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Main aur Ms. Right ||Arshi TS|| COMPLETED ~ (Page 53)

arshiforever92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 December 2015 at 12:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by phillips_2909

superb yaar..
very much waiting for epilogue


arshiforever92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 December 2015 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mahrusweety

Such a big twist in kast update
waiting for epilogue impatiently


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arshiforever92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 December 2015 at 12:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pup03

awesome update.. will be looking forward to epilogue.. loved the story.. Main aur Mr Right.. Barun the Mr Right.. love him.. and here love his Ms Right Khushi whom he is missing.. 

thanks for pm Smile
arshiforever92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 December 2015 at 1:01am | IP Logged

Banner Credit : SameeraStar

Main aur Ms. Right


Bhool na jaana, mujhe

yaad na aana mujhe

Bhool na jaana, mujhe

yaad na aana mujhe

Arnav looked around with no happiness, what is he doing, he was waiting for his Ms. Right and now he is getting married to a girl he don't eve know.

Khwaabon mein mere, sapne hai tere

Khwaabon mein mere, sapne hai tere

Ab na jagaana mujhe, yaad na aana,

Not a day passed he haven't thought of Khushi, her innocence, her chirping nature, her helping and loving nature and her many crazy antiques.


Hoon beh raha, sailaab mein,

Tera bana bas khwaab mein

Hoon beh raha, sailaab mein,

Tera bana bas khwaab mein

He was attracted to her, he knew unknowingly she was becoming the part of his dreams, she was completing the picture of someone he always wanted.

Aati nahi, neendein magar,

Din hai mera bas raat mein

But now because of his own stupidness he lost her, every night he looks at their pictures, trying to get some sleep but her those teary eyes which was pleading him when he last saw her kept haunting him.

Aati nahi, neendein magar,

Din hai mera bas raat mein

Now when he have realised the feeling was Love, he's in love with her. Is it too late?

Karke deewana mujhe, yaad na aana,


Faila hai harsu soona andhera,

Tu hi tha, ab kaun hai mera

Wouldn't he ever meet her again? These thoughts will keep haunting him?

Faila hai harsu soona andhera,

Tu hi tha ab kaun hai mera

Hai ilteja mere khuda, jaake use itna bata

Will he ever get a chance to see her smiling again? Lighting up his world?

Hai ilteja mere khuda, jaake use itna bata

Karke deewaana mujhe, yaad na aana, mujhe

Anjali entered in room happily calling him down for engagement and all left the room.

Anjali: I am so happy for you.

Arnav smiled and looked at photo of Khushi in his for the last time

"Ms. Right " before turning to Anjali.

Bhool na jaana mujhe, yaad na aana, haan

Arnav: Di!

Anjali: hmm... She hummed setting his collar properly.

Arnav: I don't want this marriage Di.

Anjali (shocked): What? What are you saying?

Arnav: I am sorry Di. I know it's not the right time to tell but I can't do it. It'll spoil that girl's life also with mine Di.

Anjali: But... Arnav cutts her

Arnav: I Love Khushi. He confessed startling Anjali.

Arnav: I tried to fight with it, thinking of it just as attraction but now I have realised Di. I Love her, only she can be my Ms. Right.

Anjali: Arnav all guests are downstairs and the girl is also waiting and now you're telling this?

Arnav: I know Di and I am really sorry but it's better than regretting later and spoiling our lives.

Anjali (sighed): ok! You should talk to the girl yourself then and make her understand.

Arnav: Sure Di. I'll personally apologise to her.

Anjali: Ok! I'll go and handle the guests till then.

Arnav knocked the door standing nervously but determined in front of it when he heard "come in" and he walked inside. He looked at the girl standing there in Lehanga and her back was facing him. He close his eyes for few seconds when Khushi teary face came in front of him again, he opens his eyes gathering all his courage.

Arnav: I need to talk with you.

The girl gasped at the voice and slowly turned back, to get shocked and Arnav was also shocked to see her here.

Arnav: Khushi?

Khushi: Arnav ji! But soon she come out of initial shock.

Khushi: What are you doing here? And why are you here in my room? What if someone sees you?

Arnav: shhh relax!

Khushi: No! Just leave.

Arnav: Ok but I want to tell you something first.

Khushi: But I don't want to hear anything.

Frustrated, Arnav comes her forward and keeps his finger on her lips.

Arnav: I Love You!

Arnav confessed without waiting for anything and Khushi looked at him stunned.

Arnav: I know I had hurt you a lot but now I have realised how much I love you.

Khushi I have always felt this attraction for you, I guess from the time I saw you but was too difficult to accept that it could be Love. A girl way too different from my world, my friends can be the girl I was searching for, my heart was yearning for.

Arnav: You did nothing wrong, you just helped me and my friends to see our faults and take better decisions but we were too hurt and frustrated to accept this truth that time.

Can you please give me a chance? I want to live my life with my Love who shows me the right way. I have finally got my Ms. Right and I don't want to lose her.

Khushi looked at him all the while with tears in her eyes, she wanted to scream that she also loves him but was too much overwhelmed to say anything she just hugged him. She cried in happiness hugging him and Arnav pulled her more into himself hugging her tighter.

But suddenly a call on Khushi's phone broke their trance and Khushi pushed him startling him.

Arnav: Khushi?

Khushi: No! it's not right.

Arnav: What's not right? You love me! I love you! Then what's wrong?

Khushi: Everything is wrong! You're late. Extremely late! I am getting engaged tonight to the guy my uncle and aunty choosen for me. I can't go against them now!

Arnav: Khushi listen, we can sort this.

Khushi: No we can't! I can't insult my uncle and aunt now. Her phone again rang and this time she received looking at her aunt calling and asking if she's ready.

Khushi: You need to leave. My aunt will be here anytime to take me down.

Arnav (pleading): Khushi please!

Khushi: Can't you understand I am getting engaged and wait! You're also going to get engaged soon, right? Then what are you doing here?

Arnav: Yea Khushi but... Suddenly he stopped as a thought crossed his mind and he smiled.

Khushi: Why're you smiling now? Look just go away, my aunt will be here anytime and I don't want any problem.

Arnav: Ok ok relax! I am going.

Khushi walked down with her aunt after composing herself and retouching her make up to hide any sign of crying. He aunt made her stand on the stage, she was looking down all the while lost into her thoughts. Arnav's confession made her elated but he was too late. What if he was little early to come and tell her what he feels, she would have been with him.

"I didn't knew that the carpet is so beautiful that you wouldn't even look above."

Khushi instantly looks above and got the surprise Arnav standing beside her, smirking at her.

Khushi: You? What are you doing here?

Arnav: Not again Khushi! I am also getting engaged tonight, so of course I'll be here.

Khushi (confused): What?

Arnav smiles at her before taking her with him to explain her everything.


After hearing about his engagement from Khushi, Arnav realised why he was here. He connected the dots and realised he is getting engaged with Khushi. But Khushi wasn't ready to hear anything so he left from there to talk with Anjali.

Arnav: Di! what was that?

Anjali (innocently): What?

Arnav: Stop feigning innocence Di! Why didn't you told me, it was Khushi I am getting married with?

Anjali (smiling): Because my stupid brother has very big ego and attitude. You agreed in anger for marriage but I am not blind that I can't see you have fallen for Khushi but I knew you wouldn't accept so easily. So I talked with Khushi's uncle and aunt and they agreed for the relation. I never tried to force you to know who's your bride, what's her name etc because I wanted you to realise yourself whom do you love. And I guess luck was on my side as Khushi was also so hurt that she also didn't tried to know who's the groom.

But when you said nothing all this time, I thought you guys will meet today in engagement and i will make you talk and sort out the things. But I didn't had to do that as you confessed everything before the engagement therefore I asked you to talk with girl. So when you meet Khushi, you can confess your love to her.

Arnav (hugging her tightly): I used to think you're too much fussy sometimes but you're the best sister. I love you for this.

Anjali (proudly): Thank you.

Arnav: but Khushi isn't ready to hear anything, she still doesn't know it's me with whom she's getting engaged with.

Anjali (laughing): Let's surprise her then. Both laughed and moved to the hall.

Fb ends

Khushi hears everything with open mouth and shouted.

Khushi: What? Anjali di did all this?

Arnav: certainly!

Khushi :I can't believe she's your sister . She's such a sweetheart and you're so dumb.

Arnav: I know! I am sorry.

Anjali forwarded the ring to Arnav when suddenly Arnav came on his knee.

Arnav: I know I am very stupid and dumb but will you do the honour of becoming my Ms. Right and let me be your Mr. Right?

Khushi nodded through the tears and Arnav slides the ring in her finger and Khushi also slides the ring in his finger and every corner of hall echoed with the sounds of claps and whistles.

After few days

Marriage preparations is going on in full swing, Arnav and Khushi is living every moment before marriage, knowing each other more and falling for each other more.

Khushi has personally gone to invite Akash, Payal, Nk and Lavanya and also apologised for lying. She explained her reasons for what she did and her intentions were not to hurt them.

Khushi: I never wanted you guys to part ways, I just wanted you to realise what you're missing in your relationship. I wanted you guys to work on it, parting ways is the most easiest way but if you guys think your happiness lies with each other, give yourself and your relationship a chance and if you think you're happy without each other then you don't have to be in relation anymore.


The Day

Tonight they'll be married, Arnav smiled looking at the ring in his finger, he is finally going to get his Ms. Right. Everything is settling now, Akash and Payal has decided to give their relation a chance, Akash is working hard to woo Payal in the six months court has given them before they get divorced. Lavanya isn't ready to forgive Nk easily, she has kept her condition that Nk has to take care of her and baby and fulfil his responsibilities rather than going around doing nothing but living on his father's money and Nk has agreed to it.

Arnav(murmured) : All thanks to my Ms. Right.


They performed all the rituals, and with that they were declared married.

Arnav has finally found his Ms. Right in most unexpected way, in most craziest person but all matters is she understands him and supports him.

Don't search for Mr. Right or Miss Right, no one is perfect. Search for someone who completes you, who completes you with accepting your imperfections. No one is Mr. Right or Ms. Right, it's yours choices which make them one for you.

The End.

So finally bidding bye to this shots. 

Next turn to bid bye is of Scared to Love

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arshiforeverPM for PM'sEmbarrassed


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emile1 Groupbie

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I just found this story... It seems nice... Plz give me the index...

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Happytwinkle IF-Sizzlerz

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Wonderful update
Loved it
Beautifully written
Superb ending
Enjoyed it

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Loved the epilogue Clap
Thank you for the pm Big smile

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