Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Arshi TS:Saach Ka Saamna!!!

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Arshi TS:Saach Ka Saamna!!!
I had her strapped in front of me as I drove my bike towards the park

She opened her eyes *sigh* those almond shaped eyes,that beautiful shade of blue,she's my life

She lifted her head and smiled at me

I smiled back,that adorable smile,I don't know what I'd do without her in my life


She cries,I console

She laughs,I smile

She sleeps,I admire

She wants something,I get it as soon as possible

I would be nothing without her,absolutely nothing!

We arrived at the park ,I picked her bag with her still strapped on my chest as she played with my shirt

I sat down on the bench that we go to everyday

I placed her sideways on my lap as her back rested on my hand

She looked up from the object in her tiny palm and gurgled at me and tried to reach for my aviators

"Okay,fine its out see" I told her as I took my aviators off

She smiled even bigger and continued to play with her toy-yes this is my 9 month old baby girl-as I continued to look at the space in front of me

Hi,I'm Arnav Singh Raizada,single parent well a widower,my wife Lavanya Singh Raizada died 3 months after giving birth to our baby girl leaving her in the care of me

My baby girl,Pari Arnav Singh Raizada,is what she was christened 

She didn't tell me about it,Lavanya never told me that she was about to die,she kept it away from me,didn't she realise that how hurt I became after she left,it was the continues crying from my baby girl and the help of Di I took care of my baby but after that I moved to the states with just a few of her memories leaving my family behind ,but I decided to move on knowing she won't come back,looking at that pale and death like figure on that hospital bed,doesn't she realize how much I'm missing her..I know once I open my eyes this nightmare will be over and I'm in a deep sleep while she's still next to me on the bed in our home in India,alive!

"Lavanya wherever you are,I hope you're watching us,I miss you and so does Pari" a single tear fell from his eye still lost in thoughts

I broke out from my thoughts when I felt weight on my both my thighs

I looked down to see after a full 8.5 months my baby took her first step

I smiled amidst the tears rolling down my face

Her small chubby hands tried to wipe my tears away

"Lav,I hope you're seeing this"

"Our baby stood up for the first time on her own"

I lifted her and kissed her chubby cheeks

I wiped my face 

"My baby is gone so big"

She responded by a gurgle

Although Pari is our daughter,she looks exactly like my best friend from 9th grade,Khushi

Same blue eyes

Same chubby cheeks

Same lips

Same nose

On the outside she looks like Khushi-i don't know how,that still confuses me- but on the inside she's her dad

Lavanya Singh Raizada,I met her on my business trip to London and after that we fell in love due to continues calls and dates,she moved to India,she was accepted by my family as my family is not the traditional types they are the cool,modern types and so is my Nani


Arnav got shocked at the surprises in one day

"You said your first word,Dada!"

Arnav showered kisses on her face and hugged her

"I love you,my bacha"

Pari laughed and placed her mouth on Arnav's cheek as if kissing him back

"Your Mumma will be so proud of you!"

Pari squealed as if understanding her Daa-Daa!

Arnav placed Pari on his lap and searched for something in her baby bag

"Got it,and now we will write it down your first step and first word"

Arnav noted it down in the given boxes in Pari's baby book that had every stage of her,a picture of her from the day she was born and dated with the time

Lavanya started it and Arnav continued it!

That book had everything ..

From her first cry to her first smile till this very day!

Arnav put a picture of her everyday in that book and put a caption

Arnav loves his baby girl very much

Suddenly a lady came and sat next to them 

Arnav who was looking at a different direction tapping Pari's back to make her sleep turned when Pari who was facing the opposite direction tried jumping out of his hold and like they say a baby will only know when his/her mother is around


Pari responded in her baby language

Arnav turned his head and sat still as if he is a statue


The lady turned shocked but then smiled

"Oh my god! Arnav"

"How are you?"

"I'm good! And you? What are you doing in the states?"

"Living my life,I left India forever and I'm doing good!"

"So this is Pari *(in thought-My baby girl)*,your daughter"

"Yeah,this is the love of my life" *kissed Pari's cheek*

Pari stretched her arms to Khushi

"May I?"


Khushi took Pari in her arms and kissed her cheek

Pari kept her head on Khushi's neck on the right facing her Daa-Daa

Pari rubbed her nose trying to find a comfortable spot ,she found it and went into her dreamland by keeping her right chubby hand around Khushi's neck holding her hair

"Are you serious?" Arnav looked at Pari incredulously

Khushi laughed and ran her hand up and down on Pari's back while tearing up at holding her baby girl after almost 9 months

She blinked back her tears and looked at the innocent face of her baby

Hi,I'm Khushi Michael Pine,half white(father) half indian(mother) I became Arnav's best friend during the 9th grade,she fell in love with him but never had the guts to tell him,he ended up marrying Lavanya,Lavanya was sterile,she couldn't conceive that's when I came in,on a faithful night she drugged Arnav and Arnav being Arnav thought that I was Lavanya and I did this only for the sake of my friendship and I know that if Arnav finds out that Lavanya can never have a baby he will break down and on that night I got pregnant with my best friend's baby and for the upcoming 9 months I stayed away from Arnav and Lavanya lied to Arnav that she was pregnant and kept a pillow under her clothes to show that she is pregnant and Arnav was soo happy that he didn't care about anything other than the fact that his wife is pregnant,Lavanya fell sick during her pregnancy and it could affect her "baby" so once I gave birth to Pari I left as soon as that,I found out that Pari came out just like me and Arnav ,what do you expect I didn't like Lavanya that much so I spent most of my time going through our scrapbooks that Arnav and I created during our schooling career so Pari came out just like us and I know that he would have figured that out after Lavanya died but he doesn't know how because he knows that Lavanya gave birth to Pari but instead I did and even the doctors knew this ..I just don't want Arnav hurt he already went through so much ,I didn't want him to be hurt once again,Period! 

I was brought out of my reverie by Arnav's voice

"So,what brings you to the states?"

"Family business,and you?"

"I left India and continued with the branch in the states,I was just looking at Pari today and she reminded me of you totally,she looks exactly like you"

Khushi shifted uncomfortably in her seat hearing that,Arnav noticed that

"How?,I mean Lavanya gave birth to her but she looks like you"

Khushi felt that she can't live with the guilt anymore

"Actually,Arnav,Lavanya didn't give birth to her"

"What do you mean?"

"I..I am- I mean I am Pari's biological mother,Lavanya lied on that day saying that she got her labour pains while at a mall and that a stranger helped her but instead I called her saying that I need to go to the hospital as my labour pains started" closed her eyes fearing Arnav's reaction


Khushi explained everything to Arnav leaving the falling in love part

"I can't believe Lavanya did that"

"Trust me,I only did this for you,I couldn't see you broken once you find out that she's sterile"

Pari whimpered feeling Khushi turn her head 

"Shh,Baby!" Patted her back making her presence known

Arnav admired at how Khushi handled Pari well of course she's the one who actually had her in her womb for nine months and went through that actual labour pain while giving birth to her,Lavanya never carried Pari with so much affection in those 3 months I guess because she never had Pari with her to understand her

They both spent an hour there until Pari woke up,Khushi placed a now energised Pari in her lap by making Pari's back rest on her arm

Arnav got her baby milk out of her bag and put his arms forward to get Pari to feed her but Pari stuck to Khushi by grabbing her shirt,Pari turned her head and pressed her mouth on Khushi's shirt that was by her breast

Arnav and Khushi,both looked shocked at Pari

"I think I have to go"

Khushi handed Pari over to Arnav and got up and started to walk but stopped hearing Pari wail

"Shhh,Bacha,here *puts the bottle by her mouth but she pushes it away*" Arnav tried but failed

Pari still had her hand outstretched towards Khushi,Khushi turned around teary eyed and Pari stopped wailing seeing that

Pari said her second word that day


Khushi cried even more and a single tear fell out of Arnav's eyes

Khushi ran back and lifted Pari in her arms and hugged her,with tears rolling down her cheeks

Arnav stood up and watched this scene with a pained expression

Khushi wiped her tears and pulled Pari back

"Pari,I will have to go now,okay! But I promise I will see you tomorrow"

Pari wailed more and more

She cried until she fell asleep again with an empty tummy

Arnav saw that Pari was in deep sleep so he tried to take her back after that emotional scene

But Pari still had Khushi's shirt in her hold,very tightly so as Arnav took her she pulled Khushi with her and Khushi fell on Arnav 

Arnav held Khushi around her waist with one hand and Pari in the other

Khushi relieved her shirt from Pari's hold and gathered her things

"I'll see you some other time"

Arnav didn't reply

Khushi went on her toes and pecked Pari's cheek lightly and started to walk away wiping her tears

"A child may be with its father but that child will never get the same love that of a mother from its father,Don't go,Khushi! Don't leave me again! Pari needs her mother and I need my Khushi! Please don't go!"

Khushi stopped in her tracks for the second time that day

She turned to see a teary eyed Arnav and an innocent Pari who was far in her dreamland

Khushi ran to Arnav and hugged him,he hugged her back hiding his face in her hair as she wept on his shoulder

"I am sorry,Arnav"

"Shhh! I'm here now"

"I'm sorr-"

"Shhh! I told you I'm here now! Let's go home"

And they lived happily ever after:)

Part 2-Page 2

So how was it? Did you like it?
Comment fasssttt!! ;)
Sorry if you didn't like it as this whackass of imagination of mine comes up with crazy ideas sometimes

Love you guys!

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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simply fabulous
loved it

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-Roshini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice. :)

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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must say what an imagination
he didnt know his baby mother was khushi
well no one told him
but still didnt he find it odd that pari looks like his best friend
guess he didnt wanna see that
glad that khushi came
awww a baby knows when their mother is near
no wonder pari didnt wanna leave her
khushi is now with her family
and thats how it should be right

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gr8 imagination 
loved it

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BarunShrisJamie Senior Member

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Originally posted by devishree

gr8 imagination 
loved it

Thank you and please do accept my buddy requestSmile
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Nycc shotn

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