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ArHi FF: Koi Aap Sa #2 - Chapter 22 : Page 142 (Apr 25) (Page 13)

flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
loved it wonderful update...

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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
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Originally posted by Srujana7.MaNan

Loved it. The family teasing ArHi. Then the date... They are discovering each other's likes and dislikes. Arnav is such a gentleman as well as protective about his close ones. Khushi blushing when he mentioned wanting to see her drunk one day. Aww his love for aloo puris and then asking her for a second date. Can't wait until Weds or Thursday. Thanks for the Christmas gift. Wish you a happy new year in advance.

Thank you!  there will be more teasing Arnav-Khushi...this is just the beginning.Wink  Considering that they haven't had much time together before the wedding, a lot of the figuring out has to happen now...but starting next chapter...other facets of the story will come forth.Embarrassed  Arnav is definitely protective of his loved ones...but what will happen when two of his loved ones are at logger-heads? Tongue  i hope you had a wonderful new year celebration!  wishing you and your loved ones a prosperous 2015!

Originally posted by Swaran13

Awesome update Thumbs Up

Thank you sweets!

Originally posted by ankitamishra201

dis was a sweet chapter arnav possessiveness will be a problem in later chapters , khushi will be having tuff time handling his temper 
but dis is cheating with us where is d dam teaser 


Thank you...Arnav's possessive may cause issues...I wont say anything for sure.Wink  Khushi may have an issue with his possessive nature more than his an independent woman, she may have trouble with a man who may come across bossy sometimes...the teaser is in the next chapter!Big smile

Originally posted by neha2013g

superb update.. loved their first date..

Thank you!

Originally posted by rosalinesibs

such a sweet update...cant wait to

Thank you!

Originally posted by Rohinid

Congrats on new thread
Waiting for update...

Thank you so much!

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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
Replies to Page 3 Comments:

Originally posted by Rohinid

Fantastic update 
What's with this niraj?

Thank you!  Nothing...Niraj's role was a never have to endure him again. ;)

Originally posted by badfaith4u

Awesome chapter. Nice protective wife and husband. Both of them were awesome.

Thank you!  Hubby is more protective than wife here. :P

Originally posted by sweetie_angel


Thank you!

Originally posted by abivicky86

fallen  in love with this cute couple.


Originally posted by Javeria3991

congratualtions on the new thread
fantastic update

Thank you hun!

Originally posted by Zeehana

Good update
Loved the kitchen scene!!
Will wait for next update
Update soon

Thanks!  I shall add a Kitchen scene that you'll love more than this one... ;)

Originally posted by khareshelley

Congrats on new thread,,!!!!!!!
lovely update..!!!
family teasing arhsi... his love for aloo puri..!!!!
their date.. his possessiveness... he wants to see what she will do when she is drunk..!!!!!1
nice update... waiting to read next part...!!!!!

Thank you!  the family will continue to tease them for a while to come... ;)  I wanted to give this arnav an almost-child-like affection for something and decided on a simple dish of Aloo Puri.LOL  Arnav's wish of seeing her drunk will get fulfilled, dont you worry..Wink

Originally posted by shiv456

beautiful update

Thank you!

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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
Replies to Page 4 Comments:

Originally posted by Arshika_arshi

that was sweet and lovely like always...
loved reading...
plz continue soon..

Thank you so much sweets!

Originally posted by -Anu13-

wonderful update

Thank you!

Originally posted by saakhi01

Awesome update... I have been a regular reader for quite sometime now, so can i now request for pm's... 
Its just that when the thread changes , it is difficult to find the story on forums...
Otherwise i really dont mind stalking at all Wink

Thank you!  I will add you to my buddy list for the PM's.  I dont have any requirements which someone needs to meet to be on that list hun. :)  If you don't get a PM for chaptrt  15, just let me know and I'll add again. 

Originally posted by HUMII10592

Loved it to the bits


Originally posted by JRia

awesome.. mind blowing part.. the morning scene.. the getting ready for date.. it felt like Anjali is realising how Khushi has changed after marriage... the date... the way Khushi handled the guy.. awesome.. kuddos to u for writing this.. my favourite was how Khushi could calm Arnav.. he was so attuned to her.. i'm liking how they are accepting each other

Thank you Ria!  Anjali is her best friend so any changes in Khushi will be apparent to he before Arnav or any of the other Raizada's.  And we can count on Anjali to bring Khushi back on track if she changes too much in the veil of this marriage.  Khushi, though shy around Arnav, is today's woman.  She's smart, sophisticated and logical...this whole wedding business has thrown her off her game a bit but she'll be back in no time. ;)  then we'll make Dr. ASR blush.LOL

Originally posted by eishe10

Awesome update!!! Cute ARSHI moments Wink 

Thank you!

Originally posted by aayt

good going
they are leaning things about others
missed precapCry

Thank you!  They are learning but the rest of the lessons will have to come as they move on. ;)

Originally posted by nanor

simply amazing
loved it-

Thank you!

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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
Replies to Page 5 Comments:

Originally posted by MysticRiver

awesome..very nice...Thumbs Up

Thank you!

Originally posted by blue_rose1605

Awesome update

Thank you!

Originally posted by Akorshi

amazing update...
loving the way ArsHI relation forming...
update soon...

Thank you hun...

Originally posted by gowri_19

superb update
loved their family time teasing and their first day and Arnav s possessiveness

Thank you!  the family will continue to tease them for a bit.. ;)

Originally posted by bhaktiii

So sweet

Thank you!

Originally posted by arhi_love_boni

that was beautifully writtenClap...loved the whole family breakfast sceneTongue...asha is very cool and so is anjaliBig smile...sweet arhi moments on their dateWinkWink...lovely...thanks for the PM...AND WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR...SmileSmile

Thank you!!  Asha is the kind of MIL I want!LOLLOL  and needless to say that Dr. Raizada in this fic is the kind of guy I want (too bad they only exist in fiction, eh?)  Happy new year to you too hun!

Originally posted by Happytwinkle

Marvellous update
Loved it
Thanks for the pm

Thank you!

Originally posted by 1chilly

This was one sweet chapter.
Loved the breakfast part where the women together had fun in the kitchen.
Arnav eating his favourite breakfast was cute.
The date started off well.
Khushi is slowly getting used to Arnav and his possessiveness and his attention.
He seems quite enamoured by her.
Will be waiting for out new year gift.
Wish you a vety Happy New Year.. 

Thanks babe!  The women in this fic will have a close bond...I refuse to show any kitchen politics in this FF.LOL  arnav has dived into this relationship with everything he has because he's that kind of guy.  he's made it very clear from the get go that his family is before everything for him...Khushi is not only a part of his family, but his life partner so her spot in his life is pretty crucial for him...and the fact that he's attracted to her (emotionally and physically) only adds to his efforts...Khushi on the other hand, is a little more careful with her feelings...sometimes the stereotypical beliefs of Arranged marriages and men taint even the most intelligent women's perception and khushi is no different...Arnav, however, will leave no stone unturned to woo her.Wink

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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
Replies to Page 6 Comments:

Originally posted by samia19


Thank you!

Originally posted by ..ri..

loved it.. awesome update.. expected precap but it's okay.. waiting is always fruitful.. update soon..

Thank you!  I know the precap didn't happen as planned but I hope I make up for it in the next part...

Originally posted by Sweety012345

nice update


Originally posted by SPraba

Congrats for new thread dear
And happy new year in advance
Lovely chapter
Arnavs family very fond of khushi and Arhis first date
Very light and nice to read chapter
Thanks for the pm dear

Thank you!!  Happy New year to you too!  As far as the Raizada's and Gupta's go...all their bonding is good...there is no vamp in the family or its safe to say that everyone is fond of everyone in one way or another.

Originally posted by shalbi

amazing update...  the way their bond is increasing is interesting to read and imagine...
I pity that guy neeraj.. But would hav loved if arnav would hav turned him black and blue...
do continue soon and thanks for p.m

Thank you Shalbi!  Their bond has increased slowly and now it will start to speed up as Khushi becomes more comfortable around him and opens up...Arnav turning someone black and blue...hmm...might make that happen..  ;)

Originally posted by Pinky.Raizada

Can Khushi get slightly drunk more times, That Khushi is so fun..LOL

LOL...just goes to show how she will be once she lets go of her inhibitions.  ;)  Until then, we'll give her small doses of wine.  LOL

Originally posted by Apoorvarani

Amazing Update Dear!!!

Thank you!!

Originally posted by ranogill

awesome of arranged marriage...

Thank you!  If I were ever to get an arranged marriage done...this is what I'd like it to be...LOL...

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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
Replies to Page 7 Comments:

Originally posted by nano123

Nice update

Thank you!

Originally posted by addictedx53

Sigh! A romantic date with Arnav flexing his protective instincts. They are taking it slow & it!
A Happy New Year to you!

For now, its slow and steady...but how can we not have sparks where we have ArHi?  once those sparks come into play, things will get pretty...playful and naughty in here.Wink  wishing you a happy new year too!

Originally posted by BarunsBalwantK

They should kiss plzzz

Too soon for that, no?

Originally posted by navjot7

awesome update
ilike arnav family
there date was awesome
i love this possessive arnav
thnx for pm

Thank you!  I feel like the Raizada's would be any girl's ideal warmth, affection and no hidden agendas...Possessive arnav isn't going anywhere...might get on Khushi's nerves though.

Originally posted by ravalisharma06


Thank you!

Originally posted by smileysarah

Lovely update. The date experience was fantastic. Thanks for the pm.

Thank you so much!

Originally posted by shalini_s

lovely update.. simply cute..

Thank you!

Originally posted by spilla

Awesome update


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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Replies to Page 8 Comments:

Originally posted by asha_mehta

Fabulous update.
All the family members ate happy to see Khushi and arnav together and to see the comfort and love building between them. 
Anjali is ever ready to tease her friend and brother.
Their first date was indeed perfect. Both of them are getting to know each other better. 
Continue soon 

Thank you!  for now, everyone is all happy with the way their lives are shaping up.Smile  Love is building slowly between them...Anjali can tease them all she wants, no?  her best friend and her brother...its like they gave her the official rights to tease themLOL

Originally posted by --MISHTEE--

Awesome update 


Originally posted by ameena671

wow brilliant update loved it thank you for pm.

Thank you!

Originally posted by samsung04

Wow thanz for d update
Nice to read the mrs kushi experience

Thank you hun! :)

Originally posted by chikkus05

Congrats for the new thread...superb update.the first date of arshi simple and sweet.waiting for more.

Thanks!  Yeap...the dates.. aren't to woo her...but these dates are opportunities for her to open up to him, and for them to get to know each other better.

Originally posted by Hina69

congrats :)
Awesome and fab chapter.Really enjoyed reading it!

Thank you!

Originally posted by loves_aishu

Another lovely update!!
Just loved it!!!
Specially how you described the Date!!!
But the most significant part of this update I think was that for the first time,
Khushi was privy to Arnav's anger!!!
Till now she had only seen his good qualities, now she came face to face with his bad ones!!
Loved the Family time notes,
The "Ritual for cooking Dinner" was nice!!!LOL

Take Care!!

Thank you!!  Khushi's glimpse of Arnav's anger and possessiveness was indeed an important piece in the chapter...she'll need to keep this quality of his in mind if they ever get into an argument and he says/does something in the heat of the anger...In a real world, no one is perfect...Arnav in this fic is far from reality but regardless of that, everyone has flaws and his is the temper...Khushi has her flaws too and they'll make an appearance soon enough...but love is when you accept the other person with all their good qualities as well as flaws, right?Wink

Originally posted by Love_SA

loved it


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