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SS-I Never Told You But I Always Loved You. (Page 5)

dinazz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Hello all . So i am back after completing my tests. And i wish you all a very happy makar sankratri, pongal, lohri and any other if i have missed. LOL
Thanks to all those who have liked and commented on the previous chapter . Big smile
A request to you all. if you want the pm  of the next chapter of the  story please like the chapter.
 it will be easier for me and it wont fill up your inbox with unnecesary pms. perhaps the next chapter will be the last one..
here you go 
the 3rd chapter.

The next few days were very busy. I put in all my concentration on my studies. I worked very hard. my leg pained but i took medicines and it was healing. As the exams ended , The pain in my leg also subsided. I was very happy . My friends and i  decided to go out for  dinner. As the evening aproached, we started readying ourselves. We put on our best dresses and headed out. Taking a cab we went to a mall which had the best restaurants in our vicinity. we had already reserved a table for 3.  As we took our seats i i looked around to see the ambiance when i spotted him. He was sitting on a table for 2. "ah ! he must be waiting for someone ." i thought. " maybe his girlfriend?but is his girlfriend here? if she is why didnt i see her at all?" my mind questioned. All the happiness drained away. Inspite  of bieng sad i chatted away with my friends ,not wanting to spoil their mood. I frequently stole glances at him. Though he was here he never looked in my direction, Maybe he hadnt noticed me. 
After having our dinner and paying the bill we headed back to our hostel. He was still sitting there ,doing nothing. I wondered what happened to him. He seemed to be all alone. It  then struck me that i hadnt told him thanks for saving me that day. As i turned to go back my friends held me and pulled me towards an icecream stall. I could do nothing. I owed him a thanks . I noted it mentally to thank him the next day. 
As we reached the hostel my friends were sleepy and went to bed as soon as they entered the room. But sleep was far away from me . After changing my clothes to a comfortable tshirt and pajamas, i went to the terrace. Our terrace was directly opposite to the terrace of the boys hostel. 
I knew it was going to be a long sleepless night. My mind was filled with his thoughts. Our first meeting in the college campus, him saving me from the speeding car, his lonliness, his tear and then the most dreaded thought , his girlfriend. ! this very thought always led me away from him. This was the limit .  " Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Girlfriend !! " my mind shouted out . My blood boiled and i was feeling uncontrollably angry. I never knew where his girlfriend was now , were they still together or had they broken up. I would never want that to happen. I wanted him to be happy. In his happiness lay my happiness. But this was it . If there would have been anything on the terrace at that point of time it would have been broken into pieces by now.
I wanted to scream, scream loud and let the world hear and feel my agony and anguish. i still loved him but had controlled myself and my emotions. I felt all the control breaking. In  rage i stood and made my hand into a fist tightly till my fingernails dugged into my skin and blood started oozing out. This was my was of diminishing my anger although it hurt me like hell but atleast i wasnt hurting anyone else. As my eyes went to the terrace of the boys hostel i saw him standing there facing me . I saw him looking at me with a questioning and shocked gaze. he saw my tears, my pain and distress. I felt like an open book. I felt  as though my thoughts and feelings were exposed to him, the one who shouldnt have seen or known  it. 
Bright light illuminate  his face. I could see the same sadness and hurt which i had seen that day but now it was  much deeper . Again a tear trickled down his face. But this time he did not hide it. Instead of going back to his room he called me down at the campus in gestures. I went down the hostel building and sneaked out of the gate and so did he. We met at a spot. We looked at each other for a long time. I started 
"thanks for saving me that day.."
" its ok " he said a little hesitantly. 
I was feeling scared ." why had he called me here so suddenly?" i thought
"how are you now.?"
"i am fine, thank you"
"umm,..  and how were your exams?"
i stood there looking at him as to why was he asking such questions. i surely knew he had called me here for something else. but all this ... it broke my heart but i controlled my emotions. 
"they were good" 
there was silence between us. 
i didnt know what led me to ask him this but i asked
"how's your girlfriend?"
he let out a sad chuckle followed by a sad sigh and a sad smile.
"girlfriend ... she is no longer my girlfriend. " 
i stood there facing him with a wierd expression. as if he understood what was going on in my mind he spoke...

Done for today . I hope you liked it. Big smile 

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_shadesnature_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 2:42am | IP Logged
Fantastic dear 
What to say more 
Beautifully written update 
Thanks for pm Smile

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_Tabassum_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 5:06am | IP Logged
Awwwsssmmm Update
Loved it
Wonderfully Written
They both are in pain
What happen to his girlfriend...???
Continue Soon
Waiting eagerly for next part
Thanks for the PM

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Laadifan12 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2015 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Beautifully wriiten amazing Smile

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EshaalYousufzai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2015 at 7:03am | IP Logged
Superbly written sweety..
Loved it to the core..
Her anguish, heartache was beautifully written..
I enjoyed this part very much..
Please con soonz..

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Black_Angel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 January 2015 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Awesome Updates 
Thanks for continuing Big smile
Read part 2 & 3 in one go Big smile 
Beautifully written Clap Clap 
So finally she got to know 
About his broke up with her 
Girl friend ... 
Waiting for him to know 
About her felling ...

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dinazz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2015 at 1:35am | IP Logged
Hi all . 
Thanks for the likes and the comments. 
Here is the 4th and the last part. 
i hope you like it. 

I stood there facing him with a wierd expression. As if he understood what was going on in my mind he spoke...
" i never loved her.She wasn't my type. You see it was all about money, power and fame. My father wanted me to get married to that spoilt girl so that our money and power could increase. Both our families are rich and famous so our marriage would double the fame and power  for us . It was just pretense.Nor did she love me nor did i love her. "
I was shocked at this revelation . We saw all this just in films, the alliances and marriages for money and power but this was not a film we were in . It was true , freaking true. No words came out from my mouth. I was standing there like a statue with an  open mouth. 
"My mum was a cancer patient. It was her last wish , that i get the one i love . My ex  had great reverence for my mother , though being a spoilt girl she respected my mum . And thus we parted ways from a hollow relationship. My world shattered when  my mum died. It brought crashing down all my hopes and my dad's hopes too. I was then sent here to study literature, my favorite subject. "
Tears were rolling down my cheeks . I was shaken by the fact that his mother was no longer alive. I could never fathom his feelings as i had never lost my loved ones. At that time i prayed to god to forgive me if i had taken my loved ones for granted and to keep them safe , always. 
I  wondered why i never got to know this harrowing news. But then i realised that after my first year of college i was sent to another state for completing my 12th standard  course after which i came here. 
I could see his pained face. It was getting gloomy by every passing second. I empathised with him. The next moment he sat down on the ground with a thud . He broke down. He was crying uncontrolably. I hurriedly sat down next to him. I didnt know what to do , how to make him feel fine, how to make him stop crying... in an impulse i hugged him and slightly rubbed his back . I didnt care about wiping away my tears. I never expected this but he hugged me back tight. I trembled under his hold. I had never been so close to any guy before. I smacked myself in my mind. "why did i even had to hug him ? i could have just told him some consoling and calming words." i thought ,  but then put that matter to rest for the time being. But  be it whatever i felt at peace in his arms. After sometime we parted. 
We looked at opposite directions to avoid awkwardness , then looked at each other and burst out laughing. I was happy seeing him laugh. I felt happiness fill my heart and mind . The sadness and gloominess was now seeping away. I looked at him . In the moonlit night i could perfectly see his facial features. The word that came in my mind was 'flawless'.
"did you say something " he asked 
"did i saw it aloud .?" i thought. 
"umm no . nothing " i said. 
He lay down on the ground seeing the stars. I sat where i was. I thought about the happenings of the past few minutes and that made me smile. I felt elated being with him. Even if it was for a short period of time as he had not told me if he loved me or not . But why would he love me ? i was just an average looking girl, with average money and average everything. 
he was staring away into the night. i quietly got up and turned and was about to leave when he caught my hand and stopped me. 
"where are you going?"
"i am feeling sleepy" i lied.
"oh yes i know that you are too sleepy but i need your help. "
"what help?" 
"i need help to propose to the girl i love"
I felt a sinking feeling in my chest. a hollowness, a void. I felt my heart breaking into pieces once again but i did not want to go weak near him. 
"ok , i'll help you " i said in a quivering voice. Although i was broken , i tried to be strong. 

"there is a girl who loved me alot and perhaps loves me now too. i could not reciprocate the love as i was caught i the web of a fake relation. I loved her alot and still love her. "
I looked at him blankly. With no words to say to him or rather to my aching heart. 
"She is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen , she has the most beautiful heart. She is the richest girl in the world i have ever known, she does the most richest deeds and has richest values  and she is the most happiest girl because she remains happy in others happiness.  I never told her but always loved her. I just hope she loves me too even now. "
"how should i help you in it ?:" i asked giving a confused look.
"i want you to help the girl know that she is the one. 
"but who is the girl?" i asked in an irritated manner now.
"she is the one who never told me but always loved me and the one who tought me to love enough to let go. " 
This was enough . I could not hear more praises about her . I walked away. I reached my room by making the least noise lest i woke someone up. I sat on my bed and recollected his words and praises that he showered for his love. I felt depressed. I took the water jar to fill water in my glass but both were empty. I took the jar to the hostel kitchen to fill it up. As i reached the water filter i saw something. 
A Rose. i wondered why this rose was here but then noticed that there was a chit of paper underneath it . It read-
"i never told you but always loved you
and below that was drawn a big heart shape and in it were written our names.
I felt as if i was flying in the sky. I felt happy , very happy . It felt as if the broken pieces of my heart were joining back on its own. My heart was filled with new hope. I rushed to the terrace and saw him down in the campus where he stood before. I rushed down and quietly came out of the hostel gate and ran towards him. I was panting when i reached there. I smiled shyly and he grinned seeing me blush and smile . He came near me and kissed me on my cheek . I  turned red and looked down .He laughed and i felt so emmbarassed. I lightly punched him on his shoulder, closed my eyes and hugged him and he hugged me back  protectively. 
The witness of this love  was the moon and  the  stars ,  the bird that chirped sweetly into the night and the squirrel which climbed up the tree to see this beautiful sight.   

                                                                 Big smile -THE END - Big smile 


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Laadifan12 Senior Member

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Awesome loved it 
Beautifully written Smile

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