SaAz: The Saga of Heartbreaks (Page 5)

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Originally posted by Soaps1

I just feel zeenat some where hurt his self respect so bad that he just can't afford to loose to her ... no matter what ... even if that means selling his soul ... selling himself ... he can't loose to her not this time not now! He loves arzoo i never had any doubt ... and what he did to her hurt him the most ... when he told zaki the other day kuch faisley mushkil hotey hien magar karne partey hien ... he knew from day one what he is doing and its consequences but he just couldn't do it any other way because his past, his pain has such a hold over him! Also he has known from before arzoo loves him and not zaki ... but also that he is married, arzoo may never want him after knowing the truth or he can't give life another chance to hurt him ... so he makes her hate him ... hate her so much that she will never look back as he is not worthy of love or happiness! It is not for him ... it comes in his life only to hurt him more and more! So he puts a stop to it only where it starts! 
But you know this story started with Sahir's pain ... his past ... i wonder where that is lost

I agree , I was wondering the same too ..that why Sahir's full past story regarding Zeenat is not revealed yet to know exactly why he feels so much of pain and vengence in his heart when it comes to love and that promise ... I hope CVs hv a proper backstory planned for it Confused

And yes it does look like Sahir's self respect was hurt  .. I m assuming both got married at a very early age  since the marriage was of 10 yrs .. so Sahir must b really young then and not well established either ... Zeenat mayb someone with big dreams .. she might hv married Sahir because he is a Choudhary  but post marriage she mayb disappointed after discovering he is more of an artist than a businessman .. so since then she might hv lost all love for him and treated him badly  ...   3 Yrs Sahir might hv gone through several humiliations by his wife before her accident took place ... So all that hv made Sahir so bitter in life that he feels anyone who comes in his life might also become bitter like him and so he tries hard to push Aarzoo out of ihs life so that his shadow of bitterness and negativity does not fall on her life too ...

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Originally posted by prettypri

Both are suffering...Sahirs suffering is still hidden..Arzoos out in the he said he hurt her and himself tooOuch.
Alvira is claiming to be doing all this braving her gods wrath for lying...but she didn't see his injured hand or the extreme anguish he was in...she never has,,,,,she also questioned him and left...why doesn't he have anyone when he is there for all of them?? 

Zaki also is lacking there...he is doing js duty as a friend but what about as a brother ...for so long he didn't bother...

KA is also useless...claiming to care but her care is more for her zeenatConfused.

I really wonder why they didn't show redemption for least why he is like this before making him the guilty one and him the one who is ostracised and alone all of again...he deserved someone in his life who would care for bringing in this deal angle and Zaki angle they have forgotten his pain altogether!Ouch.

I feel for Arzoos situation...that shouldn't happen to any's a terrible terrible thing to happen...and Sahir will beat himself up about that as well Ouch

I think Sahir has been a loner since yrs now ... his family never understood him and he too never bothered sharing his inner pain or miseries with his family .. there is a detachment somewhere between Sahir and his family ...

But when Aarzoo came in his life, she came very close to understand his pain and even got curious , so asked him about it ... He too wanted to share his pain and happiness with her reason why he was getting used to Aarzoo daily bringing coffee or food for him and used to get annoyed when someone else did those work ... But  Zeenat factor is his life always stopped him from making that move towards Aarzoo .. its like Zeenat is a curse in his life which is stopping him from going close to Aarzoo ... He confessed the same too when he said after so many days , one Aarzoo came in my heart  , but again I pushed her away from me CryCry

His redemption might come now after this cab incident with Aarzoo .. this might come as a big jolt for Sahir and he might finally redeem himself  by showing all the care and concern for Aarzoo
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Originally posted by farzy2910

Thanks for this amazing post and collages Jyoti and Swetha Clap

glad u liked it dear Big smile
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Originally posted by dakshaavi

Wonderful post jyoti and beautiful collages swetha.
I am sharing my thoughts which I share in another post .
Jyoti you have pen down sahir's feelings very well.
Heart wrecking episode Cry it was terrible to see arzoo in that state and I really ended up having tears in my eyes.
Sahir is pushing arzoo away bcoz he knows he cannot go on with arzoo with his martial status ...neither he is divorced nor his wife is dead ... So what next push her hard so that she goes away ...hates him ... But still be able to start a fresh life over a period of time ...

Arzoo ...oh poor soul... My heart goes for her ...the pain on hearing I am a married man ... Totally put her down ...the things that she hated all her life now comes back in her life...
Zaki proves to be a true friend consoling arzoo .

Yes me too felt bad for both Sahir and Aarzoo here ... its terrible for Aarzoo to find out that she fell in love with a married man especially when her own mother was a victim in the hands of her father who married someone else Ouch .. Again its terrible for Sahir to stop himself from loving Aarzoo because he is married to someone and not divorced yet though he has no love for that woman anymore due to reasons we r yet to know .. And on top of that he had to break Aarzoo's heart too so that she starts hating him  ... really painful situation for both

 I hope Zaki eventually becomes that bridge between both because he seems to understand Aarzoo as well as Sahir the way he told Aarzoo that every picture has two sides , and so he should confront Sahir once before making any decision .. that was a good and matured advice from Zaki ..
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Originally posted by Danseuse

As usual, you hav posted a good analysis.
The way I look at it, Sahir's and Zaki's characters are shaping well. Now only Sahir's past remains to be unveiled and the deal status.
Sahir appears lovelorn and a psycho at times (when he draws blood everytime), which is quite unnerving. Zaki is cool and a good friend who respects his brother. Sahir is mature and Arzoo nave. Sahir played with Arzoo's feelings and got caught -big time.
The heartache, anguish, to hav loved and lost (Arzoo), to hav been cheated in love, all the emotions hav been brought up till now. With Arzoo's molestation drama, more guilt and blood wil be on display. The storyline is still cloudy. No reason has been given for Sahir's temperament. Just because Zeenat teased him that he wl not make a good businessman, is not meat enough for this brutal side.
I would like it if Arzoo comes out of all this trauma and finds her spine. Cheers to the Creatives to hav send a social message to all women out there.
- Rekha

I agree  , Sahir's past still needs to b rolled out properly so that his extreme anger and destructive nature can look justified ... whatever we saw till now in flashbacks are not reasons enough for Sahir's extreme destructive nature  ... so there got to b a bigger reason which I hope is revealed soon

 So far all characters r shaping up quite well   .. Sahir is destructive in nature ... Aarzoo just went through her first heartbreak in love and trying to cope up with it ... Zaki is a true friend and guide ...  From here onwards how these 3 characters interconnect remains to b seen especially with outside forces like KA or Rehman ready to cause more trouble  ...

This whole molestation incident with Aarzoo will leave Sahir even more devastated now and he might blame himself for the situation since Aarzoo in anger will walk out at night after confronting him .. mayb he think he should hv stopped her  .. so will blame himself for sure .. no wonder he later calls off the Zaki-Sam engagement too as per SBS which mayb the first step towards damage control ..
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Originally posted by pria4ever

firstly, happy New year to u Jyoti...nice post as usual and amazing pic collage ShwethaSmile
n now can i just like vent out my frustration...Censored before commenting on ur post...plzLOL

Happy new year to u too Hug

why do love stories need to have a triangle angle to it on TV????? 
like...3 of bollywoods best love stories...i dont remember any triangle in it...still it stands out...
DDLJ, MPK and was only and only about Raj-Simran, Prem-Suman and Raj-Rashmi...was a 3rd person required to make the couples realise that they love each other? no nah..then y TV cant try something new for a changeAngry ...all shows start as love stories n then Boom...Boom...Boom...n here i cant help it...coz i need to know Sahirs story before deciding whether should i continue or discontinue the showLOLLOLLOL

U mean the Zaki angle na LOL .. well I understand your worries but in the end its about SaAz as humsafars .. Zaki max will remain a true friend forever  ..  Aarzoo can never love anyone else even if she feels indebted to someone ...

for me the story would have ended when i got to know about Sahirs marriage ,however his story has a i patiently wait for Sahirs past to be revealed...n yes...i'm still waiting...n now they better make the reasons for Sahir present state real strong or else all this hatred tat he has generated in Aarzoos heart will make no sense...Zeenat...Darling we know u r in coma..but ur story is a must before we try to make sense of CVs ...please ...coz all the hurt Sahir is causing himself, be it hitting himself with the belt, all the violent outbursts...n mom tells me Sahir ka screw dheela hai kyaLOL ...phew...n it gets so depressing to see so many negative characters in the show...yaar, even Baazigar had a Johnny Lever to ease the tension...they can make Anam n Kurti Apa play the comic relief thing...coz their character is neither moving ahead nor helping us to understand better let them handle the comic stuff...phew...gussa khatam for the momentLOLLOLLOL

I agree .. I m also getting impatient to know Zeenat's full story or else Sahir's current destructive nature and his sudden head over heels in love with Aarzoo forgetting about his comatose wife does not make sense unless its shown that Zeenat was a evil woman who might hv cheated on Sahir .. so far we r making these assumptions about Zeenat but unless we r shown the real story we can never b sure of it Confused

About your comparison with baazigar , agree LOL .. Anam and KA can b comic relief if they wish LOL

now coming back to yesterdays epi...was it heartbreaking or what?Cry for both Sahir and Aarzoo...Aarzoo...uska pehla pyaar adhura reh gaya...CryCry aur Sahir...kya bolu? dil rota hai uske liye...why...Aarzoo has her family and her "good friend" and etc etc people to help her recover from her heart break...but Sahir...who does he have? has he even recovered from the betrayal that Zeenat gave him, that he has to cope up with another heartbreak which he admits is his true love...sad that Sahir considers his family his responsibility, but what does he get in return..a mother who seems very manipulative...a brother who is so confused in life, a Kurti apa who the less said the better...AnamOuch...he does stay in a MadhouseLOL bhag jao Sahir miya...bhag jaoLOLLOL

I agree .. Sahir is all alone here ... Alvira is least bothered about his pain .. for her its all about marriage marriage and marriage Angry .. arre first see what SaAz r going through .. try to give them motherly support first .. marriage can wait for now ... thats why its important for Aarzoo to know entire Zeenat truth because I feel only she can heal his wounds and share his pain .. no hopes from rest of the clan Ouch

Aarzoo,shattered, reasonably so...Sahir hurting her, opens up his cards...he knows the consequences,still...just indicates he wants Aarzoo to move on in her life,even if it means she hating him...he is ready to take the hate...but i dont want Aarzoo hate dont want her to  despise him either...only can wish that she understands him and instead of giving him pain,becomes his strength...he is more broken than what she is at the moment...only can wish...
dont want mahaanta bhashans...

Going by yesterday epi , I feel she wont b able to despise him totally even if she wants to .. her feelings for him r too deep and intense .. so even in her hate for him , there will b a hidden love somewhere ... she might try to find out the story of his past from Alvira mayb once she fully recovers from her current heartbroken state .. Ermm

now as per new article, Zaki will be the parallel lead...good very good...bas issi ki kami thi...anyways lets c how the story goes on from here...n no, i dont consider Zaki to be a good friend...bash me all u want...but my friends circle is very strong n i would feel disgusted if a person i consider my friend sets me up as a bet to prove whether i am a gold digger or whether i love him...sorry...friends dont do such things...n over there only the character of Zaki became a turn off for me...he consoling Aarzoo...then y tell momma tat Aarzoo is my junoon,n take her promise that she will ask Aarzoo for him...specially when u know tat Aarzoo is madly in love with Sahir...typical MCP...he needs proof when Sam tells she is pregnant, but Aarzoo loves him is a mere assumption...anyways forget it...makes my blood boil anyways...n now potraying him in a mahanta light, dont know if i will be able to digest that...

I cannot fully blame Zaki here because the bet here to prove Aarzoo is a gold digger was placed by none other than his own brother Sahir .. Zaki never said yes to it either .. he was silent actually which means he never really supported the bet .. and even when he saw Aarzoo in Sahir's arms ,  he dint assume she is a gold digger but instead he realised that Aarzoo truely loves Sahir .. so from that angle if u see he has proved to b a good friend so far .. even yesterday he wanted Aarzoo to confront Sahir and ask him the reason when if he wanted , he could hv very well brainwashed Aarzoo further by speaking against Sahir which Aarzoo might hv believed too after the betrayal she faced from Sahir .. But Zaki dint take that advantage either .. so even if I dont like , I got to admit that Zaki so far did nothing which makes him a bad friend Ermm

Yes only place where Zaki went wrong was telling Alvira that Aarzo is my love blabla .. but again it was his honest confession to his mother .. he could hv kept it hidden and targetted Aarzoo by speaking ill against Sahir later on .. but I dont think he is that kind of manipulative person and so was transparent enough to tell his mother directly about his feelings  ..

I dont think CVs will try to fit Zaki between SaAz here .. they might just make him that much needed bridge between both

ya, my post seems confusing..but dont blame me...the show is as confusing as u can imagine...LOLLOLLOL

I can understand LOL

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Zaki did not tell the full truth because he knows that his brother started all this fake love drama to make him marry Samaira. Zaki could not tell Arzoo that he loves her.

Zaki does not know that Sahir really loved Arzoo.

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Originally posted by TaanuDeewani

Awesome post Jyothi..beautiful collages Swetha!! What a tearjerker... Cry explained it much as Zaki is seen as kabab me haddi in the SaAz he was the one who comforted her..and the way he talked about 2 sides of a coin regarding Sahir was nice of him too.
Sahir...what can I say..I don't even know what to love him or hate our native language there is a saying that some people are like hot ghee..can't swallow, neither can we spit out.
When Arzoo asked him about his fareb..good that he cleared all the things that he had done..but Factory burning remains..wonder when that will come out
Confused . But the way Arzoo looked at his eyes in the last scene, also shows that she is still confused..she can see the love in his eyes but his words say something else...getting ready for another sad day tomorrow with a box of tissues handy...
If I am not wrong is it Kannada ?
Sine those words keep poing ofen in my mind.

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