TS-RR "LOVE ME TENDER" (mature, 18+), Part 2 updated 1/1/15

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Dearest Friends,

Here is the romantic and sensual dose of PARUD-----as promised delivered as your New Year's giftEmbarrassed It is NOT a part of my current FF. The Mumbai episode where Rudra goes to have his hand examined by a specialist is the foundation for this short story. First of all, I skipped most of the other couple part (no offense to fans who like them but I have no idea who they were or have any familiarity with their story) and just focused on our PARUD.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the way that episode turned outConfused. There was so much potential but it seemed to have been diluted and wasted (in my humble opinion). Of course, my version is much racier than what can be reasonably depicted on the show. But, it could have been a bit more romantic in RRDay Dreaming. I won't give the details so you can actually read for yourself and enjoy the budding romance between Paro and Rudra.

As usual, the story became a bit longer than expected. This part is around 17 pages long!ShockedEmbarrassed So, I am going to break it into two installments but they will both be posted as promised for your New Year's reading pleasure. It is now a TS instead of an OS. Hope you enjoy this hotter version of the Mumbai trip by ParudEmbarrassed

This TS is dedicated to all you crazy Parud fans, who just cant seem to get enough of this beloved couple and my writing!Embarrassed

Wishing you all and your loved ones, a very Happy New Year! May the New Year bring health and wealth, happiness and love into your lives and all your dreams and wishes come true! Happy Reading darlings!Hug

 (WARNING: mature content, not suitable for ages under 18!)







Rolling waves crashed onto the shore as he saw her playfully kick the sand and then squeal with delight----a huge smile bursting on her face, glowing with happiness. Rudra scrutinized Paro from a safe distance as she held on to the sage green lehnga in her hands while enjoying the feel of cool water under her feet.

The joy on her face as she basked in the sun and frolicked in the water was a sight that he was enjoying immensely. A part of him wanted to rush out to her and partake in the fun, flirty rendezvous in the sand and water. However, the other more logical and stubborn part of his brain held him back.

But then, it had always been the case with him. Something about being with Paro made him gravitate towards her and the other part of him----one that cautioned him to not get involved deeply always kept him away. It had always been a constant battle between his heart and mind.

No matter how hard Rudra had tried to ignore her, block her from his heart----he had failed miserably. She had slowly wiggled her way in, chipping away, one piece at a time and he was terrified of the extent of his feelings for her. But, he resisted the urge to go to her, his feet firmly rooted to the ground.

His wife had always been vocal about her feelings for him, telling him openly how much she loved him. She believed it their destiny to be together and he hadn't paid much attention to her admission for so long, thinking it infatuation on her part because he had saved her life. It could have been gratefulness on her part or at least that is what he had told himself

Over time, she had shown her love, in more ways than he could count that what she felt was not fleeting. The way she had cared for him especially since the incident with his arm----it was something he could never overlook. He would never forget the pure happiness on her face as the doctor had told them that his arm and hand would heal soon. She cared for him deeply

And of course, how could he overlook her courageous declaration of love just on their way to Mumbai? Not just her words but the love mirrored in those beautiful eyes was enough to convince him that she did care for him-----he now believed that she truly loved him

Love was an emotion, foreign to him. He had never believed in love. It hadn't seemed rational to place much faith in such frivolous feelings or even consider someone to feel so strongly for anyone. In his eyes, human beings were selfish creatures and love was a feeling that only served to make one weak and vulnerable to being duped

His parents had hurt him, damaged him to an extent where his trust in people and love was almost non-existent, or at least it was until now. Paro and her unwavering faith in him, in their marriage had somehow made him rethink his rigid stance on things he had never ever considered worthy before.

What did he feel for her, Rudra contemplated? Yes, he could not see her hurt---- at least, that much he knew. In fact, he would kill anyone who tried to hurt his Paro, but was that love? It was not as if he had experienced this particular emotion before. However, the feelings he had for her were so strong, unlike he had ever felt before that he pondered if it was indeed love?

The consultation with the specialist in the Mumbai had been a perfect opportunity for her to tag along with him and he was actually glad that she was here with him. Even though, he had yelled at her for wandering off earlier, making him sick with worry----he was pleased that she had come with him

Having her near him did provide him comfort even though he might not have told her so in so many words. Her head resting on his shoulder in the taxi had felt surprisingly good. In fact, he remembered the way he had tackled her on the bed for his phone and his heart beat faster

The picture of them, clicked unintentionally was something he had viewed secretly countless times, completely unbeknownst to her. In his opinion, she had looked just too beautiful while fighting with him over the phone and he had almost kissed her right then and there

She had slept in his arms as he had held her hand throughout the night. Looking at her lovely face, so close to him as she had attempted to fix her dupatta, covering herself modestly but not before he had a chance to admire the beautiful curves of her sensuous body

 The way she flailed her arms, laughing and shrieking, jumping in the water brought a slight smile to his face as he observed her albeit from a short distance. The carefree attitude, the cheerfulness with which she enjoyed little things in life boggled him at times.

At the same time, it fascinated him since it was hard for him to just be so expressive about such things. He was a man used to keeping his feelings close to his heart. It was not easy for him to share his emotions with anyone

The cool water with the rough sand felt incredible under her feet and Paro was enjoying every single minute of it. She had only seen this in the movies, a few of which she had an opportunity to watch growing up. Oh, and then there descriptions of the beach and water that she had heard from Thakursa and others who had been lucky enough to visit

Never had she expected to actually come and visit Mumbai and see the beauty by her own two eyes. Now that she was here, she intended to relish each and every moment.  Who knew when she would get another chance to visit here again?

 And the other reason was that she wanted to capture each and every moment spent with Rudra as these memories would have to suffice her in the years to come as she spent the rest of her life without him

Just the thought of being away from him aggrieved her tender heart. Not being with him, not being to see him every day weighed heavily on her heart but she felt honor bound by her vow made to Bholenaath

She had promised to give up her most precious thing in exchange for her husband's life and now she could not renege on her vow. And he was the most precious thing, the most valuable being in her life----that is what she would have to give up.

He was going to be better soon----the doctor had assured them. While she was overfilled with joy and relief that he would regain complete function of his hand, a part of her wept inwardly at the news. That just meant that her borrowed time was up and she would have to leave, soon.

It was time to make good on her promise to Bholenaath. No matter how much she wanted to spend her life with him, she had to go away. Her heart felt as if it would burst with anguish but she couldn't be weak. No, she couldn't afford such frivolities.

She had to be strong-----his life meant more to her than anything! She could not live with herself if something bad happened to him. There was no reneging on her promise----there was no option but to bid farewell.

At least, she had told him of her love for him. Yes, she had said it to him several times but it had been different now and she could see it in his eyes. There was awareness that she had observed in his gaze.

 Maybe, Rudra even felt something for her----some sort of affection perhaps, Paro thought as she wondered what he might have said had she not placed her hand on his mouth, silencing him then. Well, she would never find out now, she thought sadly.

Trying to forget the painful thoughts, her eyes looked at him as he watched her from a distance. She wondered at the nature of his thoughts. Why did he not come close to her, enjoy the beautiful water with her especially when she had asked him to spend most of his time with her? Surely, he was not scared of getting a little wet, was he?

Suddenly, a big wave of water crashed onto her feet and she almost stumbled. In an instant, Rudra was right next to her and he said, "Paro...khayaal say...dekh tou...kahaan jaa rahi hai...doobnay ka iraada hai kya...?."

("Paro...be careful...look where you are going...are you planning on drowning yourself...?")

Paro felt his arm steady her and she looked up at him as he warned to be careful lest she drown in the waves. Although, Rudra looked extremely handsome in those sunglasses that he loved to wear----she wished that she could see his eyes

There was concern in his voice along with a smidgen of irritation, perhaps because he thought her to be careless as she played in the water, Paro thought. But, she didn't mind.

Maybe, because she knew that he cared for her or because that was his way of talking to her. Or perhaps, it was due to the fact that she was going to leave him soon and she didn't care to spend any of the precious time with him being upset.

Letting him hold her in his arms, she told him, her voice clear and full of love, "Koi baat nahi, Major Saab...aap hain naa, mhaare saath...mhaare ko doobnay tou nahi dengey...aap mhaare ko bachaalenge...bharosa hai mhaare ko aap per..."

("It doesn't matter, Major Saab...after all, you are here with me...you won't let me drown...you'll save me...I have complete confidence in you...")

The utter conviction in her voice as she told him boldly that he would save her made his heart beat wildly against his chest. Why did she have to say such things to him, Rudra thought as he stared into her beautiful face?

The feeling of her in his arms was amazing and his breathing quickened as always. When she looked at him with those incandescent eyes, full of love and adoration, his heart hammered madly.

It was so easy to lose his train of thought every time she was near him, so close to him when he could see the beating of her pulse at the base of her throat, the slight quivering of her pink lips, the dilating of her hazel irises as her eyes focused on his face.

Realizing the direction of his thoughts as he continued to hold her in his arms---Rudra let go but slowly. She was too tempting and he tried to curb the urge to kiss her. Lately, his thoughts were plagued with making love to her but it was his handicapped hand that had held him back.

Paro steadied herself and tried to calm her erratic breathing. It was common occurrence whenever he came so close to her-----the hitched breathing, the rioting pulse, the thundering heartbeat, Paro thought. She should be used to it all now.

The man had that kind of effect on her----he always had, from the first moment they had laid eyes on each other. He was the only man who could send her heartbeat racing with just a look, his simple touch. She was surely going to miss him when she left him for good

Rudra saw her face turn sad and wondered what made her expressions change suddenly. He asked her if she was alright and Paro nodded, telling him, "Kucch nahi, Major Saab..."

("Nothing, Major Saab...")

He didn't believe her. There was something she was not telling him but he couldn't figure out what it was. The tone of her voice as she had asked him to spend the day with her, every moment with her nagged him, warning him that something was indeed not right

All she had asked was some of his time and he didn't want to deny her. But, what was the regret, the melancholy in her voice when she had made the appeal, as if someone making a final request?

 There was such finality in her declaration of love for him, in her demand to spend time with her that he almost felt scared. What was she not telling him, Rudra pondered quietly as he saw her continue enjoy her time, playing on the shores of the vast sea?






Rudra heard the bathroom door open and he immediately stood up. Paro walked out, bathed and freshly scrubbed and he walked towards her. Standing on front of her, Rudra held her by the arms and he asked her, "Paro...tu theek hai...?"

("Paro...are you alright...?")

Nodding her head, she looked up at him and he saw tears in her eyes. Without another thought, he pulled her in his arms and she didn't resist at all. Her arms went around his waist as she held onto him.

Resting her head on his chest, she closed her eyes, trying to forget that she had almost lost her life just hours ago! She was lucky to be alive and in his arms, Paro thought as she snuggled close to him, pressing her face in his chest.

Hearing the strong strumming of heartbeat, she felt reassured. The feel of his solid arms around her, she felt safe, somehow comforted. It felt so good to be in his arms that she didn't want to let go, ever.

 Any other time, she might have been hesitant and felt conscious of being clad only in a bathrobe, held so tightly in his arms. But, tonight, she felt lucky to be just alive and feel him close to her. Maybe, a brush with death did that to a person, Paro thought.

Rudra ran his arms around her back as he felt her slight shivering. She might have verbally said that she was doing alright and she might be fine physically. However, emotionally, she had to be shaken up. He knew that he was deeply disturbed, having coming so close to losing her!

Seeing Paro on the other side of the glass door, crying for help was a sight that he wanted to forget. Trapped in the house, surrounded by billowing smoke-----the panic he had felt in that moment still managed to choke him.

The frustration at being unable to budge the heavy door as he heard her screams was all too fresh in his mind. He had seen his Paro almost smothered in smoke, coughing----it was enough to get his heart sinking. Not a praying man, Rudra had prayed for her safety in that moment.

All that mattered was that she was unhurt and safe. The thought of her being hurt or injured in that fire managed to frighten him. He had never felt such panic as when he had seen her midst the encroaching flames!

Closing his eyes, he almost shuddered when he thought of how she had been ensnared inside the blazing fire. Her cries for help, the fear in her eyes had given him the herculean strength to tear that door. Still unable to believe the events of the night, he held her close to him, his heart, unwilling to let go even for a second

The helplessness at seeing her confined there, battling for her life had brought all his deep buried feelings to the surface. He had spent so much time fighting here, his feelings for her, ignoring what was right in front of his eyes. The gut wrenching fear he had felt every time he had thought her to be in danger-----how had he never recognized it for what it was?

Fear of love and betrayal had rendered him incapable of acknowledging his true feelings for her. Thinking he could just deny what he felt for her, he had tried to just live with her even though she was his wife.

He had married her, taken care of her, always protected her but never given her his heart. Careful to protect his own precious heart from being trampled on, he had held his emotions in check. Every time, she had come close to him, he had pushed her away, but seeing her so close to death had made him realize the folly of his actions

What he felt for her-----he had never, ever felt for another human being! For one insane moment, he had actually thought to jump in the fire if he couldn't save her! Life without her had suddenly seemed inconceivable. His chest tightened even at the possibility of going through life without her

Somewhere, along the way, unknowingly, he had lost his heart to her. Slowly, but irrevocably, she had won him over, melting even the coldest of heart, his heart. He now knew without a doubt that he loved her-----she meant more than life itself and he couldn't even bear the thought of losing her!

Unsure of how long they stood there, in each other's arms, just savoring the presence of each other. The close brush with death had served to make him realize the importance of her in his life, concede what was buried in the deepest recesses of his heart and mind.

 He had wasted too much precious time fighting his feelings for her, avoiding her, keeping her at arms' length, Rudra thought. But, he was done with that! Tonight, he would let her know what was in his heart, how he felt about her.

Safe haven------that is what his arms meant to Paro as she let him hold her. His hands as they massaged her back gently, soothing her only managed to remind her how short time she had with him before she left him for good.

The way he had broken through the latch of the door was a memory that would cherish for a long time. The fear in his eyes at being unable to break through the door, the horror at the proximity of the blazing flames as she had cried out and  his promise to get her out, no matter what warmed her heart.

Loving tenderness after saving her life as he had held her close, touching her face, kissing her forehead would be memories that she would carry in her heart forever. The manacle like hold with which he had held her, unwilling to let go for more than a few seconds when the doctor had checked her at the hospital----all reminded her of how much she loved him

She heard his voice, full of concern as he asked her again of her well-being. She moved away slightly and looked up into his eyes, and answered, "Mein bilkul theek hoon, Major Saab...," and she smiled at him

One of his hands came up to cup her face and she pressed her cheek into his hand, closing her eyes. Rudra shivered at the affectionate gesture and felt humbled by her trust in him.

("I am feeling fine, Major Saab...")

Just then, Paro realized the miracle that had just happened. Opening her eyes, she brought up her hand to lift his hand from her face and then looked at it.

Lifting her eyes up to him, she said, her voice full of wonderment, "Major Saab...aap ka haath ab bilkul theek ho gaya hai...mhaare ko tou yaqeen nahi aaraha hai...!" and she told him how happy she was for him

("Major Saab...your hand seems to be healed now...I still can't believe it!")

It was true that the night had been full of miracles, Rudra thought as he looked at her. Paro's life had been saved from that dreadful fire and his hand had been completely cured as well! Unbelievable as it was, he had a lot to be thankful for.

Rudra saw as she continued to hold his hand as she examined it again closely and she looked up again and he saw happiness in her eyes. His chest tightened as he took in her beautiful face with such love and affection for him and his well-being

There were tears in her eyes as she thanked Bholenaath for his recovery and then held his hand to her lips, kissing it. The feel of her lips on his hand burned him. The tender act tugged at his heart and he was astounded.

Freeing his hand from hers, he reached to wipe the tear that trickled down her cheek and he told her softly, "Paro...ro mut...ab sab theek ho gaya hai..., " and he paused to look at her before continuing," ab sab theek ho jaayega...," and he meant more than his hand.

("Paro...please don't cry...everything is good now...everything will get better now...")

Paro stared at him his hand brushed the tears away and his sweet gesture brought along a wave of new tears brimming to her eyes. He had no idea that she had to leave him now that he was fully recovered, Paro thought sadly

Seeing her cry even more profusely, Rudra was worried and he tipped her chin in his hand as he asked her, "Kya hua, Paro...ab kyun ro rahi hai...ab tou mera haath bhi theek ho gaya hai...kya baat hai...?"

("What happened, Paro...why are you crying now...now the function in my hand has recovered...tell me, what's wrong...?")

How could she tell him the reason for her tears? How could she tell him that the idea of leaving him behind was killing her? He would never understand her decision to leave him especially after declaring her love for him!

Shaking her head, Paro denied vehemently, "Kucch nahi hai, Major Saab...bus aisi hi rona aagaya...yeh khushi kay aansoo hai...aur mein bahot khush hoon...aap ka haath theek ho gaya hai..."

("Nothing, Major Saab...the tears cannot be helped...these are tears of joy...I am so happy that your hand is healed...")

He didn't completely believe her so he asked again. But, but she once again told him that it was nothing to worry about. Maybe, her emotions were in disarray after such a horrible evening, Rudra thought. She was probably overwhelmed with everything that had occurred in the last few hours.

Holding her hand in his, he pulled her towards the bed and they sat down. Paro realized in that moment that she was dressed in the terry robe gown she had found in the hotel bathroom and her hair was still partially wet, falling around her face, her shoulders.

Before, she could get up to go change; Rudra held her wrist and she looked up at him. His hands grabbed onto the rudraksh on her wrist as he unhooked it.

Confused, she looked up at him and asked, "Yeh kya kar rahe hain aap, Major Saab...?"

("What are you doing, Major Saab...?")

His hands busy removing his beaded bracelet from her wrist, he looked up at her and replied softly, "Yaad nahi hai, Paro...tune kaha tha kay jab tak mein tujhay maaf nahi karoonga...yeh rudraksh tere paas rahega...?"

("Don't you remember, Paro...you told me that until I forgave you...you would hold on to my rudraksh...?")

Of course, she remembered what she had said to him and when. Paro watched him as he clasped his bracelet back on his wrist and then she heard him say, "Ab kucch maaf karnay kay liya hai hi nahi...is liye ab mein apna rudraraksh waapis lay raha hoon..."

("There is nothing left to forgive now...so, I am taking back my rudraksh...")

Did that mean that he had completely forgiven her? Did that mean that he believed her? She stared into his eyes as she tried to discern the meaning behind his words. Why did he have to be so kind and understanding now, Paro thought miserably?

Just when she was planning on leaving him forever, he was sitting there, saying all those things to her! Why couldn't he be in one of his usual grumpy and angry moods? That would certainly make it easier when she walked out on him.

Next moment, she knew that she was lying to herself. No matter how he behaved with her, she loved him too much to not feel the agony when she was not a part of his life. Staying away from him would be the most painful thing in her life.

Her eyes went down to look at her hands as he held them in his own large, warm hands, caressing them and she asked him, her voice tearful, "Major Saab...aap mhaare say itni acchi baat kyun kar rahein hain...?"

("Why are you being so nice to me...?")

Befuddled at her question, he could only stare at her, unable to comprehend what she was asking of him, "Kya matlab hai tera, Paro...?"

("What do you mean Paro...?")

Aware that she probably sounded idiotic and didn't make any sense to him, she sniffled before saying, "Aap ghussa kyun nahi kar rahe...hamesha ki tarah...kucch bura bhala kyun nahi keh rahe mhaare ko...?"

("Why can't you be mad at me...like always...say something unkind...?")

Had she inhaled too much of the smoke, Rudra wondered as he thought of her silly questions. She wanted him to be upset with her, yell at her----but that didn't make any sense at all and he told her so

The soft, wet hair encasing her tear streaked lovely face, only to fall on her delicate shoulders made her look like a young girl. She looked so vulnerable, innocent and he felt like gathering her in his arms, shielding her from the world so that nothing could ever touch her

His instincts and feelings regarding her had always been too strong-----there was the ever present urge to protect her, keep her close to him. Denying his feelings for her, he had been verbally cruel to her, often and yet she had always loved him

Harsh he had been with her, for so long-----and he felt terrible that she couldn't even appreciate the moment when he was being nice to her. It was not her fault for responding this way. He had never told her how much she meant to him. But, it was time for that to change that misconception!

Letting go of her hands, he moved in closer as he grasped her face, asking her to look at him, "Paro...meri taraf dekh..."

("Paro...look at me...")

Her eyelashes were spiked with unshed tears as she looked at him and he decided to tell her what was in his heart, "Paro...meri baat sun...mujhay tujh say kucch kehna hai...bohat zaroori hai...shaayad pehle kehna chaahiye tha..."

("Paro...I need to talk to you...it is very important...maybe, I should have said it earlier...")

Paro stopped crying as she listened to him. Something in the solemnity of his voice alerted her to the fact that he had something serious to say. This was so hard, he thought and closed his eyes for a second, gathering his courage.

Rudra took a deep breath before continuing, "Aaj raat tujhey dekh kar...us aag mein..., "he paused, shuddering with fear at the thought of her hurt and then whispered, his face closer yet, "agar tujhey kucch ho jaata tou...Paro...mein kya karta...kaisa zinda rehta...?." and his eyes looked into hers, searching for sign of comprehension

("Tonight...after seeing you in that fire...if something had happened to you...what would I do...how would I live without you...?")

Hoping that she would understand what he meant to stay, he looked into her eyes, watching for signs of her reaction. Words were not his forte and he wasn't good with expressing his sentiments so easily, so he truly wished that she would grasp what was in his heart.

Heart skipping wildly with joy, she stared into his eyes. Did he mean to say that he more than cared for her, Paro thought hopefully? Had he just confessed his love for her? Rudra saw the surprise and happiness in her eyes and he pressed his forehead against her, sighing deeply

Unable to believe what she had heard, Paro trembled at the feelings assailing her. Oh, how she had longed to hear him tell her that he cared for her, loved her! He held onto her, unwilling to let go, inhaling her fresh scent.

Her hands went up to his chest as her eyes felt heavy with tears that threatened to spill. Once again, she recalled her upcoming farewell and here he was, telling her how much she meant to him. His timing sucked, Paro thought

Rudra moved away slightly and she opened her eyes, and the tears just spilled unbidden. What was wrong with her, Rudra thought as he saw her cry yet again. Shouldn't she be pleased that he had admitted his feelings for her? Did she not like what he had said?

One of his hands went to once again brush the tears on her cheek and he said exasperatingly, "Paro...ab kyun ro rahi hai...meinay kucch ghalat kaha...?" He had thought she might be pleased to hear him share his feelings with her!

("Paro...why are you crying now...did I say something wrong...?")

Her hand went to touch his face and he shook her head, "Nahi, Major Saab...aap nay kucch ghalat nahi kaha..." although she didn't say out loud that his timing was wrong, not the actual declaration.

("No, Mjaor Saab...you didn't say anything wrong...")

 Those words from him, she had waited for so long to hear and now he had said it but she couldn't even enjoy them fully. Life was indeed so cruel sometimes, Paro thought ruefully!

It had to be the traumatic events of the night, Rudra thought as he wondered about Paro's reaction to his feelings. Or maybe, she was still in shock. Either way, it didn't matter----he felt relieved to have shared his feelings for her

Aware that she was sitting close to him, on the bed, dressed only in a bathrobe, he stared at her. Her beauty had always been hard to ignore, no matter how hard he had tried to do so. Her face was glistening wet with tears, her lips succulent pink along with her nose due to crying, but she still managed to take his breath away!

Leaning in, he bent his head and kissed the trail of tears on her cheek and she gasped with shock. Completely taken aback with his intimate gesture, she trembled at the intimacy when she felt him kiss away the salty tears staining her cheeks

Her hands fisted in the fabric of his shirt as she breathed, "Major Saab..." and her eyes closed.

Moving his head, he shifted the attention to her other cheek and kissed the trail of cheeks there as well and she shook violently----suddenly, it was too much to bear and her nerves felt frazzled. Then, she felt his lips brush shift and brush against her closed eyelids and she squeezed her eyes hard

Her breathing fractured at the intimate gesture by Rudra and then she felt his arms go around her body as he pulled her into him. Her hands moved to hold his shoulders and she shuddered.

Rudra moved away slightly as he looked at her closed eyes, she slightly parted pink lips with the effort of fast breathing and he licked his lips, tasting the briny taste of her tears. All the feelings he had kept buried in his heart for so long threatened to rupture and for once, he didn't care anymore!

Life was too short to waste denying himself. It was time to act on his desires that he had held in check. He had wanted her for so long but stayed away. Tonight, he wanted to be with her, make her his wife, in every possible way.

Paro opened her eyes as she felt his gaze on her, the intensity in his deep brown eyes, searing her. His eyes bore onto her face and then fastened on her lips. It dawned on her that she was still in just a bathrobe with her legs partially bare and he was wearing his T-shirt and jeans.

They were sitting on bed, alone in a hotel room. The look in his eyes alerted her to the fact that he stared at her as he had often done so in the past few days. She gulped hard and felt shy at his acute perusal, her body feeling warm

He saw Paro avert her eyes and he cupped her face with both his hands. Forced to look at him, she watched the smoldering gaze as they asked permission while staring at her lips. There was no verbal communication needed and rudra bent down his head as her eyes closed

The first touch of his lips on hers sent shockwaves down her spine and she felt as if hit by a tornado. Warmth spread from her lips to her neck to her body, all the way to her toes as she felt him brush his mouth against hers, back and forth, sweetly, gently

Hands tightened into his shoulders as she felt his lips kiss her and her head felt dizzy. The room had to be spinning, Paro speculated as she whimpered softly at the intimate act.

Rudra had dreamt of kissing that rosebud pouty mouth for so long, since the very first time he had lain on top of her in the scorching desert. Now that he had accomplished the task of touching his lips to hers, he felt like his fantasies paled in comparison to the reality!

It was incredible to finally feel her soft, moist lips with his own as he pulsed with excitement. Tenderly, he pecked at her lips, letting her get used to being kissed. He was sure that she was probably shocked at the act of being kissed especially on her mouth

Not wanting to scare her, he took his time, letting her get comfortable to the act of being kissed.  The pressure of his mouth increased incrementally as he kissed her a bit harder before moving away just a fraction and asking her to open her mouth.

In the haze of being kissed by Rudra, she barely registered his request. Astounded at his demand, she tried to understand what he wanted but yielded and her lips parted slightly. Pleased at her obedience, he kissed her deeply, now with his tongue and she was stunned

His tongue forayed into her mouth, kissing her deeply and passionately as he had often dreamed of in the weeks past. Drinking deeply of her scrumptious mouth, he devoured her, his passions blazing full force.

Rudra's appetite further whetted, he let go of her face and moved his arms around her body, pulling her in closer. The movement of being pulled into him shifted her robe and she felt air on her naked thigh. Inhibition deeply ingrained in her came erupting to the surface as Paro pulled away from his kiss and called out his name, "Rudra..."

Hearing his name being uttered, he realized that she might be surprised at his lovemaking and probably even shy. But, he wanted her badly and didn't think that he could last another night without her. He had already waited for so long. After all, they were married!

Looking at her face, flushed and red with embarrassment, he asked her, his voice hoarse with passion, "Kya hua, Paro...?" and he saw her hand reach down to cover her thigh.

The quick glance at the creamy, flawless skin exposed by the shifting of the terry robe only managed to inflame him even further. In that moment, he realized that she was probably naked underneath that fluffy white robe and he felt the blood pool in his lower body

His eyes went to the tie at her waist. Just one tug and he could see her luscious body that had teased him mercilessly for so many weeks! The fantasy of what she looked underneath it that garment stoked the fire higher and he burned for her

Paro saw the heat in his eyes as he stared at her. The raw hunger flaring in his dark eyes shook her, even frightened her to some extent. Swallowing hard, she looked at him shyly and he pulled her in again

His lips at her ear, Rudra admitted his desire for her, telling her how much he wanted her, how he couldn't wait to be with her and she closed her eyes. Her heart did a somersault as she fully understood what he was asking her.

It was not a complete surprise if she was honest with herself. They had traipsed around each other for a long time, denying the always present, palpable attraction between them, at times threatening to consume them. She vividly recalled the night they had danced in Jaipur and the way he had looked at her.

That was exactly the look on his face now as he waited for her. She was going to leave him soon----did it make sense to be with him, like this now, Paro contemplated? But, he was making it very hard to think when his hands stroked her back lovingly, driving her crazy

The hot breath against her ear and then her cheek robbed her of all her wits and it didn't help as she felt a tightening in her lower belly. Her body felt heated at just the thought of what it meant to surrender in his arm, to spend the night in his arms, as his wife.

Maybe, it wouldn't be too bad. If she was going to leave him, then spending the night in his arms, being loved by him would make for some beautiful memories as she prepared to spend a lifetime without him. Suddenly, she knew that she could not deny him, would not deny him, anymore!

With her mind made up, she just hugged him back, lost for words. He felt her arms tighten around him and for a second, couldn't believe that she had agreed to his request. Had she really agreed to let him make love to her?

"Paro...," He breathed in almost disbelief but she stayed in his arms and he felt her face snuggled in his neck

He could hardly believe his good fortune! All the longing simmering came bubbling to the surface as he captured her delicate face in his hands and kissed her with everything in his heart. The emotions he felt for her, he displayed in his action as he loved her, first with his lips and then his hands

Roaming freely over her body, his hands touched and caressed her underneath the soft terry cloth robe. What he really wanted to do was to pull off the gown off her body, admire her exquisite form yet he held his passion in check

It would be too easy to give in to his basest desire but his wife was inexperienced in the ways of man and world. Not only was she an innocent, she had undergone life-threatening event hours ago. He had to be mindful of her sensibilities

The desire coiled tightly in his body and he wanted to desperately enjoy the warmth of her body but he waited. Patience was indeed a virtue and he hoped he had enough of it tonight. Paro felt the heat of his body and the warmth of his hands as they touched her, right through the layer of fabric covering her

Her body hummed with excitement as she felt his touch and his kisses on her neck as his mouth nudged the gown off her shoulders. Shivering with anticipation and trepidation, she let her hands roam his heavily muscled back, freely, loving the feel of his strength under her fingertips

Soft lips followed by slightly harsher stubbled face caressed her tender skin and she sighed----the combination of such contrast was highly erotic as he continued to kiss her. Peppering her creamy skin as exposed by him, he kissed softly before nipping the tender flesh with his teeth and then licking it with his warm tongue

The quaking of her body in response to his lovemaking excited him and he felt his body hardening almost painfully. This was torture but he wouldn't exchange even a second of it---- she simply felt incredible in his arms!

Gasping as she felt his hands as they reached and touched her breasts covered by the soft cloth, Paro stiffened at the boldness of the act. He understood her astonishment but continued to caress the soft flesh, cupping the rounded heaviness in his palm and then his thumb stroked the nub, feeling it harden under his skilled touch

A part of her brain screamed at the wanton assault by Rudra and she felt embarrassed but didn't stop his hands. It might be the last night that she would be in his arms and Paro wanted to experience of being his wife before she left him. With that thought in mind, she stopped resisting

He felt the softening of her body again as she gave in to his skilled ministrations and he became bolder, faster as he touched and teased, stroking and feeling both her breasts and he heard her moans of pleasure.

With his body aching painfully, he ignored it, instead focusing on her pleasure. He wanted her want him, yearn for him, and only then, he would take her, make her his wife. His hands trailed from her breasts to her waist and for a moment, he stopped at the tie at her waist, mentally debating if he should pull it open or let it be

Perhaps, he needed to wait a bit longer. With that thought in mind, he simply let his hands trail down her hips and then her thighs until he reached the hem of her gown where it ended. The touch of his hands on her knees, bare to him made her shiver yet again

Suddenly, he was impatient and brought his hand back up again to her waist as he lifted her slightly and brought her close to his body. She landed smack dab against his hard chest and felt her knocked out

Looking into her eyes, Rudra asked her if she was alright and she nodded reticently. He saw her face, red with embarrassment and understood her dilemma. Mindful of her timid nature, he hugged her, giving her a moment to breathe and let his own nerves calm down

A few seconds later, he pulled back slightly and with one quick swoop, he pulled his T-shirt off, over his head and threw it down on the floor. Paro saw his naked chest, exposed now, so close to her and she was fascinated by the stark difference in their bodies

His was all muscle, perfectly sculpted, as if impeccably carved, his chest lightly sprinkled with hair that tapered down his flat, hard abdomen before disappearing into a vee down his pants. Then, she saw the bulge and her face felt as if on fire.

He saw her peruse his torso and smiled at her reaction as she averted her gaze as if ashamed. Her cheeks turned pink as she saw him look at her admire his body and suddenly felt mortified. But, he didn't give her time to think much as his hands came out to hold hers and he placed them on his chest.

The feel of her soft fingers on his warm skin felt like lightning and he almost came undone. Deeply conscious of what she was doing, Paro was hesitant but then curiosity won over and she touched him. Her hands explored and caressed his beautiful chiseled chest and she heard him groan.

 Looking into his eyes, she halted but he begged her not to stop and she obeyed, trying to tuck away her fears. Gathering her in his arms, he kissed her again, deeply and passionately now that she knew what to expect

His mouth on hers created havoc with her mind still reeling with his touch. Paro tried to kiss him back and he groaned at her sweet attempts to reciprocate. Desperate to feel her body, his hand moved up and he reached inside her gown

The feel of his fingers upon her naked flesh as he cupped her breast made her moan unwittingly, loudly but that didn't stop him. Hearing her response to his touch only emboldened him and then, he lifted his mouth from her lips

With one quick glance, he lowered her body to the bed and then next moment, he bent his head down and with one deft movement of his hand, tugged her gown open. Her breasts exposed to him now, Rudra admired the round, pert globes tipped with coral and looked up to see her eyes closed

Smiling at her shyness, he bent his head and kissed the valley first and then kissed them, licking and sucking and reveled in the mewling sounds she made as he loved her. The way her body moved underneath his delighted him, exacerbating his own need

One of his hands went to touch her knee and then it moved up her thigh, touching and exploring. He felt the stiffening of her lower body and the closing of her knees but he was undeterred. His fingers caressed the smooth and flawless flesh of her thigh until he reached the apex.

Paro's senses whirled as she felt his mouth on her chest, loving her in such manner and she panted. Her eyes stayed closed----she was too embarrassed to look at him. With one eye, she peeked to see his dark head bent, kissing her and she trembled at the carnal visual

Her fingers tightened in his scalp and she almost tugged at his hair every time he licked and sucked on her tender flesh. Never in her life had she imagined to feel this way, her body on fire. As if that was not enough, she was jarred by the touch of his hands on her naked thighs before they reachedto caress the soft juncture

Shivering with mortification, she tightened her legs, her natural response to such unfamiliarity but his hand stayed there, immobile, scared to move. His mouth trailed up her chest to kiss her neck before moving up to kiss her lips again and she parted her lips for him, willingly

Rudra understood her reluctance to his intimate touch and so, he waited, giving her time to adjust to such an act. His hand continued to softly caress her through the fabric of her undergarment. Paro's hands moved across his naked back as she caressed him tentatively

His rough denim clad legs rubbed against her soft naked limbs and the feeling was not unpleasant. A constricting ache pooled in her lower groin and she shifted slightly and he was granted greater access. Moisture unexpectedly seeped through her body and she felt somewhat befuddled andchagrined at her body's response

Rudra felt the dampness and he was pleased with her arousal. Things were moving along and it wouldn't be long now----he could finally claim her. His fingers sought out the treasure they were seeking and she gasped when she felt him touch her there.

An instant of reluctance, a sort of body's defense mechanism followed by her acceptance gave way to his skillful stroking and she was writhing underneath him within minutes. Her head thrashed from side to side and he stopped kissing her, taking in the sensuous view in front of him

Her dark hair fanning the white sheets as her eyes closed, her beautiful face slightly contorted as she bit her lower lip made for a most erotic visual-----one he would never forget for as long as he lived, Rudra thought

In his dreams, he had often seen her as such, lost in the throes of passion as he brought her to culmination, showed her the meaning of rapture in his arms-----and the reality was much better than any of his meagre imaginings!

Digging her fingers in his back, kneading his flesh, Paro moaned and he pulled away for just a second. One hard tug and her gown came undone. The sight of her completely naked for his eyes only managed to invoke lust so powerful that he shook violently

Instinctively, her hands came out to cover her breasts and her womanhood, in an attempt to hold onto any last shreds of modesty. Then, with the flick of his wrist, he undid the button and the zipper and his pants and undergarment was off, discarded to the floor.

 Paro felt the movement and she knew that Rudra was completely naked! Heart thundering, she closed her eyes, unable to look past his abdomen. He covered her body with his own, mindful of her reluctance to look at him, conscious of her awkwardness

Her heart pounded furiously and she felt mortified when she felt his hard, naked body aligned with hers, partially pinning her down into the soft mattress. Then, panic set in when she felt his burgeoning hardness pressing robustly into her soft belly and she almost jumped off the bed

Fright reared its ugly head and she took deep breaths. Rudra felt the change in her body and saw her panting and understood her maidenly qualms. But, he throbbed with the effort of holding back and was too far gone to pull back

Desire engulfed his senses and he wanted to plunge in the warmth of her soft body, burying himself so deep, finding solace for his hardened soul. In an attempt to assuage her hesitations, he whispered against her ear, asking her, "Paro...bharosa hai mujh per...pyaar karti hai mujh say...?" And she nodded

("Paro...do you trust me...do you love me...?")

Kissing her ear, he told her to trust him then and just let go of any reservations. There was slight pliancy of her body and he kissed her again, distracting her and his hand touched her again. When satisfied that she was ready for him, he nudged her legs apart with his knees and moved in swiftly

Positioning himself at the right angle, he waited for a few seconds, asking her to kiss him, distracting her. Paro concentrated at the task at hand and kissed him. As she was busy kissing him, Rudra pushed himself into her. Her body stiffened at the invasion but he asked her to continue kissing him

Waiting for her was the hardest thing he had had to do but, he paused before pulling back and then with one quick, powerful thrust, he was  a part of her. Crossing the last wall separating them, he thrust in-----and finally, they were one

Breathing hard and fast at the intrusion, Paro held on to him and he stilled his movements, letting her adjust to the intimacy. Rudra kissed her again in an effort to soften her, seduce her but most of all, to distract her from any discomfort

Lost in the feel of his mouth on her lips, she gave in to his vivacious need and in turn, fulfilled her own. Slowly, the ache started to be replaced by the sensations of pleasure. The novel feelings and yearning stirred anew and she shifted underneath him

The way she wiggled restlessly under him, the way her hands stroked his back only to dig into his muscles let him know that she was excited once again. The passion he had been holding back for her sake kindled forcefully and he moved within her

Warm and soft she was and he drove in and out of her accepting body, finally giving in to his raging desire. How he had dreamt about it, longed for this moment and now, he was a part of her! Blind to everything around him except the beautiful, warm female in his arms, he touched and kissed as his body taught her the finer nuances of the rhythm of mating between a man and a woman

Every inch of her skin scorched from his touch and the movement of his hard, hair roughened body against her soft one and she was awed by the contrast between them and how much it thrilled her.

Blushing at the actions of his body and her own wanton response to his thrusts, she hesitated momentarily but the exhilarating feelings won in the end and she gave in to the pleasure coursing through her veins

She felt every inch of him and shuddered as her body peaked and arched, rising upward. Heels digging into the soft mattress as her muscles and tendons flexed again and again and she felt his kisses on her ear and neck as he told her how much he coveted her

This was not his first time but Rudra knew that he had never felt this way ever before. Their physical expression of love was an extension of their emotional bond with each other. She had always been meant to be his even if he had never openly acknowledged it until tonight

From the moment he had first seen her, she had meant to belong to him, in every way. Seeing her lying under him, in his arms was a conclusion of all the times he had been with her and it had all started with the first time he had rolled on top of her in the desert that fateful day----it was simply meant to be this way!

Kissing his neck in response, she nuzzled her face against his throat and her fingers clawed into his back. There was inferno of fire coursing through her body, driving her mad, deafening her senses and she desperately wanted to reach her destination even though, she wasn't sure of what it was exactly

The restlessness she exhibited sent him into fevered frenzy and he kissed her hard and fast before telling her to let go and give into the sensations coursing through her body. Taking in his advice, Paro let herself drown in the waves of ecstasy sweeping through her body and then she screamed, unable to hold it in any longer

Her body convulsed as he held her captive. Looking down to see her eyes closed as she moaned his name, her head thrown back-----Rudra thought he had never seen a sight more enthralling in his life. She looked breathtakingly beautiful as she found her release and he felt pleased to have brought her to satisfaction

Body still hardened, he gave in to the throbbing need of his body as he grabbed her knee and lifted it behind his hips. Gathering her against him, he pushed in, moving harder and faster until finding his own release, and he came crashing down, exhausted but completely satiated

The only sound reverberating through the room was of heightened breathing, which slowly returned to normal. A sense of euphoria enveloped Paro and Rudra as they lay in each other's arms. Rudra turned to look at her before kissing her tenderly

Tomorrow, she would leave him forever but the memories of this night would keep her alive, Paro thought. For tonight, she would make the most of every second of being his wife, and she kissed him back with all the love in her heartHeart




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It didn't seem far-fetched to have Paro and Rudra celebrate life and their love after being through so much. With his hand healed and her life saved, I would think the couple would have just wanted to be together. And what better way to express your love for each other than the ultimate act of lovemakingDay Dreaming? So, with these thoughts and outlook in mind, I decided to write a romantic story on their Mumbai tripBlushing. Hope you all like it and enjoy the story of PARUD post fire incident.

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Unres- part II of TS

Dearest Friends,

Here is the part II of the story. This part focuses on the train episode as Rudra founds out about her vow and gets her back. I haven't altered much here in order to keep up with the first part of the story but it is still romanticDay Dreaming. Hope you like the next part as wellSmile

Happy Reading! Enjoy your New Year's treatEmbarrassed








Paro appeared to be lost in deep thought and he wondered what plagued her. Last two days had been phenomenal as he had decided to extend his stay in Mumbai. He had wanted Paro to go sightseeing----all as a part of fulfilling her wish that he spend time with her.

 In fact, he had greatly enjoyed the time spent with her----something he had never expected in his life. Since, the night that they had made love, everything had changed between them. Gone were the feelings of conflict and apprehension, instead to be replaced by peace with the knowledge that she belonged to him.

Accepting his feelings and admitting them to her had seemed so scary for so long but now, he felt like a new man, relieved of the burden that had been weighing heavily on his heart. At last, he was happy! Paro loved him and he loved her----surely, a man couldn't ask for anymore

For the first time in his dark and bleak life-----everything was well. His hand was healed, she was safe and they had been intimate, crossing the last margin in their marriage. However, looking at Paro and her gloominess, he wondered if she was unhappy.

She had been delighted to stay longer in Mumbai and enjoyed the excursion. Surely, she should be happy. Then, why did she look as if she would burst out, crying any minute, Rudra wondered? What was amiss?

Shyness on her part, he could understand well. It was the gloom reflected in her beautiful doe eyes that bothered him. He had asked her multiple times if he had hurt her or if she was uncomfortable post their passionate night, but she had denied, only to blush deeply at his query.

Did she regret their lovemaking? She had denied that as well and had instead hugged him tightly, telling him that she loved him, more than anything in the world and that he was reading too much into it

Why did he not believe her then? Perhaps, because she had sounded almost ominous while proclaiming, "Chaahe kucch bhi ho jaaye, Major Saab...aap aek baat yaad rakhna...kay mein aap say kitna pyaar karti hoon...duniya mein sab say zyaada..." and he had felt befuddled

("No matter what happens, Major Saab...please remember that I love you more than anything in the world...")

Women were complicated creatures and he wondered if he would ever understand them or Paro for that matter. He looked at her as she sat on the bench, staring desolately outside the window as they waited for the train to depart

Paro felt his hand on her wrist, caressing the skin gently. Trying to hold back the tears that threatened to spill any minute, she controlled herself, gulping hard the knot in her throat before looking at him directly. She didn't want to cry in front of him, not again

Rudra was already worried for her and confused at her behavior especially after the beautiful night that she had spent in his arms. The memories of their night together were ingrained, permanently etched into her brain, never to be erased. She would never forget the incredible time spent with him in Mumbai, ever!

It had been the most amazing experience of her life as he had loved her, made her feel like the most precious being. Hearing him speak out his feelings for her was just added bliss and she felt her heart ready to burst at the unfairness of it all

Just when she had found everything she could ever want-----a handsome husband, who cared for her, loved her and she loved him, she was going to walk out on him. Her heart and spirit continued to shatter yet; she plastered a fake smile on her face before turning towards him.

Whirling to look at him, she attempted to smile but he saw through it and asked her again, "Paro kya hua hai...?"

("Paro...what's wrong...?")

Once again, she assured him that nothing was wrong and that she was missing home, which was not completely untrue. She was going to miss only him but Maithili, who had become her Jija in every sense of the word.

Bapusa and Kakusa had been just as caring and loving as any fatherly figure. Sunehri so reminded her of the playful antics of her best friend, Bindi. Samrat and Aman Bhaisa were like the brothers she had always wanted----and she was going to lose them all!

Kakisa and Sumer were not the people who she had a trusting relationship with but she would even miss them and their craziness and she lowered her eyes to her wrists, in order to avoid his piercing gaze. Not believing her entirely, he looked at her as she randomly rubbed her bare wrists and he deliberated what he could do to make her happy

Suddenly, an idea struck him and he told her, "Paro...tu yahi ruk...mein abhi aata hoon...do minute mein...theek hai...?"

("Paro...you wait here...I ll return shortly...alright...?")

She didn't even ask him where he was going as she planned her own exit as soon as he left. Nodding, she shook her head and he further instructed, "Paro...kahin idhar udhar utth kar mut chali jaana...mein abhi aaya..." and she tried to ignore the warning in his words

("Paro...dont you dare wander off...I ll be right back...")

Giving her one last look, he walked out of the train, hoping to buy her bangles for her empty wrists. All women liked gifts, didn't they? Maybe, that would cheer her up, Rudra hoped as he had no idea what was bothering her so much. Something was not right, his gut tightened and he felt ill





The phone almost slipped from his hand as he heard Maithili Bhabhisa tell him of the vow Paro had made for his recovery. Stunned, he descended from the boxes, unable to believe that she would leave him now, after he had admitted his love for her!

Two nights ago, they had become man and wife, in the truest sense and she had still decided to walk out on him?! He had a hard time believing that she could be so insensitive! Myriad of emotions flooded his senses----from disbelief to anger as he thought of her reasons for walking out on their marriage, on him

After all they had been through, how could she just leave him? Was it so easy for him? Hadn't she prophesied her eternal love for him, again and again until he had believed her and even admitted his lown true feelings for her? Could no woman be trusted, Rudra thought furiously?

Spurned into action by Paro's callous regard for his feelings,  he made his way towards the platform, searching for her! If she was going to leave him, then she would have to hear him out before she did so. Enraged and feeling utterly betrayed, he went looking for his wife, ready to chew her out for abandoning him.

The package of colorful bangles, dozens of them that he had purchased because he had been unable to pick out just one color was still in his hands as he looked for her, high and low.  That is when he saw her and he called out her name, "Paro...Paro..."

Hearing Rudra call out her name, Paro stopped, frozen right where she was, partly in apprehension. She had thought that he might not be able to find her but he had, and that too, so soon. Afraid to face him, she stayed where she was, her feet as if glued to the ground even when her mind told her to run

His hand grabbed onto her wrist as he pulled her towards him, and she spun around to face him. The rage and pain on his face was there for her to see and she felt like the most terrible person for hurting him!

 And, then spilled the barrage of accusations as he yelled at her, telling her that he should have never trusted her and how she had betrayed his trust

Paro cringed as he made the allegations and listened until she could take it no more and then she told him that she had no other way but to leave him. It was her promise to Bholenaath that she was trying to fulfill. How could she cheat God? Why didn't he understand that?

Rudra heard her explanations but didn't agree with it at all! How could you love someone and then leave them, he asked her and she felt speechless. Frustrated with her obstinacy and worst of all, her betrayal of hiding such a big secret form him, he finally burst and told her to leave and never come back again in his life

His words managed to cut her deeply but she preserved----after all, she had taken the step to leave him albeit it was because she was forced to do so, bound by the holy vow even if he failed to comprehend her.

He walked away from her, warning her not to come after him, ever again, even if he was hurt and she felt scared. She called out his name but he refused to turn to look at her. The package of bangles he had purchased for her, he threw on the ground and she saw dozens of them shatter as they crashed, broken in the dirt.






The train came at them full force and she heard the whistle. In his eyes, she saw the stubborn determination and she knew that he enact on his promise. She had lost to his arguments and his rigid stance.

There was no other way but to give in-----after all, his points were all valid. Didn't she want to be with him anyway? Everything he had said about her negotiating with God did make sense. But most of all, there was no way she could play fast and loose with his life

After all, hadn't she bargained for his life to Bholenaath? If he got hurt, then she had lost everything anyway! No deal would matter anymore. Realizing the sensitivity of their situation, Paro's eyes opened wide in fear and she called out to him, pleading with him to come up on the platform, uttering the words he wanted to hear.

She told him loudly, promising him, "Major Saab...aap jaisa chaahte hain...waisa hi hoga...mein aap ko chhoddh kar kabhi nahi jaaoongi...bus aap aajaayein..." and she handed out her arm so that he could climb up

("Major Saab...I ll do what you want, just as you wish...I will never leave you again...please just come up here...")

Panic set in as she heard the tooting of the train as it got closer and her eyes showed her fear. Rudra heard her promise and felt better but he asked again, just to be sure. Paro couldn't believe his stubbornness!

This was not the time to play games! His life was at stake-----didn't he care what happened to him? In that moment, nothing mattered but his life and Paro repeated her words, vowing to never leave him and he smiled.

It was a flash and the next moment, she felt herself being pulled down by the people around, pushed down as the train came at full speed. When she lifted her head, the train passed and she screamed, her voice full of anguish

Where was Rudra? Her heart and mind refused to even entertain the possibility that she might have lost him. If anything happened to him, she would die! How could he have acted so stupidly, Paro thought furiously as she tried to look across the platform?

Her sobs and wails reached his ears and he felt like a cad for scaring her so, for torturing her but she had pushed him to take such drastic steps. His wife was the most obstinate human being he had ever come across!

Whether it was her faith in Tejawat or her vow to Bholenaath, the girl just was adamant in her beliefs even they were illogical! What was a man to do but jump in front of a train, Rudra thought as he waited for the train to pass so he could see her?

She had really pushed him to act so brashly. There was no other way she would have agreed to come back with him and promise to never leave him if he hadn't threatened her in such terms. He knew her obstinate nature well enough.

The sight of him unharmed, unhurt across from her was the most wonderful vision she had seen! Calling out his name, she stood up and ran towards the stairway going up, to see him. Rudra saw her tear streaked face and made his way up as well, eager to meet her

Few seconds later, he stood in front of her and she looked at him before reaching out to touch his arms as if checking to see if he was alright and he assured her that he was fine.

Once convinced that he was unharmed, her eyes glowed with anger as she raged, "Yeh kya paagalpan hai, Major Saab...Aisa karta hai koi...aap ko kucch ho jaata tou...kya karti mein...mhaare baare mein nahi socha aap nay...?" and she stopped, too distraught to say anymore

("What insanity is this, Major Saab...who acts like this...what if something happened to you...what would become of me...you didn't think of what would happen to me...?")

Emotional at seeing tears in her eyes and relieved at extracting the promise from her, he asked her, "Aur jo tu karne jaa rahi thi...mujhay chhodh kar...uska kya... mein kya karta...mere baare mein socha that ha tune kya...?"

("And what about what you were about to do...abandoning me...what about that...how would I survive without you...did you think about me...?")

Uncaring of his reasons for jumping on the train track, even if they sounded valid, she didn't responding to his questioning. Her nerves were still frazzled and she felt shaken by the incident----all she wanted to do was to shout at him for scaring her!

Deeply upset with the way he had risked his life, her fist went to strike him on his chest as she reprimanded him, "Major Saab...kya samjahtey hain aap apnay aap ko...aap ko pata bhi hai...kya haal hua hai mhaara aap ko aisay dekh kar...aur train aa rahi thi jab...mhaari tou jaisay jaan hi nikal gayi thi...," and he let her scold him as she warned him to ever do something like that again

("Major Saab...what do you think of yourself...do you know how I felt when I saw on there with an approaching train...I almost died...")

His hand captured her fist as it struck his chest yet again and he pulled her towards him, replying back forcefully, "Aur jo tu mujhay chhoddh kar jaa rahi thi...ab dobaara sochna bhi mut kabhi kahi jaane ka...samjhi tu...?"

("And what about you walking out on me...don't you dare even think of leaving me...do you understand...?")

Seeing him on the rail track, playing so carelessly with his life had managed to give her a heart attack and she told him so. How could anyone be that reckless, she asked him and he responded that it was because of her silly plans to leave him that he acted out as such

He brought her fist to his lips and kissed it, asking her for her promise again and she nodded. Tears streaming down her face, she went into his arms, hugging him with all her might. Rudra's arms went around her just as warmly as he held her against him, his face nuzzling her hair affectionately

Relieved to have him alive and well----Paro stayed in his strong arms, holding him tightly with all the love in her heart. He felt her in his arms, all soft and feminine and tightened his hold. Hands splayed across her back, he almost lifted her above the ground, and her feet came to rest on his

Absorbed in the moment, they held each onto each other. Comforted in his loving embrace, she stayed, unwilling to move. She had just thought that she had lost him and it wasn't easy to let go. The feel of being secure in his strong arms, as he breathed and lived, alive and well-----she placed her head on his shoulder

Incredible was the feel of her in his arms as he felt her face against him, rubbing against his neck, his face and he almost squeezed her, reluctant to let go of her. Just a while ago, he had thought that she was going to leave him! But now that she was with him, pressed tightly against him, he felt like the luckiest man alive

Moments later, she realized that they were still in the railway station surrounded by countless passengers as they passed by them, giving them sheepish looks. Embarrassed at the open display of affection, she tried to pull away but he held her against him, hesitant to let go

Her hands went to his shoulder and she slightly pushed him away, reminding him gently of their very public surroundings, calling out, "Major Saab..." and he slowly loosened his hold on her and her body slid down his

Staring at her tear swollen face, pink and puffy, he smiled slightly thinking she still looked astonishingly beautiful! What he wanted to do was to kiss her, passionately but this was a public area. He doubted Paro would approve or the passengers passing them by

However, there was something else he could do. Lovingly, his hand reached out to push away the tendrils of her hair that had come loose, sticking to her tear drenched, wet face and he asked her softly, "Paro, tu theek tou hai...ab ghar chalein...?" and she nodded, smiling back shyly at him

("Paro...are you alright...shall we go home now...?")





Pleased at his plans to go buy a proper mangalsutra with Miathili Bhabisa for Paro, Rudra made his way to his room.  He still couldn't believe the way his life had changed so drastically in last two days. Not only was his hand completely healed but Paro and him had consummated their marriage!

Thinking of their lovemaking, he felt the stirring of desire again and was amazed at the sudden hunger he felt for his wife. But then, it was to be expected as he thought of how long he had waited for her.

Craving for her had always been there but he had been unable to act upon his desires until recently. The equation had drastically changed between them. They were just like any couple in a relationship now. Besides, he had almost lost her twice in last few days and it only served to remind of the fragility of life.

He had been thinking of making a quick trip to his office as he walked towards his room. But, not before he saw her, Rudra thought as he pushed the partially open door to their bedroom. Rudra walked in to find Paro struggling with tying the red thread he had so mockingly tied around her neck that night, in a drunken haze and he was embarrassed again.

That was the reason he had asked Maithili Bhabhisa for her help with purchasing a mangalsutra.  He felt ashamed that she didn't have a proper one when he had already claimed her as his wife, even admitting his feelings for her. She deserved a proper mangalsutra; it was her right as his wife! It was high time he placed one around her neck------the sooner the better.

Her long, silky hair flowed freely around her pretty face and shoulders. Mesmerized, he stood in the doorway for a while, just staring at her beautiful profile. Her pearly white teeth came out to bite her lower lip as she concentrated at the job at hand and he felt a rush of passion sweeping through him, hard and fast

The memories of that night in Mumbai as she had screamed in his arms flashed across his eyes and he was momentarily blinded by the extent of passion that she had awakened in him. He made his way through to her, all the while trying to control his rapidly accelerating heartbeat until he stood in front of her

Lost in her attempts to tie the red thread around her neck, Paro had been too busy to notice when Rudra came to stand so close to her. Startled to see him there, she looked up and the thread escaped from one of her hands but his hand reached out to catch it, just in time

The brush of his warm fingers around her collarbone reminded her of his touch from their special night. Suddenly, she was aware of the alteration in their relationship, making her feel alert of his touch.

That night, she had been too engrossed in the emotional storm post fire tragedy and the pain of leaving him forever and just acted out impulsively, surrendering in his arms. In the daytime, she felt self-conscious and embarrassed.

Nervously, she looked at him and was staggered to see his intense gaze as his other hand reached out to free the other end of the thread from her fingers and she was helpless to stop him as he whispered, "Paro...laa, mujhay day...mein bandh deta hoon..."

("Paro...give it to me...I will tie it...")

Her hands dropped to her side as she felt his face rub against her hair, her face as he bent down to tie the string around her neck. His fingers felt wonderful against the nape of her neck. The rough stubble on his cheek grazed the soft skin of her face and she closed her eyes

Feeling rather foolish as she felt herself tremble at his nearness, Paro tried to control herself. The way he had touched her and the liberties she had allotted him in Mumbai were nothing compared to the innocent tying of the string and yet, she shivered at his simple touch

Rudra felt her shivering and he wondered if it was due to his proximity. Taking his time to complete the task at hand, he enjoyed the feel of her so close to him. Feeling his body begin to respond to her nearness, he inhaled sharply

Then, he moved away slightly. For Paro, he still stood close enough, making it difficult to breathe normally. His hand reached out to lift the strands of hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear and she found it hard to stand still

Highly cognizant of his every movement, his smoldering gaze, his masculine scent, she took a deep breath and moved away from him. Surprised at her response, he looked at her, wondering if she was shy.

Her voice shaking, she stammered, "Woh...mhaare ko yeh baksaa rakhna hai, almaari per..." as she pointed to the suitcases on the bed. It was an excuse and he could that she was jumpy. The timbre of her voice betrayed her anxiousness and he saw her wringing her hands in her dupatta, all the while, her gaze flitting between him and the suitcase on the bed

("I have to place the suitcases on the top of the cabinet...")

 The urge to take her in his arms and taste her sweetness rose sharply. He had wanted to kiss her senseless when she had been ensconced in his arms at the train station but, of course, that would have been impossible to act out on such whims

Now that they were in the privacy of their room, who was to stop him from acting out on his desire? She was his wife and he wanted to kiss her desperately. Rudra tried to move in but she walked away quickly and then, he saw her hands were busy lifting the empty suitcase off their bed

Avoiding his gaze, she walked past him and he saw her try to stand on the chair by the closet. Folding his arms across his chest, he waited as she got up on the stool and tried to place the suitcase on the top. She could have asked him but didn't and he wondered why?

His penetrating gaze reminded Paro of their lovemaking and she was suddenly fretful. This was daytime and she found it difficult to face him now, mortified at what had transpired between them albeit the fact that it had been an amazing experience

In order to save face, she tried to busy herself with the chore of putting away their luggage. Unfortunately, her arms did not reach that far and after a few futile attempts, she looked down sheepishly as he stared at her intently, as if waiting for her to fail, to ask him for help

"Paro...tu kahe tou mein rakh doon...?" He asked her and she could hear the amusement in his voice. Paro thought he was probably laughing at her folly. Dejected, she handed the bag to him and got down from the chair

("Paro...if you like, I can help you...")

In next instant, he got up and threw the bag on top of the closet. Looking down at her, he asked her to hand him the other bag as well, "Doosra bag bhi dey...mein rakh deta hoon..." and she gave him the other suitcase

("Hand me the other suitcase as well...I ll place it up here...")

Once done with the chore, he looked at her again and asked, "Aur kucch baaki hai...?" and she shook her head, telling him there was nothing more to do

("Is there anything else left to do...?")

Getting down from the chair, he looked at her and saw her biting her lip nervously.  A moment of awkwardness followed by silence as they stared at each other, although Paro tended to look away at times, unable to meet his gaze, greatly conscious of his masculinity

Suddenly, he moved and her eyes widened as she saw him walk towards her. Her feet moved backward until her back touched the closet door. The purposeful glint in his eyes warmed her and she felt conscious of him as a man

Now that they had been intimate, Paro was unsure of how to react to him when he looked at her like that. Rudra closed in the short distance between them and placed one hand on the side of her head, on the closet door, trapping her with his body

 "Kya soch rahi hai tu, Paro...?" He asked her, his voice every so soft and seductive. Rudra saw the anxiousness in her eyes and knew that she was aware of his intentions as she trembled slightly. Her heartbeat accelerated as she inhaled his familiar woodsy aroma, all dark and powerfully male.

("What are you thinking of, Paro...?")

"K...Kucch nahi, Major Saab..., "Paro stuttered, suddenly finding it very hard to think rationally or even talk around him for that matter. She saw his knowing smile and swallowed hard.

("N...Nothing, Major Saab...")

His eyes then fastened on her lips, watching her hungrily and he asked her, his voice sounding hoarse, "Accha tou bataa...mein kya soch raha hoon, Paro...?" rhetorical in nature as he didn't really expect her to answer him

("Ok...why don't you tell me what am I thinking about then, Paro...?")

The manner in which he was staring at her mouth----Paro had an idea of the nature of his thoughts but there was no way she could verbalize them! Color flooded her cheeks but she answered impishly, "Aap ko kaam per jaana hai...?"

("You have to leave for work...?")

Confused at her reply, he looked at her questioningly and she told him that perhaps he was thinking of going to work and he smiled at her attempt at dissuading him. One of his hands moved to touch her hair before traveling to her ear and then her chin.

 Grasping her chin with one hand, he looked into her eyes and then asked her again, his voice a mere whisper now, "Phir say soch kar jawaab dey...mein ab kya soch raha hoon, Paro...? and the pad of his thumb brushed against her lip

("Why don't you think again before replying...what am I really thinking about, Paro...?")

The feel of his fingers against her lips made her shiver and she blushed, feeling very warm. Without a doubt, she knew what Rudra wanted but she still didn't reply. He knew that she would not answer him, not yet anyway

Intimacy was still new to her, he understood her inhibitions. But, he was starving for her and so he bent his head and whispered against her mouth, "Chal...mein bataa deta hoon kay mein kya soch raha hoon...nahi...karke dikhaa deta hoon...".  And, then his lips closed over her lips, already parted with shock at his words

Her hands came out to grab his collar of his shirt possessively, tightly into her fist as he kissed her on her mouth. Lips touched, tongues dueled as he drank deeply of her nectar. His hands gathered her petite body into his; almost lifting Paro in his arms and she kissed him back

The way she had felt in his arms that night came to him, reminding him of the pleasures to be found in her arms, in her warm body. Kissing her deeply, he caressed her back, her bare waist and then his hands held on to the swell of her hips

Drowning in the kisses as he peppered her face with them, Paro felt her body immediately respond to his touch, hunger awakened. The feel of his fingers on her back and hips aroused in her the craving she had felt in his arms that night. Her body shook with the budding stirrings of desire

It had been a mistake to kiss her, Rudra thought as he felt his body harden. Kissing was suddenly not enough as his body throbbed and he wanted to make love to her. It was daytime and they had just returned home. And he had been planning on a visit to work!

Mentally, he tried to think of the reasons he should stop kissing her beautiful neck. Perhaps, he should stop his hands from exploring her soft, bare skin, Rudra thought but he did no such thing. The feel of her soft, petite frame in his arms as she leaned in, giving him access to her charms----he would be a fool to deny her and himself!

With that thought in mind, he placed his hands under her derriere and lifted her body into his, pressing his hard length into her and she gasped at the first contact. His lips moved to kiss her ear as he told her that he desired her, wanted to be one with her

Her hands dug into his back and Rudra understood her unspoken plea. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her! The knowledge that she was willing to surrender in his arms only served to stoke the already blazing fire lit on his loins and he pressed into her, pushing her back against the closet

Paro felt him, hard and persistent against her and she felt anxiety momentarily. But, then she was reminded of the way she had felt later that night and relaxed. Rudra halted for a moment and placed his forehead against hers, his breathing hard as he closed his eyes

Panting hard, her heartbeat erratic, Paro kept her eyes closed as she felt his warm breath against her face, so close to her. Then, she opened her eyes and looked at him and her tiny hand reached out to touch his cheek and she felt his muscles twitch

Softness of her hand against his stubbled cheek and he opened his eyes, looking at her. Turning his head, he pressed his lips against her hand and kissed it. Then he asked her if she was sure because he was right at the edge and wanted nothing more than to make love to her

She understood what he was asking and she looked at their door, closed but not locked. It was daytime and she knew what that meant. Conflicted and feeling awkward, she merely shuddered at his question. What could she really say?

Yes, she wanted him now that she knew what to expect. Her body was thrumming with excitement and every nerve felt alive, tingling with excitement. Even more mortifying was the fact that she ached with need, and she wanted him to be with her just like he had in Mumbai

He waited for her response and saw the conflicted emotions on her face. Mind made up, he left her and walked towards their door, locking it behind him. Paro saw him saunter back towards her, his walk determined and she blushed deeply

In next instant, she was in his arms as he lifted her and walked over to their bed. Then, she was on their bed and he was kissing her. Her arms went around him as she felt his hands touching her, caressing her naked waist, her back.

Moments later, their clothes were discarded, thrown haphazardly across the floor as the passion raged, higher and higher. His lips trailed from her lips to her neck, to her breasts as he worshipped them equally. Her supple body bowed, lifting off the bed as he kissed and licked, his lips and fingers teasing the silver chain at her waist

The feel of his bearded face rubbing against her soft belly as he kissed and bit the tender flesh at her navel drove Paro crazy and she thought she might just die with excitement! His hands grasped on to her hips and then he loved down further, kissing the smooth thighs before biting the sensitive flesh behind her knees

His fingers on the most sensitive part of her body made her yelp and she pulled on the hair, tightly, asking him to stop the torture. Rudra moved up and kissed her mouth before asking her if she really wanted to stop and she shook her head, vehemently, in denial.

That was not what she meant, Paro thought shyly but how could she tell him that she wanted to experience the fireworks again----she wanted him inside her. He took in her glazed eyes, her frantic breathing and the feel of her dampness on his fingers----Rudra knew that she wanted him then and he couldn't wait any longer.

Giving in to her demands, he slid in her warmth smoothly. Moans of pleasure filled the room as they came together, joined as one. Muscles flexed powerfully as he drove within her heat and she responded; her legs wrapped around his hips, her body plaint and arching as she welcomed him lovingly

Bodies entwined, limbs tangled, mouths fused as their breaths mingled-----husband and wife loved each other. This time------there were no regrets, no pain and no fear of separation tainting their celebration of love.

Rudra showed her with his body what she meant to him and she reciprocated her love by submitting to his demands, completely, and in turn, satisfying her own yearnings. In his arms, she yielded, flying high without restrictions, her heart free to love him.

All his misgivings washed away by the trust and love Paro showered upon him. Her total capitulation to be his, to give her all, brought him the solace he had always searched for but never found----until now, in her arms and body.

The cynical, harsh soldier's hardened heart had been the love of his desert rose, Paro. It was her love-----as vast and unwavering as the Rajasthan desert that had turned him from a beast to a man. Declarations of her love for him deepened his need, intensifying his hunger for her as he made love to his wife.

 Her love for him had finally freed him from the dark shackles of his past. The tragedy of losing everyone in her life only to be taken a captive by a man she had thought to be her enemy-----all dissolved away as she loved the man who gave her everything that she had ever dreamed of

Paro might have surrendered in his arms, her body and soul but so did Rudra----as he gave her the most prized of his possessions, his heart but above all, his trust. She was as essential as the air he needed to survive, he knew that now.

His dark, bleak existence was brightened by her presence in his life-----Rudra rejoiced in the knowledge, lost in the magic of the moment, loving her with every fiber of his being.  Two hearts beat as one, two souls entwined united to celebrate the most tender of emotions, love.



Okay, so how was it guys? Liked it? Loved it? Hated it?

Please don't forget to press the "LIKE" button if you liked and enjoyed the story. Better yet, take a few minutes of your precious time and share your thoughts and opinions with me. What did you think of the story as it concluded?

In my head, I pictured it to be short story with realization of their love for each other, followed by their giving to their feelings and ending on a sweet note, as they live their life together. The scene when Rudra tied the thread around her neck and their awareness of each other, the coyness on part of Paro were all so sweet but once again, they didnt even bother to show a proper hug, perhaps a kiss on the cheek or her hairConfused 

Of course, I did more than the show ever would EmbarrassedEmbarrassedbut you understand what I am trying to rant about----------all the missed romantic possibilities with PARUD! Hope it was a sweet and romantic update and you all enjoyed the end just as much as the beginningEmbarrassed

Special shout out to all of you lovely readers who always take time to respond and comment! I love hearing from you all  and it makes me feel happy that the story clicked with you and you all liked it so muchHeart

Hope you all had a fun time with your family and friends as you celebrated the start of a New Year, a new beginning, full of beautiful wishes and dreams in the year ahead-----May they all come true!Hug



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deepsel IF-Rockerz

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!...Call the freaking Fire Brigade ...Now...I can't handle this 

Finally managed to read, away from my family peacefully, running with my Lappy from room to room , shoo shooing my kids, hiding my blushes and goosebumpsLOLLOL...usshhh my workout done for todayWink

Sonia you asked me to share this gift with Rithu, after reading am having second thoughts but since this is a new year gift for her and also I am expecting more FFs from her , am willing to have a big heart and share this exquisite OS with herLOL...Rithu darling 
Also for once am not taking Paro place here since, this made me blush to the root of my toesBlushing and I want to be loyal to my Real life moochiyaROFL (So Harry, Amy, all unmarried gals , bed is yoursLOL)..See am in giving mood todayWink..

There are so many vacuum spaces to be filled in RR and Mumbai scene is one such..And you have penned it down so beautifully..I didn't concentrate on the other pair as well since I didn't follow them or their shows, but most of all PARUD stood tall throughout the episode and captivated my senses through that beach scene and I forgot everything elseDay Dreaming..

I must tell you , though am a great fan of your sensual writing, am even a greater fan of your sensible emotional writings as well..the first part of the story is proof of that,.How wonderfully you have penned both their emotions..I will never get tired of reading those..Its almost like I am residing inside their hearts and feel the flowing words of emotions..absolutely brilliantClap.

The second part, should I say moreBlushing..this is exactly how a madly in love couple would behave..that too after that life-shattering event..This is how their consummation should have been, with passion, emotion, heartfelt , full of love, giving and taking equally...that first touch, first kiss, first embrace, first union is always special..What they showed in original is not their SR, it was another rushed passionate needy night lacking everything you have described..that too abruptly inserted ..Well so many grudges still am madly in love with PARUD..Call me crazy but I love this craziness and love seeing many more like me in this forumLOL..thats the magic of RR and PARUD..

Special thanks for this lengthy update Sonia, coz trust me I know the pain... I almost pooped to write half of this once and decided never to attempt againLOL...So hats of to you dear for your commitment and patience ..

Thank you for this wonderful New year gift again...Your stories will be cherished in my heart as long as PARUD & RR stays alive ..and that is foreverEmbarrassed

To all my fellow FF,OS,SS,TS readers of this forum, 


Lots of Love
Deepa Hug

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-UnknownSoul- IF-Stunnerz

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Really loved the starting and their point of views. 
My heart broke reading Paro's thoughts. 
That track was never easy for me eventhough we got the whole Mumbai scenes. 

I really hope in next part you give us a more romantic and dramatic (In a good way. lol) version of Paro coming back or truth revelation. Would love to see how Rudra deals with the whole situation. 

Okay now let me come on the "Love Me Tender" Part. 
You should have given the title "Love Me Harder" Blushing (That reminds me of Ariana Grande's song. Lol) Well what to say about that whole Part. 

I'm left speechless as always. Sonia i really love the way you write. Not everyone can write erotica so beautifully, (Hope i made sense.) It made me want to do Ice Bucket Challenge. LOL Well its so cold here and upar se this! I might die now Blushing

This was the best new year's gift i ever got! Hayye i'm blushing Blushing Perfectly written as always! Perfect detailing Blushing I don't know what to say more Blushing Bus i can't write more Blushing You need to write these types of OS more often. Blushing

Oh and you know what happened? I was so lost in the OS that didn't know what is happening around me. Just as he got rid of his and her clothes my maid came and said "Baji aap ki mumma bolrahi hain ke apne bhai ke liye bread pe cheese lagaden" W*F? WHY? Shocked

My mom never asked me to do this but today she was busy in kitchen so she asked me to give my brother bread and cheese spread Shocked What a perfect timing! (Sarcasm to be noted) Felt like banging my head on the wall. ROFL

Well so i gave it to him and started reading the OS again. LOL

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I'm so pleased you decided to write us a TS and a romantic one too. But even more happy with choosing that scene from the original show. I also thought that post the fire there should've been more as I'm sure there would've been changes between the couple. the way you depicted it was absolutely hot :p. I was actually jealous of paro. LOL I'm currently writing an SS and whilst I try to update long posts.. You treat us with really long ones.. So I totally know what you're going through.

Nevertheless, thank you for this new years gift.. cannot wait for the second part of the story.

Well done once again. You've inspired me.

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DevdasiSingh Senior Member

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...One moment please...
*Pours ice water on myself*

Okay, now that we got that out of the way...I am in love with this first part. It really tugged at my heart strings to see both sides of emotions. Rudra and Paro both have the same scene, but different things are running through their minds. He can tell something is wrong. In the little amount of time that he had known her, he can already sense something isn't right, simply by the way she is speaking. Paro is trying so hard to enjoy every moment, but in the back of her mind she knows that she will have to leave the one she loves, and this sacrifice is killing her inside. But she knows she must do it.

I'm glad you actually talked about post-fire incident. I hated how they didn't talk about what happened after they were rescued. It totally upset me. But I really like what you have done here. It made Rudra realize his feelings for Paro. Typical, you never know what you have until you are on the brink of losing it. And in Rudra's own special way, he told her that he couldn't live without her. I squealed, I'm not going to lie. Paro was even surprised he said that, because it was so bittersweet for her. She is happy he said that, but obviously the timing sucked beyond compare.

Now that love scene...was hot. That's all I can say. It was that exhilarating, hair-raising, toe-curling, life-changing experience for them both. It was a way to unite them before the untimely separation occurs. I am dreading that. It was a wonderfully written scene, but now I am sad that Paro remembered that she would leave him forever tomorrow and these memories would be what would help her survive the rest of her life without him. Well, yeah right. Let's see how Rudra takes this truth. Clearly it's not going to be well. 

As always, wonderfully written. Can't wait for the next part!

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Marvel-freak IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
This was simply breathtaking

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-Disenchanted- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 7:22pm | IP Logged
OMG! What was that? Why on earth did this show end? I know they can't act out all the things you write being a desi show. But still they had a song and dance for Parud's first beach trip and nothing after the fire. No heart to heart after one of them almost died. And the miracle healing ignored after the episode.
I'm gonna stop babbling now. First of all a big Thank you for the gift Hug. I hadn't expected the Mumbai trip to be a part of it. Because it was a Mahasangam episode, I didn't grudge the other couple being a part of it especially since we had better background music than usual and they were quite sweet. But I hated the fact that in the next episode Parud were sitting in a train and talking casually about his hand getting better. They should have felt a entire range of emotions with Paro being trapped, Rudra almost loosing her. Then adrenaline forces his right hand to act and save her. Finally her realising that it is time to say good bye. This was one of the tracks that should not have been rushed. Thank you for giving us the moments in between all that.
Second, the lovemaking at this juncture makes so much sense. The idea that you may have lost each other forces you to realise that life is too short. So Rudra had to realise that he must let Paro know how much she means to him and accept her fully as his wife. And Paro had to give in and surrender to him for the last night she may have with him. You cannot go back to living like platonic roommates after such a traumatic experience.
Finally, thank you for taking Parud across this beautiful act as they became husband and wife in every sense of the word in a comfortable room with a warm bed. I really don't understand the logic in consummating a marriage in a hut/cottage/barn in the middle of the jungle. As for the actual event, I won't comment much. You have done full justice to what we have come to expect from your words and the screen scorching couple we saw rolling in the desert almost a year ago.

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Love love love todays episode

Author: deep0909   Replies: 8   Views: 2625

deep0909 8 2625 06 June 2014 at 7:10am by Pinot
tender moments

Author: automaticstart   Replies: 6   Views: 4253

automaticstart 6 4253 07 April 2014 at 3:04pm by Sangana
B-S 'C'hronicles: Love Love Tum Karo, Love Se Na Tum Daro

2 3 4 5

Author: UsernameLoading   Replies: 39   Views: 6204

UsernameLoading 39 6204 07 February 2014 at 10:22am by UsernameLoading

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