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*Not just a passionate affair TS* Argh! Not my AUDI, Jodha! Ud 18/01

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~*NOT just a passionate affair*~




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Argh! Not my AUDI, Jodha!!!!! 


'No... I meant... 'right'...' his shoulders stiffened up in unease as he caught a better view of the front bumper 'Wait...' the veins on his tense fingers bulged further 'Steer it more towards the right...'

'Uh huh...'


'Arre... aur bhi...' the discomfort in his tone was growing increasingly evident - what with his guidance not appearing to have its desired effect even a crucial two seconds later 'A little more...  to the right Jo...'

'Par, I am...' she protested. However, what she didn't realize was that she wasn't steering it 'right' enough. So much so that this particular stint was cutting it close. Very close. In fact, too close to the vehicles parked on the left

'The RIGHT Jodha!!!' he instructed again, before finally deciding to take matters into his own hands. Clasping the steering wheel, he angled it by himself.

The young owner had been trying hard. However, it was getting near-impossible to continue playing a mute witness in this car-ride - a 'quiet-drive' that'd transformed into a 'thrill-ride' when he'd caved in and let her have the wheel after her TENTH Pleaseee-let-me-drive-your-Audi request. Something he'd been wishing he hadn't done ever since. 

An hour ago he'd happily left work for this date, looking forward to spending a relaxing evening with her. Little he did he know then, that what was meant to be a relaxing evening was going to evolve into a thriller at some stage! 


The gear dropped back to 1.

And then neutral.

'Handbrake' he exhaled softly, shifting his gazes towards the gear box to double-up as a reminder 'Maybe... we should stop now... whattsay?'

'Done... done... done...' she unhappily turned to her boyfriend-cum-temporary instructor 'And why do you have to manipulate my steering wheel when I'm driving?'

'Woah!' A baffled Jalal reclined against his headrest 'I'M manipulating YOUR steering wheel?'

'Ok... ok...' her pout turned gloomier 'I get it... it's YOUR steering wheel... and YOUR car! But, I'm trying hard to learn na... wish you'd have more confidence in me... aakhir, I've attended 15 hours of classes!'

'12 hours...'

'15 hours!' she overrode his concerns 'How is it my fault if my instructor didn't turn up? Besides, don't forget... I compensated by taking classes in BADE BHAIYYA'S SANTRO... under HIS guidance...' a hint of sisterly pride had somehow seeped into her tone during the last set of claims

'Kyaa?' his eyes widened, wondering what strange form of zidd had taken over his girlfriend in the past half an hour? Well, it had to be a zidd - because she HAD to know she wasn't being reasonable -

Size of Santro - small. Size of Audi - big!

Function of Santro - Family car. Function of Audi - luxury car for the experienced driver! 

Cost of Santro - 5 Lakhs. Cost of Audi - 50 Lakhs!!!!

'Jodha...' he kneaded his forehead sometime thereon, attempting to diffuse her tantrum without sounding like an arrogant snob 'New drivers shouldn't use big cars to test their driving skills!'

A haze of dejection instantly clouded over her bright features 'You are the one who wants me to be confident... to come out of my shell... to have a blast... to have fun... to be like my old self...'

'YES... but, there's a major difference between being confident and being reckless... confidence is taking classes with an instructor in a car that's got dual control... reckless is trying to drive an Audi within...'

'Jalal...' she interrupted, somewhat offended by his lack of faith 'I'm not being reckless! You're fully insured with a license... I have a learner license... I'm driving at 40 km/hr... on an empty road!' she awaited a brief while for a more positive response from him and looked away with a long face when none came! Why did her exceptionally-accommodating boyfriend have to be so fussy when it came to his car? Granted, it was his favouritest possession in the whole world. Granted, apart from Balaji he never allowed anyone else to drive it! But on the one instance that she was feeling on top of this world - that she wanted to be a little adventurous - that she was behaving a tiny bit whimsical - couldn't he give in? For half-an-hour at most? 'Fine... you take over...I'm obviously not capable ... after all, it's only been a month since my rehabilitation!'

'Oh no!' he closed his eyes, aware of where this was heading. She'd pulled out the emotional-blackmail card - that too, on a subject so delicate! Why was his exceptionally-sensible girlfriend being so stubborn about trialling his car now? Granted, her reflexes had returned to normalcy. Granted, she'd done well in her driving classes so far. But with the one thing that he was particular about - the one thing he didn't feel comfortable experimenting with - couldn't she just let go? Even when she knew he didn't think it was SAFE? 'Fine... ek last trial run... after that, I take over the steering wheel... ok?'

'Yayyy!' the lost sparkle in her eyes resurfaced almost instantly, spurring her to sit up again. Mirrors, gear, clutch - she'd checked it all and let the car roll off, wasting not a moment more in case he changed his mind 'Off we go!'  

'Jo...tum na' he slyly hid an emerging half-smile. Even if only a semi-willing participant in this game, the newfound enthusiasm in her manner was a sight that was truly smile-worthy. His girl was behaving like an excited child, who'd just managed to re-lay her hands on a prohibited toy!  

However; the young man's delights were sadly meant to be shortlived. He was to identify in a second - much to his woe - that she was planning to take a sharp turn to the left. Into a narrow blind alleyway.

'Jodha... left le rahi ho? SLOW DOWN!'

'I'm only driving at 35...'

'You have to be SLOWER...' the alerted young man craned his neck for a better view 'The turning's too sharp...'

'Voila... and thus returns my boyfriend's Mr. Pareshaan avtaar!' trying not to appear too amused,  she decided to put him out of his misery at once 'There...' she'd stepped on the brakes 'It's 30 now...'

But, he wasn't impressed 'No no Jodha... don't do it...'

'Why??? I did what you said...'

'Trust me... don't...'

'But I've taken many such turns before...'

'Not in a car so wide...'

'Ok I'll slow it down further if it makes you happy...'

'Please stop!' as Jalal's mind raced through all sorts of 'size-n-space' calculations, his grip on the dashboard tightened in anxiety 'Ruko Jodha...'

'Uffoo...' she nearly broke out into a giggle 'You're freaking out for no reason...'

'It's a blind corner... you can't see what's in the alley when you make the turn... and...'

'GOD! Let me do this one turn na...'

'Nooo...please listen to me this once... STOPPP!'

But it was too late. She'd already taken the turn.







'Hey Bhagwaaan!'


Not only had the car come to an abrupt standstill, everything in and around it had too!

For three whole minutes, the driver asked nothing. The owner said nothing.

SHE was too alarmed. Aghast. Distressed. And panicky.

HE was too alarmed. Aghast. Displeased. And angry.

So for three whole minutes, both continued to stare-on through the windshield at the dim narrow lane in front.

The vista was pitch dark, but from the sounds of the collision it was apparent the car had scraped heavily against a metallic object of some sort. This was bad. And it was only going to get worse - when a subtly-simmering Jalal would eventually alight the vehicle to check the damages done.

An unsettling 180 seconds later, the door on the passenger side slowly opened.


'Crunch' - the first noises to be heard as soon as he stepped foot outside. Caused by his leather shoe stomping upon broken glass fragments lying on the road. Unpleasant reminders of the wreckage that grated on her edgy nerves even more. Goddd! What had she done! What the hell had she done!!!

Managing to muster her grit - at long last - she looked up at the young man who'd just begun inspecting his vehicle in the darkness 'Damn!' her fingers that were nervously tapping the steering wheel went into overdrive. He looked really unhappy. No surprises there though. He'd warned her aplenty - and she'd overlooked all of his warnings. Now they BOTH were paying the price of her impulsive urges!

'Snap out of it...' she exhaled slowly to counter a bout of hyperventilation 'Jaao and pataa karo what's happened! You HAVE to face the music sometime or the other!'

Opening her door, she got out of the vehicle and cautiously walked around the front to where he was standing - the extent of the havoc becoming clearer as she did so. Oops! The car had crashed into a rusted metal barrel hiding on the left - something that could not be seen till the turning had actually been made! Resulting in a smashed headlight. A dislodged bumper. A partly knocked side mirror. Double oops! Also resulting in scratched paintwork and a dented body all the way up to the left rear door. Triple oops!

'I... I...' with her voice having parched from all that woeful-worry, she had to clear her throat before being able to resume 'I... I'm sorry...'

An entire minute passed. But, he said nothing. He didn't even meet eyes with her. His attention was focussed upon evaluating the aftermath of the accident - and that alone!

'I... I...' the troubled girlfriend made another attempt to get him to respond 'It was too dark to notice there was a... I... mean... I've done...such turns before... and never had a problem... I'm s...sorry Jalal...'

Another minute passed. But, no luck. He said nothing. Like none of these lame excuses were cutting it for him.

God! She'd never seen him so displeased with her - with HIS Jo! So displeased that he wasn't even spouting his usual swear words. So displeased he wasn't even prepared to spare her a sideways glance despite the apologies!

She had to do something. Anything. This impasse was the horriblest thing she'd ever encountered in three blissful years of their relationship. It had to end then and there - at least for the sake of her sanity! 

'I...' gulping hard, she set out to do the toughest thing she'd done in a long long time 'I should have listened to you... I misjudged...' a remorseful sigh ensued 'That was reckless of me...I'm sorry...'

'Oh!' done with sizing up the devastation, he eventually glimpsed at her - her latest confession possibly prompting him to do so 'Reckless? It's a bit late to admit that now, don't you think?'

'Shucks!' a restless shudder slithered through her spine as she caught first sight of his I-told-you-so look. The intensity in those glares were weighing really heavy upon her conscience. Piercing right through her guilty soul. Even if only briefly, it made her want to hibernate her sorry-self somewhere - at least till the unusual iciness in those beautiful eyes thawed up a bit 'Jalal... I...'

'Just get in the car...' his tone was flatter and dryer than the tar road they were standing on 'It's getting late...'

'Jalal...' desperate to make amends - desperate not to prolong this awkwardness any further, she took a bold step towards him 'Will it be too tough to get all this repaired ... I mean... is it too expensive to...'

'Please. Just. Get. In. The. Car...'

'Ok' the heavyhearted girlfriend chose to relent thereafter. He possibly needed more time to process it all. She'd try to apologize again. In five minutes maybe. Or ten? Things would cool down by then, wouldn't they? 'I... I'll get in... Jalal...'

'The passenger side. Please.'

'Oh yes...' realizing she'd been obliviously heading towards the driving seat, Jodha changed direction. Making sure she returned towards the door on the other side.  

He made sure too - that she was seated properly. And safely. But the extent of his affections stopped there. His silent treatment and elusive glares - that she was yearning to see the last of - were meant to persevere.

'In five minutes maybe. Or ten?' she told herself, as the door was locked 'Things would cool down by then, wouldn't they?'


'Arre baba... say something na... shout at me...swear however you have to... I wouldn't bat an eyelid... but, please don't be so quiet...' she'd been persistently gaping at the side profile of his handsome face, hoping her puppy-dog eyes would melt him by some point 'We're nearly home now and you haven't said a word yet... tomorrow tho you're leaving for Mumbai... aise mat raho na... please...'

'I'm driving...' his concentration was transfixed on the roads ahead. Jalal wasn't being deliberately vindictive - he just wasn't in the mood to speak. Thus far, he hadn't reeled from the shocker and it made sense not to say something to her he'd regret later on 'I should have just been firmer and not let you drive, Jo... anyone else and my NO would have remained a NO... but with you, I just seem to...anyway...'

Demoralized by her man's ongoing self-induced isolation, Jodha's droopy gazes eventually decided to veer away towards her window instead. If nothing else, observing murky shadows would be less painful than having to observe an uncommunicative boyfriend 'It's all YOUR fault Jalal... why did you cave in to my demands? I bugged you ten times tho kyaa huaa... you should have firmly refused me basss!!!!'

Yeah right! Who exactly was she kidding by pinning all blame upon him? Four years he'd cared for his cherished automobile so well that nothing had dared tarnish its beauty. Few minutes she'd forcefully taken over the wheel and wrecked it silly! Apart from all the monetary loss and insurance problems she'd caused him, she'd risked THEIR safety too! He had every right to stay angry for as long as he wanted to! 'Anyone else and your NO would have remained a NO boyfriend... but cos it was me, you yielded! All I wanted, was to make 'us' proud of me... instead, sab ulta ho gayaa... I'm so sorry!'

Yes, ever since she'd awoken from the coma a year ago, every other month had been about learning a new skill. About proving herself - to herself. After walking, talking, dressing, socializing, cooking and writing; this month had been all about 'driving'.

Fortunately; with her family's support and Jalal's encouragement her lessons had been progressing VERY WELL. Unfortunately; the 'very well' had skyrocketed her confidence into over-confidence. So much so that it'd driven her to behave bizarrely-careless today. NEVER AGAIN!

Not knowing what she felt more at that point - sorry for him or angry with herself - Jodha wanted to work on repairing the situation hereon. But, how?

There came no manual on 'What-to-do-if you've-disregarded-your-guy's-advice-and-wrecked-his-car!' She'd tried every girlfriend trick known. The cute eyes. The I-love-you expressions. The heartfelt 'sorries'. However, nothing had worked so far. Yes, she could have forced upon him a kiss. And her cheerless eyes were quite capable of shedding a tear or two at that juncture. But she was wise enough to work out that lovey-dovey blackmail wasn't going to resolve THIS issue

'Oh Jalal' she sighed under her breath 'I'm not used to it... I've not offended anyone like this before... more importantly, I'm not used to YOU being mad with me... and I don't know how to deal with it...'


'Home's here...'

His husky voice zapped her out of the gloomy trance she'd been embroiled in. A hesitant spell later, she turned to face him - for one last time that evening 'I'm sorry for everything!' she didn't want it to be so, but her words came out emotionally-hoarse as she bid him farewell 'Have a safe trip...'

Witnessing her sombre exit from his car, his heart nearly flipped. How could it not? The guilt in her eyes. The sorrow in her features. The resigned frowns. All a far cry from her usual proud self. However disappointed or angry, Jalal didn't have it in him to disregard such poignancy 'Hey...' ceasing his silence at that instant, he called out to her on her way out 'What's happened, has happened... don't fret about it anymore ok? I'll take care of everything... and you have a good night...'

'Oh ok...' she acknowledged in a flash, her spirits instantly uplifted by this much-awaited conversation he'd struck up. Continuing to be frozen in her spot, she studied him closely. Hoping his stares would soften further. Longing for him to follow up their adieus with something more. But sadly, even a minute on nothing else came. No parting kisses. No hugs. Not even an I-love-you. Only a prolonged stare-a-thon ensued. Seemed like her punishment wasn't going to end for the time being then! 'Take care...'


Once she'd disappeared into the apartment elevator, he restarted the car and drove off.  


'Jodha...' the mother's concerned voice echoed in the corridors no sooner than the apartment door had opened 'You're late...

'Mamma...' springing forth inside, she suddenly hugged her mom tight - thence taking the lady by utter surprise. Well, her heavy heart had a lot to unburden and what better place to do so than home sweet home 'I...'

'Arre what happened?'

'Mamma... Jalal's angry with me...'


'What!' her father added, quick to join the ladies on having overheard their exchanges 'Beta, what did you do?'

'Haan Jodha! What did you do?'

'Huh?' slowly coming away from her mamma's comforting shoulder, Jodha looked up at their alarmed faces - not knowing whether she should laugh or cry at the 'uniform' nature of their queries. Wow! So, even her parents had guessed that SHE had to be the one who'd done something wrong! 'I... I... I'll explain...'


'If your Bhabhi had done the same thing to our car... do you know how your brother would have reacted?'

'I know...'

'I'm sure Jalal will forget about all this by tomorrow morning... but that doesn't mean you should keep taking advantage of his attachment for you, Jodha...'

'I know...'

'He is an experienced driver... you should have listened to him...'

'I know...'

'Kuch seekho use... he is so principled... mishandling tho door ki baat hai, I've never seen him even TOUCH others' belongings... obviously then, he expects others to respect his personal stuff too, na...'

'I know...'

'Do you have any idea how much the damages would cost...'

'I don't know...' flustered; she pointed towards the laptop screen that she'd been diligently working on 'But, that's why I am looking into it, na mamma...'

'And... what if something had happened to you? Or to him? Fir?'

Urgh! This lecture had started twenty minutes ago - but, was showing no signs of abating yet. Had to be a new record of some sort! Letting out a very long sigh, she calmly explained herself once again 'I know mamma... I KNOW I am wrong! And I promise I'm never going to repeat something like this again... but right now, I need to do something to make matters better... so that's what I'm trying...' assertively picking up the woman's palms from the table, Jodha replaced them upon her aching head - a sign that she wanted her mom to keep the massage-therapy going on, so she could pursue her research online 'Pleassse...'

Obviously, such daughterly-ploys were bound to work like a charm 'Ok...' the mother soon broke out into a sympathetic smile 'But first, drink your doodh... before it gets cold...'


'Tho... will you come with me to the bank tomorrow, papa?'

'What have the websites indicated?'

'Beta, what do you think it would cost?'

The guilt-stricken young lady glimpsed aside for a moment. To garner some much-needed will before coughing up the truth. If this wasn't easy for her - it was going to be much tougher on her parents 'Upwards of Rs. 50,000!'

Malthi cupped her mouth in shock 'Hey Bhagwaaan!'

'50,000 Rs! Baap re' papa wiped his sweaty brow 'But, that's ALL of your savings...' pausing to make some mental calculations, Mr. Singh ultimately voiced an alternate option 'It's ok beta... I have a couple of FDs... and that should pay for...'

'I know papa... but then, I'd never learn MY lesson if you pay for it... this way, I shall permanently remember that twenty minutes of stupidity can cost me years of cash-gifts... that a few irresponsible decisions can lose me all of my Diwali, Holi, birthday and Rakshabandhan savings!'

It was a noble thought indeed, but papa wasn't too convinced - and for reasons altogether different 'Before doing all this, why don't you give him a call... try talking to him first...'

'If he was in the mood to talk, I would have definitely called him... besides, my Mr. Principled would NEVER agree to this idea... and, I cannot sleep in peace till I do something...'

'But do you really want to take this decision going behind his back? That too, a decision pertaining to HIS car?'

'What if something goes wrong? You're already facing enough problems, Jodha...'

'Mamma papa... you ARE right... I AM taking a big big big risk here... Jalal and I don't take decisions without discussing stuff first... but then...' she glared at her reflection on the doodh glass sitting in between her fingers, trying not to think of how antsy all this was making her 'But then, till I take this risk I'd never know if I've truly done everything I could to set matters right...and till I make it up to him, I'd never feel good about myself!'


If this made it a worthwhile read, please leave me a comment/like if time permits, as it helps the writer in me to keep going Embarrassed

Part 2 will be up in a few days


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A beautiful February dusk. A beautiful long drive. A beautiful set of feelings.

After many minutes of observing nature's handiwork through the window of his taxi, his glances trailed back to the object in his palms. To behold a new form of HIS very own handiwork - poetry!!! Something he'd just managed to come up with while lounging in his business class seat on the return flight from Mumbai to Hyderabad!

'A woman who shields me from many woes

A child who eternally keeps me on my toes

A friend with whom I share all my life's secrets

Yet, a girl who is a 'mystery' to me no less

She's all of the above

And that's precisely why she's the one I love!'

[I tried rhyming the last two lines with the rest, but couldn't get it to work. Hey I'm no Shakespeare - but it does sum up my real feelings!!!]

Sorry if I my Angry Young Man avatar went on for slightly longer than it should have. Missed you terribly terribly terribly in Mumbai!

Yours and yours only


Content with his poetic achievements, Jalal secured the greeting card within its envelope. A smile of anticipation dawned upon his lips. A keen twinkle glazed his eyes. All sorts of interesting scenarios shuffled through his mind.

'Arre baba... say something na... shout at me...swear however you have to... I wouldn't bat an eyelid... but, please don't be so quiet... tomorrow tho you're leaving for Mumbai... aise mat raho na... please...'

He recalled her dewy eyes as she'd made that plea. Those hazel dewy eyes!!! Two evenings ago he'd been too annoyed to admire their appeal. But the past two days in Mumbai, he'd reminisced little else during any spare time - earnestly wanting to catch a rare glimpse of those cute remorse-filled peeks once again! And from the sombre nature of her texts and the flat tone of her voice-chats over the past couple of days, it was obvious she was still reeling from guilt. That she couldn't wait to resolve this 'Audi' issue in person. That she was missing him immensely!

No wonder then that this lover was all revved-up for the next hour to pass. So he could meet up with his girl. Indulge in some bitter-sweet exchanges. Have some light-hearted fun at the expense of those sorry gazes. And finally; bring the joy back on her lips with his amateurish attempts at poetry.

'Maybe we both should argue some more...' he chuckled at the devilish ideas that had been revolving in his head 'The entire premise is so different... and the possibilities so alluring!'

'Sir... aapka ghar...'

'Haan...' withdrawing from his pleasant reverie, Jalal darted the silhouette of his bungalow a quick peep as he fished his wallet out 'Ye lo...' having rounded up the amount displayed on the taxi meter, he handed his driver the cash 'Keep the change...'

'Thanks sir...' watching his customer step out with a briefcase, the grateful cabbie immediately followed suit. Hauling the other bag out of the boot, the driver tagged after and placed the luggage right beside the bungalow main door 'Aapkaa samaan sir...'


A short lull thereafter, the cabbie spoke up again - since his client seemed to be saying nothing much 'Nikloon sir?'

'Haan... haan...' the rather distracted young man proceeded to relieve him from duty, continuing to do what he'd been doing for the past couple of minutes - scrutinizing his surroundings closely. Something about the place felt odd. Amiss. Lacking. Actually, something WAS amiss! 'Wait a sec... wh... what...' it suddenly struck him - his driveway was EMPTY! Ammi was away at a charity event, so her car wasn't supposed to be there. But, where was HIS car? And where was Balaji? Had the vehicle been taken to the service station? But he hadn't given anyone any such instruction! And no one would dare touch his 'baby' without his permission! So, what the hell had happened to his Audi?

'Arre koi tho kholo' Jalal rang the bell for the third time, before deciding to fumble into his briefcase to grab a spare set of keys 'Damn... when...'

'Sahib???' the door opened just then 'Sorry actually... I... was...'

'Haan haan...' he tensely overrode the maid, well aware of how he'd have to put up with many explanations for her delay otherwise 'Shantamma... why is our driveway empty?'


'I mean... where's meri Audi?'


'Arre where's the...' his eyes made their tenth frantic search-attempt of the empty porch, before he pressed-on 'Where's the car?'


'Haan Shantamma... car... you know...' dropping his briefcase, the impatient young man modelled his hands to resemble something in the shape of a 'car' 'The silver vehicle that used to be parked here... the big thing that I used to drive...'

'Oh... I know what a car is, sahib!' she giggled loudly 'I was surprised because I didn't realize you don't know of its whereabouts... it's in Bangalore now...'

'WHATTT! How?' he ruffled his hair in frustration 'Two days I'm off to Mumbai and...'

'Jodha madam...'

'Kyaaa?' he slapped his forehead. A few shades of colour drained from his face. His heart rate rose exponentially higher, as all sorts of scary possibilities dawned upon him 'SHE DROVE it? All the way to BANGALORE????'

'Errr... I... sahib... I'm...'

'Great!!!!' his pulse was now at an unnerving 120 beats/per min. Wasting not a second more, Jalal seized his cases and made his assertive way into the house 


'Where's Balaji?' his voice was sharp. His glares much sharper 'And really what does Jo think she is doing? After EVERYTHING that's happened... she decided to...' thumping his bags on the living room floor, a very-displeased boyfriend drew out the mobile from his coat pocket. He was about to make a crucial phone-call - when compelled to stop midway.

Lo and behold!

Daintily seated at one corner of the large leather sofa was the very person he was meaning to call 'Jodha? Here?' his relieved beats slowly-but-steadily dropped to a more comfortable 100, while he silently repeated many-a-grateful prayer to the Lord 'Inshallah, SHE is safe!'

'Welcome back' she smiled, normal as ever 'So, how was your trip?'

'Oh!' raising his brow warily, he approached her 'Fine thankyou! And I see you've kept yourself busy too... while I've been away...'

'Whatever I've been up to...' she countered, still leaning upon the comfy cushion 'I haven't touched your car ... and that's a promise!'

'OH-KAY!!!' he quipped on a semi-suspicious note while taking his place on the sofa beside her 'And???'

'Wait a sec...' her eyes widened in mock-surprise 'Did you think I'd drive YOUR car...  WITHOUT your permission... through a National Highway... on a learner's license... after ALL that's happened? Granted, I was overconfident once... but I'm not THAT reckless, you know?' she ended her teasing lines with a twinkle, trying not to chuckle out loud while doing so 'Besides... even if YOU'd forgive me for hijacking your car like that, MY family wouldn't... they'd disown me!!!'

Jalal suavely reclined against an adjacent cushion, yet undecided about what to make of this intriguing situation 'Then how and why did it get to Bangalore... if that is where it is!'

She grinned emphatically 'You do trust Balaji, right?'

'Balaji?' he shrugged, not realizing that his pulse had reverted to near-normalcy by then 'A little bit...'

'Wow' Jodha had to admit - she was somewhat taken aback. Faithul old Balaji had been driving the Muhammeds around for more than ten years and Jalal barely trusted EVEN HIM with his car??? 'You are one tough cookie to please, mister!'

'Jodha...' he flashed her a smirk 'You can't blame me for being sceptical... things might get screwed up... besides, mine is not just any Audi... it's a CUSTOM-DESIGNED sportback! For example, the colour of my car is not just any silver... it's a...'

'The colour of your 2012 special edition A5 sportback is 'gun-metal'! I know!' she'd completed the sentence for him 'And the service centre confirmed they'd be able to take care of all such little details for you!'

'Wow! Interesting!!!!' reigning in the smiles was getting incredibly tough for this young Muhammed. Which guy wouldn't love to watch a gorgeous girl confidently debate about a sexy topic like car-paint and vehicle-models? In fact so HOT was this entire discussion getting that he subtly loosened his tie, so he didn't break out into a sultry sweat under the collar 'So, my lovely girlfriend has been learning up a bit about my car in my absence...'

'Got most of the details from your car book' she explained further

'I guessed...' he pensively stroked his gruff chin with a finger to conceal his lips - so she wouldn't see how far her actions had impressed him 'But why all the way to Bangalore?'

'Because main jaanti thee ki, you don't like the Audi service centre here... and the best centre across all of South India is in Bangalore!'

'And... how do you know that?'

'Careful overnight research on the internet... made accounts on car forums... read reviews... even made a few calls... got my answers!' aware she was steadily gaining the upper hand, the spunky young lady observed his fascinatingly-keen gazes - waiting to see if he'd demonstrate how bowled-over he was by her feat.

But, nope! He wasn't going to give himself away so soon. She wasn't winning the game yet 'So, when's my car coming?'

'I called to find out... Balaji is on his way...' she shrugged as nonchalantly as she could 'I did book for VIP-express service... but could do nothing about the traffic on the roads...'

'A VIP-express service?' another masterstroke - because that's JUST how he would have done it himself 'And why didn't you tell me anything about these plans of yours, Jo?'

'Cos you would've never let ME do it!'

'But why did you have to do all this, Jodha? I told you na... that I'd take care of it...'

'Kyunki... this was the ONLY real way for me to make it up to you...' she halted, expecting acknowledgement of some sort. But, he said nothing. Instead, there he insistently sat - a cushion away - continuing to dart her a challenging half-grin 'Ufff!' couldn't he spare her earnest efforts appreciation? A good word? Or at least, a smile?

Having said that; this difficult-to-please Audi-lover hadn't actually SEEN the results yet. Then, how COULD he possibly comment till he'd taken a look at his car? Her ultimate victory would arrive only if she managed to deliver on her promises. And she would be able to deliver, only if the service centre that she'd chosen lived up to its reputation!

'Ambe Ma...' yes, she did manage to keep up her cool-as-a-cucumber avatar on the outside by returning his half-grin with a proud frown. However, as they awaited the return of the vehicle she couldn't deny that her insides were gradually beginning to knot in anxiousness once again 'I'll make ten laddus for you but, please... please... meri maan rakhna! I've done all the research I could... but it's up to the mechanics to return the car to its original condition... warna, sab kuch... tai tai phisss!'   



'Ek minute...'

Jalal was swift to shush his driver. He wanted to see this for himself. To scrutinize this for himself. After all, inspecting his 'restored' Audi was a no-nonsense task - and he preferred doing it without interruptions of any sort. 

Leaving behind his eager girlfriend, the circumspect young man alighted from the porch steps to approach the shining ride parked in front. With arms smoothly crossed across and eyes persistently fixated ahead, the proud owner scanned the transformation from close quarters. Part by part. Bit by bit. Inch by inch.

First, the replaced bumper. It did seem exactly like the original.

A minute later, he was convinced. Yup, check.

Then, the brand new headlight. Nothing to differentiate it from the original.

After careful visual examination, it was checked-off too.

Time to move on to the shiny side-mirror. No doubt there. It was an exact replica of the one on the right. Check.

'Hmmm' he frowned. It wasn't bad. Not bad at all.

'That's it? Simply a hmmm'?' Jodha retorted under her breath. Only SHE knew how tough it'd been to maintain her composure through every second that his silent surveillance had taken. And after having made her wait so long, all he could mutter was a hmmm? 'Kuch aur bolo na... it looks fine to me... doesn't it look OK to you?' pulling-in her dupatta to fend-off a chilly gust of wind, the restless girlfriend eventually decided to join him - the delay was getting much too long to withstand 'Jalaa...' she was about to speak up no sooner than she'd reached the spot, when she noticed something remarkable.

A fresh sparkle - the kinda sparkle she'd never seen before - was glistening in his dark pupils. Possibly ever since his fingers had reached out to stroke the metallic skin. Yes, he was going all wild about his Audi's sheeny new 'gun-metallic' body 'Wow' she stopped in her tracks, cynically staring at that special twinkle in his eyes as he kept gazing at his car. Had her boyfriend ever gotten so excited about anything before? Showered such attention upon anything else?

Strangely; she liked his reactions - and, didn't like it too.

Liked it because it meant her 'plans' had been a victory. And didn't like it because...

'Whatever...' she dismissed the grudges in her head since it was beginning to feel silly 'I'll just wait...'

At long last, the enthused owner looked up at his driver 'Hardened wax polish... fresh plastic around the seats... Balaji... the car feels brand new, doesn't it?'

'Jee sir...'

The young man smiled quietly, ready to pronounce his conclusions. He hadn't looked in HER direction yet. He didn't have to - he knew precisely well what'd been going on in his girl's mind 'Balaji... looks like we've got ourselves a winner here! Hope you've noted the details of this service centre...'

She turned to observe him at once, her cheeks subconsciously puffing up with pride as she did so. THAT comment was a disguised compliment - which meant that her bets had paid off. That her guy loved her surprise attempts to rectify his car - though he hadn't spelled it out in as many words so far!

Nearly forgetting about her grudges, Jodha was on the road to a big blush-a-thon when something interfered with her celebrations midway.

'~*Wolf whistle*~' having fluted a low whistle, he put on the most charming accent he could 'An amazing piece of work she is, isn't she?'

'SHE?' Jodha's blooming cheeks instantly deflated 'SHE?' she rolled her eyes. Since when did a car come with a gender? No wonder then that he was so smitten by it! 'So glad you found HER to be an amazing piece of work...' she muttered to herself - though loud enough to be heard by him 'I'll assume you liked my surprise then!'

'Oh!' that irate comment managed to unveil the delight that his self-restraint had kept hidden for so long. Slipping his palms back into his pocket, he turned to face her - grins and all 'But who told you that I was referring to the car when I said SHE?' waiting for his possessive girlfriend to catch the gist of his prank, Jalal let his expressions convey the rest - the sparkle in those eyes far outshining what he'd had a minute ago 'The only lady who 'I' think is an amazing piece of work... is the one standing in front of me!'

'Huh?' realizing she'd let herself be misled by his tricks for the nth time, Jodha glanced away - flustered. Blushing. Tickled. Ecstatic. And whatnot! 'Ufff!'

'Ek second...' their hush exchanges were briefly interrupted, since he had to call out to the driver who was in a rush to leave 'Balaji, how much did all of this cost? And how did you pay for it?'

'Sir... that's what I've been trying to tell you...' the sheepish old man paused 'Jodha madam paid for all of it...'

A moment later, the young owner let out a deep sigh 'Fine... aap jaayiye...'

True, his magnetic gazes hadn't wavered from the profile of her face all through. But, the grins had definitely morphed into a displeased frown! Oops! She knew all too well what was coming her way. And surely enough, it came as soon as they were alone

'Jodha... why DID you have to...'

'Shhh' she coyly shushed him before he could complain any further 'If you know your Jo... you wouldn't even bother furthering this conversation...'

But that was the very problem - that he knew his Jo too well. So he could guess all the tough stops she must have pulled to have paid for his car repairs and that she would never let him pay her back 'Why didn't you talk to me first...' he looked away, a few more unhappy lines creasing his forehead 'Arre... this was never about the money...'

'Of course...' forcing him to face her, she let her soft fingers roll over his face - erasing those furrows on his temple by stroking over them 'But it was about responsibility... about my self-respect... about me being able to sleep peacefully at night...'

For a minute or so, the cog-wheels of his mind were in full-throttle - working up plausible plans and ploys that might help him free her from this financial burden. That might ensure he was able to return all her savings back to her. But nothing particular came to mind 'Jodha...' gently removing the feminine grip that'd arrested his cheeks, he shook his head 'Please let's do this 50-50... I'll pay you half...'

The frisky young woman went on to peek right into his eyes after putting on a stern 'teacher-look' 'Mr. Muhammed... if I recall rightly... I don't think YOU were the one being the badmaash on that evening... then, why would YOU pay for it?'

He shut his eyes in disapproval - inferring that this was going to go nowhere 'Jodha...'

'I do the mistake... I pay the price... basss!' her pitch dropped to a murmur 'If you're feeling so strongly about this... you can still do something to make me feel better...' once certain she'd piqued his curiosity, she revealed her intention 'Explain why I'm such an amazing piece of work!!!!'

Now THAT sweet deviation managed to slowly haul his spirits upwards! The grimaces ironed out. The grins returned thereafter. A streak of mischief dazzled through his pupils again 'Fishing for compliments, are we?'

'Of course...' her lashes fluttered twice 'After seeing you go ooh-aaah over your car for so long... I'm obviously... feeling a bit... left out!'

Jalal chortled 'THIS...' he was referring to her latest nakhres ''This is why you're an amazing piece of work!!!' he dramatically signalled towards his vehicle 'ALL THIS! No particular interest in cars, but you took it upon yourself to research on parts and service centres... probably sitting through stress-headaches... emptied your savings... I... I mean... what's non-amazing about any of it? Waise... I'm curious...' the playfulness in his manner mellowed down, as he tucked back a lock of her hair 'You hijacked my gaadi even AFTER all that happened... what if something had gone terribly wrong? Didn't that make you nervous? You are one gutsy woman, Jo!'

'Huh?' a quiet sigh left her lips. Nervous? Nervous was an understatement - seeing how she'd barely slept the past two nights! 'True... I was nervous ... but...'


His curious expressions managed to spur her sighs into a soft giggle 'But what kept me going was the knowledge that either way I'd be safe... after all, how much ever my boyfriend treasured his Audi, he had to treasure me a million times more...' she darted him a naughty wink 'Kyunki Jodha Singh is irreplaceable in Jalal Muhammed's life, isn't she?'

Having said what she had to, her giggles subsequently drew to a gradual close - but no reaction arrived from his end.

She watched. And waited...

For a second...

Ten seconds...

A minute...

But all he did was stand still. Speechless. Appearing awestruck. As though he needed more time to assimilate the immensity behind what he'd just witnessed

'Kyunki Jodha Singh is irreplaceable in Jalal Muhammed's life, isn't she?'

Not that he didn't already know what she'd just claimed. But, it was HOW she'd just said it. WHEN she'd said it. And WHERE she'd chosen to say it. God, could he love this woman anymore? What a unique 'moment' she'd created by answering his straightforward query in such an incredible manner. Obviously then, the boyfriend was in no mood to squander-off such a special episode.

'Oy!' She snapped her fingers to zap him out of his entrancement 'Where are you lost, my dear?'

'Get in the car...'


His infatuated-stares didn't even flicker 'Get IN the car...'


'Can't tell you...'

'Woah!' he looked quite seductively serious - so this wasn't just a joke??? 'But, WHHHYYY???' she asked, unable to hide her astonishment

'Taking you somewhere of course... so, are you going to get in... or...' his volume dropped to a 'villainized' deep-throated tone 'Or do you want me to kidnap you?'

'Errr...' she thought out loud 'Being kidnapped by my bf... does sound like a pretty exciting option...'

Rubbing his forehead in trepidation, Jalal gave it a brief thought 'Fine! Have it your way...'

'ARRREEE' she yelped a ear-splitting yell

Out of the blue, a firm hand had rolled around her back and caught her waist. The very next instant, she realized that her feet were no longer touching the ground - they were magically floating mid-air instead 'Ja...' feeling like a dainty bean-bag trapped within his iron-hold, her grasp around his shoulders swiftly tightened for support 'Boyfriend, I think a couple of people across the street saw us... I... I ... mean they're glaring at you... ab...'

'Yeah...' he grunted, balancing her within his arms while he opened the passenger door 'But YOU were the one who thought kidnapping would be the exciting option!'

'Hmmm' she thought. No arguments there! Being kidnapped by her man was still the exciting-er option of the two!!! 'P... p... par... where are we...' 

She had to pause. Her drying throat had dissipated the words into a stammer - thanks to the evolving physical proximity between their faces when he'd leaned across to fasten her seatbelt. So much so that the contours of his jaws had brushed past hers. The outline of his lips a tense 1 mm away from her own 'It's g... getting late and I n... need to get home Jalal...'

He smiled, closely studying her splendid features like they were a fine painting. And JUST as she expected to be swept into a breath-taking make-out session, he left the 'sparks' simmering-on - by grazing past her lips without sealing the kiss. 

'Wait here my gorgeous hostage...' he winked in reply 'I'll be back in two minutes...'

And WHAM! The door was closed before she could question him further.

BEEP! She was locked in.


'No more mazaak... bol... you REALLY loved it?'

'Fishing for compliments, are we?' his childlike behaviour was so unusual, yet so adorable - and she'd had the best time ribbing him over it 'Haan. Haan... I LOVED IT! This. Has. Got. To. Be. The. Cutest. Poem. Ever!!!! Cuter than ANY texts you've sent me so far... I've read it so many times that I know the lines by-heart...' she caressed his arm affectionately 'I'm still having a tough time envisaging you sitting on your flight seat and jotting down these lovely words...'

'Yesss!' he rejoiced, darting her a quick wide beam. It took a lot of his self-will thereon to steer away from her hypnotic gazes - but he knew better than to keep his eyes off the busy roads ahead for any longer 'By the way...' his fingers drummed the steering wheel 'Just like my girl can read up and research about cars for my sake... I can take up poetry for her sake too...'

'Achaa??? Fir, THIS is the surprise you wanted to show me... hai na?'


'Then???' tucking the precious greeting card back into its envelope, she shifted around on her seat to face his direction 'WHERE are you taking me to? I need to know... kam se kam I need to call my parents and let them know na...'

'Ufff! You've got to be the most talkative hostage ever and THOSE tactics are not gonna work on me! If I tell you beforehand, it wouldn't be a SURPRISE... would it?' catching her mopey frown from the corner of his eye, the boyfriend stubbornly nodded his head in the negative - he wasn't buying it 'Tch tch Jo... stop sulking now... didn't you spring surprise after surprise upon me lately? Now it's my turn...'

With no other alternatives left, the girlfriend turned to face ahead - crossing her arms across to put on a deliberate show of impatience. Well, Jodha knew that she had no other go but to stay put and wait for the cues to unfold. And thank her stars, poor restless she didn't have to wait forever.

In fact; before long a few facts started adding up. The routes. The familiar roads. Then, it dawned upon her. They all HAD to lead to one place - the only place that her guy would be in such a rush to whisk her off to 'YESSS!' she squealed in delight 'I KNOW where I'm being taken...' jostling around, she confronted her dashing kidnapper once again 'But why... why are we coming here ab?'

Amused by how her enthusiasm had revved-up as soon as she'd decoded the mystery, Jalal broke out into a hearty chuckle 'We don't have much time, ok? So... as soon as I say JUMP... we make a dash for it...'

'I... I can't...' she held her forehead worriedly 'Don't know if you noticed, but I've worn my heels today... for the FIRST time in a year... I doubt I'd be ready for something as athletic as...'

'Worry not... I'm there na' he blinked slyly 'And oh yes... I've been meaning to tell you all along... those new black heels look even sexier than the brown ones you used to own! Especially since the open-toed models are my favourite!'


'Wait baba...' she drew in a deep breath

He smiled 'I am waiting...'

Stepping aside to let a family by, she drew in another deep breath 'Just a minute more...'

He held his palm out for her warmly 'Just a few steps more...'

'Oh!' she stared at the palm he'd offered her, intrigued by his perseverance to carry on. She didn't know why this was so important to him - but it was. And if it was important to him, it was to her too 'Ok... I'm coming...' she decided to give it her all 'Let's go...'

And the pair made a second dash for it. Rushing up on stony steps. Making their own shortcuts. Amidst scores of other visitors battling for spaces. Chuckling. Jesting. Panting. Competing. Hopping over loose cobbles. Enjoying themselves to the fullest. Her hand firmly entrenched within his all through, while he helped her and her sexy heels - scale over the many windy fort steps and pathways.

Till they'd ultimately reached the point he'd been desperately trying to get her to reach! Just on time!

'Phew...' inhaling a few extra gulps of oxygen that his lungs so needed, Jalal leaned against an empty-ish stretch of the gruff wall. The special Golconda Fort wall that boasted of the most beautiful dipping sunset views on the loveliest possible February evening 'We made it...'

'H... happy Sir Edmund H...Hillary?' Jodha panted 'Mujhe bhi... bhi Tenzing Norgay banaa d... diyaa...' keeping aside her black heels to give her aching soles a rest, she adjusted her dupatta before taking her spot beside him.

Surely enough, his arm made its affectionate way around her petite physique thereafter, pulling her in and snuggling her feminine shoulders right up to his square frame. The pair waited for their raspy breathing return to normalcy, a short lull of stillness befalling their picnic. A short lull that soon evolved into bliss as the breathless couple spent a while gazing at the rare beauty of the orangey-blue skies ahead.

'No doubt, Jalal... this is the most beautiful sight Hyderabad can afford! Phir bhi, I must say... you are such an extravagant romantic...' a low chuckle escaped her lips 'Just to celebrate your car repairs and your first attempts at poetry you rushed here to...' she stopped abruptly - she'd caught sight of something from the corner of her eye. An article of some sort that he'd craftily fished out of his pocket. A mysterious object that he was now hiding within the grip of his palm. Stunned, the young lady gradually spun around to question him on it 'W...wh...'

Just then, his fingers unfurled and from within its abode emerged a tiny open box - the centre of which held the clue to all this kidnapping drama

'Will you marry me, Jodha Singh?'

'God!' she shuddered in disbelief, freeing herself from his embrace to get a closer look at his expressions. To get a closer look at the precious diamond ring he'd produced without warning. Was this really happening? Today? NOW?

Everything came to a steady standstill. Everything else around them slowly disappeared. Only THEY existed - for how long thereafter she knew not. All she could hear was the hastening sounds of her own breath falling upon his neck. All her skin could sense was the cool breeze wafting about, swaddling their bodies into a secluded cocoon. All her eyes could see was the extent of sincerity in the depths of his eyes.

So THIS is why Mr. Muhammed had brought her here - to propose MARRIAGE!!!

Despite her sharp womanly instincts, this was one occasion she hadn't seen coming. Not in the least.

But, why was he doing this now? Hadn't he wanted to wait for another year more? Was this the consequence of an emotional rush? Was he doing it for HER happiness? 'Ja...' her conscience knew that he was waiting for an answer, but words were failing her 'J... Ja... I...'

'I understand if you want to wait a while longer...'

'N... no...' she stuttered 'That's not what I meant...' why would SHE want to wait any longer? If she'd been waiting so long - it was to honour his wishes. But her heart knew how deeply she craved for this day to come. For this juncture to arrive 'I... I'm just curious... what made you change your mind?'

'Change my mind?' his face had come alive with a glow that rivalled the brilliance of the setting eve. He didn't have to be an eye-reader to fathom the euphoric effect his unexpected proposal was having upon her 'I haven't changed my mind... I've just preponed my plans slightly...'

'Because you were so impressed with my automobile research????'

The humoured boyfriend plunged into a roaring bout of sniggers 'Yup that AND many other things...' once he'd got a grip on the laughter, Jalal explained himself pragmatically 'A year ago when your parents put forth this proposal, circumstances were drastically, I thought everything might take longer...  but then, you took the fast-road to recovery... business has settled smoother than I predicted it would... as for the court case, it's not going to end anytime soon... so I don't see the point in keeping our lives on hold for that! Waise bhi... I'm guessing our families will need more time than most to plan for the big day... what with our differing traditions and all...'

'But this decision was a sudden one, na???'

The valid query prompted him to glimpse down at the sparkling diamond - to derive his inspiration from the precious jewel so he'd be able to word his sentiments right 'You know that special moment we shared on the driveway an hour ago?'


'I don't want to have to wait once or twice a week for our dates to share such special moments with you... I want to be able to wake up beside you EVERY morning, anticipating such moments... I want to be able to return from office EVERY evening looking forward to such instants with you... I...'

'Jalal' she trotted out her ring finger, her eyes misting up with emotions. She needed to hear no more. The proposal had been sweet, simple, subtle, spontaneous and special - tailor-made by him for her! Any lovelier and she wouldn't be able to take it - her tears would burst their banks 'Yes I'll marry you, Mr. Muhammed...'

'My pleasure' jubilant; he carried out the honours - balancing her exquisite fingers upon one hand while he glided the ring in with the other 'And with this, we've made it official...' he softly proclaimed

She beheld the symbol of their union thereupon - letting herself be lost in its glory for a while 'I hate you for doing this!'

'Arre why?' he teased 'Didn't like something?'

'Nooo... I LOVED it...' she howled, play-punching his arm 'So much so that I'm ultra-moved right now... but can't do anything about it cos we're standing in a public place... as it is, a group is glaring at us like we're aliens!' her phrases faltered into a soulful snivel 'Somewhere more private and I'd be a blubbering mess of tears right now!'

'I understand...' he nodded sadly -putting on a show of utter regret 'I TOTALLY get your point about it being a public place. Had it been somewhere more private, I would have grabbed you close and kissed you senseless BEFORE you could disintegrate into a blubbering mess of tears!'

Compelled to slip out of her web of girlie emotions - thanks to his antics, she play-punched him the second time around 'Uffo Jalal!'

'Ouch... that's my arm...'

'Ok ok...' massaging the spot with a sorry frown, she swiftly diverted the topic before he could kick up another boyish fuss 'By the way, the first time you put this ring on me, only both of us were present... today, we're doing this amidst people we know not... I... I want you to slip this on my finger in front of our family and friends... that's how much I treasure this ring and the sentiments attached to it!'

'As you wish ma'am...' he offered her a quick compliant bow 'Waise, wanna click a selfie?'

'Oh!' her eyes immediately widened in realization - how could she forget 'Yesss! We must...'

Before long, he'd whipped out his phone and held the screen in front. Turning around to face the mobile, the betrothed pair squashed their happy faces together - the sunset forming a picture-perfect backdrop

'Ok...' Jodha nodded, holding the ring up 'I'm ready'


'The moment we decided to make it official' - he saved the priceless snaps

'Lovely photo... lovelier caption!' she nudged him with a compliment, before following it up with a fresh suggestion 'Hey... let's call mamma... papa... bhabhi... you should call ammi... we should let everyone know, na?'

'They all already know!'

'WHATTT!' she'd stood stiff, all startled and stumped by the latest update 'And when did THIS happen?'

'I'd made the calls when I'd stepped in to grab the ring, after locking you in the car...' he dismissed her consequent questioning looks with a cheerful shoulder shrug 'Hey... informing your dad that I'm proposing to his daughter was the gentlemanly thing to do...'


'In fact' he darted his watch a cursory glance 'Your family should be on their way to Jubilee Hills right about now... ammi invited them home... to join us for dinner! To celebrate!!!'

'WHATTT!' she put her hand on her hip, feigning displeasure 'And WHEN were you going to tell me all this mister???'

'Just now... sooo... shall we head home now?' when she said nothing in reply, he coddled her shoulder inside the warmth of his arm, attempting to soothe her fake-temper by using his gazes to make love to her fiery eyes 'Whattsay?'

She eventually broke out into a broad smile. She HAD to. The charmer's tricks had worked - like always. God! She loved him so 'Chal... let's go... but, there better NOT be any more surprises for tonight...'

Jalal broke out into a broader smile. He HAD to. He was enjoying the many false-threats coming his way. God! He loved her so 'Fine...'


'Ok... ok...'

'Pucca?' she asked the third time around, just to be triply sure 'Pucca na?'

'Pucca' he winked, before looking ahead - so she didn't catch the mischief cooking in his mind 'No more surprises, Jo... not for NOW at least!!!'

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This is a birthday gift dedicated to my birthday girl Hug

Happy Birthday Nams!!!!!! 


Your birthday thread

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awesome lashy i enjoyed the part Heart
lord his AUDI 
poor Jo didnt knw it will tk this turn 
i really love how u put Jodha trying to make him forgive her(she cldnt use any emotional blackmail, LOL or her ggirlfriend tricksLOL)
OMG she gone and take all her saving to fix his car>>>>>>awww>>>>but jalal will be like wdf u did dat forLOL
just love this lashy you are making me blush cant stop smiling(all me teeth are showingBig smile)
love the teaser will be waiting patientlySmileEmbarrassed 
lashy just continue making me fell
#out-of-the-worldBig smile
LOVE YOU LASHY!!!!!!! HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

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Awww! Loved Part 1 ! 
Poor poor Jo! LOL My heart went out to her! I can so relate to her in such conditions LOL By the way.. what a co-incidence.. I am learning driving too... LOL I 

Aww .. Jalal.. god! The silent torture is worse..seriously! And that too, when most close and loved ones do that! Disapprove   But as Jahnu di said.. His anger is killer Blushing and I love it ! Blushing

But I loooved loved loved when his softer side re-surfaced when Jo was leaving.. this is their magic.. Day Dreaming Heart

OMG! Damn excited for part 2! 
Ayoo.. 50,000! How will Jalal react?! 

The teaser has already killed me! ROFL 

And ... you are such a chupaa rustam Haa! Not even once. did you let me know of this our daily chats! This must have taken you so many days na.. 

Thankooo so much.. feeling immensely pampered and blessed! 

You know what.. I actually feel like NJAPA Jo..and you're my NJAPA Jalal.. Heart

Best bdayy Gift! Heart Hug

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Damn it... thank god..made it on time to res... still shocked

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