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MY DREAM, MY LIFE. A kriyaansh and swaron ff (Page 23)

Stylikson IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
Awesome story so far...
Continued soon...

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shivi_17 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 2:17am | IP Logged
Plz Update the next part...

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SummerDreams Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2015 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Hey sorry for not commenting frequently

but now just read the capters it was amazing

rey nae dirctly shaddi karliya

& the way u discribed kriya's inner turmoil was really well done

plse update soon

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shivi_17 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 10:07am | IP Logged
plz update...

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resplendent26 Groupbie

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 3:07pm | IP Logged
Will update the next part tomorrow, sorry guys about the late update, but trust me guys its long enough to justify it!!!

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shivi_17 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
resplendent26 Groupbie

Joined: 08 December 2014
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Posted: 22 May 2015 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
hey guys, I'm really sorry, for such a late update, but you see better late, than never!! so here is the update, i think its long enough to cover up my lateness (is it a wordLOL)!!!
So guys, now I'm thinking of giving TEASERS for the future updates, what say??? okay now,
Enough of my bak bak, here goes the update...


The next day went by in a jiffy, there was no call or message from Reyaansh, I guess he would be busy with unpacking and settling there, but still I was feeling so low and depressed, as if some part of me had been left back, my university would be starting from the day after tommorow, so I tried busying myself in preparing for it, so the whole day went off, with me sulking all the time.
  Next morning, my sweet sweet sleep was brutally killed by the 'beep' of my cellphone, it was a message, and I was so making up plans, for killing the person same way, as he/she had killed my innocent sleep, so in order to know my target, I grabbed my phone, but as soon as I opened the msg, all my sleepiness went out of the window, it was Reyaansh's message,
   'Good Morning, Wifey ;) '

It took a minute to soak in, he was calling me 'Wifey'... Okay, Kri relax, he is now your husband, and he can call you that!! So I read it again, without focusing much on 'Wifey'.
'Good Morning' I looked at the watch, it was 10:00 am, so according to it, Umm... It was 5:00 am in London. 5 Really!! He should be sleeping right now. And without thinking much, I replied (not with greetings, because curiosity brought the best out of me).
"Don't you think, you should be sleeping right!! It's freaking 5 am."

A reply came immediately, 
"It's actually 5:30, and yeah I know, but I'm a Morning person you see!!"

5:30 Okay yeah!! It's four and half hour difference,  another msg came,
"I like to jog early in the morning, it clears my mind for the rest of the day."

Then another,
"And seeing your contribution to this conversation, 
I can clearly say you're not a morning person at all"

And I can clearly imagine the stupid smirk on his handsome face. Oh! Why am I so easy to read. But I cannot just accept my defeat in front of him, so I backfired,
"No, no its just that, I'm busy, i'm reading a book."

I just came up with the most unbelievable lie in the world. Come on! Kri!  You were better than this... but now I cannot do anything the damage is already done, so I just have to pay along. But his next message came way too early,
"Oh! Really, then tell me the title of it!! ;) "

'Title'!! Okay come on, I've read so many novels. Umm... "Lord of the rings" , No, it's way too thishum thishum (fights) to read in the morning!! Then... "Sherlock Holmes" No its way too complicated. It should be something light. Yeah!!
"Bright day dawning"

I replied, but... but... but it was way too late.
"It took approximately 1 min & 5 secs for you to answer, and for someone who's reading a book, it doesn't take that much time to meg it's name. So..."

"Okay!! Fine I was not reading the book, I was sleeping. Happy!! Now go get yourself some work because unlike you, i'm not free here. And yeah!! My work is to have sleep. Got it!!".
I bursted on him, because first of all, I was sleepy, my mind was not working at all, and secondly, he was I tenting ll provoking me. So the result was obvious.

"Okay, okay, easy Girl!! Have a niiicceee day ;) Will call you soon... Love!! "

'Nice day', My Foot!! With a horrible morning like that, I don't know how the day will turn out. Oh Lord!! Save me.
And what is with calling me names. Now this 'Love'. Next time he'll call, I'll definitely tell him not to call me names...
Wait!! He said he'll call me!! Why?? No plzz!! Now my whole day will be restless because of it.

With this last thought, I plopped on my bed again to continue my sleep, but his messages were already showing their effects on me. My sweet, innocent sleep had suddenly turned into a stubborn one, it was just not coming back. 
Oh!! Reyaansh! You are such a bad influence!!

The whole day, I was very restless, but thankfully no call or msg, came from Reyaansh, and just when I had started relaxing in the evening, as I'd on cue, my phone rang, and guess who it would be!

"Hello,", I answered the call exasperatedly.

"Gie the phone to your Mom!", he said with such an authority, leaving no room for discussion.

"Okay!!", I replied a bit hesitantly, and gave my mobile to mom.

The call lasted for a few minutes, and then cut the call. She came to me, and said,
"Reyaansh will call you in a few minutes and remember one thing Kri!! Reyaansh is now your husband,so you should stop behaving with him like he is your friend,  you'll have to give him respect. Okay??", she advised me.

"Okay, Mom!!", I replied obediently, and just then, my phone started ringing. It was Reyaansh!!

I took the phone in my room, and then attended the call, 
"Hello!!", I answered.

"Hey, beautiful! So how's you??"

"I'm fine, how are you?", I replied a bit shyly, as mom had told me *sighs*

"I'm ... also...Fiiine, so tomorrow is your first day, Right?", he asked a bit suspiciously.

"Yup!!", I soo wanted to answered him, like I used to, but just because of mom, Arghh!! I'm hating this conversation.
"Okay, Now stop it!!", he said hastily.


"Stop acting normally, i want the weird baatcutter Kria back, the one whom I've married, who doesnt leave a single chance to surprise me, Remember her??", and from here also, i can soo clearly imagine the smirk on his face, after his this description of mine.

"Trust me Mister you won't be able to handle that Kria!!", I replied with my old self.

"Yeah!! That's my Girl,... and baby if I couldn't handle you, then I wouldn't have married you!!", he replied with an air of arrogance.

'Baby' this is something I cannot handle!! So it's better to ignore it.

"Reyaansh, i want you to list in to me carefully, since no you've called me, it's definite that in the future also, you will continue to do so, so for that, I want to set some rules, okay!!", I asked him.

"What rules??"

"You will not call me late night, because I don't want to be embarrassed in front of my parents, I know they won't like it, so you'll call me anytime near 9 okay?"

"Fine, I understand, but now that you are setting your rules, I'll also set some, because you know we are in a mutual relationship, so my rule is that there will be no interruptions, when ill be calling you, and that you'll have to listen every detail of my day, and if you want you can also tell me about yours. Fine??", he said.

"Okay I'll make sure nobody interrupts us, so my next rule is I'm not gonna call you, if you want to talk to me, you can call, only in the above mentioned time."

"Okay love, no problems in that, so my next rule is sometime I can video call you, if I want!!"

"No, there will be no video calls, I look horrible in video call, and then I won't be able to concentrate in the conversation, I'll only be conscious about my looks, plzzz", I interrupted him.

"Okay whatever, but trust me, it was a very lame excuse.", he was definitely  not happy with it, but thank God, he didn't pushed it much.

"So next rule is, you'll never call me with names like 'Love' or 'Baby' or 'Wifey', Get it!!", this was something, I really wanted to point out.

"No I didn't get it, and I'm not gonna accept this silly rule of yours, so No, if you can reject my rules, i can also do that... Pumpkin!!", I swear if he was in front of me I would have undoubtedly murdered him with my bare hands.

So that was it, these were the rules, we set for our future phone conversations. Every night at 9 o'clock, he used to call me, and we used to fight, laugh, tease each other, we used to tell each and every minute details of our day, and the other person would listen with whole concentration, it had become a routine for me, every day I used to wait for his call, and till the time, I didn't narrate him all the happenings of the dat, i would be a restless soul, he had this unique ability of recognising my mood just by the way I say 'Hello', either I'm happy, i'm sad, excited, now I was like an open book to him, he could easily read my thoughts without even seeing my face.

It was almost a year now, and then one day day, he didn't call me, I waited for his call, for half an hour, one hour, two hours, it was already 11 o'clock,  and still there was no call, or even an apology message, I was really pissed off, so kept the phone on the dresser, and plopped on my bed to sleep, which was so difficult, because I was thinking all the bad possibilities of hi  not calling me, but just after an hour, when sleep had finally overtaken me, my phone started to ring, first I thought it's my dream, but it's continous bell, woke me up, nd when I saw the caller Id, my blood started boiling.

"Oh! Mr Reyaansh, i'm so blessed, you took the pains of calling me, you don't know, how blissful I'm feeling right now, but please, may I ask why have you done the courtesy of calling me at 12 o'clock, when I've told you before not to call me late night, but no you are Mr Reyaansh Singhania, The Great Mr Reyaansh Singhania, who doesn't give a damn about people's values, who doesn't care that someone was anxiously waiting for his call but no...", I bursted on him, but he interrupted me with something, that stuck my voice in my throat only.

"Happy marriage anniversary!!!", he said in a monotone.

'Marriage anniversary', i glanced at the calender on my room's wall. Shit!! Shit!! Shit!! How can I forget this,  and even that was not enough, I have to be a complete bit cheaper to Reyaansh, when he'd actually remembered it and had took the pain of calling me to wish. Oh Lord! What am I gonna do now?? He'll never forgive me!! Even I wouldn't, if I would have been in his place.  But nevertheless, I've to try!!
"I'm sorry!!", I whispered, so slowly, even I was unable to hear my voice.

"I know, I was acting like a bitch to you, I should have at least given you the chance to explain yourself, but you see, I was scared of Ma and Pa, I know, they won't like it, that you are calling me in the middle of the night..."

"Just to clear you, I've already taken permission from your parents to call you, so don't worry, they know about it!!", he deadpanned.

These are the moments, when I want the floor to open, and swallow me whole. I mean, he is such a sweetheart, he'd planned all this so well, God, why have you made me such a jerk!! But now I've to undo the damage, and I know just how to do it. 

"I'm really sorry,  my sweet sweet... Hubby!!", I said in the most seductive voice, I have.

And the result was immediate. A gasp came from the other side of the phone, but then he cleared his throat.

"You have to try harder!!", he said, trying to sound stern, and I could clearly make out the amusement in his voice.

 Now what!! I've already took out the big guns, and they also didn't work. But then I said something, which came out directly from my heart, as I've so not planned it out.

"Look Reyaansh, i'm really sorry, but you know, I was really upset, I just had the habit of telling you every minute detail of my day, but today,  when you didn't call, it was making me restless, and I, unintentionally, snapped at me, which was very wrong on my part, so, for all of this, I asking for your forgiveness, plz I'm sorry, Love!!", I bit my tongue, what was the need of saying the last word, I really crossed my own line, why do I always have to flew with my emotions. But I think, it just worked for me.

"Your apology is accepted, it's okay, I understand!!", he replied, after a few moments of silence.

And then we wished each other, and continued with our daily ranter, of telling each other about our day, but still, I was a bit guilty, so after we finished the call, which lasted for about an hour, and then I busied my self, on the online shopping websites, I wanted to gift something to Reyaansh, so at last, at 4 o'clock in the morning, I finally selected a watch, and a cufflinks pack, and ordered it to be delivered on Reyaansh's address in London.

The next day, in the afternoon, I received a bouquet of flowers, a box of my favourite chocolates, a heart shaped necklace and diamond pedded bracelet, I was soo overwhelmed, that even though, I brusted on him, but he still had the courtesy of sending gifts to me, my respect for him was increasing with every passing day.

Days were passing by, and our bond grew stronger and stronger, now Reyaansh used to share his every problem, even business related, to me, I now knew almost all of his colleagues, without even meeting them, sometimes he used to miss his family, and then I used to cheer him up, sometimes I used to have a bad day at university, and then only he would be the person, who could chill me, soon we'd become the best of friends, now the early awkwardness was totally gone, but as always, I had to do a blunder.

It was Saturday, and I watching an English movie "Mr and Mrs Walker" (it's my imaginary movie in which the leads are real life married couple), and suddenly there came a very adult type scene of the leads, I changed the channel, after few minutes I came back, but it was still going on, I was so pissed off, as I soo hated films with such vulgar scenes, I mean do they guys don't have any standards!! Arghh!! Just then my phone started to ring, it was Reyaansh's call. 

 I quickly switched off the TV, and went into my room.
"Hello!!", I answered the call, forcing myself to calm down.

"What's wrong??", he asked, suspiciously. 

"How do you know!!", oops!! I cannot tell him, what made angry, so I quickly changed my statement, "I mean, there's nothing wrong, why do you ask that??"

"My sweet, sweet Wifey!! You've already spilled out your beans, now come on, tell me what's it that was making you soo angry, as it's oozing out from your every word!!", he asked.

"Actually, I was watching an English movie, that new one 'Mr and Mrs Walker ", so all of a sudden, there came all those mushy mushy scenes, I mean Yuck!! And it was going on like forever, I was hating it, I mean, how can these people do such a thing on camera, I'm just loathe these type of people!!", I exclaimed. 

"Chill Kria, it was only a movie, and anyways, as far as I know,the leads of this film are married, Right?"

"So what they are married,  that doesn't give them the right to do these things, it's not like 'Okay so now that we are married, we can do anything, even if the other partner is ready or not', No!! This thing requires very strong emotions towards each other, and a great amount of trust, as you are completely surrendering yourself to the other person, so he should first deserve you, then he desire you!!", I said in an attitude, but then I realised, What the heck!! What have I just said?? Why can't my tongue be in my control!! I was not giving a seminar on 'Virginity', for God's sake. I'm the biggest fool, this planet has ever seen, I mean, I said all these things to just not anyone, but to my own freaking husband, it's proven, I'm A Big Mess!!!

"Its funny, how someone who was stranger... suddenly becomes so important to you..."

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star94 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 May 2015 at 5:42pm | IP Logged
Loved it

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