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Another tear rolled down her cheek, Jalal pulled her into a hug. It was their first hug...He knew that she needed someone, she was too scared.
"" Jodha sobbed louder in his embrace..she knew that nothing will happen now, but still it was so difficult for her to forget what happened a few minutes before. His grip tightened around her, he seemed really angry but not her, maybe himself. He failed to protect her. They stood there for a few minutes to slow down Jodha's sobs. He knew that somewhat he was too responsible in this, he hadn't said anything...they moved to their car and all the way, his arms were wrapped around her protectively.

Chapter-12 ||Falling For You||

They walked their way to Jalal's room. Thankfully his mother was in bed. He was not in a position to answer her now. He looked at Jodha who was still shaken up by the things that happened, he knew she was scared. She never faced something like this in her life, their were always someone beside her. But now, she just was not herself. He tried to call Mirza but he wasn't picking up his phone. "Are you fine?" He asked, his eyes softened when she looked at him. "Can I just stay here?" She muttered. Before he could react, she was on his bed. He knew that she was avoiding his question. She looked at him, after a quite long time they were sharing the same bed. She turned her head, not wanting to answer him now. She was already facing so many feelings. The thing that happened at her first prom was something that she won't forget. Never, and maybe she won't believe anyone. 
So many feelings at the same time - hurt, anger and fear. She was hurt cause she believed that guy, she trusted...him! The hurt stemmed from the inability to understand what would motivate Devin to commit something like he did to her. She was confused that what she did that made  him do that to her? 
Jalal stared at her, it was weird for him to see her so quite, so...unlike her. He knew that she was hurt, but more angry. But for him, anger was probably the healthiest reaction. Cause it turns the pain outward instead of inward. The only thing he was worried about, was regarding the fear inside her. The fear - about the response and reaction of family and friends. The questions that were inside her - Will they believe her? Or they will judge her?
"Wanna share?" He wanted her to share about that experience. He knew that during this phase, she was suffering from anxiety, fear and maybe a little guilt too. Jodha looked at him. The man in-front of her was totally different...changed! Care replaced the darkness from his eyes. She nodded at his question, she felt uneasy to discuss it with him. But she wanted to return to herself, attempting to forget the whole thing.
"What happened?" He again asked her,  she initially hesitated but then told him everything that happened. She had tears in the corner of her eyes remembering the things that happened. But she felt - relieved.
Jalal hesitated at first but then rubbed his hand along her back in a soothing manner, trying to comfort her. "It could have been more worse than you would ever know. Just forgot what happened." She heard him say that and somewhere she knew that he was right. It could have been much worse. She was lucky that he came there at the right time. She nodded, assuring him that she will return to the way she used to be. She closed her eyes, the fear that was inside her was fading away. She knew that the feelings that was inside her for this guy turned a little more stronger. She stared at him, his eyes were closed. A slight frown creasing his forehead. She never felt this way with some other guy, it never worked with someone else."What?" His voice brought her back from the 'drooling' session. She quickly shook her head, embarrassed. "Don't you dare to kick me off the bed like before." Saying this, he again closed his eyes. An involuntary smile spread over her mouth, remembering the night she kicked him out of the bed.  It was so confusing regarding the way her body reacts around him. He made her smile when she wanted to frown. He turned her life upside down. Sometimes she's afraid that people will notice that she needs him so much. She hoped that her life could stay this way, not wanting it to be any other way. She wanted him to be the same guy as he was then. She didn't know if she liked him or loved him, wanted him or needed him, all she knew was that she loved the feeling when she's near him.  

---At the parking area.---
Overly bright sunlight pierced her half-closed eyes, she yawned widely and stretched her arms over her head. With half-opened eyes, she yawned again and rubbed her eyes. She turned her head, a frown darkened on her face. Her head was heavy but she did not have a headache. She got upset by the fact that she had fallen asleep with her party dress on and hadn't changed her clothes for the night. That was when the memories came flooding back to her. The dancing, the drinking, the silly antics, her wish to him to behave the same way they used to -- she remembered everything. She turned her head and looked at him as he slept, with his hands folded over his chest. How did he manage to sleep all night long in a car in that pose? 
"Oh shit!" Reality dawned on her, she slept the whole night in a 'car' with the same boy she confessed her love to a few days ago."Wake up!! Oh god!" She tapped him gently on his shoulder. He woke up, feeling a little disoriented as he tried to come to terms with the unfamiliar location. "Gosh! We slept in a car?" Shivani looked at him, he wasn't shocked! He looked excited by the piece of information. "How drunk was I last night?" He asked her, massaging his head. "Well at one point, I convinced you to try and bite your own nose." Shivani told him, he looked horrified, taking the joke seriously. "Then what happened?" He asked. "You were rolling around on the floor for an hour screaming 'it's getting away, it's getting away'."  Mirza covered his face in embarrassment as soon as he saw her laughing. "You killed me for a second" Saying this, he too joined her. "It feels good to be with you like before" He said after a few seconds, to which she agreed. "We should leave now" Mirza nodded at Shivani and called his driver to reach there. 

---Dining Table, Khan Mansion.---
"Where were you, boy?" Hamida glanced at her younger son as he made his way beside Jodha. "Just with some friends, discussing about some projects together." Mirza said, winking at Jodha. "Projects? Yea! I know what types of projects!" Slapping lightly on his shoulder, Hamida went to kitchen for some work. "Why you left so soon!" Jodha looked at him. She felt uneasy to share something to her best friend for the first time. "Just come to my room, I have some work." Jalal said to him, Jodha looked at Mirza who growled expecting some lecture. He patted her shoulder, as a sign that he will be back soon. While there was only one thing in her mind, and it was - him. She was confused by her feelings. She was no longer feeling shaken up by the thing that happened yesterday. Something was different, and she didn't know what it was. The only thing that lingered in her mind was his care. She wished she could name this feeling. She wished she had the perfect words to name her feelings. Cause if she did, she would tell him how great she feels when he's near. Her feelings for him grew after the prom incident. It became stronger, it was confusing that how her feelings turned from attraction to something emotional. 
She felt someone behind her, she turned and there was her best-friend. "I am sorry!" He muttered, Jodha moved towards him, resting her hand over his shoulder. "For what?" She asked, shocked by his sudden apology. "For not being there with you!" Jodha knew Jalal told him everything. She punched his stomach lightly, causing him to look at her. "Shut up...haan! Now you will apologise to me?" She tried to lighten up the situation but failed in doing so. "I am happy that you weren't there!" Mirza stared at her, he thought she would be broken but she was all smiling by her own.   "You know! He cares for me. He was like so tensed. I mean that was the first time I saw him so tensed. And that was for me." Jodha moved beside him, trying her best to make him understand how she was feeling. "You know he don't like you?" Jodha frowned hearing that, but after a second she just nodded. Maybe she was expecting a lot. "I am 99.9 percent sure that he doesn't like me. But it's just the 0.1 percent that keeps me going." She heard him chuckle. "Where you read that?" He asked, somewhat realising that maybe his brother is the 'one' for her. "Internet!" They shared a laugh together. "Ergh! By the way Nikki and Johanna are coming over here. They told me to inform you." Mirza said. "Oh yea! A girl's night. Thanks for reminding. They will stay here tonight. " Jodha muttered, this night was pre-planned before prom. 

---Outside Khan Mansion---
"Why you called me here?" Jalal turned to Ruqaiyah, who just stepped a little closer to him."Where's the dress?" She asked, with her brows raised. Jalal scratched the back of his neck, confused how to explain the whole thing to her. "Ruqs! I gave that dress to Jodha. It was her prom yesterday." Her eyes met his, glaring at him. "That's great! You knew everything. It was a limited edition. And you gave it to her? God! Jalal what's wrong with you? I am afraid that you are failing to handle your 'new' feelings." She said with anger and jealousy both mixed in her voice. "You are over-reacting. It was just a dress." He tried to get a hold of her hand, but she just pushed him away. "It's not about that dress. It's about you! You are changing and you are not even realizing it. I missed that Jalal who was not only possessive of me but of my belongings too!" Saying this, she removed the ring off her finger and gave it to him. "If you want you can also give this to her." She sat inside her car, and glanced at him. Watching him walking towards the car, her famous smirk plastered itself across her face. "Don't be childish now." She turned her head as he sat beside her, signalling the driver to leave them alone for some time. "I am not being childish Jalal. You are involving yourself a lot in this 'fake' relation with her. You are getting a lot into her issues. And I am scared that you will get caught up tangling yourself in this web of feelings. And you know what will be the result, right? You will end up giving so much to her without realizing that you are breaking yourself down." She said and caught him shaking his head. He slipped the ring on her finger. "I am not a teenager who will end up losing himself. I don't have anything for her. No feelings, nothing. She's just a responsibility." He made her to look at him. She was important to him. After his father's death, she was always there with him, supporting him, celebrating with him, boosting up his confidence - Everything. Ruqaiyah knew that she had a great control over his life. The past few years proved great in gaining his trust. "I hope you are not lying." She said. 
"I know you are not here for that dress..tell me the real reason!" She smiled listening him. Looking at him, she replied - "It's scary! You know everything about me." Watching him smirk, she continued - "Actually! I talked to my lawyer. He told me that it's not really necessary to continue your relation with that girl. After she turns 18, we just need her signature on some of the documents." She looked at him, he looked confused as a frown darkened on his face. "What you are talking about?" He asked. "Gosh! Jalal, what's wrong with you. Don't you remember why you married her? Cause of the property! That agreement that stated that you can be the owner of this property only if you will marry her. Come on! You can't forget that." She freaked out, learning that he forgot such an important thing. "Erm..Yeah! I know." She raised her brows at him to which he patted her cheek and continued - "You did a great job." Grabbing his collar, she whispered -"I have planned a party for you, day after tomorrow!" Removing her hold off his collar, he stared at her. "But why?" He asked. "For your 21st birthday! Last time, we had so much fun." Taking out her phone, she showed him the photographs of the venue. "I will meet you tomorrow!" He said, as soon as the driver came back, she nodded and waved at him. 

---Mirza's Room---
"You are such a moron! His birthday is near. And I haven't prepared anything." She glared at her best-friend, who just gave this piece of information, a few seconds ago. She was irritated on herself, she was unaware of her mate's birthday. "Come on! He celebrates it with his girlfriend." When he saw her glaring at him, then he realized what he said. "I mean, ex-girlfriend." He muttered, Jodha grabbed a cushion and threw it at him but he was lucky enough to get a hold of it.  "Why are you not understanding Mirza! He may have history with her but you can't just neglect that he have chemistry with me!" She spoke, snatching the chocolate he was munching. "Don't you think that you are pressurizing your brain a lot in this? And why just can't you accept that he don't like you. Not even a little." Jodha kicked him at his stomach, and saying it didn't hurt would be a lie. "Gosh! You should have removed your heels." He growled. "He likes me! Okay? You know he was so worried for me yesterday. He talked to me so sweetly!" It may sound silly, but she found herself a new hobby or something, she started spending too much time fantasizing about him. "Yeah! He is crazily in love with you!" Jodha glared him at his sarcastic voice. "Why aren't you understanding it! This is something new. It never happened before to me. Can't you just understand that there are billion of people in this world but he's the only one I want!" She settled herself on the couch, beside him. "Are you reading a lot by Nicholas Sparks?" He stared at her, but received a glare in return. "I have been listening 'halo' by Beyonce, a lot. I think it's suiting my situation." Hearing him chuckle, she too broke into a grin. "Everywhere I am looking now, I'm surrounded by your embrace, Baby I can see your halo. You know you are my saving grace." She couldn't control herself from repeating those lines by that song. "Ergh! What's your favourite Beyonce song?" He succeeded in distracting her mind, finally she wasn't talking about his brother. "Gosh! Queen B's every song is like wow! But 'flawless' is the one! We flawless." But mirza regretted this question after a second or so, she was no where to stop, she was going gaga over her. "I wish I knew how to play guitar. I would learn how to play flawless on it."  After a second or so, Jodha looked at Mirza, wide-eyed. "Hey wait! I didn't even say anything." She ignored his statement and took his mobile off his hand."Where's the guitar? His guitar?" Jodha asked while Mirza gave her a stink eye. "How you got to know about his guitar?" He looked at her, while she just rolled her eyes. "It's not important that how I got to know that. The thing that's important now is where it is?" She looked at him, hoping that he know the place where Jalal kept his guitar. "I guess, store room" And the next second, Jodha took him to the store-room.
"God! It's so messy!" Mirza complained, he was forced to enter that old storage room filled with tons of dust and spider webs, complete with black, big, hairy spiders, and it was all because of his best friend. "You people! Can't you just clean here? It's like a dump in here! Stuffed piled everywhere, dust, spider webs. This is totally junk!" Saying this, she used her mobile as a torch. "Hey! You remember this toy?" Mirza showed her a broken duck to which she smiled widely. "God! You gifted me this on friendship day and I threw it out of the window!" Mirza frowned listening that. "Just because it was yellow!" She giggled hearing that, she never liked that colour. "Quoting the words from the hit song 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen - 'where do you think you are going, baby?'." She chuckled hearing him, "that was so cheesy!" She laughed, moving to the darkest corner of the room."Hey! Come over here!" She called him loudly. "It's jammed." She said trying to open the almirah, but it was too hard to open it. They both banged it several times, and after a last forceful push, mirza finally opened it. "There it is." Jodha took it out, the condition of that guitar was worse. It was coated with rust, covered with dust, few strings were broken. "It's dead. Over! Nothing can happen now." Jodha glared at him, but that was the truth."Just give it a try. There's no harm in trying. Go and give it for repairing." Jodha said, though! the condition was worse but still what's wrong in trying. "But what if bhai got to know that I told you this?" She rolled her eyes, why the hell he's so scared of him?
"Basically! He don't know that I know, he know that you know, you know that I know, he don't know we know!"  She said confusing him.
 "What we know?" 
"That he don't know!" 
"What he know?"
"That we don't know!" 
"And what we actually know?"
"That he don't know, we know!"
"Shut Up! You are confusing me. I will take it!" Mirza snatched the guitar and left her alone, smiling widely at herself.

---Guest Room---
"Hey girls!" Jodha welcomed her two friends. Thanks to her 'hamida ma' that she gave her this room for their night stay. "Oh my god! This house is huge!" Johanna said, sitting on the bed. "Like you!" Jodha laughed at Nikki's sarcastic comment. "I am not going to share my sandwiches any more with you" Nikki ran to Johanna and hugged her, jodha too joined them on the bed. "You know you have a really annoying habbit!" Nikki raised her brows at Johanna. "That's breathing!" And after that, a pillow was thrown at Johanna's face. "Girls! Stop fighting. We should talk about  something interesting!"Jodha pouted to which the girls smiled looking at each other. "How's my new hair-cut? You know the first time  when Greg saw me with this hair-cut, he was like 'seriously!' And then I started singing 'Wrecking Ball', he got angry and stopped talking with me for five minutes." The other two girls just rolled their eyes, their was nothing interesting in talking about her 'pixie' haircut. "Ohkay! Do you know I was hit by a car and at that time I was only 18 months." Nikki said, to which Jodha irritatedly asked - "Why?" To which she grinned and answered - "I was adventurous!" Johanna and Jodha looked at each other, what the hell she was speaking?
"And by the way, what you are wearing?" Jodha looked at Johanna who was wearing something like jump suit with full of stripes. "I don't know, mom forced me!  And I was like - If I were a cartoon character this is what I would wear everyday!" She really looked like one, Jodha thought. "Whose that sexy girl!" Jodha looked over at Nikki who just muttered it while doing something with her phone. "Oh! I clicked on my profile again!" She laughed at her own joke. "Nikki! You and Greg are dating for two years. Right?" Johanna looked at her who just nodded."How you manages? Don't you fight?" Jodha asked it to which Nikki took out a book from her bag. "Secret behind a successful relationship!" Johanna read the title and looked at Jodha who was staring at Nikki. "You are crazy! These books are nothing." Jodha commented to which Nikki rolled her eyes."Don't believe me! But it works. Everything written in this book is like so true." Jodha thought about it and then asked - "Can you give this to me?" Nikki smiled widely listening that but Johanna was shocked.  "Yea! Take it." Before Johanna could say anything, Mirza knocked the door. "Heya guy, what's up!" The girls waved at him. Jodha raised her brows at Mirza to which he gave her a quick nod. She smiled brightly, finally a good news for her. "Girls! Party Time!" Jodha screamed in excitement, while the other two girls too joined her. "Gosh! It's 'somebody to you'." Johanna shrieked as soon as the tune entered her ears. The music was loud, Jodha was jumping on the bed, while the other two girls were on the table. Mirza was busy with the wafers. "I used to ride around, I didn't wanna settle down, But now I wake each day, Looking for a way that I can see your face." Mirza looked at the girls who shouted the lyrics, they were looking horrible while dancing, the dancing was physically exhausting. When the music stopped, a chair and a cold-drink were all they wanted! "You were dangerous! Dancing witches." And the next moment, Mirza was thrown out by the girls. 
"This is the first song I liked by 'The Vamps'." Jodha said to which the girls agreed. They all rested for some time, chatting on some random topics. "Hey Nikki, why you always cry when somebody talks about 'Titanic'." Jodha cursed Johanna for asking that questions, Nikki was again on the verge of tears. "Those two had only each other." After hearing that, the other two girls couldn't hold their laughter. "Shut up! I swear, I won't invite you both in my wedding!" Nikki frowned. "When you are getting married?"Jodha sarcastically asked."It's none of your business!" She replied.
"Whatever!" Jodha muttered, opening the book which she borrowed from Nikki. Flipping the pages, she found a pink coloured chit. "Ooh! See what's here!" Nikki frowned watching that, she tried to snatch it, but the two girls were passing it to each other. "When you kiss me without uttering a word you speak to my soul." Johanna laughed reading that."Ouch! So cheesy!" Jodha commented. "You know what! I hate you both. You will never understand that moment when you kiss someone and everything around you becomes hazy, and the only thing is you and the person you love. And then you realize, that person is the only that you are supposed to kiss for the rest of your life." Johanna laughed hearing that but Jodha felt a similar feeling of jealousy inside her. Why can't her life be this perfect, this beautiful? She thought. 
Jodha flipped the pages of that book, "Jay! It's an useless book!" Johanna interrupted."Don't say this! Jay just try this book and I bet that Jalal will be all behind you!" Nikki said. "Really?" She asked to which Nikki nodded. "Jay, you are thinking a lot about these stuff! Exams are near, you should think about that." Johanna again interrupted in between. "I know I should stop thinking about it, you know, but I can't. Maybe cause I have seen too many movies, you know, happy endings." As soon as jodha finished talking, they shared a group hug.  "Don't worry! According to the book. You should behave like the way your partner wants. I mean the things he likes and all." With that, the girls shared a quite good time to give a make-over to Jodha.

---At The Dining Table.---
"It's quite late for dinner, where are the girls?" Hamida enquired. Jalal looked around, she wasn't there. Strange! He felt weird, she's never late for dinner. "Huh!" He looked at Mirza who was looking behind him, he turned and there she was coming. But wait! What she was wearing. She was looking a lot weird. "Pink Bear!" Mirza muttered looking at her, she wore a lot of pink.
Actually everything was pink - pink night dress, pink slippers, pink wig, pink lip gloss, pink hair bow, and her look completed with a pink faux fur stole. 

"Hey!!" She waved at everyone and finally rested her gaze at him, she frowned. His expressions weren't the same. He made a weird face at her. Noticing that her nails were also painted pink, he just rolled his eyes. "What would you like to have? Pink rice or pink bread?" Mirza teased her to which she just smiled sweetly. "You are so hilarious. My stomach is hurting from laughing so hard." Listening her sarcastic comment, he quietly had his dinner. The girls glared at Jodha as soon as they saw Jalal walking back  to his room. Signalling her to go behind him, they pushed her a little. "I am done!" Jodha said, and ran behind Jalal to his room. 

"Hey!" She muttered, tapping his shoulder. "Do you want something?" He asked. "No..I mean Yes!" She stuttered, he raised his brows asking what. "Erm Thanks! Actually for yesterday. If you weren't ---" She left her sentence in the middle, watching him looking at her. She just forgot what she was saying, she tried to continue but as expected, she failed in doing so. "It's al-right. It's great to see that you aren't thinking about that." He stopped as he felt awkward under her continuous stare.

"Why are you staring at me?"
"Waiting for more."
"But I don't wanna speak anything else."
"Just a little bit..Say something!" Jalal looked at her, she was acting a lot weird. He looked away but her gaze were still on him, which was making him feel awkward. "You are acting weird!" He said irritatedly. "No! You are acting weird. I am wearing your favourite colour cause you said that I look fabulous in pink. But you didn't praise me." She argued.
"Come on! It's not my favourite colour. And I have never said that to you."  Jodha frowned listening it. "Okay! But you said that I look better in pink." Jalal stared her for a second and then left that place, muttering something.  

---Guest Room---
"What he actually wants?" The girls asked Jodha who just rolled her eyes, that's what she was thinking. "Are you sure that he said you look better in pink" Johanna asked, Nikki too looked at Jodha, who was looking totally frustrated.  "What do you mean, haan?" Jodha looked over them, irritated and confused. "I am pretty, funny, understanding, loving, caring, cute, stylish, friendly, smart, joyful, adventurous, sassy, kind, thoughtful...I mean I am everything!" Jodha gasped after saying such a long, run-on sentence. "You are stupid and irritating too!" Mirza said, entering the room. "I think you should tell him that you are falling for him." Johanna suggested to which Jodha shook her head. "Are you mad! What if he got angry or something?"  She was scared of his reaction, it was better to hide it, but she knew she can't hold this for long. "Say it indirectly, you know like - I have been spending a lot of time, just thinking about you. I think I will die without you!" Mirza chuckled hearing that. "That was rubbish!" Jodha too joined Mirza. "What about - I love the way you smile, it's something more beautiful than stars." Nikki suggested, again. "He rarely smiles. You should say I love the way you frown, the thing that you are angry, frustrated and irritated most of the time." Mirza laughed to which the girls irritatedly glared at him. "Say it directly!" Johanna said, and this time Mirza and Nikki too agreed. "Okay! So, On his 21st birth-day, Jodha is going to confess her feelings." The three of them turned to Jodha who smiled awkwardly and then nodded her head. "Time to do or die!" Mirza patted her shoulder."I know he likes me. There's no need of this confession." Jodha said, jumping on the bed."Lying to yourself!" She heard Mirza saying that, she glared at him and irritatedly covered her face by the blanket.
Hey everyone!Heart 
Ending it here! I hope you liked this chapter. Sorry for the mistakes. And yea! Thanks for liking the previous one! You all are really incredible and great. Hug

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Its amazing update dear...Clap I simply loved itSmile
Wait.. Except that ruqi part...Angry. I just hate easily she brainwashed him.Dead 
I loved jalal's concern towards Jo...but he is a confused soul..ConfusedWhen he is going to realize his feelings..actually I want to know what actually he feels for her... Only responsibility..Sleepy Not even friend.Ouch what he will do with those papers.. Will he sign those papersAngry 
But I loved Jo's confidence of her feelings.
After long time they shared the bed Embarrassed
How easily he made her smile when she wanted to frown.Smile
Loved Jo's fun time with her friends..
And the best part is guitar and dining part.. Big smile
And the most hilarious part is jo 's pinkish avtaar...LOL
And the Mirza lines..."what would u like to have pink rice or pink bread"ROFL
Now Jo is going to confess her feelings to Jalal on his Birthday..
I don't want u to break my Jo's heart Aishu pls..take care of her feelings and our feeling too. Don't break her heart.
Waiting for next part ...Jalal's Birthday.. Update soon dear.
This for u a big walaHug For this update.

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Originally posted by swetiii


suprb dr..
jo is crazy..
i was laughing thinking how she must b looking in that pink pink.. so pink..
i hate this ruku..
she is trying to separate them..

update sooon

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awesome update!!
happy to see jalal caring for jodha..
again ruku... Throw her out soon!! Make jalal see her true face.. And also make jalal fall for jo..
waiting for jalal's bday!
hope ruqu doesn't create any misunderstanding between our jajo... And hope jo doesn't have any heartbreak...
thanks for the pm! Please update soon!

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And yeah! I still hate you! LOL

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Jalal was so caring...what the hell is ruqs problem
Wish jalal celebrate his burdae with jodha nd family
Nd i so much wish that he doesn't think about giving divorce to jodha forget about talking with her on this topic
I hate the entire ruqs part...she is intolerable
But i loved it that jalal gave that dress to jodha knowing fully how much ruqiah want thatThumbs Up
Dining table part was amusing lyk what would you have pink rice or pink breadROFL
Continue soon...

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Aishu...its was amazing..ClapClap
i loved every bit of it..
the sleepover part was mast..i guess u culd have shown a bit more of jalal's missing jodha for the night..(maybe in ur next update)..
it will be so much fun to see jo and ruks both planning for jalal's bday party...
plz dnt make jo's heart breakBroken HeartBroken Heart while confessing to jalal..
plz do update soon ur story soon and especially UL
love u loadsHeart

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rishbala3018 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 6:17am | IP Logged
Lovely chapter Aisha. Hope when she confesses in the next chapter Jalal doesn't faint or something LOL

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