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Ishra TS:Aaj Blue Hai Pani Pani Aur Dil Hai Talli Talli P-11(complete) (Page 11)

vivek.nayak Groupbie

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 4:06am | IP Logged
Really Vidya this one is awesomeStar

I am in dream land nowEmbarrassed. Thank you for your PM.

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Dilshika Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2015 at 4:12pm | IP Logged
Awasome update! Very beautiful n well written one!

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paru_rox IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2015 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Loved both the parts Vids StarStar ... aisa lag raha tha am watching Ishra in the show. This is written so realistically. On second thoughts, Ishra in the show wudn't give half this romance so I choose this SS over that any day Embarrassed

The second update was passionate & romantic especially the backdrop of beautiful Kerala.

Can't wait to read the next part ... jaldi update karo pleej EmbarrassedBig smile

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2015 at 11:58pm | IP Logged

Hello YHMians, back with the final part...

To remind u, this is also a concluding TS too for 2 other stories.

Never Let Go -

Tere bina ab saans mumkin nahi:

My Pongal gift 1 to all of you...filmy, crazy, funny, romantic gift. Happy Pongal/Lohri to all! 

Errors honge, pls excuse them...

thanks to all the comments and likes...hugs 

Part 3

Be it her moans of pleasure or her feeble yelps as he nibbled at her soft skin only made him wilder and yearning for more of her. He nipped her lower lip to make her wilder as well. He parted a bit to check out if he hurt her more and saw that there was a small cut. Quite unaware of what was happening, he was stunned when she pounced back at him pulling him closer and in an instant took his lips into hers, biting him back as a return gift to the cut he gave her. After all she was his Jhansi ki rani!


It could have gone further and wilder as both were turned on or rather literally charged up but Raman caressed her back to her position on the bed and he himself slid down beside her sarcastically mocking, "Easy Jhansi ki rani..."

She complained back pouting, "Raavan Kumar...Aap khud mujhe uneasy karte ho!"

He chuckled at that allegation and cradled her head between his palms to claim her lips once more replying, "Kaise karta hoom uneasy? Aise kiss karke ya..."

While his lips teased hers, his fingers travelled down to tickle her. The passionate moment broke into peels of her laughter as she twisted and turned giggling as he administered his teasing play on her.

"Please Raman...stop it na? please na Raman"

She wriggled as she managed to keep struggling to stop him from doing that to her.


It was a horn of a passing boat that made them snap out of their playful moment. They realized that it was time for sailing back to the resort. As per the rules, all boats should be back in their places and cannot sail through the night. It was enforced for safety of the passengers in the boat as well as for the benefit of the fishermen who spread nets during the nights.

Tea was served as soon as they stepped down. They sat on the sitout area sipping the tea and gorging on some special snacks.

Ishita had felt his mobile vibrating when she was close to him. At that time, she was too occupied to enquire about it. But now when he ignored a call, she quipped, "Aap koyi bhi calls kyun nahi utaa rahe ho?"

He just grinned in response while she probed, "Office se hai kya?"

"Nahi ghar se" he shrugged in reply coolly.

She tensed up, "ghar se?? Could be important Raman..."

He didn't react the way she did but just replied casually, "Ho madrasan, ab tum tension matth lo...kuch important nahi hai"


"How do you know that?"

 Her continuous nagging was known to him and so he let the cat out, "Agar kuch important ya urgent hota toh Bala ya Mihir ke phone se call aatha...samjhi bevakoof madrasan?"


His reply hinted her towards what he had done and enquired rolling her eyes, "You mean aap ne aisa set karke rakha hai?"

He nodded with a wink, "haan kyun ki mere dimaag tumaare jaisa kaali nahi hai..."

Actually Raman had given the responsibility to Bala and Mihir. He had made it clear that he would take the calls coming from their numbers only. He knew beforehand that Shagun would try her dirty tricks to ruin their peace of mind and happiness.

Ishita smiled, blushing at her husband's smartness and forethought.

"Waah kya baat hai! I am impressed Raavan Kumar!"

Her appreciation gave him a naughty smile and he leaned closer to her, "Itni si baat pe??? Abi toh bohat kuch hai impress hone keliye..."


His wink delivered the exact meaning of it and she shyly looked away gulping her hot tea hurriedly.




Dinner was planned as a silent affair by the poolside as both of them anxiously looked forward to what came next. Dinner had arrived and she sent off the waiter, planning to set the table herself.

She kept waiting for him but he was hell bent on teasing her and so took a long shower. He stepped out with a towel wrapped around his slim waist. She hadn't expected this and was keenly awaiting him to freshen up and come for dinner.

With water dripping along his taut fair body, he looked delectable enough to knock her off her senses. Her eyes were fixed on him as she imagined how it would feel like to linger her finger tips along his frame. His naughty cough snapped her out of her naughtily wandering thoughts .

She gathered herself up and managed to say, "Aapne kitne dher lagaa di Raman...maine aapke kapde nikaal rakha hai...Wear it and come soon, lets have dinner!"

He sarcastically looked at the casual clothes she had kept on the bed and then naughtily looked at her, "Aaj toh main yahi kapde mein rehne waala hoom...Do you have a problem Jhansi ki rani?"

He showed off his towel as he said that. She was stunned and didn't know what to reply. The truth was she couldn't handle his hotness even for a moment but she didn't show it out. She raised her eyebrows and then feigned that she was least affected by the sight.

Then he added as soon as she shook her head meaning that she had no problem, "In fact, isse bhi..."

Her eye balls popped out as he took off and threw away the towel into the near by chair. She almost screamed seeing him in just a short swimming trunk, "Raman...yeh aap..." and closed her eyes.

He laughed and said, "Ho madrasan, yahi sab dekhne keliye tumne X-ray glasses maanga tha na? ab khule aam dikhaa raha hoom toh madam ko bohat sharam aa rahi hai, huh??" before venturing into the pool.


When she heard the splashing sound, she opened her eyes and replied, "Aiyo murugan, maine kaha tha ke mujhe aisa kuch nahi dekhna"

He questioned back with a grin, "Accha?"

She rolled her eyes to chide him, "Yes Raman...I told you I don't want to see anything like that"


"Like what?" he probed mischievously as he emerged after a quick plunge into the water. He was quite clear that he won't let her free so soon.

She became red in embarrassment and voiced shyly, "Raman...please na..."

"Exactly my point madrasan...please me!"

She was surprised with the way he started twisting every reply of hers into something mischievous.


When he was about to say something naughtier, she muttered blushing, "Raman...kaisi kaisi gandi baat karte ho? Shameless...koyi sharam hi nahi!"

He laughed splashing water on her, "Ho madrasan, honeymoon pe apne biwi se gandi baat nahi karoonga toh kab karoonga?"

"kya? Kuch bhi..."

She muttered and couldn't hide her smile at that while he added, "Main toh kehta hoom...tum bhi aa jao...its so much fun here...aa jao"

"No no...I don't know to swim"


He winked naughtily, "Then its even more fun..."

When she looked confused, he added, "main hoon na? Sambaaloonga yaar..."

He teased her seeing her stare at him, "Ho madam, aise gurr kya rahi ho? Yeh private pool waala suite maine aise hi nahi book kiya tha...chup chaap aa jao warna I do have my ways to get you in..."

She kept protesting but he was stubborn to get her into the water as well. When she adamantly said no, he kept silent and then took a deep plunge into the water. She was relieved that he left that topic but then the still water and his deep plunge worried her. Initially she felt that he was fooling her and mocked him for the same.

But when he didn't come out even then, she called out, "Raman...mujhe darr lag raha hai...baahar aa jao"

There was no reply and she got up from her seat. She panicked and her voice trembled when she didn't hear from him, "Please Raman...dont scare me...where are you?"

She came closer to the pool to check where he was. She was about to call the resort staff for help when he came out all of a sudden and grabbed her hand. In a jerk, she fell right into the pool, into his arms.

She screamed in the shock of the sudden fall. But soon she was floating in his arms as he lifted her and swirled her around in the water.

Her eyes were closed in fear but her mouth was screaming and scolding him, "Raman? Yeh kya kardiya?"

He didn't say a word but only looked at her intensely. When she heard no reply or sensed a response from him, the twirling around had also stopped and he had made her stand to the corner of the pool.

She opened her eyes and the first sight she saw was his face close to her as if desiring to kiss her. She was about to open her mouth dazzled by the sudden turn of events from playful to something as intensely romantic as this but he held her captive and sealed her mouth with his swiftly.

Dariya tu khaali kar de
Mujhme saara tu bhar de
Tujhko aa main pee jaaun, pyaas bujha do..

Laana kuch baadal laana
Unko mujh par barsaana
Boondein teri ho jinme, unse bhigaa do...

Her hands which were punching him hard and her struggles to release herself slowed down as he deepened the kiss. She literally melted into him and her hands slowly garlanded his neck, her fingers entwining around his head. He drank in the water drops that wet her lips and around her face.

His hands were trying to hold her captive and dared to get bolder as she gave in to him. They slowly caressed her wet form, roaming around her back, feeling her curves through the thin fabric of her top.

The cool climate and the cold water in the pool did nothing much to cool down the heat ignited in their body as they touched and caressed each other sensually.

His lips assaulted hers passionately making her whimper and urge him for more. Her fear for the water faded down as she sunk deep into the fiery passion he set ablaze with his thirsty kisses and sensual touches.

They had almost forgotten that they were in the pool when the door bell rang reminding them that.

He parted instantly saying, "I had ordered some drinks"

She rolled her eyes pouting, "Kya Raman? Yahaan bhi??"

He ignored her complaints and lifted her up to make her sit on the pool side. Her drenched form tempted him to go on with his romance but looked away to the door replying, "Arre champagne hai! Tumhe pilaake set jo karna hai"

He winked at her and laughed at his own naughty comment while all she could do was blush and ramble, "Already set hoom...ab aur kya set karoge?"


He was out of the pool in a jiffy and put on his bath robe before walking to the door while she managed to drag herself out of the pool and picked a towel to dry herself. She sufficiently hid herself from the door and began to dry her hair.

She was cutely accusing him for her state which was a result of his naughty prank when he returned with the bottle.

She frowned at the sight of the bottle and continued her rant of having got all wet, "poori gheeli hogayi...I have to change my dress..."

He chuckled at her complaint mode, "Ho Jhansi ki rani, agar itni problem hai toh chalo main help karta hoom"

She shyly shrugged away his response to her accusation, "kuch bhi"

And ran into the room only to be followed by him. Before she went into the dressing room and shut the door, he caught up with her. Hugging her from behind, he inhaled in her fragrance and then placed a wet kiss behind her ears.

His hands went around her, twining with hers passionately, his fingers drawing sensual sketches on her smooth moist skin. He pulled and embraced her wet body tightly to his whispering huskily, "ab change kyun karna? We don't need any of this madrasan", picking and pointing to her dress.

She shivered at the romantic gesture and his naughty words but just held onto his hands and stayed close to him.

She didn't resist or deny any of his demands when he slowly pushed away her wet hair to the front and kissed her back seductively. He noticed that her chiffon top clung onto her like second skin, accentuating her feminity. She looked ravishing enough to be devoured hungrily that very instant and all he could think was to rip away her second skin and kiss every unseen part of her.

She stood like a glass doll with her eyes closed. He grinned cheekily as he turned her around gently and started kissing her face softly. He wanted to comfort her and make her at ease with all these new experiences. He didn't want to scare her away with his roughness though he found it extremely difficult to pace himself down.

He pulled down the zip and slowly slid her top off her shoulders. He hastily hugged her to himself when she tried to hide herself impulsively.


He gave her a minute to accustom herself to being this free with him.

Then, he guided her hands around him while his hands went on to pull away the strings of her wrap around skirt. He didn't let it fall down but just gathered her up into his arms.

He had postponed their dinner to later already in his mind and he knew that she won't oppose to that idea as she was turned on and aroused as much as he was.

The night was still young and there weren't any more obstacles or none to hinder them tonight.

He was the master while she was a submissive learner as they made love for the first time. It sure started slow and gentle but then she wasn't a weak lover nor a slow learner. When Jhansi ki rani was on fire, then nothing could stop her either. What followed was a wild night of passion and love.

The truly madly in love, made for each other couple were united in every meaning, becoming husband and wife in every sense. This was just the beginning to many many more such nights!

Against all odds and evens, they were one...never to part ever!


And yes, from now on, they wouldn't need x-ray glasses to see each other through, neither their body nor their hearts!


So how was it? pls do reply

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Anju.s IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2015 at 12:12am | IP Logged


Vidya it si very romantic..that is your specilatity...but you amze me every time u come with something new. don't feel the passion fading nor the romance.

Naughty bhalla had planned calls only from mihir and bala..very smart.
Good in the end he didn't need the champagne also to set Ishita Wink

loved it..

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--Rashmi--- Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2015 at 12:41am | IP Logged
This is so romantic dr.
Love this naughty bhalla.
U know what, I read this part 2 times. When I read this 1st, I didn't c u mentioned he was in short swimming trunk. I thought he is in his birth suit. All thanks 2 my G mind.
This is superb dr. Just awsm like always.
2,3 yrs ago, I was a big fan of urs . The time u wrote @ AF about ariya. And nw again I'm a fan of urs coz of ishra. So can u plz pm me only ur ishra stories when u update them.

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ALEHA2011 IF-Dazzler

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That was so romantic love the bold Raman

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.Yashu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2015 at 1:09am | IP Logged
that was so romantic loved it *blushing*

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