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Main aur Ms. Right ||Arshi TS|| COMPLETED ~ (Page 39)

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Thanks for Liking the last Update

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MainaurMs. Right

Third Shot

Arnav groaned in frustration, it has been a week he have proposed the same deal to Khushi for which she had came to meet him. Khushi's training has been started from the next day and it's been a week, his patience is slipping but she is busy with her own antique's. 

Arnav: Stop it dammit! Just stop it. Arnav finally shouted on Khushi who was showing tantrums because of dress she has to wear and giving hard time to both designer and make-up artist. 

Arnav: Can't you do one thing seriously? This everything is like some prank to you?
Here we are trying our level best to make you what you want but you are taking everything so lightly.
It has been a Damn week, but you're just not trying your best. Actually forget it, it was my mistake that I thought you can do this, but now I can see I am just wasting my time. 

Khushi: Arnav ji... cutt of by Arnav.

Arnav: Not a word! You can't do this, you should go back to your, to the life you belongs to. 

Khushi was crying silently but hearing this her eyes widened.

Khushi: Arnav ji

Arnav: Yea you can go back and do all your pranks and gossips at your place. After a pause, about my friends I'll handle them, give them some excuse.

Arnav left from there angrily leaving a crying Khushi there, but she knew somewhere Arnav was right, he had given her the chance she needed.


Arnav looked at his friends who were busy in giving teasing smiles to him which seems sarcastic.

Arnav: What? I told you the reason.

NK: We were waiting eagerly to meet your Khushi 

Payal: He's right. 

Lavanya(sarcastically): We'll meet HIS Khushi only, if there's any. 
Come on guys somewhere we all know that there's no Khushi, he is just making a fool of us.

Payal: La!

Lavanya: What?
Don't tell me you believe him?
Payal looked at Akash then down, clearly showing her answer.

Akash: Come on Dude! Introduce her to us and clear this thing. I trust you but right now situations are demanding this. 

Arnav groaned in irritation, he had thought to tell them the truth when he came here but there sarcastic smiles and teasing glances has led him to change his mind. Grabbing his car keys, he stormed out of there, he need to think something that too soon.


Raizada Mansion

Arnav entered in party hall with his date beside him, it's her sister's Wedding anniversary and a grand party has been organized for the,same. He has promised his friends that he'll introduce his girl to them on this party and he's going to complete his promise this time. 

Arnav looked as he saw many heads turning towards them and he felt her going nervous beside him. Wounding his arm around her back, he squeezed the side of her stomach to calm her and continued walking inside, completely enjoying the expressions on the faces of his friends who were looking at them with wide eyes.

Anjali (Arnav's sister) excitedly walked down the stage to meet them and Arnav rolled his eyes looking at her sister's excitement.

Anjali: Hi! I am Anjali , Arnav's sister.

Girl(smiling): Hi! I am Khushi.

Anjali: You don't know how happy I am to meet you.

Khushi: Thank you. 
Umm... and Happy Anniversary.

Anjali: Thank you so much.

Arnav: Di now please excuse us, I need to introduce Khushi to my friends also. 

Anjali: Sure.


Arnav: Here is my Khushi guys! He said hugging her lovingly from behind where Khushi smiled nervously.

Arnav: And Sweetheart meet my friends. He is Akash, Nk and She is Payal, Akash's wife and Lavanya, he said pointing at each one of them, his one eyebrow raised sarcastically at them.

Khushi: Hey!

Payal: Hi Khushi! ASR was right, you're really beautiful.
Khushi was dressed in elegant red saree with backless sexy blouse, looking stunning.

NK: True! Just like an Angel. Lavanya snickered beside him and NK shut his mouth. 

Akash: Hi Khushi!

Lavanya: Hi! Glad to finally meet the Ms. Right of ASR.
Khushi smiled getting nervous under her scrutinizing gaze.

Arnav: You should be La. Afterall my Khushi is worth it. 

Lavanya(faked smiled): So you're trying for modelling. Khushi was just going to nod when Arnav answered on her behalf.

Arnav: She was! Now she is going to be the face of AR Fashion. She has already signed her contract with AR. 

Lavanya: Wow! She is so fast. Though all smiled but Arnav didn't missed the hidden meaning but stayed quite because he knew Khushi'll feel hurt understanding what LAvanya actually meant.


Party was going on full swing, everyone was enjoying but there was someone who was burning in jealousy, It was Sheetal, Arnav's Ex. From the time Arnav has entered in the party with Khushi, she is burning with envy looking at Khushi in the place which used to be hers. She can decipher the huge difference between the girl she met earlier in office and now beside ASR.

Khushi was happily chatting with Payal, NK and Akash, she mixed up with them instantly with her chirpy nature and bubbliness. Even though Lavanya was trying to look uninterested but somewhere she was also liking this chirping angel. Arnav left to talk with his clients relieved to see Khushi easily mingled with his gang. 

Khushi was walking around the pool in the garden, awe with the beauty of place when she bumped with someone. 

Khushi: Ohhh sorry! I didn't saw you in way.

"You should be! "

Khushi looked up and it didn't took her much time in recognizing the person in front of her. 

Khushi: Sheetal.

Sheetal: Yea! I see you have changed so much from that cheap girl looking to ASR gf. 

Khushi(sighed): I guess Arnav ji has already answered you about this thinking of about me and I have no mood to argue with someone so dumb like you. So please excuse me, saying this Khushi turned to walk away but found herself falling as her leg entangled with Sheetal's.


Arnav looked around startled hearing Khushi's voice when she shrieked again and he ran there from where the voice came to see Khushi drowning in pool, though pool was not too deep but he knows that Khushi doesn't know swimming.

Without thinking much he got rid of his blazer and jumped inside the pool, all looked at the seen with wide eyes. Arnav carefully lifted Khushi in his arms, muttering sweet words to calm her and walked outside, he glared at Sheetal guessing what must have happened and walked away, carrying Khushi in his arms.


Shh... Shhh... You're fine now, Arnav caressed her back lovingly as Khushi continued to shiver. 

Arnav: I am sorry for leaving you alone. I shouldn't have... I am sorry!

They are now inside the Arnav's room and Arnav made Khushi to lay on bed but she is not ready to leave him. She is hugging him tightly as they sat on his bed with Khushi snuggling in his arms. 

Khushi looked up at him shivering with cold and fear.

Khushi: No I should be sorry not you. You gave me another chance but I acted so foolishly again, she sobbed looking away from him.

Arnav(cupping her cheeks): You were fantastic! You don't have to feel embarrassed, I know Sheetal has something to do with whatever happened with you.

Khushi looked at him surprised when Arnav smiled.

Arnav: The minute I saw Sheetal standing there smiling at you, I understood. 

Khushi: Ohhh 

Arnav: Yea! Now come on, go and change otherwise you'll catch cold. 

Khushi: But I don't have anything to wear.

Arnav: You go inside washroom, till then I'll grab something for you from Di.

Khushi: Ok and she slowly started walking to washroom when she suddenly stopped and turned back.

Khushi: Arnav ji 

Arnav: Yea ?

Khushi: I seriously didn't do any mistake na? She asked innocently to which Arnav shakes his head in No, laughing lightly.


When Arnav was returning back to his room with one of his sister's saree for Khushi, he remembered last few days how he had shouted on Khushi, his conversation with his friends and how Khushi came to meet him next day again. Khushi has been genuinely sorry and this time serious to concentrate on her task. 

He had also given her the chance as he also needed her and himself started training her most of the part. Tonight, looking at everyone expressions, he felt satisfied, Khushi has been awesome. 

To be continued...

Third short (Part B) will be posted soon and then this TS will be finished. Star

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MainaurMs. Right

Third Shot [B]

Next week

Arnav sighed thinking about the upcoming trip, it's not any business trip. This trip is planned by his friend group and they want him to join with Khushi. 

They have met few times with Khushi, and his friends was tough but Khushi handled everything so amazingly. He laughed thinking about their Love story made up by Khushi Gupta when his friends asked about it, however crazy that girl is, never fails to surprise him with her brains also.

Khushi: "Hello"

His trance broken by the person in thoughts herself, who chirped entering inside his cabin.

Arnav: Khushi! He sighed.

Arnav: Done with shoot?

Khushi: Yea! The dresses was so beautiful, especially the red one. I didn't had the heart to change it, she pouted and Arnav chuckled.

Arnav: You'll get to wear dresses like it many times, infact more beautiful than that one. 

Khushi(sighed): I know, still I liked that one.

Leave it! Tell me why did you called me?

Arnav: Khushi pack your bags because we're going for one week holiday with my friends.

Khushi: What?

Arnav: Yea! Any problem??

Khushi: No. I mean they're weird!

Arnav(eyebrow raised): Excuse me?

Khushi: Nk and Payal are sweet and easy to mingle whereas Lavanya is too smart and little difficult to handle, about Akash! What should I say about him? He can't see anything beyond his business and society. 

Arnav: What's wrong in it? How'll he run his business if he wouldn't concentrate on it?

Khushi: I didn't mean that. Work is important but so is family, have you ever seen him talking with payal lovingly, giving her the attention and affection she deserves. Payal stays quite that doesn't mean she don't feel hurt, even in two meetings with them I have seen the disappointment and longing in her eyes. So how being their friends you all didn't and Akash he is her husband, if he has his duties towards his business, so he should also understand his responsibilities as husband. Providing her with expensive jewelleries and clothes, giving her this high class lifestyle is not everything. 

Arnav: I get your point Khushi but we can't interfere in there personal space, it's their life.

Khushi: Really? So why were they poking their noses in your life?

Clearly, because they're your friend and it's not wrong if you try to mend their relationships before it breaks. 

Arnav stays quite thinking deeply 

Khushi: Anyways, I'll be ready, tell me where I have to come and what time?

Arnav: I'll pick you up from your house tomorrow in morning. Khushi nodded and left from there.


Next morning Arnav with Khushi was ready for the trip, they drove to destination planned which was Arnav's farmhouse. 

Nk, Lavanya, Payal and Akash was already there, and as they greeted them all gave teasing smiles except workaholic Akash who was busy in his phone.

Arnav: What ? Why are you smiling like fools?

Lavanya: You're late.

Arnav: Yea we got busy in some work.

Payal: I can understand which work, she winked at Khushi who frowned at her but Arnav understood what does they mean and look at them with wide eyes.

Arnav: It's nothing like what you're thinking, ok? She was feeling hungry, so we stopped in our way. 

Lavanya: Come on ASR we are not kids and you guys can romance to fullest, we don't mind. 

Arnav: F**K

NK: What? You were doing that in car?

Arnav: What the! 

Shut up you Idiot.

Arnav looked at blushing faces of Lavanya and Payal before looking at Khushi who was standing scandalized. He holds her hand and walked inside with embarrassed Khushi cursing his shameless friends.

All were enjoying their beverages near swimming pool, girls were sitting on the edge, their legs dipped inside the pool water where men's were inside the pool standing near their partners. 

Arnav: Khushi? You are ok?

Khushi: Yes yes! I am ok... Ok. She said nervously and it didn't took much time for Arnav to understand this.

Arnav: Then why are you so nervous?

Khushi: I am not habitat to all these, I mean... She said signing towards alcohol and and open PDA of couples around her. 

Arnav(sighed): I can understand Khushi, but this is how people's stay in our world. You yourself wanted to be part of it, with time you'll get habitual to it.

Khushi(smiling): I don't need to! I am not here for forever, I have to leave once everything will be sorted.

Her voice held sadness which Arnav failed to notice because he was rather affected by her words.

Arnav kept quiet, somewhere Khushi going away from his life doesn't feel good to him. He know it was all planned and meant to happen but he also know he was attracted to Khushi from the time he first saw her in his office. Now after all the time spent with her, playing this couple drama they have come closer, he don't know it's just attraction or he had become habitat of her presence but thought of her going away frustrates him.

Khushi looks at Arnav as he sipped his drink lost in his own thoughts, she know her going away wouldn't affect him but somewhere her stupid heart believes that it'll. She was attracted to Arnav from there first meet only but it was natural, she thought. After all who wouldn't fall his strong personality, killing charms and his husky voice was just too much to ignore but she has realised with the time spent with him to become his Ms. Right , to show his friends, she has actually started liking him or may be ... Loving.

Sighing at her own stupidity she looked at other side, he can be her Mr. Right but her being his Ms. Right can be just dreamed about, it's really foolish to expect it to turn a reality. He is a billionaire, having girls begging for his one look and she is just a normal girl, why would he ever make her his Ms. Right.

Payal: I understand what you want to say but somewhere I have compromised with this life, Khushi.

Khushi: and till when do you think this compromise will keep your relation going?

Khushi and Payal was now talking with each other as they cooked for dinner and Khushi was trying to know more about Payal and Akash relation, so she can help them.

Khushi: For a marriage to work it is for both partners to work on it but whatever I can see it's only you. Till when you think you'll be able to do it?

A time will come when this relationship will start suffocating you, loneliness will be your partner.

Payal looks here there in deep thoughts, many emotions displaying on her face.

Khushi: Look Payal I don't mean to scare you, but I think you should do something for your relation before you both start feeling suffocating in it. 

Payal: I understand Khushi. Thank you!

Khushi: No need! What are friends for? 

Come on now let's arrange the dinner I am feeling so hungry. 

Both laughed and started arranging dinner before calling everyone.


After dinner all the couples were ready to leave for their room when they stopped hearing Arnav.

Arnav: Khushi your room has been arranged, it is just beside mine. You call me if you need anything. 

Lavanya: What? She's not staying with you?

NK: Exactly! We are here to enjoy our holidays and which couple stay in different rooms? 

Khushi looks uncomfortably at all of them, Lavanya looked at them doubtful but before she can ask more questions, Arnav answered.

Arnav: Lavanya! Khushi is not comfortable with live- in arrangement and I don't think she needs to compromise here just because she is my girlfriend now.

Payal: He is right Lavanya. 

Khushi you go and relax, see you tomorrow.

Akash: Good night everyone! I have to attend a online conference. Khushi rolled her eyes as Akash left. 

Others also left wishing night to others.

To be continued...

it's turning long, so I'll add Part C. Embarrassed

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wait why is la so sarcastic about him finding his khushi
sorry ms right
well khushi sure has them stunned
but that stupid sheetal
she tripped khushi man
and due to that khushi in pool
luckily arnav was there
thank god he was
or else khushi would be in trouble
khushi did come through for him
she can do it
be his ms right
but is it just to show his friends
or is there more to it
seems to be more to it right

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Updated nowEmbarrassed

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Freaky Freaky Freaking AWESOME,Just loved it yaarSmile

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