall when Raghav caught his hand and savedhim

S: Thanks...oh...you

R:Ya ..it's me

K: So you are also in this college

R:Ya first day at college.

Pakhi is lost in raghav'shandsome personality.

M:Hi all...i am maya

R:HI am Raghav, everyone calls meRags

K:Hi..i am Kalpana

S:I am samar,call me Sammy

P:And I am Pakhi and this isAkash..my neighbor...

Akash come forward and shakes hishand with Kalpana first and was looking intently in her eyes.

P:Akash...Kalpana'selder sis Priya di is Sujit da's batch mate in college.

A:Oh Ya I know Priya di,she comes toour house...but I have not seen Your beautiful friend ever.

S:Guys we are getting late,lets gofor the lecture.

The roll no s were announced andraghav found his roll no is next to Kalpana's ,both were happybut did not say anything.

The faculty starts with Animalclassifications and then they were taken to the Laboratory, wherethey were to understand slides on Mitosis and Meiosis...the cellregeneration process. The day went off smooth after midday there wasa senior-junior interaction session, it was decent as ragging werebanned in colleges, The senior guys had a different plan...sothey suggested all including facilities that they all want to go fora fresher's part y outside Delhi to a resort and where all caninteract more with each other and everyone will contribute for thesame...all were happy and agreed ...Both Sammy and Kalpialso agreed as they had saved money from their summer jobs and afterbuying clothes also some amounts were left so they had money ...it'swas planned that on a Friday evening all will reach the resort andstay overnight ,party and then next day morning all will come back.

Raghav and Akash take the lead andAkash told that Akash's dad has a farm house which is 30 kmfrom delhi and all can reach by 7pm and it will be a night outparty.Kalpi was initially hesitant but Sammy assured her that he willbe able to convince her parents and it will be really fun to go outwith new friends...moreover Pakhi also said that she will talkto Kamala and she will agree. Raghav told everyone that he willorganize for the party and list was made that who will arrive bywhich route .Raghav came and asked Kalpi

R:So kalpana where do you live...

K:I am in xyz steet..

R:Oh that's near my place,Ican pick you up

P:I also stay near XYZ place,willyou pick me up Raghav

S:No ...me and kalpana willcome together ...as she needs to convince her parents first.

R:Parents why?

S:They might not allow also

R:You want me to speak to them

S:How will you,you do not know them.

R:Leave it to me,I will do that

K:No need,I will speak to them andthey will agree.

Then the most beautiful and sexygirl of their batch Sonia came,she is a good friend of Akash.Everyone could see that she is drooling over Raghav.

Sonia:hi there...won'tyou pick me,my car is gone for servicing and akash is calling hisgirlfriends...so Rags ...I will wait for you.

Raghav gives her a blank look andthen looks at Maya.

M:Hey Sonia...Pakhi is yourneighbor I guess, so Pakhi ,akash and you will come together .Me andRaghav will be going to the venue for the theme n arrangement aftercollege on Friday.

Sonia still smiles and comes nearraghav and says

S:Hi...so what are you doingtoday evening,I have a party at my place,why do not you join us.

R:Ya sure...I love to party,

S:Oh that's great,so maya youalso come...akash and Pakhi are already there.

M:No ...I have some guests athome,I need to be at home and some other time.(thinking...I needto study today else mom is going to be strict on me and won'tallow me for Friday night out.

Raghav was looking at Kalpana who isnow leaving with Sammy,her beautiful frame was disappearing away fromhis vision, but internally he is happy ,but do not know why?

He come s back home ,drops maya athis house and is driving back home,he sees Kalpana and Sammy standingon the road near a bike repair centre and having lick loolies andSammy is showing his orange tongue to her and she is giggling like aschool girl. It's drizzling; Raghav stops the car and asks

R: Hey guys...whats up.

S: No nothing, my bike is juststopped so repairing it...you carry on...

But raghav gets down and stands nearthem and says

R:I can drop you home and can sendRamu kaka to get the bike...no worries

S:No ...it's ok,we willmanage

K:Ya...we are fine

Its starts to rain with bigdrops,all 3 are getting drenched now,they go under a tree nearby.Kalpana in the middle and Sammy,raghav on both sides.A group ofguys came and started to pass lewd comments on Kalpana and went.Shegave a sad look at Sammy.Raghav is very angry but they all left in aspeedy way and splashed puddle on raghav.

R:Can we go now atleast

All get into Raghav's car,Sammy on the front sheet and kalpi at the back.

S:So Raghav ...where did you doyour schooling from?

R:I am from xyx boarding in dehradunand my mom stays in New York. What about you both.

K:we are from RPS school.

R:Wow that's the best in delhiI heard. so both are brainy kids right.

S:Ya I guess so.

They continue speaking here andthere and then raghav was constantly looking at Kalpana thinking wowshe has such beautiful lips and she is so pretty...somethingmagical in her eyes inside her specs...I have never seen such anattractive girl till now. They soon reach kalpana's house.Shegets down and asks

K:bye ...thanks...

S:I am also getting down here,I willcome with someone else to get my bike...thanks dear for thelift.

Raghav drives to his home.He getshis car parked and calls

R:Rammu Kaka,get me a good tea (andsneezes)

Ramu: Ya betaji, what happened ...howdid this puddle came on your shirt.

R:Do not ask,(saying this he headsto his bathroom)

He takes a shower, the water dropsstarts to fall, he remembers kalpana, drenched in rain, her hair allwet, her attractive lips and the t shirt sticking to her beautifulfigure... something so damn sexy about her...hetakes the shower and gets ready for the party at sonia's house.He is combing his hair and sees Kalpana sitting on his bed andasking are you ok baby...he hits his head and thinks what am Ithinking, she did not even gave an interested look at my face and Iam drooling over her. Control raghav it's just 1 st day of your college and you are thinking like this...let me goto the party and enjoy the evening... he reaches Sonia'shouse, Sonia is wearing a mini red dress which shows most of hercleavage. She come s running and gives a hug and takes him to theparty...

S: rags how am I looking

R: You are looking wow,great...fantastic...

The whole party was full ofenjoyment...Sonia's mom is a socialite and also acts inTV serials and is a divorcee...every now and then her affairsand scandals are in news, Sonia is also a exact copy of her mother,she gets attracted to Raghav as he is rich and handsome. She takesraghav to her mother and introduces him to her. Pakhi, Akash are alsoin the Party

Raghav is used to such parties ashis dad was also throwing this kind o f party when he was small andwhen he was in class 8 he expired and gauri decided to send him backto boarding, so that she can concentrate on the business,Raghav is asmart kid,very well behaved but jovial,he cares a damn about theworld if he decided something,but ih loves someone he is veryemotional about the same.

Raghav enjoys the party and Soniadances with him, she dances really close and...Pakhi comes andpulls Raghav to her and dances with him closely also,Raghav is havinggala time with both the pretty girls dancing with him, but hesomewhere thinking about Kalpana. He gets a glass of beer for him andstarts to have that,sonia bumps into him and the beer glass falls onPakhi's dress...

R:Oh...I am so sorry Pakhi,itspoiled your dress

P:IT'Sok...i am fine,Iwill just wash and come.

Pakhi goes to the washroom, raghavis about to go behind her,when Sonia catches his hand and takes himinside her room...closes the room door.

S:Hey ...rags...i senther away to have you with me...hey baby,you did not see me.

Saying this she removes her jacket,and she is wearing a off shoulder mini dress and comes near raghavand hugs him tight.

R:I think you are drunk Sonia,let mego.

She hugs him tighter and starts tokiss Raghav,he does not like this kind of girl.he gently pushes heraside and says...let me go Sonia...

He breaks the hug and open the doorand comes out.Sonia comes out of the room,she is upset but acted asif she is drunk but inside her mind thinks...oh one day I willmake you mine.Pakhi sees raghav coming out of the room with Sonia andsays

P:Oh you guys were together...Iguess you are the 20 th boyfriend of Sonia.

R:Oh no no Pakhi...she is notmy girlfriend ...I think she is just drunk.

P:Hey you do not know her,she andher mom both are like this cheap.

R:Pakhi just cool it off,lets nottalk about her parents now...so are you not enjoying the party.

P:I am enjoying...speciallywhen you are around(in low voice)

Akash came asked Sonia to dance,shegoes with him but was looking at Raghav.Pakhi is grinding her teeth.

Party continues till latenight,akash is drunk,Pakhi requests Raghav and he drops both pakhiand akash at their respective houses goes home, while going homealone he takes the longer route and goes in front of Kalpana'shouse and parks the car at a little distance. He sees her withanother girl, may be her sister he thinks, on terrace with book s intheir hands. He smiles and drives to his house...trying tocatch up with some sleep...but sleep was far away from hiseyes...he gets up and plays his guitar...he thinks hereis a girl Sonia, who is falling on him,same with pakhi but with alittle less intensity and there is this kalpana,who do not have anyinterest on him.

In Kalpana's house, Kaplana isstudying in the terrace and remembers Raghav, wow what a guy heis...something really nice about him.

Next 3 days both Sammy and Kalpanatook the bus to college and they attended classes and labs. Then cameFriday, when the party is planned it's for 80 student s for all3 years for the honors subject. all are very much excited.

Veena:Kalpana mam...where areyou lost and what are you doing in the kitchen

Flash back ends

Kalpana's thoughts aredisturbed as Veena is in kitchen and it's morning 6am,she comesnear gym,saw Raghav gymmming and she smiles at him and goes insidegym room and closes the door.He stops the trade mill and is pantingas he was running faster ,she hugs him and kisses him says I love youand he says

R:Come lets take a shower togethersweety...

K : (shy)nods her head and says :ok

They go to their bed room and onceinside,Raghav closes the door and hugs her from behind and takes offher clothes one by one and leads her to the bathroom...theytake shower together.

R:I still remember,the day we met incollege,you got drenched near that bike repair shop,oh my god,youwere looking damn sexy that day...I never thought we will spendthese moments then,so after I went home to take shower,I rememberedyou below the shower.You are looking awesome that day...ya andyou are looking awesome today too

Saying this he hugged her close andkisses her lips passionately.

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wonderful update...
ragna fallen in love at first sight... Embarrassed Wink
Sonia & pakhi also eyeing raghav... Angry ...kalpi has to face two bi***... LOL
all r going for overnight party... Big smile
update soon
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Really lovely update rag n kalpi I just adore them in ur off n they met n like each other on the first time
Update soon
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Lovely update Dear... Jaan plzz update nxt chappy soon... Waiting
SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Dear plzzz update ur other Stories also ... Waiting
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Lovely update dear
update next part soon
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Too beautiful update dear.
So.so many lovely dovely stories have started cooking up,Only the spices and the salt have to be added for a perfect taste!!!!!!!!!!!
Rags and Maya are so near but miles apart in terms of love.And the Poor Soul is sandwiched between two dumboos.
Kalpi is like the apple for the Newton like Rags.
Even after so many years of marriage,they are able to retain the fire and the sizzling in their married life.usually the love fades away after a few years of marriage.But,this Ragna is so unique
and always full on in their life.
Did Priya get her love ?/

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