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New IshRa OS: A Midnight Kiss! A note on page 12

omshreejaanu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 6:00am | IP Logged
Hello everyoneBig smile
I am back with a new OS.
My New Year gift to my readersEmbarrassed
I hope you like it.
Happy New year in advance since i wont be around much this week to interact with u all.
God bless you all  and wishing you a life full of prosperity, health and wealth aheadHug

P.S: Not proofread so please ignore typos/errors.Embarrassed
       PMs will be sent later too.


A Midnight Kiss!

A look at the clock and Raman grimaced.  Fifteen more minutes!

This wait was suffocating him. " Come fast madrassan! I am waiting for you", Raman mumbled under his breath. Raman smiled lovingly reminiscing his wife's antics. He had freaked her out saying that he had a pair of X-ray glasses enabling him to see through her clothes and the" bewakoof" actually believed him. Raman laughed aloud. What an adorable woman, his crazy madrassan wife was!

Raman had had so much fun taking full advantage of the situation and had made her do all the things he wanted. He got his favourite dishes served to him and more importantly she was forced to say things that she would never utter in normal circumstances. To stop Raman from "x-raying" her, Ishita accepted with a pout that Raman was hot and sexy while she was only a hot, boiled potato in front of him. Raman chuckled. Ishita, Ishita, Ishita! He loved teasing her so much.

Raman had already planned to get himself a good back massage at night and a kiss on his cheek with that "X-ray" weapon but...bad luck!

Ishita had found the glasses in between his clothes. She was insisting to wear them but Raman had turned the table over her. It was very easy to fool and confuse his innocent wife, Raman muttered to himself.

-          Why are you so interested in these glasses Ishita? What do you want to see?  Just tell me, I will show you EVERYTHING you want without any problem.

He had asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes to which she had replied with her cheeks all red and her eyes ready to pop out of their sockets.

-          Oh shut up you shameless man! I only want to test if they are indeed X-ray glasses.

The conversation which followed next had left Raman completely amused and he had had a tough time keeping a straight face as their banter had started.

-          Ok! Wear them. But I have one condition. If they are special glasses, you will have to do a strip tease in front of me.

-          Are you out of your mind? I won't do any such thing Raman.

-          Why? I've already seen everything with these glasses on. And I know very well what I mean when I say that only your brain is small and everything else is extra large...

-          Chee! Seriously you are too much... Ganda aadmi!

-          I don't care what you think Ishita. You are my wife and I have full right to check my wife out and I really loooved what I saw.

-          Oh please...OK! Stop it! What if they are only normal glasses and you have been lying shamelessly to me?

-          Well... I will do the strip tease for you...I don't mind.

-          Huh? I don't want to see you stripping for me ok!

-          Then why do you want to check me out with these glasses?

-          Stop it! If you are lying, you are going to say what I WANT TO HEAR.

-          And what is THAT?

-          You know what THAT is.

-          Ok! But I have one condition too. After THAT, we are going to seal it with a kiss.

Raman had waited for her reply with baited breath. Ishita had blushed profusely. Would she accept the deal? Raman had watched her, biting his bottom lip with his eyebrows cocked. Finally the Jhansi ki Rani in her had not let her shyness tampered her resolution and she had agreed.  The look on her face when she found out the truth!! Raman laughed aloud and shook his head. His innocent and childish wife was scandalized to find out that there were no X-ray glasses and she had lunged forward to smack Raman but he had grabbed her wrists and crushed her to him as he whispered huskily to her: "I lied. You win. Don't you want to hear those words? And remember we also have a deal to seal." Her cheeks had turned a beautiful red hue and she had closed her eyes, nodding shyly.

-          I love...

Raman neither completed his sentence nor sealed it with a kiss because just then Ruhi came to announce that the family was waiting for them. Dinner was being served. Forget romancing his wife, having one single minute with her without any interruption was impossible in their house. She would always be busy and everybody needed only his wife for everything during the day and at night, she would be sleeping with Ruhi while he was sharing his room with his son Adi. Restless and annoyed, he had had no option but to text her.

-          What is this madrassan? U were pestering me to say those words but it looks like u r not interested any more.

-          R u sure u really want to say those words or is it only the kiss which is interesting u?...LOL!

-          Not funny ok! Come on the terrace.

-          Can't. Ruhi is still awake. Better luck next time...Rofl!!

-          What the hell! Hadd karte ho yaar! Do I have to take an appointment to meet my wife?

Finally,  sensing that Raman was really not in a mood to joke and was turning all grumpy, Ishita had stopped pulling his leg and had tried to find a solution which Raman had had no option but to agree with. According to his crazy wife, the person you encounter in a new year and the type of encounter you have, sets the tone for the rest of the year. And if one kisses the person closest to him or her at the stroke of midnight, this will strengthen the bonds of that relationship between them in the year to come. So they finally decided that they would confess and kiss the next day which was the last day of the night... on their room since the kids would be spending the night at Bala and Vandu.


Raman's patience was wearing thin. He could not believe he really accepted that deal of setting the right tone for the new year. When had he started believing in such things? He smiled and admitted to himself that his Jhansi ki Rani, his crazy madrassan biwi had finally managed to have him wrapped around her finger. Strangely he didn't mind it at all. He loved her so much that it had become impossible for him to refuse her anything. He was still lost in her thoughts when finally the door of the bedroom opened. 

Five minutes to midnight!

And there she was standing in front of him, taking his breath away. Clad in a beautiful blue chiffon saree, her hair open and cascading on her shoulders to end on her waist, it seemed to Raman that his wife had never looked as beautiful as she was looking right there. Raman could not help but go back the memory lane.

Last year, at this very minute, he was in a bar, completely drunk and unaware of what he was doing. He was amidst hundreds of people and he was the loneliest soul on earth. This year, at the same time, there he was, standing in his bedroom... in their bedroom, with only him and his wife and he had never felt as complete and fulfilled before! How come such a "bewakoof" like him had turned so lucky ad got a woman like her in his life; he would keep wondering and thanking God. He looked admiringly at her as she walked slowly towards him, her innermost feelings reflecting in her eyes... in her demeanor! Ishita's pulse was quickening. Thoughts of him telling her finally what she had been craving to hear and what she would be sharing with her husband later, was turning her into a pudding inside. Right now her knees were threatening to give her away as she was drawing closer to him.She found him extending an arm, inviting her to hold his hand. Ishita moaned inside. 

The man! He was devilish with that smirk and... those X-ray eyes of his which seemed to be making love to her from the minute she had stepped into the room,  were like fire on ice to her body. When she finally held his hand, Raman immediately tugged her towards him until his nose was only inches away from hers. As he drew closer, bending his head towards her face, Ishita whispered:

-          We said we will wait till midnight. Only one minute is left now Raman.

Squeezing her gently, his lips hovering over hers dangerously, Raman hissed: You are cruel! I badly want to kiss you

-          But not before you tell me what I want to hear.

Raman only leaned into her and whispered, his breath hot on her lips

-          Fine let's start the countdown

10 seconds...

Raman tucked away a strand of hair which was barring his vision and run his fingers on her hot cheek while Ishita's lips trembled in anticipation..


-          Did I ever tell you that I love... your hair?

Ishita only blushed in response, smiling shyly.



His one hand gripping her back firmly and gathering her closer to hers, while the other in her hair, his fingers entangled in her thick locks, he whispered:

-          You are beautiful Ishita


-          Inside out and I have no idea when I lost my heart to you.


Only a soft whimper rang out of Ishita's mouth as he continued to wreck havoc her inside out.


-          I love...the effect I have on you when we are so we are right now


-          The way you blush and close your eyes too conscious of our proximity

-          Raman...

-          I love...the way you say my has never sounded as beautiful as it sound on your lips...


Running his thumb over her trembling lips...

-          I love...the way your lips curl every time to smile at me...I would do anything to see a smile on your face Ishita...


-          Look at me Ishita.

Dazed, Ishita only obliged and stared in his intense and hooded eyes.

-          I love you.  


-          I love you too Raman...

...And their mouths fused together.

His lips moved over hers gently as he pressed her body to his. Slowly, he deepened the kiss as his tongue slipped inside to tangle with hers to taste her the way he had been craving to since weeks.

He felt her hands moving to the collar of his shirts, holding on to him and clutching his front shirt tight as she arched to match her lips with his. Finally when their mouths paused for air...

-          Happy New Year my Madrassan biwi.

-          Happy New Year my Punjabi Pati.

-          Have I set the right tone for the year?

-          The perfect se bhi perfect tone!

She blushed profusely and hid her face in his chest while he squeezed her tight in his arms. When he later lifted her chin to gaze in her eyes, the intensity was back in his eyes. Their lips touched again and Ishita moaned into his mouth as if breathing his name

-          Raman...

Holding her tightly, Raman shushed her with a passionate kiss pouring out all the love he had for her in it.



So was it? Pour in your LIKE and COMMENTS/FEEDBACK on this new piece of wrting of mine.

Awaiting for your replies,


With Love



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-Srishty- IF-Sizzlerz

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It's freezing cold outside but I'm burning hot after reading this.. I thought I would melt away.

This was the most beautiful and subtle confession ever. And it's definately a memorable and meaningful countdown. It got me all smiley, especially when Raman says 'I love...the way your lips curl every time to smile at me...I would do anything to see a smile on your face Ishita..' my smile got instantly wider.

As Ishita said this is perfect se bhi betterEmbarrassed.

Happy New Year dear hope you have a rocking start to the new year and keep giving us pieces to dream of Raman and IshitaHug

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JniISHRA83 IF-Dazzler

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Its its its amazingClap...

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s_kavya IF-Dazzler

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First of all Happy New Year to you too Have a great New Year.ahead Big smile Coming to this OS it was Beautiful a lovely gift for ishra fan like me.. Embarrassed

Thank You so much for such a Beautiful OS   Clap Clap

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Aziya IF-Rockerz

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aww..thats so cute and lovely..cvs should get some brain and inspiration from u all...Wink
n forgot to say..Happy New year dr...Big smile

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Seriousreader IF-Dazzler

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Awesome...wish we could have this scene playing out in the New Year episode

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annvi Senior Member

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Actually perfect se bhi better hey...Wink

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Soul_Stirrer Goldie

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Ur stories make me feel at the end kaaasshhh they show this. A midnight kissBlushing i am such a dhakkan, i never tuk tht extra large line the way u n nikki saw itLOL Raman asking for strip tease, he is such a monster, placing such a bet that faida bhi usi ka hogaLOL
Loved the confession and the kissEmbarrassed

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