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MY DREAM, MY LIFE. A kriyaansh and swaron ff (Page 14)

resplendent26 Groupbie

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Posted: 12 March 2015 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by devilofevil_KR

nope this update is also charming as other updates... Thanks for understanding me!! love you for that
wauh... kriya don't cut other talk is impossible our cute sexy batcutter xD... Yeah how can she not, after all she is a certified baatcutter
poor sid lol...
wauh kr kbc was awesome but their nok jok was containing smal part but cute... I'm happy you liked it
luvd it...
update next part soon

Originally posted by devilofevil_KR

 everyone believe that all ur chapter had has and gonna have charm.. thanks for your this motivation, and for bringing back my confidence

resplendent26 Groupbie

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Posted: 12 March 2015 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Lawrentian_214

Bang Bang! As always an awesome update from you and as usual I loved it! Thanks!! The KriYansh meeting was very well penned down and I liked the return of Baatcutter, I was missing that terribly.Yeah! I wanted Kria in her original avatar Got a bit confused with new entry named Siddharth but I guess that will be cleared away in the next update. Yup! you got to know Well I really like the way Reyansh called Kriya a "Certified Baatcutter", that was way too cute.
  Coming to you, loosing your charm I would like to inform you that the "Charm" never left and its still there, you just need to find it back and I know that you will surely be back with a bang with the next update. Ive tried hope 
you'll like it
   I just want to ask you that how come do you find that perfect ending line that plays the key for the lock of your update? Do answer this question! Smetimes internet zindabad, sometimes i make up my own!!!

- RJ

resplendent26 Groupbie

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Posted: 12 March 2015 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by khushiarsha

cute update.. Thanks dear
kriya is such a batcutter... that she is!!!
and her imaginations.. 
loved it thank you so much love, but plz give a big comment, really like it
update soon...
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Posted: 12 March 2015 at 1:44pm | IP Logged


Till the time I reached the hall, the ceremony was about to start. Mum told me to bring Shar, I rushed upstairs and there she was looking all beautiful!!
"Kri, where the hell were you, till now?", Sharon burst on me "I  soo nervous, and there was no sign of yours anywhere!!!"
And all the incidents, that happened a while ago flashed in front of my eyes. This 'Reyaansh' was really stuck to my mind. But now, my sis needs me, so I pushed all these thoughts aside, and concentrate on the matter at hand.
"Sorry girl!! You know na, all the decorations and stuff, I was busy!! But leave this, lemme see you first!!", and I made her stand to see how she was looking. 
"I'm not looking nice na!! That makeup girl, she just doesn't listen to me, and even you were not there", she replied making faces.
"Calm down Shar, and listen to me!! You are looking world's most beautiful, gorgeous and stunning Girl!!! Trust me", I assured her.
"Now can we go downstairs, mum would kill me, if we'll be late", and together with all our cousins, we proceeded downstairs, but as we were descending the stairs, I saw that the culprit of all my distraction, Mr Reyaansh, was very gracefully standing beside Swayam. Oh God!! Why does he have to be here??... But nevertheless, I'll have to bear him and his unbreakable, continous stare. Even though, it was making me feel so conscious of myself, all my confidence was going down the drain, but I pulled myself together, as this was a very special day for Sharon, and I'll not allow anyone, not even me, to ruin it!!
I made Sharon stand next to Swayam, and when noticed his expression, he was all mesmerised to see Shar, but me being me, how can let go a chance to pull Swayam's leg.
"Uhhmmm!! Earth calling Swayam... I know my sis is way too beautiful! But Mister, you are standing in the middle of the crowd, So... control your emotions!!!", I said dramatically. 
"Yeah!! Ofcourse, how can I forget my beautiful would be wife, will always be accompanied by you!! Is it so necessary to be a 'kabab mein haddi' all the time??", he said sarcastically.
"Oh!! Very good, permission mil gayi, tou saali ko bhool gaye, now all of a sudden, I'm 'kabab mein haddi'!!, and tell me something, from where did this bold side of yours come up haan!!", I questioned him.
"Till now, I was all alone in front of a tigress like you, but now, my brother, my best friend, partner in crime had returned so you see I'm all confident now!!", he replied referring to Reyaansh, "And speaking of it , Sharon Kria meet Reyaansh, my cousin but more of a brother to me", he introduced us to him.
"He is Rey, right? Your cousin from London!!", asked Sharon. 
"Yup!! Bhabhi... Umm, you don't mind me calling you bhabhi?", he asked Shar acting all innocent, and deep down I knew, he wanted to irritate me that's why he was asking it.
"Yeah! Ofcourse, you can!!", replied sharon, why Shar, why do you have to be so naive!!
But then I realised, that this Reyaansh was the same 'Rey', to whom I was so excited to meet, and unconsciously it came out of my mouth.
"So he is Rey!! About whom I... I mean Swayam was so excited", and here if I hadn't stop myself, I would have definitely made a scene out of myself, how can I let him know that I, I was so excited to meet him.
"Yeah!! I'm Rey, do you have a problem with that??", he asked instigating me for yet another fight.
"No, why would I have a problem",I replied with a fake smile, even though I did have a perfect answer for him, but I thought it better, not to create a scene in front of everyone.
With this answer, I decided to move from there, before I'd do something very unethical with him, like killing him, so I told Shar, I've some work and was descending the stage when
"Kria, plz do me favour, if you see Sid somewhere, do send him to me, jab se aaya hai, eik dafa bhi sahi se nahi mila!! You know who Sid is right? ", he asked me. 
"Yeah, I know him, don't worry I'll send him", and I left from there thinking why Swayam was referring Sid as someone who doesn't live with him, and that had came from somewhere.But paying no heed to it, I moved from there, and busied myself in the arrangement of the ring dish (the dish in which we keep the ring to be exchanged), when all of a sudden, one of the ring slipped from my hand, I was scared, it could be damaged, from where will we arrange another now, Oh God!! mum would kill me,... but a hand saved the ring from falling, and when I looked up,
"Thank God, thank you so much Sid, you are a life saviour for me!!", I sighed with relief.
"It's alright!! It wasn't such a big deal", he replied, being a bit embarrassed. 
"No, Child!! you really saved me now for the second time, you don't know, how much panic this small ring would have created", I said taking the ring from him and arranging it on the dish.
"Plz! Don't call me 'child', I'm not a baby", he replied awkwardly. 
"Oops!! I'm sorry, hmmm... how about friends?? You see equal equal!!", I asked raising my hand. At first, he stared at me with some uncertainty, as if scrutinising me, but then a smile crept on his face, and he instantly shake hand with me. This was certainly, a start of a beautiful friendship between us!!!
"Oh crap!! I forgot to tell you, your brother, I mean Swayam was calling!! We better go up to them!!", and we both started walking towards the stage.
"First of all, let me clear this first, Kria di, I'm not Swayam bhaiya's brother."
"Then you must be his cousin right?", To this he nodded "I'm really sorry, I just misinterpreted everything"
"It's okay but if you really wanna meet my big bro, then let me introduce you to him", till this time we have reached the stage, "Kria di, meet my big bro Mr Reyaansh Singhania", he acted as if presenting the most precious thing in the whole world!! Why!! Why does he have to be related to every person I like. How can they be brothers, I mean Sid is such a nice boy, and HE!! I don't even have a perfect adjective to define him!! But whatever it is, I'll not judge Sid because of his brother. So, I gave him an artificial smile, and the ring ceremony began.
 Both Swayam and Sharon exchanged rings, the expression on Shar's face was so gleeful, so serene that I forgot every shocking incidents of tonight, it was definitely a very special day for her, and I was glad I made all the efforts to make it more beautiful!!
Both of them, took the blessings from their parents, then they came to me, and I hugged Shar tightly, i don't know why I was feeling so emotional, I guess I knew that, the countdown had begun for us to be separated!!! With that, the most eventful evening of my life wrapped up!!
   Back in my room(here, me and Shar had separate rooms), I was feeling so lonely, so decided to go to Shar's room, hoping that she would also be missing me. But when I went towards her room, the door was slightly opened, and I could hear her soft laughs, first I didn't understand what's going on, but when I peeked inside her room, I saw that she was talking to someone on her phone, and that someone was none other than Swayam, it felt so weird, I guess, now her life was changing, her priorities were changing, and being her sister I should accept that, and with a deep sigh I returned to my lonely room, and lied down on my bed, but sleep was nowhere near me, lying there I was thinking of all the good times, all the sweet fights that I had shared with Shar, and tears were just on the verge of coming out, when the door of my room burst open, and there my cute sis was standing there.
"Whoa Kri, you're sleeping without me, and there I couldn't sleep a wink, abhi tou meri shaadi bhi nahi hoyi, and you had already started forgetting me, Very  bad!!!", she said with a cute pout on her face. I was so happy and I mentally slapped myself, for thinking such bad thoughts about my lovely sis!!
"What Shar, you disturbed me, I was having such a peaceful sleep", I replied, playing along.
"Ahan, really, whom you are fooling girl, I know you, you can sleep without me, and Alas! The same condition is with me as well, so... I'm gonna sleep here!!", she said authoritatively.
"Aye Aye Captain!!",And she jumped on the bed, and the rest of the night, we talked, we laughed, we cherished all the beautiful memories we had together.

The next day was the sangeet, and it was held at Swayam's place. So there was nothing much to do the whole day, and it went uneventful, till 7 o'clock when we reached the venue. Since, i knew that my side of the family, were very narrow minded and conservative, so I made a resolve in mind, not to create a scene because of Reyaansh, and for that, I'll stay away from him as far as possible. With that resolve, i entered the house to see something very weird, something which irked my heart, it was HIM only, but he was with a girl, laughing and giving poses to the photographer.

He was so comfortable with her, and now that I had full knowledge related to His and Swayam's sibling, I knew they both didn't have a sister. But why it was affecting me??... I mean I should be happy, that now he is interested in someone else, so I'll be free!! Arghh!! I'm happy, he is not affecting me, I was shrugging myself continously, but it was just not leaving my mind!!.
So I diverted my attention to the dance and music that was going on, but still my mind was not at rest and the whole evening I was just not able to concentrate, when one of my cousins came up to me
"Come on, Kria!! Where are you lost? It's Shar's sangeet!! And you are not at all interested, where is that full of life Kria, now come on, we are playing a game, do join us!!", she said all that in a complaining tone. And that was it, I cannot let HIM spoil my mood, and taking it as a chance to distract my mind, I agreed and went with her.
So the game was, each member would be given a piece of paper, and they had to write their five wishes on it, then all the chit will be mixed and one by one everyone had to pick up one, and by reading the wishes, he or she had to guess, who that person was, and if answered correctly, they'll have to dance with each other. 
I also got the paper,
So my five wishes would be Ummm...

  Small black square I want to study further, at least, till graduate.
  Small black square I want to live my life in my dream city, London.
  Small black square I want to do a job, something where I can prove myself.
  Small black square I want to marry a man, who respects my feeling, my
      values, my emotions.
  Small black square I want to have a soft romantic contemporary dance
     with my spouse. 

These were all my wishes, things that I want desperately in my life, but I didn't had the courage to share it with anyone,  as I knew, nobody would understand me. So I crumpled that piece of paper, and threw it down, and moved from there.

But Kria didn't know, that the fate of that paper was not to stay there crumpled, but was to straightened, read and to kept securely by someone, who really want to understand it's writer's feeling, and to fulfill her every wish!!!


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Posted: 12 March 2015 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
hey guys,

I know i dragged the engagement party abit but i wanted to show somethings, some buildups, that's why!!!!

and now ill fast forward swaron's wedding a bit, hope you guys don't mind!!!

thanks to all of you for liking my work, hope you guys will like this one too, plz show your response through your comments!!!

Have tried something new to answer your comment, hope you'll like it

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Posted: 12 March 2015 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
sid is rey's brother I knew it...
wauh... kriya feeling conscious ...under rey gaze... chill dil to bacha hai kriya ;)
Lol so cute talk between kriya & sharon luv it. ...
Wauh... I think it's rey who got that... now kriya's wish will come true as tey is 4ever wid her...

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Posted: 13 March 2015 at 1:44am | IP Logged
Superb update...Clap

luved d cute talks b/w krisha...SmileLOL

kriya being consious under rey's gaze...Embarrassed

also like sid's and kriya's convo nd their start of friendship...Smile

and loved little jealous kriya when rey was with a girl, laughing and giving poses to the photographer....EmbarrassedWink

and kriya's wishes was so simple , cute & real...Smile

loved d whole part a lot...Clap

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Originally posted by resplendent26

Originally posted by shivi_17

nice update... Thanks a lot love!!
but its too short...Unhappy Yeah! i know, that's why given a bigger update this time, hope you'll like it

loved kriyansh convo.. Thumbs Up i had to rack my mind so much to come up with that

ur always welcome dear...

and Yeah!! i loved d updateThumbs Up

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