Sadda Haq Season 2


Sadda Haq Season 2
Sadda Haq Season 2

||~Teri Yaadein~|| My last SanDhir OS :)

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First of all, FOR PMs ADD
-I have 200+ friends on my friend list, and sending PM to all is very difficult, so those who actually want to read this story and want PM for this SS, Send buddy req. to --Non--Sane--
 THANK YOU to everyone who comments/PM/Scraps me over my Fics. You guys inspire me to write more 'cause in real life I am far away from writing. :P Thank you so much for all your support, gummy bears! <3 x

P.s ITS DAMN LONG.!! Confused

||~~SanDhir OS~~||


Some say there is an exact moment when you fall in love. I didn't know if was true before, but I do now. As I walk in my memory lane, I for the first time saw her solving Vardhan sir's question. She was beauty with brains, but it took me a bit longer to realise that.

It took me 4 years to realise my love for her.  

He smiled bitterly, looking at his and her photo. He was drunk, badly drunk. This was his daily routine after she has left him. For the world he was the biggest and the richest business man, but only he knew what he actually was. A miserable, vulnerable guy who still laments over his ex-girlfriend. 

His daily routine was same: Waking up early in morning, going to office, firing someone on a daily basis. Coming back to his house with a chick and f*cking her, to erase his ex-girl's memories.

Right now, he was sitting in his study room, pictures covering him completely. The whole floor was flooded with pictures. His, now broken family's pictures, his mother and her lover's pictures which were leaked in public 10 years ago, his and her pictures. Not even an inch of the floor could be seen, there was hell loads of pictures, sweet, bitter every memory completely filled the marble floor.

He looked at his guitar, and smiled brokenly. How she used to love when he used to sing a song to her. He got up from his chair and advanced towards the guitar, he was stumbling, but didn't fall.
He took the guitar and came back to his seat.

He closed his eyes, fresh set of tears started trickling down his cheeks. Every memory he has spent with her was so fresh, as if they were yesterday.

"Teri Yaadein, Mulakatein...Mai kaise bhulu chahat ki voh barsatein?
Teri Yaadein, Mulakatein...Mai kaise bhulu chahat ki voh barsatein?
" He tried to make a new tune. After she was gone, he wrote many songs in her memory.

He tried to sing something more, but he fell unconscious.

Sunlight was disturbing his sleep, he stirred in his sleep, and finally forcing his eye lashes to open, ceiling staring him back. He closed his eyes again, not having any energy to see another day. His head was thumbing, Last night's hangover.  He looked around, confused he was now in his bed. But he was in his study room last night, then how? He wondered. Must be one of his servants, this was nothing new for him. He almost passes out in his study room, or living room and then one of his servant carries him back to his room.

He got up and looked out at the rising sun. Another same day, with same routine. He thought and sighed.  He checked his phone, and saw many messages, this was usual for him.

There were many messages from his office, his P.A and many from Paparazzi. He never goes through them, but today was different, one name caught his attention.

The message read. "Your rival Sanyukta Aggarwal' is having a secret fling. Do you think this will be a positive point for your business, as now she'll be busy with his boy?"

This made Randhir stare at his phone's screen, dumbstruck.

She's having a secret fling? He thought, but suddenly ignored it. He knew Sanyukta would never have an affair, not at least now, when she is working so hard to bring her company up.

No this can't be true, did she forget him? Doing that was this easy for her? Or maybe only Randhir is still stuck in past.
But what if she's really involved with someone? This would be the last thing Randhir wants in his already F*cked up life.

He spent the whole day drinking, and smoking drowning himself completely in her memories. 

Uh, No. Not just for a day, but for one whole fudging week. He didn't step out from his study room. He got hell loads of calls from his P.A, asking about his whereabouts, but he didn't pick up any call.

His P.A finally came to his house asking about him, but he locked himself in his study room, shouting that he didn't want to meet anyone. There was havoc in the media; the news was already out that Randhir Singh Shekhawat was missing from one week. It was difficult for his Secretary to handle this news.

He finally stepped out from his house after two weeks, still not bothered about his work, he went to a beach, to get some fresh air.

Sitting on the shore, he was humming a new tune to himself, unknown to the fact that someone else was also listening to his self composed song.

"This is simply brilliant. Randhir Singh Shekhawat, who was missing from two weeks, is here, singing some song in someone's memory." Varun, The famous music director finally went and sat beside Randhir after listening to the heart wrenching song, Randhir was humming.
"What do you want?"  Randhir asked, rudely.
"Angry, are we?" Varun asked.
"What the hell? What do you want?" Randhir growled, clutching Varun's collar.
"Take it easy man. I just want you to give the copy rights of this song to me. This is awesome, this will be a hit. I want to release this song." Varun said calmly.
Randhir left his collar, and looked at him, Varun Jateja. The famous music director, was asking him to sell this song to him? But how can he? He wrote this song for Sanyukta, the song was precious for him. But suddenly, he got an idea, he smirked.
"Okay, but I'll be a part of the song in the song video, rather, I'm the hero." Randhir suggested.
Varun thought, that wasn't a bad idea, It would take his music company to a new level. Randhir Singh Shekhawat, featuring in his music video?

That would be the biggest hit of the century. Both the men shook hands, agreeing to the contract.

Randhir came back to his house, feeling much relieved. This music video will solve many problems, first"He got an excuse for him going missing for these two weeks, now he can say that he was busy in this video. Second"after the release of the song, Sanyukta would get to know that he stills loves her like mad.

From next day they started working on the new project. After 2 days, the news was in media already that Randhir will be soon seen in a music video.

And overnight, Randhir was the biggest hero. Yeah, the video got 1 million views and likes on YouTube.
Girls were going Gaga over his new look in the video, his beard, and his shirtless avatar made them go mad. Guys were already dedicating the song to their love.

This was literally the biggest hit of the century. When he got up in morning, he checked his phone to get the biggest surprise, the song was mega ultra blockbuster in just one night?

And media was going crazy, just for one interview. But he made this deal with Varun early only, that he would not give any interviews, or anything.

After one month.
This was one of the biggest days for Randhir, There was a award function, which used to held every year for every big business man. From 7 years, Randhir was winning the "Biggest and Richest" Business man's award. But he never attended the function, but today he'll be attending the function because this year Sanyukta was also nominated.

He was looking formal and posh as usual in his Gucci three piece suit. He stepped out from his Lamborghini. As soon as he was on Red carpet, camera men ran towards him, leaving a shocked Sanyukta back.  Yeah, she came here before Randhir and Media people were asking her questions, about her company's development and her new "secret fling" and about her new look, she was wearing a backless sari. But as soon as Randhir stepped on the red carpet, the media people ran towards him, leaving back Sanyukta.

She looked at him, as one of the female reporter tried to touch his cheeks asking about his latest music hit. And he was trying to walk past them, but was unable to. He looked ahead to find Sanyukta standing there, looking at him. Their eyes met Heart beats in syn. And the memories of their bitter past came running in their minds.


"Randhir, I can help you. I swear I can. My dad is an MLA; he can help you in getting back to the college. " The 2nd year Girl said seductively, touching Randhir all over.
Yeah. Randhir and Sanyukta were rusticated from college for bullying Manish. Randhir packed his bags, and was on the gate of FITE when this girl, Ananya, came there saying that she likes him a lot, and will do anything for him. And she can even help him getting back to college. Randhir thought and said, "Okay, but I want Sanyukta back in college too. You help HER." Randhir said, He loves Sanyukta to this extent that he's thinking about her before him.
"But she's your girlfriend right? Mai usee help kyu karun? You'll go back to her, and what about me? What will I get in return?" The girl asked.
Randhir closed his eyes. Not knowing what to do, but he also knew that Sanyukta left her family for engineering, and now because of that guy Manish she was being rusticated. He knew he needed to do something for her, she has done so much for him and now this was his turn.
"Okay, I'll break up with her. You just help her." Randhir said, making up his mind.
"Okay, Baby." The girl said and suddenly hugged him, Randhir didn't hug her back, all this meant nothing for him, he was just doing this for Sanyukta. The girl looked up and placed her lips on his.

This was when he came out of his chain of thoughts, he was shocked. She tried to suck on his lower lip, Randhir wasn't even responding. He was thinking about his and Sanyukta's kiss.

That was when he heard her shout, he looked in his left to find Sanyukta crying.
He came towards her, and tried to hug her, to comfort her and to tell her the truth but she didn't listen. She pushed him back, and started shouting on him, that how could he do this to her, she loved him and gave him her everything. But he cheated her and all, and to add a cherry on the top, she slapped him and asked him to never ever show her his face.

"She's no less than a bitch Randhir, and you asked me to help her?" The girl asked.
"You just help her, that's it. I want her to complete her engineering, I know, after what I've done, she'll never ever forgive me. " He said and went away from there.
After 5 days, they were back in the college, but Randhir was no less than a zombie. He never talked to anyone, never came out of his room. He was there just to finish his degree.

And after a year, both of them graduated. They never shared a word after that incident.
After some months, of their break up, Renuka Sanyal's marriage news was leaked in public. But Randhir didn't even react on that. He just promised himself that he'll become more powerful that his ex-mother, and will beat her.

Flashback ends.

Now after 10 years, they were face to face, no one moved even an inch. Their eyes were glued to each other's. How badly, Randhir wanted to hug her. And to tell her that he never cheated her. He always loved her and always will, but suddenly there came Sameer.  News was in public that Sameer and Sanyukta were dating, but Randhir ignored all the rumours, but when he saw Sameer there with Sanyukta he got to know that she has really moved on. And he was still a loser, who was stuck in his past. He smiled bitterly, looking at her, she just tried to control her tears and went inside.

Sanyukta and Randhir's chair were placed next to each other, so now they were sitting beside each other, and Sanyukta was sitting between Randhir and Sameer.
And finally, the moment came. The announcers for the "Biggest and the Richest" Business man for the year, were on the stage. Sanyukta, Randhir, Renuka and many other were nominated, but history repeated itself this time as well, Randhir won the award, he smiled satisfactorily after hearing his name, he has left Renuka far behind.

He went on the stage to receive his award, when he was asked to give a speech. Wait a minute. Speech? Whom is he suppose to thanks? His breakup with Sanyukta? Or his mother, who left him all alone? Damn, he was such a loner.
He started his speech. "Uh, Uh. This actually feels good. I'm receiving this award for the 8th time, and I'm happy. I just hope to receive this next year as well, I just want to thank "HER" who was there every time, whenever I needed her, she was there with me in all the times, bad and good, I just can't thank her enough for this." He said and was about to go when the hosts stopped him and asked him to sing few lines of his newly released song. He didn't want to, but he agreed after looking at Sanyukta and Sameer together.

"Teri yaadein...Mulaakatein...

Main kaise bhuloon chahat ki wo barsaatein 

Tu hi mera dil hai
Tu hi meri jaaan
Tu hi mera dil hai
Tu hi meri jaaannn...

Kabhi to paas mere aao
Kabhi to nazrein mujhse milao
Kabhi to dil se dil ko milao

ohh jaaanaaa...

Meri jaan palkein yun na jhukana
Meri jaan mujhse door na jana
Meri jaan mujh ko bhul na jana

oh jaaanaaa...

Mujhe lauta de
Wo mera pyaar...
Mujhe lauta de
Wo mera pyaar...

Main tera hi deewana hoon
Teri baatein kabhi main bhul na paun 

Tu hi mera dil hai
Tu hi meri jaaan
Tu hi mera dil hai
Tu hi meri jaaannn...

oh yaara...
kyun khafa ho mujhse
oh yaraa...
kyun judaa ho mujhse
oh yaara...
Mera pyar hai tujhse

oh jaaanaaa...

Tere bin dillagi hai adhoori
Tere bin aashiqui hai adhoori
Mujhe milna hai tujhse zaroori
oh jaaanaaa...

Mujhe lauta de
Wo mera pyaar...
Mujhe lauta de
Wo mera pyaar...

Kabhi to paas mere aao
Kabhi to nazrein mujhse milao
Kabhi to dil se dil ko milao

ohh jaaanaaa...

Meri jaan palkein yun na jhukana
Meri jaan mujhse door na jana
Meri jaan mujh ko bhool na jana
ohh jaaanaaa...""

He stopped after realising that he sang the full song. He smiled awkwardly and left the function in between.

He saw her in a hot shot LV thigh length black dress, she was sitting in a corner. Yeah he left the function before in between because he didn't want to face her then, but he was back for the Party which was organised after the function.
He saw her drinking shots, he too took a glass of whiskey and gulped in one go. He drank a bit more, and more and more, and then when he was fully drunk, he looked at her, she was behaving like retards. She was laughing continuously without any reason. He went towards her, and pulled her on the dance floor.

"DJ got us falling in love again." This track started and they slowly started swaying their bodies on the beats of the song. After this the song changed and a romantic, intense song was being played, So Sanyukta circled her hands around his neck, and he pulled her closer by her waist, both of them were lost in the moment, looking into each other's eyes. They were dancing very close.

Randhir pulled her more closer, and when their lips were inches apart, the DJ played Randhir's newly released song. "I've composed this song, FOR YOU. I STILL LOVE YOU, SANYUKTA. YOU'RE EVERYTHING TO ME. YOU ARE THE ONE I THANKED TODAY IN MY SPEECH. YEAH YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE WITH ME, IN MY GOOD AND BAD TIMES, YOU MEMORIES WERE THERE WITH ME. I LOVE YOU, JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE TO PROVE MY LOVE TO YOU. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH."  Randhir mutters on her lips, tears started trickling down her cheeks, though they were badly drunk, but she knew he was telling the truth. She moved forward and kissed him, the kiss was an intense one from the starting itself.

They broke the kiss, and Randhir pulled Sanyukta to his car, and went to his mansion. They were walking towards Randhir's room, when Sanyukta stumbled on the wall, Randhir held her on the right time and kissed her naughtily. "This is so wrong. We shouldn't do this, but this is so right at the same time. I don't know." He said and laughed, Sanyukta pulled him closer by his tie and started kissing him on his throat, biting him, and then sucking the same spot to relief the pain.
They went in his room, Randhir pushed Sanyukta on the bed and came over her, their lips never leaving each other's. Sanyukta removed his coat,  and threw it away, and then his shirt and then he removed her dress, and soon their undergarments were piled on the floor with their other clothes, and one thing led to the other and then, more and more of Ahem ahem, and then after 3 hours Sanyukta slept in his tight embrace. But sleep was far away, for Randhir, how can he sleep with her being so close to him, he kept on staring at her beautiful face. He pulled her more closer.
She forced her eye lids to open, her head was thumping with last night's hangover, she looked around to find, herself in a different room, she saw, Randhir sitting on the couch, shirtless and humming a new tune, his back was facing her, she smiled looking at him, she remembered everything that happened last night, how can she even forget the most precious night of her life? And the best thing is that, she is not even guilty, she knew Randhir still loved her, she could clearly read his eyes. She got up from the bed and wore his shirt which was kept on the floor. And went and sat beside him, fidgeting with her fingers, and looking down at her lap, he looked at her, and smiled.

She was in his shirt, and was looking hot as ever. He got on his knees and took her hand in his hand and kissed it, and caressed her hand with his lips, Sanyukta was blushing hard.
"Did I love my princess well? Did you enjoy yesterday's night?" Randhir asked. 
Sanyukta was just bushing, he got his answer.
"I really love you. I always did." He said, close to tears.
"I love you more." She said smiling.

Days turned to nights and then to mornings, but they didn't stepped out of the room, they were way busy in patching up, making patch up love, everywhere, in his room, in his bathroom, in his Jacuzzi and his swimming pool which was attached to his room.

And finally they realised that, it's been 3 days, Randhir looked at his phone, and messages of happy new year. He smiled looking at Sanyukta who was sleeping in his arms, after making passionate love. He carefully, got up from the bed, and called his P.A.

When Sanyukta got up, Randhir was not there in the room, she looked around confused, and saw a royal classy, gown on the bed with a note which read "I want you to wear this for the dinner tonight."  She smiled and got ready for the dinner. She walked down the stairs to find that there was not even a single servant in the house, she went towards the dining table to find Randhir sitting there, he got up from his chair and pulled a chair for her, they were just smiling looking at each other, not saying a word. Finally breaking the deadly silence, Randhir offered Sanyukta a glass of wine to which she took, and sipped.

She swallowed something hard, her eyes popped out, and she started coughing and a ring came out from her mouth, and she looked at randhir confusedly.

Randhir looked at his watch, and after sometime, he got on his knees, and held her hand in his one hand and ring in another.
"Ms. Sanyukta Aggarwal, I don't like your name much, it's boring, I want to call you Mrs. Sanyukta Randhir Singh Shekhawat.  This sounds royal and posh. So do you want to change your name?" He asked and looked at her, she was shocked, and was smiling like idiots.
"Sanyukta answer fast, Its getting late." Randhir said looking at the watch.
"Yes, even I found my name a boring and I want to make it exciting, posh and royal, so you can have the pleasure of calling me Mrs. Sanyukta Singh Shekhawat." Sanyukta said, and Randhir looked at the watch.
3 , 2 , 1. And finally, Randhir placed his lips on hers, "Happy new year, my would be wife." He said, in between of the kiss. "
"Happy new year to my future hubby too." She said and deepened the kiss.

And they got married, on 14 February, the day of love. And they merged their companies, and named it, "SRSS" Private limited.

And that year, Randhir and Sanyukta together won the "BIGGEST AND THE RICHEST" business man's award. 


3,461 words. Shocked
I know Its a bit long for an OS...But this was in my mind from quite a long time so posted. Smile

 and yes this is my LAST OS. I'm leaving I-F and that's final now, so yeah Embarrassed
Just hope you liked the crap above?
BTW, Scroll down for PARTY. Big smile

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SO, Um, first of all, DO listen to this song, on which I've written the OS. 
"Teri Yaadein" by Atif Aslam..<3 Its an amazing song...<33 

And now, PARTY TIME..!!! 
This party is for 2 reasons.
First --> Its New Year's party from my side.
Second --> Its specially for my Dixu :** She's unressed all her comments real soon this time, oye Aunty, speedometer tod degi tu toh...xD 

So let the party begin..Big smile

I know, how much you all love Pizza, so yeah here it is...Wink

ATACKKK guys...TongueLOL

Now, Mocktail time Big smile

So Um...lastly I wanna thank each one of you, you guys have always supported me, and you all just awesome.
And now when I'm leaving I-F I want everyone to stay happy and keep smiling always. 
And now I'm waiting for Hate pms for this OS, so all my haters, quickly send me a hate PM for this OS. I love the way you criticise me.!! and they're indeed funny. so laughter is the best medicine and you all are doing that. so please send me a Hate PM soonish...<3
I love my haters as well...

--Much love and chocolates.

Anu StarStar

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unresssWink ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

Moi aakhirkaar apne puraane roop mein aa hi gyiROFL

Kabhi toh paas mere aao<3..
I simply love this song<3...
Atif k awaaz mein magic hai!!
n tere writing mein bhiEmbarrassed ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

Song selection toh bada mast tha yaar...
Wonderful OS baby doll...
I loveee it..
n I love you..Embarrassed ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
muaahEmbarrassed ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

Randhir song mein shirtless tha!!!
Aaya haaye..
sachchi mein aisa koi video nikal jaaye toh kitna mazaa aa jaaye yaar..

U portrayed d sorrowful lyf of theirs sooo well..
Love you loads re..

Loved itt totally<3..

Mereko mera party mil gaya aakhirkaar..
thnks a lot..

PS..I m leavng 2 days after u..Embarrassed ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

PPS.. Sameer ka naam yaad aaya toh mereko chomu naam dimaag mein aaya..phir bori yaad aayi..n then uska chomu waala love letter..n thn came dis ---->  ROFLROFL

PPPS ...June mein 3 nye OS taiyyar rakhna!!

Love ya..

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Res ! 
And what last os why ? 
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Originally posted by Texie-Shady

Res !
And what last os why ?

Because I'm leaving I-F Big smile
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It was superb yr
I so enjoyed it

It was just simply perfect
Sandhir luvs each other unconditionally
Made for each other

Gonna miss u lyk hell
Come back soon

Luv u
Keep smiling
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Why are you leaving CryCryCryCryCryCryCry

I love your FFs , OSs, Stories so much Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

And you were right this song is amazing SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

Plzzz dont leave ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

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