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II The Dream Boy Of Million Girls II ~*Shaheer Sheikh*~ FC#3

debaleena_tunai IF-Rockerz

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Our Darling Emperor SHAHEER SHEIKH recently completed his third decade
He is a bright star, who rules millions of hearts, there is no debate
He is like that European Red Wine-
Assertive, sophisticated, epitome of Grace
That keeps getting superior, stronger in character with Age
He has been invading our hearts and dreams,
Either it be as adorable Veer
Gentle and talented, scared of blood
Voice of reason among his friends
Or that Handsome Collage Hunk,
What was his name?Yeah,Anant
Who placed us in a dreamy haze
With his sensitive and soulful gaze
His sweet and thoughtful words put the female population
Including lovable navya in a frenzy craze
Now he portrays, a celebrated warrior so great
Kuru prince arjuna is like a second skin to Shaheer Sheikh
He goes in such depth with the legendary character,
Most of the time, we cant even differentiate..
The coming generation will remember Shaheer
As the conflicted undefeated warrior, arjuna of Mahabharata
Dearest to Krishna, receptor of the knowledge of Geeta
We apologize for the indecency, but how can we not mention,
Shaheer sports fittest biceps and bulging muscles
The most appealing physique,deep and sexy features
That obviously caught out attention
And became the motivation of our salvation
May this year and all the others
Bring more of the deserved success and stardom
To our ever charming and hot stud
A great and prosperous year ahead Shaheer
May you be the happiest person forever
And keep dazzling us with
your ever amazing acting
And handsome existence...


Birthday: 26th March.

Nickname: Sunny.

Sun Sign: Aries.

Hometown: Jammu.

Describe yourself: I am a wanderer. I love to roam around.

Strength: Honesty.

Weakness: Anger.

What can easily impress you: Nothing! Its very difficult to impress me.

Hobbies: I like singing, even if people around me don't like it but still I sing. I also love travelling.

A cloud 9 moment for you: I love to explore nature and discover something new which I have never seen before. So, if I find something which I have never seen before then I feel very glad and on cloud 9.

Do you believe in destiny: Yeah, I do.

Any TV show you follow: I don't follow any TV show but I like watch National Geographic and Travel and Living.

An unforgettable day of your life: My father was posted far away so I used to live with my dadi. I have spent some of the best times with my dadi and those days will always be precious and unforgettable days for me.

Describe your daily routine in short: I eat, work out, eat and then sleep (laughs). My sleeping time and wake up time depends upon my schedule of the day.

What's your favorite passtime during your free time on the sets: I love to write... it can be anything from poems, to writings about my life and my experiences.

Craziest fan encounter so far: There have been many such encounters. Fans keep on sending their love to me. They make beautiful Video Mixes on Navya which I love watching. I remember one encounter which happened on my birthday. One of my fans somehow got my number and she called me on my birthday and sang a song for me. She was singing 'who dekhne mein seedha saadha lagta  hai' for me. Usually I disconnect the phone if I don't know the person but she was singing it so beautifully that I was amazed to see that. After finishing the song, she said, "That's all, bye" and she cut the call.

Best compliment ever received: I received it from my co-actor Palak, who was with me in Jhansi Ki Rani. Once she said to me, "My mom is expecting a baby and I want a brother like you."

Your inspiration: My father.

You're incomplete without: Water (laughs).

Message to your fans: Try to save our environment. Don't misuse the resources what God has given you. Be happy always. 

Take us through your journey of how you got into acting.
Acting is not something that I had planned but something that just happened to me by default. I was doing my LLB in Pune when a friend of mine had called from Mumbai. He is a director here in the industry and asked me to give auditions. I got selected after the auditions and got into acting. 

What were the other shows that you did before Navya happened?
Before Navya I did Kya Mast Hai Life in Disney Channel and Jhansi ki Rani.

Can you tell us about your character in Navya?
Anant is a guy who has his own set of principles and hence, he wants things to go his own way. He will get married to the girl his parents choose for him. He is a guy of today who respects his family a lot.

Which point of time in your life have you struggled the most?
I had to struggle a lot when I was doing Event Management and when I was a model in Pune for four years.  

Tell us something about your nature?
I am a homely person who shares everything with my parents and love them a lot. I am a gadget freak and loves music and watching movies at home. Since I love dancing, I do go to the clubs at times. I am a straight forward guy and like people who are genuine and honest. I am a typical Arien, so it is tough for me to work under someone. I am a non smoker and a non alcoholic person.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I see myself as a director and want to travel and discover new places as much as I can.

Are you a party animal or a home person?
A home person.

Your passion is? 
I want to create music in future and even want to do editing. Also, photography is something I enjoy and love.

Favourite Films
Anadaz Apna Apna and Benhur

Favourite actors:
I like Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Salman Khan and among the actresses I used to like Angelina Jolie and I love Jessica Alba and in Bollywood its Kareena Kapoor.

How is it working with Swastik Pictures and Siddharth Tiwary?
So far the journey has been good and I hope it all goes fine ahead as well.

What are your interests other than acting?
Photography, Music and Direction.

Can you cook? Are you a foodie?
I love cooking and I am a big foodie. I need Pizza or Pasta at least once a week because I love Cheese.

How did the interest in photography happen?
I was working with a few photographers and someone told me that I click well so I should make their Portfolio and thus photography happened to me.

Are you seeing someone? Describe your dream girl
I am not seeing anyone and I am totally single. My dream girl would be someone who is honest and needs to be intelligent. Her height should be 5 7". She should not be lazy, because I am.

You are very popular among kids.
I love the response that I get and the kids are so genuine. It's so beautiful when they come up to me telling Vir bhaiya, we love u so much and they also hug me telling that I am very sweet. It's really good to know that people are appreciating my work.

Tell some interesting incident from the sets of Navya?
We have this character in the show called Appy. She is an amazing dancer and she teaches me belly dancing whenever we guys get a free time.

Did your family consent easily when you said you want to be an actor?
Yup; my mom was pretty cool with it and had no problems, but dad asked me to return to Jammu and work there. But he never forced me for anything. My parents have been very supportive throughout and always told me not to lie to them about what I do.

You were spotted at the world cup finals; are you a cricket lover and are you following the IPL?
Yes, I am a cricket lover and I had played for a club in Jammu where I had my own team formed and played for two years. But IPL is something I am not looking forward to, as basically I don't have the time for it right now because of my shoots.

Your philosophy of life.
I have come to this world for a reason and I need to do something for mankind. People always teach and never preach. I want to explore all the creations of God.

Ek Titli ?
It is an NGO who is trying to conserve nature and save the environment and I do believe that our surroundings need to be taken care of. 

The last movie you cried? 3 Idiots            

One advice given to you that you never followed? To control my temper

Five tracks on your playlist? I listen to a lot of songs

A scariest moment in your life? As a kid I was really scared of most of the things, but in the recent times I do not remember getting that scared.

What do you appreciate most about your life? That I believe in myself and work hard.

When do you want to get married? In the coming two to three years

What is the one thing that turns you on? Intelligence

Did you ever try to run away from home?

The costliest thing that you have purchased recently? My Canon SLR Camera

What is the stupidest rumour that you have heard about yourself? I don't think I have reached that heights of fame  that a rumour could be built up on me. But I once heard that Salman Khan has gifted me a flat (I wished it was true)

When you get upset on the sets, what do you do? I listen to my favourite tracks.

A chilled beer or Lemonade on a hot day? It's a strict no to alcohols for me, so it would be lemonade.

Favourite magazine? Reading has never been a hobby for me, but I used to read Gladrags. 

What if you were not an actor? 

I would have been a photographer

Is your family into photography?

No, my family is not into photography but I like to experiment with new things

If given a chance would you mind switching your profession with photography? 

I don't have to switch my profession as in the free time I do photography

How did acting happen to you? 

I never make plans and acting just happened. I was working in Pune and when I came to Mumbai I got a call for the show Navya

Rainy season for me is:

I like rains so it's the best season for me.

Precautions I take during monsoon:

One faces a lot of hair fall during monsoons so I take care of my hair as I am growing them these days. Otherwise, I haven't faced any problems during monsoon.

My monsoon related memories:

I used to get wet in the rains during my childhood days and I still do that. One day while returning from school, I got wet purposely in the rain and all my books got wet (laughs). I can't resist myself from getting wet in the rain.

My likes and dislikes about monsoon:

I like to roam around and drive during monsoon. I don't like to roam around in the sun that much so I love to roam around when the sun isn't there. I love to get wet in the rain. Few days back, I was coming back from a movie and it was raining. I get out of my car and started walking in the rain and got wet (laughs). There's nothing that I dislike about monsoon except the traffic jams.

Favorite place to visit during monsoon:

I love to visit Bhandardara during monsoons; it's very beautiful. The whole of Maharashtra is very beautiful during monsoons. Now a days I travel a lot and whenever I go to the Gujarat Highway from Mumbai, it looks super beautiful.

Things I must carry during monsoon:

I never carry an umbrella during monsoon and neither do I carry a raincoat.

My favorite monsoon music:

Paigaam laaya saavan.

My monsoon special food:

I love to have Bhutta or steamed corn and pakoras and I even make them by myself.

A moment when you enjoyed with your co-stars:

I remember the time when I was shooting for a rain sequence for my show Navya. We have to dance in the rain, have ice-cream, then ride a bicycle and later on enjoyed having tea at a tea stall. I really enjoyed doing that sequence.

Monsoon tips for readers:

You get a lot of infections and allergies during monsoons so come back home and take a shower whenever you get wet in the rain and take care of yourself in the monsoon.

What does fitness mean to you? What's your idea of fitness?

Fitness means a lot to me. I think it is important to be fit because at the end of the day your health matters. Being healthy helps you to remain happy in life. My idea of fitness is how to live a healthy life.

What efforts do you take to stay in shape?

I do a lot of exercise, I do cardio and cross fit training.

Are you conscious about your food choices?

I am a complete foodie, if something tasty and spicy is served on my table I can't control myself. Instead of starving I believe in working out more so that I lose weight.

Three things you do every day to remain fit:

1. Jogging.

2. Playing a sport.

3. Free weight exercise.

Do you take protein supplements?

If the source is natural I avoid taking supplements.

Is there any sport you are skilled at?

I like playing Cricket and I am very fond of Swimming.

A celeb body you admire?

I feel it is better to admire your own body instead of others. I admire myself.

What is your fitness secret?

I believe in burning calories by working out, I don't starve to remain fit.

A fitness tip for your fans?

Nowadays children don't play outdoor games they are busy in indoor games. I would advice children to go out to play because this will make you strong enough. I feel residing in village made me stronger because in this urban lifestyle you don't get a chance to play outdoor games. 

Are you a foodie?


Which is your most preferred cuisine?

I crave for different cuisines. When I carve for eating cheesey, I like to have Italian and for junk food I like burgers with cold drink. I also love to eat Jalebi.

Your favorite mouth-watering dish?

White sauce chicken pasta.

Which restaurant do you prefer the most?

Barbeque Nation in Mumbai.

Do you like spending time in the kitchen?

Yes, I have been cooking since long now.

Your most memorable kitchen moment, be it happy or a disastrous one?

First time I cooked Gajar Halwa for like 100 people and it turned out to be decent in taste.

Which is your favorite quick cheap healthy meal?


If you would have to take a celebrity for a dinner date then who would it be?

Megan Fox.


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Shaheer Sheikh is an Indian actor.He was born in Jammu and Kashmir.Shaheer hails from Bhaderwah district of the Jammu region.He studied Science 10+2 at Hari Singh Higher Secondary School,Jammu.He completed his studies from New Law College,Bharati Vidyapeeth University,Pune.He is a Law Graduate.He has a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and owns an event management company.He did modelling before becoming an actor.After graduating in Bachelor's degree in Law,he was working in Pune.He is also a very good photographer.He is Aries.His family members calls him Sameer/Sunny.He used to be mischeivous and loves playing video games,cricket and dancing in school/college's cultural functions.He is very fond of swimming.He stated that he would run to swim seeing flowing water.His favourite actor is Salman Khan and favourite movie is Andaz Apna Apna.He loves writing poems and about his own life and experiences.He is a big music buff.He stated that he wants to compose music and he may release his own music album.He describes himself as a wanderer.He loves to roam around.He loves singing and travelling.

While working in Pune its been only 8 months when Shaheer got a call from his friend from Mumbai who asked him to do an audition for Kya Mast Hai Life(2009-2010).He started his acting career with Kya Mast Hai Life on Disney Channel India.Later he appeared in Jhansi Ki Rani on Zee TV.Then he acted in Best Of Luck Nikky on Disney Channel India and he signed Navya..Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal on Star Plus.That time he also appeared in song Teri Palkey of A.M.Turaz video album 'Ek Ladki Shabnami Jaisi'.After that he has done a short telefilm 'Honeymoon' in Star Plus show Teri Meri Love Stories.Recently he played the character of Arjuna in Star Plus mythological show Mahabharat.n now he is in Jakarta City,Indonesia for a show named 'Panah Asmara Arjuna' & he is very popular over there.He became the brand Ambassador of ANTV in Indonesia.

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Shaheer played the role of Vir Mehra in Kya Mast Hai Life who was 17 years old boy.Vir loves music.He treasures his guitar the most.The titlis mostly Kimmy have a crush on him and he knows that.He is in the science stream and hates dramatics.His parents are doctors and want to make him a doctor too,but when he sees blood he faints.He has a good voice and sings with Ragini at the Fresher's party.He also writes his own lyrics.He is often roped into doing thingshe normally wouldn't have done,(like going on date with titlis)by Zeeshan,his best chady-buddy friend.He is the only person who knows that Ragini can sing.He is the cool cute dude of Red Field Academy.


Shaheer played the role of Nana Saheb who is a biological son of Madhav Narayan Rao.Nana Saheb was brother of Manu(Rani Lakshmi Bai).He pretends to be an ally of British saves the Rani and the Rani kills Nelson.


Ritesh is 17 years old.He is Dolly's ex-boyfriend.At first,they started dating after they begin studing together.He and Popi share similar dansing abilities that rival each other,but they eventually become friends.Ritesh finally watches a movie with Dolly showing that he really cares for her.Later in the series Dolly come to knoe that Ritesh cheated on her after Nikky bit Ritesh and she spotted him with his arms around Maya at his work.


Anant is a 19 years old college boy who on the surface,looks like any other urban boy.He has the latesh clothes,car and looks which any girl would fall for.But deep down he is traditionalist,a conformist who believes in the old-world,values of joint family and arranged marriages.Unlike most of the teenages of today's time,he reveres his grandfather and seems to have been brought up to respect his family's traditions and to live by the rule book.His life before meeing Navya included following the chalked by his family.He did not think,even for a sceond that he could ever fall in love.


Shaheer had performed in one song Teri Palkey of A.M.Turaz video album Ek Ladki Shabnami Jaisi.He had shot this song during earlier days of Navya.


Nityanand is an orphan who works as an agent in Honeymoon travels.Saloni,th edaughter of the owner of the travel agency ids married to Nityanand agaginst her will.Saloni is in love with Sunil.She receives a rose every morning at her doorstep and thinks its from Sunil.She and Nitya go to the venetian Macao for their honeymoon.Saloni learns that Sunil had rejected her due to her horoscope.She falls in love with Nityanand on learning that he is the one who gives her a rose everyday.


Shaheer is recently playing the character of Arjuna who is the 3rd Pandav in Mahabharat.There is a say that he was the best archer in the world.He was devraj Indra's Kripaputra and the king  of Hastinapur Maharaj Pandu's 3rd son.He was born after Yudhishtir and Bheem.


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                                        Respectable citizen

                                        Good human 



                                      Down to earth
                                      Super active


                                     Hard working

                                     Charming smile

                                     Hazel eyes

                                    Admirable acting skill

                                    Romantic person

                                    Family man

                                   Good looking



                                  Unique figure



                                  Just undefinable



                                 Too hot to handle

                                Cuteness personified



                                Passionate about acting

                               Cares for his fans/birdies



                               Soft spoken

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               debaleena_tunai                         Krishnaa_Nair                           -abhi-pundir-
               Shriya95                                    anshikashaheer                        Acidic_San
               Saima                                        debasree04                                Sha-Ja-Fanatic
               Sanjana_JA                              LiveYourDream                          VS-Cool
               harangel                                    Yagyaseni                                   anyadiv96
               _barbie                                      Guruvishva                                  setajam.silet
               Chikni.Kamli                             Viamuniquestyle                        naq5
               Ipsita_lpu                                   esha.ayak                                  kukucat
               abzeth                                    AikaSheikh                                  Rushika
               shavii                                      _JellyBean_                                 devashree_h  
               Uma90                                     taruna40

      If you want to add your name on the member list hit                           the 'Like'  button or send PM to me.

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There are certain rules that must be followed in order to participate in the Fan Club Section. 

1) Absolutely NO personal chatting will be accepted in the Fan Club. It is against IF rules.

2)Do not use caps in any post.

3) Do NOT post countless consecutive posts. We have an Edit button for a reason!

4) Avoid quoting extremely large posts, unless it is absolutely necessary.

5) When posting PICTURES, post at least 2-3 in one post, instead of posting one picture per post.

6) Do not quote pics.

7) Check before posting ARTICLES.Do not post the article twice.

8) DO NOT bash other actors in your FC. Any form of bashing is not allowed on India forums.

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Instagram Id - Shaheer [email protected]


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Thank you deba( debasree04 ) for all the beautiful main tags,banners n siggies.
Thanks a lot Anisha di( -Rashi- ) for those wonderful siggies.
        Thanks a lot Dikshu ( mythili2 ) for d amazing animated siggy.
Thanks Appy di( -Koeli_Appy- ) for those character name tags.
Thanks Liana( -Liana- ) for the beautiful animated siggy.

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