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Baba is angry at me for showering love ... But that is what I do! Idiot ... *Dimaagi Santulan Hila Hua*

I wonder if I should delete my post -__-

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Originally posted by Medha.S

Baba is angry at me for showering love ... But that is what I do! Idiot ... *Dimaagi Santulan Hila Hua*

I wonder if I should delete my post -__-

DON'T YOU DARE!!!!AngryAngryAngry
I will break your other hand and make you drink Hot hot cocoa with COLD COLD drink ek saath...

And why won't joo reply to my PM? Do I need to threaten joo with skulls too now?? -____-

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The party venue had no signal ... both my hands are fine so I don't know which hand you are talking about!
I drink coffee and soft drink together anyway ...

So reply to my post if you don't want it to disappear ...

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Originally posted by Medha.S

The party venue had no signal ... both my hands are fine so I don't know which hand you are talking about!
I drink coffee and soft drink together anyway ...

So reply to my post if you don't want it to disappear ...

"REPLY"Evil Smile
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Originally posted by Medha.S

The party venue had no signal ... both my hands are fine so I don't know which hand you are talking about!
I drink coffee and soft drink together anyway ...

So reply to my post if you don't want it to disappear ...

Then both your hands are at risk.
Coffee and Drink together?? ShockedShockedShocked
I often have ice cream with hot stuff, coffee, tea or hot chocolate.. 
 imma come in a bit and give u Ur due louu okay Embarrassed
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*Hours Pass By* *Bira Still Waiting*

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Originally posted by Medha.S

*sobs harder*
What do you write in reply to such brilliance?

So I won't write anything at all -_-
I will just reread it and go to sleep thinking about it.


Unres :
And isn't it amazing how he is the breakthrough character on the show?The one who is as loved as the most popular couple if not more at the moment. And just how surprising it is?Something which was not expected at all if you look back at it.The Cabir-Craze just sneaked up on the Fandom and now you only have to give Ayaz one scene and he makes everyone happy, the characters are happy, the fandom is happy.

Dude I've always liked Cabir. Even when he had been convincing Shahid to go to their invites-only party coz he be 'special', or when commenting on what a  'pataka' that chachi was on that Puja scene, or how he had commented on Madhubala or his remarks on Nandini running away from the pool side-everything! I do NOT support ragging or bullying but I freaking LOVED how he had made me question his actions and sanity in those bullying scenes. Ayaz turned Cabir into someone with whom I had developed a love-hate relationship, I hated him for some of his actions, but my  attraction for him, the pull towards this character kept growing and growing and never the opposite. 

The beautiful irony is that the character became everyone's Bae
after the disclosure about his orientation. Mostly, the reverse happens. Even
the most loved characters loose popularity after such revelations or the
character, if known as anything but straight from the start might not get
popular in the first place. They tried showing gay tracks in some other popular
shows on the big entertainment channels but they did not get dealt with

I've seen one or two shows previously dealing with gay tracks. But truth be told, I could never connect. I could see their sufferings from a surface level, but my heart never went out for them. I think, it's because even the makers were stereotyped somehow. They'd wanted to convey a message but even their attitude towards homosexuality was a little biased. If you don't believe in something, you can't see it for what it really is. I simply ADORE how the KY2 CVs have shaped Cabir's character from beginning till the now. I know he is just a fictional character, but my heart goes out for him each time I see that heartbroken, shattered look on his faceBroken Heart

What I see is that people love Cabir, I have seen people
raving about him on other social media sites even though they are not
comfortable with the idea of homosexuality. This character is someone who is
making people look beyond just his tag of gay'. The people who do not
understand homosexuality and find it to be weird or wrong look at him and see past
that, see him for who he is. We get the token gay characters on shows who are just
that, nothing else that defines them. When have we seen one f the main
characters on a show being gay and still so much loved. Because he is not the gay
guy' on the show.

And once again for the umpteenth time, I have to give it to Ayaz's brilliant acting skills. It's not too difficult to portray a toota dil Majnu. But portraying homosexuality on Indian television, and making people look beyond the sexuality is a breakthrough on its own. Ayaz is right. He has put on a lot of hard work in this show indeedEmbarrassedCool

We had 70+ episodes before the revelation and he had already
made himself more than just that. He is a protective friend, he loves
intensely, he hates passionately, he is a prankster, he is perceptive and
sarcastic, he is someone who distributes laughter and smiles infinitely, he is
a loving son, a Momma's boy, he is a bully, he is sadistic to the people he
loves and to those he hates, his mind is a creative place and he is an artist,
he is like a new-born spirit who believes in living his life like to the
fullest, either it be during the hard times or the times of happiness and fun
and then he is like this old-soul who is too wise, too experienced and mature
for someone who is only 19 years of age. He believes in partying all night like
any other teenage boy and living in the moment, not letting it be affected by
the bigger, personal issues and dilemmas. Then he is a Man who gives importance
to his self-respect, who has his priority set straight, who doesn't resent his
Mother for being ashamed of him for who he is but who does know that he cannot
live with her because he definitely is not ashamed of himself ..Not anymore! A Man-boy
who has so much hurt, anger and hate
inside of him, who feels he is a winner because he had courage to follow his
heart but who still is disappointed in his love, who knows that he was wronged
and wants to see his offender being punished but who despite being a teenager
boy who hates[And boy, do they hold on to their hate or what], is also a mature
Man who loves too much, cherishes the few things that he still has left in his
life, and is too sorted and wise to let it all go because of the same guy who
stole the things that he doesn't have any more.

He is not as carefree as he used to be, he can't afford it
but nothing can stop him from being the free spirit that he is. So much damage
has been done, so many problems he faced one by one, so many things he lost one
after another and still he continues to be the very guy with unlimited humor,
wit and laughter that he spreads whole-heartedly. He is someone who never
resents the people he loves for being happy, finding happiness and love when
his own life has fallen so royally apart. Because he himself is the one who
encourages them, pushes them towards it and finds love in their love, happiness
in their happiness, anger in their despair, protectiveness in their vulnerabilities.
He lets himself be so vulnerable, he stands there when people judge him for being
who he is and he never justifies himself because he doesn't need to. His people
are at his side so he doesn't need validations from anyone else but can't help
but feel guilty when the people he loves get hurt because of him.

Don't even take me into that zone again. It breaks my heart each and every time when I think what this guy used to be and what he is now. It's like his tragic downfall like King Oedipus. He couldn't have controlled his fate. Cabir's one truth changed EVERYTHING for him. It messed up all the relationships he cherishes so, so much, till now. Strange thing, like Oedipus, he had the choice of free will too. He could've chosen not to perform in the Musicana so that his secret doesn't get out. But he didn't. This is where he is a star in the truest sense, who will burn and keep burning till the end only to keep the people he loves happy, to keep their lives enlightened. I love him for that, but do I want him to keep burning like this forever? No. I'm selfish in my totally platonic love for Bira but I want him to shine, not burn.

And he is a kameena through and through, he is adorable in his deviousness and in his not-goodness.He is a harami as Ayaz says, he is self-centered, selfish to the world and selfless for his friends, He is Cabir, he is cool, his is wise and a 'chippad' who by the way is also gay, deal with it or don't.Not Bira's headache.

Ukhaad loCool

He feels like he will be sick if he stands there, so close
to the person who ruined everything from him but he went there because he loves
too much to let the hate win.He is a human, he cannot forgive and even
expecting him to forgive is so ridiculous I won't even start about it.He cannot
forgive, he explains why he can't and doesn't feel guilty for it and I love him
for that. But he gives in and gives his friend what she wants, something that
is important to her as a sister because he can't lose the friendship, he can't
even think about making a decision which would result in the breaking of his
group of people so he lets go ... He doesn't want to, it goes against his
individuality but he does because he will choose them over himself any day and I
respect him too much for that to resent him for letting it go.Doesnt mean I don't
resent the unfairness of it all, because I do. But seeing from his point of
view, he gave Aliya what he himself wants so bad -His only family by blood back
in his life.This boy, this Man.

After this, he has proved that he can do anything for these
people, as if he hadn't already proved it before. Now the ball is in the other's court. Now,
when things go wrong and everything starts falling apart again because of this
one decision he made, I need to see him let go and break down, I need to see
his rage and his anger, I need to see him vent out till he has nothing left in
him, till he passes out because frankly, it hurts to see him like this.It hurts
to see him force himself to smile when he wants to cry out in frustration and helplessness.
It hurts to see him make other people laugh and lighten up the atmosphere with
his wit when in the inside, he is breaking and doesn't know what will happen to
him and his life, when he is worrying about a roof on his head and paying his
bills and thinking about how to make his Mom proud of him.

"Just because main hasta hoon, logo ko hasata hoon, iska yeh matlab nahin hain ke mujhe takleef nahin hoti..I feel like I'm having the worst nightmare of my life..."
Can't evenOuch

He will have resentment towards everyone who agreed for this
bail, who wanted it when that guy comes after them and does more damage to them
individually and as a group.Either it be himself, Manik,Mukti and Nandini or
anyone close to him who suffers again because of the psycho, the resentment
will come out on full force. The tiff wasn't dealt with; they didn't have to.No
one had to draw lines and choose sides and take the matters ahead because Cabir
didn't let it come to that.But it will come to that and the choice will have to
be made and then wont it be interesting. Let us see what Cabir gets back in
return for this ...

In all of this, when Cabir breaks, it has to be in front of
Manik or Nandini - these two people who understand him in their own ways just
like he gets both of them in his own way.CabIni is so precious because we saw
it happening, we saw how they came together and now have their own thing going
on apart from Manik. ManBir is special, and they remind me of that with every
episode. From the time Cabir came running back to Manik, their conversation
about Nandini till the whole Police station debacle and how in tune Manik is
with him, how he was like this constant support on Cabir's back waiting for
Cabir to break. I love to see them being so themselves and seeing Cabir getting
his wit back just by hearing Manik trying to be something other than rowdy,
snarky and kameena in front of him.They bring out the smirks and smiles from
each other just with small words and pointed expressions. The bromance is on
every moment, even when the whole gang is together. And Manik stood by Cabir in
the music room with his hand around his back even while both of them were being
kameenas and teasing my baby. He handles them and they are the only ones who
can handle this guy, whom I trust to handle him and care for him in the way he
deserves and needs. At this point, the breakdown, the resentment and everything
else not pretty and witty, coming out of him won't just be accepted, it will be
welcomed with open hands. His breakdown has been awaited so restlessly and every
time he slides it off and moves on.Oh, how beautiful and ugly it will be.

Same. I feel like nobody truly understands what Cabir feels. Mukti to a level does only becuse they now have a history with the same person. Apart from that, nobody actually sees Cabir's pain for what it really is. I'm not cent percent sure Manik does but I love their bromance so not gonna say anything until the 'Moment of Choice' arrives. He seems protective of Cabir because he has always been protective of all the Fab5 members, plus Cabir's truth and  everything that happened afterwards has made him all the more protective of Cabir, upar se we have the Nan-Nan equation; ManBir seem to have bonded all the more over that one secret. But for Nandini, I can say in a heartbeat she does. She understands Cabir's pain because she sees love for what it is; one of the purest and best emotions the Creator has blessed the living being with. She knows because she has lost some of the most valuable things of her life too, she knows because she, like Cabir, is a fighter. And she knows how it feels to break, to shatter into million pieces and never be able to put those pieces back together again because no matter how much you try, it won't be the same. Cabir's friends may sympathize with him but Nandini out and out can empathize with him. 

On a lighter note, MaNanBir is the Mothership of all
freaking ships to ever ship including Aur Jo Bhi Hai'. Ukhaad Lo!Stern Smile

I ship it with all my might and will go down if I have to along with this ship.

Originally posted by rubys07

Cabir was a bully by nature. The bullying is probably still there, but not as dominant as it had been before. Yes, he had done some pretty unforgivable things. I never justify them. I just think it was his own twisted way of dealing with the world...and he got his payback for it as well.

Does it ever end?
Apparently,Not! *sigh*

First, the guy lost his image. People made fun of his sexuality, made fun of the person he loved. And as if it wasn't enough to crush his ego and self-esteem, he and his love became victim to a hate-crime.
And still he is not running away, is he? He is still going to the same collage, facing the same people and refuses to be ashamed of who he is and what he is all about! And how he must feel about not being able to protect someone he loves is something I cannot imagine.Does he feel guilty?Raghav was the innocent victim whogotdragged into it all because Cabir had a history with Harshad. This guy is keeping so much inside him, it will be a flood unleashed in the future!

And the next day, he is back with his CoolCa-bir sass, his sarcasm and his jokes. Because that's what hisimageis. That's how he's supposed to be. That's how he's been fighting all along. He has his vulnerabilities, his weakness where the world keeps throwing poison arrows, but he won't give up being a hero till his last breath. That sass is his armor and he, is my modern-day Achilles.

I love you too much.And I hate how you talk BS about your writing skills because you are amazing with words.You are so impossible but I love you, Bae!Hug
Thank you for giving me a space to vent it all out -- I needed that.You be my Baba!Heart

IKR?? I be all shades of AH-MAZING. Even I can't love myself enough for thatCool
. . . .

I don't even know why I wrote this thing. Guess I'm high on Cabir today so never mind me.
P.S. In Literature it's a very debatable topic whether Achilles was gay or notEmbarrassed#randomfacts #jussayin

Because if you hadn't, I would have haunted you with skulls and graves! Don't test me!

Gimme your skulls and graves and witches with hideous laughter anyday over hearts and flowers and I'll be a happy soul...you know me bro!Hug

Achilles and Patroclus!Embarrassed

They break my heartBroken Heart

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