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humairaa1 Goldie

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Posted: 10 August 2015 at 5:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preya_radev

hey humairaa... Hey di Smilefirst of all really sorry for the late reply as i had exams going on,,,I totally understand and my second grandma had passed away I'm so sorry to hear about your loss di...I'll always be here if you need meHugbecause I know how it feels to lose someone close to you...and also some family problems so wasnt able to read ur update...I understandbut now im back.. Yayy... I'm glad you're backHugcoming to the update it was fav Thank youSmile

loved chapter 8,,, it was unnati will be going to receive mr smile buddy...Yipjust loved unnati and manyata convo...Thank youjust loved uday and unnati interaction... Thank youpoor girls were thinking uday is coming to them but he walked right past them... Yipso uday is mr smily buddy.. cant wait for manveer to meet... Me tooWink

chapter 9 was i was laughing when unnati thought manyata friend would be more like vijay made me laugh with he line when uday introduced him... i can actually imagine him speaking like that... I'm glad you liked it and I'm so happy to receive such sweet comment...awww loved how vijay couldnt stop staring at unnati...Thank youloved unnati and manyata convo loved how they speak to each other...Thank youpoor unnati had to go on date because of manyata..Yipiwonder in that flashback scene was that girl manyata...You'll find out soonWink

coming to chapter 10 it was fab...Thank youthe way everyone said surprise to manyata she didnt like it as it reminded her something and also she kept looking at that one table which gies me a doubts that manveer were connected in the past Maybe, maybe not...but something happened that separated them... i wonder wt will happen when they see each other face to face...Lol, you'll find out soonWinkliked how rohan tried to cheer manyata up...Thank youseriously want to know wt happened in that past as manyata was trembling to take the ice cream...You will find out soonWinkilike rohan he is actually a cool person...Thank youaww it was actually sweet when manyata hugged the ice cream man...Thank youomg i was actually laughing relaising that when rohan hugs manyata she will get all ice cream over her,...Thank youuday and manyata convo was good as smile buddy both unaware of each other identity...Thank youiwas cracking up with the last scene of manyata and rohan... Lol,thank update next part soon I willWinkand thanks for the pm It's a pleasureSmile

Thanks for such a sweet and beautiful reply diSmile

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jagz11 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2015 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
Gr8 chapter. Finally I've been able to get on here after a looonnng time. Keep it up my friends.

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humairaa1 Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2015 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jagz11

Gr8 chapter. Finally I've been able to get on here after a looonnng time. Keep it up my friends.

Thank you for the sweet reply

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Twinkle_alisha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2015 at 1:32pm | IP Logged

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humairaa1 Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2015 at 9:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by alisha_ashiyal

I'm updating nowSmile
humairaa1 Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2015 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Hey guys, how you?Smile
I know that I've been promising an update for quite some time now and I'm so sorry that I could update earlier it's because school re-opened and we are loaded with assignments and projects and don't get me started about the tests...Ouch

Enough about my boring school life, here's a small update... Hope you guys enjoySmile
If you guys like it then I'll continue with the story but if you don't I think I might have to discontinue it

So here it is:

Chapter 11

This one month was hard for Manyata...everything she did, everywhere she went, reminded her of him...although she tried her level best to get him out of her mind by focusing on riyasat work and Komal's health...she wasn't able too, her mind would some how travel back into time...

She was sitting in the garden and looking down at the city below her...she always felt that view was beautiful although it made things seem extra small...


Manyata: mom, please continue the story... (the seven year old Manyata sat impatiently waiting for her mother to tell her the story)

Komal: but my sweet heart, you've heard this story at least ten times! Let's read another story?(she put her palm on Manyata's cheek hoping to convince)

Manyata: please mama, last time...

Komal: promise?

Manyata put her index finger over her chin and tried to think: hmm, second last time? (she grinned brightly)

Komal: Manyata! (sighed in despair)

Manyata giggled: fine...

Komal smiled but she knew that this was not going to be the last time...

Komal: once upon a time there was a beautiful little princess who had pitch, black hair, pink cheeks and skin as white as snow...she was known as Snow White.

Unfortunately the queen died and the beautiful child became motherless. So the king decided to remarry...because he knew that every child needs a mother...

The king's second wife was very sweet but she couldn't stand the fact that there could be someone more beautiful than her...

She had a magic mirror, which she always used, she will always ask the same question

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

And the mirror would always reply that she was until one day

"Before, my queen, it was you, but now Snow White is much more beautiful than you."

The queen started to despise her stepdaughter and had decided to kill her...

To complete her evil plan, she ordered one of her servants to kill the princess: but the man could not commit such a crime, instead he told her to run away...

Snow White was afraid and ran through the woods, until she came across a beautiful little cottage but no one was home...

Tired...she went inside and put together seven small beds and fell asleep...

When she awoke, she found herself surrounded by seven friendly dwarfs. They listened with concern to the girl's story and decided to help her by giving her shelter in their house for as long as she wanted...

Every day was the same, they would go off to work (giving her strict warnings because they knew that the queen would find out sooner or later) while she cooks and cleans the cottage.

They were right, the wicked queen found out through the mirror and disguised herself and went to the woods. When she reached the cottage, she offered Snow White a juicy red apple, which Snow White couldn't refuse, one bite of the apple and Snow White collapsed on the ground.

The seven little dwarfs made a crystal casket and placed her in it, so that they could come and visit, their dearest friend...

The dwarfs told him her tragic story and he was so badly shaken but remembered a story that he had heard long ago by his mother and removed her from the casket and when the dwarfs asked him what he was doing

"True loves kiss can break and spell in the world"

And that single kiss brought her back to life...and they lived happily ever after.

Manyata kissed her mother's cheek: thank you mama

Komal smiled: my little snow white, you need to sleep (she tucked her in bed)

End of Flashback

Manyata: when we are young, we feel that life is like a fairy tale and we have hope that our prince charming will come and rescue us but as time goes, we realize that life isn't a fairytale, and prince charming doesn't exist... I was just foolish enough to believe that they did!


In Rohan's room

Rohan was going through his album when he stumbled across a photo that he had hidden a few years ago of Manyata, himself and...

Rohan: I don't understand, what went wrong that you did that to her?


Rohan: you two lovebirds, at least give everyone a chance to talk to her

But he held her: no ways, she is mine and only mine

Manyata smiled: since when did I become yours?

Guy: since the very moment when our eyes met...

Rohan: and when was that?

Guy: the very first day that we met each other...

Friends: woaw...

Rohan: ok mr, at least let us talk to her

Guy: I'm not stopping to her as much as you want...

Rohan: that's only possible if you let her go...

Guy: then you are going to wait for the rest of your life because I am never going to let her go...

End of Flashback

Rohan: you said that you'll never let her go but look...she's been away from you for two years now...

Someone knocked on the door and Rohan immediately pushed the photo into the album and hid it...

Rohan: come in...

Manyata pushed open the door and walked in

Manyata: what took you so long?

Rohan: nothing, I was in the bathroom

Manyata: oh, anyway it's time to go down...

Rohan: I'll be with you in a sec...

Manyata: ok, come quickly

Rohan: no worries, I'll be there before you know it...

Manyata smiled and then left the room...

Rohan: I know what he did to you was wrong Manyata but I still want to know what went wrong...



It was a beautiful, peaceful night and the way the moonlight seemed to illuminate their entire surroundings, making them feel like they were in heaven and they were all alone made it seem better...

He was walking her home after their dinner date that took him awfully long to prepare but it went into a total flop thanks to his bad serving skills which he accidentally ended up dropping the glass of water on her but it was worth it at the end, just to see the smile on her face

He didn't understand how someone like him was lucky enough to meet someone like her...She was like an angel from heaven, she was so forgiving and she understood everyone, she was the total opposite of him!

They were walking when all of a sudden, it started to rain and he was rushing her to cover but she pulled him back...

When he looked at her, he noticed that she was telling him to join her...

He didn't know what type of gravity drew him to her...he watched her in amazement as she danced in the rain but she didn't let him stand there like a silent spectator and pulled him to join her and before he knew it, he was dancing with her, he twirled her and in the process, she was about to fall but he didn't let that happen...

She was afraid that her body was going to collide with the ground and closed her eyes but realizing that her body did not even touch the ground, she opened her eyes and stared into his intense gaze...

He slowly brought her up, their gaze was intense and deep but it didn't last long as it started thundering and there was a loud bang that brought them back to reality!

They tried and avoided looking into each other's eyes as they continued to walk...

She started to shiver but she didn't want to say anything yet he noticed the goose bumps on her hand and immediately took off his jacket and covered her...

She looked at him and noticed that he was getting drenched in the rain and stopped in her tracks and waited for him...well, she didn't have to wait too long because he stopped the minute she stopped...he looked at her and she signaled him to cover himself with the jacket...(he held her with one hand and held the jacket with the other) and soon they were on their way to her house, stealing secret glances...

End of Flashback

Waiter: sorry sir! (he said it a little louder than usual)

Uday: sorry, what were you saying?

Waite: here's your credit card (he handed him back the card)

Uday: oh, thanks (he put it in his wallet and shoved his wallet into his pocket...)

Waiter: are you ok sir?

Uday: yes, I'm fine...

Waiter: ok, hope you have a nice day

Uday: you too

He left the restaurant and was standing on the patio of the restaurant...

Uday: the weather today reminds me of one of the most beautiful moments of my life and if it were possible for me to rewind time, I'd do anything to be with you at that precise moment...


You have reached the end of Chapter 11Smile

Let's end this on a good note...

Love makes people do weird things but that is what makes LOVE special...

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Twinkle_alisha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 August 2015 at 6:42am | IP Logged
Heyyy Humaira sis how r u... And u know when I saw ur pm for the update I was solo excited that we friends nowadays rarely visit I was afraid if one of us could stop our story... But ur pm proved ne wrong... That no matter what happen and how much we get busy into our lives we would took out some time.. Rite... Big smile
And now i read ur story.. And it was totally good.. Especially telling story tale and thinking of fairy tale part was cute .. Smile and u know sis still i think life is a fairy tale that someday we would get our Prince charming.. How much he was bad at past but as he loves trully so all his bad past would be forgiven...
U know sis nowadays im watching Miley Jab Hum Tum ''MJHT'' on Net so i was Soo much Love In MayUr And SaJan Love Story ...Smile i trully loved their couples... And AbhIya Of PKYEK.. And AR from DMG . And Lastly ManVeer from DEK... These 5 Couples R WorldBest Couples And Jodies... And Want Their Serial Season 2... But Its Difficult of Having It... Unhappy

Anyways ur Story Was Too Good...And Didn't know that how Could i explain my Feelings towards ur Story... And after reading it fully chapter i feel manveer had harsh breakup due to some musunderstandings and i guess when they would meet each other so all their sorrows would be finished... Smile and loved that how in end uday remebers flashback and said those words... And in short ur all story's parts were very heart touching... Smile and plzz dont think of discontinuing it...and thanx for the pm... Smile and do update next part soon...Smile

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