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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Arshi TS:Life In South Africa

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 2:21am | IP Logged
Okay I am apprehensive on posting this as I don't know what you guys will think of this total weird idea anyway so here goes
Arshi TS:Life In South Africa

Khushi Singh Raizada,a high school teacher,married but no one knows who her husband is..

(Gosh,I love writing OS's like this either people get shocked at who Arnav's wife is or who is Khushi's husband or both)

(This OS is gonna be like how my high school is set even the naming of the other teachers in the school,here in South Africa)

1st Period-8.30am-9.30am

Khushi sat in her lab waiting for her Grade 11 class to come..10 minutes passed and they still didn't come

Khushi who is very punctual walked out of her lab and saw Mr.D Naidoo walking with his usual chirpy bounce


D.Naidoo turned back:Yes Khushi 

D.Naidoo:You called for something?

Khushi:Oh yeah! Have you seen 11A? Any of the students from that class?

D.Naidoo:Not actually,I'm actually going to see R.Pillay for something

Khushi:Oh ok,you carry on then

Khushi checked her time table and saw that she is free next,she took off her glasses and kept it in its case,with that she walked out and locked her lab

She walked on the catwalk playing with her phone when she heard Mr.Bodasingh


Mr.Bodasingh:You teach a student by the name of *looked at a piece of paper* Shristhi Maharaj

Khushi:Yes Mr.Bodasingh,any problem?

Mr.Bodasingh:Oh not any problem! But I need to give her this textbook but I can't seem to find her,did you see her or any of her friends?

Khushi:Give the book to me and I'll give it to her,she stays next door to me

Mr.Bodasingh gave the thick book to Khushi:Thank you Mrs.Raizada

Khushi smiled:No problem

And Mr.Bodasingh walked away swinging his glasses in his style

Khushi plopped the textbook in her handbag and carried on walking to the staff room

1st break-10.50am-11.20am

Arnav walked down the office stairs as he held a lunch bag in his hand

Arnav walked into the secretary's office

Arnav took off his aviators and asked:Khushi Raizada?

Secretary(Female) feeling intimidated seeing this handsome man and by the looks of his black Armani suit he is rich too:Room.35 its the first block on your left after the assembly area

Arnav smiled:Thank you!

Arnav walked passed the assembly area where he was stunned to see couples kissing,there were girls gossiping and laughing with each other,there were a huge group of friends by the tuck shop laughing and having their lunch with each other,he ignored the rest of the gooey eyes that he was receiving

He read Room.35 and knocked

Arnav:Anjali sent lunch

Khushi:Thanks,will you wait I'll finish this one lesson then I'll come


Arnav stood at the door leaning on the wall watching Khushi

Khushi felt herself fumble as she taught because of Arnav's presence but composed herself and carried on

Shristhi(A/N:Entry of Mwah!*-since I stay in South Africa and I'm using my school I'm gonna put myself in it) who was present in the class giggled to herself knowing why Khushi turned red but was soon told to stop by the look she got from Arnav

Shristhi asked through an expression:What?

Arnav shook his head and rolled his eyes when he saw Shristhi wink

Tansin who sat next to Shristhi got confused by that interaction

Arnav looked down at the student sitting by the door not paying attention to the lesson and read the textbook that the student had and remembered when he did Life Sciences hence him being a reputed Doctor

The students had an activity to do and the student that Arnav was standing by was struggling and Arnav knew if he(student) didn't complete the activity he will have to face Khushi's anger

So Arnav decided to help the poor student out,he took the pencil and secretly wrote the answers for that boy and received a mouthed 'Thank you' but the boy was about to see the answers Khushi called

Arnav nodded

Khushi who's head was down in her work:Lee?

Lee:Yes ma'am

Khushi:Erase those answers! NOW!!

Arnav looked stumped but felt bad for the boy who was erasing the answers

Arnav:Khushi,leave him,this once

Khushi:He supposed to work on his own,not get help from anyone

Arnav:So I am now 'anyone'

Khushi:I didn't mean it like that,the whole family knows what a brainy you are and this activity has questions that I was supposed to explain to them hence told them to do specific ones and I know foe sure that you gave him all the answers

Arnav:Well that's true

Shristhi burst out laughing and everyone looked at her as if she is an alien

Shristhi got up from her seat and Tansin,Shristhi's best friend,felt worried for her and tried to stop her because they all know that Mrs.Raizada doesn't like anyone getting up from their seats unnecessarily or laughing for nothing and here Shristhi is doing that

Shristhi walked up to Khushi

Shristhi:What,Khushi,leave him,I know you wanna throttle him but leave him,at least concentrate on your lesson when you go home then you can fight with him all you want *said the last part and looked at Arnav and winked*

Arnav walked up to them and placed his arm around Shristhi's shoulder

Arnav:See! See how much my sister loves me! 

Khushi placed her hands on her hips and had her mouth widely open

Khushi:Okay! I'll see both of you later

Shristhi:Okay! We'll be waiting

Arnav whispered:What?? Do you want to kill me?

Shristhi whispered:Shh! I know what she'll do,she'll only not talk to you for the whole day but you,YOU woo her!

Arnav:Great! And get my pyre ready

Shristhi:Oh shush! And just do that!

Arnav:I'm using your name as reference

Shristhi nodded

After class

Tansin:What was that?

Shristhi:Oh I didn't tell you this,that is my cousin brother and his wife

An annoying girl from Shristhi's class:He is so hot,are you sure they are married?

Shristhi faked a smile:Of course why would I say cousin brother,off you go now! Scoot!

Khushi:Sorry its the mood swings

Arnav wrapped his arms around her:I know,and you do know I love seeing you all riled up it makes you look more sexy and ravishing

Khushi elbowed his chest as she packed her stuff

Khushi:Let's go home,I don't have anything after this for the day

Khushi remembered something

Khushi beamed and wrapped her arms around his neck:Looks like we need more space now

Arnav:I'm confused

Khushi:Papa,you have to take lots of care of Mumma

Arnav:Still confused

Khushi:I'm pregnant silly!

Arnav:Oh my god! *slammed his lips on hers*


They turned to see Shristhi and her friend Tansin standing by the door

Shristhi:Congratulations Khushi!! *hugged her* oh wow! I'm gonna be an aunt

Shristhi nudged Arnav:I must say you two have been busy and you have been married what 6 months now *wink*

Khushi smacked Shristhi on her head

Shristhi:Oh ,this is Tansin Premnand and Kelsey Naidoo,my best friends

Now Arshi noticed that they had other audience



The four then started walking to the office side 

Shristhi knew Arnav's phone will be in his pocket and tried to get it

After 3 tries and Tansin's warnings she got it and unlocked it

Arnav stopped and turned:Give it!

Shristhi:No,I need to show Tansin's something immediately,its about Barun, Arnav its really important *pleaded*

Arnav didn't care and advanced towards Shristhi and she took a step back

Arnav reached to get his phone but Shristhi put it behind her back and took a step back

Arnav tried again but failed 

Arnav:You're dead!

Shristhi:Uh-oh! And ran for her life

Khushi stood there gaping at them and then started laughing

Shristhi came behind Khushi as she knew he wouldn't do anything if Khushi is in front of him

Arnav:Move Khushi!

Khushi put her hands on her hips:If I don't then

Arnav-before he could say anything Shristhi was gone from there to the tuck shop side

Arnav soon caught her and retrieved his phone

Arnav breathlessly:Do you know how annoying it is to run wearing an expensive Armani suit

Shristhi:Nope! And why do you wear it anyway? You're a doctor,Arnav you should be wearing casuals or a lab coat

Arnav teased:Only a lab coat *smirked and winked*

Shristhi:Ewe! Arnavvv! That's disgusting..well maybe for Khushi,you can play doctor-doctor with each other

Arnav:That's it! *carried her and placed her on the tree*

Shristhi gaped at him:How could you?

Khushi came there:Arnav bring her down!

Arnav:No she deserves it

Khushi:Her uniform will get ruined

Shristhi:At least someone cares

Tansin:Shris -look!! 

Shristhi turned and saw a lizard there and screamed

Shristhi:Arnav get me down this instance or

Arnav:Or what?

Shristhi:Understand that ..that urgghh!!! I don't know

Arnav:Fine I'll get you down

Arnav brought Shristhi down 

Shristhi:Thank you!

Shristhi:Now give me your phone!

The Principal came there

P:What's the noise all about?

P:Mrs.Raizada,do you know this man? 

Khushi:Yes he -

P:You know you can't let any of your friends in like that and create a scene in the school premises

Arnav back in ASR form:Excuse me! You have no right to talk to her like that! I don't believe we've met.Hi,I'm Arnav Singh RAIZADA *stress on Raizada* ,her husband and the 75% share holder of this school

P fumbled:Good to have you here Mr.Raizada and I am aware of that but I never met you before but do you know these kids

Arnav:They're not kids,they're teenagers and yes I do,Shristhi is my cousin sister and if anything happens to her or her best friends Tansin and Kelsey who I just met a while ago,I swear to God! Your job is gone

The Principal sweated:Carry on then

Shristhi:Waah Bhai! You did great but what you said is it true?


Shristhi hugged him:I love you!

Arnav:I love you too *kissed her forehead*

Khushi:Can we go home! *rubs her tummy* I'm hungry

Soon all 5 of them reached Shristhi's house

Shristhi:Mumzi..I'm home

Shristhi's mother:Hello my baby,how was your day?

Shristhi turned and looked at Arnav:Eventful

SM:Arnav did you do anything?

Arnav:Me? No! *innocently*

Khushi:Yeah except for putting Shristhi on a tree

Khushi covered her mouth

SM:You what?

Arnav:She started it!

Shristhi:Yes its my fault *after receiving a glare from her mother*

Soon they all had lunch and went to their separate homes

Arnav sat in his room thinking how fun his life has become after moving to South Africa with the baby on the way its increased his happiness tenfold! 

Arnav met Khushi as she was brought to his hospital after being hurt and suffering from memory loss and he was signed to be her doctor and from there their love story started

Part 2-Below

So how is it? Did you like it? Please review and like?

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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simply fabulous
loved it,

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WanieA Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 3:35am | IP Logged
nice but u kept it hanging...the last part I mean... we don't mind TS or SS...please...

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-Roshini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 4:16am | IP Logged

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 11:53am | IP Logged
that was cute
arnav is one naughty doctor
and his cuz even worse than him
but that was adorable
hmmm life is bliss for arhi and their family right

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BarunShrisJamie Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chavvi16

that was cute
arnav is one naughty doctor
and his cuz even worse than him
but that was adorable
hmmm life is bliss for arhi and their family right

Of course..there's one more part to come that will be a continued part of the will you want to read it?Question

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devishree IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
super cute
very adorable

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BarunShrisJamie Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Okay..I know I put 'The End' in the first OS but this is for WanieA ,this is gonna be how Arshi met
Arshi OS:Life In South Africa-Part 2

Arnav sat in his room thinking how fun his life has become after moving to South Africa with the baby on the way its increased his happiness tenfold! 

Arnav met Khushi as she was brought to his hospital after being hurt and suffering from memory loss and he was signed to be her doctor and from there their love story started


Arnav Singh Raizada,lives in India with his family well his only family is his Di,his parents died when he turned 14 but he didn't turn cold hearted but remembering the love from his parents he stayed with those memories,he is a doctor because he couldn't save his parents but at least he can save others from being hurt and suffering from losing a loved one

Khushi Gupta,a fashion designer, was working in her office and decided to grab some coffee when the coffee machine in the cafeteria stopped working but she thanked her fate that they had a coffee shop just opposite her building

As she walked out she then cursed her fate for that it started to pour meows and barks

She took her book and covered her head as she ran across the road but due to the rain the road became slippery and she lost her balance therefore hitting her head on a rock,her vision became hazy as she tried to see through the pelting rain drops against her eyes but soon lost her conscious 

Arnav was walking through the corridors when a man rushed to him with an unconscious lady in his arms saying to help her and explained the event that took place yet Arnav stood still 

Arnav then immediately called for a stretcher and the man placed her on it

Arnav:Dhani,make him fulfill the necessary documents

Arnav and a few nurses took the stretcher to the OT

Dhani,a nurse:What relation do you have with Ma'am?

Man:I don't have any relation but I was near the ABC coffee shop when this woman fell and hurt her head and no one was helping her so I brought her here knowing this was the closest hospital


Man:I don't know

Dhani smacked her head:Yours? Not Ma'ams,she's Khushi Gupta a renown designer

Man bubbly:Myself Kamlesh Kabri ji,born and brought up in Dehli ji!


Kamlesh calmed

2 days later..

Arnav looked through Khushi's file and filled in the necessary information when he saw her stir

She opened her eyes with a confused look

Arnav:Good Evening Ms.Gupta,how do you feel?

Khushi:Confused but how did I get here

Arnav explained how she got here:Thus making you suffer from memory loss

Arnav:I know I just said memory loss but do you remember anything

Khushi closed her eyes and then opened it

Khushi:I can't remember anything..oh god! What if I have family here? And they're waiting for me *turned hysteric*

Arnav knowing this was going to happen injected her with something that will calm her nerves and she fell back into slumber

Arnav walked out of the room:Arnav,no! What if she's engaged,I can't do this! Just wait and see if anyone comes looking for her

Another 2 days passed and no one came for Khushi

Arnav has been asking Khushi questions if she remembered her past in these 2 days but failed as she hit her head really hard

Khushi's room

Arnav:Well,Ms.Gupta,your reports say that you are fine but not fine enough to strain your brain,so bed rest is needed,I'm sure you do have family because you are a renown fashion designer,maybe your staff or PA will come for you by tomorrow,we have contacted your office but no one answered so I -

Khushi cut him and dreamily said:You have beautiful eyes,they are such eyes that someone anyone can just drown in those pools of chocolate

Arnav raised his one eyebrow:Excuse me?

Khushi's smiled dropped remembering what she told him and then passed a sheepish smile

Khushi:Sorry! But in a way I'm right,you're very attractive for a doctor

Arnav amused:Err.. Thank you!

Khushi:So you said I'm a fashion designer

Arnav:Yes,everyone knows you,my sister lives in clothes only designed by you and she knows everything about you,its like she's your biggest fan

Anjali came there to give Arnav's lunch

Anjali shrieked:Oh my god! 

Arnav rolled his eyes:Diii!! I'm attending to a patient,you should not barge in like that

Anjali stood still with her mouth hanging wide open as she stared at Khushi who sat on the bed

Arnav left Khushi's reports on the table and walked up to Anjali and shook her

Arnav:Breathe!! Di,breathe,its true,she is sitting on the bed

Anjali:But what is she doing here?

Arnav explained the situation

Anjali:She doesn't have family,Arnav

Khushi felt sad hearing that

Anjali:I mean she doesn't have family anymore,her parents died in a car accident when she was much younger that you,Arnav,she and her sister were moved to an orphanage and from there their career started and now she's the richest and youngest fashion designer in the world

Khushi:You said sister?

Anjali:Payal,she's married and living in the UK with husband Akash

Khushi:But I have someone right,

Anjali:No not in India,your only family is Payal and she doesn't contact you at all after she got married that's what you told in an interview 


Anjali:But don't worry,you can live with us

Arnav:What? Di?

Khushi:No,its ok,really,I should be having an apartment right

Arnav:Great,then she can go there

Anjali:I'm the elder one,I make the decisions,she's coming with us I'll complete the formalities

Arnav groaned

Khushi:You two share a wonderful bond

Arnav nodded:You'd fall in love with her and probably turn mad while staying with her

Khushi giggled:You really love her

Arnav softened:She's my life,if she wasn't there I wouldn't be alive

Khushi:Don't say that,never talk about death

Arnav walked out to his cabin


Khushi walked in:Wow! This place looks great

Anjali smiled:I've sent our driver and female servant to get your belongings from your home

Khushi:Thank you,I don't know how to repay you,Anjaliji

Anjali clicked her tongue:Don't worry about that...and don't call me Anjaliji call me Di just like Arnav

Khushi nodded

Its been a month that Khushi is staying at RM,she and Arnav have become really close friends 

Khushi sat on the bed watching a horror movie when Arnav tapped her shoulder and she started screaming like a mad person

Arnav screamed:KHUSHIII!!!!!

Khushi sobered:Oh its you!

Arnav mimicked her:"Oh its you!" Is that a way to greet a friend when he has come from a tiring day at a hospital

Khushi stood up on the bed making her Arnav's height

Khushi:Oh my bad! *hugged him* hello Arnav,how was your day? How many patients did you tear open?

Arnav:Yeah yeah! Keep your sarcasm to yourself..

After Arnav changed he came to Khushi's room to see her watching the movie from where she stopped with a scared look on her face

Arnav placed his head on her lap:Oh god help me! You're scared of Raaz,are you kidding me?

Khushi:Well I'm not that a big fan of horror but I came pass it while digging through your DVD cupboard

Arnav:You can't touch my personal stuff

Khushi:You didn't tell me that I can't touch your personal stuff

Arnav:True,but respect the fact that I am a man and you're a childlike woman

Khushi:What did you say?

Arnav:What did I say?

Khushi:So I'm childlike *picking up a cushion*

Arnav:Obviously,you look adorably cute when you're all riled up,you look like an angel when you're asleep,but still the sizzling siren when you're up and about and when you see jalebis its like your biggest dream come true with that twinkle in your eyes and that beautiful smile that plays on your lips that's what makes you a childlike woman

Khushi teared

Arnav:Hey did I say something wrong?

Khushi:I don't think anyone has ever said anything about me like that,that's why

Arnav:Well get used to it

Khushi smiled at his playful voice

Khushi:Go sleep!


Arnav moved himself off Khushi's lap and placed his head on the pillow


Khushi looked at him as if he is an alien

Khushi:I meant in your room

Arnav:I'm gonna save myself from walking all the way here with you in my arms during the middle of the night when you're sound asleep after disturbing my sleep after watching a horror movie

Khushi bit her tongue:Fine! But I'll prove you wrong that I will be able to sleep



Arnav:If I win?

Khushi:I'll do anything you say

Arnav:Think about it

Khushi:Thought and said


Khushi hated herself for losing the deal as she crept towards Arnav ,hugged him and closed her eyes going into deep slumber

Arnav opened his eyes,smiled and then closed them again..

Next morning..breakfast table..

Khushi:Ooh..I have great news


Khushi:I found a job..


Khushi:A Life Sciences teacher and I have an interview at 10


Khushi:But's or if's I don't care..I have always loved science its just that I chose the wrong career-Fashion

Anjali opened her eyes wide:You remembered something?

Khushi:Yeah,about a week back

Anjali smacked her head:Sorry,but you didn't find the need to tell me? Your Di?

Khushi:Di,I was about to but I forgot *pouted* Sorry!


Arnav just looked at the duo in front of him with a look of amusement

Arnav:You guys amaze me

Anjali:After all we are sisters

Arnav:Good luck!

Khushi:Thanks *gave him a short hug before she got down from the car*

Arnav watched her go and felt something inside him that same feeling he has been experiencing for the past month..Dhak-Dhak ..Arnav looked around him to find nothing..Dhak-Dhak..There it was again

Arnav:I'm definitely gone mad!

Anjali was waiting in the drawing room for Arshi to come back as Arnav went to pick Khushi up from her interview

They both walked in with glum faces

Anjali worriedly:What happened?

Suddenly Khushi broke out into a huge smile,leaped forward and hugged Anjali

Khushi:I got it!! I got it!!


Khushi pulled back and sadly said:But there's one problem


Khushi:I have to go to South Africa because they need a LS teacher desperately

Anjali frowned:But you'll be so far from us

Arnav:No,Di,we are going with her and I can get my transfer done,and we do have family there,remember Shristhi and them

Anjali smacked her forehead:Oh yeah! I forgot and Khushi you're gonna love Shristhi but be careful she's very naughty 

Khushi:I think I can handle her as I need to handle more than one in a class

Anjali:So when are we leaving?

Arnav:Next week because they are having their termly holidays so today is Monday..our flight is booked for next week Tuesday


2 days later..(Wed)

Arnav sat in his room thinking about what Anjali told him when he was adamant on not getting married(same like the show one) and how he will fall in love 

And while thinking he imagined Khushi with him all those special moments together,those lengthy eye locks,the friendly hugs etc

But Arnav wanted to be more than just friends,he remembered how when she told him that she has to go to South Africa how sad he felt as if someone was poking a 1000 needles through his heart at the thought of her going so far away from him

On the other side let's say Khushi was going to the same phase

Arnav made his mind up that he will confess his love for her..right now this minute

Arnav knocked on Khushi's door

Khushi:Come in

Arnav:Okay! I've been thinking a lot and its all because of you

Khushi:Me? What did I do?

Arnav:Yes,you have captivated my thought processor and I can't seem to concentrate on work..the other day I nearly gave the wrong medication to the wrong patient and he could've died and I could've lost my license all because of you and somewhere or the other I think I have fallen in love with you and I fear that if I do then you'll go away from me just like my parents went away just because I loved them more than anything in this world..I'm cursed everyone I love goes away from me *turned to go*

Khushi stopped him:Don't say you're cursed!

Khushi:Wait! Did you just say that you love me?

Arnav sighed

Khushi smiled brightly and kissed him hard

Khushi:I love you too!

Arnav smiled and hugged her 

Khushi:And I promise to not let go of you,ever!

6 days later
The 3 of them arrived in South Africa's King Shaka International Airport to see Shristhi and her parents waiting for them

Shristhi hugged Arnav:Bhaiii!! Long time stranger!

Arnav:Its been hectic

Shristhi:Di,you look as beautiful as ever

Anjali:And how are you my pumpkin?

Shristhi:Dii,don't call me that! And I'm fine

Shristhi walked up to Khushi:I guess you're the to be Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada right! He confessed last week Wednesday right!

Khushi looked stunned and so did Anjali

Arnav:That's personal! And how did you find out?

Shristhi:So you did? OMG! I took a wild guess

Arnav in his mind:Uh-oh!

SD:Anyway,Arnav how was your flight?

Arnav:It was fine,Uncle

SM:Let's get you 3 home

Big leap of 6 months -Present

Khushi:What are you thinking about?

Arnav:Just how we met! Its like..

Khushi:It was destined I think..that accident was destined for me and I have no problem with it because it gave me you and if destiny ever asked me what I want and who I want to be with,I'd immediately reply Arnav Singh Raizada..even if I have to lose my memory a 100 times so I could get you in my life *placed her forehead on his*

Arnav:I must have done something really good in my previous life to get you in this life..I love you Khushi

Khushi:And I love you too!

The end for real! Phew that was long,if you have any confusion's please do comment and like and comment did I mention like as well!


Love Shristhi x'

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