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What went wrong with DABH

shruthiravi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 2:02am | IP Logged
I was thinking whether to put this post. But thought will put it as anyways this is the last day of 2014 and before the new year wanted to analyze where my favourite show which had the highest potential to be a path breaker in TV industry got it all wrong. So here goes my take.
First and foremost unlike other TV shows USP of DABH was the male lead. Sandhya is not the change agent of DABH, Sooraj was. DABH though was about Sandhya's struggle from day 1 she was a girl who could be emotionally blackmailed to do her family's bidding. She believed in upholding the theoretical sanskaar which a woman in our society is supposed to do.
But it was he who understands her and though he didn't had much formal education his words and actions were drawn from the practical world and within the society he lived he took many radical decisions for her sake. Sandhya was always bahu before wife, but till IPS he was son and husband in a balanced way.
Now the problem in front of CVs was to make Sandhya inspirational. The way the script was written it was impossible to make her inspirational without making Sooraj inspirational. But they didn't want to give the male lead credit which the script was giving him. They wanted to give Sandhya and Bhabo the credit. Now what is the option to give credit to Sandhya and Bhabo over and above Sooraj.
Obvious option make him dumb. The very understanding man who spoke very little, but spoke the clear facts was made to act in such a way that was so incorrect of his character. Gradually they began to butcher him to prop up the female lead. And female lead they were not interested in her taking any bold decision because Bhabo's ego and the ego of Bhabo like females who contribute to TRP had to be appeased. So in addition to making him dumb, they started making him insensitive also.
So that female lead remains door mat. She is not forced to take any independent decision whatever bad happens there will someone outside RP or Sooraj to put the blame on.
I will tell why I call Sandhya a door mat and a woman who belives in upholding the theortical sanskaar. I don't know how many have seen the movie " Dor" in Hindi, but the Malayalees in this forum I don't think would have missed the classic movie " Perumazhakalam". In that a simple housewife Ganga who lives in a very orthodox society braving social oscartazation gives pardon to a muslim guy who unintentionally ended up murdering her husband.As her pardon will ensure he is not hanged in Saudi Arabia. In Hindi Ayesha Takia essays the role. The scene in which Ganga tells to herself  " What happened to me was fate, but the fate of another woman is in my hands" is a classic scene. As a woman I had saluted Ganga's bravery to step beyond the boundary that was set for her and Kavya Madhavan lived the role of Ganga. Ganga is ousted from the society, but she starts her life independently on her capability. Can someone give me one example in which Sandhya will do the thing that her heart says, if her heart's voice can result in social oscartazation and question on her so called theoretical sanskaar. She cant and that's exactly the reason she cant be inspirational without him.
And I would say CVs succeeded as I don't see many analysis even in forum except for very few members questioning this butchering, questioning this character assassination of male lead to give undue credit to DIL and MIL duo and TRP of DABH continue to soar irrespective of the wrong message and wrong inspiration they are providing.
I do not watch DABH anymore. Just read through the written updates because I felt I do not want to be a TRP contributor to something which my values or sanskaars( as it is glorified too much in the show) doesn't agree to.  And it was def not impulsive decision. I had sat through the show for past 6 months before saying goodbye to it at 9pm. Though cant resist putting my thoughts in this forum after reading the updates.

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Jaishankar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 3:03am | IP Logged
Well sais Shruthi exactly my thoughts as mentioned in my other post.
The trend seem to be to  benefit one character the other has to be sacrificed.To benefit/elevate Bhabo and Sandy Suraj has to be sacrificed currently but very soon  Ankur might be sacrificed to benefit/redeem Suraj.This cycle will continue by the CV's till the end for their TRP game.
I feel sad that Suraj been such a inspirational character and a role model where he had proved that its not necessary to be called educated , astute and moralized through books but can be called the same through your character and the morality you hold.
Due to this situation all his sacrifices, his love for Sandy,integrity is been questioned which is sad to see.
Sometimes I feel Bhabo and Sandy are the real Diya and Baati and not Surya.
The way its heading I wont be surprised if Sandy breaks her ties with Ankur if even a scratch comes to bhabo due to him.She is more than mother to her and more than anyone else including Suraj.
Its hard to comprehend that Suraj the same guy who revived Sandy from her Zombie mode ,was her life support by doing everything he could to make her dreams come true and now its shown he is insensitive,the reason yet to be revealed whether its mental instability or some dumb reason like ego/anger over a petty issue which is uncharacteristic of Suraj.
All I can hope is that this new year brings some sense in CV's and re-unite Surya soon and focus on track whose theme would make sense like Suraj's business expansion (its forgotten cause all together)

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prav2 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 3:12am | IP Logged
wow another well written post.wanted to reply to your previous one and was going to on the similar lines you have noted here,saw this and thought i would better write here even

I agree with you as the usp of the serial is sooraj unlike others show atleast for me.Sandhya is a typical selfsacrificing sanctified version of the runaround the mill heroines of megaserial and babho is also typical ina way she put her sons and daughter first from day 1.Mohit is as selfish as could be and vikram sort of here and there.So i have no expectations from any of them and the only reason i started watching this serial is due to soorajs characterisation .His character came around as a breath of fresh air though too good to be believable at times.Yet the tagline of the serial promised that an unusual love story of sandhya and a selfmade made sooraj.and indeed he seems to be selfmade as he didn't have any of the various faults his brothers or sister had always stood by his principles and was an ideal brother a ideal son and when married became an ideal husband too...i liked the way he stood for his wife ,understood her pains ,took her dream as his and strived hard to achieve it even when he was at cross with his mothee who he worshipped as a god.The immense strength he displayed by standing by his principle and the implicit trust he has on sandhya and importantly the space and freedom he gave her to suceed even against the back drop he grewup was wuch a treat to watch.He doesn't hover over her has no ego and wanted truly his wife to succeed.Thos is the sooraj i liked so much and thought here is one of a kind of a serial and again babasa was also an interesting character who always supported his dil and consider her as his own daughter.
i haven't watch the serial after sandhya has come out of the academy and read wu now and then but always felt happy that finally here is a serial which is staying true to its tagline,a serial which i can go and watch back at anytime.

Thats y it hit me so hard and was shocked to see the complete butchering of sooraj and babasa character.
i still couldn't beleive its the same serial and what really went wrong.
I really don't understand this cvs doing it for trp? Where there comes a need as far as i know the trp was very good for a 3 year old serial and mostly it is no.1
Why kill the essence of your srory and tagline when there even is no need for it?
i feel cheated by the cvs after meticulously building a storyline of atleast 700 episodes of love and understanding and suddebly do a u turn and kill it all.
It was clearly surajs fault that sooraj to get of thr plane though understandable if he has not gone and shift the blame.
I accepr the argument he is under stress and carries an enormous guilt thar he was indirectly responsible for babho's condition but instead of accepting that he as other heroes have turned tge table and accuse her now of being a dil and not a daughter? really ? I wish someone would ask babasa if he would have supported dilip and did the same to chavi if she was thrown out of the house.naturakly not so where has gone all the thoughts of treating dil as daughter and anyway worst is soorajs ..even if he repents and all became well between them i have peronally lost the sooraj and fir me he will always be broken not tge one i respected so much.
i agree with your analysis that soorajs character assasination is deliberate to make sandhya and babho the centre though for what reason,only the cvs may know as for the life of it i couldn't understand this logic.From where i come the leads are made to be dumb and dumber just to glorify vamps and now with this constant butchering the trps has fall off in such a way its not evn in top 10 now..Really sad to see thats what is happening to dabh.i wish indian serials instead of doing this atleast can take a break and come with season 2 if they have run of storyline and want to introduce some freshness to it.

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rangamma Senior Member

Joined: 17 October 2014
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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Aptly written.
Your mature analysis urges me to write down my thoughts

The character assasination has been done.

It is purely to prolong the episodes and nothing else.

So far Suraj was the personification of the best human being,but now the CV writers 

has degraded his character purely to put some more 30 episodes like.

Any body can see that nothing is  Sandhya's fault

1.RajKumar initially coming to their shop as a job seeker

2.Consequent bomb blasting and Sandhya's involvement

3.Highjacking the plane and there after

4.Why unnecessarily Babasa interfered in her job in the crisis ,what he wanted her to do,we do not know

Every thing looks illogical

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.NJ. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 4:12am | IP Logged
Bang on post shruthi, loved your replies jaishankar and prav...

I have nothing to add... Just one thing... the show should end with a good conclusion instead of dragging and butchering inspirational characters.

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shruthiravi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 March 2013
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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 5:01am | IP Logged
@niruba it hurts to see Sooraj like this. His character was close to my heart which I had told author backed to everyone. Proof that formal education is not everything. If CVs think this is like SV2 then they are wrong.
SV2 had a reason as SURYA were not comfortable with each other. Lot of gaps were there in their relation and understanding. But this. The ideal couple who should be able to sort out issues through dialogue doing this looks absurd. I wonder is this the same couple who had a very mature dialogue post that SV2 track end. Is this the same couple who had a heart to heart talk when Sooraj takes her to night college, is this the couple who shared their dreams in the ghat after 2ndMP. We have completely lost them somewhere in April 2014.

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moilaali.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 December 2014
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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 5:18am | IP Logged
good post shruthi agree with u
loved d show  because of its theme. I am the one who lost interest in watching soaps bcz of its lots of negativity. I used to watch some of the malayalam serials earlier but lost interest and decide not to watch any other soaps. I came across star plus accidently. My 1st episode in dabh was during maasa village track 
& loved the character of sooraj bcz of his innocence&love towards his wife.He broke all my concepts  and made me realise that a man can be like this also..Later I loved the show because of its unique concept & start loving Surya.They became a routine in my life.I used to oppose everyone who were against them LOL 
 Now watching the show only for Surya, but their cuteness is lost earlier. Now Sooraj is also lost.Just keeping the hope that a proper justification will be given

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prav2 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 5:40am | IP Logged
@ all DABH friends,

Wishing you and your family a Blissful,Healthy and a prosperous new year 2015.
It makes me happy to meet like minded friends and interact with them.Hopefully you continue posting and we might interact in future too...

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