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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

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Hello guys , I m back with a new OS .Dedicating this story to my most fav. member of the forum madhurish aka sudha dii bcoz she happen to give me this idea n she must be not knowing herself that how she gave it me so I dedicate it to u n while reading I m sure u ll understand how u gave me the idea. Its my new year treat to all of u .

''I dare u madhubala mallik to kiss the first guy who enters in the college canteen '',challenged
dipali bhatia , the arch enemy of madhubala in the Mount college. Dipali n madhu were the gorgeous
ladies of the college , both were extremely rich n classy but the only different was
madhu was gud at heart whereas dips as she prefered herself to be called was an arrogant ass
extremely proud of her wealth n funds . Every guy wanted them as their gf n mostly dips
accepted the offers but madhu was never interested in any of them as she was still waiting for
her prince charming to come n sweep her off her feets n this was the only thing which gave dips
extreme chance of insulting madhu n today was no exception both had fought on their
beauty n talents n dips challenged her to kiss to show that she was not a behenji
but a modern girl. It irked madhu to no bounds but she smirked n replied arrogantly
to dips '' dips baby u r forgetting u r challenging me madhubala mallik
n i never loose any challenge if u have forgotten last month u challenged me in basket ball
match n u lost terribly do u want to get insulted once again .''Come on madhu lets forget the past
n concentrate on new challenge , past is gone but the present is here kiss n proove me
that u r not a lesbian or particularly a typical behenji who wont kiss untill she gets married ,
said dips arrogantly although she was irritated n angry with madhu throwing her victory at
her face but she didnt showed it on her face but instead chose to use this oppurtunity
to insult her further. Although madhu didnt wanted to do it but she agreed bcoz she had a image to maintain
in the college n she cant lose it not for a stupid kiss n that too to dips no never
i ll do it she thought but then the question  was, who will she kiss ?
Wat happened madhu y r u so scared , dips asked with smirked
scared n me u must be dreaming darling , replied madhu arrogantly .
''so its done u ll kiss the first guy who enters in the canteen exactly after one minute ''.
fyn deal n they sealed with a hand shake n the whole college luked at the entrance to see
who ll be the one to get madhus kiss n madhus heart was in her mouth she prayed to god
to not let it be some teacher otherwise she is gone today n her gang glared at dips gang who all were
equally glaring at them . SO only 10 seconds left dips said n madhu luked
n some one said look look some one is coming n madhu luked in the direction
n her face fell off seeing the guy n dips smirked n said ''woww wat a lucky man madhu must say
ur first kiss is going to be memorable n she burst out laughing ''.
god y this sultan the bloody asshole yukkk didnt u got anyone else n she started walking
towards the door with closed eyes n wen she reached him she felt his hot breath as he was abt to
say something but before he cld say she closed his mouth with her lips .
Madhu was shocked to feel the touch of his lips n the emotions it caused in her
she had never felt this before she was confused that how can she feel so special
with sultan . When finally she breaked the kiss n without even luking at his face
she turned around she saw the whole college gaping at her or particularly
at her n sultan , so she turned around to see n got shocked to see
the sight the most handsome n sexy man was standing there instead of sultan .
if looks could kill then he wld have been the reason of mass destruction .
Her mouth got opened seeing him staring at her with stunned expressions
n she thought ,'' omg madhu u kissed him , the greek god
how did this happened ohh myy wen did i became so lucky ''
she thought n she started smiling n smirked at dips who was equally stunned
to see her loss again .
The guy turned around n walked off without even saying a word.
''So how was that dips baby'' , said madhu smirking n dips stomped her foot
n marched out of the canteen with her gang n madhu n her gang shared high5
not knowing wat was coming infront of them .
''Guys be in the hall in 5 min some new professor has come
so principal sir is going to introduce him '', someone shouted
n all the students made a face n marched upto the hall .
Everyone was chattering around along with madhu n dips n their gang
wen the principal sir came n announced ,'' may i have ur attention everyone
as u all know our new session is begining n like every year we
appoint new experienced teachers but this time its a lil
surprise we didnt appointed a experienced teacher
but a topper of oxford university frm london
who has just came to india n has joined his fathers business too
but as he wanted to do something different n we needed
interesting ppl too so we have appointed him as our new professor
so hereby plss welcome PROFESSOR RISHABH KUNDRA , also the
managing director of kundra empires '' n he entered in his
all glory 5 feet 11 inches tall height , extremely fair complexioned
dark grey eyes with silky brown hairs in a blue shirt n black jeans
stunning the onlookers n the whole college staff .
The whole auditorium gaped n madhu was shocked to realise that
he was the same man to whom she had kissed
just few mins back .
''OMG , I kissed a professor'' , she almost shouted n dips smirked
thinking that now rishabh will complain to the principal n
madhu will be out n she became happy n started drooling on him .
but thankfully as all were busy discussing abt rk so no one heard her shouts.
A girl kept her hand on her heart n said '' gosh he is so sexy
who wants him as a professor he is apt for being a husband bf n wat not.''
The other said '' yeah i so want him to teach in my class so that i can drool
on him , n the list went on n on n the boys luked ready to eat rk
who was snatching their attention frm their girls n they gave him
murderous glares which he avoided understanding their reason n
luked at the principal n college staff who were welcoming him now .
''Okay enough of chattering'' , principal sir said
n everyone turned their attention to him once again not moving their eyes frm rishabh
who was now smiling at the warm welcome . Madhu was still in her shock wen
rishabh's eyes met hers n he smirked at her bringing her to earth
n she got embarrased n worried at the same time .
''Mr. rishabh will be teaching in the school of management'' n
the the whole management department applauded to have him with them .
''he wld be mainly teaching Accounting , Managerial economics
n mass communication n also frm now on he wld be our basket ball coach
as he has been the player at the national level'' .
''so the meeting is dismissed u all may go back to ur classes'' n everyone started going
wen madhu thought '' ohh god i shd apologize to him before he gets me
fired frm here i shd clear that it was just a mistake '', she saw him
going towards the staff room n she started running in that direction
n shouted sir ,'' rishabh sir'' n rk turned around to see the intruder
n madhus heart skipped a beat seeing him frm so close finally
although she had seen him before but this was different , she got lost in his
eyes which were so mesmerizing n depicted so many emotions in a moment.
finally not able to take her drooling anymore rishabh
asked in a calm voice ,'' hello miss did u called me to
gawk at me like hawk '' no response
''ohh hello i m talking to u miss '', no response
finally getting irritated with her he tapped her shoulders
n she get back on earth .
''so will u speak up now or do u want to drool anymore ''.,he said in a challenging voice.
she looked down embarrased n said ''sorry sir''.
''u better be'' , he replied in a husky voice which sended chill down her spines .
''so did u just wanted to say this or do u have any explaination to give
particularly for ur earlier assaults'' n madhu gulped her saliva
down her throat n luked at him n then instantly she luked down .
''I wld like u to look me in my eye miss ''
''madhubala mallik'' , she said hesitantly
n he smirked n said ''nice name
madhubala ahannn'' emphasizing on madhu...bala which made madhu gape at him more.
''so wat do u want to say plss make it fast i dnt have whole day for u
miss mallik''
 ''sir ... i ... she started knotting her fingers
n he understood that she was hell nervous
f**k he was nervous to talk to her after wat she did
but one thing  he had learned was to never lose his composure no matter
wat situation  it maybe n this girl just captured his attention in first luk only wen she was coming towards
him with closed eyes , he thought maybe something went in her eye so he will help her
so he tried to speak to her something
but her next action made him all the more shocked n stunned feeling her lips on his .
''his first kiss n he cldnt even response bcoz he was in the college canteen ''
n it was a sudden assault on him ,'' god did she went on kissing like this''
he had thought but wen she parted by just touching his lips he understood that she was inexperienced
n he went away frm there without even saying her something as he didnt wanted to insult a girl
infront of the whole college .
''i m still waiting miss mallik if u r done with playing ur fingers
will u plss spill or shd i leave'' n he turned around
n the next moment she held his wrist n he luked at where she was holding his hand
n then at her n he also got lost in her hazel brown eyes in which he cld see fear of something unknown.
''Sorry'' , she said leaving his hand n taking a deep breath she started ,'' i m really sorry sir for
my earlier behaviour i didnt know wen u came n i did that , it was purely a mistake
plss dnt complain abt me to principal sir , otherwise he ll fire me ''
''well if u ll walk with ur eyes closed then surely u ll make mistakes miss mallik n
wat u did i m assuming that u were exactly going to do wat u did werent u , n he raised his brows at her ''.
''woo it was a bet i was going to kiss sultan n i was scared n so i closed my eyes
n i didnt know wen instead of sultan u stood there n i did that''n she blushed beet root red .
Shaking his head he said ,'' if u were scared then y do u do such bets , this is college not ur
entertainment department where u can do as u like n do u have any idea if instead of me
it wld have been some other teacher wat wld have happened '' madhus face became pale even hearing that
thing n he noticed it n continued ,'' but luckily it was me n not someone else
n i m not a tyrant n as u have been honest n genuine to me so i forgive u
but plss next time make sure u keep ur eyes open wen u r doing such stunts
as everytime u r not going to be so lucky '' n he smiled his sexy dimple waali
killer smile n winked at madhu n left .
Madhu stood there rooted to ground still seeing in the direction
in which he went n she blushed profusely n thought ,'' ohh god he is not
only hot n sexy but so down to earth ishhh thanku god for this mistakenly kiss
i promise to do visit temple everday now hayee rishabh kundra ki to baat hi kuch aur
uff wat i wont give to kiss him all my life'' n she went off to her gang
to tell them the good news n to show her victory to dips once again.
After 1 month
''Hayee who wants to study wen rishabh sir is in class ''
declared all girls in the mba class n madhu felt jealous that they all
were drooling at her rishabh. She had fallen for him madly deeply n crazily
infact the whole college was in love with him now . He was not only stunning
in looks but he was witty, smart, intelligent n humourous , in his one
month of teaching he had won everyones heart in the college
with his down to earth n humble nature n ofcourse the whole female population
used to drool over him shamelessly forgetting that he was their teacher
n not any random guy .
''Girls if u r done with todays drooling session can we get back to next chapter''
said rk while entering the class n winked at all the girls n all the girls died that very moment.
Madhu who was sitting in the front seat smiled whole heartedly
n he luked at her which made her blush all the more n he shaked his head at her
n went back to opening the book to start on the next topic.
''okay so the next topic is that of the final accounts,
so before i begin explaining the concept i want to know frm u all
wat u all know abt it has anyone studied this chapter?''.
Everyone was staring at each other n then finally madhu raised her hand .
''yes madhubala plss let us all know wat r final accs .''
''sir its a combo of trading n profit loss acc. followed by the companies balance sheet ''.
''yes thats right , its a systematic formation of trading n profit/ loss acc.
followed by the balance sheet .''
''u may sit miss mallik next time i want ur hand the moment i asked the question'',
he said n smiled at her n she smiled n replied confidently ''sure sir.''
n then she smirked at dips who was annoyed with rk constantly praising madhu in his
classes not even glancing at her .
He started explaining the chapter n everyone luked attentively
girls paid attention so that he will atleast spare them a glance
n boys wanted to make some image infront of their girls
although they know that rk wasnt even interested in any of the girls
but bcoz all the girls were after him so they were quite jealous of his
greek god looks as well as his intelligence.
Madhu was continuously staring at him n his lips
she still havent forgotten their first kiss
n the feel of his touch
''god madhu concentrate u dnt want to be get caught by him n embarrass
urself infront of the whole class '' .
Rk who already knew abt her feelings
noted her change of expressions every minute somehow
he had understood that she has fallen for him
but he wasnt sure wat did he felt n after his one heartbreak already
he didnt wanted to fall in love but with madhu it was
absolutely different , he was trying to understand her
more n he was even trying to understand his own heart but still he kept her
at arms length only not wanting to ruin the proffessional
relationship n he even felt that it was absolutely wrong
to have something for ur student , but the feelings
already took place in his heart the moment ''she holded his hand wen she
apologized him n they were getting stronger day day
n wat was more amusing to him was the extra attention
madhu paid in his class just bcoz he was teaching
she was regular n she made sure not to bunk any of his classes'' .
The bell rang n everyone left n rk went
to principals cabin as he was called for some special thing .
May i come in sir ,
ohh yes mr. kundra plss come in
have a seat
thankyou sir , the peon told u wanted to talk
something important '' he asked in a calm voice.
''yeah well i m really impressed with ur
performance as well as the response u have got us ''
''response as in , i didnt got wat u meant.''
well before u came our student attendance of college was too
less n now after a month its 95% n plus
the amt. of bunking classes has also gone
down so we all r assuming that its because of u
that all students r coming regularly n even participating
in maximum things'' n principal started laughing n said
''i guess this is rishabh kundras charms.''
Rk smiled n said ,'' i m honoured to hear that u feel
i m the reason of all the gud changes over here
but honestly i didnt do anything
i just tried to become their friend rather
than a strict teacher n wat i have understood
now a days student need more of love n care
rather than strictness n if we want them
to follow our rules n regulations then
we shd also try to understand them n
their feelings ''.
''Thats wat i like abt u rishabh ''
''ohh so frm mr. kundra its on rishabh'' , rks subconcious declared .
rk smiled n thanked him .
''N one more thing u have to start the basket ball practice frm
today only as we r having the match competition
next month with excel college n i want our college
to win ''.
''ofcourse sir i ll try my best
i ll take ur leave then .''
''Omg basket ball match under rishabh sirs guidance
wowww its going to be one hell of a sexy match ''
dips chattered with her gang n madhu made a face
at them . ''Hey guys rishabh sir is practicing
in the court along with the team
lets go n have a gud luk ''dips gang member announced
n winked at all n everyone rushed out to see the most exciting sight of the year .
''Omg i ll faint'' squealed madhu in excitement
seeing shirtless rishabh , he was just in his red vest
n he was sweating bcoz of playing .
''control madhu control'' , she thought n blushed seeing him
just like that. Dips also gawked at him like hawk n her expressions
luked as if she wanted to eat him alive .
''god how can he be so hot n sexy ''she declared .
Rk who was running around taking the basket ball with him
saw madhu drooling at him n he winked at her
n that was it madhu kept her hand on her heart
n said'' i love him god i want him so badly .''
It was break while rk instructed the boys how to lead their ways
n he saw madhu still drooling at him n he chuckled seeing her
then realising wat he just did
he hit his head n thought '' god rk have u gone mad
or wat, wat did u just do shit
i have to talk to niks otherwise i ll go crazy ''.
''Miss mallik wat r u doing over here ''said rk
who was passing by the parking lot .
''sir actually my driver wont come
so i was waiting for a cab to get home
she replied hesitantly not lukng in his eye ''
he understood her hestancy as he felt the same being near her
so he replied ,'' if u dnt mind u can come with me
i ll drop u home '' n madhu gaped at him
like he said some other language .
''gosh the hottest man is offering u lift ''
her subconcious did bhangra in her mind
but she maintained her composure infront of him
n said ''no sir its alright u dnt have to wrry
i ll manage saying this she started to go''
wen he ran after her n holded her elbow
n she luked at him  in the eyes n then
he left her hand ,'' u wont get any cab frm here
n its not safe for u to go alone frm this area
u dnt wrry abt my troubles it wont be a problem
trust me .''
''i do trust u sir ''she replied confidently
''then trust me to drop u home safely too''
he somehow didnt liked the idea of her going all alone
n he just wished she agrees without any fuss
otherwise he might just have to force her
for her safety which is not going to do any gud
to either of them .
''okay i ll come ''she finally agreed making him sigh in relief
n he led her to his car .
They reached to his car n he like a gentleman opened the door for her
''if she wld not have already beein in love with him
she wld have fell for him in that moment '' she thought
n blushed with the mere thought.
He came to his  side n started the car after putting on his seat belt
n saw her blushing n just to start any conversation
he said ''penny for ur thoughts miss mallik''.
''People close to me call me madhu'' she said with a smile
''woww rk she is officially declaring u that u r close to
her go on n ask her to call u rk outside college premises''
''shut up i m not doing any such thing ''
he retorted to his subconcious which made a face at his
''Well madhu u need to tell ur address to me
as i cant read ur mind'' he said with a grin
n she blushed once again .
''do u always blush so much or have u learned it now ''
ignoring his snarky comment she told him to turn left
n then right n he shaked his head at her
n continued driving .
they were half way wen his phone rang
n he switched on the speaker
n the next moment ''hey love wats up ''
n immediately he luked at madhu who was luking with shocking expressions
at him .
''niks i ll call u later''
''huh wat r u doing man that u cant talk to me ''
''shut up n cut the call''
''if u were buzy y the hell did u picked it up silly ''
''i didnt knew it was u
now cut i ll talk to u after i reach home ''
''watever'' n she banged the phone .
Turning to madhu , he noted her shocked expressions
still , he didnt wanted her to think
anything wrong but arghh ''this niks
cant she ever call him with his name
rather than that annoying word .
Nikita shergill u r gone today'' , he declared in his mind .
''Ummm i m sorry'' 'he said
sir y r u being sorry said madhu with a shaky voice
''she is my best friend but she is the closest to me so she calls me that way n
certainly she is a high level mad wgo loves to annoy me bcoz she knows i hate her
flirting so plss dnt mind her ''
he still told her n luked at her sighing in relief.
he didnt wanted her to think that he was committted or something
n he also didnt know y he clarified her doubts
''god he was going mad living in london all his life
he never felt any such thing
n now with her he has gone completely insane'' .
''sir stop here'' she said
n he stopped infront of a big mansion which was
very much similar to his .
''is that red one ur house?''
''yeah will u like to have some coffee .''
i wld have love to but its just
i have work today so its due for next time'' he said with a smile
''Okay then bye tc n thankyou for the lift ''.
''pleasure is all mine madhu ''.
''God my name sounds so cute frm his mouth '', she drooled over him
once again n he drove off frm there smiling at her .
N she started dancing there on the road happily
to be with him for that moment n he saw all that
in the rear vie mirror n burst out laughing
seeing her antics n drove away .
''Wat the hell is ur problem ''he shouted at the top of his voice
while entering his mansion .
''huh wat did i do'' replied niks ignoring his angry gaze at her .
''mom lets go inside n talk where there is no disturbance ''
she said n took radhas hand n started going inside .
''stop there u jerk i m not yet done with u ''
rk replied n glared at her .
''y r u two again fighting'' asked radha (RKS mom )
''mom ask ur darling  daughter
nikita shergill ''
''niks beta wat did u do now'' .
''i dnt know mom y he is accusing me for no reasons ''
''wow u dnt know wat u did now thats a news to me niks''
ohh come on y r u getting so angry as if i proposed u infront of ur gf
n ecept of calling u love have i done anything more offending she said n blinked her eyes cutely
at him
n she noticed his expression which changed frm angry to shock
n his mouth opened in a o shape .
she burst out laughing seeing him clutching her stomach
n radha ji went away frm there not wanting to become a bait between
these best friends .
''ok tell me who is she'' niks asked rk n pulled his hand n made him
sit in the sofa near by
''who is wat?'' he asked with a question mark on his face
''come on now dnt pretend that u r not in love i can very well
see that in ur eyes  N moreover the way u start smiling
nowadays at every silly thing it gives me notion that u r in love '', she replied confidently
''wat can u see in my eyes ''
''there u r man so tell me who is she that has manage 
to capture khadoos rishabh kundras heart n mind'' n she chukled saying the last part
he glared at her for calling him khadoos
n stood up n walked upto stairs with her follwing him
''achha baba i wont call u khadoos happy now
ab to bata do plsss'' she said with a cute pout
''first u tell me y u think i m a khadoos ''
''u really want to know yaar'' , she said with a grin
''ofcourse yes'' , he replied confidently
''fyn i ll tell u bt not here in ur room n u have to promise me
that u r not going to make me run for my life'' she said with
sarcasm in her voice .
''well if only ur reason isnt stupid then i wont make u run otherwise''
''come on u can  do one promise atleast trust me my reason is the best reason of the world''
''ok fyn start on as u r already in my room''
she luked around n closed his room n he luked
on her with amusement
''such a drama queen u r niks
better tell me fast n get lost i dnt want to get fooled by u
anymore ''
''ohho i m only protecting u silly'' n he rolled his eyes at her
okay now say fast
 she tiptoed holding his shoulders n whispered
in his ears '' i call u khadoos bcoz
u never got seduced by me i tried so much
but u always manage to shove me away n u got me doubting my charms ''
n she burst laughing luking at his stunned expression
''stop laughing like  mad r u even for real
is that even called a reason ''
''arey wat can i do i tried all the four ways
wat we call that in hindi saam, daam, dand, bhed
everything went over u n u never even dared to get impressed by me so
after not getting u n landing up with my love sick puppy rahul
i officially declared u khadoos ''.
''it was bcoz it was u ''
n she luked at him wide eyed n then jumped on him
''it was bcoz it was me wat the hell u moron rishabh kundra
u made me doubt my charms n u r still alive ''
stop shouting u will tear my eardrums
''well i m seething anger n right now i want to ruin ur very existence ''
then do it n he started running n she follwed him shouing his name .
''okay fyn stop i cant run more'' she said getting tired
''now u tell me who is the girl'' n ''wait let me guess
is it that 20 marks waali'' she said with a sly grin
n he gaped at her
''20 marks now who is that ''
''arey stupid the girl who got full marks marks in ur test
yeah madhubala mallik ''
n he blushed n now it was her turn to get shocked
''r u blushing rishabh kundra ?''
''ohh god this has turned so serious.''
''shut up u ll tell the whole mumbai like this .''
''man plss go just get her, her effect is too bad on u
u r no longer urself n anyways get ready we r going to disco ''
''huh y so?''
''bcoz my darling fiance has given a party fo our engagement n there r some
cousins of him whom i have to meet ''.
''so u go na y me yaar he said making a face ''
''come on na u r my best friend we have almost done everything together
frm school to college to flirting ''
''wait u flirt u try to seduce me wen did i do''
''ohho okay fyn u r the saint n i m the devil now go get ready fast n listen
wear blue ''
y blue ?
''uff kabhi to dimaag use karo ''
''was that a joke then i must say u need to improve ur humour baby ''.
''idiot bcoz i want u to luk more hot n sexy n blue makes u luk out of this world ''
n she winked at him n he rolled his eyes
''stupid have some shame u r getting married next month
n u r flirting with ur best friend like serriously ''
''so wats a big deal wen rahul can flirt with every girl he meets y cant i flirt with u n
for ur kind information i m harmless flirt not any serious one n u r my best friend so
chalta hai na .''
LEAVE U OVER HERE ONLY'' , he declared n walked off n she cursed him under her breath .
''Hey rahul'' niks shouted entering the disco with rk who was irritated with her shoutings .
''hii love how r u? n u luk gorgeous'' n he kissed her cheeks making her blush .
''hii rk how r u man?'' .
''i m all gud u say n they shared a friendly hug'' .
after all the greetings niks asked rahul ,'' where r ur cousins?''
''i m also waiting for them yaar'' n he luked at the enterance n saw
them entering n pointed n squealed ''ahh there they r'''
n both rk n niks turned in their direction
n rk got shocked seeing madhu enter along with
two other girls . Niks smiled n greeted them while he stood there where he was .
''meet my darling sisters madhubala , trishna n ria ''
n ''sissys this is the love of my life nikita shergill soon to be nikita mallik.''
''Hii girls ''niks wished them n they greeted her too
n ''here meet my best friend rk'' n she turned around to look at him but he wasnt beside her side
so she luked at the place where they were standing previously n he was standing there like a statue .
Madhu luked in her direction n got shocked n shouted ,'' rishabh sir '' n all four turned their attention
to her with questioning luks n then it dawn on niks that ''she was madhubala
her best friend rks madhubala that is y he is still stuck there'' .
Madhu excitedly went to rk n greeted him with a smile bringing him
back to earth ,'' hii sir ''
''hii madhu didnt expected u here he said not looking at her''
he was stunned to see her in the gorgeous red dress n
he just wanted to kiss her rosy lips now
''god wat was happening to him'' .
''yeah even i didnt expected u here sir'' .
''amm madhu i ll prefer u calling me rk outside the college no sir plss'' .
rk ... she said with delight in her voice
''amm yeah this name my bestie niks gave me ''
''ohh so nikita is ur best friend ''
''yes'' , by the time they were talking
trishna ria niks n rahul came towards them
''how do u both know each other asked rahul curiously''
n niks hit him with her elbows on his stomach
n he luked at her questioningly n she glared at him to shut his mouth ,
not wanting to embarras rk n madhu but rahul is rahul he wont leave his curiosity.
''amm bro rk is my accounts n economics professor'' , madhu replied nonchalantly.
''ohh thats cool'' n niks luked on amusingly that rk gave her right to call her
with the name she has given him .
rk luked at niks n she luked at him giving a wicked grin n he glared at her
n then she showed him a thumps up which bought a smile on his face .
''Well i think we all shd dance'' , niks declared n all nodded agreeing.
They all were on the dance floor wen some guys purposely started closing on in
madhu making her feel uncomfortable n rk who saw that
quickly went madhus side n pulled her towards him shocking her as well as himself .
The song changed to a romantic number Tum hi ho  n madhu put her one hand on his shoulder
n the other one was in his other hand , his touch on her waist was causing a burning sensation
on her spine n all she cld do was to get lost in his sexy features n he too was lost
in her eyes . The started swaying to each others rhythm matching their
steps forgetting the rest of the world .
Niks saw them n whispered to rahul to luk in their direction
n he was in awe of them .
''woww they luk so perfect together'' he said to niks
''yeah they luk only if rk agrees then i want to get them married with us'' she said sadly.
''y wont he agree ''
''dnt u know his reasons '', she asked
''that was his past tell him to move on wat i can see is
madhu seems to like him so wats the problem n moreover he is just 26
n if he is worried abt student n teacher relationship then its totally ridiculous'' .
She sighed n turned her attention to rahul
n said ''someone is too impress by my best friend isnt it so'' n she winked at him
n he pulled her more n kissed her lips chastely n said ''darling i was never
against ur best friend its just i was pissed at u for trying to get him always'' .
''liar'' n they both burst out laughing n she hugged him happily n luked at rishbala
who were still lost in each others eyes .
Rk was the first one to realise their proximity so he pulled back
n asked madhu who looked down embarrased now ,'' lets go
i m tired now '''' yeah lets go'' n they both stepped out together
n walked towards the couch n sat stealing glances at each other .
''I never saw u in niks n rahuls engagement'' asked rk all of a sudden .
''it was bcoz i n my sisters were out of town that time for moms operation ''.
''ohh so how is ur mom''
''she is absolutely fyn she just had knee transplant nothing serious.''
''if i knew u were going to be there then i wld have come to attend the party definately ''
said madhu n blushed
n rk luked at her stunned
''i m glad we met at the college instead of the party ''
''y so'' , she asked curiously
''well if we wld have met before then it wldnt have happened ''
n he put his fingers on his lips clearly indicating that
he was talking abt their kiss
madhu blushed to beet root red .
''do u mind going out its getting so crowdy ''
'' lets go'' she said n holding his hand authoratively
led him out he liked her boldness n the way she use to blush at him .
They were now walking in the parking lot holding hands still
thankfully there was no one to disturb them .
''This moon light luks so beautiful na'' , madhu said dreamily
luking at the moonlight which was falling on them now .
Rk luked at moonlight n then at her
''well not more than u'' , he said with a smirk
n she blushed .
''god madhu how much do u blush did u do some course on blushing seriously'' .
''do i luk like i ll do course to blush its just that
wen u say something like this i cant help it n she blushed again ''.''well the way u r blushing now i dnt think that i even need to say anything to make u blush'' . 
i want to tell u something , she said luking serious now .
although he knew wat was coming he didnt interrupted her
maybe bcoz he want to make sure that wat he was thinking was true
n this time he wont be betrayed like the previous time .
''I dnt know whether it is right or wrong to feel something for ur teacher
but wen we met u werent my teacher but a guy who i kissed n fell for him that very moment
maybe there had been many girls in ur life but just u know that there will be only u
in my life , i love u rk'' she said with tears in her eyes n luked at him
n was shocked to see tears in his eyes too .
''rk did i said something wrong plss tell me wat happened'' she got worried seeing him like that
his face was showing clear pain hurt n deep anguish .
''Its just ur confession reminded me of my past''
n she luked at him with a confusion so he began
'' i was in london wen i met shriya , she was everything
a guy wld wish to have but i wasnt much into all this
niks knew abt her feelings for me n she tried to even unite us
but i never paid any attention maybe bcoz i never thought for that way
but on our college prom night she proposed me in the same manner n i never had it in me
to break her heart n say no so i accepted her love only to be get betrayed by her on my bday.''
n his tears started flowing continuously .
madhus heart breaked seeing him this way she holded his hand n assured him with her eyes
which were now filled with tears too n she wiped his tears n shaked her head at him not to cry.
he continued '' we were happy , we understood each other n i started loving her too
seeing the extent of her love this wat i thought but it was all her plan to revenge niks
bcoz niks rejected her brother n she slapped him for forcing himself on her
n he was expelled frm the college which infuriated shriya n she joined college to avenge us.
she got to know that i was niks weakness n seeing me in pain she will eventually
suffer so she befriended niks n then through her she got me n then finally
on my bday wen i decided to tell her abt my love she broked my heart n throwing
the truth at niks face .''
''i feared to love n even being loved since then but it was only niks who stayed close to me
she still havent forgiven herself for all that happened with me bcoz of her
but its not her fault she did the right thing it was me who cldnt see
shriyas fake love i was a fool to trust her so easily n fall in her trap
but wen i came here n i met u everything started changing slowly slowly
u started mattering to me n i got attracted towards u
first i was hesitant bcoz i was scared of my past  so i maintained my distance with u n
even avoided u but wen i saw that my ignorance hurts u as well as me
i tried to remove my fears n niks saw me changing n she even guessed
that it was bcoz i have finally met someone who can love me as much as i can love her
but then i was worried abt our relationship status that is of teacher n student
i dnt know whether it is right or not
but wen i m with u every wrong becomes right for me
n only thing i know is u n ur smile
i love u madhu i dnt know how or wen it started
maybe the first time u holded my hand or wen u kissed me
or wen u used to blush luking at me in the class
i love u n only u
u r my life my passion my obession madhubala ''.
madhu was in tears by now n she hugged him tightly n he recipricated the same .
They broked the hug after two mins n both wiped each others tears
n rk finally completed their pending long kiss .
He nibbled on her lower lip n she opened her mouth for him to enter
n taking the chance he entered her mouth meeting her tongue
n kissing her fervently , she wrapped her arms around his neck
n he pulled her more into him through her waist .
She moaned in his mouth n he pulled her more onto him
her fingers carressed his scalp n he squeazed her waist
not being able to control himself anymore .
The kiss was sweet, passionate n wild n showed the extent of
 their love for each other
n the acceptance for each other . They broked the kiss after
 5 mins bcoz of lack of air
n madhu luked down blushing n hid her face in his chest n he kissed her forehead
they stood like that for few mins in the moonlight, 
wen rks eyes went on niks who was standing there shocked n with tears in her eyes .
He smiled at her n she smiled at him through her tears which have started
flowing by now  n she showed him thumps up .
Rahul came to find them n was shocked to see rishbala hugging each other
niks replied happily'' thats called LOVE BY CHANCE''.



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Love-Blossoms IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 1:24am | IP Logged


After 3 yrs
It has been eight months to their marriage
n madhu was six months pregnant now .
After their official proposal at the disco they hid their love frm everyone
n just acted as student n teacher in the college but outside the college they were crazy lovers
much to niks amusement who was the official commentator of their pda .
N the day madhu finished her mba
niks along with rks parents came to madhus house to ask for her hand for rk
much to all malliks surprise .
But as niks was already their daughter in law so they didnt found
any problem with rishbalas relation as niks assured them that'' no one can be
a perfect partner for madhu other than her best friend rk'' n rahul also
supported so finally all agreed  n they were married in a grand way .
Niks had the major responsibility as she was frm both the sides
n her major target of anger were rk n rahul much to madhus
amusement . They married with everyones blessing surprising the whole
faculty n students of college but everyone was happy for them  n had
a long honeymoon in maurituis n wen they returned after
two weeks madhu gave the gud news . Rk n niks were happiest of all
n they both even started fighting on the babies name .
Niks was more than happy to see her best friend happy.
After a yr of their marriage niks gave birth to a cute baby boy
who was named rishi , that was after rishabh n much to everyones surprise
he was taking after her best frnd rk much to rahuls annoyance n niks
n madhus pleasure as both believed that rk was the sexiest of all .
n wen she got to knew abt her best frnd going to become a dad
she became over protective for her best frnds child .
Wen rk is on work she use to take care of madhu
n wenever the baby kicks n madhu turns snappy
she calls rk n let him hear her wifes cribbings n today was no exception
baby kicked n madhu started snapping n niks called rk
n now the poor guy was dealing with his snappy wife.
'Rk i hate u'' cribbed madhu on the phone .
Wat did i do y u start hating me everytime the baby kicks u
how is it my fault if all the babies in the world have habbit
of kicking their mothers wen they r in their womb''.
''shut up it is ur baby that is y it is kicking more ''
''huh wat difference does it make if its my baby
or anyone elses, baby is baby n he/she will kick'' he replied pissed .

''Madhu baby plss just three months more na then everything will be fyn ''
rk tried to console her but she was in no mood to listen .
''no i hate u i hate u n i hate u'' she shouted n niks who was enjoying all
this till now burst out laughing .
''Niks i ll kill u rk'' shouted on the phone hearing her laughter.
''huh wat did i do if ur wife hates u'' she replied with a grin .
''Go to hell'' ''madhu baby plss try to
understand na i love u so much dnt get mad plss '' he said with extra
sugar coating on his words so that she agrees otherwise
he ll have to sleep on the couch which he hates .
''fyn come home early otherwise u r sleeping on the couch'' madhu said in a warning
''was i talking so loud that she heard me n said exactly the same thing ''
''baby u know na i have work plss try to understand na'' in reply she banged the phone
on him n niks chuckled seeing their usual fights .
''woww even after marriage she is ruling over me seriously
wat did i do ahh wait she happened to kissed my by chance ''
n he smiled n started for his home to make upto his grumpy
pregnant wife.
well the original plan was that rk wld have left without his side of confession
but then I changed it as this rk wldnt have let madhu felt the pain of rejection as he is very
calm n mature so instead of dragging it I shortened it n made them confess .

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Love-Blossoms IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 2:15am | IP Logged

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sanju1205 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 2:20am | IP Logged
it was super duper lovely story dear

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madhurish IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 2:35am | IP Logged
Aww...thanks u so much Neha baby for this lovely dedication!! 
i loved this gift for my promotion!!

seriously i dont remember when i told this idea to u even after reading the story i couldn't find out...i don't know whether we discussed abt in scrap or in any of ur story comments...u itself tell me...?? anyways u have written it nicely...

well, now i ll tell u how i had in mind...same professor & student relationship & i would have made Rk reject her as per his principle he was not willing to see his student in anyother way other than a student though he loved madhu...but madhu will nt give up...after some three yrs she join the same college where she studied, meet her love her professor who still a professor & for a change madhu is no more a student but a professor too but who teach arts LOL as she not good in subject but just sketching LOL she even sketched Rk's pic & got aught by him LOL...well, after three yrs she will stun Rk by introducing herself as a teacher & ask him to leave as the bell rang for the second hr LOL & later she will say still she loves him & ask him "Now u can love me" & that was the title too...but glad u made my work easier by writing an amazing piece show Rk a professor...

is there any written rule that professor shld not love his student & vice versa?? no right? so i'm no way offended with this story...i loved it so much!! u have written in ur hatke style...with full of fun & liveliness...

haha...kissing a professor is something hot...& i know she is gonna landup in Rk only right at the moment she accepted the dare but wondering suddenly where that useless stone faced sultan went?? did he got urgentina so went to washington?? i mean to pee LOL...ker chod..he has gone for good so that only Rishbala got to kiss...

hayyee...i had never get the chance to drool on such hot professor...i studied in girls college & all my teachers are aunties LOL!! 

principalji u r seeing 95% attendance but forgot to see ur students performance in exam that wont be even 5% LOL...all ur girl students are busy drooling over ur london return prof. & all the boys r busy grooming themselves to show them attractive in front of the girls to get some attention LOL then where is the time to study LOL!!

what?? he is a/cs, mgt, eco, mass com & basket ball coach too...god!! dont they have any other prof. in their colg or that principal nicely buttered Rk & loaded so much work on his head?? already he is the MD of kundra industries & top of that he is giving lecture to student..poor man will he ever get time to rest??

well, i love ur nats & niks...Rk is lucky to have a sweet friend like her!!

i wish & pray there shld be no such prof. in ur colg or ur class or else Neha will be drooling but not studying which i dont want...i wish u complete ur MBA with good grades dear...

Final a/cs?? such a simple question re for MBA student...12th std or junior colg student will answer that question LOL!! glad u didn't make Rk ask the "Golden rules of accounting" LOL...

oh my!! madhu is full on blushing & drooling...she was shamelessly checking him out LOL but who will do when he is so hot & melting caramel...

Nice dance, lovely confession...i'm glad Rk said his entire past to madhu & completed the pending kiss too...but what shocked me was they kissed for 5mins?? they must dead by now due to lack of oxygen LOL!! 

all the more i liked is the epilogue...that was so so cute...
haha...preggie snappy madhu hates her professor for not cooing & wooing her LOL!!
& niks is enjoying it LOL...
Run Rk run...reach before 6 or else couch is waiting for u & besides it Neha is waiting LOL!!

Uff...i think i shld stop now LOL...but really i enjoyed this crazy funny lovely story written by my sweet sister...thank u so much dear!!

Edited by madhurish - 31 December 2014 at 5:32am

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-Babydoll_Pooh- Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 2:41am | IP Logged
Woho! I'm third!

It was such a fabulous story Clap
I loved it from the start till the end...
God di I was in awe of Rk ..God Man you just killed me with your skills and looks!...LOL
Thanks a lot for at least adding me in this story...I loved my character...LOL though I never wanted to be a vamp I became one...
I love Rk and Nikki's bonding...they were just Awesome di!
I loved Rishabala a lot...Heart
The professor and student make a hot couple!

Aww poor Rk has suffer his Wifes tantrums...ROFL

Di why are you asking whther u offended by at all di...!
It was just Awesome...Awesome..Awesome!Clap

Tfs for pm neha di!

Edited by Shriya.bk - 31 December 2014 at 9:49am

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HappySoul-4va Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 2:52am | IP Logged
woww/..neha that was awesome...
You said he is not like actual professor types toh that's oke...

I loved the challenge...remembered my college days for Spin the bottle game ...awww...thanks...

BTW...I would love to imagine Dips face when she saw RK-Madhu getting married lolz..poor sul...

Sullu ullu missed the kiss upch...poor guy hamesha miss karta hai lolzzz

RK RK...ahaan ur true Vidian..the way u keep on chanting his looks and charm ohh gal...i fell in love with this RK and his looks Blushing

and blushing part is so cute...every scene was kinda sweet and cute...adorable...

Thanks for the  amazing gift for new year sweety...

Happy Happy new year...njy it with Loads of happiness and joy

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rishabalalove Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 2:54am | IP Logged
Nice story

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