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*Not just a passionate affair TS* Argh! Not my AUDI, Jodha! Ud 18/01 (Page 130)

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Originally posted by najma123

Okay I read baby is not here yet. Baby is gonna make a grand entry!

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Originally posted by -aady-

Originally posted by Kalgi22

Originally posted by -aady-

Love struck best friends are hard to handle. Shocked
hope you're having good timeWink

And he is confused, and I am stuck in between.

Your are in an unenviable situation Cry

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Originally posted by J2lover

Didu!!!!!!! apologies for late reply!!!!!!!!

...met with a small accident recently...soo coudn't reply earlier!!!CryCry...

What happened... hope you are allright! Confused Get well soon sweetie. HugHug
          anywayz...coming to the update as i said earlier it was CUTENESS PERSONIFYING  update!!!
=> Embarrassed
and i must say...SUSPENSE QUEEN..hats off to your WORD-PLAYStar...the teaser AND the REAL update all together had a different story!!!LOL
Sach? Shocked
...why just jalal...even i got a 5000 volts ka zhatka..thinking that JALAL'S one LADY LOVE was messing up with HIS OTHER LADY LOVE!!!Wink...BUT later i was sooo touched ..realising..MORE than THE CAR he was more concerned about HER WELL-BEING!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...awww my jalal!!!Heart
Of course.. how could you think he'd love his Audi more than his Jo? Shocked
   secondly...THE POEM!!!Day was schooo schweet!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.../..i don't know if i had ever told u...but i just love your style of writing ROMANCE!!!Day DreamingDay can't help but imagine urself in that scene!!!BlushingDay DreamingDay Dreaming( which i anyway do whenever you write a scene where jalal  comes at hand distance vicinity of helps me overcome my JEALOUSY u knw...Wink)...
Still jealouss?? Wink You imagine yourself, eh?

uff didu...why you do this evrytime...wenever we girls try to overcme our make us fall harder for him by BRINGING OUT more of this NEW TALENTS..POEM WRITING...SERIOUSLY!!!!!Day are soo cruel naa di!!BlushingDay DreamingHeart
Awww you loved the poem? Thanks da.. Hug
         now coming to jalal's 2ND lady love...HIS AUDI!!!LOLLOL...i loved the way you described his excitement n...taking his own sweet time to  scrutinize  the car!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Reminded me of a very handsome, strict, very young professor! And she like a nervous student with a bad crush on him.. LOL dunno if I'm making sense.. 
me and my brother are possesive in the same way about our BMW!!!!! i can relate to his love for CARS!!Wink...
BMW *Gulp*
n further his comment with double meaning..."'An amazing piece of work she is, isn't she?'... LOLLOLLOL...what exajtly was he hinting at??!!WinkWink...
Arre baba he was hinting at his one and only... ahem... girl! Jalaafying her... knowing how much she was steaming from inside - waiting for him to acknowledge her... lol
this shows how well..n how frequent has he examined HIS AMAZIING PIECE of work!!!LOL...ohh yea...that wolf wistle was CHERRY ON THE CAKE!!!LOL
That is true!
          coming to the 2nd signature sentencce..."'Kyunki Jodha Singh is irreplaceable in Jalal Muhammed's life, isn't she?'... awww...,doesn't THIS one SENTENCE the whole STORY OF NJAPA in just one SENTENCE!!!Embarrassed...and the intense gaze which followed...BlushingBlushing...MESMERISING it was!!!Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Awww thanks Blushing
         AND lastly...the PROPOSAL!!!BlushingDay DreamingHeart...the most stupendous at the same time a very significant scene...n TIME n THE PLACE were  HAND in HAND at that moment!!!! n what can more better than the SETTING SUN being the WITNESS of this ONE IN A HUNDRED couple's NEW BEGINNING of  THE MOST AWAITED DAY in their lives!!!!!Embarrassed...u nailed this scene di!!! a HUG would have PERFECTLY completed the PROPOSAL...but am sure in the car they must have completed it!!!!LOL
Hug???? Wouldn't all that have continued later on? Wink thanks for your lovely words on the rest da...
          IT WAS A PERFECT HAPPY ENDING DIDU!!! FAMILY DINNER ON the way...AND jalal's evil and naughty smirk at the end!!!ShockedShocked...what more surprises are awaiting for his lady love??!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...gonna wait for next OS for answers!!!Embarrassed...but for now....
Ahem... surprises... the clue lies in one of his final statements.. he said na.. had it been more private place he would have kissed her senseless... so she doesn't know what more mischief awaits her.. 
Love you more sweetie HugHug

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lashy IF-Stunnerz

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Dancing Jhanu 

Originally posted by hemakeerti

'A woman who shields me from many woes

A child who eternally keeps me on my toes

A friend with whom I share all my life's secrets

Yet, a girl who is a 'mystery' to me no less

She's all of the above

And that's precisely why she's the one I love!'

[I tried rhyming the last two lines with the rest, but couldn't get it to work. Hey I'm no Shakespeare - but it does sum up my real feelings!!!]

Sorry if I my Angry Young Man avatar went on for slightly longer than it should have. Missed you terribly terribly terribly in Mumbai!

Yours and yours only


>>> Aweee... Boyfriend.. your girlfriend would fall flat reading it.. and so did we.. BlushingBlushingBlushing

Ayooo really?????? BlushingBlushing 

He recalled her dewy eyes as she'd made that plea. Those hazel dewy eyes!!! Two evenings ago he'd been too annoyed to admire their appeal. But the past two days in Mumbai, he'd reminisced little else during any spare time - earnestly wanting to catch a rare glimpse of those cute remorse filled peeks once again!  she was missing him immensely!

>>Best consequences that happen only between lovers.. break up and patch up.. I just love it.. WinkWinkWink

I'm enamoured by how you enjoy such feuds between two lovers Jhanu... LOL you've said this before too!

'Maybe we both should argue some more...' he chuckled at the devilish ideas that had been revolving in his head 'The entire premise is so different... and the possibilities so alluring!'

>>Yes.. very very alluring.. LOLLOL

ROFL Oy Narad muni!!!! 

'Haan Shantamma... car... you know...' dropping his briefcase, the impatient young man modelled his hands to resemble something in the shape of a 'car' 'The silver vehicle that used to be parked here... the big thing that I used to drive...'

'Oh... I know what a car is, sahib!' she giggled loudly 'I was surprised because I didn't realize you don't know of its whereabouts... it's in Bangalore now...'

>> Shantamma.. ROFL
I'm curious... why does this character take your fancy so much? 

Lo and behold!

Daintily seated at one corner of the large leather sofa was the very person he was meaning to call 'Jodha? Here?' his relieved beats slowly-but-steadily dropped to a more comfortable 100, while he silently repeated many-a-grateful prayer to the Lord 'Inshallah, SHE is safe!'

>> Ta tta da... unexpected entry of girlfriend.. Sillyand very very appreciative move by Jodha.. she researched well before laying hand on his pet... LOL.. 

Arre she is Jodha Singh, na? Izzat ka sawaal hai!!!

and you rightly said Lash.. she can safely dare it as Audi is replaceable but Jodha Singh isn't.. 

Yes.. it was that confident reply that made her boyfriend go 'flat' 'bowled-over' all over again na... Wink

but I wonder what'd she have done if something went wrong.. poor girl doesn't have any savings any more.. LOLLOL.. and the guilt wouldn't allow her to live in peace.. LOLLOL.. 

At least she would have known she tried... and even if something went wrong, when Jalal would have come to know of all her efforts, he would have melted anyway...

Either way, that's why it was a gamble na.. stomach-knotting gamble though... 

and Jalal.. I wonder if he watched even Jodha so interestingly on their first altercation as he studied his renewed car.. ROFL.. men and their preferences.. LOLLOL.. but they look so enticing talking of cars and mobiles and gadgets.. LOLLOL

Jhanu isssh why do you have to speak my mind so openly all the time! Blushing Notty girl... we women complain about our men's gadgets... but it is one thing that 'defines' them too Wink

Plus, yahaan this Mr. Mischief was elongating his examinations on purpose to chedofy her... LOL to see her jalan... her impatience... 

And the conversation that followed... Gosh... Amazing piece indeed (I'm referring to your work hereWink)... the way she preferred to be kidnapped.. the way he halted at 1mm from her lips and left the act incomplete.. BlushingBlushingBlushing.. mallika-e-romance you are.. WinkWinkWink.. you very well know how to create heat.. LOLLOL..

REALLYYY... ayooo.. I'm dancing now!Dancing

Marriage proposal at Golconda Fort was the least expected ending re.. 

Jhanu called it least expected... Shocked... omg second part of my dance continues then..Dancing

it came as double bonanza.. had it been a private place Jalal would have been taken into a bone crushing hug, amidst the tears, I guess.. LOLLOL.. loved it darling.. loved it completely.. I read it thrice and was smiling blushing all the times.. btw.. what mischief is cooking up in the wicked bf's mind.. doesn't it call for a third shot Lash?? LOL..

Three times... and dance continues Dancing

Yes if they were somewhere else a lot of other things could/would have happened! Wink

And Jhanu I am NOT telling you what mischief is cooking in his mind Jhanu.. because I know you know what eeet eees! Wink
Darling.. once life is back to normalcy.. please resume writing.. may or maybe not FFs.. I'm talking about serious, professional wala writing.. you have that spark dear.. give it a consideration... truly..

You don't want me to stop dancing kyaa? Stern Smile

and for this amazing piece of work even in ur current state.. love u .. love u.. and love u loads...

Love you morer Hug

and your signature head massage emo!Wink

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Originally posted by lashy

@ Aadhya, J2, Samy, Sujata, Neetzie... Hug
Everyone shok manaafying I see LOL

Rakshita welcome back dear... long time no see HugHug

Neetzie did you see the lamba lamba reply I left for you Geek it's pn page 120 
Lashy Hug
"Everyone shok manaafying I see"
LOLLOL And what about u?Tongue

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lashy IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by _SJM_

Originally posted by lashy

@ Aadhya, J2, Samy, Sujata, Neetzie... Hug
Everyone shok manaafying I see LOL

Rakshita welcome back dear... long time no see HugHug

Neetzie did you see the lamba lamba reply I left for you Geek it's pn page 120 
Lashy Hug
"Everyone shok manaafying I see"
LOLLOL And what about u?Tongue

I finished all the shok manaafying I could LOL no tears left! 

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==Objection overruled dear LOL GF and BF's life is not more valuable than the car na! If you dont try how will you ever get the experience. Catch 22 !!! And its only an AUDI ROFLShocked LOL, agar Rolls Royce hota tho woh aur baat thi !Ouch

Firstly, if someone loves a car tho make doesn't matter... my mom loved her first car so much, she called it her 'baby' and she HATED having to sell it - even when my dad wanted to get her a new one

***** Yesh first car first love so hard to forgetLOL   Yeah  understand so sweet the incident u have quoted dear. 

******Still me is supporting Jodha, the free spirit girl. I was so like her in my younger days doing things when people say no! I was kind of known as the rebel, then rest is history.Ouch

(Waise, an Audi Sportback looks so much cooler on a guy like Jalal than Rolls Royce!Wink)

******yeah saw one yesterday on the road in front of me. Agreed  it looked s**y.

Secondly, Jalal wasn't asking her not to learn. He wanted her to learn the proper way... in an instructor's car with dual control. Here he'd have no way to control the car if she took a wrong decision (which she did) 

***** agreed me is like that to our or rather my Merc! He he  did not allow my cous to drive it more than 5 mins, here tho insurance etc ka mamle me padna janjhat hai! Has agar rolls Royce hota tho chauffeur bhi hotaLOL


Justified accusations only... wrong deed by Jodha... she deserves it here... had Jalal done something reckless with Jo's stuff and ruined it, we would have said the same!Geek

***** me is jodha fan re! Only supporting JA cause he senselessly loves her. He he ! Opposites attract na. So one should provide fuel to the other. In this case jo was fuelling him na. We will wait for yr OS where JA is in a similar situation maybe with the birth of kids or something else

He needs to spend time reading Keats and Shelley to write a bit more rhyming re!ROFL

But that's what made it cooler... that he is not Keats and Shelley... for Keats and Shelley to pen a poem is not something new or tough... for Jalal on the other hand Wink

******agreed he pushed himself out of his comfort zone to write that poem. Needs to do that more often now to outperform Jo' expectation na! But loved the effort. He is surely going to improve now that he has started. 

Jodha got herself kidnapped.. LOL woh naughty hai tho ye bhi kam nahi!

Audi mera saathi! == Yeah Audi mera dhankan aur saathi! and Jo ?Cry sirf pyari ladki!

Saathi is Saathi... jeevan saathi is jeevan saathi Tongue

**** yes after the Golconda event she is his jeevan saathi,until then they were saathi pyar ke!  Kash they were in a more romantic place to express themselves freely . Maybe another OS LOL

*** Love you take care and keeping writing as soon as u can! Will miss IF for a month or so when I'm in B'lore next month.good luck with everything. 


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Originally posted by lashy

Originally posted by justlovetv

Originally posted by Neetz

Originally posted by justlovetv

Yes, unfortunatelySleepy[/DIV]
My mom told me it costs around 10 Cr to have a 3-4 days wedding thereShocked

yeah..I should start saving then.. LOL

money isn't an issue na for them.
Lol yesLOL
But I still pretty much think most of the expenses are from the bride's side here
My Mom's employers wanted to have a wedding there but it was becoming too expensive for themSleepy
They did it in Paris and apparently it was cheaper than UdaipurLOL

WHATTT!!!!! Shocked *Gulppp*
Yeah Same GulpppLOL

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