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MY DREAM, MY LIFE. A kriyaansh and swaron ff (Page 26)

SummerDreams Senior Member

Joined: 11 July 2014
Posts: 425

Posted: 12 June 2015 at 10:19am | IP Logged
awsm teaser
plse update soon

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shivi_17 Senior Member

Joined: 16 March 2014
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Posted: 17 June 2015 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Update Plz...

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tEENkRmNsR Goldie

Joined: 31 January 2014
Posts: 1161

Posted: 18 June 2015 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Awesome teaser...

I think 1 is flashback n the party will be Rey's welcome party or Kriya's farewell party...

Very much excited to read... update soon :)

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SummerDreams Senior Member

Joined: 11 July 2014
Posts: 425

Posted: 19 June 2015 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
Plse update soon
Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 July 2012
Posts: 4431

Posted: 21 June 2015 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
Really nice story..
KAS_REY4eva Senior Member

Joined: 26 August 2014
Posts: 203

Posted: 22 June 2015 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
Hey... wow super awesome story...
read all the parts in 1 go n totally enjoyed reading them...

continue soon n pm me next time u update...

would love to read more u see Smile

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shivi_17 Senior Member

Joined: 16 March 2014
Posts: 827

Posted: 24 June 2015 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
plz update...

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resplendent26 Groupbie

Joined: 08 December 2014
Posts: 100

Posted: 27 June 2015 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
Hey guys, how are you?? i know not happy wid me, but guys, this month I'm just not able to concentrate on anything, so thats why, its got that late, and still I'm only updating half of the chapter, as I've written it a long time ago, but was unable to write the other half, so thought why to make guys deprived of that much,

so here it is, it contains the first teaser, but since nobody could guess what was it, only  "nikitashaKR" was able to get close, 

so this update is dedicated to"nikitashaKR"...

                              "Lets just take it slow..."

Today, Reyaansh is finally coming back. Yesterday,  my results were out, and I passed out in first division, Reyaansh was soo happy, even more than me, and there was a hint of pride in his voice, I was so ecstatic, that I was the reason for that. It was a bigger relief, also, because for the past few weeks, Reyaansh had remain very depressed and sad, and whenever I used to ask him, he'd say that he's  missing his family, whereas, his family had already shifted there two weeks ago, to arrange our future house, so who was he actually missing?? But finally, when he called me yesterday , there was this cheerfulness in his voice, even before I told him about my result all his brooding was no longer present, so all in all, now I'm relieved.

    The program was that they'll all come today, and in a week's time, all the functions, will be held, then exactly after one week from now, we'll be off to London. Yeah!! I was feeling really weird, I was happy and sad at the same time, happy because, finally I'm going to live in my dream city... with...Um... Reyaansh, and sad because I've to leave my parents, Shar, my friends, my home country behind, so you see it was way too confusing!!

   We were all waiting for Reyaansh and his family at the airport, and then, suddenly, I felt like he is somewhere close, I looked around but was unable to find him, but then from the arrival port, he came all but running, he was so happy, that just by watchinghim, a smile crept on my lips as well, as soon as his eyes fell on me, he stopped in his track, his eyes scanned me from head to toe, occasionally lingering here and there for a while, and a shudder pasted through my body, I mentally thanked Shar, for selecting this dress for me, which was enhancing my curves beautifully, I really wanted to look good today, I wanted to show him, that Yeah!! Now he matters in my life.

 One by one, he met with my parents, Swayam Sharon, but all this time, his eyes were fixed on me, as if he was filling in for the two years, that he was unable to see me, even I was unable to break the eye contact, as if he'd casted a spell on me, lastly, he came to me, and without wasting any moment, he engulfed me in his arms, and inhaled deeply in my hairs, at first I was so shocked to react, this was so very new to me, I knew he didn't want to make me feel awkward, it was just that we are seeing each other after two years, so, Fine!! He deserved this much. I wrapped my arms, around his waist, and placed my palms on his back, but as soon as my hands made contact with him, he shivered, why?? Was it the cold? But the temperature is just fine, so is it because of me!!... After a few peaceful moment, he let go of me, 

"You are looking very beautiful!!"

"Thanks!!", and a blush instantly crept on my cheek, despite my fruitless attempt to stop it.

      The next few days were very hectic for me, all the ceremonies were to be held, in that time period only, and they passed so quickly, as if in a blink of the eye. The next thing I knew, i'm sitting on my wedding bed, waiting for Reyaansh to come. I don't know, why my heart was beating so furiously, as if it'll come out any minute, and will settle down next to me!! But I guess that would be good, as then I would actually ask it, the reason of its over excitement, like man to man, but who is the man here? I mean, I am a girl, and the heart is... well, it's a thing...Arghh!! Kri!! You are again zoning out!! 

Oh my god!! What he'll do? But, now he has all the rights to do it!! I'm so not ready for this thing, but obviously, why would he listen to me, and even I don't have the courage to say that to him, I mean, I've already had my ways for the past two years, okay Kri!! It's not a big deal, he is your husband, it's his rights, just don't be nervous, where is the strong, brave Kria!!

Just when I've actually collected all my strength and courage, the door creaked open, and all the nervousness bounced again, but with double magnitude, by the time, he was sitting on the bed, I was, literally, trembling. 

"Kria!!", he called me, his voice was almost a whisper, and there was concern in it, I tried to answer him, but the words were just not coming out of my mouth.

He understood my anxiety, and scooted further, he lifted my veil, took my hands, and kissed my palms,

"Calm down, I'm not gonna eat you!!", he joked light heartedly, and I relaxed a bit, and still, didn't have the courage to face him. He made me face him, lifting my chin with his forefinger,

"Look at me Kria!!", slowly, I raise my eyes, and when my eyes met his, I was shocked to see so much adoration in them. I was transfixed.

"You are beautiful!!", he sighed, and that broke my trance.

"Kria, I know you are nervous, and honestly saying, I, myself, am feeling a havoc inside me, I know, all that people say abt this night, but Kria, i want to request you something, let's just take our relationship on a slow pace, first let us be friends, when we'll know and understand each other, then we can start our marriage type relation, what say?? It's just my thought, if you want direct married couple relationship, I'll be more than glad to have you as my wife, right here right now!!", he said all this go, and it took me a minute to register, what he was saying, but when his words started making sense, my heat soared with so much respect for him.

"Reyaansh!!", my voice came out hoarse, for speaking after long time, "I'm totally okay with this suggestion, in fact, even I wanted the same thing, I'm just so grateful to you that you brought this matter up", I told him honestly.

"It's fine," He waved his hand, to brush my words, "No big deal, now I think we should go to sleep, it's already too late now", and with that, he picked up a pillow from the bed and was going towards the couch.

"No, no Reyaansh, plz, you can sleep on the bed, no need to go on the couch , it'll be very uncomfortable for you, I don't mind!!", I assured him, as I was not liking the fact, that just because of my comfort, he had to do that, he'd already done enough for me, now I don't want to further disturb him, and his routines.

Confusion and uncertainty flashed across his face,

"Are you sure, i mean I don't have a problem with that!!", he said but I could see that he was also very tired.

"No its fine, I mean it!!"

"Okay then, I guess we should change, i don't think so, you'll get any sleep with these heavy clothes on!!", he said jokingly, and I took my night gown, which mom had, strictly, told me to wear on our first night, I didn't know how it looked like, and right now neither, I had the mood to check it, so without caring much , I took it out and went inside the washroom to change, while Reyaansh can change in the room only.

   When I've came out of my heavy lehnga and jewellery, I took a look at the night gown and got the shock of my life, What the Hell!! I cannot call it a gown, it just ended on my mid thigh, and it was sleeveless, for heaven's sake, mom knew I don't like sleeveless dresses, and even then she bought this, and not only that, I've to wear this and go in front of Reyaansh, what he'll think of me, that at one time, I was agreeing to be friends with him, and next moment coming out in a sensuous night 'gown' trying to seduce him, Oh my God!! Mom, why do you have to do such things, and then my eyes fell on the outer cloak of it, it was made of net, but thankfully, it has sleeves and it went down till my ankles, okay, thank god, now I have something, well be it a light net cloak, to cover myself. I took a short shower, and slipped into the gown, although, I had to agree, it was made  of the softest silk material, and I was just loving it around my body, then I put on the cloak, and covered my front with the threads, although I wasn't covered completely, but it was something. I came out, and again was shocked out of my life, to see a Greek God, in his half naked glory, standing by the bed, drinking water, which was passing from his lips, down to his lightly stubble chin, to his throat, and down to his bare chiseled torso, I gulped soundly, and a gasp escaped my lips, which caught his attention, and he started taking me in, his eyes scanned me from my wet tousled hairs, down to my face, to my neckline, which to my discomfort was a bit low, his eyes lingered there for a while, and went down to my gown clad body, and I shuddered under his gaze, soon he recollected his cool, and cleared his throat, looking away, and I took that opportunity to roam my eyes freely on his upper body.

"Like what you saw!!", my head snapped up, just to see his signature smirk plastered on his face, my face started reddening, so I turned my face, and walked passed him, to the bed, when my shoulder brushed with his, heat rediated from his body and a shudder passed through my body, I quickly made my way to the bedside.

"Trust me, I've seen better", I said trying my level best to sound smug, and to hide my nervousness.

"Ahan!!...", he trailed, but I soon interrupted him, changing the topic.
"So when are you planning, to put on a shirt, Mister, because I'm soon closing the lights", I said.

"Umm... actually, I couldn't sleep with my shirt on, it's just a weird habit I have", he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck "But if you want I can sleep with it, it'll be difficult, but I'll manage!", he was making such puppy dog face, I just couldn't deny it. 

"It's fine, you can sleep without it!!", after all, we'll both be on the opposite side of the bed.

He settled himself on his side of the bed, and I laid down on my side, switching the light. It was bit uncomfortable, with having Reyaansh just a few feet beside me, but I guess, I was way too tired, so instantly my eyes starting trooping, but my net cloak was itching, so without thinking much I pulled it off, and slept. The last I remember, was I was hugging my baby teddy, but this time, it's small arms have actually became long, and we're covering my waist, pulling me closer to it...

    I woke up the next morning, feeling a strong weight on my waist, my arms were around something... or someone. Slowly, I opened my eyes, to see my face was pressed up, against a hard chiseled chest, my arms were around a lean waist of... of...Reyaansh, I noticed his face he was sleeping like a baby, he look so innocent, he had perfect high cheekbone, a straight nose, pale slightly rough lips, he was very handsome, I don't know, why he showed interest in me, I mean, I'm just a normal average girl, who loves to be sarcastic, who had hell lot of mood swings, but still here I was, completely engulfed in his arms, as his wife, his arm... it was so protectively wounded around me, his one arms was under my head, as a pillow, and the other around me, my one hand was around him, while my other hand was placed on his hard chest, where I could feel his rhythmic heart beat. We were so close to each other, there was a not an inch between us. 

      Slowly, he started shifting, and was about to open his eyes, when on cue, I closed my eyes to fake sleep, I waited for him, to push me, or at least to wake me up, but all I could feel was his arm tightened around me, pulling me more close to him, if that was even possible, then i felt his soft, yet firm fingers on my face, he tucked a few strands of my hair, that were falling on my face behind my ear...

Oh my goodness, he thought i'm sleeping... so that's why he's doing all this...

Till this time, it was fine but soon I felt his warm breath on my forehead, and it was getting closer and closer, but when his lips brushed my skin...


I jolted from there, without even thinking, but soon put up my act of fake sleepiness, and rubbed my eyes, as if I've just woken up, and when I noticed him, he was staring at me, more like gawking at me, I looked down at myself to see, what was he ogling at, and Oh boy, I wasn't wearing my net cloak, so that means *gulp* i'm in my thigh length gown, and the cherry on the top was, one of its straps of my gown had fallen off my shoulder. I looked at him, who'd finally realised his manners *gritted teeth* and was now looking away, and I took that as my cue to rush to the washroom, before embarrassing myself more.

  "Sometimes,Two People Have To Fall Apart,To Realize                How Much They Need To Fall Back Together"

P.S. guys other teaser is still left, one person is already very close, so gear up your brain cell, and guess,  WHERE will be the party????

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