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Disclaimer: I had thought of this plot a long time ago. Surprisingly, YHM's concept has an uncanny resemblance to mine. No wonder, I love YHM so much! I'm not entirely inspired by YHM. However, because I love IshRa so much, I thought why not post my story via their characters:- aspiring writer!

"I'm sorry to inform you Ishita magar tumhaari pregnancy mein bahut complications hain. It'll be best ke you opt for abortion." informed the doctor to a crest fallen Ishita who had come for a scan at the doctor's clinic, along with Mihika.

"Thanks Dr. Ridhi for your advise lekin I can't give up on this. Mein aapne bache ko abort nahi kadhoon gi! said a determined Ishita, holding on to Mihika's hand firmly as though pleading for her support.

Mihika was astounded by this decision of her Akka's.

"Akka do you realise ke aap yeh kya keh rahe ho? Akka you can die! I will not support you in this, Akka. said Mihika releasing Ishita's firm grip over her hand. Aapne Raman Jiju ke baadhe mein socha?

Mihika excused herself and Ishita when she realised they needed to clear this out in private.

"Can you please excuse us Doc. Chalo Akka, hum ghar pe aaram se baat kartein hain."

Ishita who had no intention of letting go of her and Raman's baby just followed Mihika. She had to express herself and she believed Mihika was the one to confide in.


Ishita & Mihika entered Mihika's room at her own house and locked the door so that nobody could disturb their conversation.

"Batao mujhe Akka, akhir aap ke dimaag me chal kya raha hai. Akka do you realise ke Jiju ko kaisa feel hoga jab unhe yeh baat pata chalegi? Woh aapko aisa nahin karne denge, Akka. Mihika stressed on the last sentence.

She knew that her Raman Jiju loved her Ishu Akka crazily and would never support that which would give any pain to Ishita. Alas, Ishita thought differently.

"Mihika tu kya kabse aapna point of view impose kar rahi hai. Will you listen to me just once?" Ishita was frustrated and she had to vent it out.

"Haan Akka batao mujhe. What is this? It's really not fair!" exclaimed Mihika.

She loved her Akka too much to even think of losing her, best friend, so to say.

"Humari shaadi ke cheh saal baad hume yeh khushi naseeb hui hai. At last, itne time baad, uss motherhood ke experience ko embrace karne ka mauka mila hai mujhe and you want ke mein isse gavaa doon?"

Mihika just looked on. She wanted her Ishu Akka to take out all the angst.

Ishita continued

"Aur Raman! Jab se unhe pata chala hai; he's toh gone crazy. Abhi se he has started shopping, buying toys, decorating a nursery. Do you want ke mein unse unki zindagi ki sabse badhi khushi cheen loon. I won't be able to Mihika. Hum dono ne iss pal ka besabri se intezaar kiya hai. Hum apne bache se bahut pyaar kartein hain, Mihika."

"Do you realise ke aap shayad uss pal ko jee naa payen?" Mihika stared quizzically at Ishita

"I do realise lekin mein selfish nahi ban sakti Miku. Raman ke liye, I've to do this unki khushi ke liye, I want to do this, actually!" Ishita held back her tears; she couldn't be weak!

"Ishu Akka, Raman Jiju akele kaise manage kar payenge. He needs you!!!" exclaimed Mihika in an attempt to drill some sense into Ishita.

"I'll always be with him, Miku. Positively sooch yaar! Hum aur doctors ke opinions bhi le lete hain naa! Ekk doctor ke kehne se kya hoga?" Ishita said optimistically, hoping for the best.

"Toh theek hai. Hum kal Dr. Batra ke paas chalenge aapke check up ke liye and that's final!"

"Theek hai. Abhi der ho rahi hai mujhe jaane deh warna Raman bechare khabra jayenge!" Mihika gave a tight hug to Ishita and dropped her to the Bhalla house.


Raman had a long day at work & was completely worn out. Ishita walked in and asked him for a coffee. Albeit, Raman refused and instead asked Ishita to relax.

"Coffee ko chodho aur apni sehat par dhiyaan do! Doctor ne kya kaha; all well naa?" Raman asked casually, hoping for the best.

Ishita merely nodded her head. Yet Raman read from Ishita's eyes that something was giving her pain. Both changed into their night dresses & went to have their dinner. It was only the two as Mummyji and Pammi Aunty had gone out to catch on the latest release.

Throughout the dinner, Ishita had been really silent. Raman thought it would be best to let her be as it could be a mood swing or hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy. Yet not being satisfied at his own assumptions, Raman asked Mummyji to question Ishita on why she seemed to be so low. Neither did she eat properly nor did she talk to him properly. There had to be something bothering her and it was unhealthy. Especially, in this condition of Ishita's, Raman couldn't afford to take any risks.


"Mummyji kal raat se notice kar rahaan hoon, Ishita khoi khoi si lag rahi hai! Mujhe bahut fikar ho rahi hai. Naa toh aache se kah pi rahi hai aur naa hi thang se baat kar rahi hai! Aap baat kadho naa usse, please. I hope kuch serious naa ho!" an anxious Raman found solace in his mother's presence.

"Puttar mein usse baat kadho gi. Tu kabhrai naa. Hota hai aisa jadoon kudhi peth se hoo thaan. Mein usse khaana khilaongi. Saara kuch theek ho jaana hai." Mummyji assured her son, who's heart was stuck in Ishita.


"Aate aah Ishita puttar nashthaa kar le."

"Bhook nahi hai Mummyji. Mein kaalungi, baad mein."

"Naa puttar hon teri aai zid nahi chalegi. Puttar aapni sehat dah khayaal nahi rakhe gi tahn energy kis tarah aayegi? Khaa le. Chal ahte aah."

Ishita had been feeling really dejected. Neither did she want to talk to anyone nor did she eat properly! It had all occurred due to anxiety of the complications in her pregnancy. Why did this have to happen? Thoughts as such were eating up Ishita. She had to let it burst.

As Ishita sat to eat her breakfast, tears started rolling out like pearls.

Mummyji grabbed onto Ishita's hands and assured her daughter in law that she could share absolutely anything with her.

"Ki gal hai puttar. Tuhaanu iss tarha dekhti haan teh bahut zyaada khabrahath hondi hai. Puttar das menu ki hoya?"

Ishita reciprocated by firmly gripping Mummyji's hand. This was it...! Mummyji was here and Ishita could tell her what she feared the most.

"Mummyji mein aapne bache ko nahi khona chahti! Mein hum sab se yeh khushi nahi cheen sakti. Mera dil bahut khabra raha hai. Mummy mein kya kadhoon? Agar Raman ko yeh baat pata chal gayi woh immediately... Nahi!!!"

Ishita was trembling. She had become cold; Mummyji could make it out. However, what was it that led to this reaction of Ishita's wondered Mummyji.

"Puttar ki hoya hai??? Hon teh mein bhi badhi nervous ho rahi haan!"
"Nahi Mummyji aap bhi wahi kahoge joh Mihika aur uss doctor ne kaha..! Mein aisa nahi kar sakti... kabhi bhi nahi!"

"Doctor kneh ki kaha?"

"Mummy meri pregnancy mein complications hain aur agar maine humaare bache ko... Mein nahi kar sakti aisa! Possible nahi hai; Raman ki aap sab ki khushi. Cheh saal baad Mummy. Aise kaise mein aapne bache ko?"

Mummyji had understood, that, which was troubling her daughter in law.

"Puttar meri gal sunn. Aaram naal sunn. Bache upar waale di dehn hain. Iss baar nahi tahn aagli baar." Mummyji said leaving out a huge sigh with a heavy heart.

"Aapne bhi wahi keh diya naa joh baaki sabh ne kaha? Mummyji aap samajh kyun nahi rahe ho; yeh bacha meri zindagi hai. Aapni zindagi ko khud se judaa kaise kar sakti hoon? Aise toh mein waise hi maar jaaongi! Aapko pata nahi hai magar din raat aapne baache ka intezaar kiya hai maine. Aur Raman woh pagal hoh chuke hain khushi ke maare. Sirf humaare bache ki baatein hi karte rahtein hain!"

"Wahi toh mein keh rahi haan puttar. Iss bache de sapne tum dono ne ikathe bunne hain. Agar tu hi nahi hogi teh mera puttar akele kaise sambhale ga?"

"Toh yeh soch ke main Raman se unki sabse badhi khushi cheen loon? Please Mummyji maine decide kar liya hai bas aap sab ka support chaiye mujhe. That's it..."

"Puttar jadoon ai gal tu Raman knuh bataegi teh oh bhi kahega ke... Ishita tu samajh rahi hai naa, meri gal?"

"Raman ko koi nahi bataaega yeh baat. Woh itne emotional hain ke aapni khushi ko haasi haasi chodenge. Being his wife, mujhe pata hai ke woh humaare bache ko kitna chahtein hain! Mein nahi baat kadna chati iss se zyada."

"Accha puttar khaana khaale ache se. Mein tere naal haan."

"Thank you Mummyji" Ishita left a sigh of relief as she hugged Mummyji.


Ishita & Mihika had arrived at Dr. Batra's clinic. They were in the waiting area when Mihika asked that which was playing in her mind since long.

"Akka aapne Jiju se baat ki iss baare mein!"

"Raman ko koi kuch nahi bataega. Mummyji ko bhi maine yaahi kaha. Regardless of anything, main aapne bache ko khud se dhoor nahi kadhoongi! And that is period!"

"Fine Akka mein aur kuch nahi kahoongi." Mihika said as though a thorn was pricking her heart.
"That's like my good sister. Meri Chamatha Kutthi!" said Ishita whilst giving a side hug to Mihika.

The secretary called out Ishita's name and her along with Mihika went to Dr. Batra for second opinion.


After studying the reports clearly, Dr.Batra unfortunately suggested the same alternative.
"Ishita you can't put your life at risk. It is best that you go for... I'm sure you know what I'm hinting at?" Dr. Batra put his view forth.

Ishita was shattered. She had got the same reply. She wouldn't be there for her child. The happiness she had yearned for so long; she wouldn't be alive to experience. Yet, for Raman's happiness, Ishita's selflessness, overpowered her being.

"Akka kya abhi bhi aap...?"

Ishita merely nodded in affirmative. She possibly couldn't speak a word. Her world had been swiped off her feet. It was only her courage that helped her tread through this unknown path. Her end was definitive. Her fate had been written and she could or rather didn't want to do anything about it. During her drive back, Ishita had been really silent. The ever so chirpy Ishita was now being replaced by this brooding, so to say, figure. She kept to her self. Rarely did she laugh. Life had taken a cruel turn and this hadn't been unnoticed by Raman.

He observed her each move; tried to be with her at all possible occasions. He knew that there was something eating Ishita's insides.

They had their dinner with Mummyji and made their way to their bedroom. The duo changed into their night clothes when Raman seated Ishita besides him and asked why she had been so dejected since her first scan.

"Raman aap naa kuch zyada hi sooch rahein hain. Sab theek hai. In fact main behad khush hoon."
She pulled Raman closer, who had anxiety written all over his face and made him feel her tiny baby bump. It felt magical. Raman became overwhelmed. He wanted to be there in each phase of his child's existence.

" Raman mein iss pal ko aap ke saath jee bhar ke jeena chahti hoon. Har ek lamhe ko mehsoos karke aapne dil mein quaaid karna chahti hoon. Raman mujhe sirf aapka saath chaiye. Please mujhse kabhi gussa mat hona. Agar meri wajha se aapko taqleef ka ehsaas ho toh please humaare bache ko aapne dhuk se alag rakhna. Be a good father bas yahi chahti hoon mein. Always be there for our baby. Aur beta ho yaa beti; usse khub saara pyaar karna! Humare baache ko pamper karna usse har woh cheez dena jo woh maange. I love you alot Raman."

Raman was amused. It was their first baby he thought, no wonder, Ishita behaved the way she did.
"Relax Ishita! I know yeh humaara pehla bacha hai and hum dono ko khud se buhat expectations hain but we'll learn, right? Hum hain naa ek doosre ke saath? Support aur help ke liye. We'll be in this together. Don't worry!"

Ishita's mind had stopped functioning. She so wanted to cry her heart out and tell Raman that her death was arriving. She would not be there. Fear engulfed and enamoured her. Ishita mustered the courage and diplomatically told Raman what was on her mind.

"Mujhse itne expectations bhi mat rakhi yeh Raman jinn peh mein khari bhi naa utar paaon! Please Raman yeh aapka dependent nature chood dijiye ab aap Papa baane waale hain. Mein humaare bache ki saari zimmedaari aapko soph rahein hoon. Become responsible... ek request hai... please bhooliyegaa maath!"

Without another word, Ishita slipped into bed.

Raman gave the sleeping figure of his beautiful wife a kiss on her forehead and promised to be a caring, loving and responsible father. He rolled into his side of the bed, caressing Ishita's hair.
Raman had fallen asleep. Ishita slowly opened her eyes and looked at him heaving a sigh of relief when a lone tear dropped from her eye. She let it flow and thanked God for blessing her with such an amazing husband who loved her so much. She was proud of her decision and now knew for sure that he would make a fantastic father to their child.


It was an early morning for Raman and he tried to be as careful as possible not to disturb Ishita who was sleeping a sound sleep. Raman adored her beauty for a while when she suddenly woke up and saw his hovering self. Raman requested her to sleep as it was quite early. Yet she stayed put and told Raman of her decision to go and stay with her Amma.

"Lekin Ishita Amma toh Chennai mein hain. Tum itni dhur travel kyun karogi? Mein toh soch rahan hoon ke Amma ko yahin Delhi bolha letein hain. What do you say, theek hai naa?"

Ishita just somehow wanted to get away from Raman. She had to create a distance. Ishita had to create a distance between the both of them. Ishita had completed 5 months of her pregnancy and within these 4 months Raman would learn to become responsible and take care of himself. Mummyji would definitely be there for Raman. Ishita knew deep down that Raman loved her too much to let her be away for so long yet this distance, she thought would be bridged by their child. Ishita was of the thought that their child would help Raman move on.

"Haan hum boohlaa sakte hain Amma ko yahin par, lekin Raman even I need a break. Waise bhi, Amma toh yahan aati jaati rehti hain. But this time I want to go there. Aur Amma agar yahan aayengi bhi toh meri friends ko thode hi saath lekar aayengi? Mujhe hi unsse milne jaana hoga, naa? Aur please ab aap mujhse maath kahiyega ke you want to come with me. Raman please akele bhi rehna seekhi yeh. Poori zindagi, I can't be hovering around you."

Raman could never win over Ishita; what she mouthed was final.
"I'll book your tickets aur Mummy se kehdoon ga ke woh tumhaara samaan pack kardein. Zyaada bhaaga dhoori maath karna. Tum Madraasiyoon mein I think kissi athlete ka bhooth ghussa hua hai. Itne active? Kya baat hai!"

Raman wanted to cheer Ishita and keep her happy at all costs. Yet Ishita wanted to escape Raman's clutches; she had began to feel suffocated!


"Ai mein ki sunn rahi haan puttar. Tu sumdhan de ghar jaana chaandiy hai? Kyun puttar, ki hoya?"

"Mummyji mein Raman se dhur jaana chahti hoon. Mein iss sab se kahin dhur bhaagna chahti hoon. Abhi se hi dooriyaan banaongi toh Raman ko judaai kaa ehsaas kam hoga!"

Mummyji had heard each word attentively yet had an alternative view.

"Tenu ki lagda hai puttar ke iss tarha khud ko usse dhur karke auo thohaano bhul jaayega. Naa puttar! Ussnu ai yakeen hai ke tu aapni Maa de ghar se wapas te aayegi hi.

Mummyji was interrupted by Ishita

"Magar unhe responsible bananeka yahi tareeka hai!"

"Ishita puttar tera dimaag kaam nahi karda peyaa! Tu sirf Madras jaa rahi hai. Auo teh wahaan bhi pauhnch jaayega. Iss tarha dhur jaana teh hamesha de liye jaana alag hi honda hai. Raman aapne Papaji knuh aj bhi bada yaad karda hai. Te tu thaan usdi biwi hai. Tune ai faisla liya ke tu janam de gi aapne baache knuh mein tuhaanu nahi rookhyaa. Lekin hon toh aainjh karke sirf Raman knuh taqleef hi degi. Puttar ussnu iss tarha naa chadh ke jaaiy puttar. Meri gal sunn le, please?"

Ishita was the most stubborn lady and once she decided she would do something she just wouldn't change her mind no matter what. No matter how much pain it inflicted in her own self. Ishita's heart was pricking in pain. The distance it self would kill her but Ishita had made her mind.

"Yeh mere liye Raman se bhi zyaada mushkil hai but phir bhi, I will do this and yeh decided hai!"


Mummyji was packing Ishita's bag along with Ishita when they heard the telephone ring. Mummyji went over to take the call whilst Ishita packed her essentials. It was Raman at the receivers' end.

"Haan ji Mummyji maine yeh batane ke liye phone kiya tha ke Amma ki sehat bahut kharaab hai. Woh actually maine wahan phone kiya tha unhe batane ke Ishita aa rahi hai but unki maid ne phone uthaya aur mujhe bataya ke woh bahut bimaar hain. I think Ishita ko nahi jaana chaiye. Aap usse pooch lo ke tickets cancel kardoon ke rehne doon?"

"Acha puttar main pooch laan gi usnu. Theek hai."


Mummyji came back into the room and told Ishita that her Amma was unwell and it would be better she stayed her as she was pregnant. As it is, Mihika would return back home.

"Mainu ki lagda hai puttar ke tu oodhar naa ja. Teri Maa bimaar hai te tu bhi pregnant hai. Isliy behtur aayoh hoga ke bas Mihika chaliy jaae. Shayaad upar waala bhi chaandha hai ke tu Raman se dhur naa jaa.


Ishita was frustrated. Her mind was not letting her be in peace. The more she tried to keep herself apart from Raman; the more the inclination. What was this wondered Ishita's mind.

Raman entered the room and broke Ishita's reverie. It was exactly 22.30PM & Ishita was still very much awake. Her thoughts were ever growing; in return obstructing her sleep. Seeing Raman, Ishita felt solace. There was an awful amount on Ishita's mind and she just had to vent it out. Perhaps, it was high time that Ishita told Raman that which she was beholding in her heart for the past three days.

"Raman aap change kar lijiye and then I'll serve you your dinner."

"No worries. I toh have already eaten. Waise tum ne ka liya? Itni der raat tak kyun jaag rahi ho; mera intezaar kar rahi thi kya?"

Ishita was waiting for Raman as she had, had enough. She had to pour her heart out to him. That to today.

"Raman aap change kar lijiye and haan main Mummy ke saath ka chuki hoon. Actually, aap se zaroori baat karni hai!"

"Acha main aata hoon."


Ishita seated Raman beside her and told him the truth, finally.

"Raman I know exactly ke aap kaise react karenge but I have to tell you this. Main Amma ke ghar jaana jaati thi kyun ki mujhe aaisa laga tha ke aap ko mujhse judaa hone ki taqleef kam ho jayegi. I guess, Murogan ko mera decision manzoor nahi tha. Aakhir woh baat jo main aapse chupana chahti thi aap ko khud bahtha rahin hoon. Main aapse fortunately yaa unfortunately koi baat zyaada dher chupa hi nahi sakti. Raman jo faisla maine liya hai woh main at any cost nahi bhudloongi! No matter aap kuch bhi kahen... aur Mummyji ko bhi pata hai. Unse maine hi request ki ke aap ko maath bataein. I know exactly ke aap humaare bache se betahasha mohabbat karte hain. Mera yeh decision bilkul correct hai. I'm feeling content Raman.

Ishita's words had lead to an increase in Raman's heartbeat. He became apprehensive and voiced his fears.

"Ishita tum theek ho naa? I mean tumhaari... humaare bache ki health toh theek hai naa?"
Ishita assured Raman that all was well in fact their baby was a very happy child.

"Baby bilkul fit and fine hai. In fact, our baby is really happy, you know? Every now and then mere ribs pe uski laath paarti hi rehti hai. Bahut naughty hai, I must admit!"

Ishita and Raman both burst into a laughter echoing their bedroom. Their baby was pure bliss for the two.
Yet Raman realised the angst hidden under the garb of a content Ishita.

"Ishita tumhaari aankhoon mein mujhe taqleeq dikh rahi hai. Aur kounse decision ki baat kar rahi ho. Jiske baadhe mein mujhe khabaar tak nahi?

From a laughing Ishita the sudden transformation to a crying Ishita was what added to Raman's confusion. He brought Ishita closer and engulfed her in a tight hug. Feeling secure in her husband's embrace; Ishita poured out the unsaid words.

"Raman jis lamhe ka itni besabri se intezaar kiya; usse dekhne ke liye mein yahaan nahi hogi. Pregnancy mein complications hain. Aur I won't opt for abortion. So please aap mujhe pester nahi karenge!"

Ishita's tears were pricking every inch of Raman's breaking heart. What had he heard? The gravity of these words, once understood by him, swept the floor from beneath his feet. The love of his life was being snatched away from him at the cost of his child's arrival. Raman froze. His body & mind became paralyzed at this thought. Raman loved Ishita beyond thought. Ever since their marriage, Raman imagined each second of his life with Ishita. Even a second of his life felt incomplete without her. She was his soul, companion and best friend. Life would be meaningless without her presence. They could be child-less but not having Ishita around him seemed to be a punishment to Raman. If she left, all happiness, peace, solace and content would depart with her. Why had she decided to do so? He began demanding answers!


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