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Main aur Ms. Right ||Arshi TS|| COMPLETED ~ (Page 63)

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Posted: 14 August 2015 at 5:54am | IP Logged
Will be waiting for you to update soon.
Thanks for the PM.

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Nice, update dear 

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Main aur Ms. Right

Last Part 

Arnav: Again you started?

Khushi: Why shouldn't I? Haven't you seen how that dumb friend of yours left to attend some conference at this time of night leaving his beautiful and disappointed wife alone on this so called holiday?

Arnav: Maybe the conference was important.

Khushi: Really? What was he doing whole day except working on his laptop and talking on his phone? What type of holiday it is? If he is behaving like that in holidays then I feel scared to think about his regular routine and poor Payal.

Arnav sighed now they're talking on phone after leaving for their rooms for the night when Khushi called him to talk about his supposedly weird friends according to her and the first target is Akash.

Arnav: Khushi I am telling you again, it's their personal matter.

Khushi: And I am sorry to say there's nothing perfect in their life like they show. I can feel it!

Arnav: Khushi!

Khushi: Ok what about Nk and Lavanya they're living together without marriage?

Arnav: Yea! They're having live-in relationship and it's common these days.

Khushi: I know but have they decided the limits of this relationship?

Arnav: Khushi Why're we discussing their personal life?

Khushi: because I am sorry to say but the life your friends are living showing it as perfect to others, I am afraid will take a very ugly turn one day and may end up with sourness in every relation. 

You're their friend Arnav ji and you can do so much to stop it.

Arnav: I don't feel like that and you shouldn't interfere also. Good Night! and he hanged up the call.

Khushi groaned irritated looking at the phone screen but decided to try and show them the right path.


Week was passing by and Arshi was coming more close, Khushi has realised her feelings but never voiced and for Arnav he was thinking that he is getting habitual to her. Khushi was trying to help Payal, where Payal was trying to work as Khushi said but Akash was as always ignorant and Payal's hope was just crashing. It was fifth day of their holiday and Khushi advised Payal to make jealous so he start concentrating on their relation and they'll start working on it from tonight dinner which is planned out.

Arnav: Khushi what are you upto?

Khushi: What? I am getting ready for dinner.

Arnav: Stop acting! What are you even feeding Payal? These days she is acting differently and I know you're behind it.

Khushi: She is not acting different. She is working on her marriage which ofcourse your dumb friend don't even try nor acknowledge her efforts.

Arnav (sighed): Khushi! Please don't do something which creates more problem.



All were having dinner teasing each other and talking about random things.

Khushi: So La! When're you guys getting married?

Arnav closed his eyes in frustration, this girl will never listen. Will she?

Lavanya: Soon! After a pause "Actually guys we were going to tell you, after going back from here we're getting engaged next week."

Payal: That's really good news. But why didn't you tell it till now?

Nk: We were going to! Therefore we planned this vacation.

Arnav: Congratulations guys!

Khushi: Yea Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys. She said chirping but didn't failed to notice the awkwardness in Lavanya 's voice.


Payal: Akash! Please leave your work for sometime and enjoy, she said slowly for only him to hear and Akash just hummed in the response, she sighed and Khushi winked at him.

Khushi: I was thinking to go for some shopping tomorrow to local market here. Who's joining?

Lavanya: I don't think I would be able to join, you guys go.

Payal: Even I won't be able to join you Khushi. I am sorry!

Akash (curiously): Why?

Payal: I need to meet an old friend tomorrow.

Akash: Friend? Here?

Payal: Yea I just met him today when I was out and planned this lunch to catch up. It's been so long, we haven't met after our college.

Akash: uh... Oh... He went quite working again but this time with a frown.

Khushi winked at Payal for the success of their plan and then pouted.

Khushi: but I really wanted to visit the market.

Arnav: It's ok Khushi! I'll take you.

Khushi: Really?

Arnav: yep

This time Payal winked at her naughtily and all she could do smile awkwardly at response.


Next Day

Arnav took Khushi to market with him as they're leaving day after tomorrow after that they went to lunch and Khushi told him how she and Payal made plan to make Akash jealous. Arnav was angry and again warned her.

Dinner time

Lavanya: So how was the shopping?

Khushi: Amazing! I brought something for everyone.

Payal: But it was not needed.

Khushi: No it was! When I'll not be here, this things will make you guys remember me sometimes. Arnav looked at her instantly.

Lavanya: Where are you going?

Khushi: umm I mean we're not to be together like this right? We have to leave for our homes.

Payal: yea

Arnav sipped on his drink thinking about Khushi's words. Why she always reminds that she has to leave one day.

Lavanya: Nk stop! Don't drink too much.

Nk(fully drunk): Let me drink.

Lavanya: but you are already too much drunk.

Nk: So now I need to take your permission also for how much I have to drink or eat?

Lavanya: I didn't mean that.

Nk: Oh stop it! You're still not my wife. I know I am stuck but let me live in peace for sometime.

Arnav (shouted): Nk

Khushi: You're not in your senses, I think you should go and sleep now.

Nk: Shut up! Why everyone is trying to teach me? Huh?

Arnav: Nk stop it!

Nk: No I wouldn't!

Arnav: You're getting married. She is your fiance. Treat her like one.

Nk: Marriage! Yea. But I don't want to get married, not at least now.

Arnav: then you could have waited. Why're you behaving like this.

Lavanya: No we couldn't!

Khushi: What happened Lavanya?

Payal: La

Lavanya: We can't wait. I am pregnant!

All gasped hearing it and Nk laughed.

Nk: Yea she's pregnant and Madam don't want an abortion. So I am stuck.

Khushi: What? How can you suggest an abortion? It's your child also.

Nk: because I don't want this responsibility, he shouted.

Lavanya (shouted): Fine! You don't have to. We're not getting married anymore. I can take care of my baby myself.

Payal: I am with you la.

Akash: What? Are you crazy? the child needs a name in society.

Payal: Stop it! Society! Society and Society. Can you ever look past to it. People needs love and care to live not only name. But how could you understand? You have always concerned about society and nothing else.

Akash: Payal you're crossing your limits.

Khushi: No she's right.

Akash: You shut up! This all is happening because of you. I know you're feeding Payal against me.

Khushi: What?

Akash: Come Payal we're leaving back.

Payal: Yes we're but once we get back. I need divorce.

Akash: What?

Payal: Yes!

Arnav: Payal don't act hastily.

Payal: No Arnav! That's it. This relation suffocates me now. I can't act indifferent to everything around me just for the sake of society.

Khushi: I am with Payal.

Arnav: Will you please just shut up! It's all my mistake that I asked you to be my girlfriend and act like Ms. Right.

Akash: Act?

Arnav (sighed): Yea! I was irritated with your teasings and I asked Khushi to pretend. So you guys just shut up for a while.

Akash: Wow you actually brought a complete stranger between us, just to act and now she knows all our secrets. What if she leak them to any media person?

Khushi: tch... tch still thinking about society. Have you ever thought what led him to do that? After his break up, instead of supporting him like friends. You guys almost made fun of his life and started to set him with another girl rather than let him set his mind and support him.

Nk: Now you would tell us how should we behave with our friends?

Arnav: Just stop it guys! Finish it.

Lavanya: Exactly! Just finish it but Arnav didn't expected this from you.

She left from there and Nk followed with Akash, Khushi looked at Payal with hope but Payal said just one thing which hurt her more.

Payal: "I really thought you're a nice girl. I never knew one day everyone will be hurt because of you. " and she also left.

Khushi (with tears she looked at Arnav whose back was facing her): Arn...

Arnav (he shouted turning towards her): Enough! Enough Khushi. You have done enough. I told you to not interfere in anyone 's life but no you didn't listened anything. Now all my friends are hurt just because of you. You have messed up everything.

Khushi: But...

Arnav: Not a word. I don't need any explanations.

He grabbed her hand and almost pulled her with himself till her room. Khushi looked as he stuffed all her stuff in her bags and zipped them.

Khushi: What are you doing?

Arnav (looking at her): You have helped me enough Khushi but I don't need your help anymore. I think you should leave now.

Khushi looked at him with teary eyes when he again grabbed her hand and walked out. He dumped her luggage in his car and settled himself on driver seat, asking her to get in.

Khushi: I can go myself.

Arnav: I am sorry but you're my responsibility and I can't let you go alone in midnight. He started driving and reached back in wee hours. Khushi looked at him as he turned back his car after dropping her outside of her house.

Khushi: Arnav

Arnav turned back and look at her.

Khushi: I am sorry!

Arnav: I hope we never come across again.


Next day Arnav returned back to outhouse but it was empty, everyone has already left. He sighed and after getting rest for sometime he also returned back to home.

Anjali: You're back?

Arnav: Yea! You here?

Anjali: I thought you're going to come back, so I was waiting for you.

Arnav: Di

Anjali: Come dinner is ready! And where is Khushi? I thought she'll come with you.

Arnav: She is at her house and she is not coming here again.

Anjali (shocked): What?

Arnav: Yes!

Anjali: But why?

Arnav (irritated): We broke up. Is that ok?
Now I need some peace, I am going to my room.

Anjali: But...

Arnav: Di please!


After few days

Arnav has not met any of his friend after that incident. He once met Khushi in AR when she was called for the show and he can never forget the moment when she walked on the ramp in that Red gown. He has asked his designer to gift that gown to her as he knew she loved it but she has denied politely and also told she wouldn't be able to work with them further, well he was not so surprised but disappointed. He wouldn't be able to look at her now, or may be never.


Anjali has finally ordered him to get married and she will select the girl herself. He was already hurt and authority in Anjali's voice didn't let him deny, so he'll be soon getting married to the girl his Di has chosen for him.


Khushi looked at the news playing on TV screen, So he is getting married? She wiped the tears from her eyes. She has cried enough from that night, if he doesn't care so why should she?


The Day

Tonight he is getting engaged, he has just reached at the venue and was now is in his room. The engagement has been organised in a five star hotel and all guests are already here. That time when he has said yes for this relation, he didn't knew he'll regret it so much.

He was angry that time, with his friends, Khushi and more from himself but as time passed he realised he feels much more for Khushi than attraction. He have been missing her terribly, her naughtiness, chirping, her smile, that childish nature.

Arnav looked around helplessly, now he is too late, it's his engagement and he'll be getting engaged to the girl waiting for him in few hours.

Arnav: I am sorry Khushi. I wish I could meet you and tell you how sorry I am. 
I know you may never forgive me but I have realised that it was only you.

Ms. Right I was waiting for my all life, was with me and I was a fool to let you go. Whatever happens for me it'll be only you whom I can imagine as my Ms. Right.

Arnav turned hearing the sound of door and there entered his friends. He don't know he should be thankful to them because somewhere they were the reason Khushi coming to his life or angry with them because they are the same reason she is not with him. He sighed, he is also responsible so why should he get angry with them.

Akash: Congratulations! Arnav nodded accepting his wishes and others also congratulated him.

He looked at them Akash and Payal will be soon getting divorced and Nk and Lavanya's engagement has been already called off by Lavanya. They're still thinking about themselves rather then working on their relation like Khushi wanted.

Anjali entered in room happily calling him down for engagement and all left the room.

Anjali: I am so happy for you.

Arnav smiled and looked at photo of Khushi in his for the last time
"Ms. Right " before turning to Anjali.


Epilogue coming soon...

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Buddy me for PM's


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please continue soon
thanks fro pm Smile
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Waiting for epilogue. :)

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Nice update. Waiting for epilogue.
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awesome update

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