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Ishra TS:Aaj Blue Hai Pani Pani Aur Dil Hai Talli Talli P-11(complete)

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Hello YHMians, back with a new TS...actually a concluding TS too for 2 other stories.

Never Let Go -

Tere bina ab saans mumkin nahi:

My new year gift to all of you...filmy, crazy, funny, romantic gift. Happy New Year to all! 

So here it is...Aaj Blue Hai Pani Pani Aur Dil Hai Talli Talli!


Her POV:

It had been a whole month since they had started acknowledging their feelings for each other but then they hadn't voiced it out as an I love you' yet. An open direct confession which could bond their relationship with the seal of love was yet to happen. Though it didn't make much of a difference, both expected the other to confess it first.

His touchy touchy gestures, half hugs, eye locks were all making her yearn for more. Her body had started aching for more intimacy and longed to go into his arms voluntarily. But he was hell bent on being such a tease and torturing her endlessly. He was an expert in taking her to an edge from where she only wanted to go further, never to return or look back. But once she was in such a state, he would stop just there and walk away.

Such naughty romantic gestures and teases from him were on a rise making her feel miserable and desperate. Perhaps that was his intention too. He used every opportunity to make her melt away into him and then he just backed out.

"Shaitaan Raavan!"

She smacked him mentally when he walked away from her leaving her craving for more, ready to be kissed or even more. He had been teasing her with those illusionary X - ray glasses for over a week now and today in the play to snatch it away, she ended up being in his arms. He gently tucked back the lock of hair making her close her eyes in the sheer passionate sensation that his casual gesture evoked in her. She could feel that he was ignited in the same passion too but then his phone vibrated and then he was gone without a second glance at her.

It scared her to think of being alone with him now. She was on the verge of exploding and that thought embarrassed her and she feared that she would shamelessly open up what she wanted from him. The wish for a confession from him had already taken a back seat as her desires and physical longing took prominence.

"Patha nahi kya sochta hai Raavan? Mujhe aise desperate banaa diya...sadist Raavan! Does he expect me to ask for it? Aiyoo Murugan, main kya karoom? Help me!"

On the other side, everything was going on fine at home. Adi was slowly inclining and gelling well with the family. He didn't seem to detest her like before as well. Slowly her goodness and patience was becoming fruitful and Adi was beginning to accept the complex relationships which didn't seem strange to him now. Raman was his father, SHagun was his mother, Ruhi was his little sister. Ishita was his father's wife. Though he didn't acknowledge her as his mother openly, he started treating her as his well-wisher, a mother like person. Ishita was happy on that front and now all she was worried was about the half-baked husband-wife relationship between her and Raman. It mattered more to her now because his ex-wife Shagun was living with them. She was a constant reminder of Raman's past married life where he had loved and also shared a complete husband-wife relationship with another woman.

Ishita wasn't the typical jealous, possessive type of woman but then she was a woman too, a wife who was in love with her husband and couldn't even bear the thought of having another woman in her husband's life.

She had heard stories and instances of the close intimate bonding between Raman and Shagun. So quite naturally yet oblivious to her own self, she had a sense of insecurity and also a complex if she would be equally good in satisfying him or would he end up comparing her with Shagun.

Though she knew that he loved her and he had also expressed his appreciation of her beauty, she still felt a void as his wife.

Simmi had also warned her of Shagun's shrewdness. Simmi was worried that Ishita's goodness and innocence would prove as her weakness before Shagun's manipulative moves. Her sister-in-law indeed made it seem like a game of chess where she was sure that Shagun would make her fraud moves to create rifts between Raman and Ishita to establish and strengthen her own position in the family.

At that time, Ishita had asked Simmi to relax and not to overthink so much. She had rubbished possibilities of such conspiracies from Shagun's side but today something she found out made her rethink. Ruhi and Adi were playing and Adi wanted to show something to Ruhi. So he took her inside the room and started searching all his things. He messed up the entire place and that's when Ruhi called out for her Ishima to set things right before her Shagun mamma comes back home.

Ishita assured them that she would take care and asked them both to go and play. She then started tidying up the mess. Shagun's suitcase was open too. She was about to close it and that's when she saw Adi's x-mas gift inside. Initially she was confused but then she was quick to grasp why it was there and who was behind the plan. She was intelligent enough to understand what Shagun had tried to do. She indeed wanted to create differences between her and Raman using Adi. Shagun had played this game to paint a bad picture of Ishita before Raman, Adi and the entire family.

Ishita didn't want to open this up before the family because she knew that it would create more problems and then the family would also rethink their decision to allow Shagun to stay at their place. And as of now, to have Adi stay with them, she had to tolerate Shagun.

But she had to be careful with Shagun around. And yes she had to progress her relationship with Raman to a point from where there would be no return. There was no point in shying away or running away from him now. She couldn't let go of Raman nor could she lose out to Shagun. Not that she didn't trust Raman but Simmi's warning and also what she herself found about Shagun weren't giving her peace of mind. It was impossible for her to trust Shagun now.

Though her pacing up thoughts were driven or rather accelerated by Shagun's presence and her shrewd moves, she inwardly also desired and yearned to complete the husband wife relationship between them.

Her heart jumped at the crazy thoughts while her mind made plans for it.


His POV:

He knew what she desired to hear from him or rather what she wanted him to do but he had been juggling around and teasing her. It wasn't intentional initially. He just wanted to make her feel at ease with him. He wanted her to be comfortable with his closeness but then he was thrilled every time she shivered and then froze at his touch. An unexplainable high which literally made him prolong and postpone it each time they were on the edge of passion and intimacy that drove them both crazy. He didn't want to let go of this thrill so easily.

Only he knew how difficult it was for him to stop and curb his wants but he wanted to plan something very special and perfect for her.

That morning, Shagun interrupted their romantic moment but it had only strengthened his decisions.

With all these problems and problem maker floating around in the house, it was getting literally impossible to spend some lone time with his Jhansi ki rani.

Hearing her snub Shagun to knock at the door rather than barging into their bed room gave him a smile. It was well evident that she too desired the same as he did and wanted to spend quality time with him, just him.


One evening, she was rambling complaints about him not yielding or sensing to what her heart wished for. 

"Muhurat nikaal raha hoga Raavan!"

And all of a sudden an idea struck her.

She made all preparations in her head and waited for him to come back.

The moment he came in, she pouted and posed as if she was angry. He knew that he was in for a lecture from her but then inwardly he was happy for the same. Secretly, he enjoyed her lectures. The way her lips parted and closed to let out the custom made words of her speech for him always tempted him to grasp her closer and swallow them. He had been such a keen observer that he exactly knew what each movement of her lips meant even without hearing her out.

Each time, he had to leash himself from kissing those honey lips and curb himself to being just a silent observer.

"bolo madrasan...aaj ka menu kya hai?"

He had meant the agenda for fight she had on her mind but she misinterpreted the words.

She got up angrily and walked to him muttering, "main yahaan kya plan kar rahi hoom but dekho inne toh bas khaane ki padhi hai...bhukkad akdu Raavan Kumar!"

He heard it and grinned to himself, "kya mann mein hi bak bak karthi ho yaar?? Seedhe seedhe bolo na"

"Menu jaan na hai na?? Neeche jaake Neelu se pooch lo aap...maine aaj kuch nahi banaaya!"

In a quick motion, he grabbed her wrist and swirled her into his arms. She was stunned beyond words at his sudden romantic gesture. Locking her within his arms, he teased her, his gaze fixed on her lips as always, "tab toh dinner se pehle kuch special dena hi padega! Why not a special starter?"

"Kya dena hai?"

Her innocent question prompted him to go on, "Compensate karo Jhansi ki rani"

The trail of his eyes told her clearly about what he wanted as a compensation but she was in a mood to tease as well.

"Compensation, haan?"

He nodded with a naughty wink, "haan kyun?? Problem hai?"

She nodded her head with a wink, "nahi nahi karoongi compensate but aise nahi..."


He teasingly looked at her and then at the bed while she understood his naughty thoughts. She grinned at that and before he seduced her into it and then left her desperate and breathless, she added, "Promise me that you will give me what I want"

He inched his face closer to hers as if she was going to ask the same as he desired. Their breaths mingled and his husky tone sent tremors of passion soar through her body. Her body felt like a puppet in his arms as he tightened his hold around her.


She struggled to keep the distance intact so that her existing sanity remained without a slip, "meri college ka reunion pe jaana hai"


His shocked query only made her chuckle. He hadn't expected this demand from her but now he had no choice but agree. He had promised and he couldn't break it.

"College ka reunion? Yun achaanak??"

He was still surprised and was confused while she explained

"Achaanak nahi but mujhe mail aaj hi milaa"

"accha? Par mujhe toh laga ke tumne degree kareedha??"


His mocking didn't anger her today as she laughed it away while he probed further, "ek baat bathao...kahaan hai yeh achaanak reunion?"

She had already cooked up details and so she was almost instantaneous, "Kerala mein...bohat khoobsurat resort hai...mere saare friends honge...Its going to be real fun!"

He felt a little prick deep down at the mention of her having fun at her college reunion with her friends. A phase of her life where he wasn't part of and now the thought of her going away for a few days made it worse for him. She went onto explain the venue further just to annoy him.

"chaaron taraf bas paani hi paani hai...its such a beautiful place, in the lap of nature Raman"

Her excitement and happiness made him pretend the same to her. After all, he too wanted her to be happy and keep smiling. Perhaps, a break from all the tensions at home is what she required.

His silent smile brought her back from the dreamy trance she seemed to be in.

She patted him wondering if he wasn't happy with this plan,

"Raman...kuch problem hai kya?"

He looked at her and replied, "nahi nahi...tum jao aur enjoy karo...!"

He finished with a fake taunt, "Atleast dho teen din tumaare lectures se chutkaara milega"mujhe!

She rolled her eyes surprised that he assumed that she was going alone, "kya matlab? Aap bhi chaloge na mere saath?"

That was a surprise to him as he didn't expect her to tell that. He suppressed his surprise with a mock, "matlab I don't get a break from the lectures, huh?"

Before he could say something more, she added, "sabke family bhi honge...main akeli jaavungi toh accha nahi lagega Raman...please na Raman"

For the first time, she had wished and planned something just for the two of them but even then she suggested, "Ruhi aur Adi ko bhi saath le chalenge...they will enjoy too!"

Raman knew Ruhi would come but wasn't sure of Adi. He might insist on tagging Shagun along which could upset the plans.

He shook his head quite uncertain of how Adi would respond to the idea.


But he and Ishita were in for a surprise when they opened up the plan before the family during the dinner.

Shagun was the first respond, "Awesome plan Ishita...Adi aur Ruhi keliye accha change hoga..."

She was all set to tag along with them as it was obvious that Adi wouldn't go without her.

The Bhalla family weren't too happy with the idea of Shagun going with Ishita and Raman but they kept silence.

But Adi surprised everybody when he spoke up.

"Main aur Ruhi nahi aa sakte papa...hum dono ne piano classes join kiya hai...We can't miss the class, hai na Ruhi?"

Ruhi nodded instantly, "haan Ishima...vacation camp bhi hai school mein...main, Adi bhaiya aur Shravan khoob masti karne waale hai!"

Ishita was about to say something when Adi snapped her, "Ishita aunty, papa...aap log jao...hum yahi enjoy karenge!"

Ishita didn't show it out but she was indeed happy for more than one reason. Adi's cordial warm behaviour was one reason but the main reason was the thought of getting the much required private time for her and her Raavan kumar!


A week later, they landed in Kochi. From there, a 2 hour drive took them to Kumarakom, set in the backdrop of the back waters.

The Lake view resort was surrounded by water on all sides. Their honeymoon suite opened up to a private pool which was an infinite pool as if projecting into the beautiful lake.

The blue waters, the resort, the HM suite surprised her. Yes, she had wanted to surprise him but he had turned tables at her once again. He had found out that she was lying about the reunion and had taken up everything under his control. 

He cancelled her bookings slyly and got this surprise honeymoon package booked.

She walked to the window which opened into the pool side, "Raman, I wanted to surprise you but..."

He walked up to stand beside her, "Surprise toh ab bhi deh sakti ho madrasan"

She pouted, "mere saare plans fail karke mazaag kar rahe ho, huh?"

He wrapped an arm around her pulling her sideways to him, "Mazaag nahi Jhansi ki rani, you will get your chance ...promise!"

She glanced at him sideways enquiringly while he winked naughtily making her blush profusely.

Without a delay, he twirled her completely into his arms and kissed her nose tip and then her nose pin casually yet evoking a sensual effect inside her, "Surprise me!"

The whole romantic setting, the beautiful waters in the background, the naughty gestures of her ever charming Raavan were all making her heart skip beats and swoon as if intoxicated in love and passion.

[To be continued]

So how was it? pls do reply

Once again, Happy New Year to all! 

I will try to continue as soon as possible...

Next part


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Its supervb...

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yshu8 Groupbie

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Nice to see ishita's POV which is not usually seen in the show...plz continue...Tongue

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srsly awesome gal...
i just fall in love with ur writing... again and again... whenever i read it...  i just love the way you write their inner feelings... yu just describe them superbly...

this fan fiction is just awesome yaar... these CVs must go through your stories and know how to write the tracks...  

Raman, Ishita n their touchy (non)touchy games are just awesome...
their chemistry has been projected well its just undying...

awesome writing...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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un res

oh teri

i thought only me checks her lips... seems like u too checks her smiling effect...
lips curve..movement etc Blushing


that swirl oye oye... *my heart missed a beat*  shy girl hands smiley

still to read... will cmnt later

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i was missing ur updates...
happy new year vidya

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awesome.. loved it...!!
happy new year..!! plz update soon..!!

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Thats a super start vidya...
happy new yr to u too dear

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