Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Arshi TS:Oh My Gosh!

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TS:Oh My Gosh!
Khushi entered AR with her head covered in a village style attire with the metal jewellery and light make-up and her beaver type teeth with grandfather style glasses and oily hair that is braided,on her shoulder lay a bag that looked like an elephant because of the contents inside ,her anklets making a tinkling noise as she walked in earning weird looks from the staff,normally she would have felt uncomfortable but for a star like her she didn't feel it and she knew she looked alien but sooner or later her character is going to have style,class and elegance in the new television soap/show that she is acting in..

She walked straight to the washroom ignoring the fact that the receptionist was calling out to her stating that she can't just walk in like that..

Khushi changed into the clothes she had in her bag..pulled of the oily hair-wig-,pulled out her beaver type teeth and set her teeth right like making sure they didn't come off with the beaver type teeth,set her hair,took off her geeky glasses and metal jewellery and set her mangalsutra that was placed under the metal jewellery and studded earrings, on her right ring finger that had an 'A' was diamond studded ring,strapped on her heels and walked out of the girls washroom closing the zip of the bag after stuffing everything in it

As she walked towards the door of AR she noticed the stunned faces but clearly they didn't notice her mangalsutra as it was hidden behind her collar shirt that had like a V-neck ..realising she forgot her sindoor she put her bag in the back seat of the SUV to which she had the spare key and picked up the sindoor dabba from inside the elbow rest that lay in between the driver and passenger seat..she walked back inside to see her husband walking out of his office,she ran towards him and pulled him back into his office 

Once inside she brought her hand out that held the sindoor dabba and he with a smile on his face filled her maang and she closed her eyes savouring the moment..since his office/cabin is surround in glass the staff have a full view of what's happening

Staff member 1(Female)shocked therefore stammers:T-tha-that's Khushi Kumari i-s my f..fav..favourite actor..

Staff member 2(Male):And she is married

SM3(F):To our boss

SM4(M):Arnav Singh Raizada

SM1:But why does she go with her maiden name if she is married to biggest and most richest business tycoon alive?

SM2:Its their life we shouldn't interfere


Arnav:So how's my sweetheart doing today?

Khushi placing her hands at the back of his neck:Just fine

Arnav wrapping his arms around her waist:And today's shooting?

Khushi gently placed her forehead on his chest:Ohhh! I just hate my look...if you see it you might just cry

Arnav pulled her back:What's so bad about it?

Khushi took out her phone from her back pocket of her denims:This!!! 

Arnav looked at the picture that was displayed on the screen of Khushi's phone and tried hard to not laugh and make her feel more bad

Khushi:Its fine! Laugh! Laugh all you want Raizada

Arnav biting his lip:Okay!! I'm sorry but you looks so damn funny..*resting his head on her shoulder shaking with laughter*

Khushi could feel his chest reverberate with laughter as she pushed him back:How mean! Instead of making me feel better you're laughing

Arnav:Okay! I'm sorry for laughing but I can't help long as you're the sexy siren Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada with me then I'm fine..but if you're the great superstar Khushi Kumari Gupta..a little laughter is allowed

Khushi's jaw dropped and gasped

Arnav checked the time:Time for lunch as I know the rats will be playing kabaddi in your stomach

Khushi:True..can we have italian today..I want pasta

Arnav:Okay..let's go

Arshi had lunch at Arnav's favourite Italian restaurant...which was filled with Khushi's happy chatter of her day spent at the studio and how the new set looks and Arnav just smiled listening to her thinking about how his life became so content


Arnav,the ruthless-when-it-came-to-work-tycoon-and-sweet-when-it-came-to-close-ones,was on his way to Singapore

As he boarded his flight something soft bumped into him he turned only to see a flash of white and red whizz by saying a quick sorry..

Arnav:What the!

The soft thing and Arnav boarded the flight and in a few hours landed in Singapore..

Khushi came up to Arnav hesitantly as she knows how he is so famous-heck the whole world knows Arnav Singh Raizada-especially for his anger

Khushi softly:Hi

Arnav looked up from his phone and was mesmerised to see such a beautiful creature in front of him:Urh..Hi

Khushi:Look I'm just gonna come straight to the point..I'm really sorry for bumping into you at Dehli airport,I was kind of in a hurry my manager has the anger of a tornado and if I'm late I wouldn't even wonder what my condition will be..I mean I'm the star here but he acts as if he is the star and I also know that you get angry very quickly so I..

Arnav just looked at the girl blabbing in front of him and then noticed her clothes and her beauty:Okay,Rajnikant express can you please shut up*shouted Arnav making her put a perfectly manicured finger on her luscious cupid bow lips*

Arnav:Good! As much as I hate noise which was leaving your mouth like the train leaving the station I would like you to know that although I'm known for my anger as you said in your continuous blabber I'm also known for my generosity and apology accepted next time watch where you're going as you nearly bump into a pregnant lady at the airport

Khushi sheepishly looked down not meeting his hypnotizing orbs:Sorry


Khushi:Okay! No more sorry ..Friends?! *held out her hand*

Arnav looked at her hand and then her expectant eyes:Friends *taking hold of her hand* 

Khushi beamed:See ya the way I'm Khushi Kumari Gupta

Arnav:See ya! Arnav Singh Raizada

They both parted ways..

Arnav was on his way to the Singapore branch to review the new model..and only arrived when the shoot was done as he was looking after the some other things in that branch..

He came to the studio to be stunned..

Arnav:Well..if it isn't Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta..

Khushi:Hello Mr Raizada..good to see you

Arnav:Same you're our model for this season

Khushi:Yes *packing her bag* Its a hobby for me

Arnav leaning on the counter:Then what do you do?

Khushi:I'm an actor..TV serials,movies,ads etc


And like that ASR and KKG became friends and now are married to each other

*Flashback Ends*

Khushi:Arnav!! *snapped her fingers in front of his face*

Arnav broke out of his thoughts:Huh?

Khushi:Where are you lost?

Arnav:Nothing just thinking about how I met you..

Khushi checked the time:There's still time for Aru to wake up,let's go for a walk?? What say?


Outside the restaurant..

Khushi held onto Arnav's arms as his hands dug into his denims pocket and had an animated expression whilst explaining what the spot boy did,he laughed then smiled at his childlike wife




Khushi gasped looking at the window that shielded the most expensive jewellery and pulled Arnav with her

Arnav:So which one do you like?

Khushi pointed to a simple one

Arnav smiled knowingly although there's so many other solitaire rings that are much more expensive she opted for the most simple one that suited her-a simple silver band with 3 small diamonds embedded in the band-

Arnav:Let's adorn your bare finger

They entered the jewellery store to have the attention of the manager towards them

Manager:Ahh! What a pleasant surprise Mr.Raizada and Ms.Gupta

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other and smirked

Arnav:Well I met my new client outside so we decided to come in and see what your store offers as Ms.Gupta wanted some advice on jewellery

Khushi:Shall we?

Manager:Sure,Thank you once again for gracing my store with your presence Mr.Raizada and Ms.Gupta

Arshi bought the desired ring and once outside,Arnav slid it on Khushi's ring finger not noticing the onlooker

They arrived to Shantivan only to be welcomed with laughter..which was like every other day..

Aru saw them and waddled like a penguin with his chubby and plumpy feet as he can't walk properly as yet..

Arnav felt proud of his son

Khushi's eyes welled up

They both knelt down and picked him up and kissed him on either cheek to which he squealed with laughter feeling his Papa's slight stubble and his Mumma's stubble-free face

Khushi:Mumma's baby is growing so big..

Aru bobbed his small head up and down

Arnav:So what did Papa's champ do today?

Arnav picked Aru up and made him sit on his shoulders,and Arnav held his feet as Aru played with his hair..Arnav breathed a sigh of relief that he had a haircut otherwise he would be bald because Aru pulls his hair..

Anjali:Ladoo! Tell Mumma and Papa what you learnt!

Aru in his baby language:Aloo Ing Zda..

Arnav put his right palm at the back of Aru so he doesn't fall and the other hand holding his legs

Khushi gasped then giggled:Yes Aloo Singh Raizada

Akash:Bhabhi..definitely he is gonna say his name just like Bhai but only thing it will be Aloo Singh Raizada instead of Arsh Singh Raizada..*laughed*

Arsh:Wit Da!

Khushi:Hai Devi I have two Laad Governors *placed her hand on her forehead in disbelief*

Arnav chuckled as he felt Arsh placed his tiny head on his head and Arnav knew he fell off to sleep as that his Arsh's favourite spot to be ..

NK:Finally he slept..he has been waiting for you two since the morning when he woke up to show his Mumma and Papa what he learnt

Payal:Otherwise he made us run everywhere after him

Khushi:My little badmaash! *caressed his cheek*

Arnav:I'll just put him in bed!

Arnav while walking mistakenly stepped on the tv remote switching it on

Khushi gasped looking at the tv

"Ms.Khushi Kumari Gupta,a known actress and a fling with the biggest multi-millionaire business tycoon Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada??"

Pictures are shown of them during their walk and then at the jewellery store and then Arnav putting the ring on Khushi's finger and then of them getting into the car

Arnav's temper rose and Khushi got more annoyed with this paparazzi

Khushi:Why don't they leave me alone?

Nani:Calm down,Khushi Bitiya

Khushi:But Nani,it will affect everyone's lives,I think the best thing to do is resign,at least it will stop all this nonsense

Anjali:Khushi,this is your passion,and do you see Chote,staying at home when these types of news is spread about him,no na?

Khushi:But still! *bursting into tears*

Arnav gave Arsh to NK and went to Khushi


"But in all these pictures one thing is common,the nuptial chain that Ms.Gupta ever so tried to hide under her collar shirt popped up and the sudden redness at her partition when she tilted her head towards Mr.Raizada when he put the ring on her finger"

"Our sources say that Mr.Raizada and Ms.Gupta met suddenly outside the store but our pictures of them hugging and laughing before they entered the store disagree with that statement,Mr.Raizada has said that Ms.Gupta is his client therefore she needed his advice on jewellery i.e a ring which is very simple a bit too simple against the status that Ms.Gupta holds.This is all for today as we couldn't find out from where the two met and the surrounding people who recognise them to get more news,Thank you,Good evening viewers"

Khushi hid her face in Arnav's chest

Next morning

Arnav who was previously reading the newspaper tore it

Anjali:Chote,why did you tear the newspaper,I wanted to read the horoscope for today

Mami:I wanted to read the cosmetics section

NK:I wanted to see the comic strips

Mama:I wanted to see the business section

Arnav:Enough! Di use the internet,Mami find a magazine or catalogue,NK look in the mirror and Mama there's the business newspaper *pointing at the table*

Khushi who came from the kitchen:What happened?


Khushi:I'm coming my baby

Arnav taking his seat next to Khushi who was feeding Arsh his cerelac

Arnav:Those idiots made it a page 3 news

Khushi rolled her eyes


Arnav entered his office to see his staff gathered in front of the tv

Arnav muttered under his breath:Now what?

Arnav stood in front of the tv making his presence known to his staff

Arnav wanted to break something

"Definitely something is going on between Mr.Raizada and Ms.Gupta,as you see they both are standing outside Mr.Raizada's residence happily embracing each other and lip locking this very morning and we were lucky enough that one of our journalists was present at Mr.Raizada's residence"

"We wonder what Ms or Mrs.Khushi's husband has to say about this,to know more call the number that appears on your screen"

Arnav:Alright everyone! If anyone as in anyone related to journalism wants to know more from you people,as in an inside story consider yourself fired if you spill anything not even to your closest friend,sister,brother,mother,father whoever,keep it to yourself,Understand!!

Everyone nodded fearing the wrath of ASR

Anjali was happily shopping at the mall in Dehli when a group of reporters came to her and started asking her questions upon questions

Anjali found her phone and clicked on speed dial number 5

Soon her bodyguards were shoving the reporters away from her

Anjali sat in her car and drove off still shocked and out of breath at the speed those reporters came to her

She reached home to see herself on the news

Anjali:When will these people leave us alone? 

Anjali went in her room which was so quiet that she could hear those questions again

"Are you trying to turn your brother into you by having an affair with a married person?"

"What is the reason behind all this?"

"Like they say in runs in the blood,what can you say about this?"

Anjali screamed:Stop *as she blocked her ears*

Khushi who was passing by:Dii?

Anjali snapped her head:Ha-haan Khushi?

Khushi:Di why did you scream?

Anjali:Oh no that's nothing!

Khushi:Di I saw the news and don't think its your fault,its all that scumbag's fault always the women are targeted and the men are excused,don't blame yourself

Anjali hugged Khushi and said:Is it my fault the man I loved so much had an affair and accused me of having one in front of the whole world

Khushi:Calm down Di! Control yourself! If you break down then who's gonna look after her?

Anjali lifted her head off Khushi's shoulder to look over her 7 month old baby sleeping in her crib

Anjali smiled:How come she's so quiet?

Khushi sighed dramatically:It took me so long to make her quiet,she only wants her Mumma

Anjali smiled:Yes,she's only her Mumma's baby

Arnav entered RM after dodging the press

Khushi who was carrying Arsh:Arnav why is your shirt torn?

Khushi looked at Arnav's left arm to see that its also bleeding

Arnav out of breath:Really? *he looked over to his left arm to see that it is bleeding*

Khushi pulled Arnav to the drawing room and got the first aid kit after handing Arsh to Arnav

Khushi:How did this happen?

Arnav:Your fans kinda grabbed me and tore my shirt and their nails cut my skin

Khushi while attending to his arm:I have decided to go public with you and Arsh,I don't care but I'm not Khushi Kumari Gupta I'm Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada and that's my rightful name

Arnav looked at Khushi:Are you serious?

Khushi:Dead serious!!


Khushi:Arnav,you do where your ring don't you?

Arnav:All the time,why?

Khushi:Because if they found my nuptial chain how did they not see your wedding ring

Arnav:Because its on my right hand Khushi and you know I feel awkward using things on my left hand but that doesn't mean I don't love you

Khushi nodded and then smiled

Aman walked in:Sir the press have left

Arnav nodded:I'll go change and put Aru to sleep

Arnav put Aru in his crib then tucked him and kept Aru's favourite stuffed animal next to him and then had a shower and changed into casuals

That afternoon Arnav,Khushi and Arsh went to the near by park 

They set their picnic sheet thing next to a tree 

Arnav and Khushi were busy talking when another small baby girl came crawling towards Arsh who was placed on his bottoms

She tried grabbing the teddy from Arsh but Arsh pulled back

Khushi giggled:Just like his father

Arnav:Yeah,blame it on me! He isn't like you at all isn't?

Khushi:She is so adorable

Arnav:She is,but where are her parents?

They looked over to the babies to see them talking in their own language and playing with each other



The small baby girl with chubby cheeks,blonde hair,blue eyes and a red frock turned towards the voice

Baby girl:Maaa!

The lady came and picked her baby up:Oh thank god! I found you,don't run away like that

Rosie bobbed her head up and down as if understanding what her mother said

Khushi awed

Arnav smiled

The lady then noticed Arnav and Khushi

Lady:I'm really sorry,actually since she found her wheels she just runs away leaving us worried

Khushi who was now sitting next to Arnav:You should try a walking ring for her and don't say sorry,I'm actually surprised that Aru actually let some other baby play with his toys

The lady then recognised Khushi

Lady:Aren't you the one they had on tv?

Khushi groaned:Yes I am

Lady accused:How can you do such a thing?

Khushi stood up:Excuse me?

Lady:How can you leave your husband and have an open affair with someone else?

Khushi:Listen here lady,I am not having any affair

Lady's voice pitched up:Yes you are!

Khushi whispered:Great,Stella,go on,we need to get the attention towards us

Stella:I feel really bad though

Arnav stood up and whispered back:Don't worry! Khushi..

Khushi made her voice louder:I am not! What makes you say that? Huh? You are no one to judge me!

Stella:Its horrendous,you know what they call your type of women?

Khushi:In fact I do! 

Stella:Then go back to your husband,

Khushi screamed:I am with my husband!

Stella feigned shock

Khushi:I am Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada for the past 3 years what don't you people understand?

Nani:Hats off to Khushi Bitiya!

Mami agreed as they watched the news

The 5 of them entered laughing except for the 2 babies who fell asleep

Khushi:Great performance Stell!

Stella:Oh don't worry,Khushi ma'am,I would do anything for you

Arnav:No really,it was amazing

Stella:Please sir,after what you did for my family this is at least what I can do in return

Arsh immediately woke up:Ma,ebiii!!!

Arnav mimicked Khushi:He's just like his father!!

Anjali came out from the kitchen:Great performance guys!


Anjali broke a piece of jalebi that she made and put it in Arsh's mouth

Anjali:Ouch! Badmaash,bit bui's finger

Arsh smiled showing his 4 teeth

Arsh pulled the remainder piece from Anjali and bit it

Khushi:Aru,don't do that

Anjali:Its fine Khushi,there's more!

Arnav turning his head:No,Arsh!

Arsh was adamant of pushing the jalebi in Arnav's mouth

Khushi pulled Arsh away:Baby,Pa can't have so much ebi,okay?

Arsh looked at Arnav angrily then broke a small piece of jalebi and called Arnav who was wiping his sticky face


Arsh held the small piece as he stretched his hand from Khushi's embrace towards Arnav's mouth

Arnav ate the piece making everyone aww at the sight

There's only 2 people that Arsh shares his things with as in food with is his Ma and Pa!

Part 2-Page 3

Phew! My thumbs are sore,this is by far the longest OS I have ever written
Sooo how was it? 

Please ..please comment I love reading the comments ..

NOTE: PLEASE BUDDY ME FOR PMZ (putting PMS would be just wrong (;)


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Guys please do mind the "funny" in this os because I have no clue as to how it got there and it is a link to a facebook archiveShocked Confused because I clearly remember that I cant put any link like that as yet
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nice ..
it is Rajdhani express not rajnikantexp

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simply fabulous
loved it..

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Originally posted by shruti46

nice ..
it is Rajdhani express not rajnikantexp

Oh sorry my badEmbarrassed
..aishi.. Goldie

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nice Smile

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so they got the world to know who they are to one another
kya yaar aaj kal logon ko shanti se jeene bhi naa de
she is married to her hubby
and you cant have an affair with said hubby
duh use your brains peeps
ahhh what a performance
so they told public that they are in fact married to one another
good about time those idiots know

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