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Originally posted by humairaa1

Originally posted by alisha_ashiyal

Originally posted by humairaa1

Originally posted by alisha_ashiyal

Update... Wink

<font color="#FF0033">Wish I could</font><font color="#FF0033">Cry...but I promise to update after two weeks because of exams</font>

U R Forgiven But Onn One Condition That When U Come U Have To Post A Very Long Long Long Long Update..Smile Big smile
Lol, I'm updating now...hope it's long enough

Ohhh Wowww... Big smile Really Waitinggg... Smile Updateee Sooonnn... Smile Big smile

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Chapter 9

Unnati stood there dazed. She was speechless.

Unnati: Are u really my friends Smile Buddy?

Uday: Yes, indeed. Why do you look so shocked?

Unnati: Nothing, just that I expected someone more (Pointing at Vijay who was looking for Uday.)

Uday: What do you mean?

Unnati feeling a bit embarrassed: Someone a little geekish, a little lost, someone who dresses up weird but you...are the total opposite.

Uday chuckled.

Uday: Why did you expect someone like that?

Unnati: Well, Mani is a topper so I thought her friend would be like her.

Uday: Lol, so you're saying that she's a bad dresser...

Unnati: No ways, she may be a topper but that doesn't mean that she isn't the diva in college.

Uday: Ok, so she's smart and fashionable.

Unnati: Yes.

Uday noticed that Vijay spotted him and that he was making his way towards them

Uday: What's your name?

Unnati: Unnati and yours?

Uday: the way, the person you just pointed at...

Vijay: Uday Banna, where did you disappear all of a sudden...oh, looks like you found the person you were looking for. (Says with a smile when he noticed Unnati standing next to Uday.)

Unnati realized that Uday had some connection with this man who she pointed at, she felt so weird and uncomfortable.

Unnati's thought: I wish there was a hole that I could just hide myself in

Uday understood her situation and gave her a gentle nod just to tell her that he won't tell Vijay anything.

Unnati gave a fake smile.

Uday: Vijay Banna, this is Unnati, my friend's friend and Unnati, this is Vijay my friend.

Vijay: Just the other day you said I'm your brother, so quickly I became an outsider!

Uday held Vijay's shoulder: Sorry, meet my brother Vijay.

Unnati: Nice to meet you Vijay. (She said with a gentle smile while putting the

board down so that she could shake his hand.)

Vijay: The pleasure is all mine, Unnati. (Vijay looked directly at her, after leaving the handle of the trolley and holding her hand.)

Vijay: Gosh, why do I feel butterflies in my stomach? I never felt like this before when approaching a girl, then why now?

He couldn't help but stare at her

Vijay: and her voice, it's so pure and beautiful

Unnati was quite uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her. He didn't realize that he was still holding her hand until Uday dashed his arm.

Vijay realized what he was doing and quickly pulled his hand back.

Vijay: What are we waiting for, let's go!

He said and pushed his trolley which had his bags in it.

Uday found this to be hilarious as he could clearly see how embarrassed both of them were but he had to control his laugh because he didn't want to be rude.

They all made their way to Unnati's car.



Unnati sat in the driver's seat, Uday sat next to her and Vijay sat in the back.

Unnati: Where are you guys staying?

Vijay:'s a very good question.

Vijay looked at Uday: Where are we going to stay?

Uday: At the hostel near the college...

Unnati: Which college are you guys going to be studying at? I mean, you might have told Mani but she was in a rush and forgot to tell me.

Uday: we will be going to the same college as you and your friend

Unnati: Wow, that's nice...

Vijay: Is her name Mani?

Unnati: Oh no! Her name is...sorry I can't tell you.

Uday: Why?

Unnati: She said that until she personally meets you, she doesn't want you to know anything about her.

Uday: Now, don't you think that's a tiny bit unfair?

Unnati: How is it unfair?

Uday: You see, I can't find out anything about her but she can find out about me, right?

Unnati: No, she said that I mustn't tell her anything about you or show her any pictures of you so you's not unfair.

Vijay: Wow, looks like Mani is a very honest person and sticks to her word.

Unnati: She is, she loves to keep to her word. You know, she is finally changing.

Uday and Vijay looked at each other in curiosity: Changing?

Unnati: I knew her from quite a young age although we went to different high schools but she left her metric in the middle and moved to my school. When I met her, after so long, she was broken and devastated. Then there was this sudden change in her... her behaiour, her personality...nothing was the same. She started becoming very unpredictable by the day.

Unnati realized what she was saying and quickly stopped. Uday and Vijay, who were very engrossed in what Unnati was saying, didn't notice that they reached their destination.

Unnati: Here we are.

Uday and Vijay snapped out of their train of thought and Uday turned and looked at Vijay, they both exchanged looks then got down from the car.

Uday: Thank you so much Unnati.

Vijay: Yes, where are my manners? Thank you Unnati.

Unnati smiled her gentle smile: My pleasure.

Uday wanted to tease Vijay: Would you like to join us?

Unnati: Thank you for the humble gesture but I have to go.

Vijay: Where do you have to go?

Unnati: I have to meet someone.

Uday: Ok, wouldn't want to keep that person waiting.

Unnati muttered: Thanks to Mani!

Uday: Lol, what do you mean?

Unnati; I would love to explain but I really have to go. Bye...

Uday: Bye Unnati.

Uday hit Vijay in the stomach.

Vijay exclaimed while holding his stomach: Ouch! What was that for?

Uday gestured him to see Unnati who is going and to say bye.

Vijay: Oh, bye Unnati.

Unnati was seated in the car and without wasting a second more...she was out of sight...



After 19 long hours:


Manyata: Hey Unnati, what's up?

Unnati was walking in the living room: Hello, do I know you?

Manyata: Aww, my Unzie seems to be in a very good mood, what happened? (Teasingly)

Unnati: You happened!

Manyata: Aww, mummy I happened long ago, what happened now? How was your date? (Giggling)

Unnati sarcastically: What do you think?

Manyata: Lovely, that's why you are so happy. You know, you should thank me for fixing the date for you...

Unnati: Yeah right! You made me look like a fool at the airport and the guy who was sending the messages turned out to be the jerk who Aryan slapped last year for troubling you.

Manyata was extremely confused: Wait a minute, how did you look like a fool at the airport?

Unnati: First of all, where are you?

Manyata: I just landed and I'm just waiting in the airport.

Unnati: Ok.

Manyata started growing impatient: So, how did I make you look like a fool?

Unnati: Well, I stood there waiting for your Smile Buddy with a placard in my hand, people kept walking past me giggling, I felt so awkward!

Manyata: Why were they giggling?

Unnati: I'm getting there...

Manyata: Ok, sorry!

Unnati: While waiting, I was trying to keep myself distracted so I kept fidgeting with my phone when this good looking guy came up to me and said "excuse me" so I asked him "how can I help you?" to which he said that he can help me, I said excuse me to which he gave a chuckle and said that I was holding the board upside down, he was right, then I exploded and told him about coming to receive your Smile Buddy and how you said you will send him a message, he removed his phone from his pocket and checked something then switched it off and put it away then said that your Smile Buddy did receive the message so I asked him how would he know to which he said that he was your Smile Buddy. Unnati said in one breathe. Manyata on the other hand burst out laughing.

Manyata: You should really breathe when you do your monologues.

Unnati: SHH...I'm not finished.

Manyata: I'm sorry, you may continue (trying to control her laugh)

Unnati: I couldn't believe that he was your Smile Buddy and pointed at someone who I thought was your Smile Buddy and obviously I might have said some weird things and he was about to tell me something when the person I pointed to came to your Smile Buddy and it turned out that they are friends. I was so embarrassed.

Manyata was gone hysterical, thankfully there were no one close by otherwise people would have been giving her weird looks as if she was crazy.

Manyata: You are too much Unnati!

Unnati: That's not even half of it...the stupid date made my day worse!

Manyata: Aww, sorry Unzie, I would love to know more about the date but I have to cut the call now because I'm walking out of the airport and there's a lot of paparazzi outside and we wouldn't want the citizens of India tot think I'm mad...

Unnati: Ok, I'll call you back...

Manyata: Ok, bye

Security escorted Manyata to her car.

When she was seated, she received a call...

Manyata: yes Unnati

Unnati: just checking if you're ok, not to mention, you're pictures are already on the news.

Manyata: lol, news does travel around fast...

Manyata's phone vibrates.

Manyata: sorry Unzie, someone is trying to call me, I'll talk to you later.

Unnati: Ok, make sure to tell me how Aunty is feeling!

Manyata: I won't, bye Unzie

Unnati: Bye Mani


Manyata: Hey Rohan, what's up?

Rohan: Hello Missy, where are you?

Manyata: I'm on my way...

Rohan: So you haven't reached the mahel, right?

Manyata: No

Rohan: Good...Where about are you?

Manyata: On the main road, why?

Rohan: Meet me at the cafe!

Manyata: Which caf, Rohan?

Rohan: You know, our all time favourite...

Manyata's thoughts: not anymore...

Manyata: Why?

Rohan: Please, it's urgent!

Manyata: Ok, I'll be there.

End of call

Raj is the driver

Manyata: Raj, please drop me at Coffee and More

Raj: Yes Mam

Manyata to herself: Rohan, you better have a good explanation for calling me to this cafe



Meanwhile in Chicago

Vijay was busy instructing the maid while Uday on the other hand was in his room lost in deep thoughts.


It was a beautiful hot day, everyone seemed to be busy with assignments, projects or studying for a test. Uday was extremely nervous but it wasn't because of a test or project or exam, he wasn't sure if his plan was going to work and what's worse is that he might blab out the truth himself, so he tried his best to avoid any serious discussion with her and kept himself busy. When she entered the school, everyone stopped in their tracks to admire her beauty, she was expecting a birthday wish from at least someone but no one did so, she took a few steps forward and stood near her locker, opened it and started looking for her books for the first three lessons, still hoping that someone comes to wish her but after getting no attention, she hoped that he remembered. She went into her class, no one paid too much attention to her, normally people love to talk to her and tell her about the stuff they did yesterday after they reached home from school but no one was willing to talk to her.

Feeling extremely hurt and dejected she sat in her place and started browsing through her textbook. When she heard girls talking about him.

Girl 1: I wish he was single, look at his style.

She finally stopped browsing through the book, she lifted her head a little looked at them, shook her head and continued browsing through her textbook.

A cool breeze hit her face and she knew that he entered the class.

She hoped that he had at least remembered and will wish her but she was wrong, he walked up and sat next to the girl behind her, leave alone wishing her, he didn't even look at her neither did he sit next to her like he always does and the worst part was that he was flirting with that girl and she kept laughing and giggling...

She was extremely hurt and was about to explode on him but the teacher came.

After the lesson, he rushed out the class, she looked for him but couldn't find him it was as if he vanished into thin air.

After eight long hours of school, she was about to go home when she got a phone call from an unknown number.

When she received it, she got the shock of her life. The person on the other side said that Uday was hit on the head at a coffee shop and this was the last number dialed on his phone. She asked which coffee shop and he said...

On her way to the coffee shop she remembered that, that was the same place where he first asked her out. Tears made their way down her cheeks as she remembered their cute scenes in the coffee shop. She was extremely frightened, when the car came to a halt, she ran out of the car and into the coffee shop. The lights inside the coffee shop were off and there was no sound.

In her weary voice, she asked

"Hello, is anybody there!"

She waited for an answer but got none and she was making her way out when...


The lights came on and everyone came one at a time and wished her a very happy birthday and continue enjoying the party when a person enters playing a guitar.

All eyes were on that person, many were envious that she got the most dashing boy in high school but then again, she wasn't so bad herself. Girls wished they were her... but unfortunately they weren't. Uday walked closer to the girl with a smile playing on his face, he sang his way there.

When he was done, everyone cheered for him but she walked away. He knew that she was upset with him for ignoring her but he did it so that he could see a smile on her face instead he saw dried up tears and red eyes which meant that she was crying and just knowing that stung his heart, it felt like his entire world crumbled before him. Immediately he rushed to her and grabbed her arm and gave her a tight hug while saying sorry. She reciprocated the hug, she knew that he wouldn't do anything that would hurt her but was extremely torn when she heard that he was hit on the head and seeing him perfectly fine, she felt her world lighten up but then again, she remembered how he ignored her and decided to act as if she's upset but seeing his concern, she couldn't continue the acting any further.

"I'm so sorry." He said finally loosening his grip on her and then looking into her eyes, "I love you more than anything in my life and I can't bear to see your precious pearls roll down your cheeks as tears of sadness rather tears of happiness and I can do anything for that smile."

She stared into his hazelnut eyes and tears slowly started to form in her eyes after hearing his confession but he signaled her not too. "You know that you mean the world to me and seeing tears in your eyes, my entire world seems to crumble. Promise me that you will never shed a tear for any reason..."


They smiled at each other and shared a beautiful hug which was witnessed by all present there.

They were so into each other that they forgot about their surroundings when someone called them

Flashback ends

Vijay: Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh, I've been standing here for the past ten minutes trying to talk to you but you are in a world of your own!

Uday: Sorry Vijay Banna, what were you saying?

Vijay: What would you like to have for dinner?

Uday: Anything Vijay Banna.

Vijay: Ok, just saying, anything could mean a cow, furniture, clothes or a human.

Uday: Vijay Banna, I meant I'll eat whatever you're eating.

Vijay was surprised: Wow, that's shocking! We should have shifted here long ago, maybe you wouldn't be so fussy, love the new change in you Uday Banna, but I prefer the one I know, so what would you like to have?

Uday: That's sweet of you to say Vijay Banna, I'll have a black coffee and a cappuccino muffin.

Vijay: For dinner?

Uday: No Vijay Banna, for now!

Vijay sighed a breath of relief: Whew, that makes sense. I'll ask the maid to send you a cup now.

Uday: Thank you

Vijay: You're most welcome.

Vijay said before exiting the room.

Vijay's thoughts: What's with the change in him...Unnati was talking about the change in her friend but here, he is experiencing change...gosh, how much more weird can this get?



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Heyyy Sis I'm Really Happy That U Posted Ur Story Which Is Very Beautiful In Every Inch... Smile Big smile
And After Reading It Now I Could Say It Was A Story Very Beautiful One... Smile
Love Thrios Uday-Unnati-Vijay Convo At The Airport And Too In The Car... Smile And Manyata-Unnati Too.. Smile Flashback Was Indeed Emotional And Lovely... Embarrassed Now I Could Say Its Manyata Who Was With Uday... Smile Loved The Way How U Protrait Manyata's Birthday .. Smile And Uday's Confession To Her... Smile Embarrassed I Really Really Loved It... Smile
But Siss I'm Hell Confused That When ManVeer Loved A lot So They Got Separated... Unhappy Please Reveal The Mystery Soon... Smile And Who Is This Rohan...


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hey sis the chapter was amazingly mind blowing... suberb great.. I feel at a loss of words
Loved Unnati Vijay and Uday's convo
Flashback was soo cute
who is this rohan?
Do continue soon nd thanks for pm Smile

Edited by simi.k. - 16 June 2015 at 7:03am

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WOW!! fantastic update dear...loved it a lot

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Chapter 8 was really funnyBig smile and well-written,Clapenjoyed every bit of it,LOLall in all,Chp 8 was amazing and I luvd it Heart

The update was really nice and interestingApprove.The Flashback was also great.Thumbs UpJust love ur sense of humor and I am always likeROFL while reading your story,so enjoyed the whoe update.SmileCONTINUE SOON,WILL BE Waiting...SmileWink


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Awesome updateee!!!
Loved it to the core!!
Loved Unnati and uv n vijays convo
Unnati is really cute LOL like how she was reacting n how she got embaressed n all she is just too good...
Ahmm ahmm vijay banna is already smitten by unnati
Loved unnati n manyata's convo
They share a lovely bond...
The FB was damn cute n sweet...
With the surprise n all...
Uv n mani do share a past...
Waiting to read more
Do continue asap
Thanks for the pm

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Loved the update to the core
Thankyou for granting my wish for a really long update
Now here you go with my another wish list:
1. Make uday and manyata meet as early as possible
2. Wanna read the chemistry Manver share
3. Make the next update really long
4. Want a maha-update by the coming weekend ;p
I hope that you will grant my wishes. 
Love you to the moon and back
P.S. Sorry for being late to like and comment. I loved the part in which Vijay asked Uday that what he would prefer in dinner.

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