SaAz: The Saga of Heartbreaks (Page 2)

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Awesome post Jyothi..beautiful collages Swetha!! What a tearjerker... Cry explained it much as Zaki is seen as kabab me haddi in the SaAz he was the one who comforted her..and the way he talked about 2 sides of a coin regarding Sahir was nice of him too.
Sahir...what can I say..I don't even know what to love him or hate our native language there is a saying that some people are like hot ghee..can't swallow, neither can we spit out.
When Arzoo asked him about his fareb..good that he cleared all the things that he had done..but Factory burning remains..wonder when that will come out
Confused . But the way Arzoo looked at his eyes in the last scene, also shows that she is still confused..she can see the love in his eyes but his words say something else...getting ready for another sad day tomorrow with a box of tissues handy...

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Originally posted by -Rojaa-

awesome post jyoti and shweta beautiful collages as usual Big smile

The pre-cap is horrifying OuchOuch the harsh reality Cry I must appreciate Shivya for doing this , looking at the pre-cap she did an awesome job.

oh yes hats off to Shivya for performing this scene  without any inhibitions .. its horrifying to watch .. imagine the kind of dedication one needs while filming such a scene ClapClap

''Mera phela pyar adhura rehgaya '' this just broke my heart it reminded me of Anjali ( Kajol ) from KKHH she said the same words Cry  I think no matter how much we deny, the first heartbreak is very painful !

Aaahh I too remembered Anjali from KKHH , when she said those words about her first love is incomplete CryCry /../ it was so heartbreaking ...

Arzoo fell so hard for Sahir, Her love for Sahir was so intense in the sense he was someone she really looked up to, she had immense respect for him and admired him completely , He was almost like her husband for her ! Hence the heart break is so aching !

yess ... she really loved him a lot to an extent that she almost started worshipping him as her husband .. so when the truth finally came out , it was a huge jolt for her  .. no wonder she fell down and was almost trembling in shock and disbelief Ouch

And to make the things worse, he revealed all his plans from bday celebration to egg allergy , Can it get any more agonizing ?

so true .. it was such a horrifying experience for her ... all the truths at one go ... good in a way that things r now transparent between both .,. nothing is hidden anymore but bad in the sense it came out all at one go Ouch

After the revelation, KA said to Alvira '' Zeenat won you lost '' what does she mean ? how did it become Zeenat's win ? How is she sure about Sahir accepting Zeenat back ? KA is so annoying !

I guess KA assumes if Aarzoo is out of Sahir ka life then Zeenat is in by default since Sahir wont ever fall for anyone else and so will eventually accept Zeenat back in his life once she is out of coma Ermm

No one in that house is aware of sahir's pain ? The guy beats himself up with belts, breaks all the things in his room , YET No one notices it ? Is that becoz he is taken for granted ? he is just used for their own purpose ? Or they are just scared of him ? The Great KA never attempts to erase his pain ? He really needs to stop hurting himself in this self-destructive way ! Ouch

I guess Sahir projects himself as a very strong and ruthless guy .. so noone really  imagined that such a strong guy might hurt himself too .. so far only Aarzoo has witnessed her pain and tried to heal it too by putting oinment on his back .. rest r still unaware that Sahir too can feel the pain Confused

Did i tell i love Zaki-Arzoo friendship Big smile Like i said in another post, their friendship has a sense of protectiveness and genuine affection for each other , which is very pure. Such friendship is very rare to find, i hope it wont be ruined !

I so agree .. if I remove the love element , then I really like their friendship .. right now Aarzoo definitely needs a true friend and who better than Zaki Big smile

PS : do you think Arzoo is leaving the house in pre cap ? she only had her mobile in her hand , may be she is going to take her family from Station ?

I think she just lost it after hearing the truth ,. so mayb she has no idea what she is doing or where she is ging .. she just decides to leave Niyamat house that moment without really thinking about her family or any luggage Confused  but yes getting family from station is also possible since in spoiler picture we saw her family present there

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Originally posted by ankithasushma

Today's episode was indeed heartbreakingCry
I  don't know why my heart went out to sahir more today . 
 His mind finally lost the battle with his heart he couldn't cheat her anymore he finally told the truth.  
I think whatever sahir do he does it in extreme, hate, love 
I feel he has realised that he loves her so that was the main reason he spoke the truth 
He is even ready to live in the same pain for the rest of his life Cry KIS MITTI KI BANI HAI 
He just let her free from his love that's what true love does right and somewhere he knows she will come back one day

Yes he realised he loves her and so told her the truth to push her away from his life because he fears that if she makes an entry in his life , then her life will get destroyed too which he wants to avoid .. so just made her hate him to extreme limits by telling her all the truths at one go Ouch

HARSHAD just nailed it today Clap  each and every expression was portrayed so well

he was brilliant today Clap

Z zaki even I felt that he may take advantage but no he was a true friend consoling her even advised her to confront sahir the guy actually managed to keep his feelings for her aside and helped her as a true friend.  I don't want him to turn negative in future

that was a good surprise .. I guess we all felt Zaki will take chance here but loved the way he adviced Aarzoo to talk to Sahir and try to find out other side of the truth Thumbs Up

Aarzoo personally I can't relate to her I actually don't know what first love means and how it feels when first love remains incomplete but yes the fact that he is married that to for 10 years hit her very hard no wonder the ground below her feet just collapsed and fell. I'm very glad she went to confront sahir the remaining truth came out

more than first love , its the feeling of betrayal which is killing her from inside especially when her father did same with her mother too ... Sahir too did the same ... so for her its like all men r backstabbers including Sahir .. this is a bigger heartbreak for her than the first love bit ,.,

Alvira can you please explain me her behaviour once she tells she does everything for sahir's happiness andeven ready to face the  consequences from Allah and today she saw sahir inthat condition but still left him no wonder sahir has become like this

yeah Alvira seems to hv her own hidden agenda behind SaAz marriage .. so she does not care about Sahir or Aarzoo's pain .. for her what matters is just this marriage Confused

This heartbreak was very necessary may be the broken pieces will fit just right in right place in future 
Don't you think?

so true .. this was needed .. now their love from here on can only grow stronger and deeper with no place for lies Approve

Just out of curiosity where was Aarzoo going in the cab as they showed in the precap so late in night? Was she not even aware of the timings ? That wasn't he wrong step

it happens when one looses the sense of thinking in anger and hurt .. same happened with Aarzoo .. she just lost it that moment and walks out of the house without thinking of the consequences Ouch

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Jyoti, what is your take on the new montage ? I feel it's for the fake love story drama, where Arzoo is hopelessly in love, Sahir hugging her hesitatingly and Zaki sad yet determined.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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They aired it the day the track saw it's end, these Sony people are confused !

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Originally posted by rockstar29

Umm yet another master piece post from u Jyoti .
Do hansoo ki Jodi bichad gayo re .
I just loved u explaining about sahir's turmoil .
Well I just loved zaki controlling arzoo that was the best scene .
Second scene was arzoo slips down in pain that was so perfect and sahir reaches to her to control her and sahir controls his tears while revealing her it was just a game and he faked the love .
Harshad what an actor he has grown as an actor best expression from him and in the room were he feels hurting her meant hurting himself and hurting his hand I could see a devdas and majnu act there.
Last scene were he sat waiting for arzoo to lash at him and there goes attitude sahir explaining all the game plan with voice trembling yet determined to push her away by hurting her further .
Sahir couldn't see her eyes and say those hurtful words he stood back of her and spilled it because he can't face her longing eyes .
Sahir loves her like crazy so guarding her to stay away from his messed life his business his martial life he doesn't want a rose to taste thorns .
But no matter his effort from sending her away will lay flat he is destined to stay close to her that's what will happen tomorrow he will be the one who brings her home .

So true ... Sahir wants to safeguard her by making her stay away from his already messed up life and so the best way to do it is make her hate him to extreme limits  , reason why he gives out every single truth to her including the Egg fiasco knowing well that after hearing all this , she will forever hate him which he is ready to accept as long as it keeps her safe and away from his life  Cry... And yes he could not look into her eyes because he knew that if he tried looking into her eyes , then he wont b able to control his real emotions for her and so said it all when she was standing with her back against him ...  He was trying hard to control his tears too ... What a versatile actor Harshad is ClapClap

Arzoo is destined to share sorrows with sahir as baba said pain will bring them together his pain his more than her to get to him she needs to taste his kind of pain then it will be easy to heal him ( I think his pain is simple he would have moved on if zeenat would have left him divorced her easily and business what was the hurry he should believe in himself not please others his promise to zeenat was utter nonsense instead asked her to leave him if she is not happy simple)
Anyways 4 lions hero have past so ok .

Oh yes I remember what that baba said and thats exactly whats happening now with Aarzoo tasting similar pain which Sahir already went through 7 yrs back .. Only now she will b able to relate with his pain once she finds out entire Zeenat truth ... Shibha was equally good showing her turmoil and heartbreak in the episode today ClapClap

Arzoo didn't deserve this insult she made it clear other day she doesn't want any mess poor girl was trapped shame on sahir to put her through this pain just to know real arzoo who she loves zaki or him and proving zaki what nonsense .
Making zaki forcefully marry Sam what's with ma beta dio psychos .
Never seen a mother who didn't notice sahir 's bleeding hand .
But hats off to arzoo to go and ask him why he played those dirty games I saw a sherni fight back well acted b shivya there but first half when arzoo screamed and zaki came shivya could have done better it looked odd with her wide mouth while crying that scene was not well executed gadbad tha .
Rest all was good .

Me too loved that Aarzoo decides to confront Sahir and ask him everything before taking her final decision .. she has the right to know why Sahir did all this ... Initially I m sure Sahir did all this because he felt she could b a gold digger after pregnency fiasco but during her birthday when she rejected his love confession  , since then Sahir knew that Aarzoo is a genuine girl and from that time only he started feeling rhe guilt of betraying her truth ...

About her scream , I agree , Shivha could hv done better but I think for a newcomer , she did a grt job there .. the scene was quite difficult

This was turning point for arzoo I suppose she will grow to be a strong individual seeing her stoned attitude sahir will get hurt for sure realizing what he has done to a fun loving girl .
This deal is getting nowhere duffer sahir how can he force zaki without proof .
U said it right sahir might scrap the deal due to his guilt trip .
But blackmail from rehmaan might go 4 ways.
1. Sahir will get engaged to sam but arzoo zaki might plan big to get him out .
2. Sahir forces zaki to engage sam but zaki and arzoo will mess it by getting engaged ( fake) leaving sahir over possessive on arzoo and there fights turn ugly were he forces her to get married.
3.sahir will ignore rehmaan and say him do as u please then DVD out in open arzoo angry slap him in public try to throw him in jail but alvira reveals zeenat full truth leaving arzoo shocked and she might take away the case and help sahir in the deal .
But saaz relationship will hit a dead end were sahir desires her but arzoo stone heart won't melt .
Zaki - arzoo equations keep growing irritating sahir and his passionate love will shoot out.

Yes Aarzoo will come out stronger after all this ... she might loose trust on men and love once again for which Sahir will hv to do damage control

 And I think Sahir will call off Zaki-Sam wedding after tomorrow's incident where Aarzoo will b almost molested .. Sahir for sure will feel guilty and will consider himself responsible for the situation and so he might think enough is enough  , he will no more play with anyone's life and might call off the wedding ... After this SBS scene might come where Rehman holds a gun on Sahir's forehead ...

I wonder how Sahir will save Sayyara and this house and also fulfill the promise if this deal is not done Confused

I just loved the songs ya I just loved Arjun's but srk quite common used thank God Hs didn't use that song .

yeah SRK wala is common actually LOL .. I even had KKHH tujhe yaad na meri aayi wala song too  but then in that situation SRK never knew Kajol loved him .. here Sahir knew it all yet broke her heart .. so chan se jo toota koi .. went well with the scenario ... And Arjun wala is perfect because in that film too his character pulls out a Sahir kind of fake love game and actually falls for the girl later LOL

4. Remember alvira medical report in famous khuranas hospital I think alvira dream will shatter because of this deal she will fall sick forcing saaz for nikhaa.
And bang bang raat bar in bedroom both hit there heads what fun if this happen.

I bet Alvira will do a drama of being sick to make sure SaAz gets married LOL ..

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Originally posted by Zaya4ever

Awesome post Jyoti.ClapClap Again wonderful collage by Shweta. ClapNow a days I noticed you have changed collage style.. more fabric textured collage... liked it Big smile
So true Jyoti... totally heart breaking episode and precap is horrible.Cry We all know as per spolier/news Sahir will save her on time as she accidentally dial his no... (not sure why Sahir tracked her location.. very smart ha.Wink.)

"As usual Sahir punishes himself by hurting his hand once again till blood comes out of it just because he was the reason why tears came in Aarzoo's eyes today ... He never fails to punish himself hard whenever he hurts Aarzoo Ouch ; As he remembers Aarzoo's breakdown because of him , he feels miserable and one could see the rage in his eyes as he puts his hand over that sharp edge and keeps pressing his hand till there is a deep cut on his hand palm and it starts bleeding badlyOuch  ; He knows that he has left a deep scar in Aarzoo's heart now which might never heal , so he makes sure that he leaves a similar deep scar somewhere in his body too which can remind him of the pain that he has given to the love of his life

So agree with you on this.. Last time you mentioned in your prev post, whenever Sahir gives her pain, he tries more harsh on himself to feel the pain by punishing himself... Ouch
Glad that CV is nt spoiling Zaki's character (turning gray). Last few episode they are showing he truly loved her and her doesn't care whether she loves him or not.. True lover is true friend first.. he is Aarzoo's true friend.. Glad that he was there to console her.. I liked one part where he also indirectly justified Sahir saying he has some reason and she should find out from him. Smile
Alvira is still confuse character.Confused We will dont know whether she is 100%. Today she first asked about Sahir what will happen to his feelings .. whether he never felt anything abt her.. when she came to know that Sahir told Aarzoo his first marriage truth.. I wonder why she didn't asked him what will happen to Aarzoo.. Does she only care for Sahir, his deal, Niyamat house and Zaki?Confused
Whole episode was heartbreaking.. only positive hope is from new montage...Smile makes me happy giving ray of hope this sad track will end soon and we will see SaAz together smiling like in Montage Tongue

I m also glad that CVs kept Zaki's character intact and he is being a true friend to Aarzoo  ... best part about him was that he was not anti Sahir either and so asked Aarzoo to ask him the real reason before jumping to any conclusion .. I too hope CVs keep him the same in future too and not make him evil ... 

About Alvira , she did ask "what about Aarzoo"  which later Sahir even repeats to himself in anger and frustration because he knows that he really played bad with her feelings ... But still Alvira does look selfish in a way .. he does not care that Sahir's hand was bleeding ..she does not care that Aarzoo was just left heartbroken by her son ... al lshe cares for is SaAz marriage by hook or by crook Confused

Lets see how tomorrow Sahir finds out about Aarzoo's location and reaches there like a true hero Cool ... this incident could b a wake up call for Sahir here and this might result in Sahir calling off Zaki-Sam wedding which we saw in SBS .. mayb he will not want any further damage to anyone's life because of his decisions Ermm

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