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Rima OS: Let's Begin Our Life

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Hi, lovelies, here is my gift for you all for New year & also for my Rockerz promotion...

dedicating this OS to all my wonderful friends who wished me on three different threads & also to those lovelies who made lovely threads for me (Dia, Meg & Uma) & to those who dedicated their beautiful stories for me (Asha, Neha & Meghana) for my Rockers promotion...i'm so overwhelmed with joy & thought to make u guys happy too...


                          Let's Begin Our Life

"No! No! No! Please, No! God, I don't want to happen this! I don't want to lose my Rk. Please" I scrunched my eyes muttering a silent prayer but my prayers went unheard by God. The stick showed blue color which means I'M PREGNANT. Oh darn!! I dropped the pregnancy kit from my hand slumped on the bed caressing my belly with tears rolling down my eyes, I dont know whether its happy or sad tears. I should be happy now but no, i'm not!!...A baby? Rishab's baby!! Our baby is growing in me. I should feel happy now but I can't. How will I tell this to Rk? Oh no!! What will he say? Will he accept the baby? No, I don't think so!! will he hate me? Is our marriage in stake? Why oh why? I got pregnant? But yes, I do love babies & I wanted a baby too but I promised Rk...I promised him that we wont have babies. Only we both in our world but now a new life is gonna come into our world...will it come or not?? should I say this to Rk or should I end it? No! No! I can't do this sin...this is my baby...Sorry baby, I wont let anything happen to u, come what may. I will face your papa & make sure he will love u too. I'm exhausted now itself, I haven't faced my taciturn husband yet but I can't keep my eyes open any longer. I'll take a quick nap & will deal this matter when he comes tonight from work or may be tomorrow.

"Hey, baby" Rk wished me. Baby? Should I tell him now? No! I smiled & noticed he was working on his laptop, he look fresh must be taken his shower & waiting for me to wake up.

"Hi. When did u come? Why u didn't wake me up? What time is it?" I shoot a series of questions & he smiled a heart melting smile & my heart leaped to my mouth.

"Hi. I came an hour back. U were sleeping peacefully so thought not to disturb u" peaceful? I'm anything but not peaceful! I sighed inwardly. "Its 9 pm so shall we eat" He asked.

"Sure! I'll heat the food. U finish ur work & join me" I said & was about to leave the bed but he suddenly pulled me by holding my saree pallu & I fell back into the bed onto his arms & swiftly he rolled on top of me.

"Slowly, Rishab" I admonished him & I slightly pushed him off of my body. He frowned.

"Are you, okay?" he asked. No, I'm not.

"Yes" I smiled.

"Good" he said & Kissed on my lips & released me free & I hurried down to the kitchen.

"Is anything u want to tell me, madhu?" Rk asked me while eating his food & I was just picking my food because i m not humgry, my stomach was knotted.

"Um...nothing" I smiled weakly to make him assure but he looked unconvinced.

He dropped his fork down on the plate & took my hand in his. "Madhu, is ur health, okay?" my health? My body is perfect but I have an addition in me!!

"Baby, u look disturbed...what is it? u could share anything to me" he squeezed my hand.

Tell him now! Tell him now!! no! I'm a coward!! I cant say now! I need to prepare myself mentally!!

"Trust me, rishab. I'm good" I took his hand & kissed it. He nodded & stood up from his chair after finishing his food & he leaned down & kissed my forehead & whispered near my ear "I love u, Biwi" & walked back to our room. I love u too, rk...will love u forever but will u love me after knowing about the baby? I sadly stood up from my seat & took my barely touched plate of food & emptied it in the trash can & made my way to our room. Rk was resting on the couch & watching TV, when I entered our room he looked up at me & smiled at me & faintly smiled back at him & climbed on the bed & curled on one end. Few minutes later, Rk too joined me & hugged me from back nuzzling my hair.

"I wish u would say what's bothering u, biwi" he murmured. I remained silent, holding his hand & caressing it.

"U are driving me crazy, please tell me what is it? I have never seen u this silent? When u started becoming like a moody Rk?" he askedd.

I turned towards him gazing straight into his eyes. It's now or never so just tell him, madhu!

"Rishab..." I swallow a lump in.

"Hmm..." he hums encouraging me to go on.

"Keep this in mind, I will always love you" I said with tears in my eyes. He frowned.

"I know, love" he wiped my tears quickly & I turned my face other side.

"Madhu, enough is enough, just spill" he turned my face forcefully by holding it with his fingers.

I took a deep breathe & said in a low voice "I'm pregnant, Rk" he frozen which means he heard what I said.

"Rishab, please say something" I shook him gently & sat up on the bed.

After some time what feels like an eternity he said "What?" oh no! He want me to say again! God!

He jumped out of the bed & came around my side & made me stand too. "What did u say? Tell me again?" he asked angrily holding my arms achingly.

"Rishab, please don't be mad at me." I cried.

"I asked what did u say?" he shouted at me. I jumped in fear.

"We are gonna have a baby" I blurted out & put my face in my palm & started crying loudly.

"Oh f**k" he growled & pushed me back slightly.

"How is it possible? We had always safe sex" he exclaimed.

"Do you doubt me?" I asked suddenly in anger.

"Oh Gosh! I trust you, implicitly but when we went careless" he ran his fingers through his hair. I sighed in relief & felt a bit happy that he trust me.

"Woh..Woh...that day when u came from your friends bachelor party you were so highly drunk & we made love without protection" I reminded him the incident.

"Oh darn! I was drunk but u were sober right? Can't u resist me?"

"I...I don't know how but at the passionate moment I couldn't think about anything but only you" I said honestly. Yes, I go numb to his touch! He has wield such a power on me.

"Didn't I tell u that I don't want babies ever? I agreed for our marriage only after you agreeing for this condition. Then what happened now? Why you did this to me? Why you betrayed me?" he asked me in pain. "Rishab, listen to me please. I know I agreed whole heartedly to your condition because all I want in my life is you & only you but..." I stopped I couldn't proceed further. How I will make him understand? "Tell me? Did you purposely got knocked up because you want a baby to love you? Is n't my love enough to keep you happy?" he asked angrily but I could see pain in his eyes. Yes, I made a mistake, I was in my sense that day & I could have stopped him but I didn't & now which resulted to this. I kept my hand on my belly. What should I do now?

"Answer me, dammit?" he shouts bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Rishab, trust me, I didn't do anything in purpose...i'm sorry!! your love is more than enough for me to keep me happy. I lost my parents when I was 4 & grown up as an orphan & one day you entered in my life & turned it upside down, u gave me everything, ur love, care, affection for which I yearned for years. You are everything to rishab. I love you" I cried & hugged him but he didn't hug me back.

"Madhu, I suffered a lot in my past & I dont want to go through that phase again..." he stepped back & my hands dropped down from him. I stared at his eyes, I could see sheer fear & pain. I curse myself for putting him through this.

"Rishab, lets face it...please try for me" I stepped forward & caressed his cheeks.

"I can't madhu. All I have is you & I wont let anything take you away from me"

"Rk, nothing will happen to me, I'll be with you always."

"Just END this madhu" he said pointing to my belly. I looked at him shocked.

"Rk, don't say like that. Its our baby. Please, give a chance to you to forget your past & a chance to our baby too..." I pleaded him joining my hands as if i'm worshiping.

"Tomorrow, i'm taking you to the hospital to f**k this" He said with finality & walked away. What? No way i'm gonna to that injustice to my baby! When I was left with no one Rk entered in my life & I in his & we supported each other, similarly I will stand for this defenseless baby!! I promise you dear, mumma will bring you safe to this world!!

"That's not your decision, Mr.kundra" I said & he stopped on his track & turned towards me.

"What? You will choose the baby over me?" He asked me painfully.

"I'm not choosing anyone over anyone, Rk. As much as I want you I want this baby too" I hissed.

"That baby will kill you. It will take you away from me or i'll kill the baby like I killed my little sister or i'll abuse my own baby like my dad did to me because his ruthless cruel f**king blood is running in my veins" he cried & fell on his knees. My heart wrenched in pain seeing my love in pain. This was his worst fear ever. His mother died while giving birth to his sister so he was fearing ever I might die in labor, his father was a drunkard bas***d who never leave a chance to hurt him, even till date I could see the scars on his body which aches me like anything, I wished I could kill that cruel man in a brutal way but he ended his fate soon by excess drinking, then a little boy of 5 yrs was left to grow up a new born baby but that poor baby girl died out of some disease which even Rk didn't know as he himself was a baby then & he took the blame of his sister's death on himself for the mistake which he didn't even committed. I know all this, when I proposed my love to him he clearly warned me about his past & I was so madly in love with him & at that moment all I thought was too bring happiness in his life with my love but now I gave him pain, I reminded his past which he is trying hard to forget. But if I terminate the pregnancy, I'll never forgive myself or Rishab.

"Rishab" I knelt down opposite to him & cupped his bowing head. He pushed my hands away but I held his shoulders to stop him walking away.

"Nothing will happen to me like what happened to your mother. She was left uncared, no love was shown to her & treated badly by your father & that might took a toll on her & died in labor but that's not going to happen in my case, u r here for me, to love me, to protect me rishab, I will be safe & our baby too." my voice cracked & I sobbed in pain.

"I don't want to abuse my baby, madhu" Rk said helplessly.

"You won't me, please" I cried out loud hugging him tight. "You r not like your father for f**k's sake" I said with angry tears.

"If I didn't turn like my father also still i'm a killer"

"I'm telling you this for the millionth time, You didn't kill you sister so please don't blame yourself. You yourself were a baby then what you know about handling a baby?" I questioned him but he looked warily.

"I couldn't save my sister what if I couldn't save our baby too...its better to end it before a real form comes to it" he said to kill my baby again & I couldn't take it anymore so I slapped him hard.

"Bas karo Rk, BAS!! you have said enough & I have heard enough so know more arguments...i want this baby...& that's final" I pushed him back & his eyes were closed & he didn't say anything.

"You didn't kill your sister then but now u are trying to kill your own child. How could you do this Rk? How could you do this to a baby which didn't even face the world yet? If any problem comes to our baby we are there to save him Or her from the harm. You are not a 5 yrs old boy now, u are a grown up man now, if u can take care of me then why not our baby? Just come out of ur shitty past & face your bright future with me, with us" I burst out.

"Is this what you want?" He asked.

"I don't know what I want?" I shouted. Yes! I'm confused! How i'm gonna handle a man who is not ready to come out of his past!! I have tried a lot since I came to know about it but no change from his side but now I don't care whether he wakes up & smell his f**king coffee or not, all I want is, his baby safe in my arms, at least after seeing the baby he might move on. I wished for it.

"I want my Biwi" he said sternly.

"Ur Biwi is here only for u & now i'm a mother & i'm here for my baby too" I countered him. Without saying anything he stood on his heels & walked out dashing the door hard making me startle. Feeling tired i stood up & walked to the bed & launched myself on it watching the ceiling blankly as there was no more tears to flow & soon sleep took over me.

Next day morning, i woke up & my hand instinctively searched for my husband beside me but to feel emptiness. I turned & struggled to keep my heavy eye lids open & then scanned the room but i couldn't find rishab anywhere. I pulled myself out of the bed & went down in search of him & finally i sighed in relief seeing him sleeping on the couch in the living room. I slowly walked to him & sat beside him & my hands gently traces his smooth hair. He looks like a small innocent & pure &...fearful...oh Rk! All I need is ur support...if u didn't give ur hand then how will I bring u out of ur past!! I sighed sadly & leaned down & kissed on his forehead & he opened his eyes with a smile loving the way his biwi waking him up & soon it turned to a frown & without saying a word he walked up to his room to freshen up.

"Rk, breakfast?" I asked when Rk descended from the stairs all set to move for his office.

"I have a breakfast meeting" He said not even looking at my face & walked out without a bye or his usual kiss.

"Rk, hurry up...u ll get late for ur work"

"Oh c'mon, biwi...meeting can wait but will ur tasty hot paratha's?"

"Rk, u said its a breakfast meeting & u need to eat there too atleast for courtesy so stop licking ur fingers & go"

"Gah...who wants their sandwich & coke for breakfast" he said making a face "& don't worry biwi. I ll leave few paratha's for u to eat" I hit his arm gently. He chuckled.

"Now dessert!" he declared & stood up from the breakfast bar.

"What?" I eyed him suspiciously.

"YOU" he smirked & before I could know he pulled me in his arms & yanks my ponytail & he studies my lips for a good time all the while licking his lips salaciously & then he kissed me...really in hunger! man...just now he had is breakfast but he is kissing me so hungrily as if he was starving for days.

"Had enough?" I asked him breathing.

"For now, YES" he winked.

"Bye, biwi" he pecked a kiss on my cheeks. I smiled & he's gone for work.

I smiled bitter sweetly at the thought thinking his daily routine which was broken today.


"What are you doing in guest room?" Rk asked me when I was setting my bed. I didn't reply him & continued my work.

"I'm asking u something, answer me, madhu?" he pulled my hands making me face him.

"Rk, from now on i'll stay in this room & there is no need for u to sleep in couch anymore as u can sleep well in our bed" I said.

"You are not a guest, u are my wife so we should stay in one room" he demanded.

"What is the use in saying? When u r not treating me like your wife." I hissed at him.

"I know, one day it will come here...this baby will separate us & the day came very soon" he smirked.

"Rk, stop blaming my baby for everything. Its u who avoided me for the past one month. U r not talking to me properly, not eating at home, coming late from office & most of the night u r not in ur sense because u are so drunk & that time...u ..u forcefully...u don't make love to me but u just f**k me. U r hurting me Rk & my baby too. I promised to the baby I will protect him or her so its safe I stay away from fact u should feel happy that i'm staying in one roof" I said bitterly & turned my face to hide my tears.

what? I hurt my madhu...oh God! Why I drink so not even knowing what I do the previous night? Why she didn't tell me this earlier? Yes, i'm mad at her but I never wanted to hurt her or...or the baby"

"leave all that..just tell me when u last smiled at me?? u do all the mistakes & blame this poor baby"

"Um...I'm sorry" he said & walked out & I saw sheer pain in his eyes. That's the reason why I didn't tell him so far that he was hurting me.


"Where u went, madhu?" rk asked me the moment I entered in to our house. I'm not willing to answer him anything. Now a days whatever we talk we end up in fighting & i'm so tired to put a fight with him now so ignored him & walked straight to my room. Yes, he let me stay alone in the guest room but he thinks I have never noticed him staying in my room & looking at me sleep for half of the night & early morning he goes to his room to take some sleep. He followed me to my room.

"I'm asking u something?" he said with his arms crossed.

"To hospital" I said & placed my report on the table & lied on my bed to rest for a while.

"What happened to u? Are u alright?" he sat beside my bed & asked worriedly taking my hands in his.

"I'm alright. Just regular check up" I said & curled up on the bed keeping a protective arms on my protruding belly & I closed my eyes to take a nap & shot open when I felt his touch. I stopped breathing feeling him caressing my belly for the first time.

"Ouch" I gasped. He takes his fingers alarmed.

"What? Did I hurt you?" he asked worriedly.

"No." I shook my head.

"Then?" he asked confused.

"Didn't u feel the kick?" I asked him.

"Kick? Oh yeah! I felt it & that's why I took my hand" he said.

"I think our baby loves u more than me. She kicked me for the first time when u touched. so please touch my belly again?" I pleaded. He stared into my eyes with his wide eyes of fear. Then I gently took his hand & splayed it on top of my belly. There! Our baby kicked again!

"See, I told u na? She loves u more" I giggled. He didn't say anything but I could see wonder in his eyes.

"Is the baby a she?" he whispered.

"I'm hoping for a baby girl" I smiled but his face falls. Oh what he is thinking? Did I remembered his sister to him? Oh no!

"Rk" I sat up & caressed his cheek.

"Take rest, madhu" he said softly & walked out of my room not before taking my reports. Last time also when I came back from my check up, he stealthily he took my medical reports & called the doctor & inquired her everything about my health condition & our baby's too. Oh my man! He is so caring, over protective but When he will realise that he love his baby like I least after feeling the baby today I hope to see some changes in him"


Days passed like a wind & now i'm on my final month. I could find more changes in Rk. he is doing everything for me even before I ask, he is taking good care of my food habits, taking me to morning walk, doing everything for me which makes me love him all the more & I know he loves me too but when it comes to our baby his fear over powers, there the fight begins, he say something about the baby which will hurt me & I in return fight with him...when he will come out of his fear? At least after holding the baby in his arms? God knows!

"Madhu, I have an important meeting today but i'll come home by noon. U don't wait for me, u have ur lunch" he said to me. I nodded with a smile. He hesitated for a moment but then he leaned down & kissed on my forehead & gently caress my belly but I wish he kiss my bump too. For the past one month he is not leaving me go out of his eye sight. He either assigning his works to his assistants or do on his own from home itself & rarely he goes to his company to attend important meetings.

"Hello, Rk. Where are you?" I called him as I was feeling uneasy & I don't Know why I need him to be near me.

"Madhu, i'm on my way to home. U okay?" he asked me. His voice hoarse.

"Um...I...urgh!!" I screamed over the phone & I clutched my stomach as I felt a sudden pain.

"Biwi, what happened? U r worrying me" he panics.

"Rk, I need u..." I dropped the phone & sink on floor crying in pain & I tried to take a steady breathe.

"Hello, Hello...madhu...i'm coming" I could hear him shouting from the other end.

Soon he came & took me to the hospital & he was running beside my stretcher gripping my hands tightly. Oh Rk, don't get are worrying me!

"Wait" I asked the nurse to stop for a minute before taking me in to the OR

"Rk, if anything happens to me also.."

"Nothing will happen to u madhu...i'm here...i love u" he said hurriedly not letting me complete.

"Ahh..."i clenched my teeth to control my pain.

"Please, Rk don't hate our baby or don't blame our baby, in case I didn't survive" I cried to him

"Madhu" he goes pale.

"Rk, promise me, u will take care of our baby & u'll love our baby" I asked him to promise but he remained still.

"Rk, please" I begged him.

"I won't promise because nothing will happen to u or to our baby because I love u both" he said with tears rolling down his cheeks. I kissed his hands once & they took me in to the OR.

Rk was pacing restlessly outside the OR. He couldn't hear the screams of pain coming from the OR. He prayed to god not to snatch the two most precious persons from his life. After few hours of sheer terror, he felt half relaxed hearing his baby's piercing cry.

"Congratulations, Mr.kundra. Its a girl" Doctor said him with a smile.

"My wife?"

"Mrs.kundra is fine. A bit weak but that's normal. Now u can go see them" she said & walked away.

Oh thank god! My madhu is safe & my baby too. They are with me!!

Rk walked into the room & I was so exhausted & I don't have the strength to sit up. I smiled at him & looked down at our baby girl sleeping beside me on my bed. Rk stood close to us & looking at our baby in awe with tears in his eyes.

"Take her in ur hands, Rk" I said with a smile.

"Me? No, she is so small" his eyes went wide. I chuckled & I struggled to sit up so that I can pick her in my arms.

"Biwi, careful" he said & helped me to sit & adjusted my pillow at my back & I gently lifted our baby in my arms & weep in delight.

"I'm sorry, madhu." he whispered & sat beside me on my bed looking at our baby in wonder.

"I love you, Rk" I said & kissed his cheek. He smiled.

"I'm sorry, baby. I promise to love u unconditionally & I ll protect u from all harms" he said to our baby caressing her cheek with his index finger. I sobbed leaning on his shoulder.

"She looks so beautiful" Rk whispered.

"Rk, here" I thrust our daughter in his hands surprising him & I know he will hold her with tenderness & care.

"Am I holding her properly? Am I not hurt her, biwi?" he asked tensed.

"No u r not hurting her & u will never hurt her or me because u love us more than ur life" I said ruffling his hair.

"Yes. I do"

"She looks like my sister" he said sadly. Oh Rk!

"Good. Think that your sister is back to u in the form of your baby. Now i'm safe with u, ur sister is back to u & I know u r a wonderful father, I have seen ur love & care for the baby all this while & I know it will continue too so u are no way like ur abusing father & I will never let u abuse Rk, please let ur past go now" I pleaded him. He looked at me in surprise & smiled a heart melting smile.

"Oh God! I'm so lucky to have u, madhu. Yes, u are right. Now my life is perfect...i have u & my baby to cherish, to love, to care & to protect for all my life." he gently placed our baby girl in his right arm & with other hand he pulled me close to him & kissed my hair. Oh my! I was waiting for this moment only!! my love forgetting his dreadful past & living happily all his life.

"Happy New Year, Biwi" he whispered & planted a tender kiss on my lips.

"Happy New Year, Pati" I kissed him back & suddenly he moved back.

"What?" I asked.

"She kicked me" he said. I smiled.

"Are you angry with daddy, my darling? I'm so sorry. Daddy, loves u!!"

"She is not angry but she is just seeking attention. See, our princess born on new year but we forgot to wish her" I said. He chuckled. Then we both leaned forward & softly whispered "happy new year, angel" & she kicked again in reply making us laugh.

"So tell me, Rk what name you are gonna give to our daughter?" I asked him. I want him to do everything to my daughter!!

"NINA" he said with a smile. "Do u like the name, Biwi?"

"I love the name but what does it mean?" I asked him the reason behind for giving our daughter that name.

"It means "Strong or Mighty or Grace or Beautiful or Flower or Fire in different languages"...I want my baby girl to be strong, bold, brave, smart & witty...& she is mighty Rk's daughter" he said proudly. I grinned at him seeing his happiness.

"It also means "God was gracious or God has shown favor"...yes, God has done a favor by giving my biwi & baby safe to me" he said with tears & I quickly wiped it as I hate to see my Rk in tears.

"LET'S BEGIN OUR LIFE a new in the new year with our new born baby NINA" He said with a smile & we both leaned down & kissed our baby girl on her cheeks on either sides.


Hope you all liked the OS, my gift for you all for my promotion & for new year.

As my title says "Let's Begin Our Life" a fresh leaving behind all our sad past & taking only beautiful memories ahead & enjoy every moment of our life with lots & lots of happiness!!

Happy new year, dearies.Party

God bless you all!!Hug

please do hit the like button & leave ur precious comments!!

thanks to all in advance!!

p.s Ni, I hope u don't mind using your lovely name. I checked for ur name's meaning in google & it gave me the results which I said above & it aptly suits u & my story too so used it!!

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Oh My! this post is going waste!! what to do? i thought to post two OS as my surprise gift & but the second OS "SEDUCING Mr,PREFECT" didnt get ready yet & already i'm late in giving my new year & promotion gift to u all so i thought to not delay anymore & posted only one story!!
but never mind, i'll write the other OS soon & will post it in a new thread for "Maha sankaranti or pongal" LOL...we Indian's have lots of days to celebrate LOLLOL 

besides u all will cheat me by giving one comment for two stories which i dont want bcos i'm greedy for ur lovely comments so i ll post the other OS sooner or later separately.LOL

Okay! "Happy New year again"Big smile

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I am so resing...ROFL
You have finally posted the OS... LOL 

Now I am a bit confused from where to start... LOL I think it's best that I start from the beginning and work my way from there...And my meaning of beginning isn't the way you think it is...LOL

So...First I updated the page for my posts and there I saw a storythread that I know I haven't read...But I clearly saw I made a post...Making me a bit worried for a second whether or not I have forgotten to read it and comment...But then I saw it wasn't a red post but a blue one... And then I knew it was the thread for which I posted I am so resing...ROFL But later I questioned myself wasn't she posting an OS that would have something with seduction in her title...LOL Then I knew this a different OS. So I clicked at the post... And yes all of this above it took me two or three seconds to come to the conclusion...LOL Anyway I clicked at the post...And I was right...LOL I saw my I am so resing...ROFL I scrolled up and saw and read your second post and how you initially wanted to post two OS... And I loved the reason... Greediness for comments...It's like sugar for you as Di calls you Jalebi...LOL

I scrolled some more up and saw @@@@ and then I hope you like the OS...Happy New Year... and all of that...then the PS came...ROFL Ni, I hope u don't mind using your lovely name. I checked for your name's meaning in google & it gave the results which I said above & it aptly suits u & my story too so I used it!!

You left me shocked... Thinking that trade and different theories have surely affected my brain in a bad way...Making me read and see things that aren't really there...ROFL Anyway after a couple of seconds I shook my head and reread it... Wait I have to read it again... No...My eyes aren't fooling me, nor does my brain play any tricks on me...That PS is clearly meant for me...And she has used my name...I have no idea what that feeling was or still is...But relief or happiness isn't it...ROFL And yes I am laughing... Still am...Then I remembered you said meaning and Google... My mind screamed NO!!! Don't tell me you wrote it's a nickname to that awful name in Russian... And no I don't mean Katarina, that one I like... But the other one...I had a teacher who had that name... Just thinking about it... Not so good memories are returning...With well...Lets just say I hit two birds with one stone...ROFL ROFL

So I googled the name myself to see the results... And there came two defintions that rendered me yet again shocked and hoping you didn't use it... I am copying and pasting it here...

Number: 1

People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.

Number: 2

People with this name tend to be quiet, cooperative, considerate, sympathetic to others, adaptable, balanced and sometimes shy. They are trustworthy, respecting the confidences of others, and make excellent diplomats, mediators and partners. They are often very intuitive. They like detail and order, and often find change worrisome. They may sometimes feel insecure or restless.

After reading that...I went back to your OS gone to the top and began reading... As soon I read the word stick and I'M PREGNANT... I was hoping, wishing for the fact that she loses the baby...ROFL I admit this time...It might be too much even for me...But I knew the very instance where my name would have been used... But still not how or where the meaning would come up... I read and I read...And I was rooting for RK to let her abort that child even though in real I wouldn't... But naa...That stubborn crazy bala who forgets everything when she is around RK didn't let anything happen to her baby... See that behavior of hers made her pregnant...Then the sister came up... And I was already positive that the name would be used on the baby...And after reading about the sister...I was thinking please don't let the sisters name be that please don't let the sisters name be that (I thought maybe both of them would have the same name)... And when I came to the end and when Madhu asked him to name the baby and her thoughts...I was thinking don't let two persons have the same name...Don't let two persons have the same name...And then I read the name and that RK smiled...LOL Which made me think about something else...Later Madhu asked the meaning behind the name...

And reading these parts...

It means "Strong or Mighty or Grace or Beautiful or Flower or Fire in different languages"...I want my baby girl to be strong, bold, brave, smart & witty...& she is mighty Rk's daughter" he said proudly. I grinned at him seeing his happiness.

"It also means "God was gracious or God has shown favor"...yes, God has done a favor by giving my biwi & baby safe to me" he said with tears & I quickly wiped it as I hate to see my Rk in tears.

"LET'S BEGIN OUR LIFE a new in the new year with our new born baby NINA" He said with a smile & we both leaned down & kissed our baby girl on her cheeks on either sides.

I felt a bit overwhelmed... Now this might seem a bit selfcentered...But I felt like this part was dedicated for me... Even though this OS was dedicated for 5 other people...Why I feel like that I have no idea... I don't know why such idea came to your mind to name that baby Nina or for that matter write such beautiful words about me... I haven't done anything to deserve something like that...I honestly haven't...

I have no words for that... I thought you would have used that name differently...LOL And I was a bit isn't fear...I rarely am afraid of something...but I guess all of this surprised me overall...and didn't know what to expect... I am still loss of words even though have given you such a long comment... And all about that name...ROFL 

Well I loved the OS and the dedications for those people... And that RK overcmae his fears... I think I have already made an enough mockery of myself...So won't make that of your story...It's enough for one comment...ROFL 

Also I became Rishbala's child... ROFL If this was the show...I would have been an orphan by now...ROFL So in all of this I have come to the conclusion that you portrayed me as I am daddy's child?LOL No comments there...ROFL Wow in the same week I am Rishbala's child and a puppy...ROFL How lucky am I...ROFL

Thanks for the OS Sudha! And for giving such a description of that name...Hug Love you!

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Abhiya4life IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 January 2014
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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
Ni you became Rishbala''s lucky girl LOL Just wait for the last chapter of OL ROFL You'll be something else there

Amazing OS sudha...thanks for the dedication Hug Love you too Big smile I can safely say that I almost teared up during this...when RK was afraid of his past...really emotional story...but the ending was sweet... Big smile

I'm glad Madhu didn't give up on her baby and how RK stealthily made sure with the doctor that she was fine Big smile The ending was the sweetest... Wink Although I did hold back a laugh imagining baby Nina in RK's arms ROFL I wonder...ROFL

Loved this New Years was amazing sudha Heart

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uma88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 9:07pm | IP Logged
Firstly, I got my place in first page, 3rd one to comment, hurrayyy...

And now thank u so much for the dedication sudha Hug Hug

once again congrats on ur promotion dear.

Now coming to the story, reading the first few lines, I thought u gonna kill any of the leads to satisfy kavya and ni, but then it was about a baby, I smiled and continued, then I expected rk to accept the baby so easily, so that madhu and even us would get *bulbu* but u didn't thankfully, then I thought there was separation on the way, because previously in these type of stories, madhu would disappear when she become preggy, as rk doesn't want a child, and then later rk would search for her and after years they would meet and gradually rk would love the child, but u changed the trend, though this attitude of rk towards kids as he lost his sister in his early childhood was not new, you came up with good reasons and it was acceptable.

Loved the fact that they both didn't leave each other, and madhu didn't choose rk over the baby or the baby over rk, a very different try sudha from ur previous works. Though rk was not willing to accept the baby whole heartedly, he took good care of madhu during her preg, having an eye over her, talking to doctor after her check ups, I so love him.

And finally u brought nina inside the story, poor rishbala, ROFL gradually when she grew up, they wil come to know about her insanity, but poor parents can't do anything then, they wil change themselves according to her, left with no choice, and they wil become one whole insane family, ha ha, just kidding Ni!!

Here comes the main thing, sudha u have planned a surprise os for us, super girl, Seducing Mr.perfect, haye haye, I fell in love with this story now itself, my rk being mr.perfect, and mb gonna seduce him, it wil be very much worth reading, waiting eagerly for it girl, post it soon, I don't mind if u delay cil now, as now my concentrationnis on this new os, so comeback soin with it.

Edited by uma88 - 02 January 2015 at 10:23pm

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varshajoshi17 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 9:14pm | IP Logged
Congo for ur promotion 
Happy new year to u too dear 
Superb os loved it 

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Crazy_Arshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
Lovely os
Beautifully wriiten

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-Babydoll_Pooh- Goldie

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 7:57am | IP Logged

Awesome os Sudha akka!Clap
It was a very emotional one and I was feeling very sad for Rk he had to go through so much when he was a child...Madhu was a good mother plus a good wife...She is the most wonderful wife...

Aww My poor Rk I still pity on him but now I don't because he has moved on from his past...It was Awesome and the last part was tooo...tooo...Good...especially Nina partLOLLOLLOL

Tfs for pm akka!
Happy New year to you and your family Akka!Hug
Eagerly waiting for seducing Mr.PerfectLOL

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