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Baldev's Bachelor Party; Let's Burn the forum (Page 4)

aleenasamo Newbie

Joined: 30 December 2014
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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Awesome post Sonu Di Thumbs Up starting Answers of your Fabulous questions ... 
1-The best quality of baldev is that he love people with open heart Heart
2-His Eyes are very Attractive ! Any Girl can fall in love with his eyesEmbarrassed
3-His Smile is the Best Smile in The World ! I can watch his smiling pic till one hour ... LOLTongue
4-Can't Describe his hotness in Words ... 
5-I love his angry look! I have been Fallen In love him just Because of his Angry Red Eyes !! Embarrassed
6-Aww his Hairs ... Cuz of his Curly Curly hairs I have gone crazy ... Nd when He was Dancing On Dilliwalli that time Of hairstyle I love d most Heart
7-His innocence ... awww he look like a baby ... Cute Shaa Baby !! 
8-hmm all the qualities Which baldev Have ! LOLTongue
9-Aww I wish that this came true ... I will talk with him continiously Big smile would not stop till I feel tried (Which I would never) I will Introduce my self ! Tell which is my fav song,fav film etc etc but I will not ask ... cuz we all know it Tongue
10-For baldev ... hmm ... thore badmash ho tum EmbarrassedBig smileTongue
11-No One ! 

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...Jammy... Senior Member

Joined: 18 April 2014
Posts: 715

Posted: 30 December 2014 at 6:47am | IP Logged
Superb post Clap
1. Its difficult to point out his best quality..I love everything about him Embarrassed What makes him different from others is that he never crosses his limits even in enmity!Like in the first VeeBa hug scene,where he consoled and took care of Veera despite their equation!

2. His eyes Day Dreaming Words would fall short if I try to describe his mesmerising eyes Heart Many a times,I've been so lost in his eyes that I failed to pay attention to the dialouges TongueLOL

3. Baldev's happiness is contagious Embarrassed His smile can make anyone smile Big smile

4. No words to describe his hotness BlushingBlushing

5. His anger adds to his hotness quotient BlushingBlushingBlushing

6. His hair Day Dreaming I love his messy look Embarrassed Love seeing his locks each time he removes his helmet and sets his hair right Day Dreaming

7. I've always admired his child-like innocence!He is like a cute little baby Hug

8.  I would end up writing an essay on why Baldev can be any girl's dream man!He is the best EmbarrassedWho wouldn't want such  a loving,caring and loyal hubby?Embarrassed His mere presence would brighten up one's life Heart

9.  Song dedication- Jigar Da Tukda TongueWink

10.  A Day With Baldev Day Dreaming- I would let him do all the talking LOL and just stare at him endlessly Tongue 

11.  I wish him all the happiness in the world Hug Hope he and his sherni will live happily ever after Embarrassed

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pri_tanvi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 October 2012
Posts: 2665

Posted: 30 December 2014 at 7:50am | IP Logged
OMG Sonu!!! Awesome post Hug
Hayee Baldeva Day Dreaming Uske baare mein kya kahun? Jitna bola jaye kam hai Heart

Baldev's best quality
Ummm...it's so difficult to point out one quality! The man as a whole is so adorable! But his genuineness and honesty make him different. He doesn't fake. He is who he is. He is straightforward and doesn't keep anything in his heart. He commits mistakes but very cutely apologises too. He is forgiving and cannot hate anyone for long. In short, he has a beautiful and golden heart. Heart

Baldev's eyes
The two most lovely and intense orbs I've come across. You don't need to listen to his words (unless you wanna treat your ears to that sweet voice Embarrassed). His eyes convey every emotion. They mirror his heart.Heart

Baldev's smile
Oh that smile can heal the deepest of wounds. Heart It reflects his innocence and cuteness. I can die to see him smile Day Dreaming

Baldev's hotness
Blushing Sorry...short of words BlushingBlushingBlushing No one ever made me blush the way he does with his HOTNESS BlushingBlushingBlushing

Baldev's anger
Like many others,I too fell for this AYM!! Embarrassed His anger makes him extra hot! Blushing

Baldev's hair
Hmmm...his locks make me wanna run my fingers through them! Blushing Love that messy look Day Dreaming

Baldev's innocence
He is a baby Hug  His innocence just makes you go awww awww awww Embarrassed

Why Baldev is my dream man?
For all his above mentioned qualities. Embarrassed Every girl wants a man who has a spine and who loves her unconditionally!! Heart The way he pampers his lady love, the way he romances her, can make any girl weak in the knees. Blushing He is a guy with a rough exterior and extra soft core Embarrassed He is a gentleman. Respects elders and women. Loves you truly and unconditionally and always stands by you. Heart  What more does a girl want?

Song dedication
Thode badmaash ho tum Embarrassed

Item girl
Of course, baby ki favourite kareena Big smile

A day with Baldev
OMG Day Dreaming If I don't faint, then I would just sit listen to his endless talks, laugh at his cute antics, admire his heavenly face and drown in those mesmerizing orbs Day Dreaming Heart

May you get all the happiness in the world my Sher, with your sherni Embarrassed May your wifey shower all her love on you day and night Heart And may you have a cricket team of kids LOL
Okay seriously, may you have 2 cute little kids just like you very soon Embarrassed

Love you my Sher EmbarrassedHugHeart

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mansi_as18 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 August 2014
Posts: 8270

Posted: 30 December 2014 at 9:06am | IP Logged
ufff... sabse difficult kaam h ye... his eyes are ocean of emotions... a mirror to his pure heart... his smile is enlightening makes everyone smile... his hairs r to touch n caressed for... want to run my fingers in them... he's super hot n super cool at d same time... a charming persona to die for... a day with him will be a dream come true... a song dedicated to him will be Manchala maan... he is my knight in the shining armour... totally smitten

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Bars Senior Member

Joined: 19 September 2014
Posts: 370

Posted: 31 December 2014 at 12:53am | IP Logged
Embarrassed My answers Smile

He is an amazing personality! He have the best qualities! He is not a Mahaan too and he is not a bad guy too! This is what make me love him a lot! He is such a gentleman! He is a lovable person! No one would be without loving him! He cannot hurt a person whom he loves! His love is unconditional! He makes me happy whenever i see him. Even in my most difficult times, thinking of Baldeva gives me a smile in my face! Love u Baldeva! Heart

His eyes are the most perfect beautiful ones! Aww!! His eyes definitely has a magic! His eyes speaks a lot! If left i will keep seeing his eyes and drool over them! They are just amazing! Heart

I just love his smile! Its so cute. It adds extra cuteness, sweetness in his already cute face!! It gives me a positive energy seeing my Baldeva smile! Aww!! Keep smiling Ballu! 

Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing  He is super hottt!! Bas! Tongue

Its his anger factor which made me fall for him! I always love to see Baldev's anger! Omg! His face which burns in anger is a treat to watch!

His hair suits him the most! His curly hairs are extraordinarily beautiful! Aww! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Aww! How will i describe his innocence! He is a baby! He is such a cute little baby! His innocent face is loaded with cuteness!!  
He is such a sweet person on earth!

He is a man who is more sensible! He is lovable! His love is just such an unconditional one! Thats why he is the man of my dreams! Being with him can make anyone happy! He makes sure he makes his loved ones happy and never hurts them!

It would be the best day of my life! I will tell him how crazy i am for him! Telling that takes me a whole day! I will play with him! Tongue 

I would dance with him for Dilliwali Girlfriend! Heart I would dedicate Tum hi ho 2 him! Hug
Item Girl

Kareena Kapoor Smile

Stay happy Baldeva! Live a wonderful life with ur loved one! Stay smiling! May u get all happiness in the world Smile

- Bharathy

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cuteBiya Senior Member

Joined: 31 July 2014
Posts: 320

Posted: 31 December 2014 at 6:20am | IP Logged
My answers for our beloved baldev Heart
Best quality: he is so cute, innocent, pure heart and down to earth also his simplicity Hug

Eyes: how I describe baldev's eyes... ballu ki eyes ko describe krna to impossible hai kiun k pata nahi kitni larkiyan meri trhan inki dewani hain Blushing baldev ki eyes itni ziyada piyari aur deep hain k I have no words how I describe his eyes Day Dreaming

Smile: if I describe baldev's smile first I may found word for them but I have no words how to describe his smile in words, when I saw his smiling face I also smile even when I am to much tired and sad I saw his smiling face, on my face smile also scatered Hug

Hotness: baldev's hotness is just like burning woods in winters sorry but this time I also have no words for his hotness Blushing

Anger: 1st thing whom I fall for baldev is his anger, his burning face, red eyes was just awww moment for me I just love his anger ufff how cutely he anger on others Day Dreaming Embarrassed

Curly hairs: I never ever like curly hairs before I saw baldev's hair, whem I saw his curly hairs I am fall in love with his lovely hairs and when hair fall on his face my heartbeat going out of control, his messed hair are one of the million dollar in baldev Heart Blushing Day Dreaming

Innocent: he is to much sy b ziyada wala cute his cuteness is like a small baby who was just born one second before Big smile

Qualities: baldev hr lehaz sy perfect hai that's y he is Mr.Perfect for me Day Dreaming and yes his every quality peresnt in my dreamy boy and yes he his my dreamy boy because he is so honest and never fake Hug

Dance: ummm dance with baldev is one of my dream and I dance on any song which he would like Embarrassed

Item girl: Kreena kapoor Smile

Day with baldev: A whole day with my dreamy chocoalty boy baldev one of my dream come true I never sleep whole night when I meet him Day Dreaming I reach early in the morning when he arrived I am stuck and faint than when I cameback my senses I tell him how I love him, I tell him what he means for me after all I made special tea for him, and beg him smile just for me, I hug him and click so many selfies with him Partyand than times comes to leave him I leave with heavy heart Cry

Wish for baldev: I wish baldev want everything which he want in his life, hope so in every second of his life he want lots of happiness, his every wish every dream come true Smile

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niksk Groupbie

Joined: 16 May 2014
Posts: 59

Posted: 31 December 2014 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Awesome thread di Thumbs Up
 smile- hayee his smile Day Dreaming is so soo cute u would forget everything behind that Heart
hotness- BlushingBlushing he can kill u with his hotness!! well word's aren't made to describe  his hotness Embarrassed
anger- his anger the first thing for which i fell for Day Dreaming his Aym avtar EmbarrassedEmbarrassed my heart beats increase as he come wid that angry look on his faceHeart 
hair - his hair are so mesmerizing those curly locks when fall on his face in a messy way Day Dreaming and when he moves his hair back with his hand he looks so dreamy Day Dreaming
innocence -  the face he made when the cop arrested him for nihal's murder that innocent eyes saying ranvi he wasn't the culprit was the most innocent face he made his innocence make u goo awww and the face he made when veera pulled his cheek aww Day Dreaming he can surely beat a 2 year old kid in this !! LOL

man of ur dreams- well he is man of my dream because he is perfect he has everything which a girl wants mesmerizing eyes Day Dreaming  mind blowing attitude Cool and when he flirts ClapDay Dreaming no one cold compete him !!

quality - he has very kind heart and he accepts his mistakes he never lies and  forgives everybody easily Smile

 eyes - those eyes Day Dreaming his eyes  express  more then his words do ! n u are completely dead when he stares Embarrassed

song dedication - munda kukkud kamal da or maybe jigar da tukda Cool

A day with baldev- i would surely faint on seeing him LOL but if i won't i would like to go on a bike ride with him and surely give him him tight hugg Embarrassed and would love to listen him talk about himself LOL

wishes- may u get all the love u need baldeva Hug bohat si kudiyon ka dil tod diya Cry veera naal shadi kar ke but u will always remain bachelor for us Wink

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vinu24 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 August 2014
Posts: 3241

Posted: 31 December 2014 at 12:10pm | IP Logged

Firstly Sonu dear, amazing post Hug

U are just simply superb whenever you do something new and exciting...Smilelove you for such a beautiful post on our Jigar ka Tukda "Baldev"

My answers below:

Baldev's Best Quality?

Its very difficult to pen down his best qualities bcoz he has amazing qualities. Tongue
To name a few: He is so sexy when he flirts Blushing, beautiful when he smiles Day Dreaming, adorable when he forgives others Smile, honest when he accepts his mistake Tongue, cute when he apologizes. Day Dreaming

Baldev's Eyes

They will melt down your heart Day Dreaming. You will be lost in the Ocean of his intense and passionate eyes Day Dreaming that time would pass off in a jiff looking into them Embarrassed. There is a promise of trust in the sparkle of those eyesSmile

Baldev's Hotness

His husky voice which will make you blush like anything Blushing

Baldev's Anger

I fell in love with Baldev bcoz of his anger which makes him even more irresistible Embarrassed

Baldev's Hair

Hi Curly hair looks even more good when it dances to the tune of his fingers, love his messy hair Tongue

Baldev's Innocence

Cuteness of a kid which will make you say awww everytime you look at him Day Dreaming

Baldev as man of my dreams

He is just too precious to be missed. Love all his qualities

A day with Baldev

Table for two at the beach-side when cool breeze will be playing with his messy hairDay Dreaming, will be adoring him and be lost in his sparkling eyes Embarrassed. A walk with him talking endlessly as the waves tease and capture some of the best moments in pictures and cherish for lifetime Wink

Song for Baldev

Kukkad Kamaal da Wink

Item Girl

Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif LOL


May you get all the happiness, love from you dear ones Smile. May ur wife Veera shower you with unconditional love and god bestow his blessings always Smile. May the Pind da Sher be always adorable and cute as always LOL

Its very difficult to limit words for Baldev and much more to say but then the post would be too long LOL

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