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MY DREAM, MY LIFE. A kriyaansh and swaron ff (Page 26)

resplendent26 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 July 2015 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys,
 there is an announcement for you guys, I'm starting another ff on kr called
   "Healing Love" A Kriyaansh Love Story.

this will be a completely different story, as it is based on high school life where bullying, playing pranks, first love, first heartbreaks are all very common. I've changed my writing style for this one, and if you are a Reyaansh AKA Amar's fan, then this ff will definitely be treat for you guys, but I'm warning you before only, that there will be a cursing and usage of F-word and a*s in it, so if you are not used to it, then sorry, this story is not for you, other than that, trust me guys, it is an awesome story, with a strong and meaningful plot, hilarious dialougues, awesome comic timing and a perfect love story, which i bet you'll not forget for a long time!!!!!

Do check it out plzzz...

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deepasubhash Goldie

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Posted: 16 July 2015 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
Thank u so much for writing another kr story. Jaldi updt karo. Eagerly waiting to read it. And haan plz my dream my life bhi updt karo. Impatiently waiting fr it. Plz do pm me

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resplendent26 Groupbie

Joined: 08 December 2014
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Posted: 05 August 2015 at 2:45pm | IP Logged

only a few touch ups are left, hopefully will update on friday!!!

And there are a feww surprises for you guys there!!!

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shivi_17 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2015 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Its Friday...
Plz Update na...
resplendent26 Groupbie

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Posted: 08 August 2015 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Hey guys,
so here is the update, you guys were asking for, i know im very late so thats why ive added a few surprises for you guys im sur eyou guys will like it.

So this update is dedicated to a few people here 
first of all, to  KriYaansh-ArSha for the one to guess right abt the location of the party.
then to shivi_17 for being such a loyal reader.
and lastly to Lawrentian_214 because there is a surprise for you!!!

                                               "YES LOVE!!"

The next few days passed by- and I might add very busily- with so many get together thrown for us, it was actually pretty exhausting for both of us, but the only thing that remained same from the day one is, our morning positions, every night we used to sleep on the opposite side of the bed, hoping that we'll wake up there only, but every day we were proven wrong, when we used to wake up in each others arms, at first it was awkward for us, and we didn't used to talk for abt an hour or so after waking up, but then slowly, it became part of our routine, and then nothing was awkward.

  Finally it was Thursday, with no party or get together ahead left for us to attend, till we are off to go to London on Saturday morning. We both had decided to rest as much as we can to free ourselves from all the week's stress. We were both lazing around, in the afternoon, when my phone started ringing, it was Ma's call.

"Hey baby, how are you love!!", my mom greeted me, and I just ignored the fact that she used two 'sweet words' for me in one sentence, just like his son in law, he really is a bad influence, who is right now staring at me with a curious yet cute expression on his face, umm...did I just used the word 'cute'... okay now chuck it!!!

"I'm fine mom, how are you and Pa doing??"

"Missing you!!", and there was a tinge of sadness in her voice, which unconsciously made my voice quiver a bit.

"Missing you too, Ma!!", I replied in a small voice, and took a glance towards Reyaansh, to see concern etched on every feature of his face.

"Okay, now enough with these emotional stuff, you're still so bad at it, girl", and here my cool Ma was back, Oh!! How much I love her!! "I wanted to tell you something, yesterday I received a letter from your school, it was kind of an invitation for the alumni meet of your batch, it's tommorow night, and you can come along with your fianc or spouse, I think you should go with Reyaansh, you guys will definitely enjoy yourselves, after all it'll be your last night here!!".

Okay now this undoubtedly lifted my mood, I mean, who doesn't wants to go back to school, A place that holds soo many memories of my life. But then, it's on tomorrow night, and we have to catch an early flight in the morning, I don't think it'll be possible for us to attend it.

"No mom, I don't think so we'll be able to go, and anyways, we have a flight to catch next morning, so it's already very hectic for us!!", I don't know, who I was convincing, mom or myself, Ah!! I so want to go...

"But beta, your friends have gone crazy, calling me continously nd asking that will you be there, and...", she trailed.

"And what?? Mom!!", I asked, feeling a bit suspicious. 

"I told them... you are coming".

"Mom... why did you do that??", I whined, well somewhere inside I soo wanted to go.

"I don't think we'll be able to go, so I guess there is no need to send the invitation to me, but anyways, tell Pa I miss him , and I'll talk to you later, Ma okay?", I didn't want to talk abt it anymore, as I knew it would tempt me more.

"What happened??", as soon as I closed the phone, Reyaansh asked curiously. 

"Nothing... mom was just telling me about some silly alumni meet in my school", I tried my level best to hide the yearning from my voice.

But apparently, I failed.

"You want to go", it wasn't a question, it was a statement, and he was too confirm abt it so it was useless to pretend.

"Yeah... but we have a flight to catch next morning, we'll get late for it," I tried convincing, the keyword here is 'tried', because even to my own ears, it sounded unconvincing. 

"We are going, and don't worry I'll make sure we won't get late," with that he stood up, and racked his wardrobe for something to wear for the event.

Soon, I happily informed Ma, and she send the invitation to our home, and the whole day went by with us, selecting our dresses for tomorrow. The next day passed by in a blur, and soon it was time get ready.

  For tonight's alumni meet, I've selected a sapphire blue churidaar, which was backless but was supported by a few doris, it was one gorgeous piece.

  After a very long time, i'm going to meet all of my school mates. Like every person, my school life was also a full on roller coaster of sweet, bitter memories. There were people who'd degraded me, made fun of me and my family's rules and principles, and now I had the chance, to prove all of them wrong, by showing them that my life had taken the most beautiful twist and turns and made me the person whom I'm now.

  So today, I took extra efforts to look beautiful, I curled my hair a bit, put on a bit of makeup consisting mascara, line and my favourite cherry flavoured lip-gloss. I knew I look beatific,  but still I wanted Reyaansh's opinion, so I waited for him as he was out searching for his shoes.

 Minutes ticked by, and soon he entered the room, carrying his shoes in his hands, but stopped in his tracks when he saw me. I was sitting in front of the dresser, my back was to him, but I could see him through the mirror.  He stood rooted to the ground for a while, taking in my image, and I was sure, I saw his eyes turned a shade darker, then he slowly and sensuously walked towards me, and stopped just behind me. This whole time our eyes were locked with each other through the mirror.  He leaned a bit, and I mentally cursed myself for keeping all my hairs one O e shoulder, as his warm breath directly hit my nape. His lips were merely a cm from my ear, and my breath caught in my throat, when he said husky, 

"Kria... You look ravishing in this dress, But...", his right hand came up to my shoulder, picked up my hairs, and pushed them on my back, his fingers grazed my neck, and an unintentional shiver passed through my body, and by the smirk on his face, I knew he felt it too. And just to tease me, he inhaled deeply in my hairs. "... I'm in no mood to murder any one tonight!!", he completed husky. 

With that, he moved back, and I got the chance to see what he was wearing and boy!! He was looking damn handsome, in a stone-washed jeans, blue shirt (matching with my dress) and black blazer, his hairs were spiced up, making him look hot as hell!!. Shut up Kri!! You are not using that word for him, or any other person for that matters.

  I cleared my throat, to put a stop on my thoughts.

"I think, we should go!!" I told him. He nodded, and went out of the room, to prepare the car, and I let out a heavy breath, which I was unaware I was holding. I checked my reflection last time in the mirror, and headed out for the most interesting night of my life.

   The car stopped outside the school gates, and my heart started beating frantically. Don't take me wrong, my school days were one of the best periods of my life, with my awesome, cool teachers and perfect grades. But still there were rivalries, and some annoying b itchy girls who never left a chance to hurt me.

  A soft shake on my shoulder brought me out of my reverie, and I realized that we were still in our car.

"Kria, are you alright? You seem lost!!", a concerned Reyaansh asked.

"No, it's fine, it's just that, I have so many memories attached to this place, it's kind of nostalgic, " I tried to expand. 

"Don't worry, it'll be fun, you have all your friends here, remember you were so excited to go, now don't let your anxiety take over your excitement," He stared deep I nm eyes, "and don't forget, i'm there for you," the honesty in his eyes made my nerves calm a bit, and I finally got the courage to Co e out of my car.

 On the entrance only, all my three friends all but jump on us in ecstasy. It was so good to see them, just like...old ti es, but now they all have grown into gorgeous women, and we're looking stunning. Throughout my school life, they were the the rock of my life, always supporting me,.

Thank you Universe ji!! For sending such wonderful friends in my life!!

"Oh my God!! Kri, you look so so beautiful," the most dramatic girl in my life -ofcourse after Shar- one of my bestie, Neha said.

'"Yeah! Girl, for the first time in my life Neha is right, you've actually turned into a hot chick!!", my other bestie, the Tomboy Vishakha said. Immediately, a crimson colour came on my cheeks, then I heard someone clearing their throat and turned around to find Reyaansh standing with his signature smirk, watching me intently, and my traitor cheeks turned more redder, making me look like a ripe tomato.

"Hey guys, meet Reyaansh... Um... my husband!!", I intro him to my two crazy friends, trying to change the subject.

  They exchanged pleasantries, while I felt a presence being me, I turned around to find Rabia standing there. She was a very special friend of mine, even though, I didn't know her from my childhood, unlike Neha and Vish, but still she hols a very special place in my heart. She didn't had a very good past history about friendship, when I first met her, that is the reason she is extremely reserved in front of strangers, so I made it my mission to bring the cheerfulness back in her life and since then, we are best of friends, and I'm the only privileged one, to see the crazy side of her.

  As soon as I saw her, I immediately pulled her in a hud.

"Reyaansh, meet one of my special friend Rabia,  and Rabi, he's my husband Reyaansh, " I think Reyaansh understood her awkwardness, so he didn't pulled out his hand to shake, instead just nodded his head in acknowledgment, and whispered a 'hey'.

"Kri, I also want to introduce my fiance to you guys!!", Neha butted in, "Wait, I'll call him", and she turned around to call someone whose name was 'Vikram'. Soon, a handsome young man, with dark brown hairs and an adorable face came into my view, but before we could be introduced to each other, Reyaansh surprisedly piped from beside me.


Who is he?? And how come Reyaansh know him.

"Rey... Hey dude, what's up?? It was such a long time, Man!!", 'Vicky' exclaimed, and they did some weird 'handshake' boys do, and hugged each other as if they were long time buddies. When Fi all  the 'Bharat milab' ended did they explain.

"Actually, we were in the same school and are best of friends since like forever, but when I moved to London,  we kind of get separated, can we are meeting each other after... What? Two years..."

"Oh! So cool! My best friend's hush and is the best friend of my fiance, so like bestie, bestie weds bestie, bestie!!, Neha exclaimed excitedly, and I, Vish and Rabi bursted into laughter, while Reyaansh's expression was that of confusion, which only added feul to our laughter. Well!! That was Neha for you!! I noticed that Vicky had an amused grin on his face, and the way he was looking at Neha, I can surely say that he was deeply in love with her. I'm so happy for Neha. 

  Soon the boys left us, so that we can have some girls time alone. We were laughing at some imitation that Vish was doing, when I saw a girl coming towards us, and when I focused on her, it was none other than Shahrina Sehgal herself.

  So lemme give you a background of this girl. Shahrina and I share a love/hate kind of relationship, we had the entries of our school at the sa e time. We always had to sit beside each other in every exam from class 1 till the boards, and she used to take full advantage of it by cheating from me, and I like a sweet naive girl, like I was back then allowed her. She had a history of backstabbing me in every year of my school of,  and at the end of the year  she would give me a fake apology, and I'd forgive her. She was on the top in degrading me about my family's rules and restrictions s  she would always make fun, that I couldn't study further or that I'll end up with an illiterate, uneducated man. These thoughts, that were imprinted in my mind by her taunts, we're very depressing to  e. But today all her taunts have counter effected her only. Now, I've a graduate degree and a most ideal husband d in my life, but obviously she didn't know about it.

"Hey, look who's here, Kria Ghai, how come you are here, you're parents allowed you to come? Or again you had to beg in front of them to allow you!! Ahan!!", she again tried to taunt me, but now I'm a different peers on,  her words can no longer hurt me.

"No, I actually came here with my hubby. Would you like to meet him?!!", I replied with sickly sweet smile.

"Oh!! So finally you got married, but plz!  Don't tell  e he's some uneducated man, who wouldn't even have the manners to talk to me or to be in this party", she replied carelessly, blowing her nails.

"Oh! I don't know about that!! but why don't you tell yourself, wait!! I'll call him", I turned around, and winked Neha  who understood what I was planning, and called Reyaansh. He heard me, and excused himself from his friends, and our eyes locked, I shivered unintentionally. His gaze was so intense, as if he could see directly through my soul. A confused expression passed through his face when his eyes fell on Shahrina, but soon when he looked back at me, a knowing smile came on his lips. I just had a small prayer in my mind, that Reyaansh just play along with me. And his next two words proved that he understood the whole scene, and instantly a blush crept on my face.

"Yes, Love!!", and placed his hand on the small of my back, for a moment I was completely speechless, as he never uses his 'love words' for me in front of anyone, and this was a first, so I was a bit shocked, but soon I recovered to see the expression of Shahrina, and saw that there Was someone, who was more shocked than me, not just by his words, but also by his looks, his personality. Although, I cannot say that she was wrong in gawking at Reyaansh, because he, definitely, was a delicious sight to drool, but still he was my husband, and I was not liking this, so I moved a little closer to him, and said.

"Reyaansh meet Shahrina, my classmate, and Shahr, meet Reyaansh, MY husband,", and this time Reyaansh didn't shake her hand, not because she was feeling awkward, but because she was being over excited about it.

Reyaansh leaned a bit, and whispered in my ear,

"Oh! So this was the reason why you were so nervous to come here, but look at you now, you are happy, and you'd finally got the chance to show her the place where she belonged, which, most definitely, is not your mind, so I guess, you've proven your point to her, so I'll take leave from here, because in your 'so called' friend's presence, I have a full chance of getting RAPED here, and I soo not want that," and the look of disgust on his face, caused a wave of laughter to erupt from me.

Without even glancing towards Shahr, he said bye to my friends, and placed a small, almost nonexistent, kiss on my cheeks, which received multiple 'Aw's from my friends and a scoff from Shahrina, who stomped her foot, and left from there with a scowl on her face. 

I was so happy, finally, finally I got the guts to stand up for myself and, trust me, it felt amazing. This night is coming out as the best night of my life.

Or Not.

We were talking amidst each other, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find a creepy looking man, which Neha told me, was Shahr's fianc, was standing there.


"Can I have a dance, with the beautiful lady??"

I couldn't just deny him like that, so I accepted his offer, after all, it was just a small dance, what wrong can it do? Right?


(surprise, surprise!!!)


I was catching up with Vicky, my childhood friend, when my eyes fell on a man, sitting near the bar, he was staring at something very weirdly, and when I followed his eyes, I saw Kria standing laughing, having a gala time with her friends. HE IS OGLING HIS EYES OUT ON MY WIFE!! That F**king bas***d!! I asked Vicky, who he was, to realise that he was that girl's, what was her name? Ballerina, whatever, her fianc!! What a perfect jodi!!

 I was trying my best not to go up to him, and squeeze that eyes out of his face, as I didn't want to ruin the night for Kria, she was finally enjoying herself, and just because of some bloody pervert, I cannot ruin it for her. And he is only staring at her, he hadn't tried anything yet, so I think I should get calmed a bit. So I tried to indulge myself in conversation with Vicky, who was currently trying to get my attention.

"Hey Bro, where are you lost, Man?"

"No dude, I'm here only, so what were you saying?"

"I was saying that you got one beautiful wife there, haan!! Bhabhi is really very beautiful, good job dude!!", he patted my shoulder.

 "But if I were you, I wouldn't leave her alone even for a second I nth is party," Vicky said, motioning towards the dance floor with a concerned look on his face.

Frowning, I followed his gaze and spooked Kria with that creep.

why the hell was she dancing with him?

 Fury took birth inside me, as I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists when I saw them damping together. Yes, there was distance between them but what the hell Kria was thinking when she agreed to dance with him. He was saying so e thing to her, and she politely gave him a small smile, and all I wanted to do was to break his teeth so he won't be able to say any damn thing to her ever. I was seeing red.

Involuntarily, I moved towards the dance floor, and with using every shred of patience in me, tapped his shoulder,(not pushed him on the wall, and gave nice punches on his creepy face) and said.

"Can I have my lady back in my arms, where she rightfully belong?!!", I hissed to him. And somehow he got the message 'to not to mess with me right now' and moved aside.

Once when we were finally alone, I felt myself calm a bit, and with a smile on my face, I bent a little towards her. I brought my lips near her ear and whispered, "Dance with me." I knew that me being this close to her had some effect on her, all she could do in repose was nod slightly.

 I rested my hands above her hips and brought her close to me. Her eyes widened slightly and reluctantly, she rested her hands on my shoulders. I liked her being so close to me. Hell, I wanted wanted to vanish the little distance between us. As we were dancing, I felt dangling on my hand which was now on Kria's back, so I turned her around, so her back was in front of me, to see that one of her dress doris had loosened. I bent a bit and said.

"Kria, I think one of your dress doris have opened!!" I told her. For some moments she didn't reacted at all, then all of a sudden she unwrapped my arms from around her, and rushed to a secluded place. 

Kria's POV:

"Kria, I think one of your dress doris have opened!!", he said. For a moment,  his words didn't register in my mind, and when I finally understood his meaning, I thought he was joking, but soon enough, I felt them loosened on my back, so I freed myself from Reyaansh's embrace, and rushed to a place where there was no one. I didn't know what to do, I cannot call any of my friends because it'll call unwanted attention to me, I put a hand behind to feel how much damage it had done, to realized that till now, it had been open till the very end, and my hands were just not able to reach there. Oh Universe ji!! What should I do??

Just then I heard Reyaansh's voice from behind me,

"I tried calling your friends, but they are all busy... but if you want, I can help you with it, I promise, I'll close my eyes, trust me!!", he said with honesty. What should I do?? I didn't have any other option other than this, and he had promised to close his eyes, so I guess I can trust him. So I nodded my slightly, and moved my hands from the back, so that he could take control of the situation.

  Soon I felt his cold fingers grazing the skin of my back, and my heart beat shoot, it was too much for me to handle, my breathing was laboured, and I'd turned into a heap of mush, by the time he finished, I thought I'd be dead, due to the lack of oxygen reaching my body. As soon as he finished, I mumbled a soft 'thank you' to him, and quickly excused myself, to be as far away from as possible, to catch up my breath and to calm down my heart.

"JEALOUSY is not a sign of no trust but a sign of POSSOSSIVENESS. And it is not a sign of IMMUTARITY but a sign of LOVE"

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shakz_KR Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2015 at 6:33am | IP Logged
hot cute sweet long update
luvd it
superb luvd it
luv d way how rey encourage kriya
KriYaansh-ArSha Senior Member

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Posted: 09 August 2015 at 11:18am | IP Logged
ResBig smile
UnresBig smileBig smile
u dedicated the update 2 me...aww..thank u so muchBig smile
well, it was a fabulous update...I really loved itSmile
Rey's POV was much demanding.. I didn't expect this.. But it was really good n thoda aur hota to aur achcha hotaEmbarrassed
Rey's possesiveness n his care is too good..he truly is an ideal husbandSmile
n the last two quote lines were amazingSmile
now update the next part soonSmile
iss baar ki tarah itne din wait nahi hogaWink

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nikitashaKR Newbie

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Posted: 09 August 2015 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
finally u updated
thank you for the pm
and update it was mindblowing, plz next time Rey kriya ko aur romantic dikhana plz and next time update fast

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