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Originally posted by humairaa1

Originally posted by alisha_ashiyal


I will try and post the next chapter today Wink

Okayy Lookimg Forwards It.. Smile

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Originally posted by alisha_ashiyal

Originally posted by humairaa1

Originally posted by alisha_ashiyal


I will try and post the next chapter today Wink

Okayy Lookimg Forwards It.. Smile

So sorry, I didn't get time to complete the next chapter because of guests
I will try to finish the chapter soon and then post it
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Originally posted by humairaa 1

So sorry, I didn't get time to complete the next chapter because of guests No Problem Take Ur Time... Smile
I will try to finish the chapter soon and then post it Okayyy.. Smile And Thank You.. Smile

Thank You For Replying Me Again.. Smile

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Chapter 5

In Chicago - after a week

Unnati had woken up as normal had a quick shower and went to eat breakfast and after eating went to check on Manyata but couldn't find her in the room, she checked the washroom but Manyata was not there. Completely flabbergasted, she left the room, she was walking around the house looking for Manyata.

Unnati: Manyata! Manyata! (While walking around searching for her) Where could this girl disappear so early in the morning? I've known her for years, now, she never wakes up this early. (she thought out loud) As far as I can remember, she has a free today, so where did she go? (she said trying to come to a reasonable conclusion)

But on getting none, she was about to leave the kitchen, when her eyes fell on something.

Unnati: Huh! This should have some clue.


In London

Vijay came down for breakfast.

Vijay: Where did Uday Banna disappear so early in the morning? (he asked one of the maids)

Maid: I don't know sir, he left before any of us (referring to the servants) could wake up.

Vijay: Okay, you can go.

The maid leaves the dinning room and enters the kitchen.

Vijay: Where could he go, he's bags are not in the room...(he starts thinking) Did he leave me and go? (getting alarmed he stood up) No, I'm sure he wouldn't leave me, so where is he? (he sat down while thinking) We have to go to the airport and he's nowhere to be found!


On the main road, a silver BMW was driving in a speed of 150km per hour. The owner of the vehicle seemed to be in a world of their own. The tension, the pain of betrayal evident on the person's face. Who knew that a person who was in so much of pain could change within seconds. The tears of pain soon changed into rage. Hatred that will never end, the car came to a sudden halt. The person held on to the steering wheel extremely tightly, as if taking out their entire anger, frustration and pain on it.

I HATE YOU... I HATE YOU YUVRAAJ UDAYVEER SINGH! Because of you I had to leave India, because of you I had to leave the people who loved and cared for me, the people I loved and cared for, the people for whom I could sacrifice my life for! This was supposed to be one of those days that I love but no thanks to you. (she left the steering wheel and wiped off her tears) Every year this happens to me, I sit with this pain, on this very day instead of celebrating it or even when I celebrate, I do it to make my loved ones happy, its not from my heart, whereas you are completely fine, you have never changed. You left me with pain while you go around celebrating! I hate you and I always will! (as she spoke, the tears continued to fall off her eyes but she ignored it)

She started the car, wiped her tears and drove off trying to hide away her emotions.


Manyata: Hey Unnati! (she greeted with a smile, she was looking at Unnati who was seated on the sofa and was lost in thoughts until she heard Manyata's voice, Manyata put her gym bag down)

Unnati: Manyata ki bachi, where were you? (she said holding Manyata's ear)

Manyata: Ouch, not so hard yaar! (acting as if Unnati hurt her ear)

Unnati: Not that easy, I want an explanation and I want it now! (Unnatiwas angry yet concerned)

Manyata: Fine, I'll explain...first let go of my ear, I promise I'll tell you...

Unnati let go of her ear and folded her arms as if demanding an explanation. Manyata knew that Unnati was worried and didn't want to trouble her any more.

Manyata: I went to the gym and took a nice long drive home> (she said with a cheesy smile)

Unnati: You normally go in the afternoon, how come you went so early in the morning? (still waiting for a reason as if she didn't believe Manyata)

Manyata: You see, I won't be able to go in the afternoon (facing her back towards Unnati while closing her eyes) because my friend is coming to Chicago.

Unnati stood infront of Manyata and put on a serious look and asked: Which friend?

Manyata: The one that I talk to through the use of e-mail. (slightly biting her tongue, afraid of what Unnati will say)

Unnati:'re Smile Buddy! (as soon as these words slipped of Unnato's tongue, she bite her tongue and closed her eyes)

Manyata: Yip...wait a second, how do you know that he is my Smile Buddy, I never told you that! (Manyata was bewildered, she needed to know how she knew)

Unnati: might have...

Manyata: You might have what? (trying to figure out what Unnati was going to say)

Unnati: I might have heard you say it in your sleep. (finally letting it out and burst in laughter)

Manyata: No ways, I would not...

Seema ji: Unnati mam, you left this in the kitchen. (handing Unnati Manyata's phone)

Unnati looked at the phone, then at Seema ji's face and then at Manyata's to see how Manyata will react. Looking at the glint in Manyata's eyes, Unnati was sure that Manyata found out. Unnati thought that it was better to run away and did so.

Manyata: Unnati ki bachi, you were reading my messages! (Manyata said while running after Unnati)

Manyata ran after Unnati while throwing the living room cushions at her.

Unnati: Sorry yaar, actually you are to be blamed for this. First you woke up so early then you disappeared without telling me anything, no one knew where you were so I accidently came across your phone so thought that there must be some clue at to where you disappeared but when I was about to switch your phone off, your Smile Buddy sent you a message.

Manyata: So you read the message!

Unnati gave a slight nod while standing behind the couch.

Manyata: Unnati!!!

Unnati: Sorry yaar, please forgive me... (she said while holding her ears)

Manyata: I will only after you hold your ears and say sorry while I read your messages then you have to walk with a book on your head for five minutes.

Unnati: Manyata!!!

Manyata: Do you agree? (she said with a smile)

Unnati: but I am holding my ears

Manyata shot her a deadly glare

Unnati: Fine... (she replied in a defeated tone)

Manyata: You may start after you hand me your phone.

Unnati: Here! (she handed Manyata her phone as well as Manyata's phone)


Meanwhile in a gym, a man was running on the treadmill. His mind was not there although his body was. Many girls peeped through the small glass window just to see a glimpse of him training, they pushed and screamed at each other but that went unnoticed by him.

His mind was occupied, he was in pain, not physically but mentally but refused to show it. After all, who wouldn't be hurt if the person they love doesn't love them back. He thought she trusted him but that was clearly wrong. He wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for her, its not like she compelled him to do anything but the fact is that he did it for her.

"I wish she heard me out" he said as the treadmill slowed down and slowly came to a stand still.

Getting down, " She was hurt, I understand but she could have at least listened to me or at least trusted me" he said while taking out the towel from his gym bag. He started to wipe away the sweat trying hard to remove the pain within him but if a towel was able to wipe out everyone's pain, people wouldn't suffer from heartache and stress which means that people would not commit suicide.

He wasn't able to think about anything else so he switched on the radio and listened to music in order to calm himself and continued his training.

As he opened the door, his bodyguards started to move the girls away from the door to make way for him to walk, he left the workout room that was especially made for him, he zipped on his track suit jacket but not all the way to the top. He walked out in style as he saw how the girls were drooling over him.


Viajy was sitting on the couch reading his messages when he noticed someone sneak in.

Vijay: Yuvraj Udayveer Singh! Where were you this morning?

Uday: Vijay Banna, I went to the gym and then for a nice long drive. (not looking directly at Vijay and joined him in the lounge)

Vijay: Yeah sure! (in a sarcastic way and then a serious voice) where were you?

Uday: I was here last night!

Vijay: Don't lie to me, you came late! (totally astonished by the fact that Uday is not telling him anything clearly) Where were you before you came here? (he demanded the answer noticing Uday not answering)

Uday: I was at a friends house (expecting him to know)

Vijay: Which friend and why were you there?

Uday: Come on Vijay Banna, you are starting to sound like my dad.

Vijay: You should be happy that you have a friend who cares for you!

Uday: Since when did you become my friend and not my brother?

Vijay: I am your brother and friend! (still waiting for his answer)

He watched Uday open his bottle of water and take a few sips, as soon as he put the bottle down, Vijay questions him again

Vijay: Uday, which friend?

Uday: How can you forget Vijay Banna! (Vijay looked at him shocked)

Vijay: What do you mean?

Uday: It was Rohan's party

Vijay pondered upon why Rohan threw a party and finally remembering

Vijay: Shoot, I completely forgot! I am such an idiot! (covering his face in his palms)

Uday: You're not an idiot Vijay Banna ( Vijay lifted his head from his hands and smiled at Uday)

Uday: you're just forgetful (Vijay shot him an angry glare, Uday smirked at Vijay's reaction)

Vijay: Don't rub it in!

Uday stood up.

Vijay: Where do you think you're going?

Uday: I'm going to have a shower. Hope your bags are packed...

Vijay: Of course it is!

Uday: Ok (he said then walked away)

When Uday disappeared, Vijay quickly made a run for his room.

Vijay: Thankfully, he has to have a shower otherwise I would be dead meat.

Once entering his room, he opened the last cupboard and pulled out the remaining of his clothes and shoved it into his bag.

Vijay: Whew! Finally done. (Vijay sighed before calling the butler to put his bags into the car and making his way back to the couch to wait for Uday.)

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WOW!! amazing update dear...loved it

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Nice update Humairaa.
Eager to know more about the girl that was heart-broken over Udayveer.  (hope it's not Jai - I was enjoying this story with Jai being absent LOL)
Other than that ... Unnati /Manyata's part was cute, and Uday/Vijay's part was adorable.
Do continue soon!

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Hey,Hug i'm really sorry!x Embarrassed
Chapter 4 was amazing, enjoyed it!! Awww so Uday is Manyata's smile buddyLOL
Chapter 5 superb!! xx Amzing, nicely written, fabClap I wonder who that mysterious girl is?Ermm Umm what did Uday do?Confused That this girl is so heartbroken ..Ouch Im guessing they love each otherDead
Aww Manyata n Unnati scene was cuteHeart ahah Vijay is so caringgDay Dreaming ahah all the girls going crazy seeing Uday in the gymROFL i can imagine him Day Dreaming
aha can't wait when Uday n Manyata meet!!!Day Dreaming
Pleaseee continue soon!!!! xxWink Tc!Heart

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