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31.12.2014 - IshRa Romance-Gayee Bhains Paani Mein- Sirf 'ADI ke liye'

gravity23 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 October 2014
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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Mihika screeches "HUSBAND!!!" from the doorway, trying to lure ASHOK to have her haath-ka-khana. "Khana waste ho jayega" "Bade pyaar se maine aap dono ke liye banaya hai"..ROLL-MY-EYES..what's this now? A "novel" way of getting back at the scoundrels by making them have "gobi ki sabzi" and "mattar paneer"??
According to her, this is a "khel"?? W.T.F.!! 

It would be better if Mihika hung up her boots and accepted her fate, rather than plan revenge. Either hop into the bed with ASHOK or murder him. Either way, we shall be spared.

Shravu is SUCH  a cutie!! He's complaining to Daddy Dearest that his Chitti scolded him, rather than ADI. And Raman takes his side...with that BIG grin on his boyish faceDay Dreaming

Karan Patel ...(Sigh) (Haye) (Ya-Allah)...HOW does he manage to look SUCH a HOTTIE? Such an ADORABLE darling with every kid in the it RUHI, ADI, SHRAVU...he's the ONLY guy who a woman would want to sleep with, take the fancy rides with, and still take home to Papa..awww...

Why is Ishita SUCH a DOMINATING woman? Why does she charge Raman the way she does? 
"Aapko Shravan ka side nahin lena chahiye tha" the hell is HE supposed to know that, when She's been making the rounds?? When She's been in the thick of the drama??

Ishita shared the BIG secret with Raman...and suggested that they take ADI to a counselor. And then followed the 5minute consolation speech on how its not Raman's fault...Why this regressive notion that only mad people need counselors?? I am disappointed with Raman's lack of knowledge about such kind of things...

"Tumhen kya lagta hai, mera beta Pagal hai?" - This line makes me queasy. Here I was, brandishing a flag named 'Raman Bhalla is my Hero' thinking he could also do what Ishita ALWAYS personally involved in his son's life and think how HE could make it better...turns out Ishita AGAIN has been made the saner, progressive, more intelligent one who cant go by a single day without advising her hubby. CVs JUST cant get enough of IshitaD'oh

"Daanton mein dard hai, toh Dentist ke paas jaoge...toh usi tarah...maansik beemari hai toh counselor ke paas jana hoga" Ishita taught Raman...I was thinking, "He's not a 5 year old, for God's sake! Stop preaching!"

Well...AGAIN its the female lead who's 'dikhaoing raah to her husband'..and well...I might as well accept that Raman, apart from being a CEO in the office, attending meetings, giving presentations, giving people jobs, etc.. isnt equipped to even deal with his son's problems without his wife's help..

But atleast...this gave us 2 minutes of SOLID IshRa moments...

"Tum ADI ki Maa kyun nahin ho?" Raman asks, overwhelmed by how much Ishita cares about ADI...They both look at each other, in silence, each understanding the other's pain, and then giggling to tone down the sentimental moment...So there, Ishita Bhalla vs. Shagun Arora (1:0)...

But will it remain the same even when the counselor asks BOTH Parents (Sha-Ra) to be glued together for ADI's sake?? That remains to be seen...

Shagun isnt just a vamp. She is a SELFISH, MANIPULATIVE, CRUEL BITCH who's hammering the redundant Mehmaan theories into ADI's head day in and day out. She's scaring her only child (Ruhi doesnt think of Shagun as her mother anymore) by presenting vivid images of 'Paagalkhana' 'electric shock' 'inke rehmon karmon pe jee rahe hain'...

"Use apni Maa ke paapon ki sazaa mil rahi hai"  Shagun says to Ishita, after learning of ADI's bed-wetting problem. Is this line specially directed at the sanskaaris??? To evoke sympathy for the vamp?

Simmi's teasing Ishita that she doesnt need a shawl, coz she has Raman Bhai around her...Tongue..Simmi's getting BOLDER with her teasing...nice...I wanted to tell Simmi, "It's not just Ishita who's getting the hots..all the girlies sitting on our plush couches devouring Raman's grin, and husky voice, and the clean-shaven look are ALSO going bonkers"Day Dreaming

Now, the BOMB needs to be dropped.

IshRa are NOT going to DUBAI. Honeymoon Cancelled. Our imagination is kicked in the arse. Our fantasies are ground to dust.

Sr. Bhallas goaded them, and so did Simmi saying they'll take care of ADI...Ishita and Raman prolly talked it out, and were even leaving the house with luggage packed...and then...

The BITCH announced that the "Counselor will not start the treatment without BOTH the parents." She's bribed the receptionist at the counselor's clinic...How does EVERYONE on YHM get bribed so effing easily???? Isnt it against the law? And dont they have like, CCTV cameras to record the ongoings inside the clinic??

"Trips toh hoti rahengi" Ishita says..And so the ULTIMATE sacrifice from Ishita Maiyya comes in the form of their honeymoon cancelled! Wow. They might've done some serious coochie-cooing in Dubai...they could've CONSUMMATED their throbbing desires..heck, they could've atleast KISSED.Angry

But that's not happening because of visits to the counselor, where IshRa CANT be together coz Shaggy has bribed the woman at the clinic...Wow!

Raman's feeling guilty coz the trip had to be cancelled coz of ADI. The guilt-trip AGAIN. 

"Agar mujhe kuch lena hi hai, toh Thank You toh main lungi serious" Ishita says...Wonder what she has in her mind...She's a conservative Iyer, nahin toh I would've thought she wanted consummation in the bedroom itself, instead of a swanky hotel in DUBAITongue

PRECAP - As EXPECTED, the counselor tells Sha-Ra that ADI needs a NORMAL family environment...not just Mummy, not just Papa...BOTH the parents..and so, the Sha-Ra consummation isnt very far away from this point...Angry

P.S. Instead of IshRa honeymoon, we' re gonna be subjected to Sha-Ra honeymoon, I guess. I will quit watching soaps for the rest of my life if Sha-Ra plan to take off to DUBAI, of all places, 'ADI ke liye'...Gayee Bhains Paani MeinD'oh

P.S.* Shagun doesnt have a penny on her. How is she funding all the bribe money then??

And btw, A very very Happy New Year to All! Hope we see better days in YHM...Hope you guys have a WONDERFUL, ROCKING 31st!

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 8:00am | IP Logged
Awesome review yaar!
I am also annoyed with the bribing shown on YHM. Doctors, nurses and receptionists get influenced so easily. Shagun abla naari has money to bribe all to make them act in her favor! 

And yes, i couldnt believe my ears when Raman flared up. he needed Ishita's counselling to understand what Adi needed. CVs disappoint us time and again!

Sha-Ra, Adi might go on one another picnic now LOL

I am just intrigued to know how Shagun didnt know the bed wetting of her son for so long. She needed to know it from Ishita. I mean i know she isnt the typical sanskari mother but such things dont hide for long. Hadnt she ever noticed this? and havent the teachers mentioned it ever to her! sounds so ridiculous that it opens up now.

I agree that its a serious issue and kids in traumatic situations might have such issues but then opening it up now and that too to Ishita maiya was just to stop their honeymoon and bring Sha-Ra closer. Perfect situation for Shagun to take her so called revenge. LOL

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yshu8 Groupbie

Joined: 20 December 2014
Posts: 173

Posted: 31 December 2014 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by yshu8

sorry for the blank Post
Loved the  sensible talk between ishra... They nail such scenes..."tum adi ki maa kyun nahi ho" reminded me of ruhi saying "mein aapki tummy she kyun nahi aayi"

Loved that part...hoping that something Raman doesn't take counsellor's words too seriously... How I wish ishra's life was easier

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vidishi Newbie

Joined: 05 December 2014
Posts: 46

Posted: 31 December 2014 at 8:08am | IP Logged

P.S. Instead of IshRa honeymoon, we' re gonna be subjected to Sha-Ra honeymoon, I guess. I will quit watching soaps for the rest of my life if Sha-Ra plan to take off to DUBAI, of all places, 'ADI ke liye'...Gayee Bhains Paani MeinD'oh

 ---------- Can understand the frustration   LOL...Hope if they show something Good for god sake...

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banksii Senior Member

Joined: 11 August 2014
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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Nice post @gravity, these days going 4 counselling is very common...even I was disappointed with raman's awareness. . just to show ishita as mahan cvs gave such a disgusting dialogue 2 raman...dont know when this shitty track will end...actually adi's track has lots of scope but cvs r hell bent to spoil this as well...
only cvs has 2 be blamed 4 showing this crap...

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Littlemermaid07 Groupbie

Joined: 18 July 2014
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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 8:19am | IP Logged
I stoped watching yhm when shagun entered bhalla I rely on just written updates...I made a post sumtime back..instead of ishra consummation we might c shagun raman consummation...I mean adi needs his mom n dad both..I mean how's tht possible? They r divorced how can they b together all the time for adi...this is stupid...looks like dirty drama n seperation ahead..nothing else..adi ke like raman will b with shagun n ruhi ke liye he will b with it tht simple Confused? Y don't these people talk together n have a proper solution for this? I mean come on..this shagun track is not gonna end's gonna torture us to death..even the written updates r torturous let alone watching the episode Ouch
They have ruined the whole theme of yhm..

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drishtimaurya Senior Member

Joined: 22 February 2014
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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 8:34am | IP Logged
I hated the fact that the Cvs made Raman speak a line like- 'tumhe kya lagta hai mera beta pagal hai?!'Ouch Ofcourse he knows the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Counselor! But they made him sound so regressive like some gaon wala who doesnt know anything! Mrs Bhalla could have said that, not Raman! He was the one who took his son to a juvenile court to correct him, why would he refuse or get panicked at a counselor!
And again with Ishita's bhashan!! Her first lines of the day were so frustrating and repetative! Arre we know Adi is traumatized!!! No need to repeat it everytime! And her telling Raman about everything, so irritating!! Why,oh why does she need to speak everything!!! On top of that she sounds more fake everytime!!Angry

When will my HERO return??????? God...when!!!!!Cry

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Annthew IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Grt!! Ur posts r so fast & well written. Couldn't agree with u more. Don't know how the cvs portray all this bribing without any guilt. Which counsellor would ask a divorced couple to 'b' a family for the sake of the child !! I'm also a counsellor , if divorced v  in turn equip the child to accept the reality & ask the parents to make the child feel loved!! Some creative liberties can b taken but this much -----!! Raman was super cute with Shravu- loved .loved it. 
   A very very happy new year to you too.

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