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~ArShi SS: Her Proposal~ Chapter#1 upd pg#28 17/1 (Page 27)

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Omg lyk really?
Hats off strawberry hat off
For the first tym ASR is getting manupulated 
Maza ayga bohot maza ayga hahhahah
Continue soon dear
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loved it
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thank u for pm 
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this is fun to read... continue
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                       ~ArShi SS: Her Proposal~



Arnav came into his office he was damn pissed today . The nerve of that girl! How dare she propose HIM? What the hell she thinks of herself? Did she forgot what he had done with her? Again her victorious smile came infront of his eyes and in anger he threw all the files on floor and broke everything that came to his sight.

Arnav:"I will not leave you Khushi Gupta. I'LL NOT!"..He run his hands in his gelled hair..someone knocked and NK came in ..

NK:"Nannav this-"He gasped to see the condition of room..
Arnav:"How many time I have told you my name is ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA not Nannav"..He stressed on his name..
NK:"(ignored his speech because its usual for both of them over this)Nannav It is your office or some fish market..? "He try to crack a joke to light the atmosphere .But Arnav's glare is enough for him to shut his mouth..
NK:"Any problem Nannav..?"
Arnav:"I came to know sometime ago that my company is in danger. Who the hell has sold our share prices to Khushi? Damn that woman is blackmailing me after buying 40 percent share of my company.."Nk felt bad to hear this. He decided to tell him truth no matter what will Arnav do with him..

NK:"Woh - Nann-av I am sorry .."

Arnav:"Why are you saying sorry NK..Wait!"his brain works.."It means YOU are one who leak information about our share to that girl..? WHAT THE!"
NK:"(confidently)Yes Nannav I am the one who helped Khushiji in all this. What you have done with that innocent girl is unforgivable!" Arnav's face lost color hearing this.."You once destroyed her life , took her virginity for some filthy revenge of yours and then threw her away like she's worthless. I feel ashamed to call you my cousin for that and I wanted to help her.. so I did!.."NK left the room leaving Arnav lost in his memories..

Khushi:'Now Arnavji remove this blindfold .."Arnav has taken Khushi to his farmhouse .This is last step of his revenge .Time to tase the fruit after so much patience.Arnav removed blind fold from her eyes. Khushi gasped to see such elegant farmhouse..
Khushi:"Arnavji, your farmhouse..its so beautiful.."Arnav hugged her from behind pressing himself on her but making her aware of his needs .He placed butterfly kisses on her neck and suck the skin of her shoulder blade..
Arnav:"Not my baby its ours .."Arnav lifted her in his arms and marched towards his room..
Khushi:"Where are you taking me ..?"She was breathing heavily due to his silent torture..
Arnav:"Baby its time to fulfil your promise .."He posed her carefully on bed and came on top of her tucked hair strands behind her ears and kissed her cheeks..Khushi closed her eyes to feel his lips on her .She start chewing her lips to control her nervousness..
Arnav:"Baby if you dont want to do it then its okay .."He was about to get off her when she held his hand pulled towards her making his hard toned chest collided with her soft bosoms.Khushi cupped his face and peck his lips making him surprise..
Khushi:"Ummh Arn- .."
Arnav:"What happen baby why are you so scared ?.."

Khushi:"Arnavji will it hurt ..?" Arnav was sure she is virgin but she confirmed. His heart filled with proud and love like feeling but then he thought that maybe she has kept herself untouched only for Shyam and is waiting for him to leave Anjali after that she would have let Shyam take her virginity. He gulped down his anger and hurt, softly took her lips in slow and sweet kiss.
Arnav:"It will hurt a little but I promise I will be gentle for you.."Khushi blushed and put her lips on his giving him permission to go ahead. Soon the room filled with their moan and groans ..Their clothes scattered on every corner of room..


Khushi whimpered in pain when she got up next morning to find herself wrapped in sheets and lying in the middle of a king-size bed.

She gulped remembering how Arnav and her made love all night.. he took her so many times, that she now felt like her body was known by him more than herself. 

Blushing, she got out of the bed and her eyes searched for Arnav before she spotted him infront of the balcony. He was sipping his coffee and his hair were slightly ruffled adding more to his handsomeness. 

Arnav: "You woke up?" he said when he felt her hug him by his back, she whispered 'I love you' to him and sighed.

Khushi: "Arnavji, I-"

She was cut off by a harsh push by Arnav.. she screamed in pain as she fell on the cold hard floor and clutched on the sheet around her bare body.

Arnav: "Last night was great. Thanks, Khushi Kumari Gupta.. for giving me something to remember about you: you're very sexy, I must say. This is the only thing I'll always remember about you. Other than that you're just a horrible woman."

Her eyes flickered confusedly, her body became numb and she felt like she couldn't speak. What is he doing?

Suddenly he threw rolls of cash on her, making her sob.

Arnav: "You are nothing more than a prostitute to me now, you're already a gold digger though. You have so much fun trapping men for money, right? You maintain this innocent girl image infront of everyone: now I've ruined it as well. Go away from my life now, Khushi."

Khushi: "Arnavji what are you-"

Arnav: "GET OUT! GET LOST! I never wanna see your face again!"

He barked making her whole body shiver before he slammed the door shut leaving her in darkness..


She really did 'get lost'.. she left the city after that moment, never came back for 5 long years.

He celebrated, obviously, the girl who had betrayed everyone and once having affair with Shyam was gone.

But now she's back..

Back for her own reasons.


"Sir, where are you going?" 

The guard asked when Arnav reached Khushi's bungalow.. apparently she stayed alone here.

Arnav: "Khushi se milna hai. I'm gonna be her husband. Meri patni banegi vo.." the guard opened the door knowing it's THE ASR and he can do anything..




"KHUSHI! KHUSHI! Khushi Kumari Gupta! KHUSH-"

Arnav halted on his words when he found Khushi on her bed.. she was wearing a small frock-like gown and it was hiked up till her thigh.. showing off her creamy soft legs.

He walked towards her looking at her body from head to toe before sitting beside her.

He saw her stir in her sleep and now she was lying on her back, her chest was heaving and as the frock had netted material he could see the skin of her round breasts. He ached to touch it.. play with it.. lick it but- 

Damn, control yourself. 

Arnav sighed, picking up a glass of water he sprinkled some of it on her face making her groan before she got up hurriedly with widened eyes.

"W-what are you-" she clutched the blanket shyly to cover herself as no one's ever seen her in her comfortable night clothes.

Arnav's eyes softened.. she was still SHY? But just yesterday she was being so confident, bold and a Jhansi Ki Rani!

Khushi:"Goodmorning, future hubs. How are you? It's such a sunny day today..." 

Arnav: "I'm ready to get married.. to you." he immediately got up after saying that, his eyes looking here and there as he punched the wall.

Khushi: "Don't punch anything! You'll get hurt na, my cutiepie" 

Arnav (mocking): "Stop this freaking drama. I know you are doing this to settle scores with me, but I swear Khushi.. after I get everything back I'm gonna crush you like I ruined you before, you'll crawl and beg for my mercy then. I'm gonna laugh at you this time Khushi, you'll understand what's the result of messing with ASR. I..will..finish..YOU." 

Khushi:"That's the spirit. I am a fan of your attitude! Hope you succeed, I'll always wish you to win.. I hope you win this time too, I'll try my hardest to keep you in our marriage and you'll try hardest to destroy me. Awesome." she showed him a thumbs-up before he held her hand and started dragging her..

Khushi: "Arey arey arey! Itney jaldi? So eager to make me yours? Let me change atleast, I have bought the prettiest shaadi ka joda for myself, afterall marriages happen only once yaar. Sajna hai mujhe, sajna ke liye.. you know" 

Arnav looked confusedly as Khushi opened her cupboard and took out a stunning red brital attire, he gulped seeing how beautifully excited she seemed.. no, he cant feel for her. He cant. He cant.

Khushi (pressing the dress on her body): "Do I look beautiful?" 

Arnav (groans):"Just wear that crappy thing and come downstairs!" 

"Uff, laad governer, always angry" she muttered. "Don't worry, I have the hottest lacy lingerie too.. you'll see me in that soon, I'm sure you wont find THEM 'crappy'. You might appreciate them a lot."

Arnav's breath hitched in his throat at her statement.. will he get to see Khushi in lingeries?


He grunted and left the spot before she'd drive him more insane..


Khushi: "You know, this is the best feeling EVER." Khushi said after 3 hours beside him in his ferrari after their marriage. They just got married in a temple sometime ago, and now were infront of a marriage office (is that a thing? :P) after making their marriage official signing on some papers that made their wedding legal.

Khushi: "I'm Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. I'm freaking Mrs. ASR! Yay me.." 

She moved closer to him, hugging him while Arnav threw his head back frustratingly.

"DRIVE FASTER, YOU IDIOT!" Arnav told the driver to hurriedly take them to the Raizada mansion just wanting all this to end asap..



Shocked: was an understatement, when the whole Raizada family found Khushi standing next to Arnav smilingly. Khushi was happily looking around but then everyone saw the sindoor in her maang.. her mangalsutra..

Sheetal:"ASR! WHAT IS THIS?" she was here waiting for him since so long and now he came back liek THIS?

Arnav clutched Khushi's palm making her walk with him before standing infront of everyone with a firm expression on his face.

Arnav: "This is Khushi, I know you all know her anyway, she's my wife now. I don't want another word about this-"


Arnav glared at everyone else who were trying to ask questions before leaving with Khushi to his room..


"Khushi : Are you always busy?" 

Khushi placed her chin in her palm seeing Arnav walk around the room doing stuff but not giving any attention to her. AT ALL.

Arnav: "What do you want now? You got what you wanted now shut your big mouth!"

Khushi (pouting): "I am your wife.. why are you so mean to me?" 

His jaw clenched, he suddenly came towards her and started taking off her sari.

Arnav: "You want a wedding night?" 

Khushi: "Umm.. sure? Not very required, but that would be nice. Would make me feel loved." 

Arnav: "Love? You're officially crazy!"

Khushi: "You love me, hubs. You just don't say it."

And then, he burst into laughter and left her sari.. making her smile.

Arnav (tapping her head): "You do have a brain in here? I'm kinda suspicious that you don't."

Khushi :"You're so rude to me." she kept saying it making him roll his eyes.

Khushi :"F*ck. You." 

Khushi :"Very rude."

Arnav:"GET OUT!"

Khushi :"Nooo.. it's cold I don't wanna leave the bed."

Arnav felt like killing her.. how dare she be this way? Like all of this is normal..?! He was so shattered infront of everyone and she's still acting as if their marriage is the best thing ever!

Arnav: "I'm leaving. You wont get the pleasure of getting touched by me, so-called Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada.. I hate you, dammit. ALWAYS WILL!"

And he was gone, making Khushi lean back in the bed's fluffiness and smile softly.

Khushi (whispers to herself): "I wish I can hate you too.. I really wish.."

With that thought on her mind she slept in the empty bed, wiping her tears and telling herself to be strong..


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amazing update.. loved it..
superb start..

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