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Akdha ff:Dastaan-E-Mohabbat...#2 ch-22 pg.51(11th March)

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            Akdha FF:Dastaan-E-Mohabbat..
Dastaan E Mohabbat...
A story of love- passionate, divine, raw, mutual, and intense.. What happens when the mighty emperor falls in love with his Rajput begum, eventually coming to doubt her and abandon her? Will he realize his mistake in time and make things better? Will she forgive him? Will they both together experience the feeling most beautiful of all?
"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment." 

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new thread congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year

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Res For Story So Far

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Chapter 20- Below

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Hey guys!
Belated hi sahi but a happy happy new year to all!Hug this chapter's gonna be some fun..LOLWink expecting jootas and chappals after you read this!LOL
and yeah, it's especially for Anshi aka Marshi.. Happy (belated) birthday jaan!Hug Belated hai to kya.. birthday is birthday!Party
Hope you had a blast!SillyLOL
So here it goes!

 RECAP- Understanding her plight, he smiled through his eyes as he nibbled her upper lip. She followed him like a good student. His hands encircled her waist as he marvelled at the softness of her skin. 


Update- Part 20

A Few Hours Later


'Haan Jodha begum?' Allowing his hands to rest at her waist, he gently responded to her- knowing well where it was all going. It had been a few hours since they've shared a lovely sleep together, cuddling each other. As for now, it was time for questions. Her questions. He had avoided her for long, subsiding all her queries from the past half an hour. Would that work now? He wasn't sure.

'What is it?' She asked, her hands enveloping his face within the folds of her palm.

'What?' Pretending to be surprised, he dragged his eyes away from hers. A part of him knew that his misery would be lessened, if not completely cured, only by Jodha. Yet, he was unsure. Should he? Should he share it with her, and increase her pain? Should he? And, CAN he?

'You very well know what I'm talking about, Shahenshah.' Her voice was calm. Her eyes, peaceful and loving.

'No, I don't Jodha Begum. Anyways, we'll discuss this later. I'm already late for Diwan E Khaas. I'll be going there directly. And Ammi Jaan has also planned a Jashn for us, so be ready in the evening. I'll come to your chambers, Jodha begum.' He got out of the bed. If anything, he had to avoid her. At least for now, when he himself was unsure about the situation.

'Shahenshah.' She called out to him, her voice stern.

'Ji?' Turning around, he was evidently taken aback by what he saw, or rather, what he didn't. There was no expression on her face, her eyes betrayed no emotions. Much like her voice.

'Do you think you can avoid me? ME?' She was stubborn- she had given him his own sweet time. For what? For him taking her leave, without sharing the reason of his pain? Her patience was wearing thin. Her heart seemed to bleed seeing him in so much pain, and yet- not sharing it with her?

'You're mistaken, Jodha begum. I'm not avoiding you. I'll take your leave.' The mask was back, a calm Jalal, with no thought disturbing him. Walking out of her chambers, he quickly strolled towards the garden. Millions of thoughts rushed through his mind. Me and Ruqaiyaa.. I still love her as a friend.. I always did! But anything more than that, it was out of question.

What went wrong? When, and HOW come Ruqaiya think that I love her? When did she started feeling for me in that way? She very well knew that I never had a heart, not until I met Jodha. She was, and she will always be my best friend. But when did she get that wrong hint?

Am I at fault? Have I, by any chance misled her, and made her think that I love her? No no. How can that be possible? I never ever confessed my love to her. I know I never did. Or maybe.. Shit! Is it all because of THAT? NO.

Almost an year back, (Before Jodha and Jalal's wedding)

Weather was certainly not at its best in Agra. The ferocious winds broke through every window, every door- invading the imperial palace. 'Jalal, where are you?' A beautiful lady, apparently a queen, hurried out of her chambers, her eyes searching for someone.

'Ruqaiya!' A stern voice made her turn back, only to be delighted. So while she was desperately searching for him, the emperor had wisely slipped in her chambers? Cunning indeed.

'Jalal? Where were you? It had been an hour since I've been searching for you. And you, Jalal you are just..' It was only a matter of time before the irritated queen realized that the object of her anger wasn't really all ears for her tirade. He was intoxicated, much to her surprise. 'Jalal? You're drunk? We were supposed to play chess Jalal!' The surprised' look on her face was short lived. His Highness had now begun trembling, it seemed as if his body was more than he could handle.

'Okay wait.' She sighed, before supporting him on his journey to bed.  'You.. You know Ruqaiya.. You are, the best.'

'Oh? I know that.' Digesting the sudden bout of compliment, she let her lips curl into a smirk of happiness.

'I.. I love you, my friend.. You're the best friend ever!'

'Ja..Jalal? Are you alright?..' Her eyes seemed to be misted, as she turned her face away. Her cheeks, now wet due to tears constantly trailing down them, inherited a tint of red as a heartfelt smile touched her lips. Her eyes smiled from her cheeks- a rare picture it was. The   'heartless' begum Ruqaiya had just smiled genuinely! 

'Was it true?' A voice went off at the back of her mind. 'He was under the effect of alcohol. Not in his senses. Maybe he was just blabbering whatever came in his mind..'

'And how is THAT possible?' another part spoke up.'A person always speaks the truth when he's intoxicated. And Jalal.' A wicked smirk played on her lips. 'He is closest to ME. He always trusts me the most and loves me the most! Yes.. Yes he LOVES me. ME!'

'But then...' The happiness of her features steadily gave way. 'Why did he say my friend'? Does he love me only as a friend.. Am I nothing more than that?'

'I'm just over thinking. I should be happy that he confessed to me, and here I am going through a debate! Stop it Ruqaiya. Jalal loves you and only you, and you better get that..' she spoke to herself as her eyes returned to spot him- only to notice him tucked nicely under the blanket, drifted away in the peaceful world of sleep.

'Jalal..' She whispered, her hands now daring to touch his face and caress his sharp features. 'My Jalal...'

And the torturous Flashback ends!

'Moti, Zakira..' Screamed the raging queen, not anger actually but irritation. HER Shahenshah, who was so comfortable sharing anything and everything for her, had to put up a mask of being okay', in front of her?

'Jee Jodha Begum.. Moti bai has gone to the market to but some scents (itr)' resonated Zakira's voice as she stepped in the chamber, doing her respectful adaab'.

'Haan toh.. Zakira tidy up my bed please. I'm going for a walk.' Her tone was fiery, intimidating.

'Jo hukm begum sahiba..' Said the humble servant as she began making the bed.

Throwing a curt nod as a response, the queen walked out as Zakira stood wondering. 'What happened to begum sahiba? She's miffed today..'

Royal Gardens

Jalal had lost the track of time, wandering aimlessly in the garden- his eyes blank, robbed of emotions. Thoughts were continuously flashing through his mind. Ruqaiya's confession had left him dumbstruck; was she really in love with him?

He knew what it feels when you aren't loved by whom you crave to be. He had experienced that- when he had misunderstood Jodha. He didn't want his best friend to experience the same agony, the same pain which hollows you from inside before finishing your existence. He didn't want it to happen- he couldn't let it happen.

Shahenshah.. Murmured Jodha, purely surprised. So while she was fretting and worrying over her husband, he had been taking a walk amidst the nature? Is he alright? He doesn't look like that.. What's worrying him so much? Her anger temporarily subsided seeing his condition. His eyes, the same pair of brown eyes which had attracted Jodha so much, were now completely blank and still, as still as a dead sea. The sight was worry some indeed.

She didn't know the reason, but her anger returned as his eyes met hers. So he wouldn't share the reason even now.. Well Well, you are too stubborn Shahenshah. But I am no less than you! Her eyebrows furrowed as her nose scrunched in anger.

'Adaab Jodha Begum,' His voice was calm too, as if mimicking his eyes. But it was low. Lower than she had ever heard.

'Jee pranam.' Joining her hands in a respectful namaste', she nodded faintly- her eyes still making an unsuccessful effort to look in his eyes, to decipher the cause of his worry.

What's worrying you Shahenshah?

No.. Nothing Jodha begum. I have some meetings to attend. I'll take your leave.

Her eyes didn't reply. She was hurt, he didn't trust her even that much to share his problem with her? Taking his leave, she proceeded to walk away from him- as he went away from her.

'Jodha begum.' He called out to her, surprising her again- this time, pleasantly.

'Jee?' She turned around, only to find him the same- no emotions, Dead Sea.

'Your anklet. Its lying on the ground.' Signalling with his eyes, he waited for her response.

'Oh.' The only word that left her mouth. Why, he'd surprised her again! But not in a good sense.

Both didn't move an inch. He waited- waited for her to say something more. She waited, for him to pick up the anklet. Yes, she knew that if he would try to tie the anklet on her ankle she would refuse immediately. But a tiny hope, just a tiny one, and she thought that maybe he would.. Just like those old days.

Minutes passed. Both were disappointed. It didn't matter much to Jalal, his mind was occupied with other thoughts- thoughts of his best friend. Casting a final glance at her, he strolled away, his destination unknown.

You're just so stubborn...She murmured, pure anger reflecting in her words as she picked up the ankle and tied it around her ankle.


Evening had descended on the royal palace. A figure could be seen sitting in the Angoori Bagh from the balcony of His Highness's chamber.

She sighed. It had been hours since the incident. And yet Jodha wasn't able to decipher the reason behind his pain. It pained her to see him like that. For a second she'd thought she would rather die than seeing her love like that.

Too many things were going on in her mind. She knew she needed to clear it out. And the best therapy for it is, fresh air! Yes, she knew that she couldn't go out at night without Shahenshah's permission. But she was also aware that none could dare to stop Mallika E Hindustan. Time to test her powers!

Getting up in a jiffy, the anguished queen quickly walked her way to the main gate.

'Gustakhi Maaf, Mallika E Hind. But we cannot allow you to go out, unless you have his permission or His Highness is companying you.' Said Akram (Imaginary name :p), the security officer of the palace.

'So you're stopping the Mallika E Hindustan, in other words, officer?' Her eyes seemed to convey the same message, with their tone same as of her words- authoritative.

'Pardon, Mallika. But we cannot..'

'I am the representative of Shahenshah. And you, cannot stop me.' A little smirk played on her lips, it isn't very common for her to speak like that.

'As you say, Mallika.' He stepped aside, defeated and embarrassed.

'And yes,' She turned back, a understanding look on her face. I'll be back before your Shahenshah gets to know about it.' She smiled, a genuine smile.

'Thank you, Mallika.' He bowed low, paying obedience to her as she walked towards her horse.


Far from the Royal Palace

'So... there I am!' She chirped, happiness evident. A little bout of fresh air can refresh one like nothing else. No wonder then that the exhausted queen was on the verge of swinging and dancing! She quickly tied her horse to the nearby tree. Yeah, his thought hadn't escaped her mind, only that she had learnt that she should use her energy on devising a plan to make him better rather than shedding tears about his changed demeanour.

'What's that?' She thought, her jaw almost dropping to ground having detected some movement in the nearby bushes. Wind, maybe.. But no. She looked up, and down. Side. No wind was blowing- not even a faint breeze. Someone's there? Fear seemed to spring in her nerves as the thought hit her. If anything, she had a small dagger with her. But would that work against a supposedly trained' enemy?

No Jodha. Get a grip on yourself! It can be.. Some animal. Or some other thing.. It's not written somewhere that it's supposed to be an enemy!

'Is.. Is anyone there?' Her whisper was barely heard, but a loud laughter echoed from the bushes. It was a man. An enemy, maybe?

'Hey bhagwaan... Give me strength.' She mumbled again. Sure enough, the mere thought of her Kanha was able to wipe out all traces of fear from her body, replacing it with strength. Kanha.. Aaj humari pariksha hai... (Kanha, today is my test)

Slowly reaching out to take out the dagger that had been, till now hugging her waist, she tried a few moves in her mind. Surely, she hadn't forgotten a move. Confident that she was, she waited patiently for her opponent to appear from his hiding.

Seconds passed. Yes, he appeared. And yes, he was an enemy.

'Who are you?' She asked, her tone now confident- all traces of fear removed.

'I thought that you Rajputs recognize your death very fast.' He hissed, his brown eyes shining in the dark atmosphere.

'You are mistaken.'

'No. I am not..' A devil of a smirk surfaced on his lips, his features now prominent as he stepped closer.

'Fight with weapon, not with words.'

'Confidence? I like that. But but,' he stopped purposely, drinking in her attractive features. 'you don't carry a sword.'

'But you do carry a dagger. Let's fight with that, if you want to fight.' Her reply was curt and to the point, a quality of hers which even he didn't fail to notice. And admire.

'Yes, of course.' His smirk only seemed to grow wider.

She nodded, now pointing the dagger at him. He imitated her. Daggers drawn.

She waited for her to strike. When he didn't, she took the cue and brought down the dagger at him in a smooth arc.

'Impressive.' He thought, having survived her blow by obstructing it.

Not bothering to reply, she just glanced at her assassin, before bringing down another blow on him.

Having understood her trick as well as identified her weakness, he attacked her from the left- the area seeming vulnerable to him.

His dagger almost touched her heart, having cut through her arm. Blood oozed out immediately from her wound. Not wasting her time in tying the wound, she defended herself by slicing his left hand- the hand he attacked from.

'Aah!' He hissed in pain. Quickly tearing a part of his cloth, he tied it immediately to prevent further blood loss.

His eyes gleamed in revenge. You!' He screamed, before raining on her a fatal blow.

'Uggh!' she cursed, immediately coming to her defence.

'JODHA BEGUM!' Came a deep, manly voice cutting through the deserted area.

Shahenshah!' she whispered, her attention quickly drawn to him. He's here! A soft smile touched her lips.

She had forgotten about the impending danger. A mistake.

A devil smile appeared on his lips as he took in her diverted attention. Quickly attacking her, he cut her cheek and shoulder, before she could attack in retaliation.

'AAAH!' A shrill scream escaped her mouth as she stabbed him hard in his chest. Revengeful, he raised his knife high, before attempting to bury it in her body. Alas! He didn't know that his enemy wasn't just ANY queen, but she was a ferocious warrior.

Jodha begum... shiver ran down his spine as his ears took in her agonized scream. For the first time ever, he cursed his fate as he pulled the reins of his stallion- time was of the essence.

Quickly meeting his blow with her strike of an equal intensity, she attempted to attack him back. Dropping low, she waited for him to attack. Sure enough, he did. Striking with an anger of an injured lioness, she immediately attacked his abdomen.

'UGGGH!' His anger broke all his limits- he receded. Taking his time to recover from the shock. He had, after years he'd met someone of his level. A skilled warrior she was.

Tying another piece of cloth, he set his eyes on his enemy- Jodha. No doubt that he had to praise her for her exceptional skill in duel, he'd been hurt and would leave no stone unturned in reducing her to ashes. Rapidly thrusting his knife in her abdomen, he pulled it out almost instantly.

Without flinching in anguish, she went a few steps back, her dagger now hidden behind her back. In a hope to confuse him as in which hand she held the knife, she quickly shifted it between her left and right hand. Continuing the shifting process as she circled him, she waited for him to take a step.

He did. Stepping further, he pointed the dagger at her, his eyes set ablaze. He was sure it was held in her right hand, as her left hand was damaged by him. A misconception.

He stepped to her left, assuming he would attack her from there. Thrusting her dagger through his heart, she waited before yanking out the knife.

The paralyzed assassin fell back, shattered. Defeated and defenceless. She stared at him as the helpless man fell on the ground. He had lost the battle. But sure enough, he hadn't lost his will to fight. Gathering some dust in his hand, he attempted to throw it in his eyes. Yes, he knew he would be dead anyway. But he hoped to bring her down and cut through her heart- just like she did. His motive would be fulfilled. He didn't care for death if he dies on a mission.

Slicing the blade gently through his hand to avoid the dust attack, she stepped back as an additional precaution. Minutes later, he was still. Dead.

'JODHA BEGUM!!!!!!!!!!!' His scream was heard again- this time, with more attentive and calm ears.

As he neared, he could make out a feminine figure standing with a bloodied dagger- his Jodha, he knew that. His sharp gazes shifted to another human-like figure that lay on the ground. Still and motionless.

'Did she fight?' He thought, jumping off his stallion and sprinting to his love.

'Jodha begum..are you.. are you alright?' Reaching out to embrace his queen in a frenzied hug, he let his hands rest on her back as he spoke in between gasps.

'Yes Shahenshah, I am alright. You need not worry..' Her voice was low and calm- giving away no hints about the agony she was in. Needless to say, she didn't respond to his tender embrace. While she wasn't letting go of the golden opportunity to take in his cosy touch and warmth, her anger hadn't wiped away- disappointment.

'What happened?' His tone was softer than ever as he let go of her, his eyes boring into hers. It was then that his gazes travelled on her persona- a disturbing sight. Her left cheek bore a long gash, so did her both arms and left shoulder. While these cuts didn't seem to be deep, a major slash in her abdomen proved to be a matter of worry for him.

'I am so sorry... I should have tightened the security and never let you go..' His eyes seemed to dissolve in tear as he spoke.

Furrowing her brows at his comment, she just held his endearing face in her left hand as she thought of a reply. 'No shahenshah. These are just minor injuries. I can still ride my horse and run and do all that I do!' A wide smile adorned her lips.

'Yes Jodha.' His reply was eerily calm, his eyes steely. 'You can ride your horse and run and do all that you do in you dreams. Because I am not allowing you to come out of your bed for at least 1 week.'

'What!' She retorted, horrified. 'No. This is wrong. No.. Shahenshah' But too late, he had already started walking up to his horse and was expecting her to follow him.

'No, I'll go on MY horse.' She murmured as her nose scrunched in anger.

Refusing his intended request to go back to the palace on his horse with him, she attempted to mount her horse, miserably failing to do so- credit goes to her abdomen injury.

'Argh..' she cursed, making another unsuccessful attempt.

'Jodha begum,' His horse galloped as he rode towards her. 'Come, two people can ride on this horse.'

'No shahenshah.. I can ride my horse. And yes, I am perfectly healthy to ride one.' Her eyes seemed to blaze in fury as she made another try, successful this time.

'Why are you so stubborn?' he asked, a smirk of dismay on his face.

'I am NOT. But someone else is.' Counter attacking, she met his eyes- his steely and her lit in fury.

'Jodha begum you're just..'

Tch tch, She had already rode away by the time he started. Ya Khuda.. My angry wife sometimes becomes impossible to deal with! A faint smirk surfaced on his lips, as he tried to keep up with her ever increasing pace.

I know what he's thinking right now.. that I am impossible to deal with! And he, as if he is soo simple.. He too is complicated like an onion! Her eyes glared at him in mild rage as he responded by his usual answer- I know that smirk.

Understanding only one way to break this glare a thon, she pulled her reins as the steed galloped, leaving him surprised. 'Lagta hai aap sharma gayi..' (Looks like you are being shy..)  He mused, erupting into giggles.

Racing up to match her speed, he decided to fuel this fire a little more. 'Jodha begum, I was thinking that I've never met someone as stubborn, strong headed, short tempered girl as you.'

'Princess!' She hissed, anger spitting out.

'Queen..' he corrected, before continuing.. 'Haan hum keh rahe the (I was saying) that you are the most stubborn, strong headed and short tempered QUEEN I've met.' A teasing smirk played on his lips.

'Oh..' Her tone remained the same, only more fire coming out. 'So why are you with me Shahenshah? Why don't you divorce me and live your 'happily ever after' life..'

Accha?' His chuckles intensified, his eyes keen on observing her. And just then, an important fact hit him.

'Jodha begum, get off the horse, now!' His words spoke of concern and worry.

'Shahenshah we are near the palace now. I guess I can ride my horse till we reach..' Surprised, she was.

'Its not about the horse Jodha begum!' He retorted, now his eyes beginning to widen. 'It's about YOU.'

Me? Did I hurt him... Were my words too harsh? Does he want to punish me or what?
Knowing that he wasn't in a mood to argue, she meekly obeyed by jumping on the ground. Result, a quiet scream of pain.

Glancing over his shoulder, he could tell that the 20 soldiers he had with him were way behind. 'Give me your dupatta.'

WHAT! What is he thinking? Does he?? Swiftly observing her surroundings, she observed that the area they were in was deserted.

'Shahenshah what are you..' Her eyes were widen, colour drained off her face.

'Give me your dupatta.' He reaffirmed, this time with more authority.

Having left with no other option, he grabbed her dupatta, tearing pieces of it and tying it on her arms and abdomen.  'I'm sorry.. It didn't struck me at that time..' His eyes were down casted, speaking in itself.

So he just wanted to stop my bleeding.. And I was thinking all wrong things.. Jodha! He cares about you and you...! Tch Tch Jodha!  She mentally chided herself for her not so innocent thinking, before asking him- her tone soft and gentle. 'Shall we go now?' She smiled at him with love. Bad luck, her smile was short lived as her left cheek began to hurt. 'Ouch!' A small curse escaped her lips.

'Now what to do about your this cut?' He quizzed, his gaze fixed on the gash adorning her left cheek.

'It's okay. We're almost there anyway!'

'Come, lets go..'

'But I'll go on my horse!' She stated, reluctant to let go of her stand that she is okay'.

'I expected the same from you...' Casting one final glance at her, he mounted his horse and rode towards the palace, slow enough to allow her to keep up.

And so they rode in silence till the rest of the journey with Jodha constantly increasing her speed- a sure sign that she was annoyed.

Having reached the palace, Jodha slowed down, allowing Jalal to go ahead. Whatever happened, she knew it would be against his pride if she enters first in the palace.

Jalal smiled at her antics. Even after all their fights, she still cared for his prestige. 'My adorable queen..' He whispered, before his stallion set his hooves in the palace.


'Jalal, Jodha!' A worried Hamida exclaimed as the royal couple dismounted their horses, soldiers taking them to the stable.

'We are alright Ammijaan..' Assuring her mother with an apology look on her face, Jodha's eyes searched the ambience.

'Alright?' She asked, horrified. 'Can't you see the cut on your face? Looks like you've been in a battle!' Her eyes conveyed immense fear and a deeply troubled look.

'Suno.' Jalal called out to a bandhi as she walked towards him. 'Take Jodha begum to the hakim. I'll be right there.'

Jodha sought to protest, but stayed quiet- much because of his authoritative aura and voice.

Hamida nodded as Jodha bid adieu to her, wishing her a good night.

'And yes, Jodha begum,' his voice was heard once again. 'I would like to meet you once the check up is done.'

'But Shahenshah..' she protested, well knowing where it all was going.

'In my chambers, is that okay?'

She meekly nodded, evidently displeased. Putting her hands in a respectful 'namaste' she took their leave and went to her chamber, where hakim sahiba was waiting for her.


Jalal's Chamber

'Pranam Shahenshah. So what was the reason for calling me here?' Straight to the point, as usual. Her disturbing persona wasn't a pleasing sight to his eyes. Her left cheek was painted in some greenish paste, bandages tied around several wounds on her body.

'What did the hakima say, Jodha?' He didn't add her title begum', which happens only when either he is deeply happy or anguished. What she couldn't fathom was, what was the cause of his anguish?

'You didn't call me to ask that, right?' With his current behaviour, she wouldn't be surprised if the answer to her latest query would be a yes'.

'That doesn't answer my question. What did the hakima say?'

'She exaggerated.' She blurted out before her words could be minced. He lifted his eyes to peer into hers, making her shiver. 'I.. I mean. She said it would take 2-3 weeks for these wounds to heal completely. I know I'll be hale and healthy in a day. I AM hale and healthy right now, too.' Her eyebrows were slightly raised, her nose held high up in air, a cute pout resting on her lips- all a sign of a reluctant Jodha.

'You're not going out of the palace until 3 weeks.' He announced, his eyes seemingly conveying the same message.

'What? No. I mean she just said that as a doctor. I know myself. I have an amazing healing power. You.. You see.. no one would be able to tell that.. that I had got these minor cuts tomorrow..' Her slight hesitancy was expected, he was damn serious- something new to her.

'I didn't ask, I announced it, Jodha.'

'You... You can't.. I'll not be happy under these confines...' Her eyebrows knotted further, unwilling to give up.

'Confines?' He replied, supposedly amused'. 'Jodha you'll catch infection if you step out. Isn't this thing clear to you? You yourself are learned in these things right?'

Surprisingly, no retort was heard from her side this time. He'd cleverly shut her up, his arguments being something she didn't have an answer to.

She narrowed her eyes, well knowing that she wouldn't be able to say 'no' if she looked in his eyes. So there she stood, her eyes doing a job of admiring the marble floor and the rug carpet.

'Hey.' He reached out to her, holding her face, still careful of her injury. 'I know you don't like this Jodha. But if you'll go out then you'll take longer to heal. And that means a longer period of bed stay'. Would you be happy then?' His voice was soft, assuring.

She shook her head in a no' as he stood amused by the swaying of her 'jhumkas'.

'Then why this stubbornness Jodha?'

She lifted her eyes, boring into his. 'I'm not the only one who's stubborn, Shahenshah.'

'But you are the only stubborn person who matters to me.' He let his fingers run through her right cheek lovingly, well informed how much she loved it.

'You don't matter for yourself?' Her undisguised reply hit him hard, bringing back the painful memories of the day before.

'What.. are you saying Jodha?' Pretending to be unknown, he quizzed, his eyes now losing the guts to look in hers.

'You don't trust me right?'

'where did this come from Jodha? You're changing the topic.'

'YOU are changing the topic Shahenshah. You don't trust me enough to share your problems with me. You don't trust me enough to believe that maybe sharing will lighten your heart. YOU just want to go around carrying this burden with you forever!' A lone tear betrayed her eyes as he slid down her cheek.

'Jodha you are..'

'NO! I am not mistaken. Forgive me for my indecency but this is the truth. You think that I'll be better off not knowing what is causing you pain. Have you ever thought how much it is paining ME to see my charming, lively, teasing Shahenshah so gloomy and lost, with his eerily still and calm and DEAD! No pain can be bigger than knowing that my husband is in pain and yet I can't help him. NO PAIN CAN BE BIGGER THAN THIS!'

THE ENDLOLSo there's a fight now..Shocked an assassin too!ShockedShockedShocked some conspiracy is going on, who's behind this? Well yeah it was the longest ever I've written for any story...5122 words can you imagine!ShockedShockedEmbarrassed Pardon errors as it isn't proof readed.. sorry!Embarrassed

So yeah, juta chappal welcome..LOL

and yes pms to be sent later as I'm going to sleep.. it's 1:00 here.. I have my school on Monday!SleepySleepy 

Have fun!Embarrassed




The fight sequence was inspired by the Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi.. It really did make for an amazing read, please give it a try!

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Originally posted by RaniShanthappa

new thread congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year
love you Rani di!Hug Happy new year to you too!EmbarrassedHeart
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congo res 
happy new year
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Congrats for new thread anu Tongue Clap

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