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Nice concept ClapClapClap Very different n sounds quite interesting...lovely and beautiful one... Smile Plz continue the story dear Tongue... i know u have taken a large hint from the serial geet.. first i was having doubt but then shivpur express.. confirmed... 
N HAPPY NEW YEAR ...SmileSmileSmile

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Brilliantly written pari... emotional and heart touching first chapter...really it was awesome
she was all alone including her baby left her... thank god ... jalal came back to her realised his 
emotions... he needs her... happy to see them together..
plz  do continue... update soon dear.
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OMG!!! Pari di this was one heart tugging update..ClapClap I mean, how could that bl**dy Rohan do this to our Jodha??? That bas*ard...Censored
And yeah!!! I loved, nahi even more than loved Jallu in this ff.. I mean everyone has an ego but not many realize their mistakes on time and make amends, our Jalal did..uff that guy.. made me crazy for him!Day Dreaming
I mean, not everyone is perfect.. even Jalal isn't... but at least he's trying to bring his Shivpur express back.. and this effort, this try is WHAT is known as true, pure love..Heart
And her baby... my Jodha.. she is just so strong!Clap She fought against the whole world for her unborn baby who.. who left her too..  Kudos to my Jodha!Star Becoz of her child she had fought against the world, but now even her child deserted her.. she'd lost her reason of existence.. Omg my Jodha..CryCry
Just hoping that Jalal would bring her back to normalcy.. My Jodha deserves a life, and those villagers were just DeadDeadAngry its 21st century for god's sake! in which era are those dogs living!!AngryAngryAngry
Anyways.. your writing gave full justice to their emotions.. your writing is amazing Pari di!Clap
Update soon!

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Credit for siggy -Tahniat Heart

Thanks For liking the Concept and Prologue of the story. After reading it many of u have One question i.e. This Story is related to Geet serial . One of the most Romantic Love Story of 2010 played by Dhrasti Dhami and Gurmeet Chaudhary.

so answer of ur question is yes. I ve taken some concept from it as I  was not getting idea to proceed it further . thanks to  Anu  and  others who told me about this beautiful serial .  I've read the overview and watched some episodes  in it  which was speechless  . . The feelings and emotions which the main leads have for each other made this serial unique  to have huge fan following. I'll be proud to write a story  based on it on my most fav  Akdha . so guys Ready to watch once again Geet hui sabse parayi  as our Akdha in it ...

Once Again I wanna remember u all  " Plz hit like button and leave your precious comments  to encourage me to write more and more and most Important   I'm very busy this year so  won't be able to reply your valuable comments  insist of them will hit like button as a thank u for liking my ffs  from my side to u all. And about doubts will surely reply them  . 


Overview for them who haven't watched it

Have a look plz !

Geet is a show about the life and troubles of an 18-year old girl named Geet. Geet marries a man because her family told her to; as a girl, she has no power to go against her family. She marries Dev on her family's wish and three days later, Dev ditches her, takes her family's money and property and heads off to Canada. Dev leaves Geet pregnant on the airport. After severing ties with her family from Hoshiyarpur for attempting to wrongfully kill her (due to her pregnancy), Geet moves to Delhi and is now working under Maan Singh Khurana. Maan is a man she coincidentally met in her hometown and had frequent unpleasant encounters with. Maan has saved Geet's life many times; after wishing for not seeing each other again, the moment Geet's in trouble, Maan comes to her aid. Furthermore, since being new in Delhi and not knowing anything, Geet works in Maan's office. By accident, Maan is Dev's elder brother; Dev returns to India after Maan clears Dev's debts. Dev is oblivious that Geet works for Maan, but can see a visible change in his brother due to Geet's presence. The ever-increasing love between Maan and Geet is constantly trialled and tested.



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Recap : Ms. Shivpur express, mujhe patha tha, tum yeha honge, apne gaavvalom ke beech... agr mei ek minute late ajatha tho..., he stopped his thought process right then, how can I be late, when the destiny already united us long back. He looked at  her pale face and then to her closed eyes and held her more closer to him and said


" I don't know how you reached here, but from now onwards you are going to walk on my path, and when you get your conscious back, you will be mine forever, and you will open your eyes to the new world of hope and destiny as Mrs. Jalaludin Mohammad, and I can't let you go. Yes I was wrong, it was my ego that was fighting with you all this time as you walked away from me, never realized that vacuum that I felt inside but now the destiny brought you back to me, and  now we walk together on the path which ever come on our way, I won't leave your hand because I need you . ...





"As for me, to love you alone, to make you happy, to do nothing which would contradict your wishes, this is my destiny and the meaning of my life"




Story so far

Jodha is a women whose past left her to face bitter realities of life all alone  and to fight for her child with the world and in all this  she lost all support from her near ones on whom she always depend wrong decision of our elders can easily let life of a youngster to hell that also without their realization.. 

But while trying to survive, she met Jalal, who happened to be her boss.. at one time she thought she is losing herself in front of him (the other one, she is forced for the marriage, this is something she felt for  Jalal) . But  then Jodha is backing up from the relationship when she see the media mocking at Jalal and his family, taking on her bitter past. who is still pregnant. (remember, Jalal has only Dadi adn only Dadi understand her pota, so when Jalal decided to marry Jodha, dadi agreed,) . But the story making of media made Jodha to think twice and she leave him behind , as she couldn't see his name to be spoiled because of her past,by making stories of her past...


 now in an accident (may be planned that comes later) she lost her child, so she is in shock,in  deeep shock that she don;t know what she is really doing, whether she is walking or running. She is trying to thread it together at some point to see where she went wrong, but then once she reach to the fact that she lost her child, she is it losing again.


She in dilemma getting back to her village..  there everyone trying to harm her because for them she is a disobedient daughter, who left her family  without their permission... , but Jalal comes and saves her.. so now the story Begins..


Bit and pieces of Jalal and Jodha's past interaction may come later.. but otherwise,, how he will convince her against the society, how he will let her realize what is true love,  how to trust someone above all, especially after a bitter past, or maybe help her to stand back on her feet to face the society once again with a determined face..


In short, how Jalal  can bring her back to life, because love is not past, love should fill the day, and it should grow by the passing of time.. no place for any ego..     love is patient and love is sharing... love is giving, or sometimes love is that silent support.. so will Jalal be successful ?...   so that's where we are heading to...  hope you all got it now...

reminder: Jalal is like Gajani Aamir, who is a successful in his life , who is arrogant, and who is influential, and who can be the news of the day, a week, or months.. his reach is high to the topmost level in the society... but he is losing it when it comes to Jodha, that he becomes just a needy man in front of her,  to whom he says that he need her support to move on in his life...




Jalal was sitting at the side chair near the bed, holding her hands in his, and his eyes were fixed on her tired face.


 " Mr. Mohammad, she is OK now, why don't you get fresh up, and take some rest, you look very tired too."


Jalal  jerked to the door side from where he heard the sound with a clam face: I am fine sister.. he looked at the nurse as she walked in with a tray ..


Nurse: You didn't take any rest!.


Jalal: no, its fine


Nurse: I can understand that from your eyes, seeing first time somebody so caring like this.. you can trust us too


she said that as she was checking onto the fluid bag, and then injected some medication into the tubing.


Nurse: call us, if you need anything.ok


Jalal: yes sister'... he replied with a thankful gesture ..


Time just passed by.. It was Shehnaaz's sound that pierced his ears'..  (Shehnaaz, his cousin sister) .. he slowly rubbed over his eyelid and opened the eyes and looked around.. he still at the bed side chair and his one hand still holding onto hers. He looked at Jodha in concern, as if he missed watching her'... Her face was turned to the other side. He turned his look also to that side and found Shehnaaz talking to Jodha



"Uthgaye Janaab".. Jalal heard his daadi's sound near him.. and found her standing next to him..


Jalal: Daadi !.. Shehnaaz!.. when did you come?


Daadi: hum.. few minutes earlier. But how are you feeling now?


Jalal: better daadi, I think I slept for long?


Daadi: its OK, you needed that. The nurse gave us strict instruction not to disturb you...



Shehnaaz made a sorry face for making her voice loud'...


.Daadi continued..:usually they say not to disturb the patient, but here we are in doubt .,thinking who is the patient?


Jalal: daadima, aap bhi na..


Daadi came and sat near him. And brushed  over  his hair once..



Daadi: Jalal, I cannot wait anymore and I can't see you two suffer like this anymore.

 She looked down on the bed and saw Jalal holding Jodha's hand still in his.. Dadi slowly  took their hands and covering  them within  hers said: I am not going to come back here again, but I am going to wait for your call.. a call saying " daadima, mai aapke bahu ko lekar aa raha hu".. saying that she looked at Jodha's gloomy face, Jalal just sat there with a dried mouth, trying to re-script the words he just heard.



Daadi freed her hand and brushed over Jodha's head slowly and said : beta, time is the answer for everything. It may take time for the healing and  i  tell never wait , it just move on and take you with it. From now onwards you are not alone, you are going to have all of us in your journey'... with that dadi placed a comforting and reassuring kiss over her forehead.



Daadi: I think we need to leave now. and looked at Shehnaaz and said: let's go..


Shehnaaz nodded her head: hum..


Daadi: ha, Shehnaaz  from now I need your help for everything, we don't have much time..


Shehnaaz: jee, dadima'... she smiled at Jodha and placed a kiss over her forehead and looked at Jalal as if giving him the support. He tried to smile at her too..


Daadima as she walked towards the door said: Jalal , Abdul will bring your stuffs, so you don't need to worry..


Jalal: thanks daadi..


Daadi: no thanks, just come home soon with Jodha'


He watched her as she walked away.. he came back to reality and found Jodha's face still emotionless and looking at the side .. daadi and Shehnaaz disappeared...  he tried to bring a relief smile as he recollected dadi's words and asking Shehnaaz to help her with everything.. 


. he looked down to the bed and found his hands still holding hers'... he never left those, even in his tired sleep, not even when he realized his daadi is around, he didn't feel like leaving it for a second, to walk out with Daadi.. he just kept them safe in his.. he looked again at Jodha's face. She looked at him with her pale eyes'


Jalal: how are you feeling now?..


Jodha didn't say anything.. but just looked at him unbelievably'.. he tried to read her eyes..


Jalal: Jodha.. you still look tired , take rest..


She didn't turn her look away.. still kept her eyes on him for an answer..


maybe now he understood what's in her mind..


Jalal in his softest voice : you lost your conscious on our way,  that is why I brought you  here., little far away from our home, but... he tried to reason, and  met her unsatisfied eyes again..


 Jalal: Jodhaaa, don't look back at your past. I know it was/ is painful.. . we can't change the past , but it is over..  and now I am here with you to share that pain'... and I know why you went to Shivpur again...!. 


in a wet tone he tried to spill those broken words out..:.  you never thought of me for a second.. my face never came in front of your eyes.?. .. how can you think of leaving me alone like that Jodha.. I am incomplete without you and I can't take a step without thinking about you..  then how could you take such a big decision ...maybe my ego forced me to act differently with you,  to pretend in front of you  that i can live happily without you.. to show you off my fake stand... I know many things happened, and all were talking about us. But I don't care about that. I don't want them to understand or clear their doubt in our relationship. I failed to convince you that, that is why you walked away from me,.. 

     ...I accepted you as mine completely...  I don't care what they write about us tomorrow, but I do care what you feel about me , I do care if it gives you pain, I can't take those thorns that gave you pain till yesterday, but I can help you to heal all those wounded sores, because if that sores give you pain,  then it really  hurts me too , then I can't tolerate it. I need my balance back, and only you can bring that in my life'..


 the shaking voice of his throat reached her ears.., she saw the peeking tear drop in his eyes.. but she lay still, looking deep into his eyes..



The sound of  Abdul brought them back to reality. He kept the bag on the table and asked for anything else before walking out understanding Jalal's silent response...




Jalal looked back again at Jodha's face. He lowered his face and placed a soft kiss over her cold hands and then with little hesitation released her hand'...

 went and opened the bag and took a fresh pair of dress and moved to the restroom'


Jodha looked at her hand where she felt the warmth of his lips. She felt it shivering as he left it free ... she felt the cold again..


 the nurse came in.



Nurse: so Mrs. Mohammad, how are you feeling now?.


 She just looked at the nurse plainly.


The nurse checked on the fluid bag and said: you are so lucky dear, you have got such a caring husband. You should have seen his face when he brought you here in his arms. He did shout at everyone to get the immediate help possible for you especially when he heard the Dr asking him to register your name first... he said Jodha..

  the nurse continued as she was setting things around: but then the attender asked for full name, and his relationship with you as you were unconscious, you should have seen his reaction, he almost split this building into two as he shouted loud: Mrs. Jodha Jalaluddin Mohammad..., but  then when he said your full name as Mrs. Jalaluddin Mohammad, all help came without any delay. there was no more questions around... but still he didn't leave you not even for one second. He was just sitting near you, holding your hands. I told many times that we can take care of you, and he can take a break,


looking at Jodha's face she said:  lekin aap ki pati Jalal to, bohut jiddi hain. who gets such luck now a days.. you are really lucky...


 But then Jalal came out all freshen  up..

Nurse: so finally Mr. Mohammad, how are you feeling now?


Jalal: I feel good sister..


Nurse: hum.. we were thinking of bringing another fluid stand for you, you didn't eat or drink anything , right?. Anyway now your wife looks better, so you both can try to have something to eat.. and ha Mrs. Mohammad, if you can eat and drink well, then we can discontinue this fluid and you may be able to go home soon too..


Jalal: Thanks sister, I will make sure she eat something..


Nurse: good.. call me if you need anything.. ok..


Jalal: sure sister..


He went and sat near her and stroked over her head, looking into her eyes he asked: how are you feeling now ..?


She just nodded her head conveying she feels good..


Jalal: lets' try to eat something.. I hope Abdul brought something good,  tastier to tongue... ha ha..


he tried to bring back his normalcy into it..


Jodha watched him as he opened the tiffin bag and she watched him coming near to her with a plate.. he tried to feed her but she didn't open her mouth..


Jalal:o k, I also think this food doesn't smell tasty.. let me call daadima, and ask her to cook something tastier herself..,...  you don't know Jodha she is a very good cook,   it's been long since she got into kitchen, she is so lazy you know. She make me to cook for her when Abdul take leave.. but still she won't get in there. But now , let me ask her to do it... as she doesn't have any other choice.  and then looking back at her.. ok , one second, let me grab my phone.



He saw her automatically opening her mouth.. with a smile he placed the food in her mouth..



Jalal: ye hui na bath.. don't worry Jodha..  vaise ye khana bhi thoda acha hoga, Abdul only made this na. ..aur dadine bhej diya na hamareliye' only as you feel , ok. But at least try some.. it will surely help you.. she took few more bites and Jalal understood her struggling to swallow it down...



Jalal: ok baba, now let me try some..ok,


and he continued to eat from the same plate, making comments on it.. she just watched him, she knew he brought her into his world already, if she don't eat, he neither'... he took the empty plate away and came back .. he helped her to wipe her face, and stroked over her head again.



Jalal: how are you feeling now?


Jodha forced herself to get the words out, but it couldn't pass the lump..


Jalal: don't worry Jodha, you will feel better soon, OK.. he just looked into her eyes.. his cell phone rang, he attended it .. she just watched him throughout.. time just passed by.. she wake up in a jerk.. and found him still holding onto her hand and sleeping sitting on that chair next to her bed.


 she looked at his sleeping face. His face was looking calm.. all the memories flashed through her.. from the time he  shouted at her coming late to work to the time she walked away from him ... it was a freezing moment for her and may be for him too..




I just ran away from there, I saw you moving on your life, but deep in mind I know , I hurt you badly and you are hurting yourself badly, to show me that you are happy..


but then I forced myself to be in a different place, I dreamed of my baby, I dreamed of my future with my little one.. but everything went wrong. And now i wish, ...


 I wish I have listened to you once, and accepted your words that i need you in my life...,




I wish I didn't made that comment.. that I don't need your help, I can stand on my own,..


I wish I held you tight in my arms as you forced me to walk with you in front of the media people,..




I wish you should have just looked into my eyes and read my mind and held me tight in your arms close to your heart, to calm me down, and  made me feel everything will be alright..



But alas! I can't hold back that time .. as you said, we cannot do anything now to get back there..


but is there is any hope for my existence now. Her other hand just stroked over her lower tummy as she thought of that, this would have never happened if I have tightened my hold on your hand'...


suddenly she felt the tightening grip on other hand, and she felt the coldness of her tears on her cheek.. quickly she wiped it off and closed her eyes' ...



He looked at her closed eyes, he felt calm.. but his forehead tightened as he noticed the wet streak on her cheek.. he lifted his hand up, and dried them softly.. she felt the warmth of his love as she felt his soft lips over her forehead'.





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Jodha , still in her hospital gown,  stood on her feet slowly,... to get ready. She saw  Jalal packing everything.

It took complete two days for her to gain that strength back.


Jalal coming near her: here, this is what dadi send for you,  he gave her the red dress in her hand.


Jodha without questioning him  took that from his hand and slowly walked to the bathroom


Jalal just stood watching her for a minute, 'oh Jodha, i wish you said something ,  you are just following what i am saying now.". Wish i could just shake your shoulder and say "ye, tell me what is going on inside, or just cry loud and let the world hear it, your silent cry is more painful for me, i am near you, please share your thoughts with me..." and then looking back at the bags, he zipped it well.


Abdul came and picked up everything and walked out, to the corridor.


Time ticked by..


 Jodha came out, she was looking gorgeous in that gold work red salwar. she looked around the empty room. Took the towel off from her hair and dried it well. She felt so good and fresher.


Jalal walked in and handed the phone to Jodha saying 'daadi'. She took the phone from him



Jodha: hello...a forceful voice came out from her throat but after that she listened carefully, silently as her voice stuck back in her throat', and was nodding her head as if Daadi can see her listening.


Jalal gave an  'amazing look at the stunning natural beauty, who is standing  in front of him, even though she still has that shadow of sadness in her face,  and in her dried hazel eyes. 


 She gave the phone back to Jalal silently.


Jalal jerked from his dream world and came to reality, taking it from her and listening to it , he said : Jee daadi, will see you soon.



He looked at Jodha as she was circling the dupptta around her neck.


Walking near to her, he grabbed her hand : chale



She just nodded her head and   walked out from the room along with him. Jodha just followed him like an obedient doll... 


She sat inside the car, and passively looked outside at the passing street.


The driver stopped the car near a Temple. Jalal helped her to get out from it slowly. He grabbed her hand strongly as they climbed the steps. The sound of Holly bell was ringing in her ears. As they reached the top, Daadi and Shehnaaz walked  out towards them.


Daadi took Jodha to her side, and slowly took her dupptta 's corner and put that around her head. Jodha just followed as daadi guided her. The mandap was ready with the Holly fire dancing with smooth wind in the middle of it from the Hawan. Jalal was already seated . Shehnaaz and daadi helped Jodha to sit near him. The ceremony started with offerings to Lord Ganesha.  Jalal and Jodha did the offerings to fire as the Pandit continued with his Holly mandras... The atmosphere was filled with the sound of Hymes and sweet fragrance from the agarbathi..


For a second, the image of her whole family flashed in Jodha's mind ... blessing them...   but somewhere she was sitting blank., following the rituals as it continued...


Pandit: kathbandan ke bath hum saath phere suru karenge,


Shehnaaz did as pandit instructed and Jalal and Jodha took their seven vows and he put the mangalsutra around her neck and put the sindoor over her parted hair.


Jodha stood in front of him bowing her head , respecting the rituals. Her face was glowing divinely beautiful with  the sindoor on her forehead.  Jalal looked at his wife with pride.


"Congrats Mrs. Jalaluddin Mohammad".. his soft voice jerked her head slightly and looked at his eyes once..


she tried to smile.. but he saw the struggle in her eyes. He comforted her with his gesture, by guiding her to daadi. They took her blessings and then together stood in front of the Lord with folded hands and prayed for all His blessings..


They walked near to the car.. ... Jalal slowly took her hand in his as the car started moving towards the mansion


Jalal thought... it may take some time Jodha, so only Daadi arranged such private function. Take your time to be my Jodha ... Jalal ki  Jodha.. but from now onwards you are mine, and you have a family to worry about.. with that thought he squeezed her hand in his as if not to leave it anymore.


They reached Mansion.. Jodha toppled the rice filled pot and entered the house with red color stained feet bringing the mark of prosperity behind..


Jalal received a call and he went on answering it.


Shehnaaz helped  Jodha to settle down... Daadi went and sat near  Shehnaaz and Jodha


Daadi:  Jodha, you don't have to worry about anything. Take your time. Now you are the bahu of Mohammad family.  And for that, you don't  need to change in a day. Be the Jodha that you are till today, wear the dress that gives you comfort. We are not going to announce it till you are ready for it. So be yourself.but remember if you need anything, we all are around you, you are not alone. Ok.


Jodha was unable to control herself,. For a moment she thought it is her mom talking to her, comforting her. She hugged daadi in a reflex action and controlled her tears as they started filling her eyelids. Daadi just hugged her back...


Jalal saw this  as  he walked in and felt some relief seeing them together , seeing her sharing that tear drops with dadi.. he came near; Daadi ,i need to go , urgent meeting..


Daadi: ha, and don't worry. Shehnaaz and, i m with her. Take your time, i will call you if we need anything. OK..


Jalal: theek hei daadi and then just looked at Jodha lovingly and said: I will try to be back soon.. she nodded her head unknowingly acknowledging his words.


After some time


Shehnaaz: daadi, so  now I  also need to leave . I will be back on weekend, and we will have the  feast, ok...


Daadi: sure beta..


she said bye to Jodha and left..


daadi: Jodha , if you want to change, go ahead , everything is ready for you in your room.. Oh dear.. come, let me take you to your room, ..


Jodha: daadi, i m fine..


daadi: tho theek hei.. you can take rest if you want to..


Jodha: nahi dadi, i m fine..


Daadi: Ok then, come with me, i will give you your hak ..


 Jodha looked at her in confusion..


daadi: don't get confuse.. come with me.,  don't worry it is not the key of this house, even i don't carry it myself, too heavy you know,  Abdul takes care of all that. If i take it in my hand, then these people won't  free me for any minute, and then i won't be able to meet my friends. So take my first tip, if anyone comes back  of you and ask you to do something, give some excuse, or else you will be in trouble soon.  And ha, don't tell Jalal that I told you this, ok... . she guided Jodha to her room with her talk to light her heart, and went and took the ornament box out and opened it in front of her. And said : these all are old fashioned ones , but precious, i was holding it for long, and now the real hakdar is here, so now it belongs to you.


Jodha looked at Dadi... time just passed by..


Jalal came back little late. They all had their dinner together. Jalal noticed the small takes of Jodha on her food, he didn;t say anything, . .  Jodha helped Abdul to settle the kitchen..


Daadi: Jalal, did everything go well?.


Jalal: yes daadi.


Daadi: nobody asked about your missing days..  how can they,, right.  they know you well now... and ha, ...   Jodha did well, hope she will come out from this struggle soon.


Jalal: ha Daadi, hum sab heina..



Jodha came back and stood nearby..


Daadi: Ok beta, i m tired now.. ha, Jodha didn't take any rest till now. so i think it will be better , if you guys.. before she could complete..


Jalal: Jodha didn't take any rest!..


daadi: no, I told her, but she  said she is fine..



Jalal: ok , then daadi, good night..


Daadi: goodnight beta,..


she said goodnight to Jodha too.. and walked to her room.


Jalal went and held Jodha's hand and guided her to upstairs. But then as they neared the steps, he paused for a second.. Jodha looked at him in concern..


Jalal: allow me.. before giving her a second to comprehend, he lifted her up in his arms and climbed the stairs. she held her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes.. he looked into her eyes once, and then looked straight and climbed up with confidence .. he was unable to show off his happiness, as now his love is clinging to him, he looked back into her eyes one more time, her sindoor was sparkling and the black &gold beads on her mangalsuthr was shining with happiness..


The night was bright with full moon spreading the sparkling shines over the sleeping earth... he passed the cream and white silky curtains and opened the door to their room...




Precap : First Night And Jalal's Thoughts




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AkankshaENRIQUE IF-Dazzler

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HI DI...Wink
HOW R U...Big smile
MISSED U...Embarrassed

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yipee me second here 
res...again the same :P
won 1st 2nd n 3rd position because u di...thk u

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