Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Praja ss - Truth -Painful & Rewarding Last part Page 9 10/1/15 (Page 9)

arpit2525 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 January 2015 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Lovely updates. Waiting for next part. 

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sweetmogini Groupbie

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Posted: 07 January 2015 at 6:40am | IP Logged
That was great especially when ajab start to share her feeling with pratap...

Keep update

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pari0706 IF-Rockerz

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Hi all sorry for the delay in updating but here is the last part of the stoy. hope you will enjoy it and give a lot of comments as this will encourage me to write more stories on Praja

Last Part

In the morning everyone got ready for Ajabde's Bidaai, and the entire Mewar clan went towards Chittor. It took two full days to reach there and there was a big celebration to welcome them. Each and every resident of Chittor and nearby places were there. All of them wanted to see their Kuwarni.

On the way when they had rested JB had asked Pratap to promise her that he will not behave rudely with DB and will not tell anything to US as she didn't want Pratap to loose his position or US to loose his faith on Pratap.

So when they reached there, US and DB welcomed JB first and then JB and US welcomed Pratap and Ajabde.

Pratap and Ajab greeted DB but they didn't smile a lot. DB noticed this but dismissed it thinking they are tired.

"dekhiye toh, humare putra kitne thake hue lag rahe hai. Jaiye Kuwar Pratap aap aur aapki bindani vishram kar lijiye." DB said with her sugary sweet voice.

"DBji bilkul sahi keh rahi hai, lekin abhi dasion ko thoda samay dijiye taki ve Ajabde ka aur KP ka saman unke kaksh mein saja de. Tab tak ap humare saath chaliye aur kuch bhojan graham kar lijiye" Jb said

"aapne bilkul theek kaha jija, chaliye KP aaj humne apne haathon se apke aur apki bindani ke liye aam ki chatni banayi hai" a voice came

"Majlima?" Pratap called surprised to see Sajjabai the mother of kuwar Shakti. Then he went ahead and took her blessings with Ajabde and both hugged her

"aap kab ayi aur aap kaisi hai" Pratap asked

"aree aree hum apko sab batayenge lekin pehle chaliye aur bhojan kar lijiye. Dekhiye to aap kitne bade ho gaye hai, aur humne kitne varsho se apke liye bhojan nahi banaya. Aiye" saying so Sajja baiji took them inside.

Once everyone finished the food, Sajjabai told them that once she got to know that JB and Ajabde are returning to the Mahal she couldn't resist and hence came here from her brother's house. However Kuwar Vikram was still in gurukul and hence didn't come with her.

After sometime almost everyone left and now it was only JB, Ajabde, Pratap and VB left. VB asked JB to forgive her, but JB said that what she did was under blackmail. And hence she is forgiving but it will take time for her to trust her(VB) again.

VB ask Pratap to forgive her as well, but he told her that he knows the entire truth and why she did what she did. So he can understand her and doesn't need to ask for forgiveness. But now she does not need to be afraid. She can come to him if she faces any such thing in future.

When VB asked Ajabde to forgive her, Ajab told her that she is her mother in law and she knows that she (VB) didn't do anything on her own and hence there is no need to ask for forgiveness. And as Pratap said even she is willing to help VB.

Hearing this VB was relieved and very happy.


After this, VB, Chaand and Maan kept Pratap and Ajab busy in their talks whilst JB went and decorated their room for their first night.

And then took Ajabde with them, after some time and many neks later pratap  entered the room.

He sat by Ajabde and lifted her ghoonghat.

"Ajabde, aap bohot khubsurat lag rahi hai aaj"

Hearing him say that Ajabde turned red and thanked him in a small voice.

Pratap held her hands and looked at them before saying

"hum jaante hai ki aapne humse samay manga tha, aur hum nahi chahte ki humare is naye jeevan ka ek bhi lamha apki iccha ke bagair ho. Ajabde, kya aap iss rishte ko age badhane ke liye taiyar hai?"

Hearing him Ajab couldn't look at him and gave a small nod giving her permission.

Pratap's face lit up with a big smile, and he kissed her forehead and hugged her. Slowly slowly he helped her remove the jewellery and dropped feather light kisses as he went.

They spent the night loving each other and showing each other how much they missed the other.(dirty minds no more details ;) )


Days passed by quickly and everyone could see a change in pratap. He was naughtier and always joked around. Gone was the serious pratap who always thought of war, this was new pratap.

After some months, one day while serving food to everyone Ajabde fell down unconscious. Pratap took her to the room and vaidji was called. Everyone was very happy to find that Ajabde was pregnant.

Once a new Prince was born the pundit gave him the name of Amar singh. US was so happy that he laid foundation of a new city. However soon the Mughal fear was over them and they decided to move their capital to the new city from Chittor. US changed the strategy and instead of fighting the Mughal he decided to move out of Chittor leaving Jaimal and Patta for its protection. Pratap was not happy with this but had to obey the order.

When they got the news of third Jauhar saka of Chittor they were shocked. Things happened very quickly and Udaipur was established. However Pratap still wanted Chittor back and vowed to keep fighting. JB, Pratap and Ajabde with the help of Maan, Chaand and VB continued to counter DB's plans. They had even included Rawatji and other ministers in the plan. Basically US thought he is ruling but it was really Pratap rulling the kingdom. However dB still succeeded in manipulating a depressed US after loosing chittor and convinced him (with the aid of the paan) to make Jagmal the heir. And that's what he did.

On the day of Rajyaabhisheik, JB mixed some medicine in DB's drink which made her faint and not able to attend the function.

Rawatji and the other ministers decided not to listen to that last wish of US and took Jagmal prisoner and prtap became the king. By now Pratap had realised the reality of his brother and though it was for the best that Jagmal was kept prisoner. However without his drugs he soon fell ill and died few months later.


After the ceremony pratap went to DB's room with JB and the gang.


They had hid the truth from DB till now and only now sent a dasi to inform her.


"Kya kaha tune? Yeh kaise ho sakta hai, Ranaji ne swayam humare kehne par, Kuwar Jagmal ko apna uttaradhikari banaya tha, phir gaddi par Pratap kaise baith sakta hai?" she was manhandling the dasi and then turned to calm herself down when she heard Pratap's voice


"khama ghani Chotima" Pratap came in and touched her feet she put her hand on his head but didn't say anything.


"aashirwad nahi dengi aap hume?"


"Kuwar Pratap, kya apko apne daajiraj ki ichaon ka zara sab hi khayal nahi hai? Ve Kuwar Jagmal ko Rana ke rup me dekhna chahte the." She tried to emotional blackmail him.


"humare daajiraj vastav mein kya chahte the yeh hum jante hai choti ma. Kuwar Jagmal ko ve Mewar ki rajgaddi kabhi nahi dena chahte the."


"aap galat samaj rahe hai, unhone swayam kaha tha sabke samne, ke ve Kuwar Jagmal ko Yuvraj ghoshit karte hai."


"bilkul kaha tha, parantu wo kiske behkave mein aa kar, swayam nahi."


"behkave mein? Aisa kon kar sakta hai Kuwar Pratap?"




"kya, yeh kya keh rahe he aap, kuwar Pratap, aap toh jante hai ki hum aapse kitna prem karte hai?"


"Aab humara naam Maharana Pratap hai chotima. Aur aap ke prem ki baatein aur kisse toh hume uss din se pata hai, jis din hum Ajabde ko vapis, Chittor laye the. Parantu hum vivash the ki hume aapke swang (drama) mein samilit hona pada kyunki daajiraj apke virrudh ek shabd bhi nahi sun na chahte the. Aur hum yeh bhi jante hai, ki aap Daajiraj ko paan ke saath ek aisi aushadhi deti thi jis se ve sada ke liye ap hi ka kaha mane. Chahe us me uniki marzi ho ya na ho. Isi liye, Mewar ke bhut purva raja Maharan Udai Singh ko galat aushadhi dene ke karan, hume aur humari patni ko kai baar marne ke prayatna ke liye aur Bijolia ko itni badi musibat mein dalne ke liye, hum, Maharan Pratap Singh, apko desh drohi karar dete hai. Lekin kyunki aap humare Daajiraj ki priy thi aur humari chotima hai, isiliye hum apko na to mrityu dand denge aur na hi kaal kothri mein bhejenge. Aajse aap apne kaksh mein bandh rahengi. Aur ek saasi apke darwaze ke beech bane ched se apke liye bhojan dengi. Parantu aap se baat nahi karengi. Aur jahan tak Jagmal ka sawal hai to unko kaal kothri mein dala gaya hai, unhone jo atyachar kiye hai aur apki saazishon mein bhaag lene ke jurm mein."


"Nahi Pratap, aap apni choti ma aur apne chote bhai ke saath aisa nahi kar sakte, hume shama kar dijiye.." she falls on his feet but he asks the soldiers to take her away and make hole in the door for food plate. After doing so lock her in. but before that put her in jail cellers.


No one outside the mahal ever knew what happened to rani batiyani, she died few months after this. It was discovered after the food plates came out full and Pratap asked to check.


She was given a silent farewell and no one was any wiser.


Pratap and Ajabde's love was blossoming. Pratap married multiple times to strengthen his kingdom, but every rani of his, wished that they were Ajabde.

When after the haldighati battle Pratap decided to leave the mahal for forest only Ajabde decided to come with him and all other ranis went back to their parental homes. But Ajabde became Pratap's strength for years and kept him going despite all odds against him.


When Ajabde died Pratap was devastated and only his promise to get Chittor back kept him going. But after six years, as he went hunting he remembered the moments spent with Ajabde in the forest and was lost when a lion attacked from back. Amar Singh (his and Ajab's son) saved him then but later he died due to the injuries.


He took the promise from Amar Singh to get Chittor back, and after that he felt relieved of his duties and saw Ajabde coming to take him away. He died happily as he knew he is going back to his Ajab.


Pratap got a chance to prove his love again but not everyone is so lucky. Sometimes we don't realise that the people that are being sweet in front of us but are actually harming us. Pratap was brave enough to accept the truth of his mother - it is one of the most difficult things to accept that a parent is wanting to harm a child. This is usually not the case but unfortunately in this case, it was. This was also one of the reasons he was known as Bharat ka veer putra. As he was not only the brave warrior that everyone knew, but also a brave person within. A person who had the strength to accept his step mothers real face.

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-firebird- IF-Rockerz

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it was an amazing story... i love the way how u tell the story...and the was brilliant...looking forward to ur next project...u r a brilliant story teller! 

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mothiaai Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2015 at 10:53am | IP Logged

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Pawarneha13 Newbie

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Wow its amezing beautifuly written

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Divi.C Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2015 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Kt was a best end i have real till now..u elaborated it properly...
N u know we have gutter mind then u should have provided info na.. Wink LOL
N best thing u made full story of mp...yarrr u should try to become real writer of least u r not manipulating history... Smile

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the most emotional yet convincing n real end really its great !!

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