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Awesome post jyothi ( i can call you by your name or I think I'm too young for it) 
Shwetha your collages speak volumes. Awesome collages hats off 
OMG what was the precap ! Did sahir himself tell the truth.
It's too difficult for me to believe 
Yes whatever reasons you gave abt sahir speaking the truth is correct so literally his heart took over the game the player indeed got played in his own game 
And tomorrow telling that his love was fake and all that was just to push her away from his life  completely as he is too messed up in his life 
What ever be his reasons I'm very happy that the truth came out from his mouth itself

Zaki he literally confused me today . He knows abt Zeenat history completely?  I really doubt 
He is indeed a great friend I'm glad cvs dint turn him negative
Aarzoo feels sad for her that spark of happiness in her eyes that smile on her face will be lost ... her illusion will be broken down . But don't you think this heartbreak was necessary for her , she had to taste that bitter pill of betrayal only then she could actually understand what sahir is going through from past 7 years

Alvira, she is mysterious from the day 1 . Even dint like those words what she told to Zaki . SaAz marriage is not just for sahir's happiness she has a big motive behind it 

I feel Zeenat story should be revealed it's high time now 

As usual awesome analysis
That slap by KA to Zaki was funny rite. ?
But I'm worried isAarzoo might misunderstand Sahir after he saves her from that can driver and may feel that is his plan 

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Great post Jyothi and awesome collages Swetha!! My favorite part of today's epi was the tight slap that zaki got LOL much ever KA thinks that she is kurti cheez..she always ends up doing something right for SaAz..
Loved the way shivya portrayed the excitement of accepting the first proposal of her first love..she was shivering...poor thing..that heartbreak would be hard to take Ouch
I am confused about both Sahir and Alvira's intentions Hagen said..unless they show us Sahir's monologue..I wouldn't accept how he again accused Arzoo of playing the game of love.
Waiting for the rest of the week..hopefully the cab incident is not a setup...I still see SaAz nikah..since she gets abused by the cab driver..nausheen might do rona dhona and to save her honor SaAz might be forced into this marriage...this zeenat mystery should be laid to rest..bahut zyada ho gaya..

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Originally posted by rockstar29

Wow joy yet another beautiful post from u.
We predicted perfect didn't we .
Bang sahir himself spilled it out of guilt .
Last scene was master stroke to him when arzoo hugged him tears were in his eyes about to flow .
Precap was nothing but an instant plan to throw her out of his house from his life with a intension of guarding her .
He knows he is in a pit called zeenat her promise his past his deal his games his bad deeds in Lucknow he is in mess already were he is trapped already but he doesn't want her to join him .
If he marries her his problems becomes hers so he wants to hurt her so much so that she will not come near ever again .

Exactly .. he wanted to deliberately remove her from his life because he dont want her to go through the same pain that he is going through .. he dont want to make her a part of his problematic life .. basically he just sets her free by telling her those bitter words ..he no more cares about the deal .,.. what he cares about is Aarzoo's future now

Yes joy u said it right zaki needs to be appreciated here as a great lover as true friend he wanted arzoo to be guarded just like sahir is going to do tomorrow.
His encounter with sahir was best scene ever he did give a piece of mind to his big brother that keeping arzoo in dark is cheating .

yup I loved Zaki today .. he made some really valid points about the truth .,. though he loves Aarzoo but not once he said I want to get her in my life .. all he said was I want to tell her the truth and leave the decision on her then ..

Alvira might be good mom to sahir but as a human she fails she doesn't care of arzoo how that girl would feel after zeenat truth came out .
She is selfish I know she is mom but stamping at one feet to uplift ur son is not right .
Ruining other lives for the sake of ur son was selfish .
Both sahir and alvira are highly manipulative and take advantage according to there needs .

Alvira looked totally selfish so far .. I know she wants to set Sahir's life as a mother but why sacrifice Aarzoo for it by keeping her in dark .. thank god Sahir got the wake up call on time .,.

But thank god arzoo has a friend like zaki who made the right even though knowing arzoo won't love him in return that's true love ( I don't want him anyway around arzoo but as a friend right on ).

agree Thumbs Up

Few spoilers says sahir will even say to arzoo that he wants to throw her out of his house I think arzoo should go but few spoilers says alvira forces her again chee arzoo needs to have some self respect walk off his life at least he will crave for her.
Seems like sahir will bring her home after the accident.

I think Aarzoo does walk out but then cab driver fiasco happens and Sahir brings her back home ,, lets see what happens next .. Aarzoo cannot go all out too because Nausheen might not b able to take this bitter truth Confused

Joy I am really fed up with this deal thing jelabi ki Tara gol gol I think at least they need to show further .
Arzoo will not able to quit the job either sahir will stop her showing 3 yr contract leaving her trapped in his cage she will not be the same arzoo I suppose I want her to become like sahir rutless shrewd and focused on her work and a big ignore to psyco gabar then this sahir will cry buckets .
Hope arzoo leaves niyamat that will be big blow to psyco family if at all staying pay the rent on his face and throw the gifts he gave in to his fav pool .
Let's see dragging ya only saaz scenes are good but zaki lines are same and deal same gol gol age badna chaiye .

because of the contract she cant leave Sayyara I guess .. and if she will want to leave Niyamat house then it will mean telling all truth to Nausheen and all too ... will Aarzoo take that chance knowing well that Nausheen's health is not good Ermm ..

And yes me too want this deal to get done with .,. its just going in circles LOLOuch .. I will love to see Aarzoo going the Sahir way and becoming ruthless now ... role reversal will b fun Big smile

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Originally posted by redviolet

I feel there has been a change in Zeenat's story as for now. Before they were just painting her in bad light so we might feel bad for Saahir and say he deserves someone better. But than they ended up painting Saahir in as bad of a light as Zeenat if not worse. Zeenat until now has not been shown gambling with Saahir's life. Also she was very young  when she did what she did to Saahir. Saahir did the same exact thing to Arzoo as a much older and more matured man. So if Saahir deserves an another chance after this (which we know he is going to get one) than the case was even stronger for Zeenat. So before they had planned on her recovering as Doctor Khurana the medical God had claimed she was going to recover soon. Now Alivra told Zaki the chances are close to impossible that she recovers. So  they made it so she never recovers and never gets a second chance. As it would be unfair to paint one personal evil and the other person as redeemable for almost the same exact deed.

But Alvira was obviously lieing to Zaki because Sahir clearly told Alvira that Zeenat's condition is improving and she will b all fine soon since she has gone for treatment abroad and then Alvira was like it means u hv less time left to fulfill the promise ... so she knows Zeenat will b fine soon and so is desperate for SaAz marriage but she lied to Zaki about Zeenat never waking up Ouch

Also I feel Zeenat's sins might b much bigger than what Sahir did or else viewers can never warm upto SaAz story .. I still believe Zeenat cheated on Sahir with another man and that too post marriage which is a bigger sin than what Sahir did with Aarzoo ... Also Sahir redeemed a bit by telling her the truth before marriage itself and dint keep her in dark for long ..


 I agree about Alvira, even after knowing how her son betrayed Arzoo she thinks he deserves her and the world's happiness. Yet she told Kurti Appa that Zeenat doesn't deserve Saahir after what she did? I feel there is a reason Alvira does not want Zeenat back in the house? Maybe because she had a manipulative mother like Kurti Appa there was some money issue involved.

Yes there is a reason for sure ... we need to know Zeenat's full story to reach to a conclusion here

Arzoo is becoming a little irritable and annoying too. Even after Zaki warned her and even after seeing Saahir taking his love story a jet speed she is not the least bit cautious about whether or not she is being deceived? Does she have any self-worth? Why do shows always like to potray the female lead as dumb and the male lead as a genius? As if still going on in her lovey dovey lala land was not enough she even accepted a gift from Alvira? I mean at least wait until the engagement until you accept such expensive gift from the family you are already dependent on financially? I know shagun is the ritual in India. And families usually give some piece of kandaani jewelry but still it was a little early for a shagun. Arzoo is being very out of character here. I know it was build up for the heart break.

I think she accepted it since it was shagun coming from a mother ,... so not accepting will look disrespectful and then she said yes to Sahir only after Alvira gifted her shagun ka kangan .. so its like she was made to feel special by everyone in the house which left no doubts in her mind though I agree that mayb she should hv waited for her family to return at least before saying yes to Sahir Ermm


Coming to Saahir, I will compare him to Linus from "Sabrina" the Audrey Hepburn version. There to he broke to the truth to Sabrina when he started feeling guilty. But he was as gentle as possible. He told her that he enjoyed every minute of his game to comfort her and make the heart break a little harsh. That way she would feel she was not totally deceived. Here Saahir was as harsh as possible and I feel this was a selfish self defense mechanism to shield himself from the pain of rejection he rejected her completely himself. No wonder Arzoo goes into shock and ends up endangering her life again.

Not sure if it was self-defence because I feel he wanted to push Aarzoo away to actually save her from entering his problematic life ... if he politely told her he is married and his wife is in coma , then she would hv asked him the full story and then after hearing his story , she might want to share his pain which he does not want and so  he just shoves her away from his life and does not give her that opportunity to ask him about his marriage details Ermm


Nice post Jyoti and Nice collages Shweta~!

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Originally posted by hagen


I too hope Aarzoo comes out strong and determined after this heartbreaking incident with her ... she sohlud live life with her dignity now and do not bother to go near Sahir ... let Sahir come to her with the explanations now Approve
-Rojaa- IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome post Joyti and gorgeous collages Shweta. 


My doubt about Alvira having a hidden agenda is increasing day by day. So according to her, Arzoo a 22 years old girl with a painful childhood must become the second wife to her (at least) 31 years old already married son who is anything but a sweet life partnerShocked! Her thinking is atrociousAngry! To answer her question, Yes Sahir does deserve one life partner, he deserves to be loved but for that he shoud first move on from his past and be truthful. She wants Sahir to have a family, means wife and children. Lets assume Sahir marries Arzoo and they even have a child, Does Alira even think of the consequences Arzoo and the child have to face if Zeenat comes back to claim her positionOuch?


Then Alvira lies about Zeenat not recovering soon while the truth is something else. Even the urlremoved mentioned Alvira in the negative characters, I'm sure there are more than what meets the eyes.


I agree about what you have said about Zaki, I'm annoyed as he is given much screen presence but I guess it's needed. Zaki is a good friend and his friendship with Arzoo is strong, even Sahir knows that. The day when proposed her in the room, Zaki asked Aroo not to trust Sahir which Arzoo didn't take lightly ( any other FL would have easily avoided friend's words and believed the lover ), Sahir noticed that and he knows Zaki-Arzoo friendship is way too strong to break. Hence he had to take her to the hall and propose her in front of the family.


And What Zaki told about Sahir is unfortunately true, except that Sahir has developed some feelings for Arzoo.



Did I tell Arzoo's over excited about being Mrs SAC is annoying day by daySleepy! And how quickly she named herself ' Mrs Arzoo Sahir Azeem Chadhary ' it left me with this --->Wacko

Is changing your name post marriage and take husband's full name is so exciting? Had she said ' Arzoo Sahir Chaudhary ' It would have at least been more digestible. Gone are the day when she wanted to keep her mothers name with hers, where is Miss Arzoo Nausheen Khan?


I see these name-changing things are quite common in India but Arzoo being over-excited about it kind of irritated meSleepy


Another thing that bothered me, does Arzoo feel the need to consult her mother before agreeing to marry someoneConfused? I hope I won't be called a baby for asking this. For ANK to get married isn't a big thing that she doesn't need her mother's consent! Had I been n her place, my Mom would have beaten me black and blueLOLLOL.


Even I feel Sahir didn't want Arzoo to know the truth by someone else. He is the one who started the game, wanted to put a full stop himself.


Kurti appa putting that taweez was symbolic, the hatred between Saaz will start from now, the difference is KA's darling Sahir will feel the heat.


I'm looking forward to the heartbreak if the consequence is ANK back with a bang (which i highly doubt). 

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Originally posted by -Rojaa-

The bubble is going to burst tomorrow.


I've many questions :


  • What was SAC doing in Arzoo's dressing room?

Mayb got telepathy that Zaki is coming there LOLLOL


  • Zeenat and SAC have been married for 10 years, now it's getting complicated! They have added this extra three years. Do they have any child? I hope NOT! I don't want to see SAC papa to a 7-9 years old child! Then the whole raw passionate story would become kind of intolerable for me!

Me too hope no kids here coming suddenly from boarding school Ouch ... I m hoping their 3 yrs of marriage was a unhappy one and so no kids .. mayb Zeenat wanted a rich husband which Sahir was not and that created issues in their marriage ... Ermm


  • KA can slap Zaki ? A Nanny slaps the child and he doesn't get angry?i guess I'm not sanskari muchLOL

but it was hilarious the way she slaps him LOLLOL


  • Am I the only one to feel that there was something off in the last part of the episode ? Like when Arzoo was saying 'yes ' to the marriage, I though the shyness part was overdone by ...there was somethingoff, don't ask what.

I think she smiled too much that was the off part for me too .,.. she should hv blushed instead of giving that broad smile ..


  • And last question, Don't Saaz have a age gap ? weird they never mentioned it Confused They should have at least 10 years of age gapConfused

I was wondering the same because Aarzoo is younger than Zaki na .. And Sahir is married for 10 yrs .. so well Confused ... I remember in Zeenat's medical reports her age was given as 29 .. so it means she was just 19 when she got married ..err  Confused .. were both in college kya when they got married Confused .. so I m assuming Sahir might b 30-31  ... Aarzoo if younger than Zaki , then she mayb 24-25 .. so 6-7 yrs difference I guess Ermm

Will come back later.

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If true, whatta precap and it deffo was the highlight of the episode today.  

I would like to believe that Sahir had no ulterior motive in revealing his marital status to Arzoo & decided to come clean of his own violation.  As in the past, he simply got carried along when in her company & started to feel.  Her truthfulness brings about his truthfulness, until he tries to regain control later.  He is still fighting an inner battle within himself & trying every way to refute the inevitable.  If the hug at the end was anything to go by, Sahir wasn't drawing comfort or sustenance as before but thinking if he needs to backtrack few steps in this charade he jumped headlong into.  In Arzoo's presence, his heart starts to gain an upper hand initially until the mind takes over.

Zaki stood up against both Sahir & Alvira for his belief.  Is he walking the path of maturing & shaping out one day to become a rock solid wall along with his own brother?  He understands Arzoo loves Sahir & is acting out of love for her. He has yet to be confronted with the fact that Sahir also loves Arzoo.  Would he then act out accordingly too?  I hope so, if the CVs allow his positivity to continue.

As the matriarch of the family, Alvira did not appear as a good role model today from Arzoo's pov.  Her deliberate efforts to hide facts did not reflect well.  Sure, she is caught between her two sons wanting the same person but she is lying by omission.  

I hope KA meant a brotherly-sisterly affection between Zaki & Zeenat when she instigated Zaki.  Her twisted logic of making Zaki act for Zeenat's sake coz she loved him as well, was a means to further her interests.  Her taavez attempt looks to be thwarted by Asharfi.

Looking forward to the episode tomorrow Wink

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