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cuteariya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2015 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
awesome update
look like manveer know each other from past Confused
but still they don't know that they r chatting each other in msg
what abt this Aryan? Confused
loll manyata fix unnati date ROFL
FB was lovely Big smile
what happen to manveer in past that they r so much change Confused
continue soon
im extremely sorry for late comment humaira Embarrassed

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humairaa1 Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2015 at 7:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cuteariya

awesome update Thank you
look like manveer know each other from past ConfusedYip
but still they don't know that they r chatting each other in msg Yes, you are right
what abt this Aryan? ConfusedYou will find out soon
loll manyata fix unnati date ROFL
FB was lovely Big smileThank you
what happen to manveer in past that they r so much change ConfusedYou will find out soon
continue soon Will do
im extremely sorry for late comment humaira EmbarrassedIt's better late than neverWink

Thanks for such a lovely replySmile
humairaa1 Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2015 at 7:21am | IP Logged

Hey guys, I just want to thank everyone for the love and support, it is indeed very inspiringSmile
I just want to say that I love each and everyone of you and I want you to remember me if you need help, you can, without a doubt ask me for advice be it personal or related to the story... basically anything

Lots of Love

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humairaa1 Goldie

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Chapter 10

Manyata had just got down the car and glanced at the signboard that had Coffee and More' engraved on it. Taking a deep breath, she walked in.

Rohan was seated on the far end of the coffee shop, patiently waiting for her. As she moved towards him, she felt like the people around looked familiar but couldn't quite place where she saw them and finally stood in front of Rohan who stood up immediately...

Rohan: Hey Manyata

Manyata: Hi Rohan

He then gave her a big hug, which Manyata reciprocated. They then parted and he pulled out a chair for her, she sat down and he sat opposite her.

Manyata: I don't know why but I feel that I know almost everyone seated here...(and without waiting for Rohan to say anything) Anyway, why did you, want me to meet you here?"

Rohan: Um, I...

Manyata growing completely impatient: You... what?

Rohan: I needed to tell you that..."

Manyata: What?

"Surprise!" Everyone shouted and that's when Manyata realized that they weren't alone.

She was enlightened by the fact that everyone gave her such a lovely surprise but it caused her to remember something that she never wanted to. She dreaded the fact that the party was held in Coffee and More, people thought that she was looking at her family who just walked in but she kept staring at one table, which was situated in the middle of the shop.

She was knocked out of her train of thoughts when someone basically ran into her almost dropping her to the ground due to the force. Her sister, Jai was overwhelmed when she saw her sister after so many years and hugged her tightly making it quite difficult to breath but Manyata was too happy to see her and hugged her just as tight.

They wouldn't have parted if it wasn't for DS who had to clear her throat in order to be noticed. Manyata then hugged her DS, her father and her mother. While the party continued, she sat with her family and Rohan. Jai wanted to know everything about Manyata's life in Chicago so Manyata was just filling them in. The elders soon left the cafe and took Jai with them. Rohan and her were left with their friends. They got busy talking to other people but Rohan made sure to just check on her every now and then.

After a while, the party ended and Manyata and Rohan were left alone. Rohan gave her a big hug.

Rohan: It feels so good to see you after so long in person...

Manyata reciprocated the hug witht a smile on her face...

Manyata: same here, it's been so long

Rohan realized that Manyata was getting a little teary eyed because he felt his shirt getting wet, so to cheer her up, he broke the hug...

Rohan: woaw, look at you.

Manyata looked extremely confused: what?

Rohan smiled and in a teasing way: looks like someone lost a lot of weight...

Manyata glared at him: what do you mean?

Rohan chuckled: as if you don't know, what I'm talking about...

Manyata: no, I don't!

Rohan in a teasing way: oh please, you know exactly what I mean. How did one of the chubbiest girls in school get so fit" (saying that he started to run as he saw how Manyata's expressions changed and he knew that it was best to run.)

Manyata: Rohan you dog, how could you? I was not that chubby (she was running behind him.)

Rohan in a mocking way: don't you remember, our high school days, you were my chubby friend...

Manyata laughed: lies, you used to be my chubby, teddy friend.

Finally Rohan slowed down and Manyata too. Breathing heavily they both looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Manyata: it's good to be back home

Rohan: Wrong, it's good to see one of the most handsome guys in India.

Manyata: I totally agree

Rohan was shocked, he expected a different answer: really?

Manyata: it was good to see Salman Khan on the same airplane that I was in.

Rohan slapped her shoulder: I was talking about me!

Manyata: lol, you the cutest friend in India not the hottest

Rohan: rudey, for your information, I am one of the most liked and loved people in India.

Manyata: yeah right, well in that case, I'm one of the most liked and most loved people in this world

She said sticking her tongue out, Rohan chuckled...

Rohan's thought: I'm glad you're still as cute and childish as you were back then

Rohan: ok miss beautiful, would you like or should I say would you care to join me for a ride in my car?

Rohan said while holding his hand out for Manyata. Manyata placed her hand on top of his and smiled

Manyata: it would be my pleasure

They both set out from there with a smile plastered to both their faces...



In the car

Rohan was sitting with her in the back seat of the vehicle: I'm still upset with you!

Manyata was really confused: why?

Rohan: don't act as if you don't know!

Manyata getting a bit tired and irritated: seriously, I don't

Rohan: you promised me that you would give me the honour to be your next boyfriend but you broke your promise... (he folded his arms across his chest and looked outside the window)

Manyata remembered her promise: well, technically you are my boyfriend

Rohan confused: and how is that?

Manyata: you are a boy and you are my friend. So technically, you are my boyfriend unless you decided to become a girl...

Rohan gave a sarcastic laugh: not even a tiny bit funny.

Manyata smiled and in a defending tone: hey, it was cute.

Rohan: let's forget about the cuteness for now and promise me that I will accompany you to the prom.

Manyata: aww, mr handsome, I think you already have a date. By the way, I have a boyfriend, who won't be too pleased to see me dance with another guy.

Rohan laughed: you mean Aryan!

Manyata nodded

Rohan: no need to fear when Rohan is here.

Manyata looked at him dazed

Rohan: what? Why are you looking at me like that?

Manyata: what did you do?

Rohan: nothing...

Manyata: nothing, yeah right! I know you, you did something, it's written all over your face!

Rohan: ok fine, you got me, I spoke to Aryan and he's totally cool with it...

Manyata: no ways...

Rohan: as long as you share your second dance with him...

Manyata sighed: seriously, you guys decided everything without discussing it with the most important person, me!

Rohan: oh my sweetheart, you should be happy, you will have one of the most hottest and cutest boys dancing with you for the first dance...

Manyata hit his arm: hottest, nope, cutest maybe but don't keep your hopes high...

Rohan: it's not my hopes, I promised myself that I would be the first person to dance with you and I will fulfill my promise...

Tring...tring -Manyata's phone started ringing

Manyata: Hey Unnati, what's up?

Unnati: Where are you?

Manyata: I'm going to the palace and you?

Unnati: what do you mean, you were supposed to be there hours ago!

Rohan's phone rings and he answers it

Manyata: I know Unnati...

Unnati: who else is with you?

Manyata: where?

Unnati: in the vehicle?

Manyata: oh, Rohan...

Unnati: oh

Manyata: when you were talking to me, I received an incoming call and I said that I'll phone you back

Unnati: yeah...

Manyata: Rohan phoned me and asked me to meet him in a coffee shop, when I went there, it turned out to be a surprise party and everyone was there...

Unnati a bit concerned: who was there?

Manyata: old classmates and then mom, dad, DS and Jai turned out that they planned it

Unnati: how's Aunty Komal?

Manyata: she looks good

Unnati: that's good...but that doesn't mean that there's nothing wrong with her...

Manyata: I know better than to judge a book by it's cover

Unnati: By the way, I phoned you to talk about your Smile Buddy.

Manyata: ok

Unnati: did you know that he's in the same college as us.

Manyata surprised: nope

Rohan had just ended his phone call and looked at Manyata before snatching the phone from her hand and started talking to Unnati. Manyata tried taking her phone back but in vain... all defeated she sat quietly as Rohan cut the call.

Rohan kept trying to talk to her but she ignored him. Finally they stopped at a stop street and her eyes wondered off to the ice cream vendor, she opened the door and walked towards it, Rohan followed her and told the driver to park on the side of the road.

The man (at the vendor) recognized her the minute he saw her, he was enlightened to see her after so long

The man: How are you my dear? It's been so long since I last saw you! You know, just yesterday I was talking to my wife about you, she wanted to know where you disappeared and she was extremely worried

Manyata smiled as if he was reducing her pain and worry as he spoke in his sweet and gentle voice...

The man: Here my dear, your favourite ice-cream...

Manyata stared at the ice-cream for a while and then finally took it with trembling hands. This was well noticed by the old man.

The old man's thoughts: this child was one of the sweetest and most lively children that I've ever met but what has happened to her... I don't know why but I can see a change in this child and the pain in her eyes...Pain? What could have caused it? All I can pray for is for this child to live a lovely, prosperous life...

Suddenly his eyes fell on Rohan, he noticed the concern and love he had for his friend.

The man handed Rohan an ice-cream: Now my boy, I would have said it's been a long time since I last saw you but that would be a lie, I always see you driving by and the last time you drove by, you came with some lady...

Rohan who just started eating his ice-cream started choking, the old man rubbed his back in concern while Manyata glared at him and as soon as he was back to normal...

Manyata: Rohan, you little dog! No, you can't be a dog...dogs are so much better...

Rohan: Manyata, I can explain

Manyata: you are disgusting, what happened to you promised me that you would give me the honour to be your next boyfriend but you broke your promise' (she mimicked him

Rohan: Manyata...

Manyata: yuck, you are disgusting. All guys are the same!

She threw the ice-cream on him. The cold rushed threw his veins, he stood there in shock, there was ice-cream all over him, his clothes and his hair. It took him a couple of seconds to register what just happened. When realization hit, he was about to take his revenge when he noticed that Manyata was running away from him and everyone around were laughing. He ran after her...

Rohan: that's not fair, you didn't even let me complete my sentence and now my clothes are messed!

Manyata laughed: your clothes are not the only things that are messed

Rohan: yaar Manyata, at least listen to me...

Manyata: nope, I don't trust you...

Rohan: what???

Manyata: first throw away the ice-cream that you are holding then I will stop and listen to you.

Rohan was all dejected knowing that his plan to take revenge won't take place, he threw the ice-cream away.

Manyata came a step closer, Rohan was walking towards her when he saw her stepping away...

Rohan: now what?

Manyata: distance...

Rohan stopped in his tracks and so did Manyata

Rohan: the lady he saw me with was a client, I didn't take her to a fancy restaurant because I was in no mood to do so, so as we stopped at the stop street, my eyes fell on the ice-cream vendor and I remembered how much fun we used to have and came to enjoy the moment unfortunately the lady came with me.

Manyata: lol, Rohan I was only joking... If you forgot, I have a boyfriend...

Rohan: correction you have a boyfriend in Chicago, not in India...(He said with a wink.)

Manyata: Rohan!!!

Rohan: ok, ok. Sorry, now can we go?

Manyata: yes

The old man watched them and observed the glow come back to Manyata's face, he smiled and Manyata who was walking towards the car stopped and walked back to the old man...

Manyata: Love you dada (she gave him a hug)

The man: Love you too, my sweet child, may god always bless you!

They broke the hug and Manyata was about to leave when Rohan made her stop in her tracks

Rohan: shit, I forgot to do something important

Manyata : and what is that?

Rohan: this!

He gave Manyata a hug making her completely confused when suddenly she heard him laughing like crazy and wondered why...he broke the hug and started backing off still laughing...when she looked at him, she realized that he rubbed all the ice-cream, that was on him, onto her.

Manyata: Rohan!!!

He made a run for the car and she ran after him.



Manyata was totally irritated: Rohan, I'm entering my house after so long and thanks to you, I'm in a mess.

Rohan said with a wink: you are welcome but I won't take all the credit, you helped...

Manyata shook her head as they made their way up the stairs and finally entering the palace. As soon as they reached the top stair of the palace porch, they saw Komal standing there with a big smile ready to welcome them and all the elders and youngster standing behind her.

After a few minutes, she entered the house and went straight to her room and Rohan went to his respective room to freshen up, while everyone gathered up in the lounge. (Rohan and Manyata have known each other for years now that's why Manyata's family likes, understands and treats him as one of their own and that's basically why he has his own room in their palace...)



Uday was sipping coffee while going through his phone when he received a message.

Start of text

Smile Buddy: Hey, how you?

Closes messages and smiles to himself.

Smile Buddy: Hope you had a safe journey.

Reads text and closes it.

Smile Buddy: So angry?

Smile Buddy: Ok, I'm sorry.

Reads text and closes it again

Smile Buddy: Hey, I'm really sorry, everything happened so quickly that I was only able to send you a text before I reached India.

Uday: why, what happened?

Smile Buddy: My gran informed me that my mother was not well and wanted to see me, I couldn't think of anything else.

Uday: so sorry, I had no idea.

Smile Buddy: Yeah. Lol, it's ok. Hope you settled in well?

Uday: yeah, I did. Your friend is very nice...

Smile Buddy: I know. You never told me that you were going to the same college that I go to!

Uday: sorry, I forgot to mention and by the way, your friend thinks that you forgot to tell her

Smile Buddy: haww, so mean...any way sorry once again, I got to go, bye

Uday: bye

End of text



Someone was knocking on Manyata's door. After waiting for what seemed ages, Manyata finally allowed the person entrance.

Manyata sat up frustrated: come in (after seeing Rohan she went back to lying down on her bed...)

Rohan pushed open the door and quickly shut it and made his way to where Manyata was seated.

Manyata was lying down on her bed when Rohan came and sat down quietly on one side, noticing Rohan breathing heavily and his strange behavior, she grew curious...

Manyata: what happened to you?

Rohan: nothing, what makes you think that there's something wrong with me?

Manyata: mr creepy, normally you would throw yourself on the bed and you wouldn't have that look as if you've seen a ghost, so what happened?

Rohan: you wouldn't believe me...

Manyata: try me...

Rohan: I went to have a shower and I entered the bathroom and started undressing, I had just opened the shower door and stepped in when I heard someone giggling...I promise you, there was a ghost in that bathroom and then there was a shadow in the bathroom. I was so freaked out...

Manyata burst out laughing: Rohan, you should really stop watching horror movies, it's getting to your head.

Rohan scornfully: well, what do you think it was?

Manyata: probably one of the maids had gone to clean the bathroom but unfortunately, you arrived there and they were quite embarrassed and that's why she giggled and ran out.

Rohan trying to act smart: right, I knew that...I was just checking how you would react.

Manyata: yeah sure



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wittydragon Senior Member

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very nice, humaira appi. loved tht part of naughty rohan and manyata. so funny their conversation wasROFLROFL. bt missed uday. continue soonBig smileWink

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simi.k. Senior Member

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ress sorry will comment later Unhappy


hey sis how are you?
chapter was amazing and pretty hilarious too..
rohan manyata scenes were too cute... especially ghost wala (it was hilarious)
continue soon sis and thanx for pm

Edited by simi.k. - 29 June 2015 at 12:09pm

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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heemasomani IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb part

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