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nice & different concept..congrats for the new FF..continue soon & do pm

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Originally posted by swatiluthra

Nice concept mrs tokas
Very different n sounds quite interesting Smile
Plz continue the story dear Smile

okBig smile
same to uStar
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Originally posted by RaniShanthappa

nice & different concept..congrats for the new FF..continue soon & do pm
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                                                                Part -1


She watched as the nurse left leaving the door ajar.


 Jodha back to her thoughts. Am I really feeling pain?. She concentrated hard, but failed. Is it really hurting me? Did I ever felt hurt physically ya mentally.. no.. never.. what ishurt? Why she wants to know whether it is hurting me.. no she asked about my pain, not hurt.. is it painful, painful for me. No, I can feel my lower muscles cramping..but that is usual for me. It cramped long back, almost every month..


MY mom was so happy when she first time heard about my cramps. She had a big smile on her face when she shared that with my aunts. And they all brought new cloths, sweets, everybody was fighting each other to feed me.. they danced around me..the sound of the dholak is still drumming in my ears'... am I the lucky one to be a part of that big family'... she smiled..

They found the best NRI guy for me. He looked at me lovely and made me felt like I am the most beautiful girl in the world. First I objected my family's decision saying.., I want to study more, I want to be someone meaningful.. but the happiness of my family made me to sit on that mandap beside him.. and he put the sindoor over my parted hair.. I felt happy because I smiled through it..



That night was so dark and  it brought  heavy rain and strong thunder ... I felt the pain of being intimate as he wrapped me under his strong arms, in an attempt to give me the warmth.. I looked at him, as he made his moves and I smiled back blindly as I saw the smile on his face.


But then I missed him from the next morning. The time was slipping from me like that strong thunder and it tried to break my heart... i tried to move on and sat on a corner listening to my family's words, and the darkness engulfed my days... But I felt happy when I realized a little life forming inside me. I felt so happy and looked at my Mom, thinking I am also going to be like you soon, a MOM.



I didn't see the same happiness on my family's face. My own mom advised me to take that pill, so that the family honor can remain intact', so that i  can live my life fully for th rest of the life, forgetting my bad fortune...


But I was happy with my little one and so excited, so I left everyone behind, to pursue the happiness of life as a mom.. I didn't turn back to see the tear filled face of my family...i was ready to face the world.



I reached Delhi.. God was very grateful to me. I joined Mohammad construction as the secretery of Jalaludin Mohammad. I left my past behind. Things were not easy for me, Everyone thought I am a village cartoon, who doesn't have any feelings , Rukaiya , Pinaz all were used to tease me , for my dressing, my way of silliness, my village talks...  it was only Farhan Khan ji, and  Salima who understood me, helped me to survive'  but don't know when he became a part of my day, slowly  slowly he became a  reason  for my existence. His unknown hands were supporting me with every fall, he was angry , he was devilish  but I saw those strong hands all the time'  I realized I was falling for him'. .. But the conscious thought of reality made me to keep a distance from him .




I tried to escape from my past by being myself, sometimes a kid, sometimes as foolish i can, sometimes a cartoon in front of others. But Jalal didn't let me move away from him, he gave me the support and I started understanding the meaning of love and life. And I was so happy in this world once again as he proposed to me in front of everyone, knowing everything about me. I was ready to embrace the hope in front of me.



Everything turned upside down the night when Rohan  appeared in front of my eyes. I was able to  sent him to jail as my love was holding my hand strong with full support. Once again I heard  the sound of society questioning my identity'


 But I failed to realize the truth of that support and left my love, my Jalal humiliating him in front of others.. did Jalal felt hurt?.. I don't know,  all I wish was not to spoil his name in front of the society because of my  past'  


 I need to move on because somebody else is existing in me and I can't leave my little one aside.. I walked out , may be my inner mind told me that it is good for Jalal, for his family..being away from me will bring him back his dignity and his status. How can I see him and his family suffering in front of the media and employees just because of me.. I love him so much that I want to be happy.. I want to hear his success stories and be happy..


I talked to my little one every night as I struggled to get a new job. I felt the relief as I rubbed on my tummy, I felt the warmth as I felt my baby.. and one fine day I got a job, but alas! Jalal came back to me as my boss again'... I tried to be myself, but his closeness again brought me the inner happiness.. I didn't realize how happy I felt when I saw him again in front of my eyes' ...but he looked at me with his angry eyes..



May be I hurt him so much for my happiness that I failed to realize how hurt he felt when I left him. He tried to prove that he can live keeping the distance from me, by ignoring me. Did that hurt me. NO, I wanted that, I wanted him to move on his life, I wanted to see him on the top, so that I can admire him from standing on the mud, as he climb each step.. so that I could clap along with others.. but did his avoidance, ever hurt me.. no because I was waiting for the happiness. I touched my tummy and walked away...' and failed to see the winning smile on his lips as he saw me walking away...' he won the battle... I felt Happy for him'.



I was walking alone that night, back home. Little I know that Mohini got the bail. I was in my own world, touching my baby.. did I felt a little kick as I walked.. no I didn' was just my imagination. Everybody was talking about my flat tummy, but the doctor reassured me that everything is fine. All react different to same situation.. I thought of going for little baby shopping tomorrow. I am going to make a small world for me and my little one. I need to move out from  Salima's house. I need to look for something small, that I can afford for us, just me and my little one.. The thought of US brought the smile on my lips.. my imagination was flying high as I walked through the street.



I dreamed of lovely place, where it is completely covered by greenery.. the wind is blowing smoothly.. my duppatta is flying high..I took my little one in my hand and took the circles.. he laughed with his tender lips ..and I saw his pink teeth less gums'...


 I imagined my world, I wanted to run ..but no, I should be careful, she touched her tummy and felt shy'... little I noticed that the hanging sword above my head..



Now I am waking up here.. and the nurse is asking me whether it hurts.. NO I was happy all through this way.. May be I was in that theater for sometimes, so that the DR. could save me. She cleared everything from my womb, so that I can live happily ever after..


But first time I am feeling hurt, it is not my physical pain.. I could feel my filling eyes.. my vision is getting blurred. I loved the world, I dreamed a world for me and my little one... and I was happy with everything.. may be it was my mistake to understand the true feeling..



Is Rohan was right, when he took away all my jewels, land and money.. why didn't I tell him that he can take anything from me, but don't leave me alone in this world.. why he didn't take my life away .. am not even worthy for that.. why he didn't put the poison in my drink than taking my consciousness..'



IS my mom was right when she said to take that pill. If I have taken that pill, did my mom stood near me, holding my arm strongly in her hand. Will she be happy to hear about my cramps then..



Is  Jalal was right, that he never needed he really was not affected by my presence. But I did right with him and he proved that today, he can live without me...'



She touched her tummy tight, a tearful sound came out from her throat .. Ha, mei Jodha , all alone now' left all my fortune behind...   then with a wet throat she said inside'. but I never thought anyone can take you apart from me.. and I was wrong.. I am a failure.. you also left me alone..are you wearing that white soft cloth of an angel and flying around the heaven.. you left me alone too...


She wiped off the tears from her big beautiful eyes. She tried to smile. She checked on the cupboard. Found her slightly torn dress. She changed to her red shade dress and opened the door and walked out from that building'... And started walking on the street aimlessly'




Little does she know that an aching anxious heart was beating faster to know about her , who opened her hospital room door with a pale face, with so much guilt feeling and his eyes gone wild as he saw the empty bed. .. ...was searching for her with his mad eyes all through this way.. ...all through the street when he realized what happened to her..


Jodha , kaha chale gayi ho thum?.. tum mujhse door nahi jaa sakthi.. tum meri ho, aur mei thumhare bina jee nahi saktha'.


The sky was changing its color at the horizon. Jodha was sitting under a big banyan tree, with her shattered hair and swollen eyes, and her toned duppatta was sticking to her neck back down. She didn't see the flying birds above the clear sky, she didn't see the peeking earth worms. She didn't see the awaken earth..


She didn't notice the piercing eyes and strange words that was contaminating the air , she sat there with the readiness to embrace her destiny. All these time she was happy, she was in her world, never tried to question others deeds, but tried to absorb what all came on her way and walked out with a smile holding onto her lower tummy...  but now first time she felt the hurt and she can't take it any more, not even for a second,  all of a sudden she felt the time froze in front of her, everything went dark in her eyes, her ears went deaf...she failed to embrace her happiness, her dream of holding her little one in her hand and circling around in the midst of greenery and fragrance of fresh flowers. Time ticked by along with the howling of the crowd around...


A sword lifted up in the air with its fully shining edges , was forcing down itself aiming at her neck level. She sat in that same position, not affected by the howling wolves or barking dogs...that were shouting loud that ...'she is not only a shame for her family, but for the village too, she deserve death nothing less than that, and those who disobey their family should learn a lesson today..."   


She remained dumb. ...She didn't see the dripping blood in front of her lifeless body, and didn't realize her love has blocked the sharpness of the sword and he is hurt.


He looked down at her posture once, but then the next minute he had to block those fighting forces. He blocked them with his firing eyes and stronger arms.  He  shield her from those  mad dog attacks.



As the dogs bark away,  he raised his bleeding hand up and  swept his love in his strong arms within fraction of minutes, and her weaker body just went in with his force , and  her head just nagged down with a jerk, but then unknowingly she circled her arms around his neck and hide her face in his chest, and closed her eyes... 


she didn't hear him saying in his loudest voice to the people of Shivpur village that  " from now onwards she belongs to me, and only me. Don't you dare to even come near her shadow... Because from now onwards I am, Jalaludin  Mohammad is going to be her shadow, and if you need to get near her, you should first fight with her shadow.".


His face was shaking with anger, and his eyes were firing the red flames, his wet hair fell on his forehead, he looks shattered too but he walked, keeping his feet strong on the muddy road and carried his love in his hand..



He lowered her and placed her on the back seat, her neck was unable to hold her head straight, sitting with that weaker body her eyes  closed again and her head tilted to the side. He sat near her, and  looking at her posture, he moved near... her nagging head slowly rested on his shoulder...

Jalal gave that stern look at his driver to move on.


The car moved on leaving those flying light sands behind the tyres ...


 He slowly  looked at his love's face, she looked so pale, her skin felt so cold, her eyes were gloomy, she appeared more of a living dead body and the chain of memories haunted his brain. He lifted his arm and circled it around her shoulder and thought.


Ms. Shivpur express, mujhe patha tha, tum yeha honge, apne gaavvalom ke beech... agr mei ek minute late ajatha tho..., he stopped his thought process right then, how can I be late, when the destiny already united us long back. He looked at  her pale face and then to her closed eyes and held her more closer to him and said


" I don't know how you reached here, but from now onwards you are going to walk on my path, and when you get your conscious back, you will be mine forever, and you will open your eyes to the new world of hope and destiny as Mrs. Jalaludin Mohammad, and I can't let you go. Yes I was wrong, it was my ego that was fighting with you all this time as you walked away from me, never realized that vacuum that I felt inside but now the destiny brought you back to me, and  now we walk together on the path which ever come on our way, I won't leave your hand because I need you . ...



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Thank you for reading my post.. so now how Jalal will bring her back into life, so it is not the past, but the future which you will see...   because that's what always amazed me in Jalal's character.. the endless love and support without a grumpy face...




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Geet serial yaad dila diya...

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no words to describe.its amazing.thanks 4 the pm.jalal loves jodha.doesn't care about her past

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Unres!di!how do u write so beautiful+emotional+hearttouching story??i mean i loved it so much that i nearly cried..omg!i m feeling how much pain jodha was going through...nd i love jalal! protective he is towards jodha!loved it!update soonish and pls pls pls pls pls pm the way u asked me my name..i m new to name is Adrita Roy Prithibi..nickname Riya bt bhavi di and my own di calls me Rio...u can call me whatever u u love u..

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