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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
Helloo Ppl..Big smileBig smile..."WOW" this is my 5th KK post in a row..ShockedLOL(new KK record for me..DancingDancing..)...KK ka nonstop kalakaari express ki gaadi bahut hi tezi se apni manzil ke taraf aage badh raha..."WOW"!!...LOLWink...

Btw did Valentines Day got preponed to Dec 29?ConfusedConfused..Woh kya haina Dec 29 aka yday both my hotties-TOTALLY KILLED ME with their super sizzling romantic kalakaaris-KK & Manik(MTV show hero)...These two r DEATH of me...SillySilly...So pehle i got done with post on Manik's kalakaris n nw am here for KK's kalakaaris..LOLLOL...I knw am HELL LATE in makin this post...But better than late than never..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...I hv used 36 screencaps took by me frm last nite epi for this post here..Big smileBig smile...

Before i get into KK's last nite kalakaaris,i hv to mention KK scene of last week sat epi for which i couldn make post then as i ws way too stuck in KK's last week fri epi kalakaari...LOLWink...So in sat epi KK did IMPROVISATION to his prev kalakaari-Green Dress Seq scene..WinkWink...KK told Ishu in sat epi tht ki "dono taraf se phailti jaa rahi ho" and he also told tht only her brain is small n rest of her evrything is EXTRA LARGE...ROFL
ROFLROFL...bol diya na KK usko apni dil ki baat...Extra Large?ROFLROFLROFL...So tht ws the conclusion of ur 8+ months long checking out practicals ka result?ROFLROFLROFL...But why r u givin wrong signals baby?U love EXTRA LARGE stuffs only coz i knw itne mahine u dnt need to found tht..So if u still continued ur checking out practicals in all these months,then uska ek hi meaning hai ki SIZE DONT MATTER to u..ROFLROFLROFL...All u need is IT toh kya fark padta haina size kitna n kahan se shes more phail rahi hai..rite?ROFLROFLROFL...but lik alwz...dhakkan ishu just din get it...LOLLOL..Seriously KK uski bewakoofi ko itna misuse kaise kar sakte ho?Such a DEVIL u r...LOLWink...

Aah...SUCH PEACE i got by rantin abt tht fav moment of mine frm sat epi...I ws waitin for ONE OPPORTUNITY n today i finally got it..
ROFLROFL...Now i can happily move on to yday epi kalakaaris of KK..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..

KK ka entry happened with this scene below...

^^LOOK at him...Kaise COMFORTABLY baitke DIRTY PICTURE dekh raha tha aur imagine bhi kar raha tha by checkin her out frm his 2nd fav side of view...ROFLROFLROFL...Poor u KK ur kismat mein AB BHI sirf khayali pulav of dirty picture hi likha hai...Pata nahi asli picture kab dekh paaoge tum?OuchLOL...

^^KK ws back again here aftr Ishita's Raman ka role in scene got over...LOLLOL...He came back the moment Ishu told him ki he should say somethin which she wanna her n do somethin which she wants...oh god THT WS SUCH A GUTTERY LINE ISHU,though i knw u din meant ny guttery thought...But the way u said it n ur choice of words-it ws simply GUTTERY n thts BAAP OF GUTTERY-KK had to be back INSTANTLY as shown in pic above...ROFLROFLROFL...

^^And there goes KK ka chance pe dance...oops i meant chance pe touch karke touck karke sessions ka SHUBH AARAMBH...ROFLROFLROFL...He so knew ki agar ishu ke saamne apna CHAMATKAARI CHASHMA pehnega toh she will try to snatch away n in tht process uske some "touchy touchy" armaan bhi poore ho jaayenge n thts exactly wht happened...ROFLROFLROFL... "WOW" KK... isse kehte hai SAAZISH..ROFLROFLROFL...

^^This is wht KK said here..."Tumhari aaj tak suni hai jo aaj sunoonga??"..."WOW" there u go KK another SOLID SACH frm u..LOLWink...I hv alwz told before tht its u-KK who can make Ishu dance to ur tunes n NOT other way around lik she does with Ishita's Raman or Joru Kumar or evn Ravan Kumar for tht matter..LOLLOL.. But ws she evr able to CONTROL ya RULE OVER u KK?NO..LOLLOL..And thts exactly u conveyed her too last nite with this solah aana sach waali baat waali line to her..Proud of u my love...u said IT n tht too on her face...ROFLROFLROFL...

^^And there goes KK ka haal-e-dil jataana sessions in the name of fake chamatkaari glass..LOLLOL...KK told her-"WOW...Neeche baithogi toh bhi sab aar paar dikhega...Aur agar khadi hogi toh bhi aar paar dikhega.."...WOW KK?Wht ws there in to WOW?LOLLOL...I knw n u knw tht ur glass has GHANTA x-rays..LOLLOL.. Toh phir KYA dekh ke WOW kar raha tha?LOLLOL...As if i donno but still u knw hw much i LOVEEE asking u my masoom ittu sa sawaal..EmbarrassedLOL...Baby u proved me rite ONCE AGAIN when i say ur eyes has laser power n very DEEP LONG VISION...ROFLROFLROFL.. She ws at a distance frm u..But fir bhi DIKHA NA u wanted to see?And thtsy WOW...indeed WOW to ur VISION KI MAHIMA..
ROFLROFLROFL...And agar vo khadi ho gayi then toh cherry on cake na as ur VISION can travel to ALL DIRECTIONS..ROFLROFLROFL...WOW oops i meant WAAH...ROFLROFLROFL..!!

^^KK told here "Main sab sun raha hoon aur dekh bhi raha hoon.." ..Tum sab dekh rahe ho n being happy abt it..i can understand but kya sunke u were being this happy?ErmmLOL.. Baby did ur DEEP LONG VISION again PRESSED the DREAM button in ur head n u saw some future scenes n sounds kya?LOLLOL...I think so coz uske alawa no sound can make u SO HAPPY...ROFLROFLROFL...Just how much u r DYING to BE IN FUTURE na?ROFLROFLROFL...

^^Hes way too happy with his khayali pulaavo dirty picture runnin in his mind n the tempting beautiful picture standing infront of him...ROFLROFLROFL...

^^When Ishu finally ws able to snatch away his chamatkaari glass she challenged him by asking now wht he will do...But KK ekdum SERIOUSLY le liya uss qn ko...ShockedLOL...For a sec i thought KK's much awaited future scenes r HERE seeing the FIRE in his eyes n the DETERMINATION on his face n the way he said this line to her-"Main kya karunga?"..ShockedROFL...KK i really thought u were ALL SET TO DO IT...ShockedShocked...But then i remembered CVs n i realised oh KK got carried away with her instigatin question warna SR n now?NO WAY...ROFLROFL..But Ishita this ws the 2nd time u PROVOKED KK to a COMPLETELY GUTTER DIRECTION jabki u just din meant ny guttery thing..LOLLOL...Be Careful Ishita of wht u speak coz u hv NO IDEA whos there infront of u...KK is such a BHOOKA WILD WILD SHER...So DONT press wrong buttons in him galti se bhi...Aur agar kiya toh tumhara pata nahi but hum sabka GOOD NITE toh pakka pakka ho jaayega n so KK ka...ROFLROFLROFL...

^^Now there begins his Saazish Part 2 Round for BEING TOUCHY TOUCHY with her by usin his glass...LOLLOL...


(^^Pic No 30 ROFL

WOW KK...Just WOW...What a chummeshwari HAWA TIGHT performance by u jaan...LOLWinkClap...Bahaane se Romance karna koi tumse seekh KK..LOLWinkClap...And before i rant abt these scenes i hv to say DivAn-u two set the screen ON FIRE with this last close close scenes...SillySilly...Wht EPIC NATURAL CHEMISTRY u two share-Karan Bhai n Divz...its SIMPLY a BLISSFUL TREAT to see u both SIZZLING TOGETHER ONSCREEN lik this...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Back to scene..KK n Ishu were playing who gonna get glass game..LOLLOL...Yeh baat alag hai ki KK ws playing one more game too which ws totally unknown to her n thts TOUCH KARKE TOUCH KARKE game..LOLLOL...And as KK got much charged up coz of his games,he thought of thanking her who gave him the opportunity to play..LOLWink...So he told Ishu who ws STILL STUCK in glass game ki glass ko rehne do..LOLLOL...He then told her-"
Jitni paas tum khadi ho..Usse chashme ke bhi zaroorat nahi padegi.."...ClapROFL...WOW KK..Simply WOW..Finally u told IT..LOLLOL..The REAL TRUTH abt ur X-ray EYES which i hv been evr since ur entry in Apr..ROFL
ROFL...It took u 8+ months long to finally CONFESS it to her na...LOLLOL...And Madam who ws hell bend on hearing "I Love You" frm Ishita's Raman ws SIMPLY CLEAN BOWLED with KK's unexpected confession...ROFLROFLROFL...And KK made her evn more speechless with his intense stares n caressin her hair,cheeks n wht not..LOLWink...She ws totally gettin MORE n MORE affected coz of KK's kalakaaris..LOLWink...And he ws SIMPLY LOVING it..WinkWink...But bcoz he feared sharam ke maare she might just flew away,he thought of carry forwardin the conversation so tht as long as they talk he can continue to take her in his arms n be AUR PAAS AUR PAAS with him..LOLWink...And his plan worked royally too till the haddi shagun interrupted it..AngryLOL...

Nywz to sum up his kalakaaris in recent epi esp last nite i can say KK is finding HARD to CONTROL n thtsy hes comin on evry possible scene evr since the confession happened...LOLLOL...And the more she try to protest or anyone try to interfere his kalakaaris,his determination to ATTACK WITH A BANG ka desire also is increasing more n v could see tht in his kalakaaris too ki THE MORE HES RESTRICTED THE MORE HE TURNS BHOOKHA SHER...LOLLOL...And on tht note i would like to dedicate this song line frm the song "Darling" from the film "7 Khoon Maaf" as it perfectly suits KK's current condition..LOLWink..

"Roko Na..Roko Na..Mujhko Pyaar Karne Do!!!"

And before i end my post..i wanna say somethin to KK..KK i knw u r findin it hard to resist urself these days...But baby aise roz roz aaya MAT karo...LOLLOL...U r NOT aam u see...U r very very issp n UNIQUE...Aise roz aate rahoge toh kaise chalega?LOLLOL...And my MAIN COMPLAINT to u is U SPOILED ME WITH UR LEG SHAKE KALAKAARI last week...AngryLOL..U hv set ur standard SO SO SO HIGH with tht leg shake kalakaari ki nw i am NOT satisfied with ur usual eyes,lips kalakaaris...Stern SmileLOL...Till before this leg shake shake kalakaari happened,I ws so happy in my KK world with ur eyes,lips n sometimes haath waale kalakaaris n i knew u would do something spl on SR too...LOLWink...But out of nowhere u did tht leg shake kalakaari n i just LOST IT...SillyROFL...Now aftr tht how can u evn expect me to be satisfied with ur NORMAL stuffs?NO...SleepyLOL... So baby either u do UNIQUE kalakaaris kinda regularly lik u recently did leg shake thing or come once a while(but not too much break sessions ok?LOL)so tht atleast i can be out of leg shake ka trance n evn more njoy ur NORMAL kalakaaris..LOLLOL..Now seriously more than ur appearance i am awaitin whts the next big thing u gonna do aftr ur epic leg shake shake last week?LOLLOL...See hw u made me MORE GREEDY n MORE SPOILT..Stern SmileROFL... Now u only find me a solution n help me get out of this NEW LOCHA created by u in me..Stern SmileLOL..!! #OKThanksByeKK&LoveYou..ROFLROFL...

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
res 1

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:20pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by aishu_divan

"WOWWW".Big smileLOL..Nikki babeBig smile..meri toh lottery lag gayi haiBig smileBig smile..Back to back KK posts from you.Big smile.WooohoooDancing..KK means party time for me.Party.Thanks to KK's epic nonstop appearances, I reach a new level of besharmi every single time..Big smileBig smile

ROFLMAOROFL @ "only her brain is small n rest of her evrything is EXTRA LARGE"..BwahahahahahaaROFL..after all KK ne apne dil ki baat khulaasa kar diyaTongue..And as usual dhakkan Ishu didnt get it.Ermm.Nikki babe..KK confess karliye ki how much he is interested in  getting darshan of her assets.Wink.LMAO.ROFL.Isliye toh baar baar chashme pehne ka naam leta hai in the pretext of checking her out..Waise not like he needs them anyways.LOL.Otherwise also, it's not like he doesnt check her out.LOLLOL.but this entire X-ray fiasco was to make her understand that he cannot CONTROL anymore..BwhaahahahaaROFL.and stupid Ishu as usual dhakkan hi rehgayi..LOL

LMAOROFL..the way he is sitting on the couch and checking her out.."ohh yea baby..Isse accha nazaara to humne dehka nahi"CoolWink types thoughts in his mind..checking her out from the backsideLOL..waise which side has he leftLOL..he has checked her from front,back, he's noticing her phailna-which indicates he's checking out her sides n curves.Tongue.Poore 360 degrees angle ka phaida leh raha..And in your last pic he looked SOUTH..LMAO..That was so EPIC.ROFL.your NORTH to SOUTH..BwahahahahahahaROFL..KP is like my mini SRK.Embarrassed.After all he is the "King of Romance" in the small screen.Big smileHeart.I got reminded of this scene from DTPH where SRK was checking out Madz..Big smile

LMAOROFL..I knw the cheeky devil KKEvil Smile..Purposely took out those glasses as he knew she would resist himTongue..and yeh lo mauke ka phaida utaa ke he did "chance pe dance"LOL..and we got some touchy touchy KK kalaakaaris..BlushingDay Dreaming

His "WOW" word totally took me off guard.LOL.Everything was expressed in jus that one "WOW".Tongue.his desires to see her, touch her, feel her..He was trying to be subtle besharam like you Nikki.LOL.isliye apni poore dil ki armaanon ko he expressed in just that one "WOW"..Here u go KK ka "WOOOW"..LolROFL

"Tumhari aaj tak suni hai jo aaj sunoonga"..LMAOROFL..this kind of gave me a short trailer to what all he would want to do during aakraman time.ROFL.bechari IshuLOL..Best of luck to her surviving KK's kalaakaaris during SR..LMAOROFL.."Main sab sun raha hoon and dekh bhi raha hoon"..ROFLMAOROFL..what an interpretation..sounds and scenes..BwahahhahahaROFL..KK ki imagination is really out of this world..Desperation saaf nazar aa raha tha..par Ishu toh Ishu hai..Same old dhakkanLOL.. ROFLMAO @ "Be Careful Ishita of wht u speak coz u hv NO IDEA whos there infront of u...KK is such a BHOOKA WILD WILD SHER...So DONT press wrong buttons in him galti se bhi...Aur agar kiya toh tumhara pata nahi but hum sabka GOOD NITE toh pakka pakka ho jaayega n so KK ka"..OMGShocked bwahahahahahaROFL..Nikki cant stop laughing at this one..too good yaar.LOL.Isse kehte hai SUBTLE BESHARMI..And you are definitely the queen of it..Big smileBig smile

Uff the hawa tight performanceBlushing..Nikki..I had to trun on the AC after watching it..sach mei winter mei mujhe paseena aa rahi thi..LolLOL..DIVZ and KP..the most mindlowing chemistryBlushingDay Dreaming..They set my screen on a passionate fire which I have not been able to extinguish till nowTongueLOL..And their touchy touchy TOm n Jerry chase..Hayyeee.Day was epic..BlushingBlushing
Seeing their cute wala banter and the sizzling hot passion, I got reminded of this scene from DTPH.."AUR PAAS".Blushing.I am dying to see that scene on them..BlushingDay Dreaming

Hahahaha..The Sher in KK has jagaofied Nikki.ROFL.Now only thing left is aaakraman.LOL.When the sher will loose his last ounce of control na..then Ishu ko bhagwaan he bachaleLOLLOL..Epic and apt song Nikki.Thumbs Up.Deep yearning in KK..and thats y he's unable to roko himself.LOL.And nothing could be more apt for this post..Thanks a ton for the lovely KKlicious postBig smileHug..I know another one will come up soon.Big smileBig smile.As far as KK goes I dont mind his daily appearance NikkiTongue..Though i know he should be chicken biryaani and not dal chaawaal..Lol..par kya kare "mai KK ki deewani hoon".BlushingSillyDay Dreaming.Lol..LOL

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Originally posted by Raatri

...see nikki...u r so worried abt KK coming so often...
...but woh bhi kya karen...beech mein  itna grahan ho gaya..remember ur farewell party...and diehard wish ki when u will see ur parivar? ur covering up all the loss and pain ...u felt...becoz of time shift! 
So enjoy baby...jab tak KK meharbaan tab tak...tum bhi meharbaan...KK darshan ki ganga mein dubki lagate raho! kyunki ganga kab poori saaf ho jaye pata nahiSmile ...
...finally ending this with these poetic lines with luv from KK: Big smile
mere sanam yuhi agar milte rahenge hum
din ba din mohabbat badhti jayegi
ye chahat rang layegi
dor dhadkano ki ab na tut payegi

Originally posted by s_kavya

Wow back to back posts on KK... BTW yesterday I noticed KK and was just thinking we going to get another Dhamakedar post from on KK from you and here you are Smile Nikki tum KK ko roz roz darshan dene Se mana kyun kar rai ho.. Aane dona yrr.. KK means Entertainment..Entertainment..Entertainment Star Embarrassed Wink

Coming to Apna HERO KK... His naughty Kalakari's and his killer smile... and his Bindaas attitude driving me crazy with each appearance of his Day Dreaming Wink ishu wanted to listen Pyaar bhari Baaten from KK but KK Sirf Pyaar bhari Baaton mein nai.. PYAAR bhare Action means ke touchey touchey romance mein believe karta hai.. isliye Jaise hi ishu ne pyaar bhari Baaten karne ki baat ki.. KK chance pe dance karne ko ready Wink LOL Embarrassed

Loved the way KK once again teasing ishu with his X-Ray glasses in your words his Chamtkari Chashme jis se sabkuch Aar par dikhta hai LOL Wink poor ishu hiding herself sitting behind the bed par KK Neeche baithogi toh Bhi sab Aar par dikhega.. Aur agar khadi rahogi toh Bhi Aar par dikhega Wink yeah toh aisa hi tha Jaise Chit Bhi KK ki aur Pat Bhi KK ki...and then somehow Ishu manage to snatch Chamtkari Chashme from KK and then in your words "Hawa Tight" performance by KK Embarrassed Wink Nikki that Hawa Tight performance was my favorite... Aye haaye KK ke jhalwe.. kya touchey touchey ho rahe the.. mere Dil ki dhadkane firse tez kardi KK ne Embarrassed   Embarrassed

That Baahon ka romance.. as you said ishu dhakkan was playing glasses game par KK was playing one more game.. of course the touch karke touch karke game.. LOL   Wink and that Jitne Paas tum khadi ho.. usse Chashme ki Bhi zaroorat nai padegi.. ya ya we know KK ur X-*Ray eyes are there to do the kalakari. Wink KK you Rock dude... you are such a killer.. keep it up with your kalakaris Embarrassed Wink

Nikki Awesome..superb..lovely post once again..keep it up dear Hug Hug

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Originally posted by Elita

As usual Nikki, lovely post...KK never ceases to amaze us with his kalakari, wittiness and naughtiness. Looks like Raman Kumar Bhalla is out...and KK will be ruling the screen from now on. After confession...he's become unstoppable and for us impossible...Wink 

Originally posted by sudhasuressh

Wow!!! What an amazing post nikki!! This dec is getting better and better with raining KK.scenes and ur post...what a way to finish this year..and a perfect gift for new year Tongue
what has KK done to raman??? Raman's hormones were chilled out in the initial stage of his marriage ..But now his hormonal balance was out of control ..chilled harmones was boiling now because of KK 's kalakaris LOL...he is finding! Hard to control it ... I really wonder how long he could do it Wink I am sure won't allow to do it LOL...And that's what we all want more.harmonal tensions for raman, only KK could do it LOL ...Keep.going KK love u for this... Embarrassed

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WOW. fav word for yesterday...and summarizes the bbb of your fav bakra toooEmbarrassedLOL 

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GoOd MoRnInG!!! Day Dreaming

Pic No - 30

Date - 30

30 hi 30! WinkROFL

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
a very "good" mornin KJB LOL

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