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Devil Of My Nightmares - Dark & Seductive (Page 8)

Aanya.RS Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 8:16am | IP Logged
amazing update
liked this sooo much

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yashika.angel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 January 2015 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
sanyu chracter which promo show is totaly different from frst ch
bt quite intresting
waiting for the next update

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Nain5000 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2015 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by newmoon18

Awsme starting yr
I luved it

Beautifully penned down

What sanyu did was absolutely rite
Aese adami ko toh itna marna chahiye jab tak nani na yaad aa jaye
Agli barse apni khud ki biwi ko haath lagane se pehle dus bar soche

Sanyu luvs her mom n bro a lot
Her dad strict type k he

Dadi b

Kriti her support system

New class

I think in end that voice is of rd

Cnt wait for next
Update soon

Luv u
Keep smiling
sachi hai.. har us aadmi ko aise hi humiliate karna chahiye jo ladkiyon ko aisi nazar se dekhta h...
thnk u so mch..
Nain5000 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2015 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by P.ritz

Unress... Sorry for delay...
Hey girl awesome update... Teenagers often do such mistakes and u did a great job. Y highlighting it in ur fic...

Waiting for next.. Thanx for p.m.
Update soon...

yhnx dear.. glad 3 know u lkd my concept...
lv u...
Nain5000 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2015 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mahi2012

Wow dear amazing update..
Hats off girl. Clap
I so love u 4 ur gyaan given in between update.

Sanyu ne bilkul achhe se us budhhe khusat ki dhulai ki.
Kamina budhha apni beti ki age ki girl k sath itni gandi harkat karta hai...

I love sanyu's bonding wid her bro n mom.
Sanyu iz crazy 2.
She was gvng name 2 her dad... "Hitler" LOL

Kriti her bff.
Their bonding is even very well.

I think is dat voice izof rd...

Waiting 4 new part.
Continue soon.
thnx sweety

karna hi tha.. maine jo karwaya hai...Wink

thnx again..
lv u a lotz...Smile

Mahi Heart
Nain5000 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2015 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -foreverhers-

The title of the story caught my attention and must say that it has that scary gleam to it..
The prologue was so intriguing while the descripition of characters is interesting.
The first chapter is certainly amazingly awesome, to say the least.
Such educative yet magnificent fictions are very rarely found and I'm glad to have read one...
Those realistic instances and mistakes which we often tend to do, oblivious to their later consequences have been penned down fantastically and thought-provokingly.

Thant indecent man deserved such a treatment. Such cases are really humiliating for a woman. I'm glad that Sanyukta stood up with such a brave front.
I agree. However be the elders be respecting them is our most vital moral value.
Ah! Such beautiful family bonds have been splendidly brought out and that friendship bond is perfectly penned.
I'm eager to know where does Randhir fit in all and whose voice it might be at the end.

Do update the first chapter soonish. I'm eagerly waiting for it.

thnx ya... such a cmnt.. i hv read it more than 5timea...
ofcourse i wl pm u..
i m gratefu that u ppl r liking my idea so much.. n learning too..

i wanted to make it realistic that ppl can understand easily...
4dr u wl get to know more on it...

thnx again...
lv u a lotz...
god blessSmile
P.S.- Can you send me PMs for the update, only if you don't mind?
Nain5000 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2015 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by yashika.angel

sanyu chracter which promo show is totaly different from frst ch
bt quite intresting
waiting for the next update
bt i hv nt gvn any promo dear...
anyway thnx 4 reading
Nain5000 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2015 at 10:14am | IP Logged
hello all, i am here wd nxt part...
hope u ppl like it...

Chapter 2 - Father-In-LawTongue

Recap: sanyu's bravery to take an action against sexual harrashment. Confusion in program. Helping voice. NEXT...

She rolled her eye balls to the most cornors and found a tall handsome figure in a white v neck t-shirt and blue denims with sleeves folded upto his elbows. He was staring her sitting cross legged and caressing his lips through his index finger and thumb resting his left elbow over his right thiegh.

She gazed him raising her brows in an extremely tough sight and signalled her orbs towards her computer having no other options with her.

S: sure, all yours.(she pointed her hand towards the pc twisting her lips)

He got into her desk and started unlocking the code. His vision was stuck on the desktop being closer just beside her whereas her was on him. His one hand was on the keyboard and other one on the backrest of her chair. She could easily sense his wild stone red perfume from tonned body revealing from his bodyfit t-shirt.

After a minute, he moved the other hand to the keyboard. His arm being in contact with hers sent chills down her spines as it was first time, she was feeling the sensation of a male after her family and relatives.

Sanyukta's POV

I was in search of a reason that why I could not remove my sight over him. It was not the first time I was infront a good looking guy neither I knew him from years. I was just lost in those deep brown orbs which grabbed my attention in first look and had a different effect on me.

"Najaane mujhe kya ho raha tha
Koi anjana jaana pehchana lag raha tha
Ye koi jaadu tha ya saazish thi lamho ki
Ya uski saadgi ka asar mujhpar ho raha tha"

No One's POV

After a minute or two, he was done. He looked at her with a smile. She replied a confused one in return.

He: so, its done beautiful lady.
S(in mind): ye flirting kar raha hai ya aise hi baat karta hai. Par main kyun itna soch rahi hun. Ignore huh.

S: thank you so much. Aaa.. If you have time, can you explain please?
He: sure. Just remember the format and decode individually one by one.

He explained the whole criteria and she got a simple idea over it. For the first time she was impressed by a boy. She shook her hand to thank him once again. Just then entered kriti.

K: heyy Randhir.
S(in mind): Randhir. Naam bhi looks ki tarah tough hai.
R: heyy kriti. You here?

K: wo kya hai na hum dono ki knowledge is subject me bilkul zero hai.
R: hmm dekha maine.

He stared sanyu and she disgustedly eyed him.

K: strange baat hai, Rank 1 ko bhi classes join karna padta hai kya?
R: come on yaar. Rank 1 hone ka matlab thodi hai ki main Albert Einstein hun. Java classes k liye join kiya hai. Aage engg karni hai comp sc me.

K: achhi baat hai, itna intellegent teacher mil gaya hai help k liye.
R: quite huge one still, I would love to help.

Sanyukta's POV

I was just going through their lovely dovely conversation. Literally I was being irritated, so I decided to think on this creature "randhir". How could be a male so calm and decent because as far as I knew males around my life are arrogant, non-coopeative and dominant alike my dad, who never used to understand any situation and rain his anger without any reason at any moment he want. I found that creature or boy completely different not of particular MCP mentality.

No One's POV

She finally lost her patience and asked them for departure.

K: sorry rd, I forgot to introduce you to her. She is my best friend Sanyukta and sanyu he is rd.
S(in mind): lagta nahi ki best friend hai. Tabhi to aise ajib bande se introduce karwa rahi hai. Koi nahi sanyu, help ki hai isne teri. Jhel le thoda.

Sandhir shook their hands once again and exchanged a formal smile.

R: so, you both are in same section.
S: amm. Yeah. All in all are same.

R: good to hear. Anyway I too belong to your school but in other section.
S: strange one and a half year but I never noticed you.

R: but I did and that too many times. You are regular as well as smart, I must say.
S: well I hardly notice boys. But how you came to know me?

R: worst question ever darling. Everyone of our batch knows you both. Everything together from morning lectures to evening returning home.
K: aa..aan.. Mr. Shekhawat quite mistaken. I am really lazy in attending lectures. You both are equal, toppers.

R: anyway ghar chalen. Bahat raat ho gayi hai.
S: you guys carry on. Main nani k ghar ho k jaungi.

R: oh wo bhi yahin hein.
S: hmm.

She bid a final good bye to then and reached nani. Her nani was more than a darling to her. She obeyed and loved her more than her mom. She reached her and excitingly hugged her nani. Then she was surrounded by kids.

Nani shouted from kitchen about the day and during its description, she again recalled rd. She again remained lost in her thought. After a while, her 4 year old cousin miral called her in her infact words.

M: chhanyu didi.
S: no reply.

M: chhanyu didi
S: no reply.

M: chhanyu behdiii

She shouted in her ears and she landed from her trance.

S: haan baby.
M: didi apto behdi bolne chhe chhunai deta hai tya? Titna tillai main chhanyu didi chhanyu didi pal ap to tuth boli hi nai. To main bhi jol chhe tillai chhanyu behdi fil chhuna. Offo tand aa dayi hun main apchhe.

S: aww I am chho chholy baby. Chalo hum kehle hein.
M: ap thelo main dethundi.

She had a great time with her cousin. Next morning it was again in her regular routine. The trio had an awesome bonding between them. Kriti used to tease rd "father-in-law" Tongue due to his extra formal shirts. He used to pull his sleeves till his wrists in school hours.

Time flew away and finals arrived. Everyone got busy in their individual prepations. Exam were tough yet bearable but there came her headache, programming. Kriti was at sanyu's home. Usually they be together during exams didn't matter whose place.

It was 2am night. Sanyu was completely engrossed in her laptop struggling with a program and kriti was sleeping peacefully lost in her dreams.

S: kya musibat hai, pure dimaag ka raayta ban gaya. Result hi nahi nikal raha. Is moti se puchhti hun. Oye alu(shaking her). Uthh na help kar de thodi.
K(in her sleepy tone): ummh sone de na sanyu. Mujhse kuch nahi hua. Maine uthha k fek diya. Tu bhi so ja. Subah try kar lena.

Saying this, she went to her deep sleep again. But sanyu was sanyu, never accepting her defeat. According to her only one thing was impossible i.e., scream on her dad Tongue . She fought again but result was same. She got irritated and searched her coaching notebook for preferance. There she niticed rd's handwriting. Her mind jolted on it and she thought of taking help from him.

S(murmering): ise kaise bhul gayi main. Phone karun kya? Itni raat ho gayi hai so gaya hoga to. Agar nahi kiya to ye sardard mujhe fail zarur karwa dega. Hey kanha, help karna. Bas ye soya na ho.
(she picked up the phone and opened his contact. She stopped before dial)
Nahi nahi agar kuch ulta sidha socha usne to, meri izzat ka raam naam satya hai ho jaayega. Kya karun? Aage kuan aur pichhe khai. Oh god kal k exams. No way kal agar fail ho gayi to papa kal k kal shaadi karwa denge. Nahi nahi main apne saath itna atyachar nahi hone de sakti.
Hey mata rani, kanha, ganpati bappa, bholenath koi to help kar do. Please bhagwaanji apke bache ko apne body ka ek part samajh lo. Ye consider kar lo ki wo part thoda weak hai aur help kar do please.

She crossed her fingers and dialled his number. After two rings, he picked up the call. She took a deep breathe and pouted.

S: aaa.. Rd so rahe ho kya?
R: nahi. Thoda sa baaki hai. Bas complete hote hi so jaunga. Kuch urgent hai kiya itni raat ko call kiya.

S: wo actually. Mujhse ek program nahi ho raha. Procedure sahi hai pas samajh nahi aa raha ki result kyun nahi nikal raha. Help kar sakte ho?
R: abhi?

S: exams hai kal. Main fail ho jaungi(puppy face)
R: ok tell me.

S: laptop me hai. Tumne to paas me hi room liya hai na. Paas hi ek garden hai aa jao na please.
R: thik hai. Dhyaan se aana. Kisine dekh liya itni raat ko to tufaan aa jaayega.

S: are dont worry. Bahat choriyaan ki hai maine.
R: no bad.

She jumped down from window as it was in ground floor and both reached garden. He was already there engrossed in his book. It was the second time, she was mesmerised with his look. He was in a blue track pant and yellow t-shirt, which gave him an extremely cute look.

S: hi
R: oh hi.

S: abhi itne cute lag rahe ho fir school me uncle kyun ban jaate ho?
R: haha aisa nahi hai. Teachers pe impression achha padta hai. Hum girls ki tarah itne zyada hot thodi lag sakte hein(he said eyeing her from bottom to top)

She was in a navy blue string shoulder top and white short knee length skirt. She too gazed herself and then to him. After a few seconds, he brusted out laughing and she too joined him after sometime. She took a seat.

S: haha. I know it was a joke. Finding me hot us like dressing up a frog.
R: not at all. You are looking really very hot. I was laughing because you said me uncle.

S: big deal. Kriti call you "father-in-law". Feel blessed I called you uncle.
R: oh hello. I am the RSS. Girls stand in que for getting a view of mine.

S: huh. Was it a joke? Bilkul hasi nahi aayi.
R: ofcourse not. Kabhi dekhna deepali ko aur uske intense looks ko. Still I ignore her(he said in proud)

To Be Continued...

guys kindly unres ur comments... lv u all... next kab pata nhi...

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