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Posted: 06 February 2016 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by durdarshan


Will be posting an update todayWink

Twinkle_alisha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2016 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by humairaa1

Originally posted by Twinkle_alisha

Originally posted by cuteariya

update plz


I'm posting the update nowWink

humairaa1 Goldie

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Originally posted by ...Rohitha...

Nice Update

Thank youSmile
Twinkle_alisha IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by humairaa1

Originally posted by Twinkle_alisha

Updateee Updateee Updateee Updateee Updateee Updatee Update Update Update Update Update Update

I'm updating sisSmileEmbarrassed

humairaa1 Goldie

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Originally posted by Paridi1234

hii please update your story

Hey, I will update the story todaySmileWink

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Twinkle_alisha IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by humairaa1

Originally posted by Twinkle_alisha

update...kahan ho humaira Sis Aap...

Sorry sis, I've been busy with schoolOuchthat's why I was unable to post or even write an update


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Originally posted by Twinkle_alisha

heyyy Humaira Sis kab update karhogi yrrr Aappp...

Hey sis, how you?SmileI'm updating it now, please do read it and tell me what you think...Wink
Missed you loads sisHug

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Hey guys, I know, long time no seeSmile
Missed you guys loadsHug
You can kill me later for posting the chapter so lateWink
As promised, here's the update:

Chapter 12

Manyata: DS, you called?

DS: Yes beta, when you arrived, you had asked me if I need your assistance with anything and I said that I'll let you know if I did...

Manyata: Yes, I remember DS...

DS: today I'm not feeing too good and I wondered if you took take over my place for a few days or at least until I feel better?

Manyata: what did the Doctor say?

DS: well, I haven't spoken to him yet...

Manyata: that is bad DS, you need to go straight to your room and I'll make sure Doctor Saab comes to see you ASAP

DS: ok beta

Manyata took DS straight to her room and made her lie on the bed before leaving the room. When she entered the office, she immediately dialed Doctor Saab and called him over.

Manyata buried herself in the work that DS had to complete, until Rohan decided to give her a surprise visit.

Rohan noticed Manyata when he was making his way up the stairs and decided to sneak up on her. So he crept up on her but before he could even make his move...

Manyata: don't even think about it

Rohan let out a sigh before grabbing the chair next to her and plopping himself into it.

Rohan: how did you know?

Manyata stopped writing and grinned before pointing at the shiny mirror on the side.

Rohan hit his head: shoot, how did I forget about it and here I was thinking that you were a sidekick or a person with magical powers!

Manyata: like what?

Rohan: like a ummm...witch!

Manyata: a witch?

Rohan nodded his head

Manyata: out of all things, you thought that I was a witch???

Rohan chuckled: hey, it's one of the only things that came to mind but now when I think about it, you're too pretty to be a witch...

Manyata: so if I wasn't pretty, you would have said that I was a witch, instead of using common sense...Oh wait, I forgot, "Common sense is a flower that doesn't grow in everyone's garden"

Rohan: what? (confused and upon realizing) oh no you didn't...

Manyata: oh yes, I did (she turned to continue the paperwork)

Rohan: Now I'm certain, you have to be a witch otherwise, my Manyata would have never been this mean...

Manyata stopped and looked at him with a devilious smile

Manyata: I guess, I learnt from the best...

Rohan placed his right hand on his chest

Rohan: ouch, I'm hurt... (Manyata chuckled and turned her gaze back to the paper on the desk) I'm not a cruel person, I doubt that you're my best friend.

Jai walks in the office

Jai: hey sis, what you up to? (upon noticing Rohan) and what are you doing here?

Rohan: OMG, you guys are so much a like! (he fell back in his seat)

Manyata chuckled: what do you expect, we're sisters after all...

Rohan: I should have know (he slapped his face)

Jai: what's up with Mr Drama King? (she pulled a chair next to her sister)

Manyata: beats me...

Jai: so what are you guys doing? (looking at Manyata, who was reading a paper and then at Rohan who was relaxing in the chair next to her) I guess Rohan is doing nothing as usual (Rohan put his hand by his chest- faking as if hurt)

Rohan: that's a lie, everyone knows that I am one hard working guy

Jai: yeah right...what have you done since you arrived?

Rohan: well, your sister and I were talking and I found out something... (Jai looked at him, interested in the conversation) which is between us (Jai shot him daggers)

Jai: Come on...please tell...(She gave her puppy eyes which she knew everyone fell for) you're so mean, you never share anything with me...

Rohan: aww, you guys know how to emotionally blackmail me...(he sighed) well, (Jai sat up in her seat and smiled) you're sister is...

Jai gasped in excitement

Jai: you're dating someone???

Manyata and Rohan shot their gazes to Jai, Rohan burst out laughing and Jai looked so confused

Jai: what?

Rohan: oh my... (in between laughs) you're...too cute...

He sat up after he controlled his laughter

Rohan: oh wait, you weren't joking? (Jai shook her head in denial) well I guess that's not for me to tell but since Mani is here, I will tell you that you're kind of right...they've been dating for quite some time now, I'm surprised that you didn't know

Jai: what? How long were they dating for and who is the guy?

Rohan: well, they were dating for a year now and his name is Aryan...but that's not what I discovered (interrupted by Jai)

Jai: but I only found out now! Gosh, Mani...why didn't you tell me?

Manyata: it's not a big thing so don't worry about it...(her head was down looking at the papers, not once did she lift it)

Rohan: never mind that. I discovered that Manyata is not Manyata - they switched her with someone in Chicago...she is so mean and rude! Do you know what she told me? (Jai shook her head) She told me that I don't have any common sense! (Jai laughed)

Jai: I can't agree more... (Manyata chuckled)

Rohan: you know what, I'm going to sit with someone who would actually be nice to me... (he stood up and left the office)

Manyata and Jai laughed

Manyata: he's so childish

Jai: at least he hasn't changed...

Manyata understood what Jai was trying to say but ignored it and continued working while asking Jai about her life and studies.



Rohan went to his room in the Devgarh's palace and took out his phone. He scrolled down the list of contact and finally stopped when he spotted the name he was looking for.

Man: Good day sir.

Rohan: Good day. Tell me, what did you find out?

Man: well sir...

-------------------15 minutes later

Rohan: thank you, please keep me informed.

Man: of course sir

End of call

Rohan: I'm going to be on your case (thinking back to the information he found out so far)



In Chicago

Uday was in his room looking at his phone wallpaper

Uday: why can't I forget you and move on... (he sighed in defeat)

Vijay barged in the room

Vijay: it's time to visit Unnati...

Uday chuckled: that's all you ever think about now days. Come on, let's go



They picked up Unnati and went to the movies. They were waiting in line to buy popcorn.

Vijay: come guys, let's take a selfie... (Unnati was amused)

Uday guys take the selfie, I'm going to make a call and come (he left them in the line)

Unnati: let me guess, girl friend...

Vijay: he's not dating anyone, not anymore (he murmured the last part but she heard him) anyway, how about that selfie

Unnati chuckled: ok... (they stood and took as many selfies as they could)


Uday went to a corner but he could see them perfectly from where he stood and smiled to himself.



Uday: you're so cute, I love you so much

Girl: love you too (she pinched his cheeks)

Uday: sometimes I think that you like my cheeks more than me...

Girl giggled: you might be right (she winked)

They were seated in the movies and while everyone was engrossed in the movie, the two of them were engrossed in talking to each other.

When the movie was over they were the first people to walk out. They stood outside the theatre and asked a couple that was walking past to take a picture of them.

They then went to have lunch and while ordered, she went over to the children's section and smiled as she saw the kids playing.

A small girl ran up to her and pulled her in to play with so she happily joined in their fun.

Uday stood watching her with a smile that refused to leave his face, ever since he met her, he couldn't stop smiling. He took out his phone a snapped a few pictures of her while she was busy playing with them.

The kids put a blindfold for her and she was trying to find them, after trying for at least five minutes, she turned and bumped into Uday, he held her waist to secure her balance, she pulled away and opened the blindfold with a smile.

Girl: your turn (she passed it to him)

He put his hand forward and she put it in his hand and was about to move her hand but he held it.

Uday: won't you put it on for me? (with an innocent smile, he stared in her eyes and she was captivated by his)

A lady who walked in to call her son saw them and took a picture

Lady: you two are so cute (her voice startled them and Manyata removed her hand from his hold)a match in heaven (she showed them the picture)

Uday couldn't but ask her to send them the picture, which she gladly did.

They then had their lunch and he drove her home.

End of Flashback


Uday stood there with tears in his eyes, he wiped them away and dialed a number...



Manyata's phone was ringing continuously in her room when Rohan entered to check so he answered the phone

Rohan: Hello

The other side was silent

Rohan: Hello...

Rohan was starting to get irritated

Rohan: who is this?

When he got no reply, he was going to cut it but...

A lady: Hi, sorry, can I please speak to the owner of this phone?

Rohan: she's kind of busy.

Lady: ok, who am I talking to?

Rohan: her best friend, would you like me to give her a message?

Lady: can you please pass her the phone, it's urgent...

Rohan: ok, give me a minute...

He ran down the stairs and went to the office but no one was there.

He came out of the office and stood in the passage. The maid was walking past.

Rohan: Have you seen Rajkumari Manyata?

Maid: yes sir, she went to the garden...

Rohan: ok, thank you

She left and he picked the phone to his ear and heard a murmur from a male voice but shook that thought off

Rohan: so sorry, give me one more minute

Lady: of course, no problem

He ran to the garden

Manyata was sitting on the swing, looking at the view of the city.

Rohan came and stood in front of her and smiled.

Manyata chuckled: what happened Rohan? (he shook his head and held out her phone)

Rohan: this lady phoned and she said that she has something important to tell you

Manyata smiled and took the phone from him

Manyata: thank you

Manyata pressed the phone towards her ear

Manyata: hello

Lady: Hi, who is this?

Manyata: it's Manyata, the owner of this very phone- may I know who I'm speaking to?

End of call

She pulled the phone away from her ear and stared at the screen.

Manayata: that's strange, she cut the call...

Rohan: you got to be kidding

Manyata: what did she say when you answered?

Rohan: nothing much, she said (thinking about the call) that she wanted to talk to the owner of the phone and it was important

Manyata: that's strange, if it was important, why did she cut the call after hearing my name?

Rohan: you know, when I think about it now, that phone call was weird...I promise you I heard a male voice say something like "thank you so much for helping me phone her" but I couldn't make out who it was and she was like "don't worry, when she answers, I'll pass you the phone" but then I thought that I was just hearing things so I ignored it.

Manyata: hmm...oh well, if it's important- they got my number

Rohan: let's go, it's time for dinner (he said looking at his watch)

Manyata: yeah, let's go (she stood up and they started walking)



That is the end of the chapter. please leave behind your precious commentsWink

Lots of love


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