Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Praja ss - Truth -Painful & Rewarding Last part Page 9 10/1/15 (Page 4)

ash41900 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2015 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
oh wao wat a pieceClap !! the PrAja confrontation was just amazing!! loved when pratap banged hands on the walls Day Dreaming wish it was his head n not hands Wink Itne years baad Jo aaye hai ajabde se milne ... ... great update continue soon

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kiminonawa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 January 2015 at 1:29am | IP Logged
mind blowing all4 parts <3

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Pawarneha13 Newbie

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 2:45am | IP Logged
All parts r awesome plzzz update soon...SmileSmileSmile

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pari0706 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 3:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ash41900

oh wao wat a pieceClap !! the PrAja confrontation was just amazing!! loved when pratap banged hands on the walls Day Dreaming wish it was his head n not hands Wink Itne years baad Jo aaye hai ajabde se milne ... ... great update continue soon

LOL ya but i think banging hand suited him more Wink banging head would be against Rajputi shan naWinkTongueLOL

Thank you everyone else for lovely comments 

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pari0706 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 3:32pm | IP Logged

Part 5

Next morning anyone could see that Ajabde and Pratap's faces were brighter. The elders took this as an indication that both of them has solved atleast some problems between them; and hence they were happy and decided not to intervene


As decided after breakfast Pratap asked Patta to wait at the Mahal for security and that Ajabde will show them the chavnis. And so Pratap and US left with Ajabde in her warrior suit and face covered.


US was shocked to see more than 6 chavnis and atleast 1000 soldiers. On their way back they got the message that Mewar's sena would be  reaching the next day. Hence after reaching the mahal, they decided to take some rest and mentally prepare themselves for the war.


However pratap being pratap decided to disappear in dangsthal, and check out the weapons. However what he found was that the weapons were not of required standard and were old. This shocked him as he remembered sending latest weaponary to each area of Mewar.


So he decided to ask Ajabde, and went in search for her. Finally he found her in kitchen cooking - all alone.




"Kuwarsa aap yahan? Kuch kaam tha toh hume bula liya hota."


Pratap looked behind him and around  him as if searching for someone.


"aap kise dhundh rahe hai?"


"usiko jise aap Kuwarsa bula rahi hai"


"Kya? Parantu hum toh aap se hi baat kar rahe hai."


"Acha? Aur aap hume Kuwarsa kab se bulane lagi? Aap toh hume Kuwar Pratap bulati thi na?"


Now she realised that he has trapped her


"Wo... hu.. haan par"


"par? Par kya, aap hume Kuwar Pratap hi bulayengi, aur yeh humara adesh hai"


"Ajabde, aab toh apko inhe Kuwar Pratap hi bulana hoga"


Both Pratap and Ajabde were shocked hearing this.


When they turned around they found US and JB standing on the door with HB, it was US who spoke

"Aur yeh humara bhi aadesh hai. Kyun JBji?"


"bilkul Ranaji, yeh to humara bhi aadesh hai"


Both Pratap and Ajabde's faces were turning red and Pratap stole a glance at Ajabde and knew it was unfair on her and how she must be feeling, as everyone thought that everything was ok between them as Husband and Wife when it wasn't. So to divert the attention


"aree hum toh bhul hi gaye ki hum yahan kyun aye the. Hum to yahan Bijolia ki Baijilal se milne aye the" hoping everyone will take a hint that it is important state matter.


"dajiraj, apko yaad hai humne Mewar ke har rajya mein sabse uch koti ke hathyar bhijvaye the?"


"bilkul yaad hai, hum jab bhi naye hathyar banvate hai, toh sabhi rajyaon mein bhijvate hai. Aur akhri baar humne naye hathyar pichle varsh bhijvaye the."


"Baijilal, yahan pichli baar hathiyar kab pahuche the (reached there)"


"hathyaar? Data ke guzarne ke baad kabhi bhi naye hathyar Bijolia nahi aye,"


"Kya? Aur khane peen aka saman aur arthik sahayta?"


"Nahi Ranaji, aisa bhi kuch nahi mila"


"He Eklingji, iska matlab jiska bhi yeh kaam hai usne na keval patra ane jane se roke parantu chori bhi ki. Aur yeh avashya kisi andar ke insaan ka kaam hai, kyunki Patta ke Chittor se jane ke baad humne sahayta ki suchi nikalvayi thi jisme saaf saaf likha tha ki yeh saari sahayta samay par bheji ja rahi hai. Aur agar aisa nahi hai toh humare hi beech, Chittor ke Rajmahal mein ek Rajdrohi hai."


"ji Dajiraj, lekin humare samaksh abhi afghan se yudh ki samasya hai, uske baad hum bijolia ki aarthik sthiti ko sudharne ke liye kuch sahayta kar payenge."

"aap theek keh rahe hai Kuwar Pratap. Aap chaliye, hume isi waqt shastragar ki sthiti dekhni hai"


"jee Daajiraj. Kintu ek shan rukiye, Ajabde, kya Daangshtal mein ko hathiyar hai uske alawa bhi koi hathyar hai?


"Jee hai, ve sare hathyar grah mein hai."


"hathyar grah, yeh kahan hai?"


She tells him about the address and both Pratap and US goes to look for it. What they find is that these weapons can be used but are not in the best ones available. However they are preserved in the best possible way so they are still usable.


After this they prepare war strategies and how to tell the public. In the end it is decided that the next morning everyone will be called to the mahal and Baijilal will announce that the message was received from Chittor that the help is on its way and that ranaji and his family are here. From there US will handle.


So as per plan a message was sent around in evening and everyone was asked to come to mahal in morning for an important announcement. A messenger was also sent to Rawatji asking him to come by a hidden passage way so as to avoid the Afghans from knowing about anything.


Next day everything went according to plan and residents of Bijolia were relieved to get help. However due to the message from Parvat das, Afghans got to know that US and Pratap are in mahal without sena and they attacked. But were quickly defeated by Mewar's sena and BK was beheaded as he spoke arrogantly.


After this, US and Pratap were welcomed grandly. JB did everyone's arti and vijay tilak and then asked Ajabde to repeat it. this made Pratap very happy as he had been looking forward to getting his Vijay tilak done by Ajabde. He had waited for this moment when he was returning from the war with Akbar, and today he finally got it all thanks to his Ranima.

After a day it was Ajabde's gauna. Bijolia was decorated like a new bride and everyone was happy. After the Gauna a big function was organised in Bijolia, and Pratap and Ajabde took the center stage. Everyone danced and sang praises of Pratap and Baijilal. This made both Pratap and US proud. After a while the dancers pulled both Pratap and Ajab in the center and danced around them. both of them looked at their praja enjoying the moment and had big smiles on their faces.


After this, they had one day of rest howver, US had to leave for another state visit to another kingdom under Mewar and hence he had left that morning, and would meet them in Mewar. So looking for the right opportunity Pratap signalled Ajabde to come with him. Both of them went to meet their Ranima in her room.

"aree Kuwar Pratap Ajabde? Ap dono yahan? Aiye baithiye."

They all sat down and JB asked the reason of their visit.

"Ranima, hum apse kuch puchna chahte hai. Ranima hum yeh pata lagana chahte hai ki aapka patra kisne badla. Aur hum dono ka man na hai ki, jis kisi ne apka patra badla woh aur jisne Bijolia se bheje gaye sahayta ke patra churaye, v eek hi hai. Aur ve Rajmahal mein se hai. Ranima kya aap hume bata sakti hai ki apne wo patra kise diya tha?"

JB looked at Ajabde as she hear Pratap, both of them looked in each others eyes and both of them knew who was behind this, and decided to let Pratap find out on his own, as otherwise he might never believe them. So JB told pratap that she had given the letter to a dasi, and that, that particular dasi was here in Bijolia with them.

"Kya hum us dasi se mil sakte hai?"


JB called for that dasi. When Pratap asked what she did with the letter JB gave her she looked at him with frightened eyes and then looked at JB. She ran to JB and held her legs

"hume shama kar dijiye Maharani sa, hume shama kar dijiye."

"aree utho,  aur saaf saaf batao ki hua kyat ha us din"

"Maharani sa, jab apne hume wo patra diya tha, Ajabde baisa ko dene toh raste mein hume, Rani Dheerbai ji mili thi. Unhone humse pucha ki hum kahan ja rahe hai, toh humne unhe satya bataya. Unhone wo patra manga, toh humne unhe kaha ki patra Ajabdebaisa ke liye hai aur hume adesh hai ki ye unke hi haath mein dena hai. Parantu unhone humse kaha ki, aisa keh kar hum unka apan kar rahe hai aur agar hume apne jeevan se prem hai ya hum apne bachon ki salamati chahte hai to patra unhe de."

At this she looked at everyone

"hum... hum satya keh rahe hai, yadi baat keval humari hoti to hum apki agya ka ulanghan nahi karte Maharani sa, lekin humare bache... aap toh ek maa hai na? aap bataiye aap kya karti? Hume wo patra unhe dena pada. Lekin humne chip kar unka peecha kiya. Hum yeh nishchit karna chahte the ki patra Baisa tak pauche, kyunki yeh humari zimedari thi."

At this she had her eyes wide open in fear and started breathing fast

"kya dekha tumne, saaf saaf batao"

"humne dekha ki ranisa, apne kaksh ki aur gayi, aur humne jab khidki se dekha toh ranisa ek patra likh rahi thi. Apne jo patra hume diya that wo neele kapde me tha, lekin yeh naya patra gulabi rang ke kapde mein tha. Aur humne dekha ki ranisa ne neele rang ka patra ek sanduk mein rakha aur use tala lagakar ve gulabi patra lekar Ranaji ke paas gayi. Unhone, ranaji se kaha ki unh eek sainik se pata chala ki Kuwar Pratap yuddh par gaye hai aur unhe Ajabdebaisa ne bheja, aur Ajabde baisa ne Maharani ji ko mahal chodne par vivash kiya. Aur wo nakli patra dikhaya. Hum, hum satya bolna chahte the Maharani sa, humara vishvaas kare"

She pleaded looking at everyone

"Parantu, humari baat kaun sunta? Aur phir humne dekha, ki Baisa ko Ranaji ne mahal se nirvasit kar diya aur unhe ek avsar bhi nahi diya apni baat kehne ka. Aab aise mein yadi humne kuch kehne ka prayatna kiya hota toh humari jaan ko bhi khatra tha aur humare bacho ki jaan ko bhi. Isi liye hum aaj tak chup rahe aur kissi se bhi kuch nahi kaha. Parantu humne itne varsho mein ranisa ko dekha hai, dhaman singh naam ke ek sainik ke saath milkar unhone, bijolia se ane vale patron ko chupaya aur kai yojna banai hai. Par hum kisi se kuch nahi keh paye. Hume shama kar dijiye Maharani sa, hume shama kar dijiye"

She was crying hysterically

"baas champa, roiye mat, uthiye... isme apka koi dosh nahi tha, toh yeh apradh bodh apne man se nikal dijiye. Aur jaiye, apna karya kijiye. Nishchit rahiye, apke ya apke bachon ko kuch nahi hoga."

"dhanyawaad Maharani sa"

Saying so the dasi left the room.


ok so now the truth is in front of Pratap... what would be his reaction? it will be in next update but but but here is the catch. i want atleast 10 comments before i post anything else.  

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prishna_fan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
Very nice updates 
Now pratap knows the truth ... Want to see how VB will be punished and Hope PrAja will get close to each other and Ajab moves on as mu is cleared 
sweetmogini Groupbie

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
Nice...pratap trust db a lot...

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Divi.C Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
Wowww its superb.. Finally db's truth is out... Amazing superb update...
N now i hope ajabde will also forgive prtap.. In all this all forget one thing that prtap wil also be hurt... He is also not at fault though he should trust on ajabde ..

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